Maou – Chapter 73-74: Aggressor

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Tahara took off his clothes in the undressing room, and then placed a folded towel on top of his head. It is in part because this man likes bathhouses, but he gives out an old-style showa era smell.

Guns that can be said to be the latest weapon, coupled with his currently contradictory appearance. This unbalanced sight could also be considered proof of his weirdness that’s said to be a trait of geniuses.

“But being in the hot spring with Chief-dono…in the past, that would have been unthinkable.” (Tahara)

Tahara looks around the undressing room, but this is different from the bathhouse, there’s no presence of people, and there’s not even signs of being actually used.

And in reality, only Maou uses this place, and it has become practically exclusive use for him.  

Looking at the mirror, the well-trained body of Tahara was clearly reflected in the mirror that doesn’t have a single blemish.

“My training time has decreased after all… If only Nomura was here.” (Tahara)

Tahara scratches his head with a frown, but his abdomen has a splendid six-pack,  both of his arms can handle heavy guns, and his whole body that can take recoil like a spring; there’s practically no useless parts in him.

Even from the eyes of the same gender, his body is a dazzling one.

“Now then, is Chief-dono already in…?” (Tahara)

Opening the door, Tahara first washes his whole body. The arm that was grabbed by Yuu still had slight traces of the scratches. Seeing them, Tahara’s face pales.

“This is no joke. That damn mad woman…” (Tahara)

The moment he said those poisonous words, he heard a voice from the open air bath calling to him.

When Tahara heads there, Maou was inside the spring and was having a drink. It looks like he was having a tray float on the water with japanese alcohol on it, and enjoying it.

“It is great that you have come, Tahara.” (Maou)

“Japanese alcohol in an open air bath, huh. Quite the chic thing to do.” (Tahara)

Tahara also dips in the water without any restraint, and gulps down the cup that was given to him. The effect of the open air bath overlapped with the Vitality recovery of the japanese alcohol, and it was truly a heavenly feeling.

“Kuuh! Can’t get enough of this!” (Tahara)

“There’s not much, but I have also prepared some side dishes.” (Maou)

In the other tray, there’s things like ceviche, green soybeans, cold tofu, and sashimi lined up. It is the ‘side-dish set’ that he created by using SP.

In the game venue, the separate items would recover 20-40 health, but the set recovers only 15, so it wasn’t treated that well. But in this other world, rather than healing amount, it was better to have a wider variety.

“To think there’s even sashimi…tsuuu! So delicious!” (Tahara)

“I would like to think of a way to get marine products in the future.” (Maou)

“Hmm, thinking about it in terms of readiness, it would be ‘Fishing’, but…the Vitality expenditure is a bit…” (Tahara)

“Umu.” (Maou)

In the survival skills, there’s a skill called ‘Fishing’, and by using 30 Vitality, you can fish no matter the area.

Fresh fish would be the common thing, but there were also abalones, sharks, tunas, great king squid, sea bream, puffer fish, human faced fish, seaweed types, shelled types; the things you could fish were a total mess.

There’s also things like water vein search, food search, medicinal plant search, tool search, prowler, treasure hunt. With a variety of search type skills prepared, the things that could be obtained would change depending on the skill itself. There were many things in those searches that could be sold at a high price, so it not only served to get recovery items, it could serve as a money source too.

In the common gaming way of saying it, it would be close to a ‘Crafting Job’.

“To think almost all the things that could be done in the venues could be recreated even when coming to a world like this. I honestly can’t understand anymore…” (Tahara)

“That part as well will be made clear one day. The more Rights are unlocked, the less holes we will have.” (Maou)

From there on, the meeting regarding future plans continued, but they were all light surface things. Tahara thought his plans were long since been taken into account by Maou, and Maou was thinking that if he were to make a slip of the tongue, he would mess up, that’s why he didn’t reply too deeply to them.

They both were helping themselves to a drink, and a silent time where they bring the side-dishes to their mouth continued.

This in itself was quite the sight. Leaving aside his inside, Maou is a man that can become picturesque just from pouring a drink in a cup, and Tahara gives out the charm of a man that has overcome many hellish battles.

