QualiA – Chapter 55: What ends and what begins ④

I teleport from the house of the Bald Geezer, and tell the Queen and the others the situation.

“Tomorrow morning…at the royal capital’s main gate.”

“They have already jumped on their feet, so they can’t turn back after all.” (Makoto)

The last struggle of the Bald Geezer begins. While thinking this, I told Yuichi and the others about Katsuragi’s safety, and the three were showing faces of relief and were happy.

“Also, the Bald Geezer…was being mind controlled. And the Empire’s spy was Mishta. There might be others, but right now I don’t know.” (Makoto)

“Controlled by who? Or more like, the Empire’s spy is Mishta and there’s others… Ah, geez! There’s so many things occurring at once that I can’t make head or tails.” (Caril)

Same here.

“And so, who is the one controlling Erac?” (Caril)

“Probably Mishta. She did try to control the heroes too.” (Makoto)

“…But if she is the Empire’s spy, she should be cooperating with Erac, right? Isn’t it strange that he is being controlled?” (Caril)

“True. But because of Mishta messing up, the Empire’s army has retreated, and the Bald Geezer’s plan has been warped beyond recognition.” (Makoto)

“Could it be that the Empire is not a monolith either?” (Caril)

“Probably. —But no matter the state of the Bald Geezer, what we are going to do doesn’t change.” (Makoto)

It may depend on who Mishta is connected with in the Empire.

She might even be connected with a faction that was against attacking the Motoyasu Kingdom, but right now we have to concentrate on the matter at hand that’s approaching us.

“Right… Contact Gallahart at once.” (Caril)


A maid I am not familiar with bowed and left the room in haste, and as if taking her place, a person I am familiar with entered.

“I have returned.”

“Welcome back, Niva.” (Caril)

“I am sorry for being late… And so, what happened?” (Niva)

Niva-san had just returned from Makirus’s home, and she couldn’t understand this situation where all heroes are gathered and was confused. The Queen explains a digested version of it, and her expression stiffens as it goes.

“Something like that happened?” (Niva)

“Niva, you rest for a bit.” (Caril)

“But there’s no time.” (Niva)

“It is exactly because there’s no time that I am telling you to rest.” (Caril)

It is currently past 8:00 p.m. It is tomorrow morning, so there’s not even 10 hours left.

She has been doing a thorough search for a whole day moving around, so if she doesn’t rest for a bit, her body won’t last.

“Understood. —Makoto-sama, here.” (Niva)

“Oh, you got it?” (Makoto)

“Yes, it was inside a hidden safe at the basement.” (Niva)

Ara, there was such a thing in the basement? Didn’t notice it.

I confirm with [Analyze] what I received.

[Bulb of Detorashta: Bulb from the Detorashta plant. It possesses a powerful acidic poison, and it can easily melt the skin just by touching it.]

Okay, bingo.

“Hm, no mistake. Well, I will be making it on my side.” (Makoto)

“Makoto-kun, you rest a bit as well. —Even if I say that, you won’t listen though.” (Caril)

“You get it. Well, it won’t take that long, so I will go make it.” (Makoto)

I once again borrow the room I used before, and was about to make medicine once more.

“Hero-samas, for now, let’s go have dinner.” (Niva)

“Eh, okay…”

Now that I think about it, Katsuragi said that she still hadn’t had dinner yet, so I gave her some food. I also…created…a reliable bodyguard cause she might be lonely on her own.

“I have a bodyguard on Katsuragi, so there’s no need to worry. Well, that person doesn’t stop talking, so she shouldn’t get bored.” (Makoto)

“E-Ehm…what do you mean by that…”

“Hmm, putting it simply, it is like a Spirit.” (Makoto)


Can’t be helped that they would be surprised. There’s no Spirits in our world, and Spirits are also in the rare category in this world. They rarely show themselves in the public, so they are being sanctified in a way due to the Divine Beasts.

Niva-san has already seen me summon one once, so she is not surprised, but it looks like the Queen is incredibly interested as she directs her face here with excitement.

“…I won’t be summoning.” (Makoto)

“Stingy.” (Caril)

Stingy, she says.

Right now the one in Katsuragi’s place is Phal, so there’s no problem, but the other Spirits are so free that it is difficult to control them. They do whatever they want and don’t take any responsibility at all.

