QualiA – Chapter 39: One problem over and… ④

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In terms of looks, it was just simple water.

However, even though that water is little in quantity, poison was detected from it.

“Is this it?”

There’s practically nothing to make conclusions, but this is the first clue the Guarders found after running around searching.

The one who had entered after knocking on the door was one of the Guarders. She said she was the one who was on the other side of the ceiling. I think this is the first time I have seen her face, but she is a normal person with no characteristic features. Due to the nature of the Guarders’s work, it is better to not have any features that stand out, so in a sense, I think she is suited for stealth operations. This is not an evaluation that should be had for a woman though.

“That there’s a poison positive in the water of the wells at the districts where there’s a lot of affected must mean it is highly probable that this is the reason. With this, we can eliminate the suspicion of being an infectious disease for now.” (Makoto)

I hold the bottle that the Queen gave me, and use [Analyze] on it.

[— of death —]

[Due to details being unknown, it is tentatively classified as a poison.]

Maybe because it only has a small dose of poison in it, or because it was created with an unknown method, only a part of the name is displayed. However, that single ‘death’ word in it is incredibly ominous.

“I can see an ominous word like ‘death’ in its name, but aside from that, it tells me nothing.” (Makoto)

“In my ‘Appraisal’, the only thing that tells me is that it is poison… So there really is a difference.” (Caril)

At the side of the Queen who is showing agitation at the clue brought, Niva-san exchanges two to three words with the ‘normal person’, and the ‘normal person’ leaves the room.

“After asking people who had contracted the disease, what they had in common is that they drank from the well water, so I think there’s no doubt that this water is the reason.” (Niva)

“Assuming there’s a person who poisoned the well water…what’s their objective?” (Makoto)

The scale is too small for their objective to be to bring chaos to the capital.

If they don’t spread the poison at a wider range, you can’t hope for a large amount to be affected, and most of all, it is not efficient.

“I don’t know their aim, but it looks like there’s the need to hurry the purification of the water.” (Caril)

“The arrangements for that have already been done. Just that, until the purification is finished, the use of the wells won’t be possible, so there’s the need to distribute water.” (Niva)

“Regarding that, work together with the respective cabinet ministers. —If there’s any cowardly lizard, bring them here.” (Caril)

The eyes of the Queen are serious.


“Next is, strengthen the security at night, and do another investigation in the area. —Also, please maintain the sharing of information to a minimum.” (Caril)

“Understood.” (Niva)

With that, Niva-san says: ‘Well then, I will be taking my leave’, and was about to exit, but a knock on the door rang again.

“It is the Knight General, Gallahart Versaga. I have come for an audience with Her Majesty.” (Gallahart)

“Come in.” (Caril)

With the approval of the Queen, Niva-san opens the door.

“Excuse my intrusion.” (Gallahart)

Gallahart-osan enters the room with a strangely stiff expression, lowers his head to the Queen, and when he saw me sitting opposite of her, his eyes went round in surprise.

“Heya there, O-san. Long time no see~.” (Makoto)

“…Why are you here?” (Gallahart)

“Hmm…because I am a tea party friend?” (Makoto)

There’s no way Gallahart would be satisfied with that answer. He looked confused at the Queen who was enduring her laugh with her shoulders trembling, and waited for an answer.

“He is special. He is a great benefactor in the effort to save the life of him -His Majesty.” (Caril)

“That’s…” (Gallahart)

“Fufu. Please don’t disclose this, okay? …Makoto-kun as well, you are okay with that, right?” (Caril)

Asking for consent after the fact, oi.

“This O-san seems to be trustworthy, so I don’t really mind.” (Makoto)

I see the many changes in his face which was pretty amusing.

“So, what brings you here, O-san?” (Makoto)

“Don’t call me O-san. I am still 40 years old.” (Gallahart)

“Isn’t that plenty of an O-san. Isn’t that ri—No, it is nothing. I am really sorry.” (Makoto)

I was going to ask for agreement from the Queen, but she was looking at me with dead blank eyes which was scary.

Eyes without any light in them are truly scary.