“…In the day everyone is gathered, it will get quite lively.” (Tahara)

“Of course, I do plan on gathering everyone.” (Maou)

Tahara mutters this out, but Maou’s response was a strong one.

And then, he even gave out a statement that surpassed his expectations.

“In time, I also plan on calling your little sister too.” (Maou)

“…Eh?” (Tahara)

The movements of Tahara stopped for an instant, and he tried to say something, but Maou’s right hand was spread in front of his face faster than he could.

What was there was a sinister ring that was not there before.

“T-That ring…what does it have to do with this?” (Tahara)

“Let’s just say, when a certain condition is met, this ring can grant a wish.” (Maou)

“Stop it please… This ain’t a manga or anything.” (Tahara)

“Do you think I would make a joke like this?” (Maou)

Those words made Tahara gulp.

It is true that in the eyes of Tahara, ‘Chief-dono’ is not the kind of person who would joke about this kind of things. No matter if good or bad, he would act on what he has said. He is a worthy man of being called the Demon Lord of the Grand Empire.

“With Manami…No, wait! If she were to be called here, and in some manner she ends up in danger…” (Tahara)

Tahara’s expression changed constantly, and his thoughts were running amok.

That’s right. Since ‘that day’ when Tahara decided to work in the Nightless Castle, he hasn’t met his sister once. Not only a letter, even things like mails or calls were completely shut off.

It wasn’t only with Tahara, everyone in the committee had a massive bounty on their head, and they were existences that gathered hatred from the whole world. Putting it simply, it would be like a ‘carrot’ that would serve as a ‘comeback’ card for the participants.

And so, in order to not bring harm to his powerless sister, he pushed her away completely, and erased all traces that they have lived together. Of course, having her live in the Nightless Castle together with him was out of the question too.

That place is the very place where the killing intent of the whole world is gathered. It is way too harsh of a place to have a young girl live in.

“Calm down, Tahara. In this world, there’s no bounty on our heads. I don’t know how it might be in the future, but thinking about the job we are doing now, the only ones who would have a grudge towards us would be small fry that are simply jealous of things our own interests have amassed.” (Maou)

“Hmm…” (Tahara)

“Do you think we would let fools like that pull the rug on us?” (Maou)

“…No, I don’t think so.” (Tahara)

“Fumu. –Looks like the answer has come out from your mouth just now. I am thinking of recompensing your work with that.” (Maou)

Maou said this, and sways his cup.

This is a reward, but at the same time, also a way to stop the aim of Kunai Hakuto in advance.

Of course, for Tahara, whichever is fine. What’s important is being able to live with his little sister, and this was not a moment he could go asking the reason for it.

“Then, we have to strengthen the protection around here. Piano wires, snare traps, dead floors, landmines…no, we can have automatic rifles setup.” (Tahara)

“…No, aren’t you going a bit too fast here?” (Maou)

“Before that, we need a castle for Manami —no, I mean, a house is needed. Regarding those parts, I will have Chief-dono make a large scale base, so…” (Tahara)

Tahara was mumbling dangerous stuff as his head was running wild, and eventually, he stood up while making a loud sound.

His face was showing excitement like that of a boy.

“I didn’t expect you to have that kind of humanity in you. Looks like I will have to remake my plans from zero!” (Tahara)

Tahara placed both hands on Maou’s shoulders and laughs happily.

It is a moving moment between superior and subordinate. However, because Tahara had stood up, his lower region was hanging right in front of Maou.

“U-Umu…At any rate, calm down and sit.” (Maou)

“As if I can calm down right now! I am happy! I haven’t met Manami in more than 10 years!” (Tahara)

Each time Tahara shouted in excitement, his lower area shook wildly.

This is the first time since coming to this world that Maou has felt this much danger.

“I-I get it already… Sit down first…!” (Maou)

“Can’t stay idly like this! Time to remake the plans!” (Tahara)

Tahara jumped out of the open air bath, and Maou sighs as if he had been released from immense pressure. Maybe he was trying to change his mood here, he tilts the whole bottle of japanese alcohol, and gulps it right down his throat.

