DK – Chapter 4-5: Aiming for the Valley where the dragons dance III

Riding a horse in a country road is quite the nice feel. 

Aah, running in this dim and thick forest as if sewing through it, even this shitty rugged path looks shining! There’s also only few wheel tracks of wagons. There’s abundant nature, and in this forest, there are many animals that become the food of the carnivores.

There’s a density in nature. There’s no houses anywhere. In this land where nature is rich, the possibility I am looking for should be hidden here.

“…You are in a good mood, Captain. It is rare for you to be humming.” (Riel)

“Kinda. I might be able to meet a dragon, you know? That’s making my heart pump.” (Solje)

“Looking forward to meeting a dragon, huh. What a weird thing.” (Riel)

“Well, if we take it from the sense of worth of someone other than a dragon knight, that might be the case. But dragons are nice, you know!” (Solje)

Riel and I were riding horses. Horses are not as fast as dragons, but they are the ones following after in terms of usable legs. Riel had her horse run parallel to me, and looks at my face.

“…What? Is there some sort of magic in your jade color eyes?” (Solje)

“It can peek into the heart of the shallow people.” (Riel)

“Spitting out poison again.” (Solje)

Those small lips of hers are speaking ill of me that I am a lower species as she smiles. 

“The current you is like a kid.” (Riel)

“…Right. I am honestly in a pretty good mood right now. You probably won’t understand the greatness of riding on the back of a dragon.” (Solje)

“Yeah, I don’t. I haven’t even imagined it after all.” (Riel)

“Everything is experience. After travelling the vast world -even if it was only for the sake of fighting a bloodstained battle- I was sometimes blessed with great new encounters.” (Solje)

“Encounters, huh… Hm, that might be the case.” (Riel)

“Have you also met new people?” (Solje)

“Hmm…A red haired idiot.” (Riel)

“Aren’t you talking way too much trash about me?” (Solje)

“Is there anything bad about calling the man, who always looks at my body lecherously, an idiot?” (Riel)

“…Uhm, sorry. You’ve gotten beautiful lately, so I just end up doing that.” (Solje)

“Fufufu. Well, being entranced by beautiful things can’t be helped. I will forgive you.” (Riel)

So overly conscious. It is true that Riel is quite the beauty though…

“…But because of a certain someone being late, the sun is already setting.” (Riel)

“Hm? ..:Right, let’s find a lodging.” (Solje)

“…Sexual harassment.” (Riel)

“…No, there’s no deep meaning in it.” (Solje)

“I wonder.” (Riel)

“Then, want to camp? …Well, the youngsters of before have probably reported me already. I think staying in a settlement is going to be dangerous.” (Solje)

“What a troublemaker.” (Riel)

“Shut up. Hey, Riel, you can stay in the town’s inn if you want to though. Camping won’t serve to heal much of the fatigue.” (Solje)

“I hate places with too many people.” (Riel)

“Uneasy about going to a town on your own?” (Solje)

“…I will kill you.” (Riel)

“Please don’t. Sorry, looks like my mouth is poisonous too.” (Solje)

“I can hear the sound of a river. Let’s set camp a bit further ahead.” (Riel)

“…Yeah.” (Solje)

“Captain Solje, a dragon might be an important existence for you, but don’t get impatient. That was a story of 5 years ago. There’s no need to hurry. The dragon might have already flown away somewhere.” (Riel)

“…Yeah. Well, there’s indeed the chance we might not be able to meet it.” (Solje)

…And honestly, it is a high chance that’s the case. 

Dragon’s are arrogant. They might head for a better nest and change locations. If it were to go further north, there would be a vast land where it can separate itself from the battles of humanity. 

It is deadly cold, but something like that is of no matter for dragons. For the dragons that think of humans as a pain, that silence must be akin to paradise…

They are a race that’s on the verge of extinction after all. Their aggressiveness is really high. They are a race that has a rule of always fighting strong opponents they meet. In order to proof that they are the strongest, they continue fighting. The wild ones prefer solitude, and their numbers are low to begin with.

