QualiA – Chapter 47: And another one appears ③

Olfi walks with relaxed steps accompanying it with humming.

She seemed to be somewhat aloof, but in reality, there’s not a single opening in sight. I didn’t have opportunities to directly observe her, but it must be a kind of talent to be able to blend into the surroundings in such a natural way.

“Captain Olfi, are you going to training now?”

“That’s right. If possible, I want to skip it though.” (Olfi)

“Geez, the captain shouldn’t be saying such things.”

“Fufu, right. Please act as if you didn’t hear that, okay?” (Olfi)

She is having a casual talk with the maid she encountered in the way, but there was not a single bit of an unnatural feeling in it.

Since she came here for the sake of joining the exclusive knight division of the Princess, it must mean that she has been working in this castle for more than a year, so it wouldn’t be rare for her to have acquaintances.

After the frivolous talk, Olfi bids farewell to the maid, and moved through the corridor with the same relaxed steps of before.

…Now then, my mask and mantle have been equipped. It is about time to act.

☆ ★★★☆☆

After leaving the Prime Minister’s office, Olfi didn’t head directly to the training field and continued walking randomly around the castle.

(I will be bidding my farewells to this place as well, huh.)

Slight strong feelings were inside her heart, and she self-derides herself saying ‘how stupid’.

In the first place, the objective she had when she came to this country, she had remembered this after she parted with the maid, and she sighed lightly.

This country is way too comfortable.

It is because it is too comfortable giving birth to negligence and openings. Olfi was thinking in amazement about how easily the people of this country trust others as she continued to walk the corridor.


However, she moved her eyes around for a moment as if checking her surroundings, and without stopping her steps, she continued on while humming.

(Heeh, to be tailing me…)

She feels a slight presence from her back. The amount of people in the vicinity decreased as time went on, and she was followed after as if aiming only for her.

The plan had been going well, however, after the hero summoning, the plans had to be changed over and over again, and it is in a current state of affairs where the main objective of the plan that was the king’s assassination has failed.

Olfi was so amazed by this that she was speechless, so she reported her withdrawal on this matter after the day it was known that the king’s disease had been cured.

(I don’t know who was the one though.)

Olfi hates her own plans being destroyed more than the average person, so she wanted to vent her anger on the person following her, making her lick her lips in anticipation with a smile.

It is an amateurish tailing, so approaching her in this manner when she is in the intelligence area was laughable. This emotion that’s close to arrogance took away the composed decision making of Olfi, and made her act in a forceful manner.

Without noticing that this was all a trap set up by the Monster, she makes a turn on the corridor.

(Now, come here.)

At that time, someone made the same turn as her a bit later, but she got surprised that her target suddenly disappeared. When she looked around, a person in black clothing entered her sight.

She was amazed for an instant at the fact that this person is wearing such an attire in broad daylight, and she appeared at the back of that person without making a sound.

“I am currently in a bad mood. Got any business with me?” (Olfi)

Olfi pushed the dagger on his neck and asked in an irritated tone.

☆ ☆☆ ★ ☆☆ ☆☆  

Releasing Intangible, I tail Olfi while keeping a certain distance. Of course, I have to let the other party notice my presence or there won’t be any point.

The tailing level was one to two levels lower than that of an expert, but as expected, her ability to sense presences is really part of her real profession. She noticed me almost immediately.

I was clearly showing a pathetic level of tailing, but the fact that she didn’t suspect anything and made contact with me does subtract points on her part.

“…Don’t plan on answering?” (Olfi)

Her words were thorny. Her way of speaking seems to be somewhat rough as well, so it is clear that she is lacking in composure right now.

“An attire like this, in a place like this… Are you an idiot?” (Olfi)

I do agree that a person wearing a mask and mantle in full black clothing inside the castle is a full-on show of idiocy. However, I really want to say that you were the one that made contact with such a full-blown idiot.

“Those words…” (Makoto)

“…What?—Guh?!” (Olfi)

“Right back at you.” (Makoto)

I elbowed her side, and at the same time as a dull sound rang from my back and a groan was heard, I twist her arm and slap the dagger out of her hand.

“Sorry for the bad manners.” (Makoto)

“…Kuh!” (Olfi)

Olfi held her side while groaning. Her face was showing pain, but her eyes were glaring at me as if piercing me.

“R-Release me!” (Olfi)

“Woah there. —I think there’s no idiot who would release someone for being told that though.” (Makoto)

“Gah! …Wuh…” (Olfi)

She tried to hit me with the opposite arm that is not being twisted, but I stop that fist of hers, push her like that onto the wall, and kneed her in the stomach.

A kabedon! Just kidding. <When a man forces a woman against the wall with one hand or leans against the wall and makes the sound of “don”. Though in this scenario, the ‘don’ is just her hitting the wall.>

Even if I were to tell the groaning Olfi, she wouldn’t get the reference, and I felt people from the other side of the corridor approaching.

