Not a Chapter – New novel and the one lost Tsuki chapter

Hey guys, Reigokai here! 

Whew, it has been 2 whole weeks already. Time sure does fly. It has been an interesting little ‘break’ I had there. I read a real good amount of stories in that time. Mostly recommendations from you guys. Thanks for all the suggestions. 

Before going into the new novel discussion, I have to speak first about the one missing chapter of Tsuki. As some may know, the naming chapter is a chapter I seem to have skipped by accident. I had recently said I would be translating it in this span of free time, but it looks like the wayback machine has actually erased the raws of Tsuki, so that one chapter has been sent to the shadow realm. Good thing there’s already a manga chapter for it. (If someone does have the raw of it, do tell me.)

Well then, now about the new novel. 

First of all, I will be mentioning a few of the candidates that stood out.

1 – Sayonara Ryuusei: This one was requested quite a bit. And I have to be honest, this was one of the web novels I read when I was entering the web novel rabbit hole. I read all the translated chapters and I actually liked the story.
Now, the issue here. I don’t know if this was one of the reasons the translator didn’t continue the story, but the story really does take a weird turn after the translated chapters. Just when he is entering the magic academy, the story jumps all over the place. Like, instead of having a walk between each event with a smooth path that links to the next event, it jumps with no path in between. Which left me with a few question marks and made me find it hard to actually get into the arcs that the story was bringing to the table. 

2 – Vermillion: I did find this story interesting. But this does fall into the 2nd point. The author hasn’t updated for a year now and has stayed at 78 chapters since then.

3 – Isekai Tensei Soudouki: The concept of this story as well as the manga were good, I am actually following the manga for this one. However, the web novel raws are currently in a pay-to-read page, meaning it might fall into the same pitfall as translating light novels.

4 – Landmines Included: I read a few chapters of this one until I noticed the translator hasn’t actually abandoned it. He made a post saying he would be releasing the chapters for patreons and is working in making a site that blocks aggregator sites from stealing their content, which is a point that makes me really appreciate the existence of novelupdates. I am sure novelupdates is a main force as to why translators can actually be found -an aggregator site done right. 

Now, about the story I have chosen to translate.

—-The mercenary group of the Demon Lord army’s Former Dragon Knight.

About the synopsis, I will be leaving that for after I release the prologue, since the synopsis is basically a “spoiler” of that. 

I will be uploading the prologues in around an hour from now, but for now, I will be giving you an overview of my opinion while trying my best not to spoil. Giving the goods and bads.


  • The battles are actually really good and the highlight of this story. There’s a lot of planning and reading. Information is actually the key that defines if they win the fight or not.
  • The difference of culture between races is well defined and presented in a natural way. Their cultures shaping the personalities and behavior of the characters in subtle ways.
  • The characters in the story seem to actually have development. Surprisingly, there were arcs that focused on both male and female characters as their centerpieces. 


  • The amount of sexual jokes is -ironically- a turn off. The main character is the wild type, so this might actually fit into the character though. 
  • Correlating to the first con, there’s a lot of ‘cockblock’ scenes. You know, those scenes where the characters are about to do ‘it’ and something happens that stops it. There’s an unhealthy amount of them. 

In summary, I really like the action and characters in this story. They have very unique fighting styles and the characters actually complement each other, being able to do things that the MC can’t and supporting each other. 

I haven’t read that far to say much about it, but for now, it looks like an interesting story with a lot of potential and has a concept that I actually found interesting, but I will leave that for you guys to read. 


That’s it! 

Thanks a lot for all the recommendations! I honestly have never read so many stories in such a short period of time. It was a journey in itself. 

Remember guys, I will be uploading the prologues in a bit before actually posting the synopsis of it.

Hope you guys stick for this journey as well! Let us all jump into this new world together!


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56 thoughts on “Not a Chapter – New novel and the one lost Tsuki chapter

  1. Thanks for the update, Reigo-senpai.

    I’m still a little sore on how you feel about Janitor-san, though I was hoping the person translating “How not to summon a Demon Lord” would’ve stayed active on it when they picked it up for a couple chapter. As for your choice… I’ll give it a shot. The only project you’ve translated that let us down was QualiA, though that easily became garbage around the time you stopped anyway.

