QualiA – Chapter 35: The waking of the King ③

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The recovery of the King spread not only in the castle but also at the area near the castle in that very same day.

There were people who raised cheers once they heard this news, people who sobbed, and people that hugged and shared their happiness. Proof that the King is a necessary existence in the kingdom could be seen here and there even after a day had passed.

“Makoto-san, is your body okay already?”

“Yeah, it is okay. I am only a bit tired… Or more like, why are you at the cafeteria? There’s delicious food prepared at your room, right?” (Makoto)

“How to say it, it feels kind of tasteless to eat alone.”

“Ah, I understand that feeling.” (Makoto)

At a part of the cafeteria that’s filled with happiness, Hero-kun -Yuichi- is looking at me with a worried expression. Hasn’t he become more puppy-like than before? This guy, if he had a tail, I feel like it would be wagging the whole time.

“When I returned from the Selection Ceremony, I heard that you were ill and that visits were not allowed…” (Yuichi)

“It wasn’t really that serious of a deal though. Someone must have overblown it.” (Makoto)

“So that’s how it was.” (Yuichi)

Good grief, who the hell was the one that labeled me as seriously ill? Good job.

“Anyways, what weapon did you get?” (Makoto)

“Ah, uhm…I got a sword.” (Yuichi)

Yuichi puckered his lips and then told me that Kusuhara <Miki> got a long staff, Katsuragi <Shiori> a short staff, and Asagi <Kaede> a dagger.

“That she got a long staff means she is a mage?” (Makoto)

“So it seems. She still can’t use magic, so it doesn’t really click yet though.” (Yuichi)

“Oh, so she is still not used to magic.” (Makoto)

Kusuhara nods with a troubled expression and laughs while shrugging her shoulders.

Well, they were prioritizing basic muscle training, so the actual training was probably left for when they have learned the ‘role’ of the heroes.

“And so, dagger must be…a scout or something, but what is short staff?” (Makoto)

“It seems I have affinity with healing magic. As you said, Kaede is apparently a scout that excels in seclusion techniques.” (Shiori)

“…Healing magic.” (Makoto)

Katsuragi throws out an unbelievable bomb with a pride-filled expression, but she herself probably isn’t thinking too deeply about it.

The weapons granted in the Selection Ceremony are based on what you are suitable for. Because of this, the moment they hold the weapon, you can understand your own suitability, but for it to be healing magic of all things… I can only feel trouble from it.

“Healing magic can only be used by 3 people in the whole world, right?” (Makoto)

“So they say. The knights that were accompanying us were also surprised.” (Shiori)

Aah, I see. The knights will be a problem. Most of them were from Erac’s faction, so this is bad. This is the flag of a friend that can use a rare technique being kidnapped.

“In that case, how are you going to learn healing magic? There’s a limited amount of people that can teach you after all.” (Makoto)

“Hmm, I feel like I can somewhat use it though.” (Shiori)

“…Is that as long as you have the short staff?” (Makoto)

“Yes. When I have my staff in hand, the image(?) of a variety of spells appear one after the other in my mind.” (Shiori)

I don’t know if that’s a perk of being a hero, but it looks like it isn’t the same for Kusuhara, she said ‘Shiori only is not fair’ as she puckered her lips.

Looks like only healing magic works that way. Yuichi had a bitter smile, and Asagi was comforting Kusuhara with a deadpan look.

“Don’t worry, I will protect Shiori’s virginity.” (Kaede)

“W-What are you saying, Kaede?!” (Shiori)

“I will protect the first time of you using healing magic on Senpai” (Kaede)

Katsuragi was teased and her face was beet red, and Asagi was spitting out poison casually. I can’t pick up the whole meaning of it, but the will that she wants to protect Katsuragi was clearly transmitted.

“Anyways, this is quite the well formed party.” (Makoto)

“Yeah, Miyuna-san also told us that this is a nicely balanced party. Specially Shiori who is able to use healing magic, she said that it is a reassuring point.” (Yuichi)

Kusuhara and Asagi nod to what Yuichi said. Is Katsuragi shy about it because it is about herself? She is holding her head while being flustered.

