DK – Chapter 10-11: My name is Zephyr III

The hindrances that have come are soldiers of the Faris Empire. They are destroying the silence of the forest with their iron armor ringing.

There’s 20. 

They are underestimating us. They plan on capturing Riel and I with those numbers? 

Do you know the qualifications Garf Cortez placed in order to be a mercenary in our group? ‘Be a monster that can kill 10 people in one night without having anyone notice’… Your numbers would only fill the 10 counter for the both of us.

…Now then, as expected, the youngsters we let go before have tattled on us to the soldiers. Faris soldiers are fast at moving when it concerns wanted people after all.

This place is a vassal state of Garuna. Territory that was under the control of the Demon Lord Verius. Just for that alone, there are many people who have plans to rebel against the Empire, and there’s not much loyalty towards the Empire that places big taxes on them.

In this land, anyone ‘Garuna-like’ is disposed of. The dragon church, the dissolution of the dwarf village, the abolition of trades with elves…and also, the prohibition of singing songs of my family in the bars… Of course, there’s many enemies of mine here who are happy about all this though.

There’s many people who are trying to become more ‘Faris-like’ to be a part of a big power. Everyone is choosing the best option in order to survive. 

The ones who want to live long must make their puzzle piece fit. 

That’s an understandable way of living. It lacks so much beauty it is boring, but being sly is also an option. 

Yeah, there’s an actual example of it right there.

The youngster of before that is now within that group of soldiers.

He has thrown away the culture and traditions of Garuna. Looks like he was one of the people who are desperate in trying to become one of the Faris.

Seems like you have gotten new equipment. You wanted to become a new recruit for the Empire army, huh. Looks like you have decided to become my enemy to the bitter end.

…Now then, this place has been exposed, meaning that the dwarf old man was the source of information. I did tell him that it is okay to tell the soldiers if they were to ask him about us.

He must have easily told them…

Well, it is a whole lot better than having those exquisitely skilled fingers of his being damaged by torture. I want the old man to repair the armor that Zephyr dented.

“…Riel, you set the traps, right?” (Solje)

“Yeah, and you too?” (Riel)

“Of course.” (Solje)

“…There doesn’t seem to be an especially strong one. It is a group that we could crush with brute force.” (Riel)

“…No, this is a ‘hunt’ lesson. We are fatefully following the basics here.” (Solje)

That’s right, I am not a dragon knight of the Demon Lord army anymore. The bow princess is also not a knight princess anymore. There’s no homeland country she must protect anymore. That’s why there’s no need to say things in a heroic manner. There’s already no family to replace you if you die. 

We won’t let a single one of us shed blood pointlessly. 

If it is an enemy we can easily defeat, we win easily; if it is an enemy that we don’t have to fight, we don’t.

…Good grief, that’s just not how a dragon knight should act. But this is for the sake of defeating the Empire. 

—Riel and I confirm the formation of our enemy by sight, and move to their backs. We are chanting wind magic. It is a special technique of dragon knights and elves who control wind.

It is called [Invisible]. With a barrier of wind, Riel and I cover our sounds and scents. That’s why we can move practically without making a sound. With this, we can also evade the pursuit of hounds. Riel is a hunt expert thanks to this spell as well.

At any rate, this spell allows us to move in the forest at full speed. There’s no need to worry about dry grass and dry branches. Everything can just be swallowed by the wind barrier. 

Zephyr, the basic of battle is scouting. Read the enemy’s fighting force and their strategy. People are not stupid. They don’t do actions without reason.

For good or for bad, they will be caught in ‘logical actions’. Especially in the times when they are being careful or serious. The more uneasy moments are the ones where they follow their logic the most. 

That’s why, by looking at your enemy’s movements…and slowly analyzing them, you can see their thinking. 

Now then, Empire soldiers, you are following the tracks of the horses, aren’t you? Well, that’s obvious. Listen well, Zephyr, ‘leaving tracks’ can bring about this kind of misfortunes.

