QualiA – Chapter 46: And another one appears ②

So that means the demons don’t have an easy living, huh.

If they are living in poverty, there’s the possibility of them attacking the human countries, but the fact that they don’t must be because they don’t want to anger the Demon Lord by doing something excessive.

There’s probably a difference in plans between the Demon Lord and the demons, but the current state of things is that they are not correcting this.

The demon race is not a monolith either. There’s plenty enough of an opening to take advantage of, but in the worst case, I can buy time, so it doesn’t matter huh.

“Also, this time around, this is serving us in an advantageous way, so it is ironic.” (Tortemi)

“Hm?” (Makoto)

“The Demon Lord can only be defeated by the Heroes, but on the other hand…” (Tortemi)

Aah, right.

On the other hand, the heroes can be killed by anyone; they are normal humans.

“Indeed, it is great that the Demon Lord-sama is a shut-in. —But the ‘Four Devas’, right? The Demon Lord subordinates might come to kill the heroes, you know?” (Makoto)

“I can’t say that possibility is completely impossible, but…I think they won’t be doing anything to the heroes.” (Tortemi)

“What’s your basis?” (Makoto)

“Heroes are the existences that are supposed to become strong to be able to defeat the Demon Lord… In that case, I don’t think the Demon Lord will turn over that chance to someone else.” (Tortemi)


I thought this Demon Lord was one that is muscle-brained and is fateful to his desires, but what he is thinking is quite scary. Wanting to fight the heroes when they get strong…that’s a thought that would make even battle junkies pale. One wrong step and he could die.

“Well, and so…in the past, there was an ancestor that tried to publicize the truth of the Demon Lord and the Heroes, but he abandoned that thought because it might become an unnecessary spark.” (Tortemi)

“Even a memory like that is inherited?” (Makoto)

“If I say it is like inheriting the past pains and dearest ambitions of the kings of previous generations, would that be putting it a bit way too grandiose?” (Tortemi)

The King laughs weakly, but the details of it are not something that can be treated as a laughing matter.

“The feelings passed on by those previous generations. In order to prevent others from facing the same painful experience as him, the first king offered his life and created the hero summoning circle.” (Tortemi)

“Offered his life… In other words, he established the summoning circle itself into the world. So that even Gods cannot put their hands on it.” (Makoto)

“That you were able to understand that much, you are really incredible.” (Tortemi)

It is easy to say, but doing it would require unbelievable effort and resolve.

The first king was forcefully summoned to a parallel world for the entertainment of a God. In exchange for strength beyond the belief of a human, he lost his ‘self’. The first king knew that the battle between Hero and Demon Lord would continue in the future, and feeling that something must be done to prevent it, he created the hero summoning circle on his own volition.

And so, by offering his own life, he established the summoning circle as a concept of the world. He succeeded in preventing all kinds of intervention from outside forces. It served as a way to protect the people summoned, and at the same time, served to provide them the power of Heroes.

In there, he added an unnecessary thing…summon someone that has the power to change the world -a Messiah. Because of this addition, it went over the capacity, and ended up as a summoning circle that is solely a one-way trip.

In other words, it made the summoning circle unstable and ended up being called as a ‘Priestess Killer’. The reason why the returning magic circle ended up as being formed inside is also all because it had to be that way as it was over the capacity. And so, the priestesses involved in the summoning magic circle were used as intermediaries. There was no way other than that to return the heroes to their original world after all.

The reason why this is not made publicly known must be because there’s a gag order on it. Because if this were to spread, no one would want to do the summoning.

There’s a few differences from the predictions I had when we were just summoned, however, in the end, the fact that that guy…that idiotic God is involved didn’t change. They thoroughly love using people as toys.

“—In that case, that makes Makirus scarier.” (Makoto)

“…What’s that about Makirus?” (Tortemi)

The King looks at me with a questioning expression.

I told him about how Makirus managed to modify the hero summoning circle and tried to perform a Devil summoning.

