DK – Chapter 16-17: The smugling company, Banjar III

It was a nice dinner. 

A moonless night came. It is time to work. This night we aren’t going to become assassins, but there’s still the need for stealth, and also be precise and careful.

The bags of wheat that we tied up all together with a rope were being grabbed by the claws of Zephyr. By grabbing them with only his left leg, he jumps with his right, and after a few flaps of his wings, he glides. In order to actually achieve this, we used a slope.

While gliding, Zephyr regains his balance, and rises into the night sky. The dragon returns to being the king of the sky. Carrying along, not a princess or a piece of meat, but powdered wheat. 

There’s three people at the back of Zephyr.

Of course, there’s Riel and I, and Mia is in between my legs. Mia is merry. She has completely become friends with Zephyr. Maybe because their mental age is close?

“Ahaha! You are good, Zephyr!” (Mia)

“…Yeah. When I was training, I messed up all the time, but this time around it went well.” (Zephyr)

That’s right. Zephyr and I were training every night at the hideout in night aviation. The difficulty of the takeoff and landing at night is incredibly high. It is hard to see after all.

Moreover, this time around he is grabbing onto close to a hundred kilos of wheat bags. A normal dragon and dragon knight wouldn’t be able to manage well. My father aside, my brothers wouldn’t have been able to pull it off.

I…even though I didn’t have a dragon, I didn’t neglect my dragon knight training. I went around the ancient dragon knight practice fields, gathered things like old books, and continued doing image training.

All of that is showing form. 

The girls probably won’t be able to tell. They are not dragon knights, so it would be difficult to tell just how high of a skill ceiling job Zephyr and I are pulling off here.

“But the strength of a dragon is unbelievable… Carrying such heavy stuff so easily. It is a weight that required 5 horses, you know.” (Riel)

“Something like this is light, Maje.” (Zephyr)

“Yeah, you are a strong boy, Zephyr.” (Riel)

“You are a good boy, so have a kiss~.” (Mia)

Mia kisses one of Zephyr’s horns. I was worried about her possibly falling from that, so I had my arms around her waist all the time. Riel pokes fun at that.

“Quite the overprotective brother.” (Riel)

“…Kinda. I don’t want to lose a little sister again.” (Solje)

“…Right, make sure not to let Mia fall, got it, Captain Solje?” (Riel)

“Of course. That goes for you too.” (Solje)

“…Can you please not hit on me in a pitch black night sky?” (Riel)

“An elf custom, maybe? …Is there a meaning to it? Something to do with love?” (Solje)

“Geez, don’t ask stuff like Sharon. You are being too influenced by him.” (Riel)

“Hahaha, it is true that his stupidity is infectious.” (Solje)

“Hey, Doje, it is over here, right?” (Zephyr)

“Yeah, it is just as my magic eye points.” (Solje)

“Understood~.” (Zephyr)

Mia turns her head back while still in between my legs. 

“Oi, Mia, don’t go moving too much. It is seriously dangerous, you know?” (Solje)

“It is okay. I will have my legs wrapped around Captain-oniichan like this.” (Mio)

The slender legs of Mia wrapped around my waist. Her arms go around my neck. How to say it, it is a position that would bring about misunderstandings.

Hey, Mia, you must not go hugging another man aside from you brother in such a way, okay? You may be a brat, but you are a beauty, so you might attract some unwanted lolicon bastards.

Well, the men that approach Mia are all intimidated by Onii-chan, so I will have them scatter before they manage to do anything though.

Now then, Mia is staring intently at me. At close range.

“Is something the matter?” (Solje)

“Hmm, Onii-chan, you are moving your center of gravity… Is that the trick to mounting?” (Mia)

“As expected of my protegee. Nicely caught.” (Solje)

“Yeah, Mia is a girl that can do it if she tries! …But I am jealous.” (Mia)

“Jealous?” (Solje)

“Yeah, because it seems like it is a lot easier for Zephyr to fly when Solje-oniichan is the one doing the moving.” (Mia)

“…So you can tell even that. You could become quite the dragon rider.” (Solje)

In terms of female dragon knights…it would go all the way back to the Saint, Alicia Laywood. But it is not as if they are nonexistent…

I see, Mia being a dragon knight, huh. Becoming a branch of a new Strauss household.