Humans have intelligence. They will analyze the remaining information and will try to create an advantageous situation. The reason you were found was also because you didn’t kill the people who saw you.

But by knowing the way of thinking of your enemies, you can reverse a disadvantageous situation…by using ‘traps’.

Get this, traps ‘don’t work on idiots’. ‘Only people who act logically are caught by them’. They are incredibly effective against people who act in a decently intelligent manner. 

Now then, let’s explain in real time why they would get caught by traps.

First, let’s look at their intelligence level. Traps don’t work against people that do stupid random actions after all. Let’s observe just how much ability they have.

See? They have seem to have been decently trained. They are properly cautious of their surroundings as they progress. Their formation is not perfect, but there’s not much disorder in it. Yeah, they don’t have bad coordination as a whole. They seem to have above average strength, and also have intelligence. Not idiots. That’s the important part.

…Also, their equipment is not bad. 

This is a factor to take note of, too!

For a paltry enterprise like us, it is important to obtain as much undamaged goods as possible. If we fight, we break. There’s a chance we might make them use medicine. That’s not good. The benefit of stealing would decrease.

That’s why we act as carefully as possible -for the sake of money.

…Now then, that’s enough scouting. 

The soldiers pass by us who are blended in the forest. Okay. I come out from their back without making a sound. If I combine careful footing together with [Invisible], it is easy.

Okay, I managed to get a good position. Even a weak soldier can manage to kill a strong soldier if they pull off a surprise attack from here. How’s that? Ain’t planning interesting? The point of strength disappeared.

Now then, let’s explain.

—The backline can be easily attacked in this way. That’s why decently strong people of the unit are normally placed in that position.

This time around, that’s also the case. The backline is filled with big men. Moreover, they are walking in pairs. Being alone would be way too weak against surprise attacks after all. 

Silencing two strong people requires high skill and opportunity in order to pull off. Not bad. But an expected  countermeasure won’t stop the truly strong. 

Now then, let’s begin the hunt.

I use the hand sign style of Cortez to signal my companion.

— ‘Kill the left. I will deal with the right’.

Cause the one from the left has the least profitable helmet. Remember this, Zephyr, this is the financing of Doje and his group.

A silent assasination begins.

I approach the back of the big man that has a new-looking feather decorated helmet, wrap my arms around his neck while covering his mouth, and then break his neck before he makes a ruckus. 

Yeah, I hug corpses, too. Kindly support their weight like you would do to your beloved. Why? Because if they were to fall, their armor would ring out, and the people around would notice.

And then, I cast [Invisible] to the soldier beside me -I make him soundless. Right after, an arrow was shot, and it pierces his head from the side.

The elf had sniped him from a tree branch. This one falls to the ground heavily, but because of Invisible, the sound was isolated. A combo with perfect synch. This kind of job feels good.

With this, we have finished off 2. The enemy hasn’t noticed us yet. Yeah, this is a good start.

Let’s make the third prey this guy that is moving slower than the formation. I can tell at a glance that his center of gravity is inclined to the front. In other words, he still doesn’t have the physical strength to effectively wear his armor -a new recruit.

…This guy is…probably one of the youngsters that reported me. Now then, what should I do to this guy that has weak fighting power and lacks in threat? 

I won’t kill him -for now, that is. Because I want to ask him what happened to the dwarf old man. Gotta secure a source of information. Corpses normally don’t talk, so when you want information, you shouldn’t kill them.

Ah, you should choose your source of information too. Better to not choose strong willed ones. They won’t speak anyways. For example; a Strauss would never talk even if pushed to the brink of death. Dealing with those kind of troublesome people would only waste your time.

Listen well, having a ‘weak-willed person’ as your ally brings a plethora of risks, but having them as enemies brings them usefulness. If you torture them, they spill out the beans quick. From that perspective, cowards are the ones that should be chosen to capture.

Now then, how should we incapacitate him without killing him? …There’s a lot of ways. I could do the same as just now, but this time around, I have an item for it.

