QualiA – Chapter 57: What ends and what begins ⑥

Erac made an incredibly disgusting smile, but where is that confidence coming from?

I could hear slight voices of people fighting from afar. Fights might have broke out at our back.

…That’s bad.

The platoons of knights have been divided and scattered about in a large perimeter, so the order of command probably isn’t working properly. In the city there’s the third knight division, with the first and second division posted there, so if they were to meet each other, a battle cannot be avoided.

Looks like there’s the need to catch Erac before blood is spilled unnecessarily.

“Erac…do you know what you are doing?” (Caril)

“Yeah, I am… I am the only one who is worthy of being the king of this country!” (Erac)

Aah, so hopeless. I can understand you acting strong because you are being controlled, but you are ironically going out of control here. That’s dangerous.

“Now, kill that incompetent one there.” (Erac)

“Erac! You—!!” (Caril)

“If you don’t listen, I will kill the hero.” (Erac)

Moving on the signal of Erac raising his hand lightly, the two knights at both sides of her were placing their swords on her neck, and Katsuragi lets out a short scream.

Now that I look closely, one of the knights is Gomon. That guy has fallen low too.

“Shiori! Damn it! I am gonna go save you no—” (Yuichi)

“Yuichi!” (Kusuhara)

Hearing the scream of Katsuragi, Yuichi was shocked and was about to run to them, and Kusuhara and Asagi hurriedly stop him. If you rush in without any plan, that will only make you an idiot, oi.

“Can you hurry it, Ohi-sama?” (Erac)

“…You fool.” (Caril)

“Who might you be referring to? If you truly think about the well-being of this country, I would like you to give me the throne at once.” (Erac)

This geezer is already completely into the villain role.

Watching him just makes me sad. This is as far as I play along with this charade.

“Jii-san.” (Makoto)

“What? Are you going to beg for your life?” (Erac)

No chance in hell.

“No, I was thinking about finishing this already, you see.” (Makoto)

“Huh? What are you sa—” (Erac)

“—Phal, go ahead.” (Makoto)

If I listen to the Bald Geezer’s pointless talking, my ears will rot.

“Yes, Master.” (Phal)

“W-Wha—Guuh!!” (Gomon)

The figure of a maid suddenly appearing right in front of him like a heat haze swaying had surprised Gomon and without even having time to raise his voice, his sword was warded off barehanded, his stomach receiving a front kick and sending him flying backwards. The other knight that was looking at this absentmindedly received a roundhouse kick at the temple of his head, and collapsed then and there.

“P-Phal-chan?! Just now, where did you come from?!” (Shiori)

“Who knows, Pointless Boobs. Let’s go.” (Phal)

“Wa?! Don’t say things like Kaede—Kyaaa!!” (Shiori)

It looks like the two were beginning some kind of comedy routine, but Phal lightly swept the legs of Katsuragi, carries her, and with a single jump, she lands in front of me, and throws Katsuragi away.

“Ouch!” (Shiori)

“10/10 landing~~. Master, I am back. Pointless Boobs secured.” (Phal)

Your treatment is way too rough, oi.

Katsuragi who was thrown down stood up while rubbing her butt. She then received the hug of Kusuhara and Asagi, and the three of them fell in place. Seeing those three, Yuichi lets out a sigh and says ‘what a relief…’, and turning to us, he lowered his head deeply in gratitude.

“That was one word too many. Treat me with more care, idiot.” (Shiori)

“Even if you tell me that, I have a medical condition that when I touch pointless boobs, I get cursed… By the way, this country has way too many with pointless boobs. I will prune them at once—Awu!” (Phal)

“Shut up. I am going to prune yours.” (Makoto)

“I am sorry, I got carried away. If I get pruned even more than I already am, you will be digging instead, so please spare me.” (Phal)

Even though we are in the middle of a battle, you are pointlessly energetic.

In the first place, don’t go saying ‘pointless boobs, pointless boobs’ over and over. See over there, the Queen has her eyes wide open and is at a lost of words.


“Aah, sorry. I got the hero back.” (Makoto)

And there’s also one other who is speechless and absentminded. I gently speak to that Bald Geezer.

“Y-Y-Y-You bastard! What did you do?! What’s with that maid?!” (Erac)

“I am not taking questions. Now, what’s next? If you are going to do something, do so already. —I am lacking sleep here, so I want to go to sleep quickly.” (Makoto)

The Bald Geezer had his face bright red in anger. Gomon at his back had gotten up and had a face as if he didn’t know what had happened just now as he looked over here.

Of course, the other knights were also unable to understand and had an absentminded face, and there wasn’t a single one in high spirits. Within those people, I saw Morda, but the moment our eyes met, he hid within the group of knights as if escaping. 


