QualiA – Chapter 38: One problem over and… ③

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Now then, I am in the office room of the Prime Minister, but…

“Aah, damn it! That damn woman!” (Erac)

The Bald Geezer is going wild.

He is randomly throwing things, and the room was turning into a disaster in the blink of an eye.

“Haah haah… That annoying fox!!!” (Erac)

If you get so angry, blood will go to your head and you will collapse, you know?

Well, you collapsing will make my life easier though.

“What’s that about self-interested?! As if ideals alone can move a country!” (Erac)

I do think the same, but there’s ways to do things.

“That’s why I will become the king. I will open the future of this country with my own hands!” (Erac)

The Bald Geezer was showing high skills by making a hearty laugh while red in anger, but what he is saying sounds as if he is worried for the future of the country. He probably doesn’t care about the country at all though.

“…As I thought, that fox is in the way… Also —that ordinary person…don’t care anymore.” (Erac)

Is he talking about me?

“The heroes are worth using, but the normal one is an eyesore. Let’s eliminate him. Right, gotta eliminate that fool that refuses to die as well. I am the one that’s fitting as the king!” (Erac)

See? He is just a selfish geezer.

It is on a different level from a child throwing a temper tantrum for a toy.

Anyways, this geezer is breaking in a nice way.

“Kuku! I will show them.” (Erac)

Raising a creepy laugh, the shoulders of the Bald Geezer tremble.

Watching that figure of his with amazement, I was listening to his monologuing for a while…

☆☆ ★★★☆☆

The Knight General that had left the assembly hall -Gallahart- was advancing without even paying heed to his surroundings.

The knights that he encountered on the way would stop and salute him, and he would return that salute. As he repeated that, he arrived at the training grounds where lively voices could be heard, and Gallahart lets out a light sigh.

“Ah, welcome back.”

“Yeah. How is it going?” (Gallahart)

The first one to immediately notice Gallahart was one of the heroes who appeared in today’s topic -Yuichi.

In his hand there’s a sword of simple design, but that sword itself is the proof he is a hero, and it is also the symbol of their power. Before and after obtaining the weapon, there’s an evident difference in their movements.

Increase in body strength and peculiarities in their movements.

There’s still no knowing what this hero weapon does, but Gallahart who has been watching over Yuichi was able to see through that difference.

“Looks like you have gotten quite used to the sword already, but your moves are still stiff.” (Gallahart)

“I still have a long way to go. Just recently, I dropped my sword when facing a monster and put everyone in danger.” (Yuichi)

What he refers to by recently is the time in the Selection Ceremony. They are monsters who were relatively weak even for the standards of that place. The monsters that they encountered on the way would be dealt with by the knights, and the heroes were instructed to deal with the monsters of the Selection Forest to experience fighting monsters.

According to the knights accompanying them, their movements were clumsy at first and they were scared, but that’s to be expected.

They came from a peaceful world where they have never held a sword before, where no magic exists, and had practically no battles. With just a few weeks of training, it is too much to ask them to defeat monsters like that.

On top of that, they are being asked to defeat the source of them that is the Demon Lord. Gallahart bit his lip thinking how unreasonable and selfish of a request that is.

“But that error was covered with everyone’s help, right? Then there’s no problem. Trusting your comrades is also an important factor when fighting monsters.” (Gallahart)

“…Makoto-san told me something similar.” (Yuichi)

“He did?” (Gallahart)

The boy that was caught in the hero summoning and calls himself a ‘normal citizen’.

He gave a somewhat aloof feeling, but the sharp eyes of his that were as if trying to analyze them left an impression on him.

(Just what is he?)

When he had his duel with Gomon Belkurt, he was provoking his opponent, but the result was that he was completely defeated. Just that, those movements of his were like those a seasoned fighter would do to deceive the watchers.

“And so, how was the meeting?” (Yuichi)

“It ended on the conclusion of dealing with the matter promptly.” (Gallahart)

“I see…” (Yuichi)

Yuichi also knew that there was an emergency meeting regarding the mysterious disease that’s spreading in the city. However, there must have been a part that Yuichi didn’t agree with, since his eyes were showing displeasure.

