QualiA – Chapter 53: What ends and what begins ②

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It was honestly eyebrow raising. That’s how Kirzam was thinking.

Just how would a regular person that was simply caught in the hero summoning going to be able to do anything. It probably must have been the misunderstanding of the Magic Division Head. He had spoken to him once and he seemed aloof and had nothing special going on him, and in his duel with Gomon, he showed a pathetic sight.

But if those were all just an act?

What if this wild beast that was hiding its fangs shows them and attacks?

“T-That’s definitely strange!”

“A-A-A-An ordinary person wouldn’t be able to release such killing intent…”

Falling down on their butts, there were some who peed themselves, but while they were wailing, they thought back on the man that had already left, and their teeth clattered in fear. That fear was palpable, and if possible, Kirzam wanted to go insane right now.

There’s no way an ordinary person can release a killing intent like that.

The knights there have experienced a decent amount of carnage. Most of the job of the third knight division is patrolling the city, but capturing killers, stopping insurrections, and fighting monsters that sneaked into the city is also part of it. All of them are fights with their life at stake, fights where it is kill or be killed, and that’s their livelihood. But for Kirzam who has experienced this kind of carnages, he has never encountered anyone who could release such killing intent.

But well, he has not met an existence that would be labelled as a Monster in the times he experienced all those carnages though.

“W-With something like that being here, there’s nothing we can do…!”


“Captain! Let’s advice Erac-sama to stop!”

The knights that had finally stood up were still shaking on their feet, and the fear that’s seeped deep in their bones isn’t coming out anytime soon.

They already rode on the cajolery of the Prime Minister, so since the time he went against the country, there was no place for him to return to anymore. However, thinking about the knights that are sticking together with him, as a captain, he can’t have their lives shatter pointlessly.

In this third knight division that has many sons of nobles as members and are in the side of the Prime Minister, it is natural that when the talk about the knight reassignation came out,  there would be a side that would firmly stay in the Prime Minister side, and another that would talk about how they should withdraw; it divided in these two big powers.

Of course, Kirzam is the head of the Prime Minister’s side, but there’s around ⅓ of the third knight division that is on the pacifist side, and it was visible that there was a fall in their combat power. Even if they have the superior numbers, if it turns into a long battle, the difference in numbers is basically nothing in the face of the first and second division.

If they were only against the knights, maybe there would have been a chance to win, but reality is unfeeling.

(That kind of Monster, don’t joke around.)

Even without fighting, he can tell how abnormal that Monster is. Fighting a Death God that has a thick aura of death wafting out from him would be reckless and foolish. Without having even the time to be ashamed of his conceitedness just a moment ago, Kirzam falls into thought.

How to overcome this dilemma and save the knights. It could be said that that’s the last shred of conscience Kirzam has remaining.

(We picked a fight with the wrong opponent.)

Sending pity towards the mastermind of this operation, Kirzam looks down to the floor.

The white floor that was stomped on had cracks running like a spider web, and in the center of it, there’s the clear shape of a footprint remaining.

Just how much leg power would you need to achieve something like this. Kirzam didn’t even have the energy to be surprised anymore and could only laugh at this point. He began to slowly walk with heavy steps at the same path he came from.

The path lying ahead is one of despair.

Can’t step back or escape. They are pitiful insects that have been caught in the web of the spider.

Maybe that a while ago was a representation of it?, is what Kirzam thought as he made a dry laugh, stopping his steps and making one deep breath.

‘I will protect the life of the knights’, with that resolve clear, Kirzam slowly placed his hand on the doorknob…

☆ ☆☆ ★ ☆☆ ☆☆  

It has been quite a good while since I have received such a cheap provocation.

That’s why I also returned in kind with a cheap provocation.

“…Then, it is just a matter of time before Erac makes a move.” (Caril)

“Probably. The fastest would be today, the latest would most likely be tomorrow. He might be thinking that the cards in his hands have already been revealed, so he should not be so stupid as to take his time.” (Makoto)

I am intruding in the room of the Queen as always and having a confidential talk in the guise of a chat.

“True… Right now the first knight division is searching thoroughly Makirus’s home, so it would be problematic if they caught us while they are divided.” (Caril)

“The second division is currently guarding the secluded sectors, so if they were to attack the isolated sectors, it would be quite problematic.” (Makoto)

“There was that too… In the current situation, we can’t call back the second division… Aaah, geez!!” (Caril)

Also, the maids and butlers in Makirus’s home cannot be trusted. If they were to withdraw in the middle, who knows what they will do, and the evidence might get recollected at once.