Thinking that he intends to run away, I take out Futsu no Mitama from my Item Box, and unsheathe it.

“Y-You…where did you take out that weapon from…also, that hair and eyes…” (Erac)

“You really talk a lot. —Now then, Bald Geezer that has a pitch black future for high treason, what do you plan on doing from now on?” (Makoto)


Oh, could it be he doesn’t have anymore plans? The peanut gallery is kind of noisy, but it must be because of how my hair and eye color have changed after unsheathing Futsu no Mitama. Of course they would be surprised if I suddenly change.

“If you are out of plans, shouldn’t you be surrendering right now. You could reduce the damage, you know?” (Makoto)

“S-Shut up! You…What in the world are you?!” (Erac)

What, he asks? Obviously…

“Just your friendly citizen Monster, you know. Decide already…Bald Geezer.” (Makoto)

“A-Aaah… A commoner like y-you being a Monster… Don’t go ordering me around!” (Erac)

“Who was the one that was played around by that commoner? Go ahead, remember… There were a variety of disgraceful things, right? Like the part where you want to say a certain something and your whole body pains.” (Makoto)

“—!! Y-You BASTARD!!” (Erac)

Oh my, if you get so angry, the veins in your head will pop, old man. Also, don’t go getting impressed saying ‘as expected of Demon Lord-sama, your way of provoking is heartless’, Phal. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

“See there, the knights at the back are not feeling up to it… I think that, as a governor, it is important to have the ability to discern the moments when there would only be pointless bloodshed.” (Makoto)

“Shut up…Shut up, SHUT UP!!” (Erac)

Erac shouts as if he would be spitting out blood from his mouth already, and his bloodshot eyes were directed straight at me. However, that madness is not one that would make the people who see it fall in fear, but instead, one that grabs your chest at how pitiful it is.

“What do you even know?! Just how much power did I pour for the sake of this country!” (Erac)

“As if I would care. You simply wanted to use this country as a fertilizer for your own profit.” (Makoto)

“And where’s the problem with that?! I was the one who made this country as big as it is now! —Then, what’s the problem of making mine what I have gained?!” (Erac)

What a pitiful old man.

“What? …What’s wrong with you?! Why are you looking at me with those eyes?! Don’t pity me! I am the man that will become the king of this country!” (Erac)

It is already unbearable to watch.

I slowly walk over to him. Seeing this, Erac tried to take distance, but I swiftly activate [Dirty Paralysis] and restrain his limbs.

“W-Wa?! I-I can’t move!” (Erac)

Erac struggled to break free, but there’s no way he would have the strength of a dragon. It only served to tighten the strings around him, and his body must have felt it instinctively, he soon stopped struggling.

Once I get at a nice personal distance to Erac, I activate [Silent Box], just enough to box only us two. Then, I wrap my arm around Erac’s shoulders and pull him down.

“Don’t touch me, Monster! Do you understand what you are doing?!” (Erac)

“Oh, don’t worry, I understand real well what I am doing. Unfortunately, it seems you don’t understand what you are doing. And most of all, you don’t seem to understand in what situation you are currently in.” (Makoto)

I pull Erac real close and my face and his are at a distance that it would seem as if two buddies were hanging out.

“Hey Erac, do you know what’s this?” (Makoto)

“Huh?” (Erac)

I pull out a small bottle from the Item Box and show it to him. For a moment there, Erac was confused by the sudden appearance of a bottle, but then, his face grew pale.

“Loroad Virus! It shouldn’t exist anymore!!” (Erac)

“Good to see you still remember. I thought your memory was a goner too… I remade it. Here, have a taste.” (Makoto)

I jam the bottle into the mouth of Erac. Of course, I huddled close to Erac and took out the bottle in a way that our bodies would cover the bottle from the eyes, and did the same when making Erac drink it.

“Gagh!! Bueh! Y-You…! Are you insane?!” (Erac)

“Want me to get you a mirror? I call this…’a taste of your own medicine’. Know the pain you have instilled to others, and maybe, you can actually stand above others. Not as a ruler, but as an example.” (Makoto)

Well, he is already too deep down, but better learn something to bring to the afterlife.

Oya, looks like he is not listening to me, he is trying to vomit it out. That’s rude, and lacking in common sense. You know that’s not how poison works, right?

“Also, since the poison takes a few days to actually shine. How about I give you a little teaser.”

I place a curse on him. The same one I used to show them how Chaos Reverse would feel. Can only be casted when the target is conscious, and overwrites dreams.

“With this, you will have a nice dream about how the poison works. Over and over again. Maybe that way you can find a new way to laugh at that pain, just like how you did when the King was dying from it.” (Makoto)

The face of Erac begins to turn pale. He must have remembered the pain of the dream I showed him. His body began to tremble as if his body was recalling the pain that he has never felt yet.