Holding back is a lot harder than killing. The technique to defeating an enemy to an extent that doesn’t kill them relies hardly on the situation. In order to raise the chances, there’s times when expenses must be made.

If possible, don’t use items. But right now I will use them without minding. Zephyr, this is to teach you. It is worth plenty enough to the point that I wouldn’t mind paying a mountain of silver.

Learn properly.

The elf medicines aren’t only limited to aphrodisiacs. They are actually skilled, so they can make a variety of them. This paralyzing potion for example.

Put some in this handkerchief, and cover his mouth!

“—?!! —-?!!”  

Even if you are attacked by this same method, don’t get flustered. There’s times when they try to shake your breathing. When your mouth gets covered by a cloth, just make sure not to inhale. You will end up breathing the concoction and turn out this way.

See? He inhaled a whole lot because he got flustered, so he ended up sleeping in an instant.

Zephyr, your mouth cannot be covered by a handkerchief, but being thrown a casting net at you serves the same purpose. The more you struggle, the more entangled you get. What should you do? Land without struggling, and burn it with fire. That’s the best method, Zephyr.


I left the completely unconscious man on the ground. 

There ya go, the third one.

Still haven’t been noticed. Hahaha, going a bit too well.

But we will soon be noticed. That’s why I slowly back off and hide myself in the thicket.


Because the several soldiers walking at the front are going to get caught in the lightning trap.



“W-What’s the mat-t-te–te-te-te-te-te-t-t—?!!” 

It is the crest trap of the bow princess-san. It is made by drawing a crest in the ground. It is handy and has high killing and incapacitating potential. It is a kind of magic landmine.

Useful, don’t you think? And this magic landmine also has non-lethal traps like this one.

I snap my fingers.


A flash and a thunderous sound happen deep in the forest. The soldiers react to this. This is the correct action as animals. With that much sound and light, your interest is instinctually pulled. And in the next instant, they will connect it with their ‘enemy’.

“I-It is over there, let’s go!!” 

Good grief, that’s textbook reaction. Ordered by their leader, the soldiers ran towards the place where I activated the [Leading Sound]. But at this kind of times, you should instead be cautious, because it could be another trap.

Well, their minds have input the two ‘attacks’ from the front, moreover, this time around they first heard steps before an abnormality happened at a slightly far away location. It would feel like their ‘enemy’ is moving around. Their brains simply create a story of their own -it makes them assume that there’s an enemy in their sights. 

Imagination is problematic. There’s times when you can’t control it.

Now then, the soldiers have dashed off due to the sound, but what does that create? The clanking of their armor is making it noisy, right?

When that happens, it is a chance. Even if you make a little bit of noise, they won’t notice. Trailing their shadows that’s in their blindspot is easy, because they are all concentrating at their front making their guard at their back duller.

I run, and cut down one after another beginning from the slowest one. The important part is to smash open their heads so that they can’t make a sound.

And then, the cruel bow princess-sama doesn’t lack behind as she also pierces the head of the running soldiers one after the other. 100% hit rate. Quite the splendid skill.

In the blink of an eye, 10 were down. The unit is already on the verge of falling. Even so, they still haven’t caught our exact location, and they don’t understand their own situation.

“It is over here! It exploded here!!” 

“Oi, look. There’s blood remains here!!”

“Heh, what idiots. They accidentally ignited the explosive!!”  

 …Too bad, the blood is a fake. It is not a person’s blood to begin with. It is the blood of a boar that Riel hunted. It is kind of a waste, but by mixing the blood with an alcoholic drink, you can maintain the freshness. Right now it has a bright red color as if it had been shed just recently.

Hunters get happy when their prey is weakened. Their caution lowers and they become stupid. By biting at the plain advantageous information that is the ‘blood trail’, they faithfully follow it.

It is at this kind of merry moments when you get caught in traps.

At the times when your thoughts for possibilities decreases and your movements become one-patterned. Listen well, imperial soldiers, the trap is below those blood remains. 

