Maou – Chapter 7: Holy Maiden

“I came to subjugate the Demon Lord, but there’s even dirty bandits.”

The Holy Maiden -Luna- made a smile. Her face was incredibly cute, but her intentions were nasty.

The golden light that she released had sliced apart five bandits.

“Tch! …Fall back!” (Own Goal)

“Are you stupid? As if I will let you.” (Luna)

Luna takes a stance with her staff that has small wings attached to it, and begins chanting. An instant later, golden light gathered around her.

That was what’s called as Element in this world…and she is controlling an incredibly rare one at that.

“Be torn apart by golden – [Golden Slash]!!” (Luna)

The next instant, several golden blades were shot from Luna’s staff, and six more were cut into pieces. Seeing this, cold sweat flowed from the forehead of Maou.

(Is this girl serious?) (Maou)

He was shocked by this magic that he saw for the first time, and it is also because he felt fear at its power.

But what surprised him the most was…that this girl was killing people without any mercy.

(Should I run?) (Maou)

That thought appeared in his mind for a moment, but he soon cut that off.

She didn’t come here alone. She had several soldiers with her.

The moment he confirmed that, his hesitation was gone. He immediately brought out his base from his items in possession, and throw Aku inside.

“Wa?!” (Aku)

“Lay low below the stairs, got it?” (Maou)

The girl that used magic was obviously looking over there.

He suddenly brought out a building out of nowhere, so of course she would.

“What was that…? Are you a mage? Or was that some sort of magic tool?” (Luna)

Not answering that, he takes out a tobacco from his pocket and lights. Honestly speaking, he can’t relax without doing this.

‘Will I be okay if I get hit by that?’. Whichever the case, he must not show panic against this girl -she would take advantage of it.

He couldn’t see her as anything other than a child, but she killed people without hesitation.

The girl must be interested in the base, she got close to it and was patting it with her hand, and looking inside with curiosity.

That curiosity-filled appearance was cute and fitting of her age…but that ‘innocence’ currently felt scary.

“I have never seen these materials. You, present this to me. If you do, I can entertain sparing you.” (Luna)

“Is that a trade, little lady? Is there any assurance that you will uphold your part?” (Maou)

“Huuuh? Do you know who you are talking to?” (Luna)

“Sadly to say, I haven’t heard your holy name yet, you see.” (Maou)

He leisurely puffs out smoke as he answers.

Contrary to his appearance, his heart was currently going full engine. He has confidence that he can run away without being killed, but the abilities of the opponent are way too much of an unknown. <King’s engine.>


If things can be wrapped up peacefully, should he take that?

“What a country bumpkin we have here… No, it can’t be helped from a dirty bandit, huh.” (Luna)

He felt light anger at the fact that she was counting him as part of the bandits.

Who would want to be an underling of that Own Goal? It is a name that’s screaming he is gonna kick you from the back.

“Hey, Holy Maiden-sama…this guy is not a comrade of ours, you know?” (Own Goal)

Own Goal says this with a smirk.


That’s right, go tell her. Or more like, go kill each other and leave me out of it!

(Why am I being dragged in when I have nothing to do with this? …Hm, Holy Maiden, he says?) (Maou)

That was supposed to be a big shot in this country. Aku said that there’s three Holy Maidens or something like that.

“Holy Maiden-sama, this old man says he is the Maou-sama! Dahahaha!!” (Own Goal)

“What did you say?!” (Luna)

This old man, saying unnecessary stuff!

Don’t joke around with me, old man!

Do you want to die, old man?!

I am gonna curbstomp you, old man!

“Own Goal, do you really want to go for that self-defeat? In that case, score in your own goal and get eggs filled with habanero thrown at you in the stadium and die!” (Maou) <Do they really have a custom like that in Japan? That’s hardcore.>

“What nonsense are you babbling about? …Also, I am telling you it is O Ngol! Properly separate them, you retard!” (Own Goal)


The girl shouted as if making a temper tantrum, and golden light was shot from that staff!

I was secretly prepared for that, hiding behind the base immediately. Of course, at the opposite direction to where Aku is hiding at.

The golden blade hits the base, and the strength of it was visibly reducing, but it didn’t kill all the momentum, and the blade reached my body.

