Maou – Chapter 56-58: Last night

—Rookie City.

“It is prospering quite well.” (Maou)

Maou speaks in a bright tone.

It is the complete opposite of the time when he saw the village of Aku and the Rabi Village.

This man doesn’t hate lively places. Even so, he also likes peaceful places like shrines. In other words, he is whimsical.

Many of the people that are moving around the city are, as expected, wearing adventurer-like attire.

There’s some carrying swords, others that look like mages, and there’s others who have big luggage wrapped around their bodies carrying it like how camels do.

(There’s a lot of civilians too, though. Are they doing business with the adventurers?) (Maou)

That’s right. If many adventurers gather, there’s also business happening.

Not only food and drinks, there’s also the need for armoury shops and inns, and places for entertainment like bars and brothels will be needed too.

(I have heard that, since ancient times, a ‘city’ is naturally created in the central places of an army.) (Maou)

It is true that this thought of Maou wasn’t wrong.

An army would be several thousands of ‘customers’, so there’s no business as delicious as that.

“There’s not only adventurers, but people with wealthy attire.” (Maou)

“This country doesn’t have anything aside from the dungeon after all. There’s no idiot who would attack this place where there’s the risk of involving the beast race country that is close by.” (Mikan)

“Fumu, so it is a nice barrier, huh.” (Maou)

“Well, yeah. Because of this, there’s many rich people who would come here to take refuge in the warring times. By the way, I am not really talking to you, okay? I am monologuing here.” (Mikan)

Mikan says as she looks the other way, and Maou laughs.

Regardless of what she says, she is kind at heart.

“I am grateful. I like people that are able to fill the places I am lacking at and are able to do things that I can’t.” (Maou)

“Being liked is just a pain. By the way, this is also me talking to myself.” (Mikan)

“Too bad. I was thinking about inviting you to a salt orange bath as thanks for the help this time.” (Maou)

“What’s that?! Ah, this is also me talking to myself.” (Mikan)

Mikan was looking the other way, but she unintentionally moved her head towards Maou.

She likes the fruit that shares her own name.

However, Yukikaze, who was listening to the conversation of the two, says ice-like words.

“…Mikan likes oranges. Mikan likes ‘playing with herself’.” (Yukikaze)

“Yukikaze, you shut up!” (Mikan)

“…By playing with herself, I mean mas—mgh!” (Yukikaze)

Mikan covered the mouth of Yukikaze and forcefully closes her mouth.

White and brown were entangled to each other, and it was creating an incredible sight.

While listening to the ruckus of the two, Maou looks at the people passing by the streets.

This man treasures the things that he has seen and felt with his own eyes, partly because he has Mass Teleport. While taking the time to melt the information he has gotten inside himself, he passes them through an internal filter before saving them inside his head.

At a glance, it sounds like something normal to do, but for this man, once is everything. That is obviously abnormal.

There’s no way for ‘someone else to intervene’ in it.

That’s why…this Oono Akira has been able to steadily create a ‘world’ within those 15 years.

That’s his abnormal ‘strength of will’ and ‘closed nature’.

Creating a world on his own, bringing it to a closure on his own, and erasing it on his own.

That figure of his was like that of a god, like a dictator, and also…something worthy of being called a Demon Lord.


“This is quite the nice room for a cheap inn.” (Maou)

Maou looks around the room and pats the wall in interest.

In his eyes, he has judged that it is made from some kind of soil, but even if that’s the case, it was abnormally hard. Of course, it is something that was hardened by Earth magic, and depending on the mage’s skill, it could be hard enough to rival concrete.

The rookies in this city would drink alcohol and make noise, and there’s many who go wild, so even if it is a cheap inn, they are made in a sturdy way. Things like doors and chairs are made in an abnormally proper manner too.

“…Oji-sama, why choose a cheap inn? If you don’t have money, I will take care of you.” (Yukikaze)

“Why do I have to turn into a leech? Also, staying at a cheap inn is an experience of its own. It is something I can only do at times like this.” (Maou)

And in reality, Maou isn’t troubled by money.

