DK – Chapter 20-22: For the sake of the girl that has become a star II

…The bloodstenched strategy meeting will be done tomorrow on the consideration of her Majesty. She said she didn’t want to dirty the prayers towards Cecil.

Her Majesty is someone worthy of respect -at least for me.

For now, we were given our reward for fulfilling the request of bringing food and medicine for the people.

It was quite the sum of money, so we were able to obtain plenty enough profit from the investment Sharon did ahead of time. I have also obtained enough money to rebuild the hideout, so I am satisfied.

Also…we basically have decided on the next job. 

We still don’t know how many are going to be participating in this war as mercenaries, though. So the reward for it will be discussed tomorrow as well.

There’s a tsundere elf-san that’s postponing her decision after all.

It is fine.

I am already tired for the day. It was a decently long journey after all.

We were guided by the Ludo soldiers to our lodging. Each of us had an extravagant suite room. It is a luxury that we rarely have a chance to enjoy, so I lie down on the big bed.

While lying down, I think about what to do from here on.

Aah, I am one hard worker. I am truly a great role model. 

Now then, first, the members.

We have ended up assisting in a quite disadvantageous war, so it is important to confirm our fighting force.

First, Zephyr and I.

In terms of battle and destructive power, as well as assassinations, we would be peerless.

I could actually pull off a thousand men power. Just like the day when Ares became a song, if I were to do a rush with a dragon, we could drag a decent number of enemies to hell with us.

It is an immense amount of enemies after all. If we were to burn them down with fire breaths utilizing the advantage of a surprise attack, we could kill a bunch of them.

Next, we have the number 1 ‘dragging you down with me’; Sharon Doche.

It is already settled that this idiot will be participating. He did set us up after all. He has no right to refuse. I will have him accompany us to hell. Well, he will definitely do his best to his dying breath for the sake of her Majesty though.

If she were my lover, I would also be willing to put my life at stake after all. If things seriously get bad, I will use Zephyr and Sharon to bring her somewhere safe.

There’s no need to die for the sake of a falling country. I wouldn’t want those two to be separated by the wall of life and death… This idiotic dragon knight won’t allow that.

Now then, about this other idiot…Sharon Doche, is actually skilled as a mercenary, too.

His harmless appearance like that of a noble, the speed he has when running away, along with his strange good luck. His skill with the rapier is also decent. He is a civil and skillful guy, so I don’t think he will mess up so big as to die. Just the act of not dying is already worthy of a reliable ally.

His special ability is gathering information and…information manipulation. He goes to an enemy territory bar as a bard, and spreads a variety of rumors.

That’s actually not something to laugh at, you know?

…There’s no small amount of people who have been deceived by his duplicity and have had internal fallings. In a war where there’s many commanders, this technique shows effectiveness. Hell, he might actually be a key character in the war to come.

And so, the second dragged person, my one other little sister, Mia Mar Strauss. Our youngest mercenary specializing in infiltration and assassinations. She is also good at setting traps, making her a girl with a lot of skills.

Ah, when we die, we die together.

We were purified by the wine and have exchanged the pact of life. She must have drunk wine for the sake of that ceremony. I could tell that. Did the elf-chan not notice?

Mia and I exchanged a ‘cup of sake’. We formed a pact in front of her Majesty.

If she were to be killed, I will take revenge for her and die.

Just like how, if I were to die, she would take revenge for me and then die.

Nice. It really strikes into my Strauss blood and heart. There’s rarely any women who can share the beauty of this. As expected of my little sister.

Tomorrow I will give her her surname. I will receive her into the Strauss household.

Ah, this isn’t a wedding, okay?

She is only a 13 year old girl. I am making her my little sister.

The third daughter of Kane Strauss will be a Cait Sith beauty -carved together with us into our songs. She is a cute girl. My father would definitely be happy too. She is also good at killing. An exemplary Strauss. 