“Someone, an intrude—” (Olfi)

“Raising your voice is pointless. The surroundings can’t hear you.” (Makoto)

Of course, Olfi also felt the presences approaching, and raised her voice as loud as possible. However, I was a step faster than her, and had covered the place with Silent Box.

“See? The sounds that could be heard before can’t be heard anymore, right?” (Makoto)

“—! …This is…” (Olfi)

The sounds of life around that could be heard just a moment ago were gone. Olfi finally noticed this and looked around, however, the fact that she doesn’t let me out of her sights must be due to her pride.

Just that before protecting such a thing, you should have properly measured your opponent.

“Now then, I have a variety of things I want to ask you, so…how about we move to another place?” (Makoto)

I was speaking in a light manner, but Olfi was tightening her lips and glaring at me. There’s no need to glare at me though. It is a pain to be in a place where people can see, so I send out a light push of killing intent towards Olfi, and her expression vividly changed colors.

“…Understood.” (Olfi)

Olfi didn’t lose to her fear or gave up, instead, she showed honest will to cooperate. Her eyes were trying evaluate me which I think comes with her profession.

“That’s why, can you please let go of me?” (Olfi)

“Right. Even if you tried to escape, you can’t anyways.” (Makoto)

“…Heeh, you are quite the confident one.” (Olfi)

“It is reality.” (Makoto)

Olfi showed anger for a moment, but when I pointed at a door close by, she furrowed her brows while opening and entering the room.

“…Hey, how about introducing ourselves first?” (Olfi)

The moment she stepped into the room, Olfi proposed this.

“There’s no need for that, but it would be unfair for only me to know, huh. Isn’t that right, sixth division captain, Olfi-san.” (Makoto)

“Right. What should I call you?” (Olfi)

“Call me Crow.” (Makoto)

However, Olfi didn’t think at all that I would be introducing myself with my real name, so even when she knew I was giving out a false name, she didn’t show any signs of getting agitated. Of course, she didn’t show any signs of agitation either when I locked the door. Even though that lack of cautiousness can cost you your life.

“Crow, huh. —And so, what do you want to ask?” (Olfi)

“Why did you betray the Prime Minister? Also, your objective.” (Makoto)

“…Where did you hear that?” (Olfi)

“Because I was listening there, of course.” (Makoto)

Olfi opens her eyes wide in surprise, but it seems like she noticed something and jumped back.

“Y-You were the one who got in our way!” (Olfi)

“Got in your way? How rude. It sounds as if what you guys were doing was the righteous thing.” (Makoto)

Well, I won’t say I am in the side of justice either though.

“It seems like you have been doing many bad things, so I will have you receive a punishment proportional to it.” (Makoto)

“—! U-Uhm, that curse-like thing…!” (Olfi)

“Ooh, you are sharp. A pretty rare experience, don’t you think?” (Makoto)

“Don’t joke around! Something like that…” (Olfi)

She probably hates to even remember it, deep wrinkles were formed in between her eyebrows, and those wrinkles were fluently stating her feelings.

“By the way, the effects are practically permanent. It won’t disappear till death, so relax.” (Makoto)

“What part is relaxing about that?” (Olfi)

Good point.

“—Now then, the self-introductions are done, so let’s begin the main topic.” (Makoto)

The probing charade is over.

“…First, tell me which country you are affiliated to.” (Makoto)

“Do you think I will answer obedie—” (Olfi)

“Oh, a petition for an extra curse?” (Makoto)

Those words made the body of Olfi quiver. Her eyes showed clear fear and her distance naturally increased, but a hard sound reverberated in the room.

“E-Eh…what?” (Olfi)

There’s nothing at her back, however, there was the clear feeling of her back hitting something and she turned her back on me in confusion. She fumbled with her hands at a place where there’s supposed to be nothing.

When we moved to the room, I undid the Silent Box and activated it again, so it is currently covering this whole room. The reason why I locked the room is not so that no one can enter the room or to prevent Olfi from escaping. In the first place, she can’t escape.

“W-What….! What in the world did you do?!” (OIfi)

“What, you ask. I am simply isolating this place. That’s why the sounds from the outside can’t be heard…and you can’t get out from here. Unless you kill me, that is.” (Makoto)

I added: ‘But the outside can see us clearly though’, however, Olfi was making an absent-minded face and wasn’t listening at all.

“If you answer me honestly, I won’t do anything to you, but if you show me such interesting reactions at every single thing, it should be my duty to answer those expectations of yours, don’t you think?” (Makoto)

“I-I understand! —I will talk, so please wait!” (Olfi)

Olfi’s voice was trembling in agitation. She makes an audible gulp.