Because of the Lambda Holy Coin that Yuu obtained, they were able to sell it at 120 big gold coins. 110 of those were entrusted to Tahara, and the remaining 10 he has on his possession.

You could call it a small fortune.

Also, if Aku, Luna, or Tron were here, he wouldn’t have been able to easily choose a cheap inn, and if his close-aides are nearby, he would be required to stay at a good room because of his standing.

It is exactly because he is currently moving on his own that he can do this.

“…I will take care of you from now on. Three meals with nap included. I will attend Oji-sama from morning to night.” (Yukikaze)

“You are completely planning on making a useless guy.” (Maou)

“…Oji-sama will sleep at home and live there. I will receive everything at night.” (Yukikaze)

“Not only a useless guy, but a cripple too.” (Maou)

Maou knits his brows as he ties his hair back.

Since the matter with White, the times he uses a rubber band to tie up his hair in order to relax has increased.

It is simply because Oono Akira has never had long hair, so he is not used to it.

“…Oji-sama, you won’t cut your hair?” (Yukikaze)

“Well, it is a trait of when I created him after all.” (Maou)

“…Created?” (Yukikaze)

“Don’t mind it.” (Maou)

“…But your tied up hair appearance is also great. Oji-sama, cool.” (Yukikaze)

Yukikaze stands on her tiptoes and touches the hair of Maou.

In her(?) eyes, black hair looked incredibly exotic.

The clothes he wears, the deep black eyes he has, his black hair; everything in his body gives out the scent of ‘foreign country’.

On top of that, that overwhelming strength.

In this world where there’s many races aside from human, the standing of humans is by no means a strong one.

Putting aside a few exceptions, there’s many cases where they are considered food. In this world, strength is justice, beauty, and status.

It is natural that this man that’s called Maou would be strangely popular with adventurers.

For them, strength is the number one thing after all.

“Let’s rest for now and check this so called dungeon tomorrow.” (Maou)

“…If it is with Oji-sama, I don’t mind being locked in a prison.” (Yukikaze)

“This may be a bit late to ask but…how old are you?” (Maou)

“…Became 16. Mikan is one year older.” (Yukikaze)

Hearing this, Maou leaks out an: ‘A brat’.

In his eyes, it is around 18 years old, when you graduate from school, where he considers someone an adult. 20 years old would be when he would treat someone completely as an adult.

“Well, while you are still a brat, you should play a whole lot, eat a whole lot, and polish yourself as a woman.” (Maou)

Maou grabbed her back collar and carried her out of the room like a cat.

Then, he waved his hand lightly and closes the door without restraint. Even when an outstanding beautiful girl(?) was making advances on him, he was unmoving.

But Yukikaze in question…

“…Oji-sama, he really is treasuring me.” (Yukikaze)

Has furthered her misunderstanding.

Maou has said the words important and necessary many times now to Yukikaze, and in the mind of Yukikaze, their love is already mutual. It is on the level where she would wonder where to have their marriage. If Maou were to hear this, he would be horrified.

But in the same way as how the ‘strength of will’ of Maou was abnormal, Yukikaze’s will was also in an abnormal level.

There’s no knowing how these two person tug of war will end.

The next morning…

Mikan woke up right in time, and after finishing her preparations, she left the room.

Being a responsible person, she is careful with the time, and would always be in the designated place 10 minutes early. She is an incredibly rare type within the adventurers who are mostly loose when it comes to time.

It is exactly because she is like that that she is able to handle difficult to use large swords at a master class level. And that’s why she has been able to rise to B rank.

“That Maou…he properly woke up already, I hope…” (Mikan)

Mikan heads to the room of Maou while being irritated from the very beginning of the morning.

There’s no way the diligent her and the crafty Maou would be compatible, but in the opinion of Maou, she is an amusing woman that’s worth teasing.