“…Something like that happened?” (Tortemi)

“I destroyed the magic circle thoroughly, and made it so that she can’t ever use summoning magic again, so it is okay.” (Makoto)

“I did hear stories about you, but you really are quite something yourself. But to be able to imitate that magic circle, and on top of that, modify it…her devotion to magic is truly one to fear.” (Tortemi)

The devotion of people can sometimes create unexpected situations after all. It truly is a scary thing.

“However, from what I can gather of what you just said, she simply imitated it, but it is not as if she could use it, right?” (Tortemi)

“Yeah… That might be why she modified it.” (Makoto)

There’s that possibility. The hero summoning that has become an established system of the world cannot be reproduced. Even if you reproduce the magic circle and copy the process of the summoning ritual, it is absolutely impossible to activate.

Maybe because she noticed this, or just by pure coincidence, that Granny turned the hero summoning magic into a Devil summoning magic in a short period of time. This kind of ability and passion is awe inspiring and, at the same time, fearsome.

“She should be punished at onc—!” (Makoto)

A noise suddenly rang in my head and a headache attacked me. The pain made my brows furrow.

“Oi oi, that’s dangerous. I understand your feelings, but if you do that, we would be picking a fight with the church, so I would like you to spare me from that… ? Is something wrong?” (Tortemi)

“No, it is nothing. It is true that tussling with the church would be a pain.” (Makoto)

“Don’t push yourself, okay? Well, honestly speaking, I am grateful that you didn’t kill her.” (Tortemi)

The King shrug his shoulders with a tired expression, and I respond by shrugging my shoulders too and giving a dry laugh.

“However, the action of Makirus is akin to stepping on the feelings of the first king, but there’s the possibility that those feelings of the first king might have been part of the God’s plan.” (Makoto)

“That’s also something the first king felt. The God seems to be thirsting for entertainment.” (Tortemi)

“Yeah, that guy is indeed thirsting for entertainment…and thoroughly messed up entertainment at that!” (Makoto)

Just remembering pisses me off.

Who knows how many lives have been lost because of that guy.

“You seem to know them.” (Tortemi)

“Yeah, we go way back, you see… I have fought them a number of times, but I have lost all of them.” (Makoto)

“I see… Even so, fighting a God and coming out alive. I am at a loss for words.” (Tortemi)

“That guy was the one who picked the fight. I simply accepted it.” (Makoto)

In the end, I got beaten up.

Being controlled by the sadness of losing Esthella, I was forcefully transferred, and the first one to appear in front of me was that guy. At that moment, I lost all composure, got filled with killing intent, and swung my sword.

It was a stupid fight where I simply repeatedly charged forward. No, it can’t even be called a fight.

But maybe that killed his interest, he forcefully returned me to my original world while mockingly laughing at me.

That’s how all should have ended.

Lose my power, lose my memory, and live my life in my original world as if nothing had happened. That’s how it should have been.

However, I didn’t forget.

The things I learned in that world, felt in that world, and about Esthella…

I didn’t want to forget them.

That wish of mine made it so that the ‘Hero’ life wouldn’t be over. It couldn’t take away my memories. And that was the beginning…

“Also, I don’t believe in Gods. He is a sworn enemy of mine after all.” (Makoto)

“I see. Then I am the same… I am trying to go against that God after all.” (Tortemi)

“Oi oi, is it okay for a king to be saying that?” (Makoto)

“It is the wish carried on since the first king, so a bit too late… Well, if the people of the church were to hear this, they might faint.” (Tortemi)

It is true that if the church were to hear this, there’s no doubt it will turn problematic.

“More importantly, shouldn’t you be resting soon?” (Makoto)

“Right… Can’t push myself and end up slowing my recovery.” (Tortemi)

“From what I see, you are heading towards recovery, so there should be no problems, but a variety of things are boisterous right now, so it would be best if you can move around.” (Makoto)

The rebellion of the Bald Geezer might occur soon after all.