The third dragged member; my right arm and vice-captain, the reliable skinhead earth giant, Gandalla-kun.

Giants apparently don’t have surnames. Their notion is that their whole race is one big family. Yeah, it gives credibility to the legend that there have never been internal conflicts between themselves.

I want to give him the Strauss surname too, but I feel like he would refuse it, so I decide not to. I feel like he would make fun of me with complicated words. 

Well, he thinks of me as his life saviour, so…even if I were to drag him to hell with me, I don’t think he would get angry. 

Gandalla excels at tactics and schemes. He has lived longer than me, and has experienced many more battlefields than me after all.

The weak points of an enemy army, strategies that will make the order of command crumble, and can manage negotiations with a silver tongue. His ability in physical battles is outstanding, but his field is definitely as a tactician. He is a mash of brain and brawn.

His weak point is that he is not fit for assassinations and infiltrations. He is way too big and stands out after all. Well, there’s places where only giants can infiltrate, so he could slip into those kind of places. With his overflowing knowledge, he has a response for almost anything and can do a variety of things.

Ah, of course, he is also strong. If it is solely in physical strength, he surpasses me. Spears, clubs, or axes; have someone of his physique swing around those kind of things. It would be undealable. Also, he can use one lightning spell. [Charge], a strength enhancer.

A hit of a [Charge] buffed spear would surpass an attack of my dragon longsword in terms of destructive power… Well, in battles of power, he is reliable as a warrior too.

“…Fumu, we have a gathering of skillful guys. As expected of my mercenary group. They are members suited for destruction… With this much manpower, we at least won’t be showing a pathetic performance.” (Solje)


“…Come in.” (Solje)

I talk to Riel Harveld-chan who is at the other side of the door. The door slowly opens. And then, the elf girl that seems to have just finished bathing entered my sight. 

She came to the room of a man after cleaning her body. Not a bad resolve.

“…I did plan on knocking, you know?” (Riel)

“No need to with my magic eye. I can at least see the shape of what’s at the other side of the walls.” (Solje)

“I know, but it’s a matter of manners.” (Riel)

“…Well, that’s true. Now then, come in. You have business with me, right? Come here.” (Solje)

“…O-Okay. Uhm…are you sober now?” (Riel)

“I wonder. I am at least calmer than before.” (Solje)

“…No harassment, okay? Got it? Understood?” (Riel)

The elf girl who smells like soap comes into the room while saying that.

She also smells like roses. Is it the arrangement of her Majesty? Looks like the bath had pretty extravagant options. 

I was sitting on my bed as I wait for her. She might come to the bed after all.

But it looks like I was wrong.

She pulled out a seat from a furniture that comes in set with it, and sits on that. 

I purposely had a space for you to sit on the bed though? …Maybe she didn’t get it. Oh well. 

“And so, have you reached an answer?” (Solje)

  • Chapter 21

Content Warning: A bit of lewd ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

“…Yeah, I will participate.” (Riel)

“I see. But why?” (Solje)

“W-Why? You don’t want me to participate?” (Riel)

“No, I am incredibly happy that you will. But, why are you going to?” (Solje)

“T-That’s not fair!! You forcefully told me to come with you just before.” (Riel)

“I want to confirm your resolve. Because, this time around, we are going to be facing danger after all.” (Solje)

“What are you saying? We are mercenaries. Playing with the shadow of death in the battlefield is the usual in our lives.” (Riel)

“…Yeah, but this time there’s no doubt that it will be more dangerous than the previous instances. That’s why you were considering it, right? Even with that, you are still coming… I want to hear the reason why.” (Solje)

“…U-Uhm…! I-It is that…yeah, that!” (Riel)

“That what?” (Solje)

“Y-You know, it would be tough to have only one adult dealing with an idiot and an idiot, and a child and a child…!” (Riel)

This was getting irritating, so I pulled the arm of Riel and hug her.