(If he is asleep, I will kick away his pillow…) (Mikan)

Mikan stood in front of Maou’s room, and when she tried to knock the door, she heard the voice of two people in the room.

Her furrowed brows slightly lighten.

(Looks like he can at least keep a schedule.) (Mikan)

Mikan thought that, but the voice she could hear from inside was a different one.

“Hmph, to think so much would come out. You were quite pent up, huh.” (Maou)

“…So much white stuff… Oji-sama, I can’t anymore…”

“Don’t be stupid. Do you think this much will satisfy me?” (Maou)


A strong sound reverberates.

A strong sound that echoed deep inside the stomach and eardrums.

Mikan hurriedly opens the door.

“You guys, what are you doing?!” (Mikan)

There, she saw Maou hitting a futon, that he was hanging outside the window, to get the dust off.

A strange and hard to explain atmosphere fills the room.

“I was just clearing the dust of the futon though… Just what were you imagining?” (Maou)

“…Oji-sama, the Demon Lord of the Bed.” (Yukikaze)

“Every single thing you guys do is puzzling!” (Mikan)

And in this way, the weird trio finally stepped into the dungeon.

Maou’s dungeon debut.

  • Chapter 57: Prison Dungeon – First Floor

(It is a crowded confusion, but…it is lively and nice.) (Maou)

Maou made a smile at the energy of the plaza.

There’s some who are selling packed lunches with a loud voice, places where medicinal plants are lined up, and even people who are looking for members to dive into the dungeon together.

The Prison Dungeon is at the center of the city, and the dungeon is contained inside the city. Or more like, the dungeon is the number one business here.

Many businesses are born where people gather, and chances are born along with it.

“If I remember correctly, the entrance fee is 1 big copper, right?” (Maou)

“That’s right. After that, 1% from the sum of the things obtained inside, together with the money you get from selling your loot, is collected by the country… Talking to myself here.” (Mikan)

“Well, 1% tax is appropriate. Or more like, it even feels like it is too low.” (Maou)

“Don’t joke around. The ones diving are placing their lives on the line. Talking to myself here though!” (Mikan)

While listening to Mikan’s monologue, Maou thinks.

For this country, this should be ‘sweet business’. There’s several monsters and things inside the dungeon that ‘replenish on their own’, then those things are gathered on the person’s own responsibility, and are collected.

They can exploit it infinitely without having to invest anything in it.

Adventurers are not employed, so whether they are injured or die, it is not their business. For the country, adventurers can just bring in as much money as they can and fall on their own. They are basically worker ants.

(It is not only the things and monsters inside the dungeon that replenish on their own, ‘adventurers’ might also fall into that category.) (Maou)

Maou thought in that way, but there was no need to go out of his way to say. It would insult many adventurers.

This time around, Maou tries hitting Yukikaze with the question that surfaced in his mind.

“You said this kind of dungeons and ruins can be found in the northern countries, right?” (Maou)

“…That’s right. There’s many places that have a higher difficulty than here.” (Yukikaze)

“I see. So this is the reason why they can have wars all the time.” (Maou)

“…Reason?” (Yukikaze)

“Should I rephrase it as ‘resource funds’? Well, don’t mind it.” (Maou)

If things like the monster’s skin, fangs, and tails can become money, putting it in an exaggerated manner, it would be like an infinite gold mine. And as proof, the amount of stores and stalls increased the more they approached the dungeon. With that many stores and stalls lined up, there was unbelievable energy early in the morning.

Of course, the Adventurer Guild is the closest to the dungeon, and connected at its side, there’s a tax collection building. When the people come out from the dungeon, they will sell their loot, and they will be paying their taxes right next door.

(No matter how you think about it, this is a system where the exact calculations of everything you did in that day are made so you pay in that same day.) (Maou)

There’s no guarantee or anything here, so they get their share of the work in that day, and will pay their taxes in the very location. The money that remains will most likely be used in things like alcohol, women, and clothes.

