QualiA – Chapter 33: The waking of the King ①

Finishing the fun lunch with Erin, I was enjoying tea, when…

“Excuse my intrusion, Makoto-sama.”

Niva-san quickly appeared together with a knock.

“Where were you watching from?” (Makoto)

“I felt your presence.” (Niva)

This silver haired maid is truly unbelievable, seriously.

“And so, what brings you here today?” (Niva)

“Ah, about that, I found it, so I returned. What’s left is to make it.” (Makoto)

“…Eh? You found it? Really?” (Niva)

“Yeah, I caught it.” (Makoto)

I name call the Paralysis Lizard that I froze and stored in my Item Box, and place it on top of the table.

“This is…!” (Niva)

“I tried freezing it whole. No real meaning to it though.” (Makoto)

“T-Then, with this, His Majesty will…” (Niva)

Niva-san hurriedly wipes off the tears forming in her eyes, and lowers her head saying ‘sorry for that’.

“I would like to begin work, but since I am dealing with poison here, there’s the risk of something happening, so I would like to make it in a place where people don’t come.” (Makoto)

“If it’s that, there’s a room that’s not being used, so I will guide you there.” (Niva)

“I see. Ah right, have you gathered the remaining ingredients?” (Makoto)

“Yes, we managed to gather them all without problems.” (Niva)

“Okay. Then, I will immediately begin production.” (Makoto)

If everything has been procured, better do it now.

I once again put the substitute doll to sleep on my bed, and task Erin with the job of keeping an eye while I am away. I leave together with Niva-san, and head to the room.

  ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆

I follow after Niva-san with Intangible activated, and the room we arrived at was a tasteless room with no furniture at all.

On the way, she muttered something like ‘I would like to try using Intangible’ as if she were talking to herself, which was scary. It is an ideal skill for intelligence missions, and there’s a variety of uses to it after all. Peeking is a no though.

“Then, let’s prepare.” (Makoto)

I take out many tools for alchemy out of my Item Box and line them up.

I was thinking of setting up the tools while Niva-san went to get the ingredients, but she returned quicker than expected. That’s how hurried Niva-san must be.

“Sorry for the wait.” (Niva)

After the knock, Niva-san entered with a leather bag in hand, and gives it to me.

“…Okay. Everything is there as per recipe, right?” (Makoto)

I open the leather bag and confirm the inside.

“I have certainly received it.” (Makoto)

“Is there anything I can help with?” (Niva)

“I appreciate the sentiment, but I will be handling dangerous ingredients, so just to be safe…” (Makoto)

“…Understood. Makoto-sama, please don’t push yourself too hard, and be careful.” (Niva)

“Got it. Ah, Niva-san.” (Makoto)

I call to Niva-san who had bowed and was about to leave.

“Leave it to me.” (Makoto)

I just say these few words and give her a thumbs up.

“I will be counting on you.” (Niva)

With tears forming at the corner of her eyes, she lowers her head deeply, and once she leaves the room, I lock the door.

“Okay… Well then, first…” (Makoto)

I will be using raw materials that are poisonous, so I create a gas-proof barrier in order to avoid any sort of spreading. Next would be to make a soundproof and isolating barrier. The isolating one is to stop intruders from bothering. Who knows what can happen, so gotta set that up just in case.

And after that, I will follow the recipe of the poison, and then, make the antidote for it.

“Confirm the materials.” (Makoto)

Confirming out loud is the basics of the basics.

By being conscious of what you are doing at all times, it reduces the small mistakes, and as a result, you will be able to create a product of better quality.

I at first thought that was stupid and did it whenever I felt like it, but after I ended up heavily injured for messing up the order of the combination, I understood the importance of speaking out loud to confirm. I make sure to confirm even the small things.

Well, from an outsider’s perspective, I would look like a dangerous fellow that talks to himself, but if I worry about those kind of things, I would never get better.

“…Fumu, the materials have been gathered as per recipe. Adding the Paralysis Lizard’s Liver to this, the ingredients would all be here.” (Makoto)

I line up the tools on top of the assembled table, and place the materials in the bag one by one on it too.

“Well then, commence alchemy.” (Makoto)

I roll up my sleeves and slap both of my cheeks to psyche myself up.

In order to protect the future of this country, let’s do my best.

☆☆ ★★ ★★ ★★ ☆☆

The maid walking the corridor quickly didn’t even pay attention to her surroundings and rapidly headed to the room of her master.

She didn’t forget to bow at the maids and knights she passed by, however, her stride didn’t slow down as she continued on. Going up stairs, passing corridors, she finally arrived at her master’s room.

She made one deep breath, and after knocking on the door, the voice of her master could be heard.

“It is Niva. Excuse my intrusion.” (Niva)

Opening the door silently, the maid Niva enters the room. Seeing her, the owner of the room speaks with a meek expression.

“Have you given it to Makoto-kun?”

“Yes, without problems.” (Niva)

“…I see.”

The owner of the room -Caril- speaks in a low tone and looks at Niva with a bitter expression.

“Let’s trust in Makoto-sama.” (Niva)

“…Right.” (Caril)

Even when he was dragged into the hero summoning and treated badly, this boy maintained an aloof attitude.