In that point, the Will-o-Wisp is silent and competent, so it is easy to deal with which I like.

“I will be going for now, but if there’s anything, call me.” (Makoto)

“Understood.” (Caril)

Well then, the Decomposition Death Virus, let’s do our best in creating it. When I was going to leave the room, a single knight came running this way with a pale face.

“This is an emergency, please forgive my rudeness!”

“I do. —What is the matter?” (Caril)

“A letter stating that Katsuragi-sama has been kidnapped had arrived at the First Division’s lodging! It had the seal of the Milhaphne house!”

“…I see. Thanks for your work.” (Caril)

“Yes! —Forgive my interruption!”

Lowering his knees, the knight finished his report, gives the letter to Niva-san, and after saluting the Queen once again, he hurriedly left.

“Looks like they have resolved themselves.” (Caril)

“Then it is just a matter of hitting them back.” (Makoto)

It is as simple as that. He has declared war, so we just have to face them.

“Well then, I will go.” (Makoto)

“Yeah, I will be counting on you.” (Caril)

“Got it.” (Makoto)

I leave Yuichi and the others who couldn’t follow all the events happening to the Queen, and move to do what I have to do. —I left the room to make the antidote.

☆☆ ★★★ ☆☆   

A little past midnight when the day had just changed, there was a platoon of about 10 people moving around in a place of the city where there’s no moonlight reaching. Everyone was nervous and continued moving in silence. The slight metallic noise of their rattling armor resounded well in the silent city.

“Hey, is a rebellion really going to happen?”

“It will. I saw the opposing faction preparing for war after all. Also, from what I have heard of the people from the opposing faction, there’s no mistake.”


“You idiot! —Your voice is too loud!”

At the front row of that group, the knight that served as the lieutenant of the platoon was hurriedly reprimanded by the knight that seemed to be in a bad mood.

“It would be problematic if the people of the opposite faction were to find us.”

“I-I know, but…isn’t it weird for compatriots to be fighting?”

“Everyone knows it is.”

Furrowing his brows, the captain of the platoon silently sighs.

The people that are participating in the rebellion, putting it simply, are doing it to obtain easy status and money. Most of the people that join the knights have that kind of objective as well, so the captain already knew that they don’t have any grandiose ideology.

“If you want to go to their side, I won’t stop you.”

“…I won’t. More importantly, Hector…”

“What?” (Hector)

The captain that’s called Hector looked at the lieutenant and tilts his head.

“Why did you come to our side? You were originally from their side, right?”

“…Just felt like it.” (Hector)

“Felt like it, you say… That kind of reason…”

The lieutenant was in disbelief at the answer of Hector, but he understood at the follow up.

“I simply followed the will of God.” (Hector)

“Now that you mention it, you are a believer of God Voruda.”

“Yeah, God is always watching us. That’s why I must act in a way that doesn’t bring shame.” (Hector)

The strong words of Hector were responded with a dry laugh of the lieutenant, and after that, there were no words as they were covered in silence while walking the alley.

Having faith in a God, the man -Hector Korn- had been raising his achievements as a knight till now.

His original dream was to be a templar, but the Korn household is one that has always fostered knights that serve the royal family, so Hector couldn’t go against his father either.

But this time around, his father won’t be coming out unpunished from the rebellion. There’s practically no noble in this country that isn’t shady. Hector made a smile visible to no one, and silently laughs.

Everything is for his own sake.

He is planning to gain freedom here. The man that is covering up his ugly heart is silently spreading his wings and trying to fly.

Not knowing that what lies ahead is a bog with dark clouds and turmoil.

  ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆

Inside the dim room, a single man is silently sitting on his bed and pondering.

Performing the meditation that was passed down by the first king that is used to arrange the mind, he sighs and opens his eyes.

“…Let’s go.”

The place he is heading to is his dying place.

To think he would be heading to a battle that has an incredibly low chance of winning. The man -Okiur- couldn’t help but grieve at this late in the game.

The Empire’s army that was a strong backing for them has retreated, and the ones left are the few knight corps of their own country. On top of that, those knights have shown signs of dividing in factions, and it is the very definition of grinding their own legs.

And what’s stressing him the most is the man called Crow.