This might be okay in the time when they still have the energy to, but who knows how it will be when they get older. There’s also times when you can’t dive into dungeons anymore because of a wound or illness.

Of course, at those times, the country will not be providing help.

“It is understandable how there are many who retire when they are unable to get out of the rookie rank. It is like a daily employed manual labor worker who doesn’t know what might happen in the future.” (Maou)

“…It is as Oji-sama says. But adventurers have a one-hit turn around dream.” (Yukikaze)

“To obtain a rare item?” (Maou)

“…That’s right. There’s even people who have bought a house after hitting it once.” (Yukikaze)

(In other words, buying lottery tickets using your life as gambling chips. Well, it is not a way of life I hate.) (Maou)

Maou may say all that, but he doesn’t hate an ‘all-or-nothing’.

However, that’s not something he would do, but rather, something the challenger side does.

That’s why he would put care in the nightless casinos and underground casinos, and has continuously given them version upgrades.

An all-or-nothing is the highest difficulty of gamble, and if you are to win in it, the Game scheduled at that time will be forcefully finished. The winner will receive the Special End, and the participants will all be freed.

But well, not a single person has been able to accomplish it though.

“By the way, there seem to be many who are carrying big boxes or bags.” (Maou)

They are shouting loudly things like 6 big copper coins or 4.

There were sights of adventurers approaching them and negotiating.

“Mikan, what’s that?” (Maou)

“You are being way too familiar… That’s a porter. People who carry the loot.” (Mikan)

“Hoh, so you have those people carry them for you.” (Maou)

“The skilled ones can also dismantle, so it can get expensive. If you want to hire one, do so with your own money.” (Mikan)

“That’s unnecessary for me.” (Maou)

This man has the Item File that allows him to put an infinite amount of things.

It is like having a pocket that’s linked to a fourth dimension.

To be more precise, in the game you are able to carry at most a stack of 10 of the item excluding equipment, and you would be able to carry 5 items in the bag. You can increase the inventory size as you buy the <<Spare Bags>> in the stores.

Players can only buy 5 of this at most, but the committee members of the Nightless Castle have a capacity of 95 from the very beginning, and are able to have a total of 100 items in possession.

Just like the Base, the Spare Bags work on the special system of the game and ignore size and weight, so you could even put in a Truck in it.

And now this system is working in real life, so it truly is magic.

(Now then, first, I will be gaining SP from these so called monsters. I probably won’t be able to expect much from magic tools.) (Maou)

This is a dungeon where rookies gather after all. This time around, Maou was trying to get familiar with the dungeon and adventurer system.

There’s no knowing when he would need to dive into a dungeon with many people. At those times, he can’t show a pathetic sight in front of his close aides and the kids.

“Ah, by the way, we will be having you enter as our porter.” (Mikan)

“So I am going to be the bag carrier.” (Maou)

“…Because Oji-sama has not been registered as an adventurer after all.” (Yukikaze)

“Can’t be helped. Let’s go with that this time around.” (Maou)

“I will be having you carry a whole lot! Today you are a porter after all!” (Mikan)

Mikan says this with the tone of a victor.

Her face was shining a whole lot. She must be trying to relieve the stress she has pent up until now.

“Fumu, porter, right? Leave it to me.” (Maou)

“I will teach you what an adventur—nya!!” (Mikan)

Maou pulls Mikan by the waist, and then carries her under his arm just like that as he continues walking. Mikan is carrying a large sword, so that’s quite the physical feat.

“L-Let go! What you will be carrying is not meeee!!” (Mikan)

“…Mikan, kill.” (Yukikaze)


—Prison Dungeon: First Floor Underground.

(So this is a dungeon. Who created it…?) (Maou)

Going down a long flight of stairs, there was a corridor extending at the place they arrived at.

It looks like a tunnel that was dug a long time ago, and it felt like a cave you would find in a fantasy world.

Also, it is wide.

This passage alone could easily manage around 20 people who are lined up side by side.

