QualiA – Chapter 29: Seeking the last fragment… ④

Waking up to the chirping of the birds, I slowly stretch.

When I leave the tent, Amalietta, who was swinging her sword, directed her gaze at me, and greeted me with a ‘good morning’.

“Good morning~. Fuuuaaahh…” (Makoto)

“You still look sleepy.” (Amalietta)

It is true that I am still sleepy. It is more accurate to say that my dream was the worst and I practically couldn’t sleep.

That dream again.

The day I separated from her at the hill… I couldn’t find words to tell her, and the only thing I could do was hug her.

I saw a dream of that day again.

…What’s with that? Geez.

When I returned to my original world, I was haunted by that dream for several months, and it slowly decreased in frequency, and I was now only having that dream once a year, and yet, to see that dream twice in a row…

“Makoto, are you okay?” (Amalietta)

“Yeah, I am okay. I simply couldn’t sleep well because it has been a while since I have camped the night.” (Makoto)

I give a half-hearted response to Amalietta who had a worried expression, and look at the surroundings absentmindedly.

Looks like the specially-made Continuous Barrier Tool of Ba-sama was strong enough that the monsters around this area couldn’t get close. Maybe because the night was a safe place like that that Amalietta is wearing such bold clothes like a camisole and a  t-back while swinging her long sword.

What a sight for the sore eyes.

She is swinging around a long sword, so she is muscular, but her body proportions are exceptional, and even if her shaking breasts are not on the level of the Queen, they are quite the nice articles. However, what really left me with no words was the nicely-shaped butt, and the beautiful venus line that the thighs of hers create.

“Well then, I will go change, so I am counting on you with making the breakfast.” (Amalietta)

“Oh, ok.” (Makoto)

Amalietta quickly went inside the tent.

As a show of gratitude for showing me something nice, I will splurge in the breakfast. It is not as if I was feeling guilty because of the muffled screams of embarrassment I could hear from inside the tent.

Her kind of people give the impression that they would be okay even if they were to be seen naked, but it looks like she is not that way. She most definitely noticed her own attire, but maintained her composure in front of me because it would damage her pride, or something like that.

Live strong, Amalietta…and also, thank you very much.

☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆

After breakfast, Amalietta was slightly in a bad mood as she led the way in the Wetland Belt.

I was prepared since it is called Wetland Belt, but the air here is so humid it sticks to me, the footing is muddy, and it is sticking to my soles.

“Uhya… This is difficult to walk in.” (Makoto)

“This is still the better part. Once we go deeper, there are parts where it can reach all the way to the knees.” (Amalietta)

“Seriously?” (Makoto)

I was itching with the desire to go back this instant, but returning empty handed would go against my values. I would love to see the t-bra of Amalietta though… <Empty handed in japanese is tebura, which sounds like t-bra.>

Oops, it seems my other kind of desire leaked out, she was glaring at me real hard.

The camisole and t-back look of hers this morning was nice, but her current bikini top and hotpants look is also nice. I am following her from behind, so I can see that the hotpants were slightly wedged in and her lower butt is peeking out which is the best.

Are you planning on burning this butt lover to death?! Amalietta, what a fearsome girl!  

“Don’t think unnecessary things while walking. You are gonna fall.” (Amalietta)

“Okay~. So, the Poison Lizard pack is ahead of us, right?” (Makoto)

“That’s right. We have the leeward side, but be cautious of the surroundings.” (Amalietta)

“Roger that.” (Makoto)

Just as we discussed yesterday, we will first be confirming the Poison Lizards. We will be doing this as our first priority, and from there, we will investigate the reason for the abnormal propagation.

Putting it in words sounds incredibly clear, but actually performing it requires quite the amount of patience. Amalietta most likely understands this as well. That’s why she said that we will be withdrawing after getting a certain extent of results.

“At any rate, it is pretty quiet around here.” (Makoto)

“True… It is so quiet, it is even creepy.” (Amalietta)

Even though I could hear the chirping of birds at the entrance of the Wetland Belt, around 30 minutes after entering, not only the birds, even the cries of the animals are gone.

While having a strange feeling about this, I step in a way that I wouldn’t slip, and walk one step at a time.

The only light source in this dim wetland is the one coming from the sun that is slipping between the lined up trees. The flowers were wet by the morning dew and were shining, but why is it that not a single insect is at those flowers?

…This truly is strange.

There’s clearly something weird here.

Even though I can feel the scent of life, I can also feel that it is warped in some way. As if it is being bend by something big. That’s the kind of feeling I am getting.