“Isn’t that guy really an Abnormal Monster?” (Okiur)

To be able to make the Empire’s army that surpassed the tens of thousands on his own, who would believe something like that? When Okiur heard that story from Captain Kirzam, he laughed at how absurd it was. However, with the serious gaze of Kirzam, and the person himself doing a declaration of war, his field of vision turned completely black.

Erac also got a message of the Empire army’s retreat, but he didn’t mention Crow at all, and this created doubt in him.

There’s already no going back. Then, what’s there to hide? Even though it would leave a bad taste in the mouth at this point in time, just what is he thinking? Okiur couldn’t read the true intentions of Erac.


“So you were still awake.” (Okiur)

At the back of Okiur who was in a spiral of doubt, the voice of a young woman called to him.

“Are you going?”

“…Yeah.” (Okiur)

Facing back to the woman that’s closing her eyes in sadness, Okiur simple says a single word of affirmation.

He has been passing through a perilous path. There were mountains, valleys, and no even roads; it was a path filled with difficulties. Even with that, he was able to tread on this path because of his earnest partner that’s before his eyes.

Without hiding the wrinkles that had been etched on him by the amount of times he has faced difficulties, he thinks about her who has done her all for him, and he slowly places his hands on his face.

“I have given you nothing but hardships…” (Okiur)

“No, I will follow no matter where you go.”

With only that, something connected between them. She jumped to the chest of Okiur, and hugging the back of the woman that is wetting her cheeks in silence, he looks up.

(I have no regrets…)

Done regretting. If he doesn’t, it would make what he has worked so hard until now look like a joke.

What’s truly important to him was by his side, and yet, his eyes were clouded by greed. A foolish man that mistook his path. Okiur self-derided himself knowing that’s the best way to describe himself, however, as the Bellkurt household’s head, he can’t just let himself die a pathetic death.

“I will be going.” (Okiur)

“…Yes. Have a safe trip.”

(I will show you that in my last moments, I will scatter in glory.)

With those feelings in his chest, Okiur left his loved woman, departed from his residence that he will never return to anymore, and headed to the battlefield…

☆☆ ☆☆ ★ ☆☆ ☆☆  

A little past 6:00 a.m when the sky was beginning to light up.

Big lines of knights at the main gates were making the earth of the royal capital shake heavily.

The store clerks that were beginning to open their stores hurriedly closed them, and the people that poked their head out hurriedly closed their windows and locked their doors. Everyone understood that it was a big emergency, and the only thing they could do was hold their breaths and silently look over the situation. The city that was asleep immediately woke up, and suddenly grew noisy.

“Fuaa~, so sleepy.” (Makoto)

Watching this sight from the roof of a private house, I yawn.

At a carriage in the front, there’s the Bald Geezer in it, and the Bellkurt’s and Yoshrant’s head were also there.

Bellkurt is the household of that Gomon that I had a duel with, and the Yoshrant household is the one that created the reason for the duel.

I am acquainted with their sons, but I am not directly acquainted with the heads.

I do know the names of others, but there’s also the heads of nobles riding other carriages following, and I can only see them as small fries. I am on the higher spectrum in terms of memory, but the people there are ones that I simply saw for a bit in the audience with the Queen that was done right after the summoning, and in the incident caused by Makirus with the Decomposition Death Virus where they gathered in the assembly hall.

Trying to match faces with their names would be difficult to say the least.

And, honestly speaking, they are a bunch of people that gathered with no strong feelings towards each other. Rather, they are extreme idiots that are causing trouble by attempting to revolt towards their country, so my feelings of ‘I don’t care what happens to them’ are strong.

“The front has already passed the central plaza, so…” (Makoto)

They will reach the royal castle in around 20 minutes more.

With the knights’ march in the corner of my eye, I teleport to the castle.

“I am back~.” (Makoto)

“…No tension at all.” (Caril)

Right after teleporting, I got a scolding from the Queen.

With the Queen as the head of the encampment in the front of the castle’s gates, there’s the first and second knight division. I can also see the Guarders here, but most of them are with the Blue Wings Division protecting the inner palace.

The personal knights of the King have finally gotten their turn and have joined in protecting the inner palace. They apparently have no equals in terms of their ability to protect.

Erin and the other maids are taking refuge in the castle. Just in case, I set up a variety of things there, but they probably won’t be able to invade till that far.

Cause I plan on wrapping things up here after all.