Who and why was something like this made?

Maou once again was thinking such fundamental questions.

“Mikan, since when has this dungeon existed?” (Maou)

“Grrrr!!” (Mikan)

Mikan growls as if trying to intimidate him.

Looks like she is on guard because of how Maou had grabbed her waist. Moreover, she who is proud of her strength was unable to move at all. Not only is she on guard, she also feels humiliated.

“Anyways, because of the amount of people here, there’s no tension.” (Maou)

It is just as Maou said. Because there’s many adventurers coming and going, rather than adventuring, it felt more like they were visiting a touristic location.

Due to it being the first floor, the tension is low, but even with that, this atmosphere is far from that of an adventure where your life’s on the line.

“…There’s a lot of people until the 3rd floor. From there on, the amount of people will decrease a whole lot.” (Yukikaze)

When Yukikaze answered this, something that was carrying a big shell like that of a snail appeared from a dark corner of the cave. It is around waist height. It creeped towards the three while undulating its body.

“A Sand Head, huh. How nostalgic.” (Mikan)

“…Reminds me of the times when we were rookies.” (Yukikaze)

(It is just big and disgusting though.) (Maou)

Yukikaze and Mikan were looking at ‘that’ with nostalgic eyes, but for Maou, that thing was an unbelievably big snail.

It was a size that was hard to think it would melt even when sprinkling salt at it.

“Heeh, let’s hunt it for old time’s sake.” (Mikan)

Mikan swings down her large sword and cuts the body area. Then, just like that, she unsheathes the dagger at her waist, and nimbly cuts the shell away from it.

“Mikan, is that shell loot?” (Maou)

“That’s right. By crushing that shell into fine pieces and mixing it with earth, it can make it harder.” (Mikan)

“Hoh, so it is a construction material then.” (Maou)

“…It makes it stiffy.” (Yukikaze)

Mikan throws the shell to Maou as if she were passing a ball.

Maou caught it without any problems, but he touched it, knocks it, looked inside it, and checked it out with interest for a while.

“How much does this sell for?” (Maou)

“…It depends on the time. Normally, it would be 5 coppers coins for 3.” (Yukikaze)

“It is sold high before a big war.” (Mikan)

“I see. To make fortresses and encampments. It feels like it could be of use for areas that have suffered damage too.” (Maou)

It must be the same as how construction material sales skyrocket after an earthquake.

Since long past, when disasters and wars create damage, a variety of demands increase. It is in a strange state where, even when the northern countries continue war, many industries are being stimulated by it.

“…Carry us. [Snow Trolley].” (Yukikaze)

Yukikaze waves her staff and a giant ice trolley was made.

This is a trolley that follows the caster from behind, and you can carry many things with it. Because you can refrigerate things if you adjust the temperature of it, it is an outstanding spell that is able to keep the meat from going bad.

“…Oji-sama, put it in. That stiff and hard–muh.” (Yukikaze)

“Just lick that.” (Maou)

Maou throws the candy in Yukikaze’s mouth with pinpoint accuracy, and at the same time, he places the shell on the trolley.

This man is a throwing specialist and that was a splendid shot. If he wanted to, he would be able to shoot at the targeted place as if he were passing a string through a needle.

“One thing that’s been bothering me. What happens with the corpse of the monster?” (Maou)

“Hm? It will disappear in time.” (Mikan)

“Even when this shell doesn’t?” (Maou)

“I don’t know about that. It is separated from the corpse, so isn’t it treated as something different?” (Mikan)

“That’s so half-assed.” (Maou)

When Maou muttered this, a loud voice resounded from deep, and a flute echoed.

When Yukikaze and Mikan heard that flute, the color of their faces changed.

Three strange sounds were being repeated several times, and the two who were listening carefully to this began to make a ruckus.

“This sound…It is the Oni Surge! It is coming!” (Mikan)

“…It is a festival. Washoi.” (Yukikaze)

“Festival?” (Maou)

The adventurers around all had begun running.