*Click! Shuuuuu!!*


An unfortunate one got caught by the ‘contraption trap’ that I learned from the elf. The rope yanks at his ankle, and after dragging the guy several meters, he hangs in mid-air.

“H-Help me pleaaseee!!” 

“W-What’s this?!” 

“A trap?! Shit, so the blood was a bait!” 

“What unsavory trap!! Wait, I will bring you down this insta—”


I also don’t hate the explosive traps, being flashy and all. I buried a landmine right below the hanging trap. When you approach without care to save your comrade, you go boom.

Moreover, I made it so that it makes a chain explosion. In other words, if you step on one, the landmines planted here and there will all explode.

Good grief, landmines leave a bad taste in the mouth. Especially the fact about hurting the people that are worried about their comrades. 

The soldiers that had their legs destroyed fell to the ground. At that moment, I joined them.

Aah, in the time when the variety of traps activated, the attack of Riel and I from the back continued, you know… That’s why only the heavily injured remain.

“Uwaaa!! S-Save m—” 

The arrow of Riel pierces the chest of the hung guy. Splendid. This time she killed him by piercing the heart. A man struggling in mid-air is a lot harder to hit after all. It is safer to go for the chest than the head. This helps further my own experience. When I am caught in a trap like that, I should shake my head and protect my chest and abdomen with my arms.

When you see an attack, think of how to defend against it.

The battlefield is filled with things to learn. There’s no end to it. Ain’t that fun, Zephyr?

Now then, the battle is over. Let’s begin the clean-up. I began to assist in the suicide of the groaning soldiers on the ground. They have been dealt fatal wounds, and are rolling around deep in the forest. Being cut by the dragon longsword is a lot more honorable than being eaten alive by animals. I don’t bring unnecessary pain when I do my killings.

…I kill them out of goodwill in this way. Aah, aside from one, that is.

(Doje, that’s impressive. You weren’t attacked a single time.) (Zephyr)

The ‘words’ of Zephyr rang in my head through my eye. I nod.

“There’s that way of fighting as well, remember that. Humans are sly.” (Solje)

The elf assassin jumps down from the tree branch and lands at my side without making a sound. 

“…Captain Solje, it is done. There’s still one alive though.” (Riel)

“He won’t be able to speak for a while. In the meantime, let’s begin our financial gains.” (Solje)

“…I don’t like rummaging corpses.” (Riel)

“Got it. Then, you go clear the remnants of the traps.” (Solje)

(You are going to erase the remnants of the traps? Why?) (Zephyr)

“…To stop them from getting information about us. If our fighting style gets exposed, next time it might not work, right? This technique is not used by only us, but also all my comrades.” (Solje)

“…Are you talking to Zephyr?” (Riel)

Riel questions me with a puzzled expression. 

“Yeah, I am not at an age where I monologue, okay? I am simply teaching him how to fight.” (Solje)

“That’s a convenient ability.” (Riel)

“You will one day be able to use it as well.” (Solje)

“…I am kind of jealous, so teach me next time.” (Riel)

“Gotcha.” (Solje)

Now then, let’s begin the boring business. 

Collect the items that seem useful from the corpses of the soldiers. First, the rings, then the money, high priced things, light things, and things that are easily stored; taking those kind of things is important.

In my time when I was a knight, this kind of action would be unthinkable, but now I am not a knight but a rebel. Attacking the enemy’s economy is also important. Stealing is a valid military strategy.

And then, get the order document.

This is a hobby of mine. I put a mental note on the guy that ordered to kill us. I keep it in my mind to kill these guys. It is better if bad blood doesn’t continue for long. It will make it easier to get targeted by enemies after all. It is better to deal with those kind of people quickly. 

“…It is not as if we only have strong comrades like Maje, you, and I. That’s why it is important to do these kind of things for the sake of the not so strong comrades as well.” (Solje)

(Doje, so kind. Treasuring comrades.) (Zephyr)

“I hope that’s the case. You should aim to become someone like that as well. We are a ‘pack’. We work for the sake of our comrades, kill for our comrades, and protect our comrades.” (Solje)

(Yes.) (Zephyr)

“Nice boy, my Zephyr.” (Solje)

…Right right, let’s gather the weapons that can be used. We could use it ourselves, sell them to anti-imperialist organizations, or it might be useful to provide them for free to create a debt of gratitude.