“Makoto, get down.” (Amalietta)

“Oh, what’s the matter?” (Makoto)

“Poison Lizard.” (Amalietta)

Amalietta crouches, and I also follow suit and crouch.

“…They look normal.” (Makoto)

The Poison Lizard walking close by is around 1 meter in height. A normal one that has dim yellow skin.

Just in case, I use [Analyze].

[Poison Lizard.]

[A lizard that is around 1 meter in size and has dim yellow skin.
They have a strong chin, and with their poisonous saliva, they cause necrosis to the part that they have bitten.
They prefer places like wetlands, and don’t inhabit dry areas.]

There doesn’t seem to be any abnormality here. A pretty normal Poison Lizard.

“Did this guy get stranded?” (Makoto)

“…That might be the case. I don’t feel any presences around, but let’s proceed with caution.” (Amalietta)

We take a route avoiding the Poison Lizard, and continue onward with Amalietta in the lead. We encountered Poison Lizards every now and then, but we were able to avoid them nicely, and we were heading to the place that we discussed about.


A few minutes of moving in the Wetland Belt.

At the place where our field of vision was open, substituting the flowers, there’s now water plants and swamp.

“Ahead of here will be the place where the Poison Lizards are propagating abnormally.” (Amalietta)

“Yeah…But, wouldn’t it be bad to advance just as we are?” (Makoto)

“No problem with that. We are moving to the top of that rock over there.” (Amalietta)

“I see.” (Makoto)

We head to a rock that is around 5 meters in height located at our right, and cautiously get on top of it without alerting the Poison Lizards.

“There we go. This is a bit of rock climbing.” (Makoto)

“Rock climbing? There are times when you use weird terminologies.” (Amalietta)

“Ah, sorry. I was living deep in the mountains with the old man, so my weird words are because it rubbed onto me.” (Makoto)

Old man Angor, sorry.

“I see…Oh, get down.” (Amalietta)

“Down we go.” (Makoto)

Following Amalietta who crouched speedily, I peek from the side. There’s a nice pair of buns pressed against the rock by my side, but I have to painfully direct my gaze elsewhere. Damn it, I will have you show me with leisure at a later time, okay?

“…Uhya~, this is quite the sight.” (Makoto)

“What’s…with these numbers?” (Amalietta)

The dark green trees were lined up and the flowers and grass were swaying with the wind. The surface of the water was reflecting the light of the sun here and there, looking like dots of light.

Normally, this scene would be accentuated by only one dim yellow monster, however, right now in this place, there’s a brutal amount of them moving and encroaching the greenery.

This sight that is being covered by the dim yellow lizards moving around was, honestly, disgusting just to watch.

“There’s so many, it would be a pain to even count them.” (Makoto)

“Yeah… This is certainly not normal. I thought them saying there’s a thousand was them just seeing wrong, but with this…” (Amalietta)

“Doesn’t this look like there’s more than a thousand?” (Makoto)

I don’t know the exact number, but just counting at a glance, it easily surpassed the hundreds. Even with that, I haven’t counted a tenth of the Poison LIzards, so it should be safe to say that the report of the adventurers was not wrong.

Okay, the turn of [Analyze, again.

[Poison Lizard —–]

[Poison Lizard —- that’s around 1 meter in size and has a dim yellow skin..
Cause it was —- variant, it is weaker than a regular one.
Because of this, it possesses abnormal breeding ability, it is able to —- faster than normal ones.]

Oi, wait there.

[Analyze]-san is neglecting a part of its work.

“Hey, Amalietta.” (Makoto)

“What is it?” (Amalietta)

“Can you ‘Appraise’ those Poison Lizards?” (Makoto)

“‘Appraise’?” (Amalietta)

Amalietta directed a dubious gaze at me, and then used ‘Appraise’ on the Poison Lizards as told.

“…Fumu. Nothing different from normal.” (Amalietta)

“…..I see.” (Makoto)

“Is there something weird?” (Amalietta)

Looks like it is a change that the ‘Appraise’ of Amalietta is unable to see. The Queen explained this to me before, but it was an oral explanation only, so it is not as if she showed me in practice. That’s why I couldn’t tell the difference, but it looks like my [Analyze]-san is of quite the high performance.

“My ‘Appraisal’ is a bit different from the normal ones, you see. It is able to make much detailed appraisals.” (Makoto)

“You can do something like that? …No, more importantly, what did you see?” (Amalietta)

“Wait, you are believing me?” (Makoto)

“In the short time I was acquainted with you, I understood that you are not the kind of person that would lie in this kind of situations.” (Amalietta)

“Thanks for the kind evaluation.” (Makoto)

Why is it that people -like, for example; Niva-san- trust me so fast? Or maybe I am the one that is way too suspicious of others?