She is light, so I easily managed to hug her in my arms. She is so feeble and smells nice.

“…O-Oi, what’s this? Why are you hugging me…?!” (Riel)

“Because I am seriously happy that you decided to stay with me.” (Solje)

“I-It’s not with you…more like, everyone…” (Riel)

“Is that really the case?” (Solje) 

The girl falls silent. She isn’t trying to escape from my arms as usual.

This is not outdoors, and there’s no interlopers. The mood is perfect in this suite room. For an elf that treasures the mood, there’s no issues with this, right?

“…Eh? W-Wait!” (Riel)

I made Riel sit on the bed, then put my arm below her knees, and carry her to the middle of the bed. She is getting flustered, but isn’t running away. In Riel’s language, it means she isn’t against it.

“…So-Solje…Ah!” (Riel)

Riel’s body was sunk into the bed, and I placed both of my legs at her sides, so she won’t be able to go anywhere now.

But Riel pouts with her mouth and looks the other way.

“…You are being way too rough. It feels as if I am…being violated here…” (Riel)

“I thought I was being gentle here though.” (Solje)

“…W-What do you plan…to do now…?” (Riel)

“I am going to make you my woman.” (Solje)

“…I-In other words…” (Riel)

“You will be having my child.” (Solje)

“Y-Your child?!” (Riel)

Was it a bit too straight? Riel’s face gets red. But she was asking for details, so I also properly told her my intentions. I feel like it had the opposite effect.

“I-I have laws in my tribe…y-you see…” (Riel)

“Do you plan on sleeping with a man other than me?” (Solje)

“I-I didn’t say that!!” (Riel)

“Then there’s no problem. Just become mine and mine alone.” (Solje)

“…That’s not fair… There’s no mood at all.” (Riel)

“Sorry about that. This is how we Strauss are every generation when taking a wife. We would go as far as kidnapping women if we fall in love with them.” (Solje)

“That’s a terrible family… That’s way too barbaric.” (Riel)

“Right. But that love is pure in a sense.” (Solje)

“….L-Love, you say…!” (Riel)

Right, I will admit it.

“I love you, Riel. To the point that I would want to get you no matter what I have to do.” (Solje)

“…! D-Don’t suddenly confess.” (Riel)

“I am protecting the order of things. I am confessing before making a child. Common sense.” (Solje)

“T-The process of it is too rushed…” (Riel)

“Kinda. The Strauss…no, I am like that. Your luck ran out the moment a violent berserker fell in love with you. Give up.” (Solje)

“…Y-You won’t…confirm my feelings?” (Riel)

“A brave warrior like you isn’t struggling at all and is accepting me. It goes without saying.” (Solje)

When I said that, Riel’s face turns bright red. Even her long ears are red.

“…Show me with your body rather than your words. Love me while I love you.” (Solje)

I pull up her chin slightly and kiss her. I don’t do it roughly. Slow and gentle. We exchange the heat in each other’s bodies.

The elf’s emerald green eyes were closed, and her lips and tongue were answering mine.

Riel is imitating what I am doing. She opens and closes her mouth, pushing her soft lips against mine. She was trembling all the time, but she in time stretched her pink tongue and entwined it with mine. 

I let Riel do as she wished for a while. While receiving her unskillful show of love, I slowly separate from her.

It is not that I got tired of it, I simply want to fulfill my desires more.

Having her lips released, her breathing was rough. I could tell that she was also aroused. Her emerald green eyes seemed to be getting heated, and she asks me with an upward glance.

“Did I…convey it well?” (Riel)

“Yeah, it was quite the display… But I want more.” (Solje)

“…Ah.” (Riel)

I take off my shirt. A muscular body ridden in scars is exposed. It is my battle history. Compared to your body that carries perfect beauty, mine is way too ugly. I really passed a life of scars.

“…Solje, you have fought a lot.” (Riel)

Her fingers trace the scars edged in my body. With a gaze filled with curiosity, she was looking at the part where my scars and her fingers were touching.