It is true that’s the normal reaction, but I don’t know what the other knights thought.

Ah, now that I think about it, last night I sealed the mouths of the knights that were absent because of the Selection Ceremony. All of them were writhing in pain, but from the many female knights, one of them -Morda- was shouting curse-like words towards Erac. She has an unruly personality, so there’s the possibility that she is simply insulting him.

But you know, they do say that the enemy of my enemy is my ally. I have already investigated her, so maybe I should try making contact with her later. I don’t know which side it will roll to though.

“We are apparently going to be getting magic training today, so I am actually a bit excited about it.” (Yuichi)

“I see. Do your best~.” (Makoto)

“Yes. Now then, it will soon be the time, so we are going.” (Yuichi)

The puppy-likeness of Yuichi has indeed increased.

“Be careful. Kusuhara and the others as well, don’t push yourself too hard.” (Makoto)

Receiving an understood from each of them, Yuichi said ‘well then, see you at lunch’, and the group left in a happy mood. I received a number of hateful gazes from the personal maids that were on standby at the back, but I was impressed at how they are also the same as usual.

At any rate, I was invited to lunch in such a natural manner… Well, I am free so it should be fine.

I thought what was left for me to do would be to do the groundwork for stirring the other side, but a girl with a troublesome trigger for problems has appeared, so I have to keep my eyes peeled for that.

The fourth user of healing magic, huh.

Moreover, a hero, making the worth unmeasurable.

“Really, be careful…” (Makoto)

Finishing my already cold tea, I cheer for the youngsters that are doing their best, and passed a bit of a mellow time.


  ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆

After breakfast, I was walking around the castle randomly, and Toto had appeared from who knows where.

“You are one lively fellow.” (Makoto)


Riding on top of my head, it hits me with its front paws as if saying ‘you as well’.

“Now then, where to go.” (Makoto)


It is not as if the King will get better in a single day, so he probably won’t be able to move for at least a week.

Taking into consideration his current state, I would say that he will be able to recover his strength after 1 month and be able to move. In that time, I think the Queen and Niva-san will be mostly relieved by then, so unless they have business with me, they won’t be contacting me as much.

“Okay, let’s walk around.” (Makoto)


It is fine to have today at least as a break, right?

I do have the Invisible Window open 24/7 checking the markers just in case.

My current location is first floor of the castle. In this floor, there’s the medical facility, the cafeteria, the laundry room, and many other facilities. Also, taking the turn here and advancing through the corridor will lead to the offices of the cabinet ministers, the medical office chief, and those kind of people.

Erac seems to be cooped in his office, and Makirus seems to be in her office as well.


For a moment, it looked as if Makirus’s marker had disappeared. Was that my imagination?

Marker detects the magic power reaction of the target to display it, so if disruption magic were to be used, there’s times when the marker will switch on and off. Is she on her wiles again? Looks like I will have to check that out.


Is what I was thinking when a marker began to move and was heading my way.

This one is from the third knight division’s captain, Kirzam-san. As I was thinking this, the division captain entered my line of sight.


Of course he will also see me, but why is it that he is glaring at me at full output? Ah, last night he couldn’t sleep, so he is irritated. I get that.

Lack of sleep is tough, isn’t it? I also had to do an all-nighter not that long ago, so I understand the feeling.

“Good morning.” (Makoto)

“…Yeah, morning.” (Kirzam)

That’s why I love poking the nerves of those kind of people.

“Hm? You don’t seem to be doing too well. Are you okay?” (Makoto)

That’s why I call Kirzam who was about to pass by and push for a bit of socialization.

“No problem.” (Kirzam)

“Is that so… Ah, now that I think about it, Prime Minister-san was also not looking good. Is there some sort of weird illness going around?” (Makoto)

“It is not as if it is an illness. More importantly, what are you doing?” (Kirzam)

“What, you ask. A walk…I suppose?” (Makoto)

I wasn’t saying anything wrong, and yet, it looks like Kirzam didn’t like it. I can tell that he wants to immediately cut off the conversation, and he muttered in a real low voice ‘brainless insect’, but my ears clearly picked it up, you know?

