QualiA – Chapter 32: Seeking the last fragment… ⑦

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The next day past noon, we arrived at the town of Rosuha.

Amalietta was strangely energetic before our departure, but it looks like this energy is not just coming out of nowhere, she had eyes like those of someone that has resolved on something.

Amalietta quickly dealt with the monsters that appeared in the way, and there was no turn for me.

“We arrived faster than planned.” (Amalietta)

“Really?” (Makoto)

“…Your legs were faster than expected.” (Amalietta)

I think I was walking at a pretty normal pace though. So that’s considered fast.

“Well, we arrived safely, so isn’t it fine?” (Makoto)

“That’s true. And so, since you…don’t look tired, let’s go to the guild to report.” (Amalietta)

“Eeh? Let’s have a short break.” (Makoto)

“What are you saying without a single drop of sweat?” (Amalietta)

I am not sweating, but I am in a tired mood. While grieving this, I follow after Amalietta and we head to the guild.

☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆

Guild, Laryujia’s room.

We were allowed into the room, and Amalietta and I were eating snacks and drinking tea.

“To think you two would finish in such a short period of time and return…”

The cat eared Ba-sama -Laryujia- who is sitting opposite of us with a table in between was sighing with an amazed expression.

When we entered the guild, it was noisy. Amalietta, who had supposedly gone to investigate the abnormal breeding of the Poison Lizards, had returned in such a short time.

There’s no doubt everyone thought she failed. However, everyone realized that it was unnecessary worry after seeing Amalietta’s expression.

“I want to do the report for the completion of the request.” (Amalietta)

Hearing the clear voice of Amalietta, the guild once again turned noisy. At this time when it was so noisy, the cat eared Ba-sama appeared, and when she saw us, her eyes opened wide which was an amusing sight.

“And so, did you find out the cause?” (Laryujia)

“Yes. The cause for the Poison Lizard’s abnormal breeding was a single case of sudden mutation.” (Amalietta)

“Sudden mutation? Not a Paralysis Lizard?” (Laryujia)

Ba-sama tilts her head in confusion.

If this Ba-sama doesn’t know about it either, this must have been quite the unnatural case.

“Yes. Its body surpassed 10 meters, and had two big dorsal fins. The ones born from this sudden variant could be called a subspecies and are the cause of this time’s abnormal breeding.” (Amalietta)

“…’Subspecies’, ya say. Haven’t heard of that before.” (Laryujia)

“I tried ‘Appraise’ on them and it couldn’t tell the difference. However, Makoto saw through it, and concluded the cause of the abnormal breeding.” (Amalietta)

“Hooh… Yer a truly intriguing man.” (Laryujia)

Ba-sama directs a probing gaze at me, and I slowly avert my eyes.

“Anyways, to think there were differences in ‘Appraisal’… There’s still a lot in this world that’s not yet known, huh.” (Laryujia)

“Yes. These few days I have passed together with Makoto have been a learning experience.” (Amalietta)

“…I see. Then, ye gotta work hard to put that experience to full use.” (Laryujia)

“Yes… Ah, also, the dragon that was sighted was most likely the sudden variant. I think you will be able to tell once you see the actual thing. At a glance, it does resemble the dragons of legends.” (Amalietta)

“…If you say that, that must be the case. And so, you have brought back a part of it, right? Sorry but, can ye bring it out?” (Laryujia)

Amalietta made a troubled expression at the request of Ba-sama.

She understands that the Inventory of Amalietta cannot store something so big, so she said ‘a part’…

“What’s the matter? Could it be…ya didn’t bring it back?” (Laryujia)

“No, we did it bring it back since we thought it would be necessary for investigation, but…” (Amalietta)

Amalietta didn’t know what to do and looked at me. Ba-sama noticed this gaze and looked at me too, while at it, she glanced at Amalietta and smirked.

Don’t make strange assumptions, granny.

“What, so Makoto is the one that has it?” (Laryujia)

“Yeah, I do. But, you see…” (Makoto)

“…You two are acting weird. Are ya hiding something?” (Laryujia)

“No, that’s not it. It is just that it is the whole thing, so I was thinking that bringing it out here would be a bad idea, you see.” (Makoto)

If I were to bring it out here, the room would be made a mess.

“What? …Did ya say the whole thing?” (Laryujia)

“My Inventory is special, you see. It can store quite the size.” (Makoto)

There’s actually no size limitation, so I can put in and bring out giant constructions freely if I wanted to.

“…The whole thing…Kuku… That’s impressive, Makoto. Kuhahahaha!” (Laryujia)

Ba-sama was holding her stomach, rolling on the sofa and laughing on her own.

It seems Amalietta grew excited from remembering the events at that time, and tells Ba-sama in an exhilarated state.

I was watching these two while bringing the snacks into my mouth, and after finishing my tea, I heave a sigh.

☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆  

After Ba-sama finished laughing, she led us to an open space at the back of the guild.

Adventurers apparently come here to train every now and then, but there’s no one here today.