Their faces were bright red in excitement, and they were all letting out energetic shouts or laughs. The dim dungeon had turned bright in an instant, and excited voices were spreading.

“You two, we are going!” (Mikan)

Mikan holds the large sword in her hands and runs deeper inside.

She was like a wild leopard.

“…Mikan, coming on too fast.” (Yukikaze)

“Festival, huh. Then, there’s no choice but to participate.” (Maou)

Maou, who likes liveliness, runs with them while playing cool.


A part of the data is now available.


Race: Human

Age: 17

Weapon: Ogre Sword

Its destructive power is excellent, and you could say that she is an excellent warrior for being able to utilize it.

Armor: Skull Red Panther.

A high class armor made from tanned red panther’s skin.
It is extremely flexible and doesn’t hinder movement.
It has high absorption against slashes and blows.

Level: 12

Health: ?
Vitality: ?
Attack: 15 (+15)
Defense: 10 (+10)
Speed: 20
Magic Power: 3
Magic Defense: 5 (+5)

A four star B rank adventurer.

In this world where most can’t get out of the rookie rank, she is quite the prominent power.

She has learned several skills with her large sword, and her battle experience is vast.

She doesn’t lack as a warrior that stands at the frontline.

She likes oranges. What she hates is Maou.



Race: Human

Age: 15

Weapon: Snow Valentine

A staff that increases the effectiveness of ice magic.
It is embedded with an unmelting ice called Snow Crystal, and a dwarf, who are said to rarely make equipment for humans, had taken a liking to Yukikaze and made it.
It is no doubt an upper high-end weapon

Armor: Black Wind and Black Santa.

Armor that was made by a skilled dwarf with the clothes of a Mid Devil called Black Santa as the base.
It increases the defense to magic in all areas.
This is also an upper high-end equipment.

Level 13

Health: ?
Vitality: ?
Attack: ?
Defense: ?
Speed: ?
Magic Power: 23 (+15)
Magic Defense: 15 (+15)

A four star B rank adventurer.

One of the few mages in this world who have awakened their magic talent at a young age.

Can use fourth tier magic, and already approaching the fifth tier.

Depending on gender, Yukikaze might have even been a candidate for Holy Maiden.

Loves Maou.

  • Chapter 58: Oni Surge and Rabi Village

—Prison Dungeon: Oni Surge point.

Many adventurers were slaying Sand Heads like crazy.

There were an uncountable amount of Sand Heads coming out from who knows where, and also monsters called Big Crows.

When the adventurers slayed them, they would place them inside a bag or a box, and would make the porters do round trips busily.

The Big Crows have a slight demand in their beaks, but what’s most important is their feathers. Their bluish sheen wings look nice, and they are normally used in arrows. It can also be used to decorate clothes and armors.

By the way, you can get around 12 feathers from one of them, but they go as 1 set for 1 big copper. If they are damaged or in bad condition, the price will obviously fall.

It is a big chaos of dismantling and plucking feathers of the monsters right as they slay them.

The people from behind would push you, and the whole dungeon was covered in noise.

I can understand how this is called a ‘festival’.

Mikan also joined in and was swinging her dagger like she was having fun. With her rank, these monsters don’t bring a profit at all, but for the adventurers, the Oni Surge must be an event that makes their heart dance.

“…In the long past, there was a time when you could somehow get a living thanks to the Oni Surge.” (Yukikaze)

“Like a special bonus.” (Maou)

Maou muttered this, but for adventurers, it must be more compelling than that. There’s many who don’t know if they will be able to pay the lodging of the day, or if they will be able to return tomorrow. On top of that, if they were to get heavily injured, it would be their end. Getting as much money when you can and saving as much as possible is a natural way of thinking.

But seeing so many people making this much of a fuss, what surfaced in the mind of Maou was something different.