While thinking that, I once again activate [Analyze].

This time, I check several individually, and gather information. As I did so, the parts that were not clear before were appearing now.

[Poison Lizard – Subspecies.]

[Poison Lizard subspecies that’s around 1 meter in size and has a dim yellow skin..
Cause it was born from a sudden variant, it is weaker than a regular one.
Because of this, it possesses abnormal breeding ability, and it is able to breed twice faster than normal ones.]

Seriously? So that’s how it is going to be.

“The Poison Lizards over there are a subspecies born from a sudden variant. They are weaker than the normal ones, but as a saving for them, they don’t need to search for the source to reproduce, they can one-sidedly increase in numbers.” (Makoto)

“…Subspecies, you say? I have never heard of something like that before.” (Amalietta)

“That’s probably why it is called a sudden variant.” (Makoto)

She stared sternly at me, and began to ponder without saying a word.

I didn’t have any more information than this, so I am basically waiting.

“And so, what should we do?” (Makoto)

“I will go. Makoto, I want you to watch the state from here.” (Amalietta)

“Meaning, you want me to search for the source?” (Makoto)

“Sorry for the trouble, but I will be counting on you.” (Amalietta)

“Understood.” (Makoto)

Using ‘Analyze’ on all the over a thousand Poison Lizards one by one would be paining, so…let’s do it in another way. It would make it somewhat easier after all.

But Amalietta’s part won’t go as smoothly.

Even if they are weaker than normal ones, going against a more than a thousand is not something easy. Moreover, in this wetland where footing is bad, who knows what would happen.

“Ah, wait a bit. Drink this.” (Makoto)

“This is…?” (Amalietta)

“Medicine that increases resistance to abnormal effects. Poison might not affect you, but there’s the possibility that they could inflict something else on you. Also, it also has the effect of reducing the fatigue of the body, so it will make it harder to get tired.” (Makoto)

“Something like this is… I will gratefully accept it.” (Amalietta)

She takes the small bottle and drinks it in one gulp, but once she did, she made an ‘ugh’ groan and held her mouth while furrowing her brows in anguish.

“They do say that good medicine tastes bad, right?” (Makoto)

“Geho… Y-Yeah… Well then, I will be going… Makoto, when you think it is dangerous, please run away.” (Amalietta)

“Got it.” (Makoto)

Taking one deep breath, Amalietta stands up, and jumps off from the rock.

…Now then…

Let’s search for the source of evil till my eyes are bloodshot.

It would be nice if it has a different look to it, but from what I see, there’s only dim yellow lizards. However, there’s the possibility of there being a variant here.

“Now then, let’s get serious for a bit.” (Makoto)

[Analyze – Mode Change: Parallel Research].


Normally, ‘Analyze’ can only appraise one target, but if it is something that has already been analyzed once, it is possible to analyze many at the same time and find differences; that’s Parallel Research.

Parallel Research expands the Invisible Window, and everything that is caught within the Window will be analyzed at the same time. And then, when there’s no abnormality in the analysis, it will show a blue color, and only when it finds differences will it show the selected one as red color. However, the analysis limit that can be done at the same time is a hundred, and the burden in my brain is higher than ideal, so I limit the use of it to only once a month. The fact that my eyes hurt when using it is also a demerit.

“…Can’t find it.” (Makoto)

I am using Parallel Research around the circumference of Amalietta who is cutting down her opposition, but as of now, I have not found anything aside from the subspecies. My Invisible Window is dyed completely in deep blue and it is making me nauseous.

“Uhaa… Splitting them in two with a single stroke.” (Makoto)

I was taken away by the lively motion of her thighs and ass, but the figure of Amalietta lightly swinging a long sword is incredibly beautiful.

Every stroke of hers was polished greatly, and her steps were elegant like that of a dancing priestess, however, amidst that elegance, there’s enough strength in them to slice the Poison Lizards in half which portrays power like that of a battle devi. It can’t be helped that I would be fascinated by it.

“Ah, right. Work, work.” (Makoto)

Coming back to my senses, I avert my gaze from Amalietta and cast [Parallel Research] on the Poison Lizards that have turned into a big lump.


When I did, a single one of them in that group was showing red.

[Paralysis Lizard].

