Maou – Chapter 52-53: To the north

Maou was having a smoke at the front of the hot spring inn and was waiting for White to come out.

He somehow managed to close this matter without making an incident out of it, but when this man decides on something, he will do it thoroughly to the very end and won’t allow mistakes.

(It is the same as an excursion. Only when we return home safely can it be considered a goal.) (Maou)

In time, White exited the inn and showed herself, but her head properly had the angel halo equipped.

(Still had it on, huh…Well, it does look good on her.) (Maou)

For Maou, this was him giving her a cute angel-like present to better her mood. She is a Holy Maiden, so he thought this would make her happy.

The game’s background story is a bloody one, but there were a lot of female players too, so there’s quite a lot of cute items as well.

Flower patterned one piece, metallic bracelets, black and white maid clothes, black kneesocks and white kneesocks, thick-soled boots, high heels, cat and dog costumes, paws, and there’s even tails.

Pleated skirts, miniskirts, and for some reason I don’t know, there’s even things like loose socks and striped panties. It is a side of the game that really does show that the players are perverts in a lot of meanings.

“Holy Maiden White, did you come to this village in carriage?” (Maou)

“N-No…” (White)

“Then, you came alone?” (Maou)

“Yes…” (White)

Maou’s questions troubled White in what to say.

No matter the person, she can’t speak about the ‘miracle’ so easily. White had no choice but to leave it vague.

“I see. Then, I will escort you to the Holy Castle.” (Maou)

“Eh? Just how will you—ah?!” (White)

Without giving White any say in it, Maou grabbed the waist of White, and brings her over to him.

There was no ill intent from Maou. It is just that he grabbed her tightly so that an important person of the country doesn’t get hurt.

“U-Uhm! W-What are you planning on doing…?” (White)

“There’s no need to worry. Just leave everything to me.” (Maou)

The voice of Maou resounds in the ears of White. It is a voice that remains deeply in her earlobes.

His strength and forcefulness was in the realm that didn’t allow any resistance. He was practically on a completely different plane from the men she has seen until now.

“Uhm, you are—hngh!” (White)

“Silence. In this kind of times, silence is important.” (Maou)

White was about to say something, but Maou’s index finger was placed on top of her lips. This also didn’t have any ill intent.

He simply thought that it would be terrible if she were to bite her tongue in the middle of the teleportation. But White’s face involuntarily reddened, and her body was incredibly stiff.

“Wings, carry this body of mine. [Mass Teleport].” (Maou)

Maou said some half-assed magic-like chant to fake it, and the figure of the two appeared in an instant in front of the Holy Castle. What appeared in her sight was the Holy Castle that she is used to seeing.

That unbelievable sight was making the whole body of White tremble together with shock.

It couldn’t be helped.

It couldn’t be helped at all.

Because this was the very same ‘miracle’ she had performed; a feat of angels.

“Y-You, just what in the world…!” (White)

“I told you before. Rather than speaking, it is faster to understand by seeing for yourself.” (Maou)

“Ah!” (White)

Those words made White’s chest tighten.

It is true that when she had a talk with Maou at the Holy Castle before, he did say something like that.

“You have safely returned. Whichever the details are, that’s everything.” (Maou)

And in reality, there isn’t a single wound in White’s body.

Actually, by entering the hot spring and drinking the japanese alcohol that recovers stamina, her body had gotten energetic.

Most of all, over her head…there’s a divine angel halo floating.

“I will say this just in case but…don’t tell anyone about what happened today.” (Maou)

“Yes…” (White)

White nods weakly.

Even without telling her, there’s no way she would speak of this lightly. If not handled properly, it could bring great chaos to the country.

Speaking about a being that can perform the same miracle as the one that the Seraph left would be unthinkable. Speaking about a being that can grant a person a divine halo that can only shine on top of an angel…

“I will say it again. Not a word to others.” (Maou)

“Y-Yes…!” (White)

White hurriedly nods at the voice that could be felt was desperate.

However, she couldn’t help asking.

“Just what in the world are you? I already cannot tell…” (White)

That question made Maou make a rare pondering expression.

There’s no doubt he himself didn’t know. His body is the one that was called the Demon Lord in the game, and inside it, there’s the modern japanese man called Oono Akira.