“And so, what’s the matter? Isn’t it still training time?” (Makoto)

It is a bit after 5 p.m. There should still be around 1 hour left.

“Y-Yeah, about that. There’s something I was bothered wi—oops. When I am talking with you, it really messes up my pace.” (Gallahart)

“Don’t mind it. Also, you can call me in a normal way, you know? Speaking with me like that makes my back itchy.” (Makoto)

“Oh, understood.” (Gallahart)

I once again ask the reason for his visit.

“Actually, I asked the hero -Yuichi- his opinion about going public.” (Gallahart)

“That’s…” (Caril)

“I did think I was overstepping there, but I wanted to ask for his thoughts about it. I am truly sorry.” (Gallahart)

Gallahart lowers his head deeply, and the Queen showed a flustered expression, and directs a gaze to him prompting him to continue.

“The result was that he was against it.” (Gallahart)

The reason that Gallahart told us Yuichi gave was quite like him.

He is properly thinking about the others, and most of all, different from the time he was recently summoned, he was showing calm thinking. It is important for a person to take a step back when thinking about something.

“…I see. So he is seriously thinking about this country.” (Caril)

“As I thought. You really did notice that danger, Ohi-sama.” (Gallahart)

“Yes. Going public in this current state where the reason has not been cleared, an influx of people would increase, and the possibility of the disease spreading at a wider scale would appear.” (Caril)

In order to prevent further spreading, it would be best to keep the flux of people to a minimum. Closing doors and quarantining the city would simply create unnecessary chaos.

“And so, Yuichi asked if there’s anything he can help with.” (Gallahart)

“…Help?” (Caril)

“Yes. He said: ‘What kind of hero would I be if I can’t even save the people close by me?’.” (Gallahart)

Yeah, I get how he feels. It is because I can understand it that I can’t just brush it off.

“But with just the opinion of Yuichi-sama…” (Caril)

“No, this is the consensus of all the Heroes.” (Gallahart)

“…Is that so.” (Caril)

I don’t know what happened, but seeing that there’s traces of exhaustion in the face of Gallahart, I can infer that he has been moving around restlessly.

“Isn’t it fine to have them help out?” (Makoto)

“But if something were to happen to them—” (Caril)

“It is not long before they head to their journey, right? Then it would be better to experience as much as they can. Especially the death of people.” (Makoto)

Even for someone like me, who now has a weakened aversion to killing others, am still not used to the death of others no matter how many times I experience it. I feel like my courage is being wrung every time it happens and I would really like to be spared from it, but I do think that such an experience is needed in order to properly face the weight of life.

“I do understand what you are saying, Makoto-kun. But I think it is a bit too soon for them.” (Caril)

“The Princess is younger than them and she is doing her best in the knight division, isn’t she? I think she is in a standing that should require her to be docile though?” (Makoto)

“Being pointed that out hurts.” (Caril)

“Can’t go against your blood, huh.” (Makoto)

Don’t glare at me. It is scary.

“Well, serious talk. —If they are going the wrong path, it is the role of the adults to stop them. But this time that’s not the case, right? If you deny the answer they themselves thought out, it won’t only serve to disturb their growth, but might also serve as a cause for them to abandon thinking.” (Makoto)

“True…But first, there’s the need to make clear if the disease is infectious. Is that okay, Gallahart?” (Caril)

The Queen asks in a clear voice, and Gallahart responds with an: ‘Understood’ and lowers his head.

“Well then, I will be—” (Gallahart)

“Ah, wait a bit.” (Makoto)

I stop Gallahart who was about to leave, and face the Queen.

“Makoto-kun, could it be…” (Caril)

“The General is trustworthy, right? Then it would be better for him to know.” (Makoto)

Gallahart looks at us in puzzlement at our conversation.

“Right… Gallahart, until the time comes, please don’t tell anyone about what we will be telling you now.” (Caril)

“Understood.” (Gallahart)

Lowering his knee, Gallahart takes a posture of servitude. The Queen tell him: ‘Raise your head’, and after a deep breath, she speaks.

