Chapter 173: From the same town

Translated by Yoshi

Honestly, Senpai is famous and her movements are easy to predict, so I had never imagined a case where I would meet her simply by chance.

It’s somewhat fortunate that Shiki, who’s acquainted with her, isn’t with me right now. Maybe I should be happy with that… But I’m not.

If I’m not mistaken, Shiki will be at Asora for the whole day today.

Which means there’s no chance that he’ll meet Senpai.

Let’s see, the people that Senpai and I are commonly acquainted with would be Limia’s king and Prince Joshua.

So it’s safer to assume that those two have talked to Senpai about me while referring to me as Raidou.

But Senpai is aware that I’m Misumi Makoto, so she shouldn’t know that I’m Raidou.

So should I introduce myself as Raidou now or would it be better to conceal that I’m Raidou?

If I introduce myself as Raidou, she’ll know that Raidou is the leader of the Kuzunoha company. Senpai definitely came here knowing that the Kuzunoha company is here, right?

Which means that even if I hide it now, I get the feeling that fact will be revealed sooner or later.

Wait. Is it a problem if Senpai knows that I’m Raidou?

When I went to Limia, I didn’t call myself Raidou, I think.

So if I don’t introduce myself as Raidou here, I guess the chances of it being revealed in the near future are pretty high?

In that case, it’s better to tell the truth?

I could just explain that I’m using this false name because there’s someone (a goddess) that I don’t want my movements to be noticed by.

And I get the feeling that even if I try to lie here, Senpai will pick up on my suspicious behavior anyway.

Okay, let’s introduce myself as Raidou.

That’s easier, and better for the future as well.

The inside of my head is quite chaotic as I think about various things, but I somehow manage to come to a decision.


Senpai calls out to me, since I’ve frozen in place.

「Ah, Senpai, actually…」(Makoto)

As Senpai gives me a puzzled look, I explain that I’m going by the name of Raidou now.

For some reason, Senpai looks extremely shocked upon learning that I’m Raidou.

The king and the prince.

Just what have you been telling Senpai about me!

「Ah, you’re Raidou? That’s the same name as the head of the Kuzunoha company, isn’t it?」(Hibiki)

「Y-yes. I’m acting as the leader for the Kuzunoha company. Though I’m being helped a lot by the people around me.」(Makoto)

「Misumi-kun is… Raidou… Wait a moment, that’s important too, but isn’t there a more important detail?!」(Hibiki)


「Are you a hero, too? I heard from the goddess that there are two heroes in this world. The fact that you’re here means that you’re a third one, right?」(Hibiki)

「Ah… No, my circumstances are a little different from you Senpais. What the goddess told you is correct. There are two heroes, because I’m not a hero.」(Makoto)

「But you were summoned here, right? By her.」(Hibiki)

「Well, yes. Ah, I’m sorry. First, I’ll lead the way to our Kuzunoha company.」(Makoto)

It seems Senpai had some business with our company from the beginning.

It’s better to go there rather than stand around outside and talk like this.

「To the Kuzunoha company? Hmm… I guess so. Well then, I’ll impose on you for a little while.」(Hibiki)

「Yes, please feel free. “For a little while”, does that mean that you have other important matters to attend to, Senpai?」(Makoto)

She was supposed to be heading to Lorel, so I doubt she’s particularly free.

Anyhow, I’ll try asking her about that.

It looks like our conversation will consist entirely of asking each other questions, but I’m kind of looking forward to it.

She was supposed to have some companions with her, but right now she’s alone.

It’s strange that she’s carrying her sword that’s supposed to be her weapon on her back, wrapped in cloth.

Since it’s unusual to see people walking around armed in this academy city.

Senpai is a hero, so I’d assume that she’s staying at a high-class inn where she wouldn’t have to worry about her weapon being stolen. If she left it with them, it’d be easier to walk around.

It’d be safer to carry it if she were planning to go to the more dangerous areas of the city, but then I don’t understand why she wouldn’t have her companions with her.

For now, as I’m deep in thought about various things, I erase the memory of Senpai’s extreme clothing as well as my state upon seeing that from my head.

Because of that, I don’t say much during the short time that I’m leading Senpai along.

As if she’s thinking about something herself, she simply follows my lead silently.