With people increasing in numbers even in a chaotic world, the forests are trimmed down, and the food decreases, which will unavoidably link to their numbers decreasing. 

The blood of Ares has also been cut off. The dragons of the Strauss have perished, but…there should be others. Dragons are the peak of the food chain. No matter how many in number they decrease, like hell I would accept them being extinct…

“…Uhm, s-sorry…” (Riel)

“What’s the matter, Riel?” (Solje)

“I ended up saying something that goes against what you wish.” (Riel)

“Don’t mind it…” (Solje)

“I do…” (Riel)

Was I making a sad face? Is that why Riel is being nice? There are times when she acts like a normal girl. She has been passing days of killing Empire soldiers. She might have been pushing herself too.

Journeys are fun, but that’s not all there’s to it. It reminds you of the elf village in the forest, right? That small kingdom at the depths of that holy forest which was destroyed by the Empire.

You originally should have been living an extravagant life in that peaceful forest as an elf royalty…

“…It was thoughtless of me. If I hurt you, I want to apologize.” (Riel)

“It is okay. You pointed out a valid possibility. Also, maybe because I was so merry I didn’t notice it was already about to hit night…I made the horse push itself…” (Solje)

I lower the pace of the horse. Its breathing is rough, its temperature is also high. Even though it is having a heavy man on its back, I made it run too much. I could have ended up making its heart explode.

“Riel, thank you. It was a good decision. I was about to make my horse die.” (Solje)

“…Yeah. But I…will pray to the Sacred Tree that you will be able to meet your dragon.” (Riel)

“If it is a prayer of yours, I can count on it.” (Solje)

—We stopped the horses and prepare for camping. 

Elves are reliable at times like this.

Riel enters the forest to pick up firewood, and it didn’t take long before she had gathered enough. I brought the horses to the river and let them drink and rest. 

After having a mouthful of water, they begin to munch on the grass around… Herbivore animals sure have it nice. There’s free restaurants everywhere for them.

For carnivorous beasts like me, that just won’t work.

It is a saving that Riel-chan is not in a race that prohibits meat. I propose having a stew made with thick slices of bacon and potatoes. Riel nodded to this.

“…I will go search whether there’s any rabbits or deer around.” (Riel)

“Nice. I welcome any amount of meat. I am counting on you.” (Solje)

“Count on me!” (Riel)

And then, she runs like the wind and disappears into the forest. 

Her hunting abilities are top-notch. Well, if there’s no prey in this forest, even she won’t be able to hunt anything though… She is a princess of the elves. Maybe the forest will give her some service? 

Riel returned by the time the stew was boiling in the pot —empty handed.

“…Hey, don’t make such a sad face. We are switching.” (Riel)

“What do you mean?” (Solje)

“Trail the scent of blood. Around 2.5 kilometers at the north. I got a female deer. Be delighted, it is a big one.” (Riel)

“…Uhm, and I am going to carry it?” (Solje)

“Yeah, I don’t want to stink of beast.” (Riel)

Even though you are an elf raised in the forest…? Well, it does sound like something a girl would say though.

“Got it. I don’t mind you making salad as well. Dinner’s gotta be big.” (Solje)

“Okay. You can take your time. I will be taking a bath.” (Riel)

“…Eh?” (Solje)

“…Solje, I will be going to the river with bow and arrow. Do you know why?” (Riel)

“It would be dangerous if a monster were to appear?” (Solje)

“There’s also that, but the main reason is other.” (Riel)

“…To shoot any insolent ones?” (Solje)

“That’s right. Be careful.” (Riel)

“…O-Okay.” (Solje)

—There was no need to tell me.

Was that her way of saying ‘please peek’? Is that her tsundere element speaking? 

Is this the so called pretend play? Or is she simply trying to prevent an accident?

“I don’t understand. My sword Ares, what do you think? …She might unexpectedly accept me if I were to go on the offensive…I…think……” (Solje)

What was there was a giant deer. It is really big!

It is so big you could think of it as the ruler of the forest.