Even if asked what he was, it was obvious that he would struggle to answer.

In time, as if resolving himself, Maou speaks.

“In the future, I would like to request for your cooperation, you see. As I have said before, I would like to investigate about Seraph.” (Maou)

“Why Seraph-sama?” (White)

“Because I am someone that was called here by Throne.” (Maou)

“By Throne-sama?!” (White)

White’s face turned into one of shock.

But maybe she was convinced about something, White’s face changed repeatedly in an amusing manner.

If what he said just now was true, many things that didn’t fit would make sense.

Just why did Luna, who is the very definition of selfishness yet has deep faith towards Seraph, would be so attached to him; that difficult to handle Madam separated from the capital to work under him; how he is able to use the same miracle as Seraph; the fact that he can do something as impossible as grant a person an angel’s halo; those mysterious facilities which are difficult to believe were made by human hands…

The brain of White turned its gears, and many points were being connected by lines.

“Are you a being that opposes Seraph-sama?” (White)

“At the very least, I have no such intentions. I simply have a few questions.” (Maou)

Saying only that, Maou finally lets go of her waist.

She was so concentrated in the conversation that she just now realized that they were still sticking to each other.

Who knows what Maou was thinking, but he was putting the angel halo on and off the head of White and repeating this several times, and then looks at White with serious eyes.

“Aah…uhm…” (White)

“The Angel Halo really does fit you.” (Maou)

“—–!!” (White)

White was about to say something, but Maou waves his black coat.

A deep voice rang from that back of his.

“Well then, let’s meet again, Holy Maiden White.” (Maou)

Leaving those words behind, Maou disappears.

White stood in place and stared absentmindedly for a while, but in time, she took off the angel halo from her head, and hugs it tightly onto her chest.

Her cheeks were red without her knowledge and she seemed to be happy.

There were several hypothesis in the head of White.

The well-known angel, Lucifer.

Going against the Great Light in ancient times, and in legends, he is written as the Fallen Angel and Demon Lord, Satan.

There’s probably other similar existences even if they are not recorded in legends.

In old legends, he would be a Devil, but he was also aligned with the Angel’s side.

(Angel Halo…) (White)

The halo that White had in her hand didn’t show any signs of losing its brightness and was releasing a sacred light that could dazzle the eye.

For her, it is hard to believe that a person that can create something like this is an evil being.

(I will definitely bring you back to being an Angel-sama.) (White)

White closes her eyes happily while hugging the Angel Halo.


—Night, Rabi Village.

(That was damn close… If I had made a wrong move, my head would be flying.) (Maou)

Sitting at a veranda of the hot spring inn, Maou was having a smoke while looking up at the sky.

It was the face of a man that had accomplished a big job.

From an outsider’s perspective, he looked at the naked body of a Holy Maiden, enjoyed a mixed bath, and had her drink alcohol to make it a hazy memory; the work of trash. However, his face even showed pride.

“Maou-sama! So you were here.” (Aku)

“Hm, Aku, huh. Come here.” (Maou)

Maou pointed at his side, but Aku sat on top of his lap just like that.

Lately, Aku has been sticking close to him without any restraint or hesitation. Maou is also letting Aku do as she wishes, but this time, he was a bit agitated.

“Listen here, Aku. It may be okay right now, but you should keep a reasonable distance from men. A lack of guard to this extent makes me worry, you know.” (Maou)

“I wouldn’t get close to any man other than Maou-sama!” (Aku)

“Is that so. Then that’s fine…” (Maou)

“Yes!” (Aku)

Aku leans her back onto Maou and lets her strength leave her body.

It is a show of utmost trust.

Maou may have said all that, but he was petting her head.

“Maou-sama, you will be going to the north tomorrow, right?” (Aku)

“Yeah, but I have Mass Teleport. A trip where I can return anytime I want to cannot be considered a trip.” (Maou)

“…Yes, but I will feel lonely.” (Aku)

Aku grabbed the shirt of Maou and looks upwards at him. Seeing this, Maou showed a troubled expression for a second, but responds with a cheerful voice.

