Chapter 169: Among a handful of great men, he is not included

Translated by Yoshi

The chaos in my head won’t settle down.

To put it simply.

I’m freaking scared.

Ravens are supposed to have sharp claws and beaks in the first place, but it’s the size of a passenger plane and it suddenly… No wait, that’s not it.

It’s the three people (three gods?), our guests, that are stepping off it.

On the left, there is a slightly dark-skinned old man wearing a friendly, calm smile.

What’s impressive is the pouch and mallet hanging from his waist.

In the middle is a young man wearing custom-made Yayoi-style clothing.

TLN: As far as I can figure out by Googling, it’s something like a fancy robe.

A smile covers his whole face and he seems to be in a good mood; this person is probably Susanoo-sama.

The one on the right is a woman. That is to say, it’s probably a goddess.

Like the old man on the left, I can’t tell her name just by looking at her.

With the light shining on her from behind, her hair glows a light brown color. Gods probably don’t dye their hair, so I guess this is her natural hair color.

For some reason, she’s wearing a suit.

She has bright, intelligent-looking eyes and when combined with her clothing, my first impression of her is that she is more like a businesswoman than a goddess.

「Nice to meet you. Susanoo-sama, and his honorable companions. I am Misumi Makoto.」(Makoto)

I was wondering if I should say “If you would be so kind as to disembark”… But I thought I’d sound too tedious, so I stopped.

I decided to speak more straightforwardly.

Incidentally, we have told them to wait until Tomoe gives the signal.

Tomoe wouldn’t mess this up.

I know that much.

But they’re gods from the world that I lived in and relatives of Tsukuyomi-sama. I thought that if they came to visit me, I should be the one to interact with them.

「Thanks for coming to greet us. Sorry to have the leader of this “world” go out of his way for us.」(Susanoo)

「Not at all! I am greatly indebted to Tsukuyomi-sama, so for you to apologize to me is…」(Makoto)


Tsukuyomi-sama has done nothing but help me.

These people might be aware of Tsukuyomi-sama’s current situation.

Considering that, it’s only normal for me to be doing this.

The only name I know is Susanoo-sama’s, and this person has a strong, wild image, so this must be him, right?

「Don’t be so uptight. I don’t think you’ve done anything wrong, you know? And even if you have, we’re not in any position to find you at fault for it. Mmm, oh, I know. You can probably tell from our earlier conversation, but I’m Susanoo.」(Susanoo)

The person I assume is a goddess nudges him with her elbow, prompting Susanoo-sama to introduce himself.

「I am Daikokuten. You are familiar with the Treasure Ship, yes?」(Daikokuten)

The old man introduces himself as Daikokuten.

Ah, the pouch is a sack and the mallet is the thing you see him holding in his hand.

TLN: Daikokuten is one of the Seven Gods of Fortune in Japanese mythology, the god of wealth. He is often portrayed holding a golden mallet, sitting on sacks of rice. The Treasure Ship is the ship that carries the Seven Gods of Fortune.

I see.


There was something about Daikokuten, what was it, I think I’m forgetting something else that’s surprising about him…

It’s no use, I can’t remember.

He’s a little darker than you see in the pictures and his earlobes are smaller than I thought, but he’s got a calm air about him that’s fitting for one of the Seven Gods of Fortune.

He is a kind-looking god. But I have a slightly uncomfortable feeling towards him, even though he is associated with Susanoo-sama.

「I’m Athena. In some places, I am called Pallas Athena. I am a goddess of Greece, a country far to the west of yours.」(Athena)

This onee-san introduces herself as Athena.

She’s not violet.

That’s a good thing.

TLN: A possible reference to Saint Seiya, where Athena has violet hair.

Unlike Daikokuten-sama, she’s completely different from how I imagined.

I mean, she’s a businesswoman.

Wearing glasses would suit her.

I don’t know why she’s with Susanoo-sama.

For now I give a bow, then begin guiding them to my house so I can invite them inside.

Along the way, they seem interested in Asora and look like they’re admiring it. Sometimes they ask various things in regards to it.

Tomoe and I both reply to their questions, but even if they ask about Asora’s origins, we can’t provide an answer.

We can only explain that it seems to have appeared when Tomoe and I made a dragon’s contract.

「Please excuse us; your visit was very sudden so our hospitality is not quite ready. However, we are making haste to finish preparations.」(Makoto)

After all, it’s impossible to put together a proper meal or banquet so quickly.

I can tell that when we arrive by seeing everyone moving around in a hurry.

For now I lead them to the biggest room, which is used for assemblies.