[A rare type of a variant Poison Lizard.
A normal one is one meter and has dim yellow skin, but a variant one is around 30 cm, and has black spots.
Sightings of it come once a decade.]

No, this is not it. Well, it is my initial objective, but right now, that’s not the one.

Read the mood. Right now’s not your turn, Paralysis Lizard!

“…Kuh! What’s the matter, Makoto?” (Amalietta)

“I found the Paralysis Lizard! Sorry, but I will prioritize its capture!” (Makoto)

“Idiot! It is dangerous, so do that later—” (Amalietta)

“It is okay! Something of this extent, I have experienced it many times in the past!” (Makoto)

I jump out of the rock and run which startled Amalietta, making her shout at me, but…

“Hya!… Understood. However -Hah!- don’t push yourself!” (Amalietta)

Maybe my vigor transmitted to her somehow, she soon turned her back on me, and sliced another Poison Lizard.

How powerful she is, seriously.

Now then, let’s wrap it up quickly on my side as well.

“Woah there, I won’t let ya escape.” (Makoto)

I run on the water surface, and the Poison Lizards open the path as if escaping from the spreading ripples of the water. Maybe it is fear towards a stronger opponent, or because they are flustered at the sudden intruder, but at any rate, my steps were raising sprays of water, and I weave my way through the openings of the escaping Poison Lizards, and jump at the target that is displayed as red in the Invisible Window.


I found a small shadow that was instantly trying to escape by hiding in between the bodies of the Poison Lizards, but I created a [Dirty Paralysis] thread in a spiral shape, aim it, and shoot.

The air trembled and made a ‘kin’ sound, and hit the target in a straight line. Dirty Paralysis managed to pierce its skin.

“—! Guryaaaaa!”

I run towards the target -Paralysis Lizard- that was writhing and raising a pathetic cry. Intimidating the other Poison Lizards, I had them disperse, and retrieve the Paralysis Lizard.

“Yosha! Paralysis Lizard, get-o!” (Makoto)

The Paralysis Lizard that was pierced by the Dirty Paralysis at its neck had its body twitching, and struggling to escape, but in time, it was unable to move at all.

Just in case, I covered my hand in magic power, but it looks like there’s no poison in its skin.

“—Oh right, let’s return quickly.” (Makoto)

If I stay here for too long, I will end up getting in Amalietta’s way.

I freeze the Paralysis Lizard and tried to return to the rock, but I suddenly felt a strong bloodthirst from behind and jump to the side.

At the next instant, in the place where I was standing, the dark body of something had passed by like an arrow. I thought it would hit the Poison Lizards that were ahead, but it wasn’t only those, it sent flying most of the Poison Lizards in the surroundings.

“Oi oi, are you serious?” (Makoto)

I want to watch the Poison Lizards that had been sent flying like bullets, but the Poison Lizards that were hit by that dark colored something had begun to convulse, had foam coming from their mouths, and were bending their bodies in multiple directions at snapping motions, and in time, they turned flaccid with all limbs stretched out.

That’s most likely poison, and it is the lethal type of poison.

“Amalietta, there’s something here! Be careful!” (Makoto)

“Kuh! Understood!” (Amalietta)

There’s an unknown something. I use Parallel Research to confirm the surroundings, and search for everything aside from the blue ones showing in the Invisible Window, and investigate the side where that thing went to.

…There it is.

It didn’t take long to find it.

From deep within the thickly growing trees, there’s red eyes watching us, and making a low growl to intimidate.


[Unknown name.
Due to it being a Poison Lizard that suddenly mutated, details are unknown.]

Analyze-san has thrown away its job completely.

The only thing I got is that it is a sudden mutation of a Poison Lizard, so let’s just be satisfied with that. However, the contour of it that I can see is easily three times the size of a Poison Lizard, and the more it approaches, the more eye-widening its size is.

“W-What is…that?” (Amalietta)

“Looks like that’s the source.” (Makoto)

“That is? But…I don’t see the shadow of a Poison Lizard from that thing.” (Amalietta)

Amalietta was now standing by my side and was in an agitated state.

What was reflected in my eyes was orange colored skin with erratic black spot patterns. A big body that most likely surpasses 10 meters, and from its back, it has two big dorsal fins growing from it. It’s a completely different existence from a Poison Lizard.


Raising a roar that shakes the ground, the Poison Lizards in the surroundings immediately ran away.

“It is raring to go.” (Makoto)

“Makoto, it is coming.” (Amalietta)

Directing eyes filled with hatred, it kicks the ground at a speed unimaginable from that giant body, and with its wet shining fangs in full display, it lunges at us.

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