QualiA – Chapter 34: The waking of the King ②

By the time I noticed, night had passed.

From the sky that was beginning to grow brighter, sunlight illuminated the room, and the black liquid on top of the table was releasing a gentle glimmer.

“…Looks like it has finished resting.” (Makoto)

I crack my neck and turn my stiffened shoulders as I stand up.

An all-nighter isn’t that much of a deal, but doing nothing would boring to the extreme. I was checking its state with the Invisible Window, so there shouldn’t be any problems with the minute details, however, aside from that, there was nothing else to do. That’s why I was also creating things like stamina and magic power recovery potions; an ointment for scrapes, cuts, and internal bruises; around several hundreds of them.

Other things I made were pills to recover abnormal status effects, and preventive devices for many abnormal status effects. Regarding the devices, I will probably be lending them to Niva-san. If it is her, she will most likely use them effectively.

“Right. Well then, let’s do this.” (Makoto)

I take the black liquid, gather magic power in my palm, and cover the bottle slowly with my magic power.

“…Shinrabansho, Shogyo Mujo…” (Makoto) <All creation, all worldly phenomena>

There’s no real meaning to it, but I muttered those words out of habit.

Alchemists are able to create completely different things from the materials they have; a black art that replicates everything that exists in between the heavens and earth aside from living beings, is what Angor-jiisan said with a tone of sarcasm as he puffed a tobacco smoke.

Since listening to that, the words Shinrabansho and Shogyo Muhyo have begun to surface in my mind.

One day, I would like to succeed in the creation of an artificial life -an homunculus- which Angor-jiisan was unable to accomplish in his whole life, but contrary to my wish to do so, I have sealed the research of it. I did succeed in creating the body of an homunculus in my sixth parallel world, but the more I researched, the more I felt like I was unable to forgive myself for toying with life, and I ended up in a mental state that wasn’t fit to continue the research.

No, that’s sophistry.

I was scared…of creating life in such a manner.

I was scared…of not being able to hold any responsibility for the life I have created.

“—Right, concentrate, me.” (Makoto)

I was thinking of unnecessary things, and ended up disturbing the flow of my magic power.

I carefully inspect the bottle, and after confirming that there’s no problems, I once again cover the bottle with magic power, and then release the bottle.

Normally, once a bottle is released, it should fall and end in a tragic state, however, the bottle was floating in the air and maintaining still.

“Now, witness the essential technique of alchemists.” (Makoto)

I extend both hands towards the bottle and shape the magic power in my whole body.

The magic power that was slowly shaped was sent to the bottle of the Loroad Virus permeating its magic power, increasing the affinity with the magic power right down to the atoms.

Tuning my magic power with the magic power that was merged with the virus…


The moment the difference was gone…

[Unknown Magic activate: Beginning forbidden spell].

[Structure Configuration…Chemical Combination…Molecule Bindings…
—Analysis Complete].

[Structure Reversal — Begin].

[…70…60…50 —Magic Power Tuned.]

[30…20…Normal Reversal finished, All Green.]

[—Verity Turnover—]

I concentrate the magic power knit in my whole body to my palms, and pour it all into the floating bottle.

An instant later, a pure white light was released, and the room was filled up with a strong dazzling light.


Within the silence, a sound like that of a bell rang lowly, and in my field of vision that was slowly being cleared up from the light, there’s a floating bottle releasing a dim orange colored light.

“…I made it.” (Makoto)

I grab the bottle and use [Analyze] on it.

[Superior Antidote of the True Being]

[An Antidote created from reverse refining the Loroad Virus.
Because it was made by Kamiuchi Makoto, no one aside from the person himself can recreate it.]

“…A terrible name as always.” (Makoto)

But it is a success.

What I created by utilizing the formula of Unknown Magic was what could be said to be one of the culminations of alchemy, the forbidden refinement spell, Verity Turnover.

If I had to put it simply, it would be a reversal of properties.

Poison to medicine, medicine to poison. If it is something made by alchemy, it can reverse the properties of it, but there’s one problem: it only works on things I myself made.

I can’t do anything about this point, but I can make most of anything, so there’s not much problem in that. If I had to say one, it would be that the production is a pain.

But with this, the King should get better.

Now then, there’s still a bit of time before breakfast. Let’s sleep for a bit…

Good night~.

☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆  

By the time I woke up, it was already past noon.

Someone come wake me up, is what I thought, but now that I think about it, I locked the door… Ah, I still had Silent Box activated, so of course I wouldn’t be able to hear the outside. Ahahahaha.

“Fuaaa~… I am hungry.” (Makoto)

My stomach is being noisy demanding food, so I suppose I should eat. After that, I will go to the Queen’s room, and then to where the King is, I think?