“To think I would end up seeing his thing up-close. What kind of torture is this?” (Maou)

After enjoying the side-dishes and alcohol with a frown, he left the open air bath. What was left was to go to bed, but just in case, he sends a [Whisper] to Yukikaze.

He must have been wondering if she had entered his room without permission again.

But the current Maou had no way of knowing that this [Whisper] would be the beginning of a battle that would drag the whole continent in it.

<<Yukikaze, can you hear me?>> (Maou)


<<Hm? What’s the matter? What’s going on?>> (Maou)

The face of Maou changes at this strange transmission.

Because he caught on that Yukikaze was in battle right now.

<<…Oji-sama, an Aggressor has appeared in the dungeon.>> (Yukikaze)

<<Aggressor? Is that a monster?>> (Maou)

<<…A commander level monster. It is a special type of monster that does an attack from the dungeon instead.>> (Yukikaze)

<<I see, I am returning at once.>> (Maou)

Finishing the whisper with Yukikaze, Maou immediately used [Team Whisper] to call Tahara and Yuu. This is not an individual whisper, but one that has a team in mind when linking.

<<Yuu, come to the front of the hot spring inn at once. Looks like a bit of an incident has occurred in the north. Tahara, I leave the village to you.>> (Maou)

<<Roger, leave the place to me.>> (Tahara)

<<I will head there at once.>> (Yuu)

After a few minutes, the two immediately teleported to the Rookie City.

  • Chapter 74: The Demon Lord and the Witch

The one who noticed this abnormality immediately was Otaglasses.

He immediately jumped out from the tent and looked at the Rookie City, but there was red fire blazing around.

The three stars also showed themselves from their tents, and their fiery gazes were directed at him.

“Otaglasses-sama, looks like an Aggressor.”

“Looks like it.” (Otaglasses)

Seeing that not a single one of them judged it as a fire was as expected from this group.

But the three stars were looking at Otaglasses as if they were praying: ‘please don’t jump into that chaos’. It is not that they are fearing battle, but because if they were to poke their heads into the business of other countries further than they already are, the standing of Otaglasses would worsen even more.

“Otaglasses-sama, we will go to the city. Please rest here.”

“There’s no need to worry about me. It is already too late for that, you know.” (Otaglasses)

Otaglasses shows a mischievous face that’s rarely seen from him. The evaluation his own country has of him could already be called the worst and there’s no lower than that.

But even with that, the tree stars were still worried.

However, Otaglasses isn’t the kind of person who would change his ideals to protect himself.

Otaglasses grabs two of the handles from his white box and pulls them out. In his right hand, he is holding a Light Sword that is releasing a divine white light; in his left, a Morning Star that was releasing dazzling light as well.

Otaglasses runs to the city with gale-like speed. The three stars silently follow that dazzling back of his.

When the white group had arrived to the city, there was already battle happening here and there.

He has seen a reverse attack before, but the sight of it was something shocking. Monsters were being pushed out from the dungeon’s entrance and creating a cloud of dust.

“What’s that… There’s so many Bricks. There’s even Fire-breathing Fortresses!”

“There’s also Neck-hunting Boars.”

“I want to believe this is a joke, but…is that a Hydra I see at the very back?”

The three stars were saying this with dry voices. Those were not monsters that should be okay to appear in the Prison Dungeon that’s supposed to be challenged by rookies.

Special types are sometimes born in the dungeons, and there are times when they would do a reverse attack on the surroundings, but it is the norm that only monsters of the same strength as the dungeon will come out.

The monsters had already spread here and there, going on a rampage without control, breathing fire, and killing any person they lay their eyes on. Otaglasses saw this and brought out a decision instantly.

“With this scale, it would be dangerous to separate. You three, act together.” (Otaglasses)

Otaglasses says this shortly and rushes ahead.

The three stars didn’t object to it and immediately began acting. A second of hesitation in the battlefield can mean death, and they understand plenty well that if they lose time, they won’t be able to save lives that could have been saved.

The three stars also hold their white swords respectively and take to speed.

Each time they swing their swords, two lacerations would be created in the monsters, and they were cutting down the hoard in visible time.

It was a Combo Attack.

