QualiA – Chapter 56: What begins and what ends ⑤

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Around the same time as when the Prime Minister arrived at the front of the castle gate, the inside of the castle was also in a big ruckus.

“What do you think you can do with only two? Surrender at once!”

The Blue Wings Division Captain Miyuna and the ones facing them are women wearing maid clothes.

“They are the personal maids of the heroes.” (Miyuna)

“Of the Prime Minister?”

“Yes, they are different from normal maids, so be careful.” (Miyuna)


Miyuna received the information of the maids beforehand from the Guarders at the back and was watching them without lowering her guard, her hand on her sword.

Miyuna doesn’t know that the inner palace has turned into practically a fortress by the hands of the self-proclaimed ‘regular citizen’, but she does know about the special magic barrier tool from him to Niva. The power of it has been tested by the Guarders, and when she heard about how it is frighteningly sturdy and made the always calm Guarders tremble, she surpassed the surprised phase and went into the exhausted amazement. But there’s nothing perfect. In the case something happens, she will do her utmost as a shield and a sword.

That’s the raison d’etre of the Blue Wings Division.

Miyuna unsheathes her sword, and while still watching the maids, she speaks heavily.

“Do you have any intention of surrendering?!” (Miyuna)

The maids didn’t answer the question of Miyuna at all, and simply stood in place.

Miyuna made a dubious expression at this sight, and the Blue Wing knights at the back were also beginning to suspect something.


But that indifferent voice blew away that mood, and the maids extend an arm of theirs.

“—! What?!”

Seeing this strange action of the maids, the knights hurriedly unsheathe their swords and Miyuna also tightens her stance and glares at the maids.

“In the first place, you guys are misunderstanding something.”

“…Huh?” (Miyuna)

“Your lives are in our hands, you know.”

The eyes of the maid that giggled lightly were those of someone assured of their victory. She slowly rolls over the sleeve of her extended hand.

“With this…it will be easy to do something as killing you all.”

“What’s that?” (Miyuna)

What was below the now rolled over sleeves was a regular-looking bracelet.

Just what can that bracelet do? Miyuna couldn’t understand the meaning of it and was tilting her head internally in confusion. However, a Guarder that noticed what that bracelet was shouted a breath faster than everyone else.

“Could it be the Dyudyurad Bracelet?!”

“…So you guys really did know about it.”

As if confirming what the Guarder said, the maid’s mouth drew an arc.

“Then, you know the effect of this bracelet, right? But well, it is several times stronger than the one from that time though.”

“!! The bracelet that Gomon had in the duel!” (Miyuna)

Miyuna finally remembered and raised her voice from that, and the maids smile satisfied at that reaction.

The Dyudyurad Bracelet that Kamiuchi Makoto saw through in the duel with Gomon. Its effect is self-destructing by causing a magic power explosion. Moreover, if what the maid says is true, it is stronger than before.

“Are you planning on dying?!” (Miyuna)

“Begging for our life would be pointless this late. Then, we will decide our last moment on our own will.”

The maids snort at the words of Miyuna and their smiles widen.

It is abnormal. Their way of thinking that doesn’t fear death at all is nothing but abnormal. And if dealt incorrectly, this place could turn into a sea of blood. That alone must be avoided at all cost.

“Understand now? The fact that we are holding your lives.”

“Kuh!” (Miyuna)

“That’s right, that’s right. If you try to run away, we will activate it immediately.”

It was vexing. They have the superiority in numbers, but since they don’t know how strong that thing is, they can’t do anything thoughtless. It might be a bluff, but they can’t risk it.

What they are protecting is the future of this country.

Glaring at the maids that are showing off their bracelets, Miyuna couldn’t think of anything. The best plan to resolve this situation…

“…Now then, let’s provide some assistance.”

But without showing any care at that resolve and state of mind of the people around, a carefree voice reverberates in the area.

“Who is it?!”


Both sides fell into confusion at this sudden development, and in this place that had grown a degree noisier, a gust of wind blew, and in the next instant, a torrent of overwhelming power attacked everyone there.