While I was making the plans, I cleaned up the room before opening the door to leave, but…

“Good morning, Makoto-sama.”

Niva-san with the usual cold eyes was standing in front of the door.

I did know she was there from her presence, but did something happen?

“…Good…morning?” (Makoto)

“When I came this morning to wake you up, it was still locked, so I figured you were still sleeping. It was already time for lunch, so I was wondering if something had happened and called out for you many times, and yet, there was no response at all. Do you know just how worried I was? Are you reflecting on it?” (Niva)

“I am really sorry.” (Makoto)

The pressure in those bloodshot eyes is crazy.

“…I told you so many times…not to push yourself, and yet…” (Niva)

“I have no words for that.” (Makoto)

I will accept this scolding.

“Are you okay not having breakfast?” (Niva)

“Well, I was thinking of going to get something to eat.” (Makoto)

“Understood. By the way, I see that the inside of the room is cleaned up…” (Niva)

“Hm? Ah, I finished it, so I cleaned up.” (Makoto)

Oh? For some reason she has her eyes wide opened?

“If I remember correctly, it should take a whole 2 days to do the drying process in alchemy.” (Niva)

“Ah, right. I used a secret technique to shorten that process, so there’s no problem.” (Makoto)

“Then, you really…” (Niva)

“Done.” (Makoto)

A moment later, a single tear ran down the cheeks of Niva-san.

“With this…With this, His Majesty will…” (Niva)

“Be saved… But he is weakened, so there will be the need to care for His Majesty.” (Makoto)

“Yes. Dorui-sama said he will be taking full responsibility in doing that.” (Niva)

Now that she mentions him, it has been a while since I have seen him. Wonder if he is doing well -that alchemy otaku guy.

“Well then, let’s go.” (Makoto)

“Where?” (Niva)

“To the King’s place, obviously.” (Makoto)

Saying only this, I activate Intangible to erase my presence.

I am supposed to be resting because ‘I am sick’ after all. If I were seen in a place like this, it would be a seed for trouble.

“Let’s go.” (Makoto)

“U-Understood. Ah, I have to tell Ohi-sama!” (Niva)

Niva-san walks off in an unusual flustered mannered and while following after her, I take out food from the Item Box and eat it. While doing that, I look outside the window.

“…Is that Hero-kun?” (Makoto)

Where I looked at, there’s the Hero-kun -Yuichi- swinging his sword single-mindedly trained by Gallahart.

His swordsmanship is still poor, but there’s something that shines in it. While being impressed by this, I concentrate on the sword Yuichi has.

…That’s the weapon of the hero?

A silver blade and sword guard that’s simple in design. At a glance, it is a look that would make you think it is a sword sold in normal weapon stores. However, judging from the green jewels embedded in the blade of the sword, there’s no doubt that that is the holy sword of a hero.

It has a similar look to that of the holy sword I used at my time as a hero after all.

Anyways, this means Yuichi is a hero chosen by a sword, huh. Well, I did think that’s the classic for harem heroes, but to think that would actually be the case.

Watching Yuichi doing his best in his training for a little while, I turn around and hurried to the room of the Queen.

☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆

—Room of the King.

Entering the room of the King, the moment I released Intangible, my arm was grabbed by the Queen and was pulled by her. Of course, the Princess and the two personal knights were there too.

The Queen was so strong I was surprised.

“Makoto-kun.” (Caril)

“Yes yes. Don’t be so hurried.” (Makoto)

While chiding the impatient Queen, I take out a bottle with orange liquid inside from my bag, and put it on top of the table.

“This is…” (Caril)

“The antidote. Don’t make him drink it all at once. Only a little bit each time.” (Makoto)

I don’t tell this to the Queen who is looking straight at the bottle, but at the personal doctor of the King, Dorui-san.

“In his current weakened state, even medicine can be poison. It would be dangerous to administer too much medicine at once.” (Makoto)

“I do understand that… However, is it that strong of a medicine?” (Dorui)

“Well, the Loroad Virus was used as a base after all. This is something that was created by changing the undiluted solution into medicine with alchemy, so there should be no problems with the effect. Just saying that since its base is as you know, the effect of the medicine will also be strong.” (Makoto)

“…Understood.” (Dorui)

Leaving aside whether he actually understood, Dorui-san who was looking at the bottle the same way as the Queen, slowly turned around and lowered his head silently.

“Thank you, Makoto. Thanks to you, His Majesty has been saved. I am truly grateful.” (Dorui)

“It is too premature for any thanking. I don’t think there’s any worries for side-effects, but there’s the need of constant supervision, so there’s still stuff to do, right?” (Makoto)

“Right… Haha, you are more of a doctor than I am.” (Dorui)

“Sorry, but I am a whimsical man. I can’t do something as noble as saving whoever. Now, enough with the useless talk.” (Makoto)

When I complain to him with my eyes ‘do your job’, he silently nodded and grabs the bottle.