In the game, there was a proficiency level, and once it reached 100, you can activate it. After a normal attack, it dealt 10 extra damage. Putting it simply, it is a ‘double attack’.

The three stars that have been in service as knights for long had finally become powerful fighters that have perfected this Combo Attack after extensive training.

Otaglasses as well was swinging his light sword and morning star, cutting the monsters inexhaustibly. As a Holy Brave, he was using both [Beheading] and [Bludgeon] to do his combo attack.

4 attacks in what was truly a single breath. An unbelievable existence.

Otaglasses looks straight at the monsters and shouts.

“—If you hadn’t come out, you wouldn’t have had to die!” (Otaglasses)

It looked as if a white light was passing by the monster hordes as they died, and it was a truly fitting figure for a Holy Brave. No matter how much monster blood rained, no matter how many entrails were scattered about, everything was being purified by the white light covering his body.

“S-Someone save u—!!”


A mother carrying a young child -that was most likely late in running away- was about to be burned by the fire that the Firebreathing Fortress was about to breath out. However, before it could, its head was smashed to pieces.

The chain of the morning star held by Otaglasses had stretched, and the ironball attached at its end smashed the head of the Firebreathing Fortress.

Next, he sliced in two the Neckhunting Boar with his light sword. A Neckhunting boar has tough hide and armor-like muscles, but in front of Otaglasses, it was like butter.

“This place is dangerous. Head to the outskirts.” (Otaglasses)


That brilliant performance raised the courage of the adventurers that were running.

A Holy Brave not only has strength, they also transmit courage to the people around, and it defines someone who can bring trembling people back onto their feet.


“The Holy Brave has come!”

“The three Binnary Stars too!”

“We can win, we can win!”

“Otaglasses-sama! It is me! Please marry me!”

“Kyaaa! Otaglasses-sama, take me! (deep voice)”

“The ones who are free, make a barricade!”

Mikan and Yukikaze were inside this.

These two are B rank adventurers thus have a higher than average strength, and the rookies were naturally gathering around them. It can’t be helped.

In this carnage, it is human nature to want to be close to strong people.

“Where did these monsters pop out from?!” (Mikan)

“…I will do my best till Oji-sama comes.” (Yukikaze)

The two were wielding their magic and large sword to defeat the monsters around, but the important guards were moving dully. Or more like, there was practically no sight of them.

“What are the guards doing at such an important time?!” (Mikan)

“…Probably…ran.” (Yukikaze)

Yukikaze was correct.

They are basically ‘stable civil servants’, so they didn’t think they would have to put their lives in such danger.

It is mostly the adventurers trying to protect their ‘workplace’ who are standing ground. Even so, it is not as if the guards are the ones in the wrong.

This country is in a long warring time, but this place was a place of solace within all this.

To be suddenly told to throw away your life, it would be impossible to accept. Their duty was to keep a watch on the adventurers, and exploit them -it wasn’t to fight.

“Wait, Yukikaze! Isn’t that a Fire-breathing Fortress?!” (Mikan)

“…There’s also a Hydra.” (Yukikaze)

“Impossibleee!! Since when did this become the ‘Six Headed Waterfall’?!” (Mikan)

“…Become my shield, [Snow Kiss].” (Yukikaze)

Yukikaze blows a kiss, and buffs Mikan with a defensive spell. Seeing the Firebreathing Fortress, he must have tried to add resistance to fire.

“Who are you calling a shield?! You go burn!” (Mikan)

“…Love is eternal. I am unmelting snow. Mikan is fiery joy.” (Yukikaze)

“Don’t joke around!” (Mikan)

Even in a situation like this, these two were noisy.

This section had somehow managed to hold back the advance of the monsters, and the adventurers were making a barricade as it went on.

But it wasn’t the same in the other places. Most of the areas had been overrun and were in an extremely tragic state. The fire of the Firebreathing Fortresses was spreading to the buildings one after the other.

As time passed…the black smoke that was rising up violently…covered the whole city.


“It is worse than what I thought.”

“Looks like the only noteworthy thing is their numbers.”

Taking up a position at the highest altitude location of the city, the jet-black Demon Lord and the Witch were looking down at the situation. Black smoke was rising from here and there, and screams were being raised along with it.