We are small in numbers and in a position where we are struggling economically. 

We should take the equipment of the enemy too. We must pass them as valid resources…

Now then, the weapons and armor that we can’t retrieve, we should destroy them.

If the enemy were to retrieve them, they might use them against us again. We must scrape away little by little. We should be aiming mostly at the outer circumference of the enemy. All the areas are running dry on equipment. This kind of plain hits can bring out victory in remote regions…or so Garf said.

  • Chapter 11

“Oi, get up already.” (Solje)

I kick the young guy that was probably the one who reported me. He was playing dead, but that doesn’t work on me. Because of this magic eye, I can see fear, anger, and even hostility as ‘colors’.

It is a pain, so I normally seal this power with a mythril eyepatch, but right now I am going full mana. The color of his heart is blue. That’s right, he is scared blue. How pitiful.

“…W-What do you plan on doing to me…?” 

“What do you want me to do?” (Solje)

“I-I beg of you, please don’t kill me!!” 

“Even though you tried to kill me twice?” (Solje)


The youngster choked on his words.

Well, being glared at a dragon knight and an elf bow princess with bow and arrow pointing at him, it is natural. This won’t be a fun conversation we can all enjoy, huh.

“…There’s something I would like to ask. What happened to the dwarf old man?” (Solje)

“…The old man told the empire people!! He easily spoke about you guys all they wanted!!” 

“You are also a soldier of the empire though?” (Riel)

Our Maje points out coldly. 

Wow, scary. I am glad this girl isn’t our enemy. Her jade eyes were giving out waves of killing intent. It is colder than the blizzards of Garuna in midwinter.

“T-That’s…b-but the part about the old man is the truth!! He sold you guys!! Even though he is a dwarf, he told them about you guys in detail!!” 

“I told him to do so, so there’s no problem. And so, what happened to him?” (Solje)

“He was punched a little bit, but nothing worse than that.” 

“Are his fingers okay?” (Solje)

“…It is the fingers of a craftsman. They didn’t break them.” 

“I see, thanks for the good news.” (Solje)

— ‘I don’t need you anymore’, is what I wanted to scare him with, but…this time around, there’s no need to. Even if I didn’t, the angry girl at my side is gonna say something.

“…Captain, are you planning on forgiving this man?” (Riel)


“No, I am thinking about it.” (Solje)

“P-Please! I had no choice! I did report you guys, but to think…I would be made a soldier!!” 

“Hm? That’s weird. Your equipment is quite good even for the standards of a new recruit… You obtained it as a reward, didn’t you? It is proof that you were treated favorably. You are an aspiring soldier.” (Riel)


“Don’t underestimate battlefield veterans. You really like lying to us. Let me cast a curse that makes you more honest.” (Solje)

“Eh, w-what are you—uguh?!!” 

I grab his throat and chant.

“…Silence. This will burn a bit. Endure it.” (Solje)


I warm up his throat a bit with fire magic. It should hurt quite a bit, but he won’t be dying. There will be a burn mark that will be staying for the rest of his life though.

“With this, you will now be honest. Whenever you lie, your throat will feel like it is burning.” (Solje)

“N-No way, that’s impossible.” 

“Then, try testing it out. ‘I am stronger than you’, go ahead, try saying that. Experiment.” (Solje)

The man shook his head to the sides. The guy is showing his refusal while having tears and snot coming out. Yeah, what a pathetic guy. I would have definitely killed him in the past, but now I have a different way of thinking.

“…I actually remembered what happened in that brawl at the bar, you see.” (Solje)


“…Captain.” (Riel)

“I now remember why I gave the time of the day to weaklings like you.” (Solje)

The young man was completely pale. Yeah, good boy. Get as scared as you want. 