And then, he approaches the bed with nervous steps, subdivide the medicine into a glass container that has something similar to a thin tube.

“Your Majesty, a new medicine. Can you drink it?” (Dorui)


The King who was checking Dorui-san’s actions had moved his head slightly to show his approval. After confirming this, Dorui-san moves the glass container’s tube towards the mouth of the King’s mouth.

The last time I came here, he was only sleeping, and even if you were to speak to him close by, he showed no signs of waking up. However, now his face has a slightly better color, and just now, I heard from Dorui-san that his times awake have gotten more frequent.

“Please drink it slowly.” (Dorui)


After confirming that the King had the tube of the glass inside his mouth, Dorui-san tilts it slowly. The Queen, who was was watching over it as if she were praying, had both hands held together and eyes closed.

“How is it?” (Dorui)


The orange liquid flowed through the pipe and was sucked into the mouth of the King, and his throat shows signs of gulping it down. Repeating this a number of times, the glass container was emptied.

“It is done.” (Dorui)


Leaving the glass container on the table at the side of the bed, Dorui-san checks the state of the King thoroughly. The first change will most likely show soon.


“Y-Your Majesty!” (Dorui)

Suddenly, a dim light flickered from the face of the King, and Dorui-san hurriedly takes off the blanket and opens his sleep-wear.

“This is…” (Dorui)

Not only his face, his whole body was flickering with a faint light, and this steadily changed into a darkish color, covering the surface of his skin, and turning into something like a film protecting his body.

Seeing this, the Queen and the Princess screamed and hurriedly run to the bed, and shout as loud as their voices could muster.

“Makoto, what’s this?!” (Dorui)

“It is okay. This is just a sign that the poison eating away his body is leaving. No need to worry.” (Makoto)

“…This is…poison?” (Dorui)

When I told the three that there’s no need to make so much of a ruckus, the Queen sways from relief, and Niva-san who had moved herself to the Queen’s side had caught her body.

“If something like this is to happen, please tell us beforehand.” (Dorui)

“Hmm, it is not that I didn’t explain it. Even I didn’t know what would happen, so I couldn’t.” (Makoto)

“…Is that so.” (Dorui)

“Well, it is like a prelude to his recovery, so don’t worry about it.” (Makoto)

It would be more accurate to say I didn’t know what kind of effect it would show from the several patterns it could have been.

“That black thing is the antidote ejecting the toxins from the body, so even if it looks a bit weird, it is not harmful, so there’s no problems.” (Makoto)

While I was explaining, the darkish film covering the body of the King, another change begins to show.

“The color is changing…” (Dorui)

“This is mana change. It is currently changing it into the magic power drifting about in the air. With this, the poison will become plain harmless mana and return to the world. Yup, how ecological.” (Makoto)

In the time I was talking with Dorui-san, the body of the King released the second light, and the darkish film covering his body changed into a white light and dispersed.

“What’s left is to drink the medicine, and repeat this same process. Once no changes happen anymore, it means the poison has been completely purified.” (Makoto)

“…Makoto-kun.” (Caril)

Watching the King who was releasing the third light, I direct my gaze towards the Queen who said my name.

“Thank you… Thank you so much…” (Caril)

“As I said, you are hasty with your thanks.” (Makoto)

“But…” (Caril)

“More importantly, have a word with him.” (Makoto)

When I point with my eyes, with unsteady steps, she arrives at the side of the bed and extends her hand towards the cheek of the King.

“…Tortemi.” (Caril)


“I am glad. I am truly…glad…” (Caril)

Without stopping her overflowing tears, she called the name of the King several times, and was savoring the happiness.


At that moment, a scrapy voice could be heard.“

“…Tortemi?” (Caril)

“Ca…ril…” (Tortemi)

It was extremely weak, but a clearer voice than before reached our ears.

Slowly opening his eyes, the King slowly faced our way and silently -but in a way that everyone could tell- moves the corner of his mouth into a smile.

“Tortemi!” (Caril)

“Your Majesty!” (Dorui)

The trembling voice of delight from the Queen and the voice filled with surprise from Dorui-san reverberated in the silent room.

“Father!” (Prim)

“…Pr…im…” (Tortemi)

“Father! Aaah…Father!!” (Prim)

The Princess was petrified at the bedside and was enduring her tears with Miyuna and Filmina supporting her body. The two of them also had wet eyes as they trembled with joy.

“How long has it been…since we have heard the voice of His Majesty. And a smile on top of that… How long has it been since we have seen one.” (Niva)

Niva-san was looking at the King and her cheeks were dampened by tears. After muttering this, a single tear dropped.

The person that was unable to speak until now had shown a radical change after a bit of medicine. There’s most likely no one who wouldn’t be surprised by this.

“Ah, Dorui-san.” (Makoto)

“…Hm? What is it?” (Dorui)

“I am giving this to you.” (Makoto)

I give Dorui-san, who had tears at the corner of his eyes, around 30 each of the stamina and magic power recovery potions that I made yesterday night, as well 10 as of the ointment for cuts, bruises, and blows.

“This is…” (Dorui)

“Medicine to recover stamina and magic power. He won’t be able to eat food immediately, so you can have him drink this along with the nutritional medicine .” (Makoto)

“Sorry for having you help us out in so much.” (Dorui)

“I have a policy of: when I do something, I do it thoroughly.” (Makoto)

I also pass him some pills for abnormal status effects. This one can be taken as is or can be grinded and taken in powdered form.

“Tortemi…” (Caril)

“Father… I am glad… I am so glad…” (Prim)

The Queen and Princess get closer to the King who is showing a smile.

While watching this, I remember that there’s a bunch that is trying to destroy this happiness.

…Now then, what should I do?

It is unknown how they will move once they hear about the recovery of the King. The ghost incident has not been resolved yet either, so it is in a stage that there’s no knowing how the dice will roll.

There’s the need to seal the mouth of the knights that were accompanying Hero-kun, and there’s also the need to increase the protection of the King. While thinking there’s a mountain of things to do, I silently watch the sight of the family smiling happily.

☆☆ ★★ ★★ ★★ ☆☆

At a vast plain where the sun had pass the zenith and the sunlight had gotten stronger, there’s mounted troops advancing there.

The close to thousand carriages that are raising a cloud of dust are blending in with the armored horses that were advancing parallel to them. The troops easily surpass the thousands, and they are all wearing the same helmet and advancing in a synchronized manner which there’s something beautiful to it to the point that someone could watch in fascination.

“Captain, is this really okay?”

At around the middle of this army, a young gray haired knight, that is riding a horse with a harness of higher quality than the others, speaks to the superior officer at his side.

“Don’t think unnecessary stuff.”

“But this is…”

“We are the ‘frame’ that opens the path of His Majesty the Emperor’s ambitions.”

The superior officer speaks in an indifferent manner and the knight that spoke to him made an annoyed expression as he objects.

“The only one who says those kind of things in this day and age is you, captain.”

“But it is the truth. I pride in the fact that I am a soldier of the Empire.”

“Aah, geez… What a hard-headed person. In the first place, the princess was against you being here, you know? Do you understand that, Captain Latis?”


When he is troubled, he turns silent. The knight knows of this habit of his and sighed as he continues.

“The Empress-sama too, why did she choose you?”

There was no respect for his superior officer in those words, and he was showing a truly troubled expression as he shakes his head.

“Mir, you’re saying too much.” (Latis)

“Oops. Sorry about that… Anyways, isn’t there way too many strange points about this?” (Mir)

The knight called Mir shrugged his shoulders, but his superior officer Latis soon reproached him for this with a serious look.

“In the first place, His Imperial Majesty is just…” (Mir)

“Mir…” (Latis)

Mir -actual name, Mirtoshina- noticed that he made a slip of tongue there when Latis glared at him. He exhales and calms down before speaking again.

“No, I want you to allow me these words. I heard that the King of the Motoyasu Kingdom is suffering an illness right now. On top of that, I also heard that the one who forced the hero summoning was the Prime Minister. Then, this time’s invasion of the Motoyasu Kingdom, and the fact that we were not told this—” (Mir)

Mir tried to continue speaking, but Latis’s glare made Mir swallow his words.

“Vice-Captain Mirtoshina… If you speak further about this, I will take it as impiety towards His Imperial Majesty.” (Latis)

“I apologize.” (Mir)

Mir reluctantly withdraws, but it is not something he could acknowledge.

“However, isn’t it strange that an unknown bunch is walking around the castle lately?” (Mir)

“You do know that the research personnel has increased recently, right?” (Latis)

“I do know, but aren’t they doing some creepy experiments? They are saying they got the permission of His Imperial Majesty, but he—!” (Mir)

“Mir, averting your gaze at the truth is what fools do.” (Latis)

“…Captain?” (Mir)

Without chiding Mir who was grinding his teeth in resentment, Latis only said this and went silent. Mir tried to understand the meaning of those words, so there was no further conversation. Only the sounds of the walking horses resounded in the area.

The Motoyasu Kingdom that had finally begun to see signs of a bright future was now having new coal thrown into it.

After this, the ‘monster’ would be known to the world in an unexpected manner, but for now, this ‘monster’ lays unknown by many.

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