“So, has there been any contact of Niva-san?” (Makoto)

“None for now.” (Caril)

“I see.” (Makoto)

Are they having a tough time there too? I could go check how they are doing, but I feel as if I would get scolded by Niva-san thoroughly if I get caught by her.

“This time around, leave it to Niva. That girl is bothered by the fact that we are leaving everything to Makoto-kun.” (Caril)

“Hmm, there’s no need to mind something like that though.” (Makoto)

“You say that, but I feel the same way as her, you know.” (Caril)

The Queen puffed her cheeks.

Saying any more about this would only be counterproductive, so let’s not.

“By the way, the thing about the reassignment of the knights has been going well?” (Makoto)

“It looks like it has shown a certain degree of effect. It doesn’t seem like it caused much of a ruckus in the sixth division though, but the third division has been divided.” (Caril)

“Hoh, that’s good.” (Makoto)

“It would be great if they were to withdraw here.” (Caril)

Judging from the personality of that Bald Geezer, I don’t think that’s possible.

“The so called faithfulness.” (Makoto)

“…Yeah.” (Caril)

“I will be keeping check as well, but if there’s any movements, tell me.” (Makoto)

“Understood.” (Caril)

No plans for now, so what shall I do.

“By the way, Makoto-kun.” (Caril)


“After things are done, what are you planning on doing?” (Caril)

What am I planning to do? That’s quite the abstract question there.

“Hmm…in the meantime, play?” (Makoto)

“Play, huh. Then, I will think of places to recommend.” (Caril)

“No, I was kidding… Don’t know about my plans for after, but I have no intentions of leaving this country. I can move by teleporting after all.” (Makoto)

“Aah, now that you mention it, you do have teleportation.” (Caril)

No matter where I want to go, I can use this country as my base.

“Well, I will think about it once things are done.” (Makoto)

“Right… We still have to remain on guard or we might get swept under our feet.” (Caril)

“They do say that a cornered rat would bite a cat, so there’s nothing as scary as a wounded beast.” (Makoto)

Erac has nowhere to latch onto, so he will most likely attack without a care.

Looks like there’s the need to keep guard on the surroundings as well.

“There’s no problems with the protection of the previous king and Almina?” (Makoto)

“None. At emergency situations, the Guarders and Blue Wing division are tasked to protect them.” (Caril)

“That’s good.” (Makoto)

“This time around the King and Prim are also under protection, so the defenses in the inner palace have been reinforced.” (Caril)

I see. The King has recently been cured, and the Princess is close to the same state as well. The command is probably going to be taken by the Queen, so there’s no mistake in choosing the inner palace in the case something happens.

There’s only one entrance for the inner palace, and it is surrounded by a thick 3 meter tall white wall, so there should be no problems with security.

For now, let’s set up a little something in the entrance just in case.

“Makoto-kun, are you scheming something?” (Caril)

“How can you tell…?” (Makoto)

“Because you are making that kind of face.” (Caril)

What kind of face is that?

“I was just thinking about harassing a bit.” (Makoto)

And so I told her what I had thought of, and the Queen’s face frowned in a hard to explain way. I don’t think it is such a weird thing though… Setting a watchdog at the entrance of an inner palace.

“Jiten-sama…isn’t that the head of the Five Grand Ministers, the one of the Divine Beasts?” (Caril)

“Yeah, you could say that.” (Makoto)

“That’s the only way to say it.” (Caril)

The Queen places a hand on her forehead with a face of disbelief. Looks like she is having a terrible headache right now.

“…That’s overdoing it a bit.” (Caril)

“He is an open hearted old man though.” (Makoto)

“I think you are the only one who could say that, Makoto-kun.” (Caril)

His looks are stern, but he is an old man that can be talked with. He can turn human, so he even goes to human settlements every now and then.

“Rejected, rejected. If you were to do that, I would be scared what would happen after.” (Caril)

“Isn’t it fine? If word spreads to other countries that a Divine Beast is protecting your country, wouldn’t their eyes pop out of their sockets?” (Makoto)

“It would only bring harmful attention.” (Caril)


“Then, let’s go with the way that won’t stand out.” (Makoto)

“…So there’s no choice of not doing anything.” (Caril)

“Cause you know, there’s no way I can just let a chance to have fun pass by.” (Makoto)

“Haaah… Just don’t be excessive.” (Caril)

“Understood.” (Makoto)

After that, we continued conversing, and waited with teacup in hand till Niva-san comes to report.

  ☆☆ ★★★☆☆  

The sun was going down west, and it is now the time that’s considered evening.

There’s a single boy that’s swinging his sword diligently in the training grounds with sweat flowing down his forehead.