“Guh…T-This is…”

With knee on the ground, Miyuna somehow managed to raise her head. The Blue Wing knights were also desperately resisting to not get crushed by this pressure, and the Guarders somehow managed to stay on their knees and were looking around to analyze the situation.

However, what they saw had everyone dumbfounded.

Not a single one of them knew since when that person was there. A silver haired butler with his hair combed back was suddenly standing in between the maids and the Blue Wing division. He looked back at Miyuna and the others, and shrugs his shoulders.

“Ooh, sorry. Looks like I mistook the amount I had to hold back.”

Before he finished speaking, the torrent of power that was restraining Miyuna and the others had dispersed, and the recoil of desperately resisting it had hitten a few of them, dropping onto the floor.

Miyuna got flustered at the suddenly lightened body of hers, and she was on the verge of falling forward, but somehow held out, and looks at the sudden intruder with her guard up.

“As per Master’s order, I have arrived to assist you. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

In contrast, the butler understood the thoughts of Miyuna, and bows elegantly. His glittering silver hair and eyes of the same color had fascinated Miyuna for a moment, and she hurriedly shook her head and looks at the man.

“‘Master’?” (Miyuna)

“Someone that you know pretty well.”

For a moment she didn’t know what he was talking about, but she digested his words and understood. There’s only one person that Miyuna knows who would have an unreasonable existence like this calling him master. The provoking smile of the person in question surfaced in her mind, and a complicated expression showing in her face was natural.

“Just who are you?” (Miyuna)

“My name is Rin. A humble Divine Beast.” (Rin)

“I see, a Divine Beast… Wait, a Divine Beast?!” (Miyuna)

Miyuna reached an understanding for a moment, but she raised her voice in disarray after, and the Guarders who heard their conversation and know the circumstances raised their voices as well to their maximum capacity.

‘What is that person doing?!’, is what they shouted.

The very person creating this chaos, Rin, was making a bright smile and turns back to the maids.

That smile made a number of them make the eyes of a maiden, but no one could blame them. This place was already being controlled by this sudden intruder, and not a single one of them could move.

“Kuh…to this extent…”

The standing has reversed. The maids were being restrained by an unknown power and still can’t move as they want. They forcefully try to move their bodies, and begin to shape magic power.

However, in the middle of this process, the shaped up magic power would disperse.


“It is pointless. I am interfering with your magic power, so it is impossible for you guys to use your magic power.” (Rin)

Hearing the indifferent words of Rin, the maids were desperately trying to shape their magic power, but they couldn’t do it at all.

The maids didn’t understand what was going on, but they understood that there was nothing they could do anymore. They looked at each other’s faces and let out a laugh.


“Oya, what’s the matter?” (Rin)

“Nothing. Just that, even if you capture us—”

“You girls were simply buying time, right?” (Rin)

With a deepened smile, the maids were trying to bring about a last effort of bringing unrest, but as if chipping that fervor of them, Rin spoke without breaking that bright smile of his.

“Could it be…”

“I don’t know the exact objective. —But the actions you were taking looked like those of someone trying to buy time.” (Rin)


The maids were implicitly admitting to what Rin said, and Miyuna hurriedly looked back and was about to run off, but a voice stopped her.

“It is okay. There’s only these two here, so the inside is safe.” (Rin)

The voice of Rin. And he continued speaking.

“At that part of the inner palace, there’s the barrier of my Master. Even I as a Divine Beast would have trouble breaking through it, so a normal human wouldn’t even be able to damage it.” (Rin)

“That much? …T-Then…what were they trying to accomplish…?” (Miyuna)

“I don’t know, but they are most definitely planning something bad somewhere. If they cause a ruckus here, it will definitely gather people… There’s the royal family at our back after all.” (Rin)

Rin laughed as if it were someone else’s business, and this slightly pissed Miyuna, but being unable to leave from this place, she grinds her teeth.

“In the first place, you maids…are you aware that you are being controlled?” (Rin)

“W-What stupid thing are you saying…?”

