Maou – Chapter 5: Holy Capital

—Holy Capital: Feudal Lord’s house in a remote location.

The feudal lord that rules over a number of the deserted villages around the area, Blitz Land, was showing a glad countenance at the good news he hasn’t gotten in a while.

To his surprise, the revived Devil King had died.

Not only was this land not favorable to get a decent tax, there’s also a monster like that who could rampage in the area.

(Luck is beginning to bless me.)

And the other one that came was about the information regarding the Demon Lord’s descent. The moment Blitz heard that, he felt that Lady Luck was completely smiling on him.

No matter how many fast horses the Holy Capital were to sent against the revival of the Devil King, it would be like throwing a pebble. However, if it is the descent of a Demon Lord…there’s no way they would be able to ignore it.

(I should cause as much of a ruckus as possible and have the Holy Capital get involved.)

Blitz himself doesn’t believe in the existence of a Demon Lord.

He thinks it is just the commoners making a ruckus, but he himself is fearing the fact that he might pass his whole life in this remote place.

If some sort of incident occurs, there’s the chance that he might be able to escape from this shitter of a remote location that’s nothing but isolation.

(Should I make it so that he burned down a village?)

In the report, he simply burned down a single farmer’s house.

Hearing this, Blitz laughed inappropriately.

With just that alone, he could tell that this Demon Lord talk is all fake. In Blitz’s opinion, it was most likely some broke mercenary that commited arson.

(However…why did the Devil King die?)

An existence that was sealed by Cherub-sama a long time ago.

It is not a living being on a plane where a human could do something about.

It is close to being considered a natural disaster on the level of earthquakes and tornadoes.

(Must mean it revived in an imperfect state, huh. Legends often work in that way.)

Blitz has been nobility since birth, and doesn’t know difficulties.

If a typhoon has disappeared, he wouldn’t try to pursue the reason as to why it did. He would simply use that as a pretext to escape from this rotten environment.

(Okay, let’s make it so that that Demon Lord was the one who defeated the Devil King!)

Put stink with stink; Blitz praised himself for this brilliant idea.

However, he didn’t know…that this half-assed fabrication was actually the truth.

  ■■ □□ ■■ □□  

—A certain place at the Holy Light Kingdom.

A girl wearing monastic clothes raised a shrill voice that didn’t match with those neat and clean clothes.

She is currently heading to a remote region in an extravagant carriage, but it looks like she doesn’t like the shaking of the carriage.

“You, it seems like you don’t have enough devotion towards me!”

That voice made the coachman who was holding the reins shrug his neck.

The one in the carriage is a VIP within VIPs -one of the Holy Maidens.

If he messes up, he might really be burned at the stake. She who is the youngest one within the three Holy Maidens is incredibly selfish, and troubles everyone.

But her appearance…is one that is appropriate to be called a Holy Maiden.

Her wavy pink hair is reminiscent of a sakura tree, and even her eyes were a light pink color.

Even when she is wearing monastic clothes, her arms and legs are incredibly thin and charming. But well, since she is still a child, her chest is a chopping board.

“You see, I am currently on my way to subjugate what’s suspected to be the Demon Lord of legends! How do you plan on compensating if I were to get a bruise on my butt before that legendary moment?!”

“I-I am truly sorry… The path in these areas is not paved, so…”

“You…is that supposed to be criticism towards the government?”

“N-Not at all!”

It is true that this place doesn’t have something that could be called an actual path.

As a comparison, in the Holy Capital there’s stone pavement, and at times magic would be used to pave the road, but in poor regions, it is mostly weather-beaten, and when rain pours, just trying to drain it is already a hefty job.

“B-But are the other Holy Maiden-samas not going to come too?”

“What’s that supposed to mean? …Are you saying that I alone am not enough?”

“Of course no! Luna-sama alone is plenty enough!”

“Hmph, obviously. I can’t lose to Onee-sama.” (Luna)


Luna Elegant, 16 years old.

There’s a saying that the name reflects the body, but this Holy Maiden was far from being  ‘Elegant’.

There’s close to 25 guards around the carriage, but she is not relying at all in their strength. She plans on subjugating the Demon Lord alone and make the achievement her own.