“The Prime Minister Erac is showing signs of rebellion.” (Caril)

“T-That’s…” (Gallahart)

“It is from a trustworthy source, so there’s no problem in it.” (Caril)

Gallahart’s eyes go round in surprise at what the Queen was saying, but then he remembered that there’s an outsider here, and looks at me with quite the speed.

“He is the trustworthy source.” (Caril)

“…He is?” (Gallahart)

“Yes. He is an existence far from a ‘normal citizen’, so it is pointless to get a grasp on him with our common sense.” (Caril)

The Queen giggles, and Gallahart looks at me with a look of confusion.

It is natural to be confused with that kind of explanation, but please stop the casual dissing on me. Even if I am like this, I am categorized as a human. A living being.

“You should have also felt something out of place from him when you saw his duel with Gomon. Isn’t that right?” (Caril)

“Yes.” (Gallahart)

“Please get a detailed explanation from the person himself when there’s the chance. I am sure you will be surprised.” (Caril)

The atmosphere of Gallahart changed into that of a soldier for an instant, and the emotions placed were fluently spoken in that short reply of his.

Wincing at the absurdity of the Queen who was laughing and watching in amusement at this Gallahart, the conversation of the Queen and the others continues.

“Now then, back to the topic. —Erac has the third and sixth division on his side.” (Caril)

“Yes, I am aware of this.” (Gallahart)

“And so, I would like you to…reorganize the knight divisions.” (Caril)

“—!! At this time?!” (Gallahart)

The short exchange of words they are having speaks volumes of the long bond of trust they have build up. I do know the words they are using, but I can’t tell the meaning of them in the conversation.

“Yeah. However, I will entrust to you the decision of whether to actually do it. The original objective is to lay out bait, so just rumors is also okay.” (Caril)

“Bait?” (Gallahart)

“There’s most likely people in the third and sixth division who are reluctantly following the orders of their superiors. We are going to create an…escape route for them.” (Caril)

“I see. Bait in order to alienate them, or to instigate a divide on the inside, huh.” (Gallahart)

Gallahart laughs with a grin, and the Queen also answers with a bold laugh. You guys, don’t make faces that make me question who is the bad guy.

“Sensei, a question.” (Makoto)

“What is it, Makoto-kun?” (Caril)

They do say that asking is a temporary embarrassment, but not asking is an embarrassment for life.

“What’s this about reorganizing the knight divisions?” (Makoto)

“Ah, right. I was so used to it I didn’t notice, but Makoto-kun doesn’t know about it, right.” (Caril)

Yeah, excuse this otherworlder’s lack of lingo.

“Once every two years, we hold tests for any knights that wish it, and if they fulfill the conditions, it is possible to place them in other divisions. That’s the knight division reorganization system.”

“I see… But judging from the fact that O-san got surprised, it must mean that it is still not that time yet, right?” (Makoto)

“Yes. Last time was one year ago, so normally, it should be one more year before the next one.” (Caril)

“Then, if you do that now, I think there will be a variety of problems popping out.” (Makoto)

“I do have an explanation for it. The pretext of selecting knights to serve as companions for the Heroes.” (Caril)

The Queen smiles lightly, and Gallahart nods as if consenting to it. I went ‘ah right, now that you mention it’ and agree too.

“They may have been studying a variety of things, but they are still not familiar with the common sense of this world. It is obvious that they should have people to look after them.” (Makoto)

“That’s how it is. Talk about this came up since the moment the hero summoning was done, and Erac was forcefully trying to have the third division captain be their companion. That’s why I gave a strict order that the companion will be decided by us.” (Caril)

“That Geezer is really absurd.” (Makoto)

Third division captain meaning Kirzam, huh. Just thinking about that annoying guy being together with the heroes…makes me really want to eliminate him.