“There’s no need to worry. Ohi-sama is the one leading this. There’s nothing to worry about.” (Gallahart)

“Understood. But if there’s anything I can do—” (Yuichi)

“Just knowing that you feel that way is plenty enough.” (Gallahart)

Gallahart cuts off the words of Yuichi, and stops him with a strong tone.

‘This boy really does have the correct heart of a hero, that’s why acts that trample on those feelings must not be allowed’, is what Gallahart thinks.

If he were to learn that most of the meeting was about announcing the heroes to the public, what would this boy in front of him think? With those feelings pushing Gallahart, he unknowingly let them out of his mouth.

“Yuichi, if I were to tell you that we will be announcing your existence to the public, what would you do?” (Gallahart)

“…Announcing to the public?” (Yuichi)

“That’s right. Once that’s done, you will become the hero that’s shouldering the world. —Do you have the resolve for that?” (Gallahart)

Yuichi was petrified by the sharper than usual glint in Gallahart’s eyes.

Gallahart silently watched over what he would answer with.

“Even if you ask me about resolve… I did say at first something reckless like ‘I will defeat the Demon Lord’. But the moment I actually held a sword, I was taught the reality that I wasn’t looking at anything.” (Yuichi)

Gallahart was honestly expecting him to say something spirited like ‘I do!’, but these words were more trustworthy than baseless resolve; he silently nods. However, Yuichi goes on.

“But…the feeling of wanting to save people in trouble has not changed! That’s why I want to get stronger!” (Yuichi)

“…I see.” (Gallahart)

That’s a feeling everyone holds in them. However, the one of Yuichi is straightforward, and it looked dazzling to Gallahart.

“Also, I think it would be dangerous to go public in this situation.” (Yuichi)

“…Dangerous?” (Gallahart)

“Yes. If we go public, a lot of people will gather. I heard that the disease spreading in the city is of unknown origins, so I think there’s the fear of increasing the affected people if they were to gather.” (Yuichi)

“Indeed, it is as you say.” (Gallahart)

“On top of that, an announcement will come with costs, right? If money is going to be spend in something like that, I think it would be better to use it for the investigation of the disease and its treatment.” (Yuichi)

“…You do have a point.” (Gallahart)

In that meeting, not a single person said this. Currently, in order to avoid unnecessary unrest, many of the ill ones have not been quarantined. Once it is determined that it is a contagious disease, the quarantine work will move immediately.

Going public in such an uncertain state is out of the question.

There’s no way the Queen doesn’t know this. She has a competent right-hand after all. In that case, is there a reason why she didn’t say that there? Were they being tested? Or…

“Even if I think about it, I won’t know.” (Gallahart)

Laughing at the words he unintentionally let out, he scratches his head.

“Eh? About what?” (Yuichi)

“No, nothing. —Now then, let’s begin!” (Gallahart)

The Queen has been famous since a long time ago for being wild. It has been a while since she hasn’t been called Crimson Lily Demoness, but in those times, she was quite the tomboyish girl and brought trouble to the people around too.

(I trust you, Ohi-sama.)

There’s no need to confirm it. He will just trust the King he serves and his Queen, and fulfill his duty.

“Now, here I go!” (Gallahart)

“Yes!” (Yuichi)

Gallahart lowered his waist with training sword in hand, and Yuichi, with a deep breath, takes a stance with the hero sword and rushes.

He is still immature as a hero.

Gallahart understands that it is his duty to teach this boy the basics of battle and teach him the mindset, and in all this he remembers the words that his Lord the King had told him in the past.

{“The heroes are not special existences. They are no different from normal humans.}

{“If the unforeseen circumstance of a hero summoning being performed happens, I want you to protect the heroes with all you’ve got.}

At that time, he didn’t understand the meaning of his words, but when the King withdrew because of illness, the hero summoning was forced. The hero summoning everyone thought would fail had succeeded, and a variety of things began to move.