“Hey, Onii-chan, are you listening?” (Mia)

“Hm? Yeah, sorry. I was imagining something. A picture of you becoming a dragon knight.” (Solje)

“Can I become one?” (Mia)

“Yeah, if you find a dragon of your own, that is.” (Solje)

“Zephyr, in what mountain are your friends at?” (Mia)

“…I don’t know. I was always alone after all.” (Zephyr)

“I see, alone, huh. You must have been lonely… But from now on, we are all together!” (Riel)

“Yeah! Everyone will be together. This place is my family.” (Zephyr)

What good girls. 

I ended up smiling naturally. I decided on teaching Mia one trick of a dragon knight.

“Listen well, Mia, I will teach you a trick when riding a dragon.” (Solje)

“Really? Yaay!!” (Mia)

“First…it is in essence like riding a horse, but because of the fact that you are flying in the sky, there’s the need for even more precise centre of gravity control. If it is a wind user like you, you can tell, right? That I am moving my centre of gravity matching the wind.” (Solje)

“Yeah, your waist is moving front and back.” (Mia)

Mia touches my waist while still hugging me. Even though she is a brat, that’s kinda erotic. Her voice of reason Onee-san warns her.

“…Mia, you are being a bit immodest. You must not stick to men too much.” (Riel)

“Eeh, I am in the middle of learning. There’s nothing immodest, boo.” (Mia)

…Really? Well, it is brother and little sister, so there’s no problem.

“My movements anticipate the centre of gravity changes in Zephyr. If Zephyr matches me, he should be able to fly a lot more easily than when he is flying alone.” (Solje)

“Yeah, when Doje is riding, my wings go all smooth!” (Zephyr)

“I make it so that the skeleton and muscles work together. Of course, I am also matching our breathing… By doing that, I am not acting as a burden but a balancer, fusing with Zephyr.” (Solje)

“Balancer?” (Mia)

Her black cat ears fold down. 

Yeah, might have been a difficult word. Sorry about that.

“Means that I am making it easier for him to shift his centre of gravity. Making it so that he can fly more stably even in the sky.” (Solje)

“Amazing!! And also kinda unfair! Only Onii-chan gets to do it!!” (Mia)

“Aah, I will teach you in more detail in the future. Once you find a dragon for yourself, I will make a dragon knight out of you.” (Solje)

“Really?” (Mia)

“Well, I don’t think you will be finding one soon though…” (Solje)

Even I took 9 years… But 9 years might actually pass in the blink of an eye. By that time, Mia will become a woman… Would she be married by then? Hahaha, no way. 

“But if I do find one, you will be teaching me, Onii-chan?” (Mia)

“Yeah, I will properly drill it into you. It will be the rebirth of the Strauss household!” (Solje)

“Yeah! I will do my best~!! Zephyr, when you fly, make sure to look for your friends!!” (Mia)

“Yeah, I will try.” (Zephyr)

“Fufufu, you all seem to be having fun.” (Riel)

The bow princess seems to be getting healed by the conversation of the children. Women love children. There are exceptions, but Riel seems to be a woman with high maternal instincts.

Nice, Riel. I have always wanted a woman like that to have my children. I want to make a family that feels at home.

“If we have two dragon knights…our group will get stronger.” (Riel)

“Oi, what are you saying as if it is someone else’s business? You also have talent as a dragon knight, you know?” (Solje)

“Eh? Me?” (Riel)

“That’s right. You don’t fear dragons. For a dragon knight, that’s the most important talent. You and Mia have that. Even that music idiot Sharon and the calm and composed Gandalla are stiffened at Zephyr in an instinctual level.” (Solje)

“Those two? Doesn’t look that way though.” (Riel)

“They are also mercenaries. They don’t show their fear. But my magic eye can expose those kind of secrets.” (Solje)

“…Good grief. What evil captain you are. Peeking at the heart of your subordinates.” (Riel)

“It is not that handy though. It can only tell presences related to battle.” (Solje)

“Right. That’s good. I can protect my privacy.” (Riel)

“If I could peek at the heart of the tsundere princess, things could have been quite interesting though.” (Solje)

“…If you really did that, I would kill you.” (Riel)

“Fufu, too bad that’s not the case. Ares is a gentleman that served my great great great great great grandmother Alicia. He wouldn’t give me an ability that can peek into the privacy of a woman.” (Solje)

“Must have been a good dragon. As expected of Zephyr’s grandfather. I would like Zephyr to turn out like him.” (Riel)

“Zephyr, Maje is saying you should become a gentleman. It means that you should be kind to the bitches.” (Solje)

“Understood.” (Zephyr)

“It is not wrong, but…I don’t really like the wording, Captain Solje.” (Riel)

“Don’t look for sensitivity from a Strauss.” (Solje)

In the first place, even when I am having light talk here, I am in the middle of leading Zephyr who is grabbing onto an unbelievable weight, you know.