I have never hunted down a deer as big as this one. Not only that, I have never seen one of this size. So things like this really do exist. 

It was a giant mass of meat that makes me wonder if there might be 250 kilograms. Its skin had been taken off completely, and it was hung by a rope. She used a tree with a big trunk as a ‘pulley’ to raise it, huh.

It was skinned and an artery cut off, so there’s a massive amount of blood trickling down. Hm, even the innards have been taken out completely… What splendid field dressing technique. Just thinking that this was done by that beautiful elf makes me pull away a little bit. No wonder she wanted to take a bath.

Yeah, this is way too big of a game…

Could it be that she tried her best to make me feel better? As expected of my tsundere elf…or not. Cause this sight is completely opposite to every definition of cute in my book.

A mass of meat with its skin peeled off is hung at the branch of a big tree under the moonlight with blood trickling down.

Is this an elf way of ‘reconciliation’? By presenting a game, they fix their relationship?

Maybe Riel will come out from the bushes and say ‘How’s my game? It is big, right?!’. That way the mood will get better. This is the time, Riel-chan. Now, don’t get shy and come out.


…Yeah, she isn’t coming out. 

I can tell using my magic eye. That Riel, she is nowhere near here. She must have actually just went to bath…

“…But am I supposed to be carrying something this big while walking a mountain road?” (Solje)

Superhuman strength is a trait of mine, so it is not impossible, but…there’s no doubt I will end up covered in blood.

My clothes will be stinking of blood for a while if I do. Even when I left my armor behind, I don’t feel lucky. Couldn’t this have been done tomorrow? This is the kind of work that would be fine doing after all the blood is drained. 

“…Hah…Oh well… Imma show you the strength of your captain…” (Solje)

I walked over to where the big tree is. There, I find the contraption she made. Must be an elf trap. By combining a pulley, rope, and rock, she was able to manage such heavy job even with her thin body. 

Well done as always. 

…Ah, by the way, she didn’t hang the meat because of some sort of threat. There’s most likely no hidden message in it. Something like ‘I will hang you on a three and cut off your head if you peek on me bathing’. Yeah, no way.

By draining the blood in this way, she is making sure the animals around won’t steal away the meat. Cause you know, there’s no animal who would bite meat hanging mid-air—-



It appeared from the sky. 

With a violent wind covering its black wings, using its sharp and thick nails like that of a sword, it grabs the forest king-class deer, and tears it off the rope just like that and returns to the sky!!

My left eye is throbbing. 

Ares is happy!!

—A black dragon. A child one of my daughters laid, huh. A blood link of mine!!

“…Ehehehehehe!!” (Solje)

The descendant of Ares returns to the sky, and disappears in an instant. It is young. This young dragon could be called the reincarnation of Ares. With both strength and flexibility, even when still green, it is skillfully playing in the wind!!

“…There it is!! It really was here… I found it!! That is my dragon!! My new wings!! Aah, just wait for me!! I will definitely go meet you!!” (Solje)

  • Chapter 5

I ran. I ran in the mountain road like the wind. My heart is light. My body was so light it was as if I had returned to my childhood. 

I ran past the hill road. I was on the verge of falling, but I was even finding joy in that. I control my slipping body with the strength of my legs. 

While making the leaves rustle in my wake, my body dances in the hill road where fallen leaves are piled up. And then, I immediately dash!! My breathing was getting rough, but this wasn’t something that was coming from exhaustion. I am excited!! To think I would have such a miraculous encounter!!


I want to share this!!


I shouted in my delight the name of my comrade who I want to share this emotional moment with!! I can tell from her mana, you are on the other side of this thicket!!


Riel shouts and throws a rock that was in the river right at my face. Fast!! It is a speed that could kill someone, you know?! 

But that’s not enough. For a warrior that can even grab arrows mid-flight, it is way too slow. I slap away the rock, and arrive by the side of Riel.

“W-Wait, what are you…could it be, you are going to…” (Riel)




I raise a roar and lift Riel. Being lifted from the river to the blue sky, Riel’s face turned bright red. I see, so you understand my excitement!!