“Ouch…” (Maou)

So this is magic…

I reflexively covered my head, but both of my hands hurt quite a lot. But in exchange for that pain, I learned several things.

If I have the base, I can reduce the damage of magic without problems. On the other hand, the most important armor that is the Assault Barrier didn’t activate.

(I don’t think this child is level 30 or higher.) (Maou)

Players that breach that point have a characteristic aura. I don’t feel that aura from this girl at all.

Even so, there’s the possibility that even stronger magic exists.

(Magic really is dangerous.) (Maou)

When I look at my side, a number of people around Own Goal were collapsed and bleeding. As expected of Own Goal, he used his underlings as shields.

He was ridden in wounds, but he was still alive.

The surrounding bandits must have run away, there’s already no signs of them in sight.

“You are still alive… Are you really the Demon Lord?” (Luna)

“Who knows. More importantly, let’s hear the explanation for why you suddenly attacked.” (Maou)

“Explanation? A Holy Maiden smiting an evil existence is a matter of fact.” (Luna)

“I see, I will remember those last words.” (Maou)

Last words


“Last words, you say?” (Luna)

This brought out a laugh from Luna.

She doesn’t know what this man is misunderstanding here, but he has not been showing the proper respect for a while now. There was no fraction of pious attitude from him towards a Holy Maiden.

That’s understandable from bandits, but the man was decently dressed.

He is wearing clothes she hasn’t seen before, but each piece of clothing he is wearing is so high class that it felt out of place here.

His gestures were by no means bad. There’s trained elegance in his casual movements, to the extent that she at first thought that he was a fallen noble. But judging from the complete lack of knowledge about the Holy Maidens, that’s impossible. In other words, he is someone from another nation.

(Now that I think about it, I still haven’t introduced myself.) (Luna)

“I am one of the Holy Maidens, Luna Elegant of the Golden.” (Luna)

She doesn’t know who in the world this man is. There’s no way for someone as human-looking as him to be the Demon Lord, but there’s no doubt that he is dangerous.

The fact that he was able to endure her magic, the fact that he suddenly made a building appear…whatever the case, he is an unknown existence.

Even when she introduced herself, the man was making a bitter expression. Not only that, there was even dim anger that she didn’t feel till now.

This man might be a terrorist sent from another country.

“A brat that suddenly shoots magic onto someone is ‘Elegant’? Leaving aside the dirty old men…what would you have done if Aku was hurt?” (Maou)

“Huh? What is a villain like you talking about?” (Luna)

The guards may have sensed the aura that the man was releasing, they cover her perimeter. Normally, she would shouted about how they are in the way, but she couldn’t see the limits of this man.

It seemed better to surround him, and when he is weakened, finish him with magic.

“You guys, seize this fool!” (Luna)

The horseback knights held aloft their spears and thrusted it towards the man.

…But those spears didn’t reach the man.


It was as if some sort of invisible barrier was in the way of their spears. This mysterious occurrence made the eyes of everyone swim.

“Too bad, looks like you guys…don’t have the qualification to stand before me.” (Maou)

The man held one of the spears and easily lifts the knight along with it.

This ridiculous scene had made their minds go completely blank for a moment, and in the next instant, the man swings the spear without effort, and the knight was thrown away like a pebble.

The man grabbed the horseback knights and threw them one after the other. By the time she noticed, the 25 guards were gone.

(What is this…) (Luna)

In that time, she couldn’t do anything and simply absentmindedly watched…No, what would she have been able to do about this anyways?

“Y-You…could it be that you are from the Giant race?” (Luna)

At the far east mountain range, it is said that there’s a race that possesses monster-like body heights. Their physical strength said to be able to crush even iron.

(This guy must have inherited their blood—wait, my body is…) (Luna)

“W-Wait! What are you doing?!” (Luna)

By the time she noticed, she was being held up under the man’s arm.

(Could it be that this man is going to kidnap me and do this and that kind of things?!) (Luna)

“I wonder how many metres you will be flying.” (Maou)

“Eh?” (Luna)

“But before that, I should give you a proper punishment.” (Maou)

“Hiih! Wait, no no! What are you planning on doing?!” (Luna)

“To the people that attack me, no matter if women, there’s no mercy!” (Maou)

What happened after that was something that…Luna wouldn’t forget for the rest of her life and would be carved in her dark history.