With my magic eye, I continuously send information about the wind to Zephyr. Zephyr has way too much talent, so he is able to polish his skills to practically master level by himself.

But in the cases when he wants to aim for higher than that, he has to learn about the techniques that the Strauss have created.

The 500 years of family history. Studies that have been thoroughly investigated. They serve for all dragons regardless of individualities.

The continuous research of the body structure of a flying dragon and the secrets of their motion features have created those flight techniques. By inheriting that history, he will be able to add the polish of cunningness into his talent.

“Listen well, Zephyr. Don’t just ‘look’ at the wind. Listen to it with your ears, feel it with your skin… The things you have managed with just your senses until now, perform them with knowledge. By doing that…” (Solje)

“Talent will shine the brightest.” (Zephyr)

“That’s right. That way, even if your movements get messed up, you can deal with it instantly. Only rely on talent when it is real dangerous.” (Solje)

There’s meaning in all motions, but if you go by your senses to control it, you won’t be able to deal with things in emergencies. 

What’s the reason why children, who are far lighter than slow and dull adults, end up tripping more? Because they are stupid? Because their heads are bigger compared to their body and their balance is unstable? There are many factors that can affect it, but the biggest reason that differs from adults is that ‘they are not thinking when moving’.

Adults have experience in their pockets, so they don’t trip as often.

They know about the places that would make it easier to trip and the situation, and prepare for it. For example, in the times when you step onto a rock wet by the rain…you would lower your leg while taking into account the possibility of falling, right? That’s why it makes it harder for you to fall, and even if your feet suddenly slips, you can deal with it instinctively.

You can gather experience from other places aside from personal experiences.

Teaching that experience to Zephyr -to dragons- is the job of the Strauss dragon knights.

While being self-aware that I probably sound like a preaching geezer, I teach my beloved wings. Wumu, I have an inkling as to why it stinks like old man. Ares was the one who taught me this when I was a child, and I am replicating it.

A tradition repeats.

Through me, words of an old dragon to a young dragon about the song of the sky can be transmitted.

“And of course, the movement of the clouds is also important. You can predict the wind from far away with them. It is also important to smell the level of humidity with your nose. Humid wind is heavy and hard to fly in. Making wind hit your wings more than usual is the trick to not decelerating. Also, look at the terrain. In places where there’s mountains and valleys, the wind is wild. There will be times when it will try to pull you down to the ground. But if you play your cards well, you can use it to your advantage to descent fast, and if you utilize the atmospheric currents hitting the cliffs, it can help you with your take off.” (Solje)

Aah, I ended up talking on about complicated stuff. Mia who is between my legs has her mouth opened wide. Well, the understanding level of a child is about that much. But dragons are…far more intelligent than us people. 

“Okay, got it. Gather a variety of knowledge from the location…and fly in a meaningful way.” (Zephyr)

“Yeah, good boy, my Zephyr.” (Solje)

Zephyr really does have a lot of curiosity and he is an intelligent boy. As expected of a child from an Endurance Egg. His desire for strength is embedded into his blood and flesh. Zephyr seeks it avariciously. 

He already understands with his high intelligence that if he follows my words, he can become even stronger… Also, maybe because he was always alone.

There weren’t any equals or superiors to him in the forest after all. No, he didn’t have any contact with an existence with the minimum requirement of intelligence for conversation.

But I am here. I can fulfill your greed for knowledge and your loneliness. Also, you have Maje and my little sister.

…That’s…yeah, something that can be said about me as well.

I probably see my family in the Banjar Mercenaries… It is a comfortable place. It also has a stench of blood, the warmth of people, and the union of metal; reminds me of my home. The house of the Strauss.

Listen well, Zephyr. If you are here, you won’t be feeling lonely.