  2. Woo~ Off to our next journey we go.
    May the memes sprout and Common Sense-chan stand strong.

    No idea how much I’ll like this new series since the cons mentioned are why I typically dislike ecchi stories. Still, Reigokai’s proven to have good taste so far, so I’m down to try. If I can skim through How not to Summon a Demon Lord’s scenes to enjoy the story, I should be able to do just fine here.

      1. I don’t recall ever declaring myself your brethren in perversion. I am what I am, and if our interests happen to align at a few points, that’s just how it is.

        I dislike ecchi because it usually goes in circles wasting time on fanservice that has zero lasting consequences and grinds the rest of the story to a halt. Not all ecchi stories do this, but the fact stands that if I complained about it during any ecchi story, the obvious response would be “well what did you expect in this sort of story?”

    1. MC of that one was called on that shit, with him getting caught with his pants down with another woman, but I see your point that he never initiates or follows through on the ecchi stuff.

  3. Thanks again, regiokai! Pity about Sayonara Ryuusei. It does seem like a very good NATIVE TENSEI.

  4. I always wonder why you ask for suggestions about new novels to translate when you always pick one completely different from the suggested ones.

    1. He had already said that he had decided on a series to translate in the post in which he asked for suggestions. It’s likely for if he liked one of the recommendations even more or just for the next series he’ll translate.

      1. And that happens every time, if Reigokai were to be fair to his readers he would note down the best suggestions of each poll and yake them in consideration for the next novel but this never happened. With each poll all past suggestions become tabula rasa.

        1. What? How do you figure that? Just because everyone is throwing out the same suggestions as before doesn’t mean Reigokai was any less aware of them before that.

          To me, it’s pretty obvious to pull from previous suggestions for new candidates, but it’s not like there’s an obligation to do any of them. They weren’t chosen the first time around for various reasons, so if a better candidate appears, the same is going to happen the second time around.

      2. There is a moral obbligation, if he actually finds that readers suggestions are bad (since he never picks them up) then instead of ask for suggestions then he should just say honestly that he will pick the next novel on his own.

        Not like it matters at this ppint though, he can pull this kind of gimmick only a limited number of times before users catch up.

        1. What moral obligation? There is no moral obligation here. No commitment was made, no tangible harm was done, and no lies were told. We were asked for suggestions, so we gave him a collective list of suggestions. That’s all. The concept of “fair to readers” shouldn’t even come up because it’s not relevant.

          You call this a gimmick as if we’re being scammed. It is just a conversation via announcement and feedback.

          If you were under the impression that Reigokai was obligated to translate anything suggested for any reason besides “I personally like this and there won’t be long-term issues if I translate it”, then that’s a problem with your misunderstanding.

      3. Do you even understand what I mean for moral obbligation? Please don’t distort my words just because you can’t accept that others have different opinions. Only my wife can do that XD

        1. Wut? Now you’re absolutely not making sense. We’re distording your words? Rather, it’s either that we get exactly what you mean by moral obligation or you’re the one who doesn’t understand that “moral obligation” means.

        2. You may have misinterpreted my words. I apologize if I wasn’t clear.
          Let me give my opinion in regards to this.

          When I am translating, I normally read other raw novels to see if there’s a nice one I could also bring to the table for readers to enjoy together with me.

          I did ask for suggestions, but it is ultimately that, suggestions. I am but one person, and there are a vast amount of stories I have no knowledge of. Thus, I read them and treat them the same as the above raw novels I read. A prospect for a new project.

          In the end, I translate because I enjoy translating, reading comments, and having others enjoy the story with me. I am a human.
          If I were to begin translating because of a moral obligation -or any obligation at all- I will be sure that I am doing something wrong.
          This is not a job, this is a passion.

      4. Quote from my quote above:
        “if he actually finds that readers suggestions are bad (since he never picks them up) then instead of ask for suggestions then he should just say honestly that he will pick the next novel on his own.”
        Is like no one is actually reading, the point is not about translate novels but the actual validity polls. You can promise to bring your family to Europe only a few number of times. Either you bring them or not is totally up to you but if you did not plan on bring them over from the start why make such promise? Because believe me you will never heard the end of this ‘moral responsability’ .