Yuu’s face was as always, but because Maou had seen the peaceful cityscape just yesterday, this sight looked even worse in his eyes.

After all, it wasn’t only monsters…a part of the people had become pillagers.

People who would enter eye-catching stores to steal their goods, people stealing money, people who had a handful of medicinal plants and other kinds of plants.

In the eyes of Maou, it was like the riots in slums that could be seen in TV. Right now, there was a man who was pointing a sword at a woman and trying to assault her.

(Scum…) (Maou)

“It is a raw sight of human nature, isn’t it, Chief?” (Yuu)

“…Don’t like it.” (Maou)

“Eh?” (Yuu)

Maou threw the Sodom Fire without saying a word, and it pierces the man he had in his sight.

The body of the man seemed to not have even comprehended that it had died as it stayed standing, but in time, it might have noticed it didn’t have a head, it fell over powerlessly.

Seeing this, Maou silently lights up a tobacco.

Noticing that Yuu was staring straight at him, Maou laughed lightly.

“We are always in the side that creates situations. There’s the need to teach these capricious people to learn their place.” (Maou)

(Kuuuh! Chief, those words just now were the best!!!” (Yuu)

Yuu’s eyes light up, and both of her hands subconsciously reach out.

If they had stayed that way, she would have ended up hugging him without thinking.

However, the advance of the monsters was not going to wait for that. There’s an uncountable amount of Firebreathing Fortresses and Bricks pushing through.

“Fumu, it is a bit far here, huh.” (Maou)

“Ah…” (Yuu)

Maou pulled the waist of Yuu, and jumps at once. It was the perfect position to see the whole picture of the central plaza. The monster horde had also gathered there and were showing their intentions of dispersing to the different locations.

Seeing this, Maou jerks his chin.

“…Yuu, go wild.” (Maou)

“Y-Yes!” (Yuu)

Yuu’s charmed face turned serious, and her palms were now holding sinister-looking grenades.

From there, with an [Attribute Skill] added to it, a destructive attack was released.

The grenades that were thrown high into the sky activated the First Skill, [Bomb Knowledge] and 15-25 damage was added.

Next, the Second Skill, [Scatter], activated, and the grenades divided into several tens of them.

Lastly, the third skill, [Chain Explosion], activated.

The added damage is 30-40 damage, and this all rained overhead on the monsters, and a giant explosion was created in succession.

An overwhelming thunderous sound resonated, and the adventurers who were fighting here and there, and the residents who were running, all turned to the one who caused this.

There, Maou was calmly enjoying a tobacco with the moon in the background, and also a weirdly beautiful woman in white robe.

(Fumu, the Attribute Skills of my close-aides seem to be activating properly.) (Maou)

Maou nods his head satisfied, and he draws the head of Yuu closer.

The close-aides he had made settings for to the very minute details are able to show their abilities without any limitations, and that must have made him happy. More so when the skill he created himself had been recreated right in front of him with outstanding power. His happiness was two fold.

“C-Chief, was that to your satisfaction…?” (Yuu)

“Umu, it was splendid, Yuu. It was truly an artistic attack. The refreshing feeling when the Attribute Skills all landed was refreshing to the utmost.” (Maou) <Deidara approves.>

Seeing Maou raise a loud laugh, the masses let out a noise that couldn’t be called a voice.

With an enchanting beauty pulled by the waist to his side, and his figure of looking down on several hundreds of corpses, it truly was that of a Demon Lord.

The three stars seeing this from afar were able to tell in an instant that this person was the rumored ‘Demon Lord’. An incredible explosion that they didn’t even know how it happened.

A pitch black figure as if opposing face on the white light. It was truly the very figure of the highest of rebels passed down in legends since the origin of times.

“That’s…the Demon Lord that Otaglasses-sama was speaking of?”

“It truly is a figure fit of the highest of rebels.”

“Don’t be hasty. Our bodies belong to Otaglasses-sama.”

Mikan and Yukikaze were also looking at the pitch black Maou and the Witch standing by his side. With the moon at the background and the sight of him laughing out loud on top of a roof, it had a sense of majesticness to it, and depending on the person seeing it, it could bring out different emotions.

