Maou – Chapter 32-33: Talk with the Holy Maiden

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Right now at the Holy Capital, many people were gathered and doing reconstruction work.

They may have managed to escape the  worst case scenario, but the damage received was big. Many people were helping out, and they were moving out things like wood and stones one after the other from their location.

In the main street there were several cauldrons, and you could see workers getting their food there.

“I saw it! The rumoured Silver Dragon!”

“You idiot, I saw the Demon Lord! That guy is unbelievable!”

“And so, who is the stronger one?”

“As if amateurs like us would be able to tell!”

The center of their talks was, of course, those two —they are the same person though.

In the Holy Capital, when night comes, it would always be those topics.

It can’t be helped. Things like the Demon Lord and a Dragonewt; there’s no way this wouldn’t become a topic of conversation.

The northern countries that are quick on their ears have skilled spies in the Holy Light Country, and there’s even countries that are detailedly gathering information.

The central figure of those stories is at the reception room of the Holy Castle…and facing the last Holy Maiden.


At the reception room that’s deep in the Holy Castle.

It has been cleared out of people thoroughly, and after carefully setting countermeasures for eavesdropping, the man that calls himself the Demon Lord was shown in.

Inside, there’s only the Holy Maiden, White, and Maou.

A being that can suppress close to 500 Satanists in an instant and explode a Mid Devil while humming.

When she heard those details after the other day’s incident, White realized just how light her sense of danger was.

The revival of the Devil King, and then, its death; she was sure that this Demon Lord was involved in it.

What’s most scary is that the Holy Castle easily allowed this Demon Lord in.

Even the barrier that Cherub had made couldn’t reject the Demon Lord.

That hopeless reality made White shudder.

“…Nice to meet you, Ma— How should I call you?” (White)

Angel White.PNG

“You can call me Maou. For me, it is already like a nickname of sorts.” (Maou)

Maou sips the coffee-like thing that he was offered with a calm gesture, and then takes out a tobacco from his pocket and lights it.

That arrogant figure of his made White knit her brows for an instant.

In the Holy Castle, moreover, in front of what’s considered the highest of the Holy Maidens, he is nonchalantly taking a smoke; that’s unheard of, and there’s most likely not going to be a person like him appearing ever again even in the future.

Not even that Dona Dona would take an attitude like this towards a Holy Maiden.

Maybe he was finding fault in the Holy Light Country’s reception towards a visitor, Maou goes through the trouble of taking an ashtray out of his pocket, and as if rubbing the salt onto White, he left it on top of the table.

If this were a diplomatic discussion, it certainly is a mistake.

White was the one who requested a meeting, so she should have prepared for everything so that the guest can be comfortable.

“Are you really…the Demon Lord that appears in the legends?” (White)

“View me as you please. If you think so in that way, that must be the case.” (Maou)

The words of Maou made White unconsciously tighten her fist below the round table.

What an attitude.

He was announcing that he doesn’t care what or how they think about him.

What that attitude was transmitting was…overwhelming confidence.

It was as if he were saying he can destroy this country whenever he wishes.

“What do you plan on doing with Luna?” (White)

White gathers strength to ask.

The original plan was to ask this further ahead in the conversation, but she couldn’t endure it any longer.

She cares a lot for her little sisters and is a proper Holy Maiden.

“My meeting with her was quite the unfortunate one. She must have thought I am an evil being. However, as of now, we have forged a splendid relationship.” (Maou)

Those ‘evil words’ made White grind her teeth.

Just what kind of magic did he use to make Luna, who is basically a walking bag of selfishness, get so strangely attached to him and not want to stay away from him?

It wasn’t something possible.

“Are you someone who will bring harm to this country?” (White)

White went all out and said this.

Normally, she would never speak in such a direct manner.

Not only does she deal with a variety of events in the country, she also interacts with the messengers from the Holy Light Country.

It is to the point that her soft yet firm diplomatic ability of hers had surprised many.

That she is asking in such a straight and forceful manner must be because there’s a lot in her mind.

“That’s exactly what I wanted to say.” (Maou)

Maou directs a sharp gaze at White while enjoying a smoke.

Just that simple gesture made White’s body tremble lightly.

What sharp gaze, and what an aura. It was as if his very existence was made for the sake of creating fear in humans.

“In my country, there’s an idiom that says ‘actions speak louder than words’. It means that, rather than what other people say, you would understand faster if you see it for yourself.” (Maou)

Maou says this with a smile and an attitude filled with confidence.

At first glance, this appearance of his looks like a friendly one, but for White, it wasn’t something she could possibly allow in her heart.

After all, in the eyes of her…one of her important little sisters has been taken hostage.

If she were to forcefully shut Luna in the Holy Castle, who knows what Maou would use as an excuse to do something.

No, he is most likely waiting for that, is what White thinks.

In the first place, it is impossible to lock up Luna.

No matter what place she is placed in, there’s no building in the whole world that can block that golden magic of hers.

“Watch what I will be be doing from now on, and judge for yourself. Since long, I haven’t used words, but rather shown it through action.” (Maou)

The overflowing confidence of Maou made White get even more cautious.