“D-Damn you!! It was going so well!! My whole life…and yet…!!” (Erac)

It is over.

I stand up with sword in hand.

“…[Target: Erac Milhaphne].” (Makoto)

For now, let’s shut him up.

“[Judgment: Consciousness – Cause and Effect].” (Makoto)

I lightly swing my sword at the Bald Geezer. And just like that, he collapses.

“Sweet dreams, Bald Geezer.” (Makoto)

I not only have the poison, but also the antidote. Before he wakes up, I will cure him. However, even if he wakes up, he will still be feeling as if the poison is coursing in his body, unsure when it will attack. His mind will still believe in it, and will play it back over and over in his head. The pain may not exist, but the suffering will be all too real.

The curse works wonders especially because the image of the poison being in his body is still vivid in his mind. The more vivid the image, the stronger and realer the dream becomes.

I undo the Silent Box, and right at the moment I did…

“Makoto-kun!” (Caril)

“It is okay. I just cut his consciousness. He will wake up in a while.” (Makoto)

Can’t go killing the prime offender after all.

I pitied him to the point I wanted to bring him death already, but no matter how the dice rolls, the only thing that will be rolling after will be his head, so it is just a matter of when now.

I simply turn to the knights.

“Now then, who is next? Sorry, but holding back will be a pain, so if you are coming, do so with the resolve of dying.” (Makoto)

With the back of the katana hitting my shoulder, I release light killing intent to the knights. They retreat and drop their weapons. But there was a knight who directed hostility at me and walked my way.

Kirzam tried to stop him, but he ignored that voice and the knight’s face was the very definition of anger.

“Hoh, you.” (Makoto)

“Can’t let a fake bastard like you do whatever you want in this country.”

Don’t think that just because you won once, there will be a second, Gomon-san. Also, the ones doing whatever they want is your side. We are the ones being troubled, you know? Does he even understand?

“Woah, that’s dangerous.” (Makoto)

“Kuh, so slippery.” (Gomon)

Before I get the chance to speak, Gomon does the same thing as last time, swinging his sword with brute strength. I lightly repel it with a hand and evade.

He looks at me with anger in his eyes, and with burning spirit, he swings down his sword from overhead.

“Your movements are simple. Start from step one, third-rate.” (Makoto)

“Guh! Ugaaaah!!” (Gomon)

Evading the swung down sword, the moment we cross paths, I hit him with my open palm onto his stomach, and push him lightly with it. A second after, a thunderous sound of a wind burst was made, and the big body of Gomon flew in a straight line to the castle walls and the impact created cracks resembling a spider’s web, and in time, his body peels off from the wall and falls onto the ground.

That much won’t kill him, and I did hold back quite a lot. If he did die, it would just mean I overestimated him.

“Master, what should we do about those stupid-looking knights over there? Dispose of them? Understood.” (Phal)

“Wait a bit, oi.” (Makoto)

“We won’t? With that level, I alone wouldn’t have problems though.” (Phal)

“That side I will leave it to Gallahart-osan, so you zip up.” (Makoto)

Saying this, I turn to Gallahart-osan, and he was scratching his head with a face of disbelief.

“Defeated Gomon with one hit, huh. Were we even needed?” (Gallahart)

“There’s a limit to what I can do on my own.” (Makoto)

“Also, what happened with your hair and eyes?” (Gallahart)

“Ah, this is the effect of this katana, so don’t mind it.” (Makoto)

It is by no means because I want to take it easy, you know? Cause, if I do more than this, the knights wouldn’t have any limelight, and if I overdo it, I would stand out too much in a bad way. It is important to stay in a line where I can make proper excuses; in this case, that is.

“More importantly, apprehend that Bald Geezer already. He is gonna wake up, ya know.” (Makoto)

“Ooh, right. Oi, someone bring the restraining tools!” (Gallahart)

With the order of O-san, the knights began to move busily, and the third knight division was looking at this spaced-out.

“Listen, members of the third knight division!” (Gallahart)

Turning back to that third division, O-san raises his voice to the limits.

“Your leader Erac Milhaphne has been defeated! There’s no reason to continue this fruitless fight!” (Gallahart)

Calling it a fruitless fight…we didn’t even have a proper fight yet though.

“Drop your weapons, and surrender yourself! I -Gallahart- swear on my honor that your treatment will be fair!” (Gallahart)

The voice of O-san reverberated far in the morning of this royal capital.

The moment I was thinking it would be nice for things to end here, a number of nobles walked over here.

And then, they stand in front of the Queen, and with smooth gestures, they show their respect as retainers.

“…Ohi-sama.” (Okiur)

“Bellkurt-dono…” (Caril)

The one who spoke as their representative was the father of Gomon, Okiur Bellkurt. That face of his looked exhausted, and it also seemed bright.

