QualiA – Chapter 28: Seeking the last fragment… ③

When one’s experiencing misfortune, for some reason, a laugh naturally comes out.

“We are using that carriage. Are your preparations done?”

“It is okay.”

Amalietta asked me disinterestedly from the carriage, and I slap my bag as I nod. This bag has the storing spell, Inventory, so even a small bag can hold more than its capacity.

Erin pointed out that using Item Box in front of others would be ill-advised, so I had a random bag prepared, and am faking as if I am using the storing spell, Inventory.

In comparison, Amalietta has a single waist bag, but that’s most likely a magic tool with Inventory cast on it.

“I see. Then, let’s go with our guards up.” (Amalietta)

“Okay~.” (Makoto)

Amalietta gives a spirited speech, and I answer with a relaxed voice which made her glare at me with her eyes half-closed.

While thinking ‘children would cry at that’, I enter the carriage in order to escape from the gazes of the surrounding curious onlookers.

…Now then, what will happen.

Even though there’s a fine weather, my heart was not only cloudy, there was a downpour in there.

I let out a small sigh as I think how when I get dragged, I get dragged all the way in. While remembering the things that happened just a while ago, I let my body sway to the shaking of the carriage, and slowly close my eyes.

☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆  

Amalietta who had encountered me in the room of the beastkin Ba-sama -Laryujia- was confused at first, but she refused my company with a clear tone.

Well, that’s a given.

There’s no way she would bring a young lad, that she doesn’t even know his abilities and where he came from, to the investigation of the abnormal propagation of Poison Lizards.

“Yer doubts are natural, but I guarantee the background of Makoto.” (Laryujia)

“Really, Laryujia-sama?” (Amalietta)

“Yeah, this boy is an alchemist that came to this country in order to save the son of an old friend of mine.” (Laryujia)

The current king is indeed the son of the previous king, and she is most likely telling the truth about being old friends. Just who in the world is this Ba-sama?

“I see… But if he is an alchemist, fighting will be…” (Amalietta)

“In that point, there shouldn’t be a problem. He is a big idiot that said he would turn the tables on the dragon when he heard about the story, after all.” (Laryujia)

Ba-sama makes a ‘kakaka’ laugh, but in contrast, Amalietta furrowed her brows and was showing slight hostility.

Ah, I see. For Dragonewts, dragons must be the targets of worship. They are a race that has inherited the blood of dragons. In a sense, dragons would be their parents. I said I would be turning the tables on the dragon, so in the eyes of Amalietta, I am nothing but a big criminal.

“This is just a possibility, but this boy may be stronger than ya.” (Laryujia)

“That’s…” (Amalietta)

“You were the one who said it. That ‘I couldn’t see anything’. Also, he is the second one aside from His Majesty who has called me ‘damn granny’.” (Laryujia)

Don’t talk about that! Amalietta is glaring at me with deadly fire.

“However, even with that…” (Amalietta)

“Just do it. This is already a settled matter.” (Laryujia)


“If ye dawdle more, I will do that.” (Laryujia)

“T-That’s…” (Amalietta)

Ba-sama lets out a creepy ‘fuhihihi’ laugh as she makes snapping sounds spinning her hand. Amalietta gives out a short scream and steps back while covering her butt.

Ah, I see. That’s indeed the way to punish children.


Imagining this cat Ba-sama spanking Amalietta makes for a real weird picture, or more like, a surreal picture, making me want to laugh.

“This time’s abnormal breeding is a situation that hasn’t happened before. We don’t know what will happen, so His Majesty proposed to avoid acting alone, but…what are ya saying about ‘I am plenty enough for mere Poison Lizards’ with those numbers.” (Laryujia)

“That’s…because of a variety of things. When Rosuha sent a reinforcement request, the numbers were still low.” (Amalietta)

“They are breeding at a short period of time, ya know? By the time you arrived from the royal capital, the numbers increased further.” (Laryujia)

It is as Ba-sama said.

In this current state where the Poison Lizards have increased by close to twice their numbers in a short period of time, time is clearly of essence. I personally don’t care about the abnormal propagation of Poison Lizards, but with the Paralysis Lizard’s liver as a hostage in negotiation, I have no choice but to obey.

“Yeah. And so…what will we do? I think wasting time here doing useless talk can prove fatal, you know.” (Makoto)  

“Right… Amalietta, this is a life lesson. Go see with your own eyes the ability of the man your eyes have acknowledged as strong.” (Laryujia)

Ba-sama seemed to be having fun, but…

“If ya take a liking to him, ye can marry him.” (Laryujia)

She threw a bomb.