“Well then, let’s have ya take it out.” (Laryujia)

“Okay okay. Then, back off a bit.” (Makoto)

Ba-sama walks with small steps to the side of Amalietta as told, and her eyes were sparkling like that of a child, and Amalietta just made a bitter smile and shrugged her shoulders.

“Go ahead, quick.” (Laryujia)

“Yeah yeah.” (Makoto)

Sighing at how selfish of an old lady she is, I put my hand inside the bag, and with my free hand, I direct it at a place where there’s no one.

I look up in the Window of the Item Box, and search for the Sudden Variant of Poison Lizard.

If I knew the name, I would be able to name call it, but I don’t know its name, so I can’t do that. Ba-sama at the back is being noisy with the ‘hurry it up’. Just stay silent.

…Oh, there it is.

There’s only one thing here that has the name [———-]. When I tap that, the scenery in front of me warps for a moment, and then, a tremor was made as a giant object with black erratic patterns appeared.

“O-Oooh… To think it was to this extent…” (Laryujia)

“This is the sudden mutation.” (Makoto)

“It truly was the whole thing.” (Laryujia)

I look at Ba-sama with a ‘you didn’t believe it?’ face. Her tail and ears were moving busily, and her smile was showing the excitement of a child.

“…Laryujia-sama is the type of person that has a specially strong curiosity to the unknown.” (Amalietta)

“I can tell just by looking.” (Makoto)

“She may act like this, but she was actually someone who had made a name for herself as a sage in the past, however, she also had a wanderer habit of disappearing and leaving for journeys.” (Amalietta)

“That ain’t good.” (Makoto)

“She finally had enough of her job, and luckily, she has a married daughter here, so she is staying here doing whatever she pleases.” (Amalietta)

What an unbelievable granny. Or more like, she was a sage?

That’s why she knew the Queen and the previous King, huh.

“Anyways, this is the Poison Lizard, huh… With this much of a mutation, there’s no semblance.” (Laryujia)

“Yeah. When we encountered it, I was surprised by this monster I haven’t seen before.” (Amalietta)

Ba-sama and Amalietta were both looking at the giant body and giving their opinions. I glance at those two and, even though it is a bit regretful to part ways, I speak to them about taking my leave now.

“Well then, I will be going now.” (Makoto)

“Ya will be leaving, then?” (Laryujia)

“Yeah, I have already fulfilled my promise, and I have obtained what I came here for.” (Makoto)

“…Oh? So there was a Paralysis Lizard there?” (Laryujia)

“Yeah, I caught it in a jiffy.” (Makoto)

I give her a thumbs up, and Ba-sama responds back with a thumbs up as well. This Ba-sama really does play along really well. She has a crazy good smile too.

“However, even if you are to leave now, it will be night by the time you arrive, you know?” (Laryujia)

“Well, I do have my secret means, so it is okay.” (Makoto)

“…I see. Well, I won’t do any unnecessary probing. Then, next time we meet, I will have ya tell me about that secret means of yers.” (Laryujia)

She is a troublesome person to get deeply involved with, but I do have a feeling like we will get along.

“Are you going to leave already?” (Amalietta)

“I may look like this, but I am a busy man, you see.” (Makoto)


I will probably be seeing her again in the future.

“Uhm, you know…” (Amalietta)

“Hm?” (Makoto)

“About yesterday…I want you to forget about it.” (Amalietta)

“……Huh?” (Makoto)

I was wondering what it was all of a sudden, but I soon understood what she was trying to say.

“No, it is a bit different from wanting you to forget it, but….uhm, I want to tell you again once I have become someone more worthy of you.” (Amalietta)

Amalietta averts her gaze, said only that with a blushed expression, and then runs to where the corpse of the variant is at.

“…Aah, youth.” (Laryujia)

“Don’t butt in.” (Makoto)

“I won’t ask what happened, but that girl is a truly good girl. If possible, please don’t make her cry.” (Laryujia)

We have been acquainted for a short time only, but I do think I understand the kind of person she is.

“Don’t ya need to go?” (Laryujia)

“Y-Yeah…” (Makoto)

“…Good grief. What an insensitive man ye are. Women have faces they don’t want to show the man they love, ya know?” (Laryujia)

Even if she pushes me to leave, I was worried about the state of Amalietta. Ba-sama glares at me from my side, and sighs with an exasperated expression.

“Sorry, Ba-sama. I will come hang out when I finish settling a variety of matters.” (Makoto)

“At that time, I also have a lot of things I would like to question you about, so I will be waiting.” (Laryujia)

Being seen off by the laughing Ba-sama, I glance at the back of Amalietta once before leaving the place.

☆☆ ★★★ ☆☆  

Seeing off the back of the man that was waving his hand and leaving, Laryujia sighs lightly.

“…He left.” (Laryujia)

Without turning back, Laryujia speaks out, but there was no response.

“Yer crybaby attitude still hasn’t changed a bit.” (Laryujia)

“…Leave me be, please.” (Amalietta)

The girl that’s practically like her grandchild -Amalietta- responded with a tear filled voice, and Laryujia approached her and gently pats her back.