「I keep telling you, don’t worry about it. You’ve created an interesting city, haven’t you? It’s really interesting.」(Susanoo)

「Indeed. And just the thought of preparing a banquet is enough to make us happy.」(Daikokuten)

「Really. And everyone is working hard. It makes me feel good to watch them.」(Athena)

「Thank you very much. And so, that is… Was there a particular matter you wanted to attend to today? If you wanted to do something, we will prepare it to the best of our abilities.」(Makoto)

At first their conversation seemed like they were just happening to stop by, but I don’t think that’s all.

「Hmm? The biggest reason is just that we came here was because I’m interested in the Misumi Makoto to whom my aniki made requests, you know?」(Susanoo)

「If you ask us if we had any other business here, well, there are a few small matters.」(Daikokuten)

「I just wanted to try coming here once. Now that I see it with my own eyes, Asora is truly interesting; a place of endless curiosity. Though I think we should keep it hidden from that person.」(Athena)

Things that gods consider “small matters” are serious affairs for people.

I know this from what happened when the goddess of this world slept once.

Though I have a feeling that it wasn’t the main cause of events, but rather the final straw.

「It seems that we will still require more of your time to complete our preparations, so it would be helpful if I could inquire about these small matters you mentioned. Ah yes, we could offer a tour around Asora, if Athena-sama would care for it?」(Makoto)

「Me and old man Daikoku brought you a gift. Athena has a bit of a harsh lecture and a collar for that stupid girl.」(Susanoo)



Immediately after hearing his frightening words, Athena-sama looks at Susanoo-sama with sharp eyes and speaks in a cold voice.


「Oh, ooh. I know. I won’t say any more.」(Susanoo)

「Ufufufu. Ah, Makoto-dono. I would like to take you up on your offer of guiding me around Asora.」(Athena)

「Well then, I will have Tomoe guide you. Tomoe, would you please escort this lady around Asora? She’s a real goddess, unlike that other one, so make sure you are polite.」(Makoto)

「I-I understand. Well then, Athena-sama, this way, if you will.」(Tomoe)

As I see Tomoe inviting Athena-sama along, I remember to warn her.

I have no choice.

Saying it out loud would be beyond rude, so I’ll use thought transmission.

[Also, Tomoe. She’s a jealous person in a way, so make sure you don’t dare do anything even close to challenging her to a competition. You understand? You must absolutely not do that.] (Makoto)

[A-as you wish.] (Tomoe)

[She is a goddess of war as well, so start by taking her to the Mist Lizards.] (Makoto)

[Understood.] (Tomoe)

That should be fine.

Now then, with Susanoo-sama and Daikokuten-sama, I’ll…

As Athena-sama and Tomoe walk out of the room, I turn my head back.

I see Susanoo-sama and Daikokuten-sama with smiles on their faces.

A god of destruction, a god of fortune and a goddess of war, huh.

It’s a bit of a weird combination.

Especially Daikokuten-sama.

I mean, he’s a god of fortune, right?

He’s a multi-cultural god that appears in Buddhism, esoteric Buddhism and even the Shinto religion.

TLN: The Seven Gods of Fortune originate from many cultures and religions – The Hinduism of India and Nepal and Chinese Taoism and Buddhism.

According to one theory, he’s in the same category as Ookuninushi-sama, so I think he’s probably an important god.

TLN: Ookuninushi is another god of the Shinto religion.

Mahā… kāla.

I-I-I-I remember now!

Daikokuten is Shiva!

He’s a god of destruction!

A god who has countless legends written about him, a god who could literally blow away a whole country in one breath!

TLN: Daikokuten is just the Japanese name for Mahākāla, who appears in many different cultures/beliefs. In Hinduism, Mahākāla is the ultimate form of Shiva, the destroyer of all elements. Makoto sure is knowledgeable about religions; I’m having to surf through a bunch of Wikipedia articles to find all of this.

I’ve been looking mostly at Susanoo-sama; I slowly turn my face towards Daikokuten-sama.

He is smiling at me.

「Err, Daikokuten-sama. You are Shiva-sama, are you not?」(Makoto)

「Oh, I am called that too. Makoto-dono, you are Japanese, so I thought you would be more familiar with the name Daikokuten. You are quite knowledgeable, aren’t you?」(Daikokuten)

「Thank you very much…」(Makoto)

My voice is hoarse at the end of my sentence.

I think most Japanese people wouldn’t be able to name all of the Seven Gods of Fortune, but most people would have at least heard of Shiva, Daikokuten-sama.