“I am excited!!” (Solje)

“Eeeeh?!! Wait, u-uhm, y-you can’t… Premarital intercourse goes against the law of my people…!” (Riel)

“Please listen to me, Riel!! I have something I want to tell you!!” (Solje)

“Eeh?! A-At this kind of moment you are going to c-c-c-c-conf—-” (Riel)

“There was a dragon!!” (Solje)

“…Eh?” (Riel)

“It was there!! It tightly grabbed the deer that you hunted with those big nails, and left with it!!” (Solje)

“S-Something like that happened…” (Riel)

“Yeah! Thank you, Riel!! It is thanks to you!! It is thanks to you getting that deer that I…was able to meet a bloodlink of Ares!! Thanks, Riel!!” (Solje)

“Y-Yeah, I get it. I get it so…u-uhm…can you let me down already?” (Riel)

“Eh? Aah, okay…” (Solje)

I finally grasp the situation. I am currently performing heavy sexual harassment. I have my hands inserted in the armpits of a beautiful naked elf, and lifting her up to the sky. 

“…Looks like you have understood the situation.” (Riel)

Cold words rain down from above. 

Ah, yeah. This is the kind of incident where I am 100% at fault. She is gonna get angry. There’s no doubt about it. But I lowered my gaze from her face and look at her naked body. 

“Eh?! W-Wait, Solje, you can’t!” (Riel)

Her thin body is beautiful. Her white skin is glistening, and it is repelling with the cold water. Her breasts have a nice shape, and even when her whole body is thin, for some reason, there was a lot of fat only at that part. Her belly button is facing up -a trait of thin women. Her waist is also small… Truly a body in my taste…

“It is beautiful, Riel.” (Solje)

“D-Don’t look! H-Hey, don’t stare intently!!” (Riel)

The girl struggles. She was struggling so much that my sense of guilt got worse, and I slowly returned her to the water. She crouched in the river, and tries to hide her body with her arms. 

Yeah, the feeling of guilt is crazy. The girl who had her body seen by a man for the first time was crying. 

I couldn’t bear it. I turn my back to her. 

“…Uhm, sorry. I saw the dragon and got excited, and ended up doing something like this…” (Solje)

“…I-I get it already, so…so go away.” (Riel)

“…I am truly sorry…” (Solje)

I tottered in the river. I might have really fallen in love with Riel at some point in time. If I didn’t love her much, I might have ended up assaulting her. 

But I can’t. Her tears were making my guilt crush me. Am I craving for the princess of a race over my sexual desire? Me?

Shit, how pathetic. 

A Strauss man is going to turn his back at an elf woman?

“…Wait.” (Riel)

It was Riel. I obeyed those words like a trained dog. 

“…Uhm, wait for a bit. Don’t move from there.” (Riel)

“O-Okay.” (Solje)

“Also, close your eyes… You can’t open them.” (Riel)

“O-Okay.” (Solje)

And so, I close my eyes. 

What could it be? What is going to happen? I end up perking my ears. I could hear the sound of rustling cloth. Yeah, she is wearing her clothes, huh. Well, of course. 

I end up imagining it though… The sight of her beautiful body putting on clothes. What’s with this, I am not reflecting at all?! 

“…Face here, Captain Solje.” (Riel)

“Eh?! Is that okay?!” (Solje)

“Yeah, of course. You can open your eyes.” (Riel)

“O-Okay!” (Solje)

Men are stupid. I open my eyes with excitement. 

And then, I see the expression of Riel that was colder than snow thaw. It had the intensity of an ogre as she had an arrow fixed on the string of her bow. 

Ah, too bad. She is completely clothed now. Maybe because she was in a hurry, her wet clothes were sticking to her skin… Yeah, that’s nice.

“You lower life form!!” (Riel)

The elf princess says this with piercing cold intensity. I ended up saying something improper.