Gallahart understands that this country is in a dire state, but he is a soldier to the core, so the only thing he can do is teach the heroes the basics of battle and the mindset. Also, to plant in them the power of struggling to survive.

“Come at me!” (Gallahart)

“Yaaaah!!” (Yuichi)

The boy that aims to be a hero, and the knight that tries to protect the heroes.

With their own beliefs in heart, two blades clash with burning spirit.

☆ ☆☆ ★ ☆☆ ☆☆  

I teleport from the Prime Minister’s office to the room of the Queen, and then tell the Queen exactly what I heard and saw.

“…To think it would be a rebellion…”

That Bald Geezer is trying to cause a coup d’etat.

When I told her that he was trying to eliminate me as well, she said with heightened worry: ‘I feel like that would cause the whole country to disappear, so I will stop that at all cost’.

Am I that scary? I’ma cry, ya know?

“Everything has gone as planned until now for him. However, this time, practically everything must have been outside his expectations.” (Caril)

“Why do you look at me?” (Makoto)

“Ara, I am incredibly grateful, you know? I am in the middle of thinking about how to thank you.” (Caril)

“I don’t need that.” (Makoto)

I said it thinking that’s just a pain, but for some reason, both the Queen and Niva-san were giggling.

“It is just as Ohi-sama said.” (Niva)

“Fufu, right? —But I will definitely give my thanks, so make sure to think of something, okay?” (Caril)

The Queen and Niva-san look at each other and laugh, but they face me again, and stand ground saying they will give their thanks no matter what.

It feels like if I continue insisting, it will only go in circles, so let’s randomly think up something.

“Ah, even Prim is an option, okay? But Erin-chan is a no.” (Caril)

“…No, I don’t need them. Or more like, isn’t it normally the other way around? She is your own daughter, for Pete’s sake.” (Makoto)

“If you end up getting together with Prim, the Motoyasu Kingdom would stabilize, but if you end up with Erin-chan, I feel like you will end up going somewhere else…” (Caril)

From an incredibly political tone, to…

“Most of all, I wouldn’t be able to endure not being able to hug Erin-chan!” (Caril)

Running right into self-interest!

“…Hmm, leaving aside the joking, let’s have some serious talk.” (Caril)

“You were the one who derailed it.” (Makoto)

When I glared straight at her, she sloowly averted her eyes.

“If it is as Makoto-kun says, then the third knight division and the sixth one are basically rebels.” (Caril)

“Yeah, more than half of the third division seems to agree with Kirzam. I did hear that there were a lot of sons of nobles in the Prime Minister’s side, but are the heads of the families also involved? I haven’t seen them show up once though.” (Makoto)

“If they showed their tails so easily, we wouldn’t be having so much trouble. The communication is done by using ‘grass’ <probably proxies>, but today’s meeting had mostly nobles from the Prime Minister’s side, so…you can understand why the atmosphere was like that, right?” (Caril)

“Well, yeah. At any rate, they are quite thorough. Also, they have layered communications…Ah, so that’s the purpose of the knights, huh.” (Makoto)

There’s also the possibility that they are using the sons of nobles as messengers. The reason why the Queen’s group overlooked this may have been because a preconceived notion was blinding them.

“Those type of novel moves must have been the reason why you guys have been one-upped until now.” (Makoto)

“Might be. —Anyways, the third knight division being involved in the shadows, and the establishment of the sixth division must have been for the sake of this then…” (Caril)

“It is not wrong to say that the sixth division was formed to increase the military power though.” (Makoto)

Well, not the country’s but his own though.

The Knight Divisions of the Motoyasu Kingdom are comprised of the personal force of the King, the Royal Knights; and the first to the sixth divisions are in the royal capital.

The Knight General Gallahart is the captain of the royal knights; the first and the second divisions guard the castle, dispatched as vanguards whenever there’s an emergency, and are considered the highest even within the other knight divisions.

On the other hand, the third division acts together with the city guards; the fourth division guards the perimeter of the royal capital; the fifth division protects the national borders. They all have their respective roles, but within these, I think the third division is the one that has the most plain and difficult of them.