I personally think Fukurokuju and Juroujin are the hardest to remember.

TLN: Two more of the Seven Gods of Fortune.

「Hey, Makoto. You say some clever things, don’t you?」(Susanoo)


「“She’s a jealous person, so don’t challenge her to a competition”, huh? Gahahahahaha!」(Susanoo)

No way.

The thought transmission leaked?


Even to Athena-sama?!

「Miss Athena’s lecturing is harsh, but she has no malice; I am sure she will forgive you.」(Daikokuten)

It was even heard by Daikokuten-sama.

I-I’ve gone and said something amazing.

「By the way. If I wanted to, it would be simple to see into a person’s mind. In your case, you’d be fine against someone like Athena, but it would be impossible for you to keep your mind closed against someone like me, aniki or this old man.」


「When someone catches my interest, I cannot help myself. “Telepathy” that uses magic, thought transmission, is it? Even without that, I can see everything. I am also concerned about Fukurokuju and Juroujin’s thin shadows.」(Daikokuten)


Gods are amazing.

They found Asora so easily, too.

The gods of the world I lived in, they’re really amazing.

「It seems I have been rude about various things.」(Makoto)

「More importantly. Makoto, aren’t you coming close to death these days?」(Susanoo)


What’s with this, all of a sudden.

「I see. Nothing like sudden headaches? Nosebleeds that won’t stop?」(Susanoo)

「… I have those.」(Makoto)

It’s from when I received power from that damn insect.

But coming close to death…

Just by thinking that, I guess it’s transmitted to them.

「… I see, that’s it. I was thinking of giving a power to you as well, but. I was wondering why you’re carrying so much power that you’re one step away from dying. Old man, can you tell?」(Susanoo)

I’m hearing some dangerous words.

Daikokuten-sama stares at me.

「That girl, just how much of a fool is she? We gave her five or six things to manage in this world, but perhaps we should take them all back and give them to our Brahma.」(Daikokuten)

TLN: Brahma is the Hindu god of creation

Daikokuten-sama lets out a heavy sigh; I guess he’s exasperated with just how foolish the goddess is.

That’s good.

As far as gods go, she seems to be a failure.

「So? What’s going on with Makoto?」(Susanoo)

「He’s close to death. In fact, it is surprising that he is not already dead. The surface tension is such that he is just barely staying alive. She is even a goddess with the power of creation; what a fool. She just pushed the “Mastery of Words’ Power” into an ordinary person.」(Daikokuten)

「Mastery of the Words’ Power?」(Makoto)

Could he be talking about the power that lets me understand language?

“Mastery” sounds pretty cool, but…

Also, it seems I really am just an ordinary person.

No wait, if I’m an ordinary person on Daikokuten-sama’s scale, I might actually be quite an amazing person.

「It is commonly known as one of the powers that grants understanding. It is a power that lets you communicate with anyone. It is a “rare” power that only a few great men hold.」(Daikokuten)

「I only asked the goddess to make me able to speak with hyumans, it is not an amazing ability like that –」(Makoto)


Actually, the power I first got from the goddess let me communicate with everyone other than hyumans.

And then, I asked her to let me communicate with hyumans.

Which means that I can now communicate with everyone.

「I see. That girl is good at finding shortcuts. Indeed, if you remove the ability to communicate with even a single species from the “Mastery of Words’ Power”, it becomes a normal understanding ability. What an underhanded method.」(Daikokuten)

「So, what’s the deal. Is Makoto okay?」(Susanoo)

「It is best if you give up on giving him a power yourself. Makoto-dono is filled with the power of gods to his body’s limits. If I am correct, Makoto-dono, you have been increasing the capacity of your magic power?」(Daikokuten)

「Yes. I think so.」(Makoto)

「In that case, you should do that several times over. And then let us work to somehow contain this power within that soul of yours.」(Daikokuten)

「Th-thank you very much. However, it seems to have the effect of expanding Asora, so I have been refraining from doing so lately.」(Makoto)

「Susanoo, Athena and I will do work to make sure this world does not catch the eye of the goddess, so there is no need to worry about that. You can expand this world without having to worry about such things. If it becomes too much, we will make a return visit here.」(Daikokuten)

Isn’t it quite a problem if this world expands?

I actually didn’t even consider the possibility of this world being discovered by the goddess.

Though it would be reassuring to have them make sure she won’t be able to find it.

「That fool of a goddess. She’s making work for people who aren’t even here.」(Susanoo)

You’re absolutely right.

I’m in complete agreement your words, Susanoo-sama.

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