“Woah, scary!!” (Solje)

“Yes? What did you say to me, you red haired savage? Hey, isn’t the scary one, the lower life form that acts on his sexual impulses? Isn’t that right?” (Riel)

“Eh? Yeah, just as you say.” (Solje)

Being angry is natural. There’s no girl who would get happy at being called scary. What am I doing?

“…Are you properly reflecting, Solje Strauss?” (Riel)

“Y-Yeah, my bad. Sorry. I was so excited after seeing the dragon.” (Solje)

“More than my naked body?” (Riel)

“Eh?” (Solje)

Oi, what answer is good here? Is there even a right answer for this?

“Answer, Solje Strauss.” (Riel)

“…O-Okay. Uhm…Sorry, it was.” (Solje)

“…I see.” (Riel)

“No! You see, that dragon is the descendant of a dragon I know…its mana and way of flying is similar, too. It may be rough on the edges, but it has the talent to become the best flying dragon. Cause it is the descendant of Ares after all.” (Solje)

“…So it is someone that is deeply connected with you, huh.” (Riel)

“Yeah, something like that! I was able to meet them thanks to you hunting that deer. That’s why I wanted to thank you. Also…” (Solje)

“Also?” (Riel)

“I wanted to share with you…this happiness. I wanted to tell you just how happy I was…” (Solje)

“…Why me?” (Riel)

“Eh…?” (Solje)

Now that she mentions it…I wonder why?

Why did I think about wanting to tell Riel? 

She doesn’t really like dragons.

She must be thinking of them as just another monster, so…even if I were to tell her about the dragon, she might not be happy about it. So why…? 

“…Time’s up.” (Riel)

“Eh?” (Solje)

There was a time limit for my response?

Riel begins to mutter a chant.

“—[Thunder born in the clouds of origin, answer the invitation of my arrow and pierce my foe].” (Riel)

“…Uhm, that sounds like a battle oriented spell though?” (Solje)

“That’s right. Too bad. Just a bit more and I would have felt like forgiving you. But it wasn’t enough.” (Riel)

“Not enough sincerity?” (Solje)

“Who knows. A variety of things are pissing me off. The fact that you were happier about meeting the dragon than seeing my naked body…the fact that you can’t explain the reason why you want to share that happiness with me.” (Riel)

Thunders were roaring in the sky. 

As if acting in concert with the anger of Riel, the sky was overflowing with hostility. The thunder cloud was showing off its thunder fangs from overhead in an enraged fashion…

How ominous. There’s famous knights who have died from a thunderbolt. Is today a night where someone is going to die? I don’t even want to think about it. 

“The reason why I decided on magic, you see…was because I felt like I might end up killing you if I were to shoot an arrow. Cause you, who are currently in the river, won’t be able to avoid it.” (Riel)

“S-So calculating?!” (Solje)

“…Minus points for those words just now. You have gotten me in a bad mood.” (Riel)

“…I-I see. Right, so I need to say things that will make you happy? Is that the kind of rule here? …Y-You see…!” (Solje)

“What?” (Riel)

“You had an awesome body there!!” (Solje)

“…[Lightning Bolt].” (Riel)

She mutters this and shoots an arrow into the sky. The magic activated and lightning filled the sky. And then, guided by the arrow of Riel, the thunder falls right onto the river where I am.


Electricity attacks me. It hurts. Not to the point of death, but it bloody hurts. 

After the lightning applied excruciating pain to me and the lifeforms in the river, it ends. Riel looks at me for a while and then speaks. 

“…Be careful from now on.” (Riel)

“…Okay, I will.” (Solje)

The inside of my mouth tastes like burnt fish. Do Garunians smell like fish when they are grilled? 

“Now, let’s have dinner.” (Riel)

Those kind words that were suddenly thrown at me for some reason made my body react. I trembled.

“Oh my, what’s the matter?” (Riel)

“No, nothing.” (Solje)

“I see. Get out from the river quickly, ah, and grab a few dead fishes on you way out. Even if you catch a cold, I won’t be nursing you, okay?” (Riel)

“…Yeah, figures. I don’t have the qualifications for that. I am a perverted bastard after all.” (Solje)

“…What a stupid man.” (Riel)

We begin a dinner with little conversation. 