“Oi, Ba-sama.” (Makoto)

“Laryujia-sama!” (Amalietta)

“Yer in sync”, is what Ba-sama said as she laughs out loud, and Amalietta plays strong with her cheeks slightly blushed.

“She is famous for being a rigid woman after all. I am truly worried if the day will come when I will be able to see her figure as a bride.” (Laryujia)

“A-As I have said…! Let’s have that talk at a later time! There’s no need to have that talk at this time and place!” (Amalietta)

“You say that, but…maybe because of the years, the joints in my body are hurting, ya know. My eyes are growing hazy too.” (Laryujia)

“Laryujia-sama…” (Amalietta)

The atmosphere has gotten serious, but this Ba-sama…

Let’s use the [Vital Scan] function of [Analyze]…


Her state is in the healthy, Blue Zone.

It is true that because of her aging body, she is close to entering the Yellow Zone, but there’s nothing noteworthy, and she is the very definition of healthy. This granny can easily live for 10 years more.

“Ba-sama, you can just make medicine for yourself.” (Makoto)

“True… Ooh, now that you mention it, don’t ya have medicine you have made yerself?” (Laryujia)

“Same goes for you. It is clear that your skills are better than mine.” (Makoto)

“It is good to test out what others have made from time to time.” (Laryujia)

Dumbfounded by Ba-sama who was directing her eyes at me as if testing me, I had no choice but to put my hand inside my bag.

She said the joints in her body were hurting, and that her eyes are growing hazy, so it should be fine to just bring out medicine that aligns to those symptoms. I take out a bottle of pills and one with liquid inside, and place it on top of the table.

“These pills lessen the pain in your body, and this liquid one is for the eyes.” (Makoto)

“Hoh…Let me see.” (Laryujia)

Ba-sama holds both bottles and looks at them with interest. Her eyes were the very definition of serious, and seeing that I can sense a slight amount of magic power in her eyes, she is most likely using ‘Appraise’ on them. It is a required spell for alchemists.

“This is… How did ye make this?” (Laryujia)

“How, you ask…” (Makoto)

These two I gave to her are the basic of the basics in alchemy. In that world, it was even said that only after making this are you finally allowed to learn the foundation of alchemy.

It would be a pain to explain in detail, so I just explain the surface level of it. As I went on, the color of Ba-sama’s face was visibly changing.

Eh? Did I do something I shouldn’t have?

“…Ye have quite the high grade technique there.” (Laryujia)

“High, you say? Both are basic stuff.” (Makoto)

“This is basic? You, just who in the world taught ya?” (Laryujia)

“‘Who’? An old man that had given up on society.” (Makoto)

In the world I was summoned as an alchemist, the one who taught me the foundation was a hermit alchemist called Angor.

He was an eccentric and alcoholic old man that was drunk 24/7, but in terms of his skills as an alchemist, he was the world’s number one. Thanks to that, he had people coming daily to be his disciple, but he made me deal with all of them, and he himself was drowning in alcohol.

I thought he had some really nice personality there, but he is the kind of person that, when he is teaching me, he turns into a strict ogre.

“Was there a personage like that? …Hmm, the world is a big one.” (Laryujia)

“Indeed.” (Makoto)

Well, it is a different world altogether, so it is obvious that you wouldn’t know him.

“If yer able to make something of this level, your ability as an alchemist is assured. Next will be to marry Amalietta—” (Laryujia)

“Laryujia-sama!” (Amalietta)

“Oops, got that wrong. Well, if you can make something like this, you should be well acquainted with monsters. He won’t be deadweight, Amalietta.” (Laryujia)

“Hah… I don’t care anymore.” (Amalietta)

Ba-sama makes a wry smile, and Amalietta groans powerlessly as she proclaims her surrender.

“Now that I think about it, what’s yer level?” (Laryujia)

“Hmm, don’t know.” (Makoto)

“Don’t know?” (Laryujia)

“In the time I was training with the old man, for some reason, my status window became weird. Everything aside from my name is a blank.” (Makoto)

“Interesting…” (Laryujia)

Looks like this really is not normal. My job is ‘unknown’, and my age is also unknown.

“Even so, it is not like there’s no precedent.” (Laryujia)

“Really?” (Makoto)

“Honestly speaking, even if the status indicators go crazy, it doesn’t affect yer everyday life, right?” (Laryujia)


“That’s how much influence it has. In the first place