“If I find something interesting, I will buy it and bring it here as souvenir. Wait in anticipation.” (Maou)

“…Maou-sama, please return safely, okay?” (Aku)

“Haha, who do you think I am?” (Maou)

That’s right. This man may have many stupid sides to him, but he is a true to the word Demon Lord.

His close-aides also possess strength that surpasses common sense.

If this man got serious about doing it, not only this country, it would bring unimaginable bloodshed to the whole world.

“Aku, where did you go? I told you to be my body pillow!” (Luna)

“Luna, tyrant.” (Tron)

Noisy steps rang at the corridor, and Luna and Tron show up.

“Aku is on top of my lap.” (Maou)

“Y-You pervert! Not only my butt, but Aku’s butt too?!” (Luna)

“Right, I forgot to tell you, but I have returned your sister to the castle.” (Maou)

“Aaah, could it be that you have sunk your poisonous fangs into Onee-sama as well?!” (Luna)

“I am sleepy, so let’s sleep already.” (Tron)

Luna made a ruckus at the words of Maou, but Tron lets out a drowsy voice and signalled the time to sleep.

Well, they may be going to sleep, but the rooms they will be sleeping in has changed.

With the usual group, with the usual ruckus, Maou’s futon was filled with the usual kids.

At the right there’s Aku, left side there’s Luna, and on top of him there’s Tron.

Truly an evil triangle.

(As if I can sleep like this! Give me a break!) (Maou)

And in this way, Maou couldn’t take a single wink…as he arrived at the morning of departure.


—Next morning.

The sky was still slightly dark, but there was already a big carriage at the entrance of the village.

Yukikaze and Mikan are inside it.

It is a big carriage that can easily have about 18 adults inside.

Maou doesn’t like farewells, so the only ones here are Tahara and Yuu. And in reality, thinking about the capabilities of Mass Teleport, a big farewell is unnecessary.

“Yuu, I leave the hospital to you. Work to increase our reputation.” (Maou)

“Yes, leave it to me. Ah, Chief…your necktie.” (Yuu)

Yuu walked to Maou, and fixes his necktie with gentle movements.

His necktie didn’t have any problems. She simply wanted to do it. Just by the sight alone, it looked like a wife seeing off her husband.

“Tahara, I will be leaving the whole village to you. If there’s an urgent matter, make sure to use Whisper.” (Maou)

“Understood. But well, I won’t make a mistake that would cause trouble for Chief-dono though.” (Tahara)

And in reality, a problem that Tahara can’t solve would be quite the big deal.

Because if a genius like Tahara can’t solve it, then there’s no way Oono Akira can. When this Maou moves, it would only be…in the times when things have to be done by force.

Maou looks around the whole village.

Below the sky that was about to welcome the day, there were several Bunnies who had come out and were beginning their work on the fields. The mornings of a farmer are early.

Looking around here and there, there were a number of big works remaining that will most likely be resuming a few hours later.

The village will change.

It is changing.

Just from the arrival of a single man.

(I have involved them this much already. I have no choice but to do this thoroughly.) (Maou)

The hot spring inn reflects in the black eyes of Maou.

At that place, there’s also many people who have had their destinies change heavily from their meeting with Maou.

(The things I have to protect have increased.) (Maou)

Maou closes his eyes, and honestly thinks in this way.

And in order to protect them, there’s the need to become even stronger. He has to overcome his weakness that is magic. If not, in the future, this point will definitely be taken advantage of.

When Maou once again opened his eyes…Yuu, who was happily fixing his necktie, stopped her hands.

Because she had taken a peek at the ‘God’ that had absolute power after all.

Tahara, I will be adding one more order.” (Maou)

With a slight pause that further increased the importance of the words to follow, Maou speaks.

“If there’s anyone approaching the village with the intention of bringing it harm, erase them. Don’t leave a single one remaining. Got it?” (Maou)

“…Understood.” (Tahara)

Tahara gives a short answer.

Tahara barely managed to not change his expression, but his body was trembling. Because he felt an absolute power from the body of Maou that he couldn’t go against at all.

Maou waves his coat and gets into the carriage.

Right after, the carriage began to move at good speed.

Tahara and Yuu were simply standing there until the carriage couldn’t be seen anymore.