She doesn’t know what he is going to do, but there’s no doubt he is trying to invade this country in some way.

He may be smiling in the surface, but from the back, he may be advancing something slowly.

In the eyes of White, the person in front of her was truly the very Demon Lord.

“Also, there’s something I would like to request of you.” (Maou)

It has finally come; White resolved herself.

In the other day’s incident, this Demon Lord at least moved in order to suppress the situation. With that achievement, she was expecting him to demand something from the country.

“I was thinking of investigating about ‘Seraph’. If you have a library or archive, I would like to use it freely.” (Maou)

White felt as if her vision was going black.

No, she actually was feeling dizzy.

From all things, he said he wanted to know about Seraph-sama. Is he trying to kill him, or is he looking for a weakness?

Moreover, he brazzenly said this in front of a Holy Maiden. This made White feel a fear she hasn’t felt ever before.

“Feel free…to use the library… However, I would like to refrain from speaking about Seraph-sama myself.” (White)

“I see, I am fine with that. After all, I myself would also find it hard to disrespectfully gossip about a sacred superior.” (Maou)

Maou nods deeply and shows understanding.

White felt like that was an incredibly sarcastic tone.

It was as if he were laughing at her resistance.

“Well then, I will be excusing myself. It was a really fruitful time.” (Maou)

“Yeah, here as well…It was a really…fruitful time too.” (White)

Maou and the Holy Maiden exchange handshakes, and Maou leaves the room while turning around his coat.

White threw a last question at that back of his.

“You…killed the Devil King, right?” (White)

That question had a long silence.

In time, he opens his mouth and tells White something scary.

“Calling that a King is absurd. That was a bad imitation.” (Maou)


Calling even the Devil King as a bad imitation.

It didn’t have a single shred of qualification to be called a king.

That’s what Maou eloquently transmitted, and then he left the room.


A part of the data is now available.


Angel White

Race: Human

Age: 18

Eldest of the three Holy Maidens.

A kind girl that puts the people as the number one priority.

She is the only normal Holy Maiden, and it is the last remain of the Holy Light Country’s conscience.

She can utilize a few of the Miracles that the Cherub left.

  • Chapter 33: Other side of the talk

(She was an unbelievable beauty…)

I was walking the corridor of the Holy Castle while thinking back on the talk just now.

She was such a beauty outside expectations that I ended up smoking intensely to calm me down.

Lately, matters about smoking and non-smoking areas have been a problem, so I made an ashtray myself. She didn’t seem to be that angry about it.

(At any rate, she was quite the normal Holy Maiden…) (Maou)

Maybe because the Holy Maidens until now have been so terrible, I even felt slight love towards this Holy Maiden called Angel White.

I thought the naming sense of this world was the worst, but finally, there’s someone who matches their name.

What was the biggest achievement was that I managed to convey what I wanted.

I told her to not rely on rumors, but instead, watch my actual actions.

I suppressed a terrorist group called Satanists, and I am planning on making a Hospital and a Hot Spring Inn in the village of Luna.

No matter who sees it, I can only be seen like a good willed man, far away from something like a Demon Lord.

If she sees that, she will be able to learn about who I really am. I also told her that my relationship with Luna is doing well, and she even allowed me to use the library.

It can be called a decent first step.

“Did you see the Dragonewt yesterday?!”

“I did, I did! He was super cool!”

“Queen-sama was completely head-over-heels for him!”

I almost fell at the words I heard from around.

That’s right, since yesterday’s event, the delinquent has been completely linked to this strange thing called Dragonewt and is being sung praises about.

Even so, I also feel like I gained a better result than expected.

There might be the possibility that this talk about ‘a man that calls himself the Demon Lord’ having immense power bouncing back into the country trying to subjugate me.

At that time, they will try to rely on Zero, but that’s something impossible, and in their minds, they will be thinking: ‘If Zero is here, he can do something’, so this can lower their guards.

In that time, I can steadily advance my project.

(That said, yesterday…I didn’t feel out of place.) (Maou)

You could say I was practically ‘one’ with him.

In the All-or-Nothing attack, I even felt as if I was the one swinging the fist.

Thinking that, I look back again at the characters I created.

(In the first half of the game, I was Kunai Hakuto himself.) (Maou)

No, I was using my real name for the character, Oono Akira.

As time passed, I felt the danger of it being revealed in the internet that it was actually my real name, so around the middle, I decided on changing names, and in that way, Kunai Hakuto was born.

(In the middle stages of the game, I was always Zero.) (Maou)

It wasn’t only 1 or 2 years fighting as Zero, but close to 10 years always using him.

At that time, I created him as a joke character, but the fact that I didn’t get bored of it was proof that I took a liking to him more than expected.

(No, it wasn’t on that level.) (Maou)

Using a character for close to 10 years, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that ‘I was that very same character’.

I don’t want to admit that I am the same as that delinquent though.

One side Demon Lord, other side delinquent.

You could even go as far as saying that both sides are not decent though…

(I am not the type that can nonchalantly cause tyranny like Kunai Hakuto. Even so, I am not a straight and tough delinquent like Zero…) (Maou)

If it were in the game, it could be passed, but playing the part of Zero was embarrassing, and I rejected it…

Maybe…if only I accept Zero, I might be able to become him myself.