“…This scar seems to be really deep. It must have hurt… Even when it did, you still continued fighting.” (Riel)

“Yeah. I will be fighting from here on as well -forever. Until the day when I die or I defeat all of my enemies.” (Solje)

“…Right, you are a Strauss after all.” (Riel)

 There’s no regrets. I have been running on the philosophy of ‘take your pain with pride’. But I would like to be soothed every now and then.

If you become mine, a treasure I haven’t had until now in my life would be born.

Riel Harveld, give me your everything.

I want to create a bond. I want to live while having the certainty that you will always be by my side from here on. I want to give meaning to my life that hasn’t had one until now…

She doesn’t avert her gaze from me. She is a truly brave girl, so once she resolves on doing something…she won’t run away even from unknown fear. But she does get embarrassed. She is fidgeting as she solicits of me.

“…Solje… I won’t run away anymore and I won’t resist, so…so uhm…t-turn off…the lights…” (Riel)

“…Don’t wanna. If I did that, you wouldn’t be able to see clearly.” (Solje)

“N-No way…! I-It is embarrassing, don’t you think?” (Riel)

“Even if you make it darker, I can still see with my magic eye, you know? …Being the only one able to see while you can’t is not fair, right?” (Solje)

“That’s not what I mean…” (Riel)

“I want to praise you, tell you that you are beautiful…as you become mine.” (Solje)

“…So sly… Don’t say such things…” (Riel)

“Also, I want to see you reacting to me, being in pain, being happy, crying, smiling -everything.” (Solje)

“B-Be gentle, okay? I-It is my first time after all…” (Riel)

“Yeah, I will attack you in a variety of places gently before making you mine. Is that okay with you?” (Solje)

“D-Don’t ask me those kind of things, idiot…! You are a real idiot…!” (Riel)

“If you are embarrassed, close your eyes… The embarrassed Riel is also cute.” (Solje)

“And then, the emerald green eyes closed, her body surrendering to the man in front of him. Scared of the pain that has yet to come and can come at any moment. A feeling of fulfillment, tasting a bittersweet moment.” 

Suddenly, a mumbling began to sound outside the room.



Riel and I were startled to the point that it felt like a heart attack. 

I get up from the bed and yank open the door of the room. 

“…Sharon!!” (Solje)

  • Chapter 22

“Y-Y-You bastard, Sharon Doche!! What are you doing?!” (Riel)

The girl in my room asked everything I wanted to know. As expected of my partner, we are on the same wavelength. 

“Hm? I came here thinking I should apologize to Solje, and when I arrived, I heard you two talking passionately to each other, so I was thinking that this should be written down.” (Sharon)

“Huuuuuh?!” (Riel)

Riel was fuming. Well, obviously. I also feel the same.

“Don’t be so angry. Even if it is for the sake of collecting data for my art, there’s no way I would do something as shameless as doing so without prior notice. I will ask just in case. Can I watch?” (Sharon)


My bow princess-chan was shouting like crazy. Of course she would. 

 “Aah, I knew it wouldn’t work… Then, I am leaving. Ah! But I will be putting on an accompaniment at the hall to make that romantic mood, okay? Do you want an intense tempo? Or a slow and moody tempo?” (Sharon)

“Leave already. I’m gonna kill you, you perverted bastard!!” (Riel)

Riel was bursting in rage. 

Sharon gave a superficial ‘I am sorry’ and, while playing his lute, he retreats from the frontlines. 

What’s this…? I am withered. Even though it was going so well.

Riel stands up from the bed. She is fixing her disheveled clothes. Yeah, of course. It is impossible to continue right after this…

“…It is not as if I want to reject you. Just that, giving you my first time after that idiot got in the way is something I don’t want to do.” (Riel)

“Yeah, I get you.” (Solje)

“…T-That’s why, let’s not tonight… I-I will let you do it properly next time, so…t-that’s okay with you, right?” (Riel)

“…Yeah.” (Solje)

It is actually big progress. Next time it is a free pass. 