The knight divisions are a world where ability is all.

In other words, the ones in the third division are people that were one step lacking to become the most renowned. Gomon who I dueled against was also affiliated to the third division, and the knights that picked a fight with me in the beginning were also from the third division.

Niva-san said that the third division is a strong one, but it is a gathering of problematic people.

“Well, the sixth division may be indebted to Erac, but it is not as if all of them agree. There’s the possibility they are being forced to obey.” (Makoto)

The other knight divisions also have a few female knights, but the sixth division is characteristic for being formed only by females. And most of them work together with the third division to guard the city. The others go with the fourth division to protect the perimeter of the city, but in groupings of boys and girls, there will always be friction created.

I have said it many times already but, knights are driven by ability.

There’s basically no difference between men and women in this equation, and the people that look in contempt at women because of their gender don’t have the adequate ability to even validate those words.

“But I think it is pushing it a bit in terms of numbers to be trying to go against the other knight divisions with just two divisions.” (Makoto)

“The third division is lower in numbers compared to the others, so even if the sixth division adds their numbers, they won’t be able to match the numbers of the first and second division together. If the fourth division were to join the equation, it should be even worse for them.” (Caril)

“If the city turns into a battlefield, the city guards and the adventurers will join. If they are thinking of enacting a rebellion, they should have some sort of hidden trump card.” (Makoto)

It is to the point that even the monologue-loving Bald Geezer didn’t spill it out. If they do have a hidden card, it must be quite the card.

“Now that I think about it, the Magic Division didn’t come up. Are they not involved too? In terms of numbers, I feel like they would be quite the force.” (Makoto)

“A number of mages are involved under the own jurisdiction of Makirus. I am in the know that the magic division itself is not involved. If they were participating, the Archbishop still being away would be impossible.” (Caril)


“Anyways, even though there’s the possibility that a rebellion will happen, our side can’t do anything…that’s quite irritating.” (Caril)

“Right… Want to set up a trap or something?” (Makoto)

“Do you have a good idea?” (Caril)

It would be nice if something like that were to pop up constantly though.

When I shrug my shoulders, the Queen agrees with a ‘Right’.

“Ah…how many private armies do the nobles have?” (Makoto)

“The private armies of the nobles are around a 100 people.” (Caril)

“That’s quite low. Does that mean that’s how safe the royal capital is?” (Makoto)

“No, the third division is serving as substitute for the private armies.” (Caril)

“I see… So that’s where the connection with the nobles is, huh.” (Makoto)

I don’t say with who, but the Queen probably knows.

“‘The funds for private armies should be used for the people’, is what the Prime Minister proclaimed, but in the end, it simply ends up steepening their pockets and doesn’t profit the people at all.” (Niva)

The complementary information of Niva-san made me think ‘in the end it is about money huh’ and reinforced my view on how rotten the Bald Geezer is.

Even if I cast Chaos Reverse on him again, it won’t serve to solve the root problem. Having the root of the problem retire would prove beneficial for the future of Motoyasu.

“This time around it would be better to face them straight on.” (Makoto)

“Straight on, huh…” (Caril)

“To do that, there’s the need for our knight divisions to cooperate, but…if they were to discover that, there’s the possibility it would instead corner us.” (Makoto)

Cooperation with the knight divisions is necessary, but we can’t just have them neglect other areas just to be constantly wary of a rebellion that there’s no knowing of when it will occur. Most of all, this information being leaked to the outside must be avoided at all cost.

“No good. Nothing comes to mind.” (Makoto)

“Let’s conclude this talk for now, and first, prioritize the investigation of the reason for the current situation.” (Caril)

“…If we can actually catch the origin of the outbreak, that is.” (Makoto)

There’s the need to be wary of the rebellion, but it is urgent to resolve the reason for the mysterious disease.

We arrange the things we currently know and I was about to continue the talk about the countermeasures for the future with the Queen and Niva-san, but a knock on the door reverberated in the room.

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