Who would be able to believe that this boy has experienced six parallel world summonings? Even so, he possesses a mysterious charm to him, and has the ‘power’ to make people believe in him.

And she was told by him to ‘leave it to me’ in a strong manner. Then, what we can do right now is to believe in him and wait, that’s how Niva thinks.

“To go so far for our sake… Just how can we show our gratitude?” (Caril)

“I think he doesn’t wish for a reward.” (Niva)

“…True. I feel like he would say ‘Don’t need it’.” (Caril)

Being reeled in by the giggle of her master, Niva also smiles.

“By the way, what happened after regarding that incident?” (Caril)

“The origins of the ‘ghost’ has not been identified yet.” (Niva)

“What about any connections to the Prime Minister?” (Caril)

“None as of now.” (Niva)

“Good at covering himself as always.” (Caril)

Niva shakes her head weakly, and after muttering in an annoyed manner, she silently stands up.

“Once he recovers, their side will definitely be flustered.” (Caril)

“Yes.” (Niva)

“That’s why, keep your eyes peeled more than ever.” (Caril)

Niva lowers her head at the appeal of Caril, but the next words that Caril said made the eyes of Niva open wide.

“If push comes to shove, I will also move.” (Caril)

“That’s…! Please rethink that. Amadiya-sama said not to do anything foolish.” (Niva)

“No, the time to sit and wait is over. Also, my patience meter has gone over the limits already.” (Caril)

“…Understood.” (Niva)

Lowering her head deeply, Niva says ‘I will be taking my leave’ and departs.

Caril walks over to the window, looks up at the sky that can be seen from there, and even when she was trying to resist the tears, they trickled down her cheeks, and the drops falling down were wetting her hand.

“…Tortemi.” (Caril)

Her beloved person that was always by her side at all times.

The time for him to be saved from this life threatening situation has finally come. That’s also the best time to bring judgment to the greedy ghouls that haunt them.

“I will definitely protect this country -the place you belong in.” (Caril)

The King of the Motoyasu Kingdom, Tortemi Dilba Motoyasu, and the Queen, Caril Dilba Motoyasu.

“For the sake of that, I don’t mind walking the path of carnage again…” (Caril)

Wiping off the tears, the face of Caril when she turned around didn’t have any shade of grief, and her eyes were like those of a ferocious beast baring its fangs.

This meant the awakening of the young genius mage that was called as the Crimson Lily Demoness who was once called the strongest in the Motoyasu Kingdom.

☆☆ ☆☆ ★ ☆☆ ☆☆

Processing the materials following the recipe, it was finally time to handle the Paralysis Lizard.

Just in case, I used Silent Box to isolate this place from its surroundings, on top of that, using a multiple magic circle formation, I activated Aseptic Room.

Aseptic Room is, simply put, a sterilised room. There are some materials used in alchemy that can alter in properties from a slight change in the environment or a bit of fungus, so this spell is used frequently. It is normally used in conjunction with Delay Step.

Delay Step has the effect of delaying certain actions, and it is mostly used to delay the progress of a pathogen. However, the effective time is 1 hour which is short, and because it is being activated in conjunction with Aseptic Room in a multiple magic circle formation, the moment the effect is gone, I have to activate both of them again, so I couldn’t use it on the King. I can’t constantly keep an eye on the King every hour after all.

“Now then, let’s do this.” (Makoto)

Equipping gloves that have resistance to status ailments, I use an adamantite kitchen knife to cut the head first. Next is to open the abdomen while making sure not to injure the organs, and take them out one by one.

At the time when I was first summoned as a hero, I would lose consciousness when dismantling the monsters or vomit. It was quite hectic. Getting used is a fearsome thing. I don’t feel anything when dismantling monsters anymore after all.

Will the heroes get used to it with time?

If possible, I would prefer them to stay pure.

“…Oh, it is this one, huh.” (Makoto)

I confirm the organs with Analyze, and find the liver that I was looking for.

Next is to dry it and make it powder, but a normal drying process takes two whole days. However, because this time around there’s no leeway in time, lets dry it fast. I can’t shorten the last step, so I should shorten the steps that I can shorten.

What I will be using is a drying machine that I made with alchemy. It is a 30 cm cubic box that has a door on the front. At a glance, it looks like a microwave oven.

It can warm things up, but I prioritized the drying function, so the warming is just an extra.

“There we go.” (Makoto)

I wash the blood, place the liver on top of a plate, put it inside the drying machine, and turn on the switch.

After a wait of 30 minutes, the drying should be finished. And then, once the final mixing ends, the Loroad Virus should be completed.

“Nothing to do for 30 minutes…” (Makoto)

Even so, I can’t leave this place, so let’s check out whether there’s any part of the Paralysis Lizard that can be used.



Even though it is a rare type, it is all stuff that doesn’t have much noteworthy effects. But well, that’s because I already have materials that are more effective than these ones, so I suppose it can’t be helped.

For now, everything aside from the skin can be disposed of. Even if I were to keep them, it doesn’t seem like I would have any use for them anyways. By the time I arrived at this conclusion, the fast drying machine sounded the completion alarm.