The face of Maou got sharp, and his hand was swung down.


The moment that hand was brought down to the butt of Luna…a dry sound resonated in the blue sky.


The scream of Luna reverberated in the wide sky, but the hand of Maou didn’t stop.

That face of his was solemn like that of an orchestra conductor.





An artistic and rhythmic sound resounded in the place.

This sound was born from the collision of palm and butt -the finest of instruments.

“OOOOUCH! S-Stop, noooot my buuuutt!!” (Luna)

“This is for my right hand!
This is for my left hand!
This is for both of my hands!
Once again for my right hand!
This one is me enjoying this!!” (Maou)

The heated spanking dished out by Maou continued on till he got bored.


—Holy Light Kingdom, in the way to the Holy Capital.

“Fuuh, that was a nice sweat.” (Maou)

“I-Is it okay…? The butt of the Holy Maiden-sama…” (Aku)

After Maou finished handing out punishment, he was now shoulder carrying Aku while walking in an easygoing manner.

Even though there’s the chance that pursuers might come, his attitude was unreserved.

Or rather, he might be waiting for them.

“It was already split anyways, so she should be alright.” (Maou)

“T-That’s not the issue here…” (Aku)

One wrong step and…no, that was sexual harassment no matter where you cut it.

Ridiculing one of the highest authorities of the country…burning at the stake would be lukewarm at this point. It is that kind of situation, but the expression of Maou was bright.

Even when that fight just now couldn’t even be called a fight, he was able to obtain SP.

“The frontier is expanding. When all my Admin Rights are unlocked, fufu…” (Maou)

“M-Maou-sama…you are scaring me a bit.” (Aku)

“Now then, we got money too, so lets stay at a settlement somewhere!” (Maou)

Maou seized the money that the Holy Maiden had in the name of ‘reparations’.

That attitude of his was so brazen that Aku didn’t even have the chance to intervene in it. The leather bag filled with money was pocketed by Maou as natural as breathing.

On top of the persistent spanking, there’s theft…this man really is the Demon Lord.

No, he is just a bandit.


“Shooo gonna khill him!! That man…just you wait!” (Luna)

Luna was raising a groan inside the carriage and was shouting curses to Maou.

That voice of hers made the coachman shrug his shoulders and sigh. This journey might make him go bald.

“That man…no, that was the Demon Lord! I am definitely going to subjugate him!!” (Luna)


Hearing this, the guards around went pale.

They went ‘hell no’. He was able to endure the magic of a Holy Maiden, and was able to so easily throw a armored human into the sky; how does she expect them to fight against a monster like that?

The cherry on top is that his movements were so fast that they couldn’t even properly catch what he was doing.

They all strengthened their resolve that ‘I will definitely not join the subjugation team’.

“You stupid coachman! Move slower!! It is shaking my paining butt!” (Luna)

“M-My apologies!!”

The turmoil that will be caused by this man, who was being called a Demon Lord unbeknownst to him, will continue getting bigger and bigger…

SP remaining: more than 100.

□ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □□ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □

A part of the data is now available.

Luna Elegant

Race: Human

Age: 16

Weapon: Lambda’s staff

An historical staff that has received the blessing of the Cherub.
It has the effect of reducing the vitality cost which is considered an incredibly rare effect in this world.
On the other hand, it can also increase the cost of the vitality to explosively increase the power of the magic.

Armor: Lambda’s monastic clothes

Historical monastic clothes that have received the blessing of the Cherub.
It drastically increases the magic defense.
Injuring her would require quite the powerful magic.

Level 17

Health: ?
Vitality: ?
Attack: ?
Defense: ?
Speed: ?
Magic Power: 30(+25)
Magic Defense: 25(+25)

Youngest of the three Holy Maidens.

She has two older sisters, but they are not related by blood.
People with the affinity are chosen from the Holy Church, and they become sisters classified by their age.
Within the Holy Maidens, she has exceptional magic talent, and the prospect of how much that magic power of hers will grow is scary.
However, she doesn’t have proper experience in battle, so her ability to make quick decisions on the moment is nonexistent.

Because of her natural talent, she was raised like a flower, so she is unbelievably self-centered.
She behaves properly in front of her sisters, but she is planning on having them succumb to her in time.

The second maiden’s name is Killer Queen.

The eldest maiden’s name is Angel White.

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