“It brings me back…” (Maou)

“…Oji-sama?” (Yukikaze)

“No, nothing. I was just thinking about the past.” (Maou)

Maou seemed to be nostalgic as he looked at the ruckus with far eyes.

What surfaced in his mind were several scenarios in the game. The time when the game was so congested that you couldn’t even register, the time when someone had hit big in the casino and became a big commotion, the time when there’s a special event match, the time when they are about to attack the Nightless Castle.

They are all burned into his retinas in a sepia color.

They won’t be getting color anymore.

“This festival is theirs. An outsider like me would be an hindrance.” (Maou)

When Maou turned his back, a big sound was made from deep inside. It was a giant mossy golem made from metal.

“Oh crap! Even Brick has come out!”

“Someone stop its movement with magic!”

“Is there anyone who brought traps?!”

The golem called Brick had dull movements. But even when the rookies attacked it, it wouldn’t budge an inch, and instead, their swords would break, and even hammers would bend.

When the arm of Brick was swept with brute force, three adventurers were sent flying.

“…Oji-sama, that’s too much for rookies.” (Yukikaze)

“Fumu.” (Maou)

Yukikaze looks at Maou as if she were expecting something from him.

Mikan tried to run to where Brick is, but before that happened, a single ‘red line’ passed by.

The Sodom’s Fire that Maou had thrown.

In an instant, the head of Brick had blown up like a toy.

Brick stood in place for a while as if it hadn’t noticed what had happened to itself, but in time, it crumbled to the ground with a loud noise as it stood.

The male and female adventurers that were gathered at the festival all turned towards Maou at once.

“I am sorry. Continue enjoying your festival.” (Maou)

“…Enjoy.” (Yukikaze)

Maou turned his back just like that and left. Yukikaze also waved her staff cutely and left the place.

The adventurers were dumbfounded for a moment, but as time passed, the ruckus became even bigger.

That’s right, the Oni Surge hasn’t ended yet.

“W-Who was that just now?!”

“What did he throw?!”

“Don’t space out! Don’t forget that the pay for today’s meal is on the floor!”

“The person himself is not here, so first comes first serve!”

“Prioritize the metal of Brick over the Sand Heads!”

“He was an incredibly dandy person… Who was that person just now?!”

“Was the woman at his side his girlfriend?”

“Ain’t that his mistress?”

“Damn it…is it the face?! Is it really about the cuteness?!”

While the adventurers were making a ruckus, Mikan shouts.

“Don’t leave me behind so naturally!” (Mikan)

She could have just left the dungeon without making a scene by shouting, but that’s just how Mikan is.

Mikan rushed after the two, and the adventurers were enjoying greatly the rare Oni Surge.

SP remaining: 41 points.


—Rabi Village: Hot Spring Inn.

“Madam, what is with this oriental masterpiece…?!”

The mysterious appearance of the hot spring inn, the resounding wind chime, the floor that is polished to the point that you can even see your reflection in it, the beautiful Bunnies that are wearing sensational outfits.

The 30 wives that had been selected were all gulping.

No matter where you search in this country -no, in this whole world, there’s no facility like this one.

“Well, you see, Wife-samas, this is a door called a sliding door.” (Ebifry)

“A d-door, you say… If I were to touch something like this every time I enter the room…!”

It is a beauty that can only be seen when it is filled with filth.” (Ebifry)

The wives were making a fuss, but Madam speaks with an attitude filled with confidence.

Madam already knows the facility completely, and she has received a thorough explanation from Tahara. Not only does she hold the tickets to enter this facility, she also leads in knowledge.

The power to choose the participants, and a complete knowledge of the facility. It was natural that her already high charisma had increased further with this.

Madam guides the group that didn’t stop making a fuss as they advance to where the hot springs are.

There, they would face further shock.

And then, when they experience it, they won’t be able to separate from this facility. No, they won’t be able to escape anymore.

(That Madam is impressive.) (Tahara)

Tahara, who was concealed at the corner of the corridor, stepped out of hiding.