“A…Astorn—” (Olfi)

“No lying.” (Makoto)

“It is the truth! I am a person from the Astorn Republic!” (Olfi)

With a desperate look, Olfi had her back on the invisible wall as if trying to escape from me.

This girl, ain’t her mental fortitude way too weak? But well, this might be acting. However, I don’t see any acting-like area in her fear.

No, there’s no way a person with the ability to become a knight captain would get scared by killing intent of this level.

…Ain’t you quite composed.

So she is faking fear while looking for an opening, huh. Well, you should be able to do at least that much or it won’t be interesting.

“I totally thought you were from the Empire. So that wasn’t the case, huh.” (Makoto)

“I am not. Don’t lump me with those people.” (Olfi)

Looks like she has some sort of past with the Empire. Her clear expression of disgust doesn’t look like the face of someone lying.

“However, I can’t trust you with just words alone that you are from Astorn… Don’t you have something to prove it?” (Makoto)

“Do you think there’s an idiot who would infiltrate a place while having those on their possession?” (Olfi)

“True. —Then, let’s ask directly.” (Makoto)

I stretch out my hand to her, and Olfi runs to the side, visibly showing her caution.

“There’s a small chance of ending up a cripple, but don’t mind it.” (Makoto)

“Wa?! —Are you stupid?! What are you trying to pull?!” (Olfi)

“What, you ask. I am going to directly peek at your memories. I can tell if it is true for sure by doing that, don’t you think?” (Makoto)

“As I said, I really am from Astorn!” (Olfi)

Humans show their true self in the times when they can’t escape. Olfi was lecturing me with a voice as if she were crushing her own vocal chords and her brows were furrowed as she glared at me. That without doubt is a shout from her heart.

In that case, she really is from Astorn, and that would mean that the Astorn Republic is antagonistic towards the Motoyasu Kingdom.

No, wait.

Something happened recently involving Astorn, right?

…Oi oi, could it be…

Olfi has connections with Erac. And Erac was the one who sent the Blue Wings division to the vicinities of Astorn’s national border to subjugate the bandits there.

They were being called bandits, but they were originally good people of the Astorn Republic. By seeing the reactions of the Princess, Miyuna, and the others in the celebration banquet, I could tell whether the bandits were pros or not.

“Oi, do you have connections with the bandits?” (Makoto)

“Bandits? …Ah, them.” (Olfi)

Looks like Olfi knows something.

“They were subjugated by the Princess-sama, weren’t they… How pitiful. Even though they were simply troubled by the lack of food and were stealing a little bit from their own country.” (Olfi)

Maybe she suddenly felt like she had the advantage here, Olfi was speaking as she pleased.

“…I see. You had the princess kill the people of the Astorn Republic -your own people. What did you demand back for that?” (Makoto)

“I don’t know. I wasn’t told so much. I simply moved them as ordered.” (Olfi)

“Under whose orders?” (Makoto)

“You think I will tell you?” (Olfi)

Olfi is showing quite the composed smile. I obviously didn’t expect her to spill the beans easily, but that thoroughly composed face of her is pissing me off. I really wanna punch her.

“In the first place, those bandits are already gone from this world; a bunch of trash. Furthermore, I don’t know about those idiots that are blinded by money.” (Olfi)

There’s an arrogance of standing on top of people that’s oozing out from her.

As if saying she truly doesn’t care, she was insulting real hard the people that risk their lives forced into a bandit life.

“Guh! …Wait, w-what…” (Olfi)

By the time I noticed, I was holding her neck with one hand and lifting her body up with it.

“Ah, sorry. You see…I loathe people that do acts that play with the life of others.” (Makoto)

“I-It hurts…..!! Gaaah!” (Olfi)

Snorting at Olfi who is struggling with her legs kicking violently in the air, I throw her with brute force.

“Uuuh…I-It hurts…” (Olfi)

“Sorry sorry. I got flared up for a bit there.” (Makoto)

Olfi glares at me who wasn’t apologizing honestly at all. After releasing killing intent stronger than the one from before, the color of her face worsened and she averts her gaze.

Thinking this is also her just acting, I didn’t retract my killing intent at all and approach Olfi.

“—!! …Keha! Goho…!” (Olfi)

“Now then, I will have you spill everything you know.” (Makoto)

“W-What gives you the right to—!!” (Olfi)

I walk over to Olfi who is curled up on the floor and grab her hair unrestrainedly, and forcefully direct her face at mine.

Her gaze is weaker in hostility than before. Once I pour direct killing intent towards her like a storm, her body froze and she made a short scream.

I wonder how long can she continue this act for. Let’s test this out.

“It is time to speak in this fun-time questioning, Olfi-chan.” (Makoto)

I won’t let you escape.

With that meaning behind my smile, Olfi seemed to have given up, and after a bit of hesitation, she speaks reluctantly.

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