In time, Tahara speaks.

“You know, for some reason…I had a nostalgic memory pop up just now.” (Tahara)

“Nostalgic memory?” (Yuu)

“The day I first met Chief-dono.” (Tahara)

“…I would like to hear it.” (Yuu)

Tahara takes out a tobacco from his pocket and lights it up. Maybe because he had put it in his pocket without care, the tobacco was crumpled, but it looks like he didn’t mind it at all.

“It is not really that big of a story. Just that, at that time…if I had refused the invitation of Chief-dono…I would be dead.” (Tahara)

Maybe the words of Tahara had clicked somewhere with Yuu, she falls silent.

The two of them -no, all the members of the Nightless Castle’s committee had all been scouted by Maou. The details of their meeting, even if they were different from each other, they all began at the same point, Maou.

“There’s no way I can defeat someone like that, even if he were doing a handstand.” (Tahara)

“That’s obvious. You are a dung beetle compared to Chief.” (Yuu)

“Hey there, don’t you have a better comparison?” (Tahara)

“Chief…I hope you return soon.” (Yuu)

“He left just a minute ago!” (Tahara)

While the two close-aides were making a fuss, the carriage continued on.

The direction the carriage was heading to was…the north where war is rampant.

He will definitely be encountering many people and several dungeons and ruins.

The chaos that Maou will bring about will finally be spreading to the center of the continent, but…that’s a story for a little bit into the future.

  • Chapter 53: NEO UNIVERSE

“Oono-san, are you serious…about erasing this place?”

“Rather than calling it erase, it is more like having it be reborn.” (Oono)

“No, that’s basically erasing. Please stop with the weird juggling.”

“I am not juggling words here. I am planning on bringing it to the next step.” (Oono)


The chat sounds.

Year 1,999.

The King of Fear brought chaos to society.

“What will happen to the people that enjoy this space?”

“Of course, we will be having them come just like that to the next step.” (Oono)

“…Oono-san, that’s one-sided. Well, you were the one who made the game but…”

“I think it is normal to bring the experience and knowledge you have learned to the next step though.” (Oono)


The chat sounds.

There was no King of Fear.

Year 2,000.


The world will open at a new page.

“You are not thinking about the side that will be cut off, are you?”

“Cut off, you say. Haven’t you been putting it in a way too exaggerated manner for a while now?” (Oono)


The chat sounds.

New Millennium.

Every place, every corner is a big uproar.

Because the world will be changing.

“I liked this place. That’s why, even if you tell me it is the next step, it pissess me off.”

“I will definitely make it something that will satisfy you.” (Oono)

“I feel like we haven’t been on the same page for a while now…”

<<XX has entered the room.>>

“You guys have been fighting way too much recently, lol. Don’t get into a fight at a time like this, lol. It is the year 2,000 now! Yaaay! Drink drink!”

“I don’t feel like it. I will be logging out for today.”

<<XXX has left the room.>>

“Well…I thought he would be happy.” (Oono)

“He liked this place a lot after all, lol. On the level of considering it his homeland, lol.”

“The next game will definitely be more interesting. I honestly feel confident about it.” (Oono)

“You really are a confident one. It makes me get courage to go to *Hello Work*, lmao.” <A place to search for work.>

“Then don’t drink and go to Hello Work, lol.” (Oono)

“Hell no! I don’t wanna work in a celebratory moment like the year 2,000!”


A new year begins.

Year 2,000.

Now, let us make a dazzling step forward.

“…How to say it, there’s meetings and farewells, huh.” (Oono)

“Huh? Are you drunk? Lmao.”

“Oh well, that’s fine. For the next one, I will make a game that will gather even more people.” (Oono)

“Got that right. No matter where you go, I will follow, lol. Got nothing to do after all, lmao.”

“Work.” (Oono)


“By the way, the King of Fear didn’t come, lol. I was looking forward to him destroying the world, lol. Nostradamus seriously is useless, lmao.”

“You like those kind of occult stuff, right…” (Oono)

“Do you hate those kind of stuff, Akira? Lol.”

“What’s that about the King of Fear. I will show you a real Demon Lord in the next game.” (Oono)


The world disappears.

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