Each and every one of the 30 there are heads of families that hold political power, and they are also scary wives. Being looked up as the leader of the group by them is by no means a charisma that can be underestimated.

She truly is an Empress.

(An unbelievable ‘blessing’ might roll around.) (Tahara)

Tahara scratches his head while lighting his tobacco. In reality, a single night at this hot spring inn is by no means expensive.

Because Maou said: ‘1 gold coin should be fine’. If you were to think about a night being 100,000 yen, you could say it is expensive, but thinking about the effects of the facility, it is incredibly cheap.

But there’s no need to bother about the price.

Thinking about this so called ‘reputation’ as Maou says, it obviously is better that the price is no different from that of high class hotels in other cities.

Then, from where are they going to be procure the money? Obviously from the ‘mediator’ that doesn’t show in public.

The goods and money that will be naturally gathering below Madam. It has already been agreed that they will be divided between the Rabi Village and Madam.

Meaning there’s absolutely no need to steal from the lodging fee.

Madam said she didn’t need a single copper coin if she was able to live in this village, but Maou strongly insisted: ‘A transaction is something where both sides benefit’, and she reluctantly nodded.

And then, Tahara remembers —his previous business meeting with the only being that stands above himself, ‘Chief-dono’.

{Listen well, Tahara. The ‘goods from this place’ we obtain will all be sold to the History guy that is at Yahoo city. Sell them at lower than market price, and get involved deeply with that merchant. Right now, instead of obtaining big numbers, it is more valuable to create a trustworthy person. Make them think that they will win big by being connected with us.} (Maou)

{Well, the works of art in this world are of no use to us anyways. And so, with the money he wins, we will have him buy the ‘goods of our place’ at a high price?} (Tahara)

{Of course, that’s how it will be. In business, not only look for your own profit, but instead, have the other side profit more than you at first. That’s how you gain trust.} (Maou)

{Is that so. And so, what will you do with the money we get?} (Tahara)

{Put it all in the maintenance of the Rabi Village and its expansion. It is plain obvious that 110 big gold coins soon won’t be enough. Also, don’t be frugal for a single bit about the food for the Bunnies, their dwellings, clothes, and their salaries, okay? We are going to change this village into a village that rains gold.} (Maou)

{…Is this also to sell this so called ‘reputation’ that Chief-dono speaks of?} (Tahara)

{Well, it is not only that…} (Maou)

The business meeting that was done before heading to the north ended there. Maou’s last words were suggestive, but he didn’t really have anything in mind.

He simply thought that, if the things like clothes and houses of the Bunnies, who are supposed to be their employees, were ragged, it wouldn’t leave a good image. But Tahara thought something different…

(Changing a deserted village like this into a village where gold rains in the blink of an eye, huh. This would show his own power and ability to the surroundings in an effective way. Of course, the surroundings villages would be jealous of this. And so, the conclusion they will arrive at is: ‘What is our feudal lord doing?’.) (Tahara)

Taking heavy taxes and not doing anything.

A gray lifestyle.

And so, looking at the side, they will see a village that’s raining gold which was once a poor village not long ago.

There’s nothing as unreasonable as that.

(This is basically an invasion without using military power. On top of that, it is made in a way where it looks sweet on the surface to decorate it cutely.) (Tahara)

In the mind of Tahara, a single word surfaced. But what did it point to? Even with his brain, he couldn’t find the answer.

—I am thinking about walking the complete opposite path of the Grand Empire.

“I see. But well, it doesn’t sound bad.” (Tahara)

If they were to go the Grand Empire path, it would obviously be control with military power.

There’s no doubt the blood of several millions will be shed from this.

But this ‘invasion’ is a bit different in nature.

In this invasion, they would instead go: ‘Please invade my village!’ and lower their heads.

“Dahaha! A scary man as always, Chief-dono. My condolences.” (Tahara)

Tahara rubs the tobacco in his portable ashtray, and exits the inn.

That’s right, there’s still a lot of work he has to do.

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