“And so, have you decided on the companion? Or more like, how many companions will there be?” (Makoto)

“It is planned to be three. There’s candidates already, so what’s next would be to match the number of heroes and their genders when selecting.” (Caril)

“This time around it is one man and three girls. Then it would be better for there to be more female knights. If all end up being girls, Yuichi will be feeling asphyxiated there, and most of all, having no talking partner of the same gender in a long journey is tough.” (Makoto)

“Yeah, it is fine in that regard. One man and woman has already been selected, so we are troubled by what to do with the remaining one, you see.” (Caril)

According to the Queen, the companions that have been settled for the heroes are the current Lieutenant of the knight divisions, and a person that’s close to the ability of the Blue Wing Knights’ Lieutenant and affiliated to it.

And the reason why they are having difficulties with the remaining one is because there’s the need for them to have no problems in behaviour and a balanced strength, so they are planning on scheduling a contest soon.  

“There were originally no plans on reorganizing the knight divisions even if we were to select the companion, but…if the chance is given, humans begin to ponder their path, right?” (Caril)

“Ah, so we are going to be using that to keep them in check. You do some evil stuff.” (Makoto)

I love that though.

The world of knights is one of ability, so there’s no idiot who would throw away this chance. If in that they participate in the rebellion and they mess up, there’s no doubt they will be kicked out of the knights. No, worst case, it is possible they will be sentenced to death. On top of that, there’s no assurance that they will get a higher position even if they succeed.

Continue the path of the knight in a fair and square way, or go the wretched path; with this, we will be able to see the true side of that person.

“And that’s how it is. —Gallahart, I am counting on you.” (Caril)

“Loud and clear.” (Gallahart)

Gallahart once again lowers his head and leaves. Niva-san also leaves the room right after.

“Now then, I will also work a bit harder for the sake of the bright future of the Heroes.” (Makoto)

“I am incredibly interested in what you are planning on doing.” (Caril)

“Just the same as usual?” (Makoto)

“The issue is that your ‘usual’ always goes above and beyond, Makoto-kun.” (Caril)

This Ohi-sama is cruel.

“I will be getting a specific on the poison, an antidote for it, and the capture of the person themself. —See? Normal, right?” (Makoto)

“With only those details, yes.” (Caril)

“Once we know for sure it is not contagious, I was thinking that maybe it should be a valid option to have the Hero-kuns help on the actual place. By doing that, they will be able to feel with their skins the lifestyle they have.” (Makoto)

“…It truly is normal.” (Caril)

Is that something to be so surprised about? I can also do things seriously if need be. I mess around at full-throttle when I can mess around though.

“Well then, for now, I will go to the location to investigate the wells.” (Makoto)

“Understood. Make sure not to be reckless.” (Caril)

While grieving how little trust she has on me, I choose an alley in the location with the problematic wells and teleport.

☆☆ ★★ ★★ ★★ ☆☆

At a time when the color of the sky was changing from red to black, the darkness of the night was beginning to spread outside the window, and the light from the illumination tools were making the shadows in the room sway.


In that kind of room, there’s one woman who is rolling around a bottle in her hand.

“A bit more… Just a bit more… Fufu.”

Raising the corner of her mouths, the woman hugs her own body and lets out wet sighs.

“Aah, quick…quick. I want to test it already…”

The voice filled with desire was something that would make the people who heard it uncomfortable, but luckily or unfortunately, there’s no one in the room aside from her. That’s why even when her robe is disheveled and she is showing an unsightly sight, there’s no need to mind it.


She hugged her body and a gasp that was filled with her desires leaked out.

Just a little more before the seeds she scattered bloom.

Waiting eagerly for that day, her heightening anticipation was turning into lust, and she was turning from a woman to a beast. But she forcefully stops it and curls up trembling.

“No… Not yet… It is not the time…”

For the sake of fulfilling her own desire…

“I can’t fulfill it here.”

Licking her wet lips, she grabs the bottle that’s on top of the table.

“More…More… Bud a whole lot more… To the point that it blooms in profusion.”

Opening her eyes wide, she stood up with her breathing still rough, and with a creepy warped smile in her face, she directs a warm gaze at the bottle, and her body trembles with her flushed cheeks further reddening.

The bottle she is holding is filled with a purple liquid that lightly shines, and even when it looks poisonous, it was releasing a light that could charm the viewer.

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