“It would be pointless if the people themselves notice that they are being controlled after all. So it is natural not to know.” (Rin)

Rin smiles gently at the maids and places a hand on their heads silently, and chants something in a fast manner. Right after, an impact like that of a wind burst blew, and Miyuna didn’t understand what happened. Just that, the maids that didn’t get flustered until now were visibly confused, and she somewhat understood what Rin did.

Just that, she couldn’t see any emotion at all from the eyes of Rin that were looking at the maids, and that felt scary for Miyuna, chills running down her spine making her tremble.

“Ah right, leave this place to me and go.” (Rin)

“Eh, I-Is that okay?” (Miyuna)

“Yeah, Master told me to protect the lives of everyone in this place… Of course, that includes these two.” (Rin)

Glancing at the maids that were still on their knees, Rin shows his ever present bright smile. It is a smile that doesn’t fit a battlefield, but Miyuna sensed ferocious animal nature hiding behind that smile and felt a thicker smell of death than before. A single streak of sweat flowed down as she placed strength in her abdomen. She felt like she would be showing a shameful display if she were to lower her guard, so she gave him her gratitude in a knightly manner, and with a number of Blue Wing knights in tow, she runs as if escaping from the place.

“To be young, how nice…” (Rin)

Rin narrows his eyes as if that Miyuna was dazzling, and directs his gaze towards the maids.


“No need to get so scared. It will be okay.” (Rin)

Different from before, just by being looked at, fear welled up from the depths of their body, and with teeth clattering, the maids were unable to bear it and tried to escape. However, the freedom of their bodies had been taken away, and being unable to move as they wish, the maids were raising pathetic wails in fear.

“Oya oya, for people that were boasting about not fearing death, the moment the suggestion is gone, you end up in this manner…” (Rin)

The disinterested voice of Rin.

That voice only sounded like the voice of a death god, and with the sound of the footsteps that brought despair, he crouched, and moved his face closer to them. The pure power that dwelled in his eyes overawed them, and they couldn’t endure the fear that attacked them from the smiling Rin, and they wet themselves.

Rin laughs amused and places a finger on the bracelets, and with a light noise, the bracelets break in no time.

“Now then, let’s have a real nice talk.” (Rin)

The maids were dumbfounded by this sight, and Rin silently deepened his smile and laughed.

☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆  

—At around the same time.

In an underground corridor where the light of the sun doesn’t reach, there’s a woman in black clothing walking stealthily at a fast pace. Wiping away the red drop that was wetting her cheek, and without minding that the mini skirt was rolled over and showing her white thighs, the woman was walking hurriedly with ragged breath.

“Good morning, Makirus-sama.”

Standing in front of the door at the end, the woman had stopped walking, and with her still ragged breath, she elegantly bows. When she does, a presence moves at the other side of the door, and a young woman shows her face in the peephole of the door.

“Ara, Mishta. Good morning.” (Makirus)

“I have come to pick you up.” (Mishta)

“I see… So that old man began at this time, huh.” (Makirus)

Giggling, the shoulders of the young woman -Makirus- shake, and the woman called Mishta takes out an iron key and puts it inside the keyhole of the door. When she turned the key, a light sound was made along with the door opening.

“Thank you.” (Makirus)

Makirus smiled with the door now opened, and Mishta who received that smile had her cheeks redden and her eyes dampen.

“Sorry for all the trouble.” (Makirus)

“No, this is all for the sake of Makirus-sama’s ambition. For the sake of that, I would happily offer my body.” (Mishta)

“You are truly cute, Mishta.” (Makirus)

“Aaah…” (Mishta)

Holding Mishta’s waist and pulling her over, Makirus kisses the neck of Mishta and makes a sadistic smile.

“Oh my… Were you that lonely?” (Makirus)


Their lips lightly touch.

This sight that could be taken as a couple having a rendezvous, if it weren’t for the scene being in an underground prison, it could have been a picturesque sight.