Swinging his sword. Just single-mindedly swinging his sword.

But the heart is honest. Uneasiness was showing in his sword, and the swings were not drawing a fine line.


Letting out a small sigh, the hero -Yuichi- sheathes the sword and sits down.

“Today you seem quite down the weather. What’s the matter?”

“No, I am fine.” (Yuichi)

“Really? Don’t push yourself, okay?”

“Okay, thank you very much.” (Yuichi)

Being spoken to by a knight that was close by, Yuichi gives him a half-hearted response and thinks back to what happened yesterday.

The man that he thought had been caught up in the hero summoning was actually a former hero, and on top of that he was also a Demon Lord. He couldn’t completely swallow the fact that Kamiuchi Makoto is truly an existence out of the realm of imagination, but it is not as if he has disgust or evasiveness at him.

Honestly speaking, since the time he heard that story, he couldn’t keep up with the conversation, and he wasn’t sure if he managed to arrange his emotions, it would be more correct to say that he was still flustered by it. Even so, because he now understands that the things he was told were from actual experience, Yuichi felt that the weight in his words had increased.

“…Makoto-san.” (Yuichi)

The words that Yuichi muttered didn’t reach the ears of anyone and disappears in the air.

Last night’s chance meeting was one that made the image of a Hero begin to clear up in the mind of Yuichi.

Protect what you want to protect with your very life’, it is easy to say, however, Yuichi understands that there’s the need for more than your average effort in order to achieve it. But the person that spoke those words has the power to achieve what he spoke.

He said last night that he would by no means act selflessly without any sort of reward, but Yuichi was sure that he would save anyone in need even if his tongue would be complaining about his displeasure of doing it which made a smile show in the face of Yuichi as he thinks about it.

(It would be impossible to reach his level.)

He understands that, no matter how much he aims for it, the impossible is impossible. He also understands that the place he should aim for is not there.

Then, what should he do? He was unable to escape the circling thoughts, so trying to swing his sword blindly to get an answer, his sword was showing how lost he was.

“Yuichi, you don’t seem to be doing well. Are you okay?”

“Ah, yes.” (Yuichi)

While he was pondering about what to do, the General spoke to Yuichi.

“I am fine. I was just thinking a bit.” (Yuichi)

“I see. —But if you are trapped in negative thoughts while swinging your sword, you won’t only hurt yourself, but expose your comrades to danger as well, you know?” (Gallahart)

“…Y-Yes.” (Yuichi)

Gallahart’s words were exactly right, so there was no room to refute. Yuichi honestly apologized and exhales lightly.

Gallahart was told a bit about what happened yesterday from the Queen, so he had a certain idea of what’s happening.

“It is about Kamiuchi-dono, right?” (Gallahart)

“—!!” (Yuichi)

“Looks like I am right.” (Gallahart)

Hitting the bullseye, Yuichi was at a lost for words. Seeing Yuichi like that, Gallahart scratches his chin and speaks again.

“Are you jealous?” (Gallahart)

“…Eh?” (Yuichi)

But he was suddenly questioned this, and Yuichi couldn’t respond.

“Are you jealous of his power?” (Gallahart)

“T-That’s not it. —It is not something like being jealous.” (Yuichi)

But his own feelings are not something as dirty as that. It is because he knows this that he tried to deny it the best he could.

“How to say it… I don’t know how to put it well in words, but it is kind of like, I want to one day be like him…” (Yuichi)

“I see… It is easy to copy someone, however, that way you will someday lose sight of yourself. —First try to look at yourself. I think you will be able to find your true figure you should aim for.” (Gallahart)

After saying that much, Gallahart told him: ‘Don’t push yourself too hard’ and left.

Yuichi who was left alone repeated the words he said to chew them thoroughly, but this resulted in further turmoil in his thoughts.

“…The true figure I should aim for…” (Yuichi)

The people he is aiming for don’t talk much and only leave more complex stuff to think of behind. Making a bitter smile at this, Yuichi stands with sword in hand.

(Protect the people important to me…)

To protect the people he wants to protect, for the sake of that, he wished for power. He wished for power, he held the sword of a hero that can make that power a reality.

“Ha!” (Yuichi)

The sword that was slowly held up stopped overhead, and in the next instant, and together with burning passion, the wind was cut as the sword was swung down, and stops in place.

It was clearly different from the sword swings of a while ago that were filled with doubts.It was a sharp swing that gathered commotion from the knights around and brought out compliments from them. At a place slightly further away, someone who was watching over this was surprised, but also raised the corners of their mouth.

The heroes were steadily showing growth, and a bright future was showing…

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