“That’s indeed true.” (Tortemi)

“With how much you are being attacked, it is quite precarious though.” (Makoto)

“You said it.” (Tortemi)

The King laughs amusingly, and after we finished laughing, I told him ‘well then, take care of yourself, okay?’ and left the room.

☆☆ ★★★☆☆  

<Minor Disclaimer: Proceed with caution.>

At around that same time, in the magic division head office.

The owner of the office -Makirus- was at her office desk, and at a glance, it looks as if she were seriously doing her work.


“……Who was it…” (Makirus)

Those eyes of hers were filled with anger, and her voice was freezing cold.

“All the children failed…” (Makirus)

This was strange.

Makirus had been listening to the report just a moment ago with a calm demeanor, but inside of her there were a variety of emotions moving, and she was desperately trying to restrain herself from going insane.

She had investigated the patrol route of the city guards, used several children as bait, and executed her objective. She properly casted a suggestion in their mind so that there would be no possibility of them questioning themselves.

Makirus didn’t think every one of them would succeed, of course. But for all of them to fail was out of expectations.

“…Someone capable of analyzing it…there shouldn’t be one here in the capital.” (Makirus)

However, she can’t be relieved. Biting her nails, she stared at one point with bloodshot eyes, as she pondered.

She didn’t have an easy life. She was looked down upon for being a woman, and there were times when she would be forced into relationships. But Makirus managed to cut them all off with her own ability in magic.

For Makirus, magic is her everything. It was also her safe haven.

However, that safe haven is about to be destroyed from its very base. Looking back on it, since the time of the hero summoning till now, it has been successive unexpected events for Makirus.

“Is that man…really an ordinary person?” (Makirus)

She was referring to the man that calls himself an ‘ordinary citizen’.

His attitude and way of speaking are bad; an unlikable man. That’s how Makirus feels about that man. However, if that’s all calculated? What if he possesses power superior to that of Heroes, enough to be called an ‘Abnormal Monster’? What if in that duel, he just played an act to fool them?

The doubts surfacing in her mind were slowly turning into fear.

This is strange. Something is strange.

If the laziness he displays in the castle was also nothing more than an act…

“All worries should be eliminated… Don’t you think so too?” (Makirus)

“Yes. Everything as Makirus-sama wishes.”

Scooping the hair of the respectful serving maid with her fingers, Makirus makes a light smile, but soon tightens her expression.

(He is dangerous…)

She doesn’t think that man can do anything, but the doubts in her mind had sprouted and didn’t show any signs of disappearing, only growing in size. However, he is not someone that can be easily eliminated.

That man has a connection with the Queen, and her personal maid -Niva- always keeps an eye on him. To approach and eliminate him would be something that even Makirus would find difficult. Thinking about how she should have obtained more acquaintances at this late of a point, she said ‘how stupid’ as she stands up with a self-deriding smile in her face. She grabs the waist of the maid close by and pulls her towards herself.


“Oh, did you dislike that?” (Makirus)

“N-No… Just that we can be seen from the outside if we do it here.”

“Fufu, even though you like being seen.” (Makirus)

Makirus enjoyed the face of the maid that was agonizing in embarrassment, but what caught her eye right when she looked outside the window…was the man in question that had come to the courtyard.

Makirus licked her lips and a dangerous smile surfaced in her face.

“If he is going to be eliminated anyways… I am interested in the body of an otherworlder.” (Makirus)

Muttering something dangerous beyond belief, Makirus separated from the maid, opened the drawer of the office desk, and takes out a plain box without any ornaments.

With the box in hand, Makirus’s smile deepened further, and after glancing at the man that is absent-minded at the courtyard, she opened the box.

Inside the box, there’s a light brown bottle.

There’s something like pills inside of it.

With that bottle in hand, she looks outside the window.

“…If this succeeds, I will be able to go even further beyond.” (Makirus)

Makirus, who is faithful to her desires no matter the situation, watched the back of the man at the corner of her eye, placed the bottle inside the pocket of her robe, and deepens her smile.