“…Doje, it is a hill that has the same shape to the one I saw in the map.” (Zephyr)

“Yeah, it is the objective point. Mia, Riel, make sure to grab onto me tightly.” (Solje)

“Okay! Mia, don’t fall. It is a landing while carrying weight. It will have an impact several times higher than that of the usual. You might get shaken off since you are light, so be careful!” (Riel)

“Got it. I will hold your hand, Riel. Everything aside from your boobs is slender after all, so you are as light.” (Mia)

“T-Thank you.” (Riel)

Good to see the two girls getting along. I am also happy being hugged by the two from front to back. 

Now then, Zephyr, time to show off! Show them your growth!!

“We are entering landing phase. Zephyr, you can tell that there’s a good southeast wind blowing, right?” (Solje)

“Yeah, a wet air!” (Zephyr)

“That’s right. Ride in it while tilting your right wing a little. And then, lower your chin, and have your right horn cut through the wind. That’s the best angle.” (Solje)

“Okay, I will try it, Doje!!” (Zephyr)

The high understanding level of a dragon allows for around 80% of accuracy in the ideal I expect. The remaining 20% obviously requires experience. But this night, our shifting of the mass center will compensate for your inexperience.

Believe in me, Zephyr. With me by your side, I will complement you to the utmost of my ability. I will erase the green, and have you show ability that wouldn’t lose to a veteran dragon.

“Now then! The ground is soon to come! Mercenaries, grab on tightly! Zephyr! Don’t injure the ladies or the cargo! This will be the first and most difficult job of tonight! But you are a genius. Show us that you will be doing the best job in one try!!” (Solje)

“Gururururuuuuu!!” (Zephyr)

With a groan filled with spirit and damp southeast wind hitting his wings, he was showing a splendid descent. That’s right, just as I told you, use your tail as an anchor.

Lower it down to the ground first, and use that strength as a cane, and then…lower the cargo…and while placing your centre of gravity to the front, slide forward, and while flapping, raise your tail!

It was almost ideal! 

The cargo was perfectly fine. There was a really bad sound made when landing together with quite the impact, but it didn’t send the light girls flying.

85 points…no, I could even give it an 87. A passing mark, Zephyr!!

“Okay! Well done, Zephyr!!” (Solje)

“Ehehe, yeah, I managed to land silently!” (Zephyr)

“If you polish it even more, you will be able to achieve this without making any sound. In other words, you will be able to send your allies to the back of enemy lines without them noticing!” (Solje)

“Wow!! Then, it would get easier for me to take the head of the enemy commander!!” (Mia)

My little sister shouted some really brave words into the darkness of the night. That’s right, this flight technique can serve in assassinations. For Mia who is good at assassinations, this tactic might be applicable in the near future.

“…Flying dragon, Zephyr. I feel like he might create a revolution in our tactics.” (Riel)

“Impressed? …A Strauss dragon knight and his wings, quite something, right?” (Solje)

“Yeah, I will give you that.” (Riel)

“Now then, you two, keep a lookout on the cargo, okay? It may be an incredibly plain job, but please make sure it doesn’t get eaten by monsters or animals.” (Solje)

“Leave it to us, Captain Solje.” (Riel)

“Roger that, Captain-oniichan!!” (Mia)

“Well then, we are doing this again, right?” (Zephyr)

“Yeah, I am keeping record with a watch. We are doing the same thing several times, but each time it will take less, and we will be increasing the efficiency!!” (Solje)

“Garurururuuuuu!!” (Zephyr)

Zephyr was showing motivation. If you let me hear such courageous singing, it is gonna end up making me happy. Fine, Zephyr!! I will teach you!! I will instruct you in the techniques that will allow you to control the sky!!


Our night flight was done for seven rounds, finally ending.

It was completely night now. Zephyr was the most tired one of all. The mercenaries -counting me- felt pity for him.

But tomorrow will be our turn to work. Zephyr, I will show you how our Banjar Mercenaries work!

  • Chapter 17

Early morning.

We began to move. Zephyr flew into the morning sky, and was going to Ludo Kingdom side where Riel and Mia were waiting. 

Gandalla, Sharon, and I hurriedly finished our meal, and quickly changed into frauds.