“…You guys approached our elf princess, didn’t you?” (Solje)

“T-That’s, uhm…!” 

“She is indeed beautiful, but she wouldn’t fall for inferior men like you. After being coldly ignored by her, you guys spoke ill of her, didn’t you?” (Solje)

“Y-You see…!” 

“What’s the matter? Can’t speak those lies you are so good at?” (Riel)

The verbal attack of Riel corners the young man. Ooh, nice timing. Sadist people are naturally good at interrogations.

“Now then…if I remember correctly, you guys insulted her. That ‘in the previous war, we made elf women into slaves and violated a whole lot of them’. That ‘you elves are just sex slaves’? How brave.” (Solje)

That’s right. After hearing that, I got pissed off, so I beat them up.

“…That was…uhm…!” 

“Well then, I understand plenty well that you are a war novice and that it is a lie that you were in the battle against the elves.” (Solje)

“T-That’s right. I did nothing of that!!” 

“But you are a man that’s easily swayed by the situation. If you were in the battlefield at that time, you would have participated in violating the captive women elves, right?” (Solje)

After a long silence, the young man answered.


“Good, you didn’t lie. I will give you points for that. If you can give an answer that satisfies me on the next one, I will spare you.” (Solje)

“…What might that be, Boss?” 

“Are you going to participate with the Empire army again?” (Solje)

This is a way too easy question. The young man must have thought so too. He nods without hesitation.

“Yes! I won’t participate with the Empire army ever again!!” 

“I see, then we shall grant you that wish. Riel, do it.” (Solje)

“Got it.” (Riel)

And then, the penalty was given.


The arrow of Riel pierces the right wrist of the young man. I laugh.

“Hahahaha! With this, it is over. Having that kind of serious injury, you won’t be able to use a sword or a spear properly anymore. You won’t even be able to cut the requirement to become a recruit! …Aren’t you happy?” (Solje)

“…I-I don’t know…!” 

“Figures. I am happy that you are an honest man now. With this, you will be able to return home. Is your mother doing well?” (Solje)

“Y-Yes…she is managing…” 

“I see. Graduate from your parents already, okay?” (Solje)


“Also, promise me something.” (Solje)

“W-What is it…?” 

“If you see people making fun of elves, tell them about what happened to you. That if you make fun of elves…you will be tasting hell. And then, show them the wound in your right arm.” (Solje)

“Y-Yesh…I will certainly do so…!” 


“Was it really okay to let him leave?” (Riel)

“If you’ve got a problem with that, you can just chase after him and finish him off. I won’t stop you.” (Solje)

“…I am not a member that would go against the orders of Captain.” (Riel)

“Really?” (Solje)

Was she really that obedient of a girl? …I feel like that conflicts with my own view. I feel like Riel is more of a wild horse. 

“…But this might not be a bad punishment for a coward.” (Riel)

The elf girl says this while looking at the wind blowing through. It kind of calms me.

“Right? He might become someone that will elevate the status of the elves.” (Solje)

“How stupid. There’s no way things would go so smoothly.” (Riel)

“…Yeah, but it is a small step. At the very least, he won’t ever be an enemy of ours anymore.” (Solje)

“Not an ally either.” (Riel)

“Not being an enemy is good enough.” (Solje)

“…Right. But to think you, the person who tried to take my chastity, would be saying something like that.” (Riel)

…Yeah, I was wondering if you were going to retort to that. I did try to do it with her swayed by the mood after all.

“Sorry about that. I was a bit of a…beast at that time.” (Solje)

“Yeah. Have you reflected?” (Riel)

“I have. I had to get a much better atmosphere, right? Your first time being outdoors has no atmosphere at all. We would be animals.” (Solje)

“…T-That’s not the issue.” (Riel)

“Eh? Are you the type that’s okay not having an atmosphere?” (Solje)

“…That’s not it. T-There’s the need for one, but that’s not what I mean…” (Riel)

“Kukuku. Now then, it is about time to do as promised. In order to better your mood, Riel-chan.” (Solje)

“Better my mood?” (Riel)

I whistle with my fingers. A *Piiiii!* sound resonates. 