However, the perfectionist that is Makirus had to prepare for any situation.

“I will be counting on you if something happens.” (Makirus)

“Yes. Please take care in your leave, Makir—!!!”

Makirus’s eyes already showed nothing more than madness, her body oozing out an aura unbelievable from that of a normal person. After she violently kissed the maid,  she left the room energetically.


The maid that was left on her own muttered the name of her beloved one in a lonesome manner and then sits on the leather-covered seat.

The lingering scent of her beloved one was tickling her nostrils, and after looking regretfully at the seat which is missing her master, she left the room as if running away.

Only Makirus herself knows what kind of effect the bottle she took has.

However, it goes without saying that it would spark the anger of the Monster.

☆☆ ☆☆ ★ ☆☆ ☆☆  

My back feels itchy.

Is there a beauty sending me a passionate gaze somewhere?


There it is. It is not a beauty, but it is indeed someone sending me a gaze as if probing me.

The gardening man was picking up selected branches and leaves as he sometimes looks around his surroundings. He has beast ears, so I think he is a beastkin, but that appearance of his somehow clicks in my mind… It is as if I have seen him before.

For now, let’s use [Analyze]-san.


Oya, looks like it is not some kind of magic tool or magic. Analyze-san is not showing any reaction. However, this is strange.

A fox-eared beastkin that’s wearing work clothes and has pruning scissors in hand. Is he a gardener? At a glance, he is just a simple Gloss Fox man, but it seems as if he is using some kind of method to hide his appearance.

If that’s the case, it must be that method, huh.

Beastkin have strong physical strength, but their magic capability is low.  People like Laryujia-basama enter in the rare type of the beastkin. Also, the Gloss Fox man doesn’t seem to be using magic.

Then what is he using?

…Ah, I see.

I have thought of a possibility.

If he is using perception disruption in the parts that are not characteristic to beastkin to hide them, I can simply undo that disruption. After checking thoroughly, I could confirm that his body is clad with magic power.

I can only think of one race that would go so far to hide their identity. Then, there’s only one thing to do.

Now then, show me…your true appearance.


The Gloss Fox man staggered as if he something had hit him on the back, and he is looking around to see what it is. Seems like it succeeded.

What I did was simple and clear.

I hit him with magic power and undid the perception disruption spell.  It is an incredibly easy and forceful method.

However, the effect is great.

Different from his previous appearance, the Gloss Fox man was exposing an incredibly warped appearance.

Beast ears, tail, skin color that’s no different from a normal human, sharp fangs and nails characteristic of a beastkin, however, this Gloss Fox man has a trait that’s different from that of a beastkin.

Deep crimson eyes.

There’s humans and beastkin that have red eyes, but that race has eyes that are deep red like that of darkness. At a glance, it is hard to tell them apart, but it can’t deceive my eyes.


The Gloss Fox man in front of my eyes is a demon.

However, the fact that he also has the traits of a Gloss Fox as well must mean that he is a half of a beastkin and a demon.

Looks like the fox man finally noticed his own appearance, and after glancing once over here, he darted off immediately, so I quickly placed a Marker on him.

“Even if the Demon Lord is a shut-in, his subordinates still work, huh.” (Makoto)

Following the Marker, I ponder what to do, and in that moment, I saw movement in the magic division head office at my back.

It is bothering me that the maid Mishta was with her, but Makirus left the room and began moving. Looks like Mishta also followed right after and began moving.

While thinking what to do about this, another one -Erac’s place- began showing movement.

“…Olfi?” (Makoto)

The one who went to the room of Erac was the sixth division captain, Olfi. A superior and subordinate have gathered, there’s no doubt something’s going on.

I am interested in Makirus’s side as well, but another Marker is following Makirus. This Marker is the ceiling person. Thanks for your hard work.

Since a Guarder seems to be on her tail, I will prioritize Erac, I suppose. After that, I will confirm the circumstances with that demon half.

☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆  

At the office of the Prime Minister.