“What’s with him? Having a woman by his side and playing cool.” (Mikan)

“…I don’t mind how many mistresses there are. But Mikan is a no.” (Yukikaze)

“I don’t care if I am not included, I don’t have an interest in him anyways!” (Mikan)

“…Lies are the beginning of Fiery Joy.” (Yukikaze) <Fiery Joy can be read as Enjoy, and it is apparently an internet service that went down spewing lies.>  

“You continue pulling that joke?!” (Mikan)

Otaglasses also turned around while standing in between the corpses of monsters.

Before, he only felt his presence, gaze, and voice, but his figure was now being shown, and has now turned into an actual visible existence.

“Not only you, but even your subordinates are…” (Otaglasses)

Seeing the disastrous scene at the plaza, the body of Otaglasses trembles. He doesn’t know what happened, but they were able to bomb every monster to death in an instant.

If they can release that consecutively, they would be able to even go against an army individually.

“—We meet again, Brave.”

Maou jumped off the roof with his hands inside his pocket, and lands at the side of Otaglasses. The fact that he can see him now made the pressure he gave out intensify.

The Witch landed at his side after, and for Otaglasses, it felt like his lifetime was being scraped off just from being close to them. His two hands holding the handles had stiffened unconsciously.

“No need to be so cautious. I will take care of the big ones deep in. I would like you people to deal with the monsters around.” (Maou)

“…That’s called a Hydra, and it is a Boss class monster that can even nullify combo attacks. The lives of many people are at stake here. Do you have a chance of winning?” (Otaglasses)

Those words made Yuu narrow her eyes slowly, but when Maou placed his hand on top of her head, she suddenly got docile.

“Combo attack, huh. Interesting.” (Maou)

“In the first place, aren’t you the Lord that governs over the demons? Why are you standing on the side of the humans?” (Otaglasses)

“What a strange thing to say. Monsters are merely ‘nourishment’ for me.” (Maou)

Rather than being the true feelings of Maou, it was simply a plain statement.

But in the eyes of Otaglasses, they were words holding deep hidden meaning. Without the time to understand the truth of it, Maou and the Witch pass by his side.

There’s a Hydra deeper in, but it was as if it wasn’t even in his sight.

“Chief, what is that pathetic excuse of a snake…?” (Yuu)

“Fumu, the JUG has filled up, so it works perfectly as a guinea pig. While at it, might as well wipe out the dungeon as well.” (Maou)

The Hydra had taken its spot at the entrance of the dungeon, and it bends its crooked neck, catching the two in its sight. It is like a giant snake, a monster with 9 heads.

It is a Boss level monster that appears in the grand dungeon ‘Six Headed Waterfalls’ which is tackled by A rank adventurers. It is by no means an existence that’s okay to appear in a place like this.

Its tough scales can nullify combo attacks, and it is an incredibly dangerous opponent even for skilled adventurers and knights.

“Well then, let’s showcase my ‘combo attack’ too.” (Maou)

The moment Maou’s Sodom Fire was thrown and it stabbed into the Hydra’s body, its heads raised a cry. There’s not even a need to activate a battle skill. This man would be able to deal lethal amounts of damage with just his normal attack.

Normally, a combo attack would be activated there, but in this man’s case, his proficiency level is 500, so it has turned into zenith combo attack, and the damage jumps to 25.

On top of that, overlapping the battle skill [Berserk], 5 damage is added, for a total of 30 damage. It is 3 times stronger than the normal combo attack.

Adding to this, the battle skill [Forced Breakthrough] is granted to it, and it passes through the skills and techniques that stop combo attacks. In other words, it is impossible to block the combo attacks of this man.

A shockwave was released from the stabbed blade, and the body of the Hydra was sent flying. It must have been the zenith combo attack at work.

To top it off, the burn effect of Sodom’s Fire -its blazing fire- had covered the whole body of the Hydra in an instant.

It truly was a flowing combo.

In the game, Attribute Skills and Elementless Skills would be connected after, so it is almost impossible to escape once you have been caught in a preemptive strike.