“And what about Kirzam-san, what are you doing here?” (Makoto)

“I…—why do you know my name?” (Kirzam)

“The Queen is a tea drinking friend of mine, so she has told me a variety of things.” (Makoto)

Tea drinking friend is not a wrong definition of it, but the moment Kirzam heard the word ‘Queen’, the color of Kirzam’s face grew a shade worse. Looks like he did get the nightmare. Good good.

“That’s the way to the office departments, right?” (Makoto)

Pretending as if I didn’t notice that change, I point at where Kirzam came from and question him.

“Yeah, I was called by the military affairs minister. I am a captain, so I am in a position where I am busy in a lot of things.” (Kirzam)

“I see. Ah, sorry…I ended up keeping you.” (Makoto)

“No, don’t mind it… Ah, right. If you are free, you can come watch our training. Of course, you are welcome to join us too.” (Kirzam)

“Uhm, I will think about it.” (Makoto)

Kirzam leaves with a “See you then”, but the hateful glare he directed at me as he passed by was like that of someone looking at the killer of their parents.

After I had my duel, the one who insulted me as much as he wished was Kirzam, so he must be a man that lives by looking down on others. It is embarrassing to be of the same gender as him.

“He probably is calling me to the training to pick on me, but who the hell would go.” (Makoto)

After concluding how stupid that is, I was thinking of moving, but a marker displayed in the Invisible Window showed new movement.

…Who is it this time?

Let me rest for a bit.

I complained in my mind, but there’s a part of me that is having fun. Is that proof that I have a few screws loose?

The marker is headed to the office of the Prime Minister. The one who entered is the dark purple haired female knight -Morda- that was at the back of Almina and glaring at me at the time when we were summoned.

She didn’t show any notable movements until now. This feels like there’s something going on.

“Toto, I got something to do now, so let’s hang out some other time.” (Makoto)

“Mukyu? —Mukyuuuuu!!”

I grab him, open the window, and throw him outside. It is going ‘Mukyu! Mukyu!’ in protest. I take out a Sacred Beast Feed and show it to him before throwing it. There you go, catch.


Seeing off Toto, who is raising a cry as it runs off at full speed, with a tired expression. Since I have to immediately step into the secret talk, I confirm if there’s anyone in the surroundings before activating [Intangible] and speeding off.

☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆  

I am currently in the room of the Prime Minister with Intangible.

Morda seems to be reporting something to Erac with a table between them, but his face maintained a sober demeanor.

“…That’s all that we currently know.” (Morda)

“To think the Loroad Virus would be seen through… How can it be.” (Erac)

Having investigated that the Guarders were gathering the alchemy ingredients, Erac had discovered that the Queen had noticed the existence of the Loroad Virus. His face wasn’t showing a nice color.

He most likely had confidence that it wouldn’t be seen through. However, that confidence was broken. Serves you right. But don’t forget that this isn’t over yet, Bald Geezer.

“But why is it that they were gathering the ingredients for the poison?” (Erac)

“No matter the reason, it is a fact that His Majesty is showing signs of recovery. At this rate, the plan will also be—” (Morda)

“Silence. You are in no position to be instructing me.” (Erac)

“I apologize for overstepping.” (Morda)

Morda lowers her head deeply, but her face was that of anger as she grinded her teeth.

Why is Morda the one reporting? I thought this kind of reports were done by the maids though.

There’s knights in the sixth division that can do intelligence work as well, so maybe Morda compiled all the investigation results and came to report it. Even if I think about it, I will just be assuming, but what’s important to take from that is that they have people with the investigative ability to manage this.

“…Morda, I am counting on you to continue with your work.” (Erac)

“Understood.” (Morda)

Morda lowers her head and says ‘I will be taking my leave’ and left the room. But I didn’t miss the part when she was biting her lips and enduring the anger when she turned her back from Erac.

“…Kuku. That girl, you have to hide your anger better.” (Erac)

And it looks like it was clear as day for the Bald Geezer as well.