“…T-Then, good night, Solje.” (Riel)

Uo, she is so cute when embarrassed!

…This is bad. An adult like me is getting giddy at having a girlfriend. My face is red. I am sure that even my ears are red just like Riel.

This is pathetic, but I can’t find any good words…!

“Y-Yeah. W-W-Well then, g-good night—” (Solje)


My little sister trespasses energetically while running. She passes by Riel and dives at me who is now sitting at the bed. I catch her diving attack.

“Nice catch~♪” (Mia)

“What’s the matter, Mia? Is the alcohol out of your system now?” (Solje)

“Yeah, got better after a good puke.” (Mia)

“I see, that’s a relief. And so, what’s the matter?” (Solje)

“Let’s sleep together~♪” (Mia)

“Okay.” (Solje)

“Eh? …W-Wait, Solje, that girl is still a child, you know?” (Riel)

Must be the recoil of having being aroused, she says something weird. 

“Oi oi, don’t make a strange misunderstanding. Mia is a child and my little sister. I am her guardian. We are simply sleeping in the same bed as siblings. I won’t do any weird thing.” (Solje)

“What do you mean by weird thing?” (Mia)

The brightness of Mia’s innocent words was burning the conscience of Riel. She might currently be in shock at the fact that her thoughts were dirtied by carnal desire.

Becoming an adult means graduating from innocence to a certain degree, Riel.

“I-It is nothing! Really…you are siblings after all… There’s no problem.” (Riel)

“Yeah. Then, let’s go to sleep… Today we crossed the national border, moved cargo, and everything, so we must be tired… Have a good night, Riel. We are continuing at a later time. Be prepared.” (Solje)

“Y-Yeah…!” (Riel)

“Onii-chan, arm pillow.” (Mia)

“Go right ahead.” (Solje)

“Yaaay!!” (Mia)

Good grief, Mia really is a child. She truly does remind me of Cecil. We slept together often. 

I lie on the bed on my side, stretch my arm out, and call Mia. Mia was like the very definition of a pampered cat. She placed her head right on the upper side of my arm.  

“…The arm of Solje-oniichan is hard.” (Mia)

“Is it too hard to use as a pillow?” (Solje)

“No, it is a really good pillow. I feel like I can get a good sleep with it. Ultra peace of mind.” (Mia)

“Kukuku, what a cute little protegee… Wait, what’s the matter?” (Solje)

Riel was staring intently at our sibling love. And then, she gives an order to Mia who is looking at her with a questioning expression.

“Mia, cover both your eyes with your hands!” (Riel)

“Oka! Like this?” (Mia)

“That’s right. Keep them closed like that for a while. Now then, Captain, what is this?” (Riel)

Riel takes out a medicine bottle. The one she is always hiding at the back of her waist. 

“A supplement of sorts?” (Solje)

“Something like that…” (Riel)

Saying that, she opened the bottle, and puts the contents in her mouth. I was watching this with my mouth wide open. 

But she acted fast. She leans over to where I am lying at and, with her slender fingers, she moves my chin and kisses me again.

I got happy, and then got wary.  That liquid that gave out a sweet smell and taste was entering my system through mouth to mouth. 

I do know that this is the kind that would be better to not drink. But my mouth is being sealed with her lips, and she eventually pinched my nose too.

This is bad. I can’t even breath. I have no choice but to drink it. I drink the suspicious medicine… Ooh, incredible. What the hell is this…? The world is spinning…

This one must have a strong immediate effect. It is the kind of drug that takes away your consciousness…

This is bad. My consciousness is fading away…

“Have a good rest, Perverted Captain.” (Riel)

…Ah, Riel doesn’t trust me. Is she thinking that I will put my hands on my little sister? Worrying after 2-3 years, understandable, but in the current time, there’s no way I would—

——In the past, she was about to be assaulted by soldiers that attacked her village.