That’s scary, but at the same time somewhat pleasant, feeling like a laugh would come out; quite the strange feeling.

(…Stop stop! Right now concentrate on the present.) (Maou)

I have received permission to freely use the library.

The best option is to investigate as much as I want. Also, I have obtained plenty enough SP.

I have to think about who I should summon for my next close-aide.

Adding the remains I had to the SP I got from the last fights, I have 1,249 points.

(Kufufu…Ahahaha!) (Maou)

I wanted to laugh out loud.

With this, even if I summon a close-aide and make the Hospital and Hot Spring Inn, I would still have SP left.

This must be what intense pleasure feels like. Just thinking about who to summon is making me excited.

“Now that I think about it, new functions have been unlocked.” (Maou)

I unconsciously speak out loud my thoughts.

What was newly unlocked was [Mass Teleport].

In the game, there’s the need to move from a vast venue to another, so by using this, you can move instantly to areas you have already been before.

However, it has the demerit of expending 30 vitality.

(It would be nice if the shop and the medal exchange are unlocked too…) (Maou)

The shop is just as the name states. It is a system that lets you buy items with money.

I feel like this will involve the money I have in possession.

If I save money properly and the shop of the game is brought back, there’s the possibility that I can buy the items from there.

With that, I won’t have to expend SP every time I want to buy an item.

Medal exchange is also just as the name states. By gathering the medals in the areas of the game, you can exchange them for many high performance items.

It is a kind of treasure search, and it is a way for people that don’t like fighting much to have fun too.

I do say fun, but by gathering a lot of medals, you can exchange them for many kinds of items that are no joke.

“Maou-sama, how was your talk with the Holy Maiden-sama?”

When I make a turn in the corridor, Aku came running at me with a smile on her face.

A cuteness that made me smile as well.

Upsy daisy

It has already become a habit of mine to hold her up with both of my hands, and Aku hugs me as if happy.

(This feels more and more like a father and daughter.) (Maou)

While looking at the blazing down sun, I think about such trifle thoughts.


—Holy Castle: Personal Room of Queen.

The battle the other day ended safely and Queen was resting her body in her room.

Not only healing magic was used, but highly priced potions were used unsparingly. Her body has returned to a state close to that before the battle.

Even so, to check on her state, there’s the need for her to pass her time in a safe manner for a while though.

“Haah…Zero…” (Queen)

Her breathing was rough and her face is red, but it is not as if she has a fever. Rather, it seems like she has enough energy to roll around her bed while hugging her pillow.

The wounds in her body have mostly closed, but it looks like a different part of hers is severely ill.

She has completely caught the love syndrome.

If people who know her usual behaviour were to see her right now, there’s no doubt their hearts would freeze.

No, they might get killed literally before that though…

“He was transcendentally stylish… So cool…” (Queen)

Queen was thinking about the gallant figure of Zero in her head and was immersed in them as if drunk.

That manly and powerful dragon, and also that silver flash that felt as if it could cut through darkness.

A sharp and extremely well shaped face. His whole body felt as if it had been trained for battle. Everything that makes Zero felt as if it was Queen’s ideals taken shape.

Heavens, just watch!

“Aaaah! I can’t anymore…!!” (Queen)

Finally, even the ‘roar of the dragon’ had been replayed in her ears. Queen agonizes in her bed.

She rolls around while hugging a pillow, and finally, she falls from the bed, but she continued rolling till the corner of the room, and after crashing onto the wall with good momentum, she finally stopped.

I have a mission I have to fulfill’.

These are the words Zero told her before leaving.

Queen falls in thought at that statement. Wondering, what is that mission of his?

That a ‘Dragon’ of such level is moving with a mission in mind must mean it is quite an important one.

(Could it possible be…Hell?) (Queen)

What immediately appeared in the mind of Queen was ‘that’.

Now that she thinks about it, Zero would always appear when Hell does.

Last time and this time as well, Hell had disappeared somewhere by the time she noticed -as if it feared the Dragon.

(Those holes seemed to be completely empty after all…) (Queen)

The three holes that were opened at the capital were obviously the first things that the knights were sent to investigate.

If those were dug by human hands, there’s the need for quite the tenacity…no, devotion.

But the result of the investigation was that the other side of it was already completely empty, and there were no remains. Of course, Hell as well.

Right now the holes have been covered as fast as possible, and the earth mages are doing their best in the reconstruction.

They are definitely going to be using strong earth and stones this time so that they can’t pull off anything like that anymore.

(That shitty Hell…but…) (Queen)

Queen clicked her tongue at the annoying Hell, but she remembers that it is thanks to Hell that she met Zero.

She hates Hell, she wants to tear it apart with her own hands, she wants to trample it, destroy it; but if it comes out, she might be able to meet him again —that powerful Silver Dragon.

“Aaaaaah! Just what in the world should I do?!” (Queen)

Queen was in anguish, and once again rolls around.

Looks like her pains will continue on for a long time, just like White.

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