「And then, I was told that the Kuzunoha company has skilled dwarves.」(Hibiki)

「So your business with us is that you need your sword repaired. But Senpai, even with our craftsmen, I think it’s impossible for it to be finished today.」(Makoto)

As I listen to Senpai in the company’s drawing room, she explains why she came to academy city in such a hurry.

We also touched on the battle that happened in the royal capital city of Limia, but she hasn’t made the connection between the names Shiki or Larva and us. That makes me truly relieved.

The reason she’s stopped by in Rotsgard, which isn’t directly on the way to Lorel from Limia, is the craftsmen of the Kuzunoha company.

The people of Limia know quite a lot about us, huh.

Either that, or they sent Otonashi-senpai here to make a request for us to work together with the Kingdom of Limia.

Even when she was in Japan, she was the kind of person who could lead others.

Of course, that’s still the case now.

She’s still the same senpai I admired from afar in Japan.

「I didn’t expect that my weapon could be repaired in a day. I’m going to be staying here for another week, so as long as it’s finished by then, there won’t be any problems. It’d be easy if Beren-san were here, is he currently present?」(Hibiki)


Why is Beren’s name being mentioned here?

「Beren, you say? He’s working in our first store in Tsige. Are you acquainted with him?」(Makoto)

「That sword, I had it made for me by Beren-san. Though it looks a bit different to when I first got it from him.」(Hibiki)

Beren made a weapon for Senpai?

A strange relationship has been built without me knowing.

She said she was in Tsige for about a month, so did it happen then?

I’m grateful that she chose us out of all the stores that are available, but if Senpai and her party have been polishing their skills in the wastelands, it’s amazing that we haven’t met sooner.

I’m not sure if that’s lucky or unlucky.

Anyway, she wasn’t given some pre-made product; it’s a weapon that was created for her to use.

To think that their relationship is such that she remembers his name properly.

I ignored it back then, so I’ll confirm it properly now.

「Please wait a moment. The craftsman who works here will come soon.」(Makoto)

If it’s a weapon that Beren made, there’ll be no problem with leaving it here.

I can just show it to him in Asora tonight or something.

If he has a whole week, I’m sure Beren can repair a weapon that he made himself.

「Did you call, Waka-sama?」


Senpai is laughing, as if she finds something funny.

When I was greeted by a loud「Welcome back, Waka-sama!」as we returned she was dumbfounded, but it seems she finds it amusing now.

She’s reacting like this every time she hears someone call me “Waka-sama”.

I take the sword that’s wrapped in cloth from Senpai and hand it to the Eldwa that’s come over.

Senpai really is pretty.

Even in this world, she’s considered a beautiful woman.

Given that, the other hero is probably attractive as well.

I’m kind of looking forward to meeting him, but it’ll also be a pain.

「I want this sword fixed. Confirm whether you can do it or not.」(Makoto)

I make this request to the craftsman as the leader of the company.

I’ve been told that it’s not good to be overly friendly.

Especially when it comes to demi-humans, even if only in appearance, I should be pulling their strings properly.

It’s what Rembrandt-san and Zara-san told me so I just assume they’re correct and put it into practice, but it still feels uncomfortable.

「At once. Well then, I shall examine it now.」(Eldwa)

「Please do.」(Hibiki)

A serious expression returns to Senpai’s face as she stares at the Eldwa holding the now-exposed sword and bows from her seated position.

She’s even more polite than when she’s talking to me…

I-I suppose she’s Japanese after all; it’s important to respect craftsmen, yes.

「It pains me to say this, but it seems that this has been put to use in unreasonable situations. I will work under the assumption that it has seen some fierce battles.」(Eldwa)

「… Yes. It has saved my life many times.」(Hibiki)

The craftsman continues to examine the sword carefully and thoroughly.

I look towards him. He’s noticed, so I talk to him through thought transmission.

[She said it’s one of Beren’s creations. It’s fine if we take it back to Asora to show it to him there, so can you just accept it for now?] (Makoto)

[This was Beren-dono’s creation? I am still inexperienced, to not have noticed right away.] (Eldwa)

[Please.] (Makoto)

[I will do as you say.] (Eldwa)

「Otonashi-sama, did you say your name was?」(Eldwa)

「Yes. How is it? Could it be repaired so that I can swing it as I originally did?」(Hibiki)

「There will be no problem. Now that I look closely, it is the creation of one of my colleagues. I believe sufficient work can be done on it if we are just given three days.」(Eldwa)

「Really! Then can I leave it to you?」(Hibiki)

「That is not for the likes of me to decide. I can make my own judgments, but not choose whether to accept your request.」(Eldwa)

The Eldwa quickly glances at me.