        1. I did read your comment, and I’m not missing the point. You’re just entitled. There never was any promise involved though.
          Also, read Reigokai’s comment, it proves you wrong.

        1. Not suggesting any novel? I’d only do that if I didn’t have any idea, but if I do have a recommendation, then why wouldn’t I give it? Even if not picked up, at least Reigokai will have enjoyed one more novel.
          Me and one other person suggested Vermillion, a very good novel, just that it sadly is apparently on a hiatus with 78 chapters only so it wasn’t picked up. Still, it was said in the post that he liked it and that the reason he wouldn’t go for it over Dragon Knight is the hiatus(which is understandable since he already has one series on hiatus(Tsuki ga Michi Biku) and that he seems to prefer to translate a series up to completion, though there are exceptions like for Maou-sama, Retry).
          While that is a shame, I do hope that he’ll put it among his choices for the next series, but for now I’m happy that he liked it and I recommend it to everyone here.

          I’m someone who likes to share with others the stories I like.
          And do consider that this is a passion project for Reigokai, so he’s obviously only going to translate the series he’s personally interested in. Him asking for suggestions is so to find series he might have overlooked or not known about, series that might end up interesting him enough to translate at some point(regardless of it being in the place of the one he already had in mind or not).

          On the other hand, if you’re looking for translators for a specific series and that is the reason you are frustrated with not finding any, then try in more places(like NovelUpdates forum, for example), and most importantly, be patient. Do be aware that restless harassment and inquiries of people to get them to translate a specific series will in most cases only have a negative effect. The reason for that is simply, you will not onyl become a source of stress, but you would also showcase to them the prime example of bad followers, those who always only keep on asking for faster releases and who don’t treat the translators with respect. That’s a turn-off, so do please ask politely and don’t hold it against them if they aren’t interested in using up their own time to translate a series that they might not be interested in.

        2. My bad, I misunderstood your comment. You likely weren’t replying to me, but rather just following the comment chain(even if the notification was as a reply to my comment, but that comment of mine was at the top of the chain and was thus the only one you could’ve clicked Reply on). Due to it being that way, I normally click Reply in my email(where I receive the notifications) since from there I can directly reply to specific comments.

          As a result, my comment should instead be thought of being for Red n Blue.

        1. Again with “believing promises”. No promise was made anywhere except in your head.

          In your metaphor, someone asks his kids for ideas on where they want to visit for their vacation. They throw out locations like Hawaii, or Paris. And when the family goes to, say, Florida, the kids are throwing a fit because in their minds, they were told they’d get to go to Hawaii or Paris.

          I have no idea what you’re talking about or mean with validity polls.

  5. I’m glad you liked the Vermillion web novel, but I’m saddened that you won’t be translating it since no one currently is and I absolutely love this novel. I need more of it in English. Google translate is far from good enough.

    1. Mio and Tomoe, this chaoter can be found in chapter 7 of the manga now.
      At that time I thought it simply made a short timeskip with them saying for their first time their new names.

  6. Will be looking forward to it, just a late suggestion, how about. Burgund Haneiyuutan
    バーガント反英雄譚.. it’s been a while since i came to this site.

    1. OT
      I found a site (novels dot pl) that mirrors a large number a novel translations. Maybe missing translated chapters can be found there.

  7. Thank you. Glad to see a new novel rise. And so i stop clinging to my small hopes i need to ask. Is the author finished with (wn)Tsuki? Also it seems THOSE people grabbed Maou-sama Retry so if you don’t want to be nagged to death some deleting is needed. 😭 Personally I don’t want your hard work to disappear so i suggest putting it on afree-sharing aggregator and tell them it’s out of your hands. It was the suggestion of a longtime fine and if you feel differently obviously ignore it. Again thank uou and keep up the good work while keeping your health and yourself top priority.

    1. Well, it was between chapter 13 and 14 from the translated ones. I wouldn’t be able to tell you an exact number since the chapters weren’t numbered

      1. The person below seems to have found the chapter before me…? I’m the guy right who made this initial comment thread

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