Sharon changed into an empire upstart baron, Roby Bardatz. A handsome blue eyed blonde is useful for this kind of disguises. If he were to say he is a noble, people would go ‘figures’ and would be convinced. This is what you would call a wasted treasure.

This is not the time to be making fun of the idiot though.

Now then, time to disguise myself too.

I take off my eyepatch. Why? Because if I stay as a red haired one-eyed man, it would be plain obvious I am the man in the wanted poster. A strange shining golden eye shows up when I take off the eyepatch, but…well, just watch.

I close my eye and…3, 2, 1…open!

“Ooh, Solje, it turned into a blue eye!!” (Sharon)

“Impressive as always. A magic that allows you to change the color of your eye. Fumu, with this, they won’t be able to tell that you are the one-eyed dragon knight.” (Gandalla)

Gandalla, who is disguised as a noble’s servant, praised my disguise technique.

“You are looking good there too, Gandalla. You look smart.” (Solje)

“The servant look fits me, you say? Fumu, as a former slave, I don’t know how to feel about that, but…well, I will at least accept the compliment of looking smart.” (Gandalla)

With his back straight, the 2.15 meter giant was sporting that specially made suit. He looked like the picture of a gentleman. A bit too tall though. 

I was also wearing the attire prepared by Sharon, turning into the bodyguard, Russel Harbord.

“…Uhm, isn’t Harbord-san a character in your ero novel?” (Solje)

“It is not an ero novel. A secretary that gave her body aiming for the fortune, and an adopted girl that was a former slave. A middle-aged gentleman lives a life filled with passion together with those two… A character that appears in a love story aimed for the slightly mature taste!” (Sharon)

“It is the name of a damn old perverted geezer? …It feels kind of humiliating.” (Solje)

Well, it is a fake name, so it doesn’t matter. But I feel like there could have been other choices. Why do I never get roles that are popular with women, and are young with successful businesses, Sharon? 

Also, there’s no way that sounds like a romance novel. 

…Isn’t that piece of shit a character of an ero novel…

“Now then, let’s move. We will regroup as soon as possible and do some manual labor… I feel like we don’t work as much compared to the women.” (Gandalla)

“Right~. I was simply doing an accompaniment with my lute.” (Sharon)

“I did my job of getting a dragon though…? But I feel like Riel won’t count that as work. Okay, let’s work, let’s work!! Let’s show the girls how cool adult men do their job!!” (Solje)

Getting into the wagon pulled by 5 horses, the wealthy Roby Bardatz and his two servants head into the Ludo Kingdom to buy their properties -that’s how the setting goes.

“…Stop! From here on passage is prohibited!!” 

We arrived at an inspection station made from an old scrapped fortress of the Ludo Kingdom that has been repaired. Of course, our wagon was stopped by soldiers annoyed expressions.

Now then, let’s begin the plan.

The ‘servant’ Gandalla jumped off the wagon and walks to where the soldiers are. The soldiers were scared at the body of the giant. Well, that’s normally how you would feel. If he felt like it, he would be able to kill the 5 guys in front of him in around 7 seconds after all.

“Fumu, that’s quite the greeting. How about we clear the misunderstanding?” (Gandalla)

Gandalla has been pointed spears by the soldiers this whole time, but he made a blatant cough, and shows a letter to the soldiers.

“T-This is…!! The special promissory note of the Empire government!!” 

“…Just as it is written here, we are moving under special business. My master is the empire noble, Roby Bardatz-sama. This wagon has no cargo. Aside from weapons for self-defense, we only have food for ourselves and documents. If you want to confirm it, go ahead and do so.” (Gandalla)

“O-Oh, i-is that so… It is true that the letter looks like it is the real deal, but… just what in the world are you planning on doing by going to the Ludo Kingdom? With such a big wagon at that.” 

“T-That’s right… There’s nothing in that country, you know?” 

The soldiers are suspecting something. Now then, it is your turn now, Mr. Baron.

Sharon, dressed as a baron, pokes out his head into the coachman seat where I am sitting at. What a smile. It is mostly cute and is thin in majesty…!

“Aah, looks like you hold suspicions towards my business?” (Sharon)

“N-No, i-it is not as if we have any issues with you, noble-sama, but…”

“B-But we have to at least confirm your affairs.” 

Looks like his looks are working. He must seriously look like a noble. He has a privileged face. Even though his insides are so dirty…!