I said it’s fine.

We don’t need to put on these little acts now.

「Of course, we will accept your request. It is a request from none other than my senpai. A fellow Japanese person that I’ve encountered in this other world.」(Makoto)

「Thanks, Misumi-kun.」(Hibiki)

「Not at all. You may leave, and make sure to handle it with care.」(Makoto)

「Please leave it to me. Well then, Otonashi-sama, I will take care of your weapon.」(Eldwa)

Still holding the sword, the Eldwa bows his head low and exits the room. As I watch him leave, I exhale lightly and sink deeply into the sofa.

「As I thought, it was hard for you to maintain that attitude.」(Hibiki)

「I’ve been taught that when conducting myself as the head of a company, that kind of thing is necessary. You understand, after all?」(Makoto)

「I do. You were the kind of person who couldn’t even take that sort of attitude with the kouhais in the club, weren’t you?」(Hibiki)

「You are quite knowledgeable. I didn’t think you would even remember me.」(Makoto)

I was never the type to stand out.

「That might be true for you, Misumi-kun. But the archery club itself stood out a lot. By surviving in that club long enough to become its vice-president, you attracted a certain amount of interest. Ah, weren’t you called a hero by some people in Nakakou*?」(Hibiki)

TLN*: This is a contraction of the name of their high school, “中津原高校/Nakatsuhara Koukou”.

「… Please don’t make me remember such strange things. Even if I’m not really good-looking, is it so strange for me to be in the archery club because I like bows?」(Makoto)

I stayed in the archery club for over a year, even though I’m not really attractive. Because of that, I had this nickname that I wanted to get rid of.

Of course, there were a lot of people who joined the club with their eyes set on the good-looking members, so the first years were put through some tough training as soon as they joined.

That’s how they filtered those people out.

With that, quite a lot of the ones that were only in it for the attractive people and had no interest in archery left. Selections were confirmed around fall each year, and the training became less harsh.

The fact that those attractive people survived through that could be called one of the seven wonders of the world.

I think that calling someone a hero just because they survive longer than a year is questionable, though.

Before I realize it, I’ve been reminiscing about the club and high school for the first time in a while.

「Of course. Hmm, I would definitely like to hear the story of how you came to this world in detail, but…」(Hibiki)


「I’m suddenly feeling quite nostalgic now. I can’t talk about these things to anyone else, so shall we talk about Japan some more?」(Hibiki)


Is that okay?

Talking about Japan would be much more enjoyable for me than being questioned about how I came to this world, so for that I’m grateful.

But this is that Otonashi Hibiki-senpai.

She’s flawless in both her knowledge and her fighting skills.

The rumors I hear about her as a hero are nothing short of outstanding.

Is she the kind of person who would have these types of meaningless, reminiscing conversations?

No, I don’t think so.

「Oh yeah, this is something that happened quite a while before I came here, but there was an incident where the president of the archery club and a first-year girl who was rumored to be cute both got mad, right? I’m sure you remember it, since you were in the same club.」(Hibiki)

I remember it clearly!

Wait, we’re starting on a topic that I can’t discuss?!

「Don’t you know something about that, since you were the vice-president? I’m sure there were things that you couldn’t say while you were back there, but now that we’re here, there’s some kind of physical statute of limitations so you can say them now, right?」(Hibiki)

What the hell do you mean by physical statute of limitations!


「I’ve done everything that I needed to for today. They were all personal matters that I needed to take care of anyway, so I’ve been moving around separately from everyone else. I’ve sorted out the matter regarding my sword, as well. I’m sure it’ll be good for both of us to think about our memories in Japan.」(Hibiki)

When Senpai smiles, she really is beautiful.

I somehow remember our social statuses back on earth, and am pressured into simply nodding by the power of her smile.

With this relationship between senpai and kouhai, I get the feeling that I’m not allowed to agree or disagree. At least for me, who was part of a sports-related club.

Well, I don’t have to be so cautious when talking about Japan.

The goddess, or Larva.

If I distract her from mentioning those topics, maybe I can settle things by just having a silly, enjoyable conversation between two people from the same town.

My conversation with Senpai, who is both a good speaker and a good listener, is far livelier than I could’ve imagined.

We sit in the drawing room and have a long, pleasant conversation as we remember our hometown.

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