“Now then, it is about time to go.” (Makirus)

“Y-Yes.” (Mishta)

“Good grief, how dirty you are. Was that old man not able to satisfy you?” (Makirus)

“Compared to Makirus-sama, there’s a limit to how conceited one can get… He was the worst kind of man.” (Mishta)

For Mishta, even if she has a particular sexual preference, if it is the wish of her beloved one, no matter what kind of order it is, she has loyally performed them. Even if that order was to sleep with a bald old man who is reaching his last years of life. For the sake of her beloved one, she would happily offer her body.

Thanks to that, an opening is created, and it was an incredibly easy job.

“A man that can’t even satisfy one woman thinking about becoming the king of a country…” (Makirus)

“But thanks to that, he was an easy to control man…” (Mishta)

“Ara, quite the words there. Fufu.” (Makirus)

Saying ‘sorry for asking so much of you’, Makirus kisses Mishta and smiles. But the warmth that she hasn’t felt for a while made the feelings of Mishta explode and she sticks to the lips of Makirus, and in time, rough and disordered breathing could be heard in the underground prison, covering it with heat.

Stopping Mishta who was wishing for more, Makirus makes a charming smile and separates her lips from Mishta and caresses Mishta’s lips.

“Let’s continue later.” (Makirus)

“…Y-Yes.” (Mishta)

Licking her shining wet lips, Mishta looks sadly at Makirus, and Makirus laughs amused.

There’s not many who know since when these two have entered these kind of relationship, but it goes without saying that this relationship hit the plans of Erac really hard.

Mishta came from the Garusha Empire to serve as a messenger to Erac, but due to a certain event, she ended up pledging her allegiance to Makirus instead of Erac, and was moving under her orders.

Betraying her own country, the Garusha Empire, the woman Mishta offered her body for the sake of her beloved one.

If he knew that the woman he thought he was controlling was actually controlling him, just what kind of face would he make?

Mishta tightens her loosening lips, and Makirus smiles at that sight of hers.

“Makirus-sama, your clothes.” (Mishta)

Taking off her dirty clothes, Makirus’s naked body was exposed, and Mishta takes out clothes from the knapsack she put down, and offers it to Makirus.

“Thanks. —Anyways, to think the Empire’s army would retreat.” (Makirus)

“Yeah, I was also surprised when I heard that.” (Mishta)

“It is different from planned, but it helped out that this made them easier to control… In that point, we have to be grateful to Crow, I suppose.” (Makirus)

Makirus giggles, and Mishta watches this with a bashful face, and grinds her teeth.

That unpleasant stain. She learned that she had shown a pathetic sight that night because of Crow -the ‘ordinary man’ that was caught in the hero summoning- when she had come to the underground prison with Erac.

At that time, Mishta had been hiding herself and keeping Erac in check, and if something happened to Makirus, she would move immediately. This truth that she learned there had made her stomach turn in anger. However, he surpasses by leaps and bounds her own invisibility techniques, and she can’t even feel his presence, so what could she even do.

Mishta placed away the many emotions she had, and decided on prioritizing the fulfillment of Makirus’s ambitions.

“It is okay, Mishta.” (Makirus)

“…Makirus-sama?” (Mishta)

“It looks like you also have quite the grudge towards him, so let’s defeat the enemy together, Mishta.” (Makirus)

She gently hugged Mishta, and she whispers gently in her ear as if seeing through her.

That whisper made Mishta leak out an ‘Aaah…’ and her body trembled lightly. Even while being amused by this sight, Makirus embraced her gently and kissed her ear once.

And then…

“Now then, let’s go to the summit far and above.” (Makirus)

With renewed feelings, Makirus once again walks.

Mishta follows those slow steps of hers from the back with an ecstatic expression, and looking at that back of hers, her breathing gets rough.

<Makirus is the potato of Mishta.>


(I will surpass human limit!)

Walking on this dark moisty underground prison, Makirus finished climbing the stairs, and the light of the sun began to dye her vision in white, and while narrowing her eyes from the light of the sun, she continued walking without stopping.

(In order to resume my experiment…)

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