“But it is truly annoying. Just a bit more and I would have been able to eliminate the king. Just who in the world was it?!” (Erac)

Hitting his desk, Erac furrows his brows and releases his anger.

I thought he was feeling tension at the fact that the goal he had in front of him had grown distant, but it looks like that’s not the case.

“But I still have a hand. Who’s gonna break here.” (Erac)

Making a complete turn in his expression, the mouth of Erac warps into a burning smile.

I do think he is truly lively when he is doing his evil scheming, but you are speaking too much in your monologues, Bald Geezer.

After enjoying the monologue of Bald Geezer-san, I head to the Magic Division office of Makirus.

☆ ★★ ★★ ★★ ☆☆  

Leaving the room of the Prime Minister, Morda didn’t hide her anger as she advanced through the corridor without even paying attention to the sides.

“That damn geezer, acting all self-important.” (Morda)

There were deep wrinkles made from Morda’s furrowed brows as she walks on and spits insulting words that might cause her head to be cut off if someone were to hear it.

Morda stands out as having a violent disposition. She would make problems practically daily when she was an adventurer, and has a history of being expelled before. There’s no way a person like that would turn docile after becoming a knight. She frequently ends up in confrontations with other knights.

“Ara, that was pretty fast.”


Morda felt like her heart was grabbed when she heard a sudden voice. She hesitantly turned towards the direction where the voice came from.

“…Hah…Don’t surprise me like that, Captain.” (Morda)

“Fufu, there’s no nothing to be surprised about though?”

“That’s…” (Morda)

“Well, after speaking out so many insults, it would definitely put you on edge, huh.”

Glaring at the silver haired female knight, Olfi, who was laughing ‘kusukusu’, Morda scratches her head and sighs.

“In the first place, isn’t this your job, Captain? You were the one who investigated it, so please report it yourself. I am not a messenger, you know?” (Morda)

“Cause you know, I hate that old man. He looks at me with pig-like eyes and it is disgusting.” (Olfi)

Olfi spits out poisonous words casually, and Morda says with a shocked expression: ‘it would be bad if someone were to hear you’, and shrugs her shoulders.

“And so, we are to act as always?” (Olfi)

“So it seems. Who knows what he is planning by causing that ‘ghost’ incident.” (Morda)

“Hey, don’t go saying unnecessary things.” (Olfi)


Being reprimanded by Olfi, Morda noticed just how dangerous her words just now were, and hurriedly looks around with a streak of sweat falling.

“It is okay. No one’s around.” (Olfi)

“…Hah…” (Morda)

“But don’t speak out things without thinking. There’s no knowing who is listening after all.” (Olfi)

“…Yes.” (Morda)

“Good to know that you do listen. Anyways, I wonder what he plans on doing with the fact that the king seems to have recovered.” (Olfi)

That’s also something Morda was interested in, but remembering that Erac kicked her on that, she frowns as if she had bitten a bitter bug.

“Hah…Lack of sleep is bad for my skin.” (Olfi)

“Don’t complain. Today is your turn, Captain, okay? Please don’t skip out.” (Morda)

“I know.” (Olfi)

“—Wait, where are you going? It is still supposed to be training time, you know?” (Morda)

“I am going to the damn old man’s place for a bit.” (Olfi)

“Wa, Captain as well, careful with what you say, okay?” (Morda)

Laughing with a ‘yeah yeah’, she waves her hand and leaves. Seeing her off, Morda grinds her teeth and clenches her hands.

Saying whatever he wants and pushing all problematic things to his subordinates.

Morda punches the wall and was about to turn back, but her anger didn’t allow her to move.

(Every single one of them!)

She wanted to throw away everything, however, for the sake of the bright future that awaits her, she can’t throw everything away here.

She had long passed the point of no return.

“…I won’t let you act all self-important forever.” (Morda)

Morda made a ferocious smile and clenches her fist. As if telling herself ‘Once I have everything in this hand of mine’, she deepens her smile and walks on silently.

However, Morda didn’t know…

Watching her back was Olfi with a bold smile.

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