Stew is supposed to be my cooking specialty, and it is one that Riel had praised as delicious before. The secret is to add a little bit of wine. 

But today, the Princess is staying silent. She is eating without stopping her hand, so the taste shouldn’t be bad. Because of having an electric current hit my tongue, I am having a hard time telling the taste though.

Uuh. I would like to have a meal while having a fun conversation. For me who has gotten used to living in a group, this silence is a bit painful. I have become less edgier. 

Maybe I have changed a little. Is it because it’s been long since I have been on the back of a dragon? Or is it because my sense of worth was changed after interacting with many kinds of people? …Even so, my essence shouldn’t have changed. 

I like dragons. 

…No, no matter the case, right now I have to reflect. 

I ended up seeing the naked body of an elf girl that is strict in her precepts towards chastity. It was so beautiful that my instincts couldn’t stop. I stared intently at her to the point of scaring her. 

If this were the elf village, not only would my skin be peeled off, I would have been hung -just like that deer. 

I have to reflect. Protecting the oath of silence, I will display my calmed heart. Show that I have reflected, and ask for forgiveness. That Princess was simply a victim of my sexual desire. 

I do feel guilty. Seriously. The tears of Riel had gouged my heart. She is my subordinate, and probably, I hold even deeper feelings than that towards her. 

I must stay silent.


…You know…

It is impossible. My heart is springing. My heart is going wild in happiness.

It is drumming.

A dragon. I was able to meet a dragon. Moreover, a descendant of Ares!! That brave ancient dragon Ares’s descendant, you know!!

“…You are merry, Captain.” (Riel)

“Y-Yeah, sorry. I am also reflecting, but even with that…it is a dragon!!” (Solje)

I smile. I end up smiling. It is the descendant of Ares after all.

The expression of Riel at the other side of the firecamp changes. Those big and emerald colored eyes were wide open. 

Is she surprised? Or did I bring anger towards that delicate heart of hers? 

“…So you can smile childishly, huh.” (Riel)

“Y-Yeah, sorry. Did it sour your mood?” (Solje)

The girl shakes her head to the sides. Her hair that had been tied into a ponytail and hasn’t dried yet danced with the wind. Her silver hair was shining in the light of the fire and it looked golden. 

“…It reminds me of the eyes of Ares.” (Solje)

“Hm?” (Riel)

“My…or more like, the old dragon that was together with our Strauss family. Looking at your beautiful hair reminded me of his eyes.” (Solje)

“…Is that so.” (Riel)

“Sorry about that. Associating the hair of a girl with the eyes of a dragon, I really am no good. I should be choosing better words…” (Solje)

“No, it wasn’t bad.” (Riel)

The heart of a girl is complicated. But I am happy she says that. 

“Hey, can I tell you a lot about Ares?” (Solje)

“You are willing to tell me?” (Riel)

“Yeah. Just how brave of a dragon he was, just how important of an existence he was for us Strauss -I want Riel Harvel to know.” (Solje)

“…Why?” (Riel)

The jade eyes of the elf look at me. Is she expecting something? I don’t know what answer she is looking for. That’s why I ask her.

“What answer would be good?” (Solje)

“…D-Don’t answer a question with another question… I don’t know. I also don’t know.” (Riel)

“I see. I don’t know either. But I do know something. I want to tell you about the stories of my family, Riel.” (Solje)

“Would you have been fine with anyone else?” (Riel)

“Hm?” (Solje)

“Is it because only I am here? …Is it because there’s no one other than me here to speak to?” (Riel)

“No, that’s not the case. I want Riel to listen.” (Solje)

“…I see. Then speak.” (Riel)

Saying this, she stood up and walked her way to my side, and then takes a sit.