Using Intangible to erase my presence, I teleported here, but it is a strange situation.

“…What do you mean?” (Erac)

“Exactly what I said.” (Olfi)

Erac had deep wrinkles in between his brows, and is laying bare his anger, but the female knight -Olfi- shrugged her shoulders with a nonplussed expression and laughs.

“I am asking what is the meaning of this ‘I won’t cooperate anymore’ after this point in time!” (Erac)

“Are your ears busted already? That’s why old men are no good.” (Olfi)

“W-What did you say?!” (Erac)

Erac hits the desk as hard as he could, but Olfi didn’t seem to falter at this and pushes it aside with a fresh expression.

“In the first place, what’s this about the king recovering? You said you could surely kill him, right?” (Olfi)

But that expression suddenly changed completely, and she glares at Erac.

The face of Erac cramped for a second at those sharp eyes of hers, but he glares back at Olfi with anger higher than before.

“He has recovered, but he can’t even move properly yet. What can he do with a body like that?” (Erac)

“…Hah… Then, do you have an idea of how they managed to heal him? You said that ‘the poison that was given to the king is something that they don’t know what is and what kind of effect it has, and there’s not even an antidote for it, so we can surely kill him’ and yet, the result is this.” (Olfi)

“Guh…that’s…” (Erac)

Erac was hesitating to speak, and Olfi showed a scornful expression as she looked at him.

“I am surprised you can be a Prime Minister with that level of ability.” (Olfi)

“Guuuh! Shut up!!” (Erac)

“Shouting is something anyone can do… Good grief, yer going senile real fast here.” (Olfi)

Shrugging her shoulders and shaking her head, she goes ‘oh no, oh no’, and Erac could only glare at her with a bright red face.

“We were also casted some kind of weird curse… You, you don’t know anything about the enemy, right? Is the Queen really the only enemy? That part has begun to get suspicious.” (Olfi)


“You didn’t investigate that, and simply gave orders to us as you pleased… And the ghost incident as well. Because of the strange poison incident, the results were less than expected, so you ordered to stop it. We are not playing here with a plan made by a child, so I would like you to act with a bit more brains. Good grief.” (Olfi)

Olfi’s tone steadily got stronger, and he was unable to say anything back at her. Simply biting his lips.

Uh, looks like the ghost incident has been resolved? Should I take this as good news?

“It seems as if you have gotten narrow-minded since the hero summoning, Old Man.” (Olfi)

Erac was getting cold sweat at the words of Olfi, and he repeatedly breaths deeply several times.

If we are talking about a ‘curse’ those two have in common, that would be the Chaos Reverse I casted on them so that they can’t speak about the secret of the Queen’s birth. Looks like that is still doing its work.

It was a trump card of them in a sense, so I can understand being hung up on that point, but if you do that, you will be blinded from seeing the whole picture, you know, Bald Geezer?

“And so, I don’t want to be dragged down along, so I have reported to that person that I will be pulling back. I am the type that doesn’t like battles that have no benefit after all.” (Olfi)

“…Hmph, do as you wish. But keep in mind, no matter what happens to you from now on, it is none of my business.” (Erac)

“No need to worry about me, I am fine. Well, the Empire’s army should be arriving in a few days, so I will be working for a while until then.” (Olfi)

After saying that, Olfi left the room without even glancing at Erac.

…Empire’s army, huh.

I thought she was just a pawn, but it is surprising that she was actually in an important post.

The words that Olfi muttered: ‘Failing to see when to withdraw, how foolish’, left quite the impression in my mind.

I don’t know if he heard her, but Erac saw her off, and then, grabbed the pen and threw it to the door with brute force.

“DAMN BRAT!!” (Erac)

Erac insulted Olfi with dirty words in his fit of anger, and in time, he directed those words at the royal family of Motoyasu, and in the end, it turned into the temper tantrum of a child.

…This is indeed awful.

Giving my condolences to that pitiful old man, I put my hands together in prayer, and then left the room to follow after Olfi.

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