“They will be arriving in around 20 minutes. There’s around 1,000 people heading to the castle. The rest remain in the city.” (Makoto)

“…I see. So Erac plans on making the city a battlefield.” (Caril)

“We have to catch the Bald Geezer before that and it will be over.” (Makoto)

Third knight division, sixth knight division; with those two combined, their numbers sum up to quite the amount, so it is impossible to have them move in the city all at once. They divided in groups and were positioned in the city, and they most likely plan on capturing the important points. Most of the second division is being used to protect the quarantined sectors, so they are working together with the first division and are being assigned to protect several points.

The protection of the castle is formed with a few elites, so it is around a 1,000 people.

Strangely the numbers matched with the other side, but the steps of the army that are approaching the castle from afar are shaking the earth, and the city has fallen into chaos.

The Bald Geezer -aka, Erac- is done for. He is pulling soldiers in tow and trying to overthrow the country. The only future he has is to be judged as a rebel. Along with the nobles that participated with him.

“Most of the nobles will go down.” (Makoto)

“There’s too many to eliminate them all.” (Caril)

“For now, as long as we defeat the head, the country will be able to turn once again… But if we don’t anything, it will repeat.” (Makoto)

“Honestly speaking, this is a topic I don’t want to hear right now.” (Caril)

Sorry about that.

“Makoto-san.” (Yuichi)

“How you doing?” (Makoto)

“To be frank, I am so nervous I don’t know what to do…” (Yuichi)

Right, you are all stiff after all.

“I don’t think you will have a turn, but seeing people fight against each other isn’t something pleasing. If you feel like you can’t do it, step back.” (Makoto)

“I-It is okay.” (Yuichi)

“Kusuhara, Asagi, I am leaving this idiot in your hands.” (Makoto)

After I left Yuichi, who doesn’t seem to understand even if I tell him with words, to these two, the shaking grew a degree stronger, and the roar of knights at the other side of the gates were reverberating in the area.

“—Oh, looks like they have arrived.” (Makoto)

Seems like a part of the knights have reached the front of the castle gates.

Gallahart was standing firmly in front of the tightly closed gates like a gate guardian, and glares at the knight that entered from the small door at the side of the gates.

“…Kirzam.” (Gallahart)

“General, I have a letter from Erac-sama.” (Kirzam)

Without faltering at the glare of Gallahart, Kirzam takes out a single letter, and receiving it, Gallahart walks to the Queen.

Kirzam directed his gaze at me for an instant, but when our eyes met, he hurriedly averted his gaze. That’s not good… If you stand here with no resolve, you will trip on your feet, you know, Third Division Captain-san.

“Here.” (Gallahart)

Lowering his knees, Gallahart respectfully presents the letter, and the Queen takes it, opening, and reading it.

“…So it really has come to this. But this is…” (Caril)

“If it is about me, don’t mind it.” (Makoto)

Most was as expected, but a part of it must have been out of expectations.

“‘As a condition of releasing the Hero Katsuragi-sama, offer the life of Kamiuchi-sama’, it says. It is placed in the conditions that it must be done by the Hero-samas themselves.” (Caril)

“Hoh~.” (Makoto)

What an interesting condition he thought of. Looks like that Bald Geezer doesn’t want to dirty his hands no matter the case.

“N-No way!”

“Don’t get agitated over something of this extent.” (Makoto)

“B-But to kill Makoto-san…” (Yuichi)

“As I said, calm down.” (Makoto)

Looks like there’s the need to fix that habit of getting flustered at every turn. There’s the fear of bringing disaster in times of need.

“Gallahart-osan.” (Makoto)

“…Is it okay?” (Gallahart)

“Open the gate at once, please.” (Makoto)

Prompting O-san who was making a more serious face than usual, I baton pass to the childhood friend of puppy hero-kun that is calming him down.

“Open the gates!” (Gallahart)

With the deep voice of O-san, the gates that protect the castle slowly opened.

And then, at the other side of the opening gates, the Bald Geezer in between knights was walking over here with Katsuragi in tow. At their back there’s the nobles following after.

“Good morning, Ohi-sama.” (Erac)

With a wide smile in his face, the Bald Geezer spreads his arms with his mouth drawing an arc as if he is victorious, and with his eyes facing this way, he laughs.

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