And in reality, she does have natural talent in magic.

This should serve as a powerful blade when fighting against the ‘Demon Lord’.

■ □□ ■■ □□  

—Holy Light Kingdom: on the way to the Holy Capital.

A little before the area began to smell of trouble…

At a path where there’s no people and no light, a ‘Demon Lord’ and a child were making a ruckus.

In regards to the looks of the pairing, it resembled a father and his child, but it looks like that isn’t the case. The Demon Lord’s face is red and it looks like he is slightly drunk.

It seems like a kind wagon that passed by had given them a number of drinks.

“A fragment of mine wisdom, come forth: [Survival Goods].” (Maou)

Maou sticks his hand into a pitch black space, and takes out a big something.

It is a Grand Empire brand item, and just as its name states, it has a variety of things pertaining camping, and it is an essential good in the game too.

“Maou-sama, that’s incredible! Do you have other things too?!”

On the other hand, the child had a slightly reddish face.

He didn’t drink, but it must be because of the atmosphere. In this world there’s close to no regulations, so children can easily drink as well, but it seems like Maou stopped him from doing it.

In that kind of regard, Maou acts strangely like a good citizen.

By the way, in this land, water is actually the more expensive one while alcohol is cheaper.

“There’s no end in my ‘darkness’. [Defense Goods].” (Maou)

This Maou was totally in the mood.

Taking a strange pose, he takes out another item.


This is also a Grand Empire brand item. It has many things inside for the use of protecting yourself against other players, and this is also another essential good in the game.

These don’t show any effect on their own, but…when synthesized, they evolve.

“Item synthesis —[Fortress Setup].” (Maou)

As if obeying the words of Maou, the two items synthesize, and then, in the blink of an eye, a base had been made.

In the game, it drastically reduces the damage other players inflict, and it is a great item that allows you to safely heal yourself.

By combining the base with more items, you could make it have even more effects.

“Is this magic?! This is way too incredible, Maou-sama!” (Aku)

The child —no, Aku, hugged Maou as if overcome by awe, and Maou laughed as if in good mood.

“This is not magic, you know. Aku, I will teach you something important.” (Maou)

Saying this, Maou takes a breath.

And then, as if he is about to say something important, he points at Aku.

“Listen well, there’s no impossible for the Grand Empire!” (Maou)


Maou brushes his long hair, and points his fist to the sky just like that.

It looked stupid…no, he was just a drunkard.

Aku most likely doesn’t understand anything he is saying, but he is clapping *pachi pachi*.

“This is incredibly…big. Also, it is so hard…” (Aku)

Aku was saying weird stuff, but the drunk Maou didn’t notice. Not only that, his mood elevated even further, and he raised his voice, beginning to brag.

“This guy can resist [Bombardment] from things like rocket launchers, you see. In the game, you can’t even properly sleep without one of these. If you reinforce it with [Strengthening Materials] and [Fire Prevention Walls], you can increase the defense of your base even further.” (Maou)

“Bombardment? …The talk of Maou-sama is too difficult for me…” (Aku)

“Well, it means that it is sturdy. Aku, we are sleeping in this base today. I am delicate, so I absolutely refuse to sleep outdoors.” (Maou)

“Understood! Please leave the housework to me!” (Aku)

The two that are going at their own tune enter the base while humming.

There was no way for the two of them to know about the strange happenings that were unfolding around them.

SP remaining: 10

□ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □□ □ ■ ■ □ ■ ■ □ □

A part of the data is now available.


Created by synthesizing Survival Goods and Defensive Goods.
It reduces the damage of other players, and protects you from bombardments.
Within the bombardments, there’s one that decreased the SP or stole the durability of armor, so if you were caught defenseless against it, it could be fatal.

True to its name, inside of it there’s a pipe bed and a drum bath, and also a simple kitchen. It is possible to live in there with the minimum necessities.
When it becomes a medium or large scale base, the inside also becomes even more extravagant.

The materials it is made of can resist even anti-tank attacks like the RPG-7 and RPG-29.

In this world, it would be close to impossible to break through this.

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