Maou – Prologue: The time of the beginning

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Empire Calendar: Year 2XXX

The ones that ruled over most of the world, known as the Grand Empire, had begun a fearsome game.

In order to affirm the control of the conquered countries, in order to close the eyes of the rebellions; a cruel show that could be said is serving as an example had begun.

The details of what can only be thought of as crazy were:

{The vassal nations will randomly gather people in their country that will be called Players, and have them kill each other until only one remains.}

The Grand Empire broadcasted this to the whole world and made official gambles of it.

Who will be the last one standing? Who will be the second one that remains? Who will be the first to die?

Because it was cruel and overflowed with reality, it was something that far surpassed movies, grabbing the hearts of the people of the Grand Empire -the Divine People.

The Game that would be broadcasted to the whole world had created many dramas and tragic love stories from it, and in order to survive, they would kill strangers they have no grudges against. And in this way, the audience was able to watch the face of ‘Unfettered Humans’.

Human horse racing, life game, spider web; the Game had many names given to it, and the incredibly wealthy people who have free time to spare would pour great amounts of money into the Game, and in time, it turned into an important monetary source of the country.

The ‘People’ that were on the side of being chosen would tremble in fear every day; and the ‘Divine People’ who were on the watching side were intoxicated by this mad pleasure.


What was given to the one that won was an enormous amount of money, and…a ticket to becoming one of the ‘Divine People’.

However, the only thing that awaited the other participants was -without exception- death.

■ □□ ■■ □□  

2016 AD Japan

“This event is nostalgic…”

At this very moment, there’s a man that is participating in this fearsome ‘game’.

But there was no fear or panic in his expression.

His name is Oono Akira. A salaryman you can find anywhere.

‘Doing whatever one pleases’, could be how this would be defined.

He is the man that is managing this game on his own and he knows everything about this venue, so there was nothing to fear.

More so when the game was inside the screen of a PC, so it doesn’t influence reality at all.

“It has turned into a long hobby.”

The man mutters in a voice that would fade away easily.

This game began moving in 2001; the dawn of internet.

And now it is 2016. You could call this game a 15 years old antique.

That long history…will be reaching its end today.

The sound of the keys in the keyboard resounded, and at times he would move the mouse intensely, the game screen changing rapidly.

Seeing that figure of his, there doesn’t seem to be any particular objective.

Simply burning everything that reflects in his retinas into his mind; that’s the kind of figure he had.

(It is almost time, huh…)

Normally, it would be the time to announce the beginning of the Game, but the venue only had him alone.

Once the time comes, the contract with the server will be cut, and the game venue will be completely gone. The man has chosen, not a farewell with many, but a farewell on his own.

(15 years has been too long…)

It is normally unthinkable that there’s a game that has lasted longer than what compulsory education lasts.

And in reality, he was a middle schooler in the time the game began, but now he is already an honest to word salaryman.

Within the people he knows, there’s those that have become parents, and there’s also others who have gone overseas. Each one is now standing in a place where they have responsibilities and have lost their free time.

…That in a way could be considered healthy.

The man is no exception.

In the past he would get really into freely and willfully restructuring the Game, and there were even times when he would forget sleep immersing himself in managing the Game, but this very man, as years passed by, had formed a standing, and most of his time was taken by work.

“Which area should I go next?”

The man had logged in with the character that could be called the last boss and was walking around the place until the last moments. At times he would be in the residential areas, a secluded temple, and even at a pond that one can’t see the bottom of.

Each and every one of them were unforgettable places for the man.



“Kunai, thanks for your hard work as well.”

The man speaks to the character inside the screen. From an outsider’s perspective, it would look slightly creepy.

Inside the screen, there’s a man who has long hair that reaches the shoulders with ease.

His age clearly passes the 40’s, but his body has been trained to the limits, and his looks are incredibly sharp.

In the setting, he is a dignitary of the Grand Empire, and he is also the organizer of the highly infamous Game.

—Kunai Hakuto.

The victims brought by this Game were 4,143,792 people. Bringing about a huge amount of bloodshed and creating grief; that’s the Demon Lord of the Grand Empire.

Even if it is the time to face the end, that face had cruel eyes showing, and the derision in his expression didn’t change at all.

Maybe he felt something in the figure of Kunai, the man lightly shivers.

“To think I would pass the last moments with you… Not even in my dreams would I have expected it.”

He simply says this, as if escaping from the sharp gaze of Kunai.

Even with those words, the expression of Kunai didn’t change -obviously. He won’t move unless controlled to. Basically an NPC.

And yet, as if escaping from something, the man speaks out words in quick succession.

“You look like you are kind of dissatisfied. Just putting it out there but, no matter if you are the last boss or the demon lord, you can’t win against reality. If you still haven’t had enough fun, continue by yourself… I will be going to sleep in preparation for tomorrow.”



“Bye, Kunai. Also, good night——-XXXXXX”

Kunai Hakuto


The man closed his eyes with a flood of emotions in him. The next time he opened them…what showed in his eyes was a big forest.

■ □□ ■■ □□  

This place is a world the gods have forsaken and angels despair.

Please don’t be surprised.

And please listen.

If you listen carefully, you should be able to hear it.

Because the midnight bell will always be the starting melody of your activation.

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  2. A game you have 15 years of mastery over, huh?

    If it’s since middle school, the only equivalent I can think of for myself would be Pokemon. I guess it would be a pretty sweet power fantasy to get isekai’d into a more realistic Pokemon society, but get to your perfectly trained competitive team.

    Hmm. Actually, that’s an idea. We’ve had programmers get sucked into their games before, but are there any stories where someone regularly (and voluntarily) enters their VR game to observe the NPCs and events they lovingly wrote for their game?

  3. considering its clearly some sort of mmorpg going by the description, id say its runescape in terms of the time its been around… well runescape 2 specifically. I’ve played runescape till present day no less. bruh the nostalgia of runescape being the first real mmorpg i’ve played and the fact its still here….. i’m mindfucked right now.
    i wanna read this with the mindset that its an alternate universe’s version of runescape hes playing. nice way to start a story.

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      1. Runescape would be a very weird world to be “isekai’d” into, as its got the actual Camelot mythology “inside” of it so to speak, you could become a king of your own kingdom, (not Camelot sadly), and while you could become fairly overpowered by human standards, not anywhere near as OP as in Everquest as far as memory serves. there are multiple races, even an era where gods fought in the mortal realms directly, in Runescape history/lore. in terms of being “isekai’d” into the Runescape world as your character, id personally find it very strange, as your character can die, but it’ll just pop back to its starting point from after the tutorial, unless you have had it set to the secondary point of respawning, a small town called Edgeville. the only reason people even do this transfer is if they’re going on a loot selling spree, if at all as far as i know, as Edgeville is super close to the main place of selling valuables.

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