“He is truly a…strong person…” (Amalietta)

“He must be. Being able to defeat something like this in one attack would be difficult even for the Beast King.” (Laryujia)

Laryujia nonchalantly mutters something that Makoto would be seriously surprised by if he were to hear it, then moves her gaze away from the corpse, and looks at Amalietta as she asks.

“And so, what happened with you and that strong boy?” (Laryujia)

“He said that…he had someone he can’t forget.” (Amalietta)

“…Is that so.” (Laryujia)

“I told him…there was no need to forget her, but…” (Amalietta)

Amalietta falls onto her knees sobbing. Laryujia simply patted her head gently and silently waited for her words.

“But…am I despicable for thinking that I…wanted him to forget about her?” (Amalietta)

“The relationship between men and women are not all rose and flowers.” (Laryujia)

For Amalietta who is walking the path of a warrior, this is probably something difficult, even so, there’s no shame in not knowing things.

“Amalietta, are ye…the type that would give up over something of this extent?” (Laryujia)

“…No.” (Amalietta)

“Just like ye proclaimed before…you said you would tell him once again when ye have become worthy of him.” (Laryujia)

Amalietta turns around with her cheek still having tears trickling down, faces Laryujia, and nods in a strong manner.

“That so. Then, just for now, cry as much as ya want.” (Laryujia)

“…!!” (Amalietta)

This wasn’t a broken love. This is the path that Amalietta chose in order to move forward.

(I will concentrate on the path of martial arts, and offer my whole life to you.)

Living the life of a warrior, this girl didn’t try to learn the know-hows of love, but finally, a man that can plant the seed of love in her has finally appeared. Then, it should be the duty of her caretaker since birth to cheer for her, is how Laryujia roused herself.

(Cooking first, I suppose…)

Laryujia was thinking this will most likely not be easy as she internally shrugged her shoulders, and continued to pat the head of Amalietta who was clinging to her while crying.

  ☆☆ ☆☆ ★ ☆☆ ☆☆  

Leaving the guild, I confirm my surroundings before entering an alley, and teleport to my own room at the royal castle of Motoyasu.

“…Oof. I am back.” (Makoto)

It can’t be helped that my voice resonated in the room vacantly.

No one’s here, so this is a matter of course, but I was in a lively place just a few moments ago, so the recoil is pretty high.


I don’t know the reason why she said something like that. She said ‘when I become worthy of you’, but…just what is ‘worthy’?

I would say I am the one that’s not worthy of Amalietta.

However, Amalietta must have reached some kind of decision inside herself. That’s why she tried to face me while taking back her previous remark.

As expected of Dragonewts who are tough on others and on themselves. They are very different from me who stays worrying about stuff.

“…So, Toto’s…what, not here. Good grief. What a free monster it is.” (Makoto)

Even though I was thinking of playing with Toto, it is not here. Just how free can it be?

While spitting out insults, I take out the barrier magic tool hidden at the side of the bed, place it on my palm, and undo the barrier.

“Now then, is there anything filmed here?” (Makoto)

I set stuff up so that anyone who intrudes into my room without my permission will be kindly received, but I wonder how it went.

…Two, huh.

Should I grief the fact that it wasn’t 0, or be surprised by how a grand number of 2 actually came to my room? But to think they would come the very next day I leaked fake information of me being sick… Looks like the other side must have a lot of free time.

The barrier tool I used this time around is a modified version of Silent Box which doesn’t allow sound to leak out, but allows the party to leave. Inside it, I had the Hypnotic Stasis effect to delude the intruder into thinking that they have accomplished their mission.

This time around the objective was to delude them into thinking that way, so I had a doll that looks exactly like me at the bed, which is sleeping calmly as it breaths.

“Oh my…an enslaving curse has been casted on it.” (Makoto)

I touch the mute doll erasing the curse, and return it to the Item Box. However, I thought more would be coming to play, but the amount was a lot lower than expected.

The two came in different days and both were late at night. They had black clothing like that of a body suit. It was easy to tell that it is the same personal maid of Yuichi since she was in the same getup, and her plump butt was showing at a nice angle in the Invisible Window.


“Oh?” (Makoto)

While I was confirming this video, the door opened, and the one who entered was Erin with tray in hand.

“Welcome back, Makoto-sama.” (Erin)

“I’m back, Erin.” (Makoto)

Erin totters my way and with her tail waving vigorously, she responds with an energetic ‘Yes!’ accompanied by a smile that felt like it made flowers grow in her vicinity. Yup, this is healing.

It should be fine to mofu mofu her.

“Are you going to be eating now?” (Makoto)

“Ah, yes. Today was a bit busy, so it got late.” (Erin)

“I see. Then, I will also eat with you.” (Makoto)

“In that case, I will prepare the tea at once.” (Erin)

“Sorry for the trouble.” (Makoto)

I am hungry now, so we ate while I ask what has happened in my absence.

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