“I wanted you to support this country together with His Majesty…” (Caril)

“I am sorry.” (Okiur)

“In what part did I mess up?” (Caril)


Without answering the question of the Queen, Okiur simply kept his head lowered, and was waiting for his fate as a criminal.

So he already resolved himself.

“Gallahart, apprehend these people.” (Caril)

“Yes!” (Gallahart)

And in this way, the Bald Geezer’s -Erac Milhaphne’s- rebellion didn’t even have the chance to begin, and its curtains had already fallen.

I am glad that it ended without any unnecessary bloodshed, but what a bad aftertaste of a resolution. The sportsmanlike behaviour of the nobles must be because they already heard about me. When the leader retired, they must have judged that any further resistance was pointless.

“O-san, contact the knights at the back.” (Makoto)

“I have already sent someone.” (Gallahart)

“Nice, O-san.” (Makoto)

Men that can do their job well are popular with the girls.

The sight of the first division restraining Kirzam, Gomon, and a number of knights, and taking them away entered my line of sight. Those knights are probably the sons of nobles in the Prime Minister’s side.

The other knights there had their weapons confiscated, their arms restrained to the back, and they were doing their job quickly.

“Well then, next is…” (Makoto)

I was thinking about leaving this to them and begin the creation of the antidote, but suddenly a number of Blue Wing knights appeared from inside the castle.

“Miyuna, what’s the matter?” (Caril)

“Ohi-sama! Has there been anything strange happening here?!” (Miyuna)

Miyuna hurriedly ran in a distressed manner to the Queen, lowered one knee to the ground, and speaks rapidly.

“You say strange, but we just about finished here.” (Caril)

“…Finished?” (Miyuna)

Looking at the surroundings with the words of the Queen, Miyuna opens her eyes wide.

“And so, what happened?” (Caril)

“Actually…” (Miyuna)

The Queen looks at Miyuna who is summing up things for her.

Looks like two personal maids of the heroes were about to use Dyudyurad Bracelets at the inner palace, and a Divine Beast calling himself Rin had apprehended the maids.

…Rin, so diligent.

And so, I avert my gaze from the Queen who had made an overreaction towards the words ‘Divine Beast’, and I whistle in ignorance, and Phal retorted with a ‘What bad acting’.

“I will be asking a variety of things to Makoto-kun. So something like that happened.” (Caril)

“Yes…that’s why I thought something had happened on this side, and hurriedly rushed here.” (Miyuna)

I see. Looks like they had it rough.

There’s maids in the Prime Minister’s side, so it is easy to predict that they would be trying to hinder us. I also knew that there were spies of the Garusha Empire within them, but never did I learn how many.

I thought that since they are spies, they wouldn’t participate in a losing battle, but to think they were being controlled.


If I remember correctly, there were around 10 hero personal maids in the Prime Minister’s side. If two appeared in the inner palace, where are the others? Isn’t there a chance that they are also being controlled?

Where’s the one that’s controlling them?

When I was turning my gears…

“—Guh!” (Makoto)

An unbelievably sharp pain attacked my head, and I let out a groan.

[The changes in the numbers of fate has been finished].

Seriously? It has been quite a while, but a fate has been settled here? As always, it is a psychic ability I really don’t understand well. I wanted to complain about it, but suddenly some sort of flashback played in my mind.

“—!!! …Aah, seriously?” (Makoto)

This is bad. Why did I ignore it when I had doubts about it? Even though I saw them together once, why did I put it aside unconsciously?

…No, that’s not it.

That noise at that time was that guy’s handywork.

The many headaches I felt were because of that too. The reason he interfered with my thoughts was so I wouldn’t meddle in it.

And that’s why, I unconsciously…put it aside…about her…

Now I understand this strange feeling. It has now been made clear…because that means the preparations for it have already finished.

It is the sign that his toy has been finished.

“Agh, damn it! Don’t mess around with me, you idiotic God!” (Makoto)

“M-Makoto-kun?! What’s the matter? Are you okay?!” (Caril)

I hurriedly check the Invisible Window and confirm the Marker, and two Markers were lined up together, but one is switching on and off.

“Makirus has escaped and is in the city. Mishta and the other maids are also together with her.” (Makoto)

“W-What did you say?!” (Caril)

There’s one more terrible news for the surprised Queen.

“The place is…the quarantined sectors.” (Makoto)

That granny, just what is she trying to pull here.

But this is not the time to be casually talking here. I have to hurry and catch her.

Because the Granny has turned into the Toy of the Idiot God.

This is an emergency.

However, time doesn’t wait, and the situation speeds up further.

The flickering Marker of Makirus had increased in rate, and suddenly disappeared, and right at that instant, a big earthquake hit the royal capital.

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