At that time she was still young, weak, and powerless.

She was about to bite her tongue rather than suffer such disgrace. 

Because that was her only way to prove her pride.

——But, at that moment, a red ogre appeared.

The sword ogre that slaughters all elf-killing humans.

His red hair was like fire, and his dancing figure as he is bathed in blood was like that of a demon lord.

In his golden eye dwells a dragon, and his blue eye was the color of the unfettered sky. 

 ——Only a few tens of people survived, the young princess being one of them.

She hated humans, but the man that saved them was also a human. 

She didn’t know if he killed because of hatred, or fought in order to protect.

That’s why she couldn’t go without asking him about why he killed his own kind and saved them.

——-Her knight answered: Because you remind me of my own family that are now stars.

He said this was his way of atoning as his sky eye darkened.

He continued speaking: I am a criminal, I wander while living in disgrace. 

That may be why I wanted to do something good… I don’t know, but I am glad I managed to save you.

——-The smile the sword ogre, whose strength was backed by despair, dedicated.

The cheeks of the girl reddened without her knowing why. 

This was the first love of the elf princess, and it took three years for her to notice that this was truly so. 

She grew taller, her skills improved, she became more beautiful, her breasts got bigger, and she learned about her own feelings.

——-In the sacred journey for the sake of avenging her family, she discovered a law-breaking heart.

She suffered, but the highly prideful maiden couldn’t deny it.

The freedom of the sky that she has always been searching for, and the man that holds the knowledge of dragons.

Each time she remembers it, her heart throbs painfully, and each passing day, each passing month, her love grew stronger.

——-Time passed and destiny crossed their paths.

The devilish swordsman said ‘Nice to meet you’ to the now beautifully grown princess.

She did intend to tell him, and thought that it would even be fine to offer herself to him, but the bow princess simply silently nodded.

It is fine, as long as I am walking in his shadow and piercing his enemies with my arrows…I will be able to accomplish it one day in the future.

——The woeful time of youth passed, and what’s there now is the carnal desire of an adult.

It was a pure, yet, violent animalistic love.

The devilish swordsman professed his love with that robust body of his.

The princess went against her laws and answers his desires by opening her legs.

——She was already a slave of love.

No matter how violent, no matter how rough, everything will be forgiven under the umbrella of love.

The intense pain, the tearing embarrassment; there was already no way to refuse.

Her animalistic instincts took over, and she—wait, it hurts, Riel! Why are you punching me? Guph?! Punching me twice, that’s cruel… Eh? There’s no need for the second half? The other parts are also things you don’t want Solje to learn about?

What, isn’t it fine? All these songs are grounded by hard cold investigation and interviews, you know? Ah! Not the luuuuuteeee!! Please don’t throw my lute out the windoooowwwww!!


Morning came and I regain consciousness with a grin. Yeah, rather than calling it sleeping, it feels more as if I was knocked out. 

At any rate…I feel like Sharon was shouting out a crazy erotic song… That bastard, even in my dreams he is having a tour and spreading out his stupidity? That’s incredible. That’s the power of a devil or an apparition, you know.

“Hngh~…Onii-chan…” (Mia)

Mia, who has her head on top of my left arm, calls for me while poking her head out from the bed sheets. She really is one cute little sister.

“…So you are up now, Captain Solje.” 

It was Riel. I look at my right. Riel’s face was real close.

This girl, not only did she knock me out with a drug, but also used my right arm as a pillow… Damn, she is good. 

Her emerald green eyes look intently at me. I felt like I was being sucked into them. 

No no, I am getting an unbelievable urge at the very rise of the sun, but right now my little sister is here.

That’s not good, this is not a novel written by Sharon.