“…It would be difficult to hear you over there with the sound of the campfire. Elves have good ears, so the sound of burning wood gets in the way, making it hard to hear you.” (Riel)

“I see, then it can’t be helped.” (Solje)

“Yeah, can’t be helped. Now, let me hear it, the story of Solje’s family -to my ears only.” (Riel)

“Right. I met Ares when…” (Solje)

I smile like a child as I tell Riel Harvel about a lot of stories. My words continued on for long, till the night rang late…

—The legends of the dragon are long and many. 

Ares, illustrious ancient dragon.

The protector of Garuna standing by the side of the devilish swordsmen. 

Playing in the battlefield for 300 years.

—Everything for the sake of the exchanged promise.

In the past, the ancient dragon was told by the princess who received the curse of a God Slayer. 

I don’t mind if my descendants are cursed.

But in exchange, please look after them forever.

—The golden eyes look at the world.

Even when he had defeated the wicked god together with the princess, it didn’t end. 

The promise began to fade?

No it didn’t, simply a new shade of red had mixed in.

—The red eyed cursed princess leaves the world.

The descendants of her had the blood of her beloved man running thickly in them.

Red hair and blue eyes, dyed in the blood of the raging hero.

Even with that, the ancient dragon stayed by their side.

—The lovely princess that protected Garuna and the savages that protected her.

The swordsmen unfearing of death, betting their lives at every wake.

Aah, right, it reminds me of my past self.

The day when the sky warped in despair at the side of the princess. 

—It was blood and meat at the same time.

Life itself had mixed with the ancient dragon and the Strauss.

Days of incessant battle. 

Now, let’s kill each other, for the sake of becoming a song one day.

—Become a song in the stead of the princess who couldn’t.

For the sake of the princess who disappeared from the world, my brethren and I will become songs. 

Dragons and Strauss, spread the blood, don’t let the red die.

Sharpen your fangs and blade, for the eventual day when the wicked god rises anew. 

“—Your dragon killed one of the Zeruagas, huh.” (Riel)

Riel was listening as she looked at me with sleepy eyes and her head hanging down.

Zeruaga; a word I haven’t heard in a long time. We hated that word so much that there were few times we would directly speak it. 

“…He defeated one of the wicked gods that crossed the boundary of worlds.” (Solje)

“I see…so he stopped the erosion of the world, huh. Your dragon is impressive.” (Riel)

“Right? A legendary existence. But…that’s not all.” (Solje)

“What is it?” (Riel)

“He is family.” (Solje)

—The ancient dragon shows interest in that red hair. 

The fourth son who has the reddest hair out of all the family. 

Fumu fumu, why is it?

Even though he is weak, fleeting, and is made fun of by his brothers.

—Reason unknown.

Even so, it was simply lovely.

Even though weak, he swung his blade at all times. I see, he is seeking strength. 

Without giving up. I see, just like…the princess.

—Going through the cycle of death and rebirth, the soul of the princess had returned. 

Is this also the pitiful destiny of the soul that cannot become a song? 

No, this time that shouldn’t be the case.

Because he has received my teachings since young.

—Round and around, destiny spins and weaves.

If the princess has been reborn as a man.

I will also be reborn in a different form.

Now then, let’s meet once again in the azure sky.

—We are dragon knights.

Invincible warriors of wing and sword.

We are getting it back, the land the princess protected. 

The sky where many a song were offered to her!!

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16 thoughts on “DK – Chapter 4-5: Aiming for the Valley where the dragons dance III

    1. I hope so as well. I mean it seems that they are both pretty close to forming a relationship and the only thing in the way is that one is a brash idiot that irritates the delicate maiden

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    Ha! Okay, I like their banter and flirting even more now. These two superhumans with crippled social ability are just sorta being…mean yet mutually attractive to each other. It works. It even did the violent tsundere thing in a way that made me laugh, which might as well be the first time I’ve had such a positive reaction to this sorta thing.

    Ironically, I feel like Solje has a better grasp on his feelings than Riel. He’s not good at connecting the dots, but at the very least he’s self-aware about the emotions he feels. Must come with being a Strauss.
    Seeing him crazy giddy about finding a descendant of Ares was nice too.

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