“I see. It is true that that letter doesn’t have my objective written in it. Because my job is a bit embarrassing to speak of after all.” (Sharon)

Sharon’s words increase the tension of the soldiers. They are getting suspicious…

“…Embarrassing work…? As in?” 

“You guys said that there’s nothing in the Ludo Kingdom, but that’s a big mistake.” (Sharon)

“Huh, is that so?” 

“There’s something, isn’t there? Especially beautiful gems.” (Sharon)

“Gems? I haven’t heard anything of the sort…” 

“Fufufu. It is just a figure of speech. There’s young women… Do you understand with that?” (Sharon)

“…C-Could it be…!” 

The soldiers grow lively. They are all young men. It can’t be helped.

“That’s right. I manage a high class salon. I am going to buy some special women. That country has it rough financially after all. I can buy upper stream class girls troubled with money at a cheaper price than average.” (Sharon)

Nice acting, Sharon! You could become an actor!!

Okay, I will throw in some support too!!

“Hehehe, we are gonna be buying all demn women and filling this wagon!!” (Solje)

The sleazebag bodyguard, Russel Harbord (me), said. 

They reacted to my words, and the soldiers’ eyes filled up with interest. Nice, all men are idiots after all!!

“Baron-sama is going to be buying ladies of high class. Innocent women with beautiful features, you know. We are going to be buying all ladies like that!!” (Solje)

“Uooo!! D-Damn!! …I-I mean, that’s a splendid job to have!! There’s no shame in it!!” 

“Ufufu, I am happy to hear that. I want to have as many good women in stock, you see. It ended up in such a big wagon. Uhm, can you hurry if you are going to be inspecting the wagon?” (Sharon)

“Y-Yes. A-Also, if we could check the letter a little bit m—” 

“Time is money!!” (Gandalla)

The gentleman giant shouted that. The soldiers’ attention is directed at Gandalla.

“…We want to get the women as soon as possible. Every second counts. Do you understand that this is what the Baron-sama is saying?” (Gandalla)

“T-That’s…of course, but…” 

Okay, I will show off my acting skills, too. I will show you the conversation skills of your Captain!!

“Listen here, soldiers. Our Baron-sama has a big heart. He will answer merit with merit. Are you guys not thirsty for women? Being dispatched to such a desolate place.” (Solje)

“…W-What are you getting at?!” 

Good grief, having your eyes glitter with expectation, you damn perverts!!

“Kukuku, do I need to say it out loud? …You perverts. If you let us pass here quickly, Baron-sama will definitely pay back that ‘debt’. When we eventually return here, this wagon will be filled with young women, you know!!” (Solje)

“C-Could it be…!!” 

The soldiers are making a ruckus. 

Ooh, the 40 are gathered here now. They are all breathing roughly. Men really are simplistic creatures. 

Sharon went for the finishing blow.

“Want to embrace the women I choose?” (Sharon)

“S-Seriously?! W-Will you seriously let us do them?!” 

“Yeah, I have a big heart. Of course, not as far as being free of charge, but…for the sake of maintaining the profit of our empire, I will give you a special hefty discount as people who serve in the frontlines.” (Sharon)

“Uooooooooo!! Seriously?!!” 

Heat filled the place.

Can’t be helped. They are in this dry frontlines where there’s no women at all. If they hear that we will be bringing prostitutes back, they will obviously let us pass with tears of gratitude.

“Oi, do you get it now, you bunch?! Open the path for Baron-sama!!” (Solje)

“Yes!! Hey, everyone, open the gates!! T-That’s right, musical instruments! Prepare the musical instruments!!” 

“Do it as if the Emperor himself came!!” 

“We are singing the national antheeeeem!! The people that are free, line up here, and see off the journey of the great Baron!!” 

The soldiers were directing the greatest of respects to the Baron.

Trumpets were blown, and the soldiers sung the national anthem in chorus.

Sharon let it get into his head, and when he saluted to the soldiers, the soldiers saluted back without showing a single sign of disorganization. I could feel synchronization like that of the imperial guards. Obviously, their hearts are one right now after all!!

“Do your best in your joooob!!” 

“I pray for your safe return!! That your business goes well!!”

“Let the divine protection of the Gods be unto the Baron Bardatz and his party!!” 

Uooh, I can feel the passion of the men…

It feels as if the waves of the men hungering for women are going to blow us away!