“…..What’s the matter?” (Riel)

“…I was simply entranced.” (Solje)

“D-Don’t go hitting on me right as you open your eyes… T-That’s harassment.” (Riel)

“Isn’t it fine? Beautiful things are for the eye to enjoy.” (Solje)

“T-That might be true, but… A-Anyways, time to get up already. Our schedule today is packed up, right? We have to report to her Majesty too. That everyone will be participating, counting me.” (Riel)

“…Right. We have to fix this numerical inferiority war one way or another. Gandalla must have been thinking about a plan all night long, so we have to listen what he has to say.” (Solje)

“Looks like we will be busy for a while.” (Riel)

“The chance to embrace you will come eventually.” (Solje)

“N-No, that’s uhm…we can do it whenever, but there’s no need to hurry. I am not going to run away anymore.” (Riel)

“Yeah.” (Solje)

“…Also, we have to concentrate on the upcoming battle. I have no intentions of becoming a song yet, you know?” (Riel)

“…Yeah, me neither. The ones becoming songs will be our enemies. We still haven’t lived enough after all!!” (Solje)

“That’s right. Let’s create a lot of stories. We, the Banjar Mercenaries, will kill our enemies. Everyone who gets in our way, cut them down with your sword, pierce them with my arrows.” (Riel)

“That’s my bow princess. Now then, we are getting up, Mia. You are pretending to be asleep, right?” (Solje)

“…Hngh~, I am not pretending to sleep~… I am simply in second shut eye mode~.” (Mia)

“An early riser profits three times more, you know?” (Solje)

“If it is just that much benefit, I can just fill it up with my allowance.” (Mia)

“Heeh, you are one intelligent little sister.” (Solje)

“Geez, don’t get impressed and get up already. We are going all in, got it? The enemy this time is worth killing after all.” (Riel)

Being told this by Maje, we siblings get up. Washing our faces, eating food…having everyone present in the group gather, and have a meeting.

In this meeting, I gave Mia the family name of Strauss. Mia got happy about it and gave me a good nice peck.

Our comrades celebrated.

Sharon, who had his face hella swollen for some reason, was especially happy, and with splendid finger technique, he played a memorable tune. He was blessing Mia.

Right, this guy is also someone that lost his little sister. He might be celebrating the fact that I was able to obtain a little sister through fate. 

That’s right.

I now have a new little sister. There’s also the route of having a new family with Riel.

Next would be…getting revenge for Cecil and my mother.

——-The heroes were stepping into the land where fate turns.

What awaits them there is the sparks of war.

They are indeed mercenaries that have chosen the bloodstenched path.

The battle approaches, and everyone feels it, but right now, they are still unaware of the song.

——-That’s right, the poet had a secret. 

The queen of the kingdom is a school friend of his. 

Passing the same time in the Hardin Institute, they were friends all year.

The poet couldn’t overlook his friend scattering into the flames of war.

—What’s the path that will follow Ludo which has placed one step into ruin?

A pitch black path of destruction.

What should they do?

What’s the technique to deny hopeless things?

——The poet had been thinking about abandoning her.

Even if he were to abandon the person he was in love with in the past, there would be no one who would blame him.

But…the moment his eyes reflected the red devilish swordsman riding a fearsome flying dragon of transparent wings.

He heard the song of hope.

——Aah, Demon Lord Dragon Knight, Strauss.

Can you save that small country? 

Can you cut destiny with that terrifying power? 

Please Solje, my friend…can you please save Claris? 

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14 thoughts on “DK – Chapter 20-22: For the sake of the girl that has become a star II

  1. Reigokai-san can you make the “–” sign, when Sharon writes the song a lil more… uhhhh,… distinct.. I sometimes forget that it’s actually Sharon’s singing so I get confused for a bit.

  2. Thanks for the chapter. Damn this nivel is as silly as ir is emotional. DAMN IT SHHAARRROOONNNN!!!! You ruined a perfect moment. The cock blocking is strong in this one.

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