“Hahahahaha!” (Maou)

Maou laughs from the welling up exaltation.

A red mist hung over his body, and it began to cover his whole body. The red mist didn’t maintain the samen form for even a second, and it made shapes like a face letting out a piercing death shriek, at times would turn into a skull, and just by having it in sight it felt like ‘hell itself’ trying to pollute even your very soul.

<<Battle Skill: [Limit Break], activated!>>

<<Special Ability: [Primal Ruler], activated!>>

“Insects are better fit to grovel on the ground! [Final Judgment].” (Maou)

Maou waves his right hand down as if giving out an order, and the sinister red mist turned into several tens of thousands of skulls, and with a nightmarish howl, a hellish attack was deployed!

The body of the Hydra turned into black particles in an instant and perished, but it didn’t end with that, several tens of thousands of skulls burst through the dungeon all the way to the 20th floor as if a waterfall was hitting it.

This wasn’t a single aoe attack, but a lingering aoe.

Even though ‘that’ is already strong, being stacked damage several times, the monsters in the dungeon all perished in an instant. Inside of it, there was the Aggressor this time around, Big Eye, but it perished from the skulls in a pitiful way.

What was left was…ear-ringing silence.

Everyone who saw that hell picture of an attack felt like their spirits would explode.

“With this, there should be no more monsters coming out.” (Maou)

“That was splendid, Chief.” (Yuu)

Yuu says this with a smile and reddened cheeks, and Maou nods satisfied. However, Maou tightened his expression and sends a [Whisper] to Yukikaze.

<<Yukikaze, can you hear me?>> (Maou)

<<…Oji-sama, that was ultra cool. My snow is melting slimily.>> (Yukikaze)

<<What slimy. More importantly, I am interested in something. I will be diving into the dungeon. Please continue dealing with the remains.>> (Maou)

<<…Yes.” (Yukikaze)

The response of Yukikaze was a bit sad.

But having seen Maou’s battle, she must have thought she would be a hindrance, she accepted obediently even through the sadness.

<<I have learned a lot from you guys this time around. Once this matter is over, come to the Rabi Village. I will welcome you there.>> (Maou)

<<…I will go for sure. Definitely go.>> (Yukikaze)

He could hear the voice of Otaglasses at his back.

“Are you going to cause a rebellion again?” (Otaglasses)

Maou raised an eyebrow at the word ‘again’, but with Yuu here, he thought he couldn’t show a pathetic sight.

After leaving a small pause, he opens his mouth heavily.

“I am always in the side that creates the system and the structure. Rebels are the ones who go against this.” (Maou)

This is the response as the ‘Grand Empire’s Demon Lord’. He said it in a way that Yuu won’t find it strange, but Otaglasses who heard this was shocked.

The highest of rebels sung of since the origins of time doesn’t even think of himself as a rebel. It is rather the people around -probably even counting the Great Light- who are the rebels.

It is not on the level of a difference in opinions. He felt as if the legends since the genesis of time and its prevailing views were crumbling down.

“Well then, let’s meet again, Brave.” (Maou)

Otaglasses could only watch the two entering the dungeon with a dumbfounded gaze.


Part of the data is now available.

-Final Judgment.

An aoe attack from the game.

When a meter called JUG is filled to 100 in battle, you can activate this skill.

Initial damage is 30, but when the enemy’s level is higher than yours, damage is added at a remarkable rate. For every level of difference, 8 damage is added.

In the case when the enemy is 10 levels higher, it would have an 80 damage added, and it is a lethal amount of damage.

With this, the higher your level is and become stronger in the game, the more of a threat this attack will be, and it is a system that allows the weak to defeat the strong.

Oono Akira had created a variety of gimmicks of this sort, and made it in a way that you can’t just steamroll through things just because you have increased levels.

-Battle Skill: Limit Break.

It doubles the initial damage of Final Judgment.

30 damage -> 60 damage.

-Special Ability: Primal Ruler.

An exclusive skill of Maou.

Adds 40 damage to Final Judgment.

The close-aides of the Nightless Castles have an ability similar to it called [Protectors of the Primal Ruler], but this one adds 20 damage.

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