Zephyr who had heard my ‘magic flute’ from the depths of the valley, flaps his big wings as he goes to where we are. 

The dragon lands on the ground while pouring strong wind against us. 

“Zephyr, your wounds are okay now, right?” (Solje)

“Yeah, thanks to the medicine of Maje.” (Zephyr)

“It is also because you are absorbing my mana as well, you know?” (Solje)

“Yeah, it is also thanks to Doje.” (Zephyr)

“Dragon knight-sama really likes to put others in their debt, huh.” (Riel)

“Shut up. Now then, Princess.” (Solje)

“Eh? …W-Wait?!” (Riel)

I princess carry Riel. She struggles, but I don’t mind it. She is pinching my cheek, but the brute won’t stop.

I give the signal to Zephyr. 

Zephyr lowered his head and wings, offering his back to us. And then, I jumped onto that back of his that doesn’t even have a saddle.

“C-Could it be that by promise you mean…!!” (Riel)

“Yeah, let’s fly into the sky!! We will show you just what dragons are!!” (Solje)

“O-Okay. But this way of carrying me is, uhm…” (Riel)

“It is okay, I won’t let you go.” (Solje)

“If you fall, I can pick you up.” (Zephyr)

“…You are already sounding similar. W-Well, fine. If you drop me, you won’t be getting off lightly, got it?” (Riel)

“Gotcha. There’s no way I would drop you. Now then, let’s fly, Zephyr!!” (Solje)

“Okay!! I will teach you about the sky, Maje!!” (Zephyr)

“W-Wait, make sure to fly slowly at first!!” (Riel)

No, I will be holding you tightly so that you won’t fall, so it is okay.

Enjoy the first moments. Melting into the sky.

The dragon flies! Going up into the blue sky. Riel was scared. Her body was stiff like a rock as she hugged me tightly. But it is okay, we won’t drop you.

“Riel, look at the sky.” (Solje)

“…High, scary…! B-But…” (Riel)

“How’s it? Better than a horse, right?” (Solje)

“…Y-Yeah! You back is incredible, Zephyr!!” (Riel)

“This is the sky!!” (Solje)

A world covered in blue!! There’s a mix of wind and nothingness -a place where freedom extends far and wide!! Aah, it reminds me of the first time I flew in the sky. I was held by my father, and learned about the sky. At first, I was looking below. Because it was amusing how my house was slowly getting smaller.

But when we rose to the heavens, I looked far away.

It felt like I could see the ends of the world.

Learning about this, a smile showed on my face!

As long as I have my dragon, as long as I have my wings, a dragon knight can obtain even the sky!!

…This is my return to the skies after 9 years!! 

This is the best!! The sensation of melting into the blue of the sky! Aah, this is what I have been seeking. Since losing Ares, I have always been wishing to return here!! 

I look up at the firmament while bathing in the wind. And then, I shout to the sun!! 


“…Captain, congratulations.” (Riel)

“…Yeh. Come on, Zephyr!! SIIINNGGG!!” (Solje)


While bathing in the song of the dragon, with its vibration that shakes the soul, we melt together into the sky!! I laugh!! Aah, this is the best moment!! I have returned to being a Strauss dragon knight!! 

—The dragon’s song resonates in the sky, eulogizing the return of the dragon knight.

Has that song that echoes far and wide reached the heroes in the starry sky? 

The name of the wings is Zephyr.

The grandchild of the ancient dragon that bit off the throat of a wicked god.

—The innocent wings with no legend yet has met its owner. 

The devilish swordsman that had his family and native land taken away.

Those wings will be dyed in black in the truest of senses together with the devilish swordsman.

For the sake of training them to become wings that can fly higher than any other dragon.

—And so, the wings understood.

The happiness of flying with people on its back.

Being the supreme ruler of the sky is lonely, and so seeks a soul that it can fly together with.

One day becoming a song together with its master is Zephyr’s wish.

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