Cause you know, it is as if the wind of their souls is pushing our wagon as it moves on. No, it might be the horses who are getting scared at the heat of the thirsty humans…

After the wagon moves for a while, we three began to crack up.

“Wahahahahaahaha!! You damn imperial perverts!!” (Solje)

“Fufufu! The problem got easily wrapped up like a third-rate novel, didn’t it?!” (Sharon)

“No no, the acting skills of you two was a sight to behold. A job only possible thanks to how you carry your everyday lives.” (Gandalla)

I feel like Gandalla was making fun of us there. 

Aah, but I had a good laugh. What was that? We were seen off with the national anthem…us. Haha, my sides hurt!!

“But…that was a great fraud.” (Solje)

“Yeah, it is easy to trap people by using desires.” (Sharon)

“Well, it was like placing an earthworm on a fishing line in a pond of fish that haven’t been given anything to eat.” (Solje)

“Yeah, they easily bit. Humans are really honest to their desires.” (Gandalla)

“…Yeah, that’s true…Pfft!” (Solje)

The peak of the laughing passed. We three suddenly fell silent. And then, we felt somewhat sad. An emptiness suddenly showed up in our hearts.

“…..Seriously, what are we even doing…?” (Solje)

I look up at the sky. 

When I remember the things I said back then, I myself got disgusted. I am a prided Strauss dragon knight. I should have regained my wings…

And yet, what was with today’s job?

A perverted bodyguard for a perverted slave trafficker Baron? There’s nothing to feel proud about that.

“…It would have been nicer if it had turned into a battle…” (Solje)

“…Right. It would have been more fulfilling if that happened.” (Gandalla)

“Even you think that way, oh brave Gandalla?” (Solje)

“Yeah, I feel like holding a spear and going wild.” (Gandalla)

“…Fufufu, when looking at the stupidity of humanity, you just feel a void in your heart.” (Sharon)

The poet is saying something. 

Yeah, you might be right. We are disgusted by the stupidity of the men.

If Riel Harveld were here, I feel like she would have badmouthed humans all day long with this. Moreover, we wouldn’t have been able to say anything back.

The poet begins to play with his lute. It was a sad song.

—The dancer said: men are all big idiots.

Every single one promising without returning.

Even love gets hazy in the face of idiocy.

Men are always loving, not me, but my navel when dancing.

“…Oi, let’s stop that song.” (Solje)

“…Yeah, you are right. I also felt it wasn’t hitting.” (Sharon)

“Let’s have a bright and positive talk. If possible, not one about lower halves, but an intelligent one.” (Solje)

That’s right, we are adult men. We can also have cool and intelligent conversations. Of course we can.




God damn it!!

We are talkative all the time, and yet, why is it that we have nothing to say right now?!

Damn it…!

We were in despair of ourselves and stayed silent for a while.

“Captain Solje, good work out there.” (Riel)

“Onii-chan, good work~!!” (Mia)

When we arrived at the meeting point, the girls welcomed us. 

They were preparing lunch. Zephyr, who had worked a whole lot last night, was sleeping at the side. They did manual labour. These people are properly doing manual labor!!

“T-Thanks!! We will definitely make the next meal!!” (Solje)

“Leave the fun music to enjoy your meals to me!! I will be using three times more technique than the usual!!” (Sharon)

“…What’s the matter with the idiots?” (Riel)

Riel asked Gandalla. Gandalla silently shook his head to the sides.

“They were quite the tough opponents.” (Gandalla)

“Didn’t manage to fool them?” (Riel)

“No, what came after was the problem. We are not suited to do things like frauds.” (Gandalla)

“Hell yeah!! Sharon!! Next time, bring an even more flashy job!!” (Solje)

“Okay. But…don’t you think there will be worth in what will be coming? …We are going to be bringing food to a country that is lacking in food. Also medicine. Our work will be saving people.” (Sharon)

Hm, that Sharon is making a strangely serious face… Now that I think about it, doesn’t he feel kind of biased towards the Ludo Kingdom? …Is there a reason for that?

“Geez, for now, let’s eat!! I am hungryyyyy!!” (Mia)

Mia shouted that, so I didn’t pursue the doubts I had of Sharon, and for now, began to eat. His lute sounded sadder than usual, but was that just my imagination?

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