It resembles a microwave oven, so I made it in a way that the alarm sound would make a similar one to that, but for some reason, my alchemy friends told me that I gave it an unnecessary feature and wasn’t a feature that was too well received.

“Hot!” (Makoto)

The moment I opened it, the heat came out in one blow hitting my face, and while I wave it away with my hand, I take out the plate inside.

“…Fumu, it is well done.” (Makoto)

Your turn, [Analyze]-san.

[Paralysis Lizard’s Liver – Dry]

[Retrieved and dried liver of a variant Poison Lizard.
It is sometimes used in alchemy, but because it has paralysis poison, there’s the need to be careful in its handling.]

Looks like it was a success. What’s left is to crush it to powder, mix it with the other ingredients, leave it rest for 1 day, and it will be finished.

If I were to shorten the resting time, there’s the possibility of affecting the quality of it, so this is something I can’t do anything about. However, the biggest problem is failing the last mixing process.

Even Angor-jiisan, who was my teacher in alchemy, has had several instances where he has failed the last mixing process. Many ingredients will mix, and there’s the possibility of showing an unfavorable reaction. This is something that even seasoned alchemists are unable to read completely, so it is a nerve-racking moment.

“Okay. Finally the last part.” (Makoto)

I powder the dried Paralysis Lizard’s Liver in a mortar, and mix the other ingredients exactly as the recipe details.

Each time I place an ingredient into the magic powered water of creation, I confirm the current state. Taking care so that I will be able to react the moment there’s any drastic change or abnormality, I mix the remaining ingredients, but there wasn’t anything specially strange.

I repeat this process, and it finally came the step of mixing the liver.

“This is the last step.” (Makoto)

According to my past experiences, I have thrown everything down the drain many times before because I lowered my guard in this step.

I take a deep breath slowly.

Showing the biggest of cautions,  to an extent that doesn’t hit cowardice, I do this. Hesitation can be the reason for failure after all.

I measure it as the recipe states, and add the powdered liver inside the creation water.


The powder spreads at the surface of the water, and slowly sinks as it dissolves. I keep the progress in check and don’t lower my guard.

Several seconds after, the creation water releases dim light and shows a reaction particular to alchemy.

The thin light blue color slowly turns into a thicker color, and in time, the second magic power reaction happened, and the dark blue color changed into a black liquid.

“…Is this a success?” (Makoto)

According to the recipe, the undiluted solution of the Loroad Virus is a black colored liquid.

Holding back my desire of celebrating, I use [Analyze] to confirm if it was an actual success.

[Loroad Virus].

Analyze-san, you are seriously the best! I love you!

“Okay! It is done!” (Makoto)

Seeing that name written in the Invisible Window, I raised my fist up and shouted out loud.

What’s left is to leave it resting one night and it will be complete in the truest of meanings.

“Now then, let’s do the finishing touches.” (Makoto)

What was completed was just the poison.

However, poison can become medicine.

Now then, have a look at the essential alchemy technique of making medicine from poison.

  ☆☆ ★★ ★★ ★★ ☆☆  

At around the same time.

In a basement where there isn’t a single window, in this place where things were strewn about and was dimly lit, there’s someone moving about in front of the only light source.

“Fuhihi… Just a bit more… A bit more…”

A creepy laugh came out from that someone, and madness could be seen from the eyes that were looking straight.

The hood was covering their eyes and clad in a robe, so it is impossible to tell from behind if it is a man or a woman, but one could barely be able to tell from its voice that it is a woman.

“That someone that…that took away from me… Aah Aaaaaaah!!”

Hugging her own body and letting out a maddenned voice, she extends her hand towards the light source, and the face that was filled with despair was slowly changing into that of relief.


And then, she laughs lowly.

“This country…that took everything away from me…”

This might be a conclusion that people who have been engulfed by despair would arrive to.

“It should just fall… Kuku…Ahahahahaha!!”

The woman was laughing madly at a single direction. She then looked up, and her mouth distorts into a crooked smile.

The retribution that the ‘monster’, who doesn’t even fear Gods, had given to her had made a mess of her life. However, the monster didn’t expect the chance meeting of hers that would change this woman into a lunatic.

“Fufu… This power is truly…truly woooonderful!!”

The only light source in this dim room.

What is acting as the light source is a bottle that has a light purple liquid shining lightly.

(As long as I have this power…!)

Trembling in excitement, the eyes of the woman who had her arms outstretched were getting wet with ecstasy, and she sent her gratitude towards the ‘owner of the voice’ she had met that day.

Thanks to this wonderful power, she could reach further heights.

“Now then, let’s begin…the ceremony to destroy this unnecessary country.”

The woman takes the bottle, stands up, and silently walks.

That face only had madness in her face; there’s no signs of human emotions in her. What’s left in the woman is her anger for the unknown person that took her own enjoyment.

(I will destroy everything!)

The rampage of a maddened woman.

That will bud a few days from today and will throw the royal capital into chaos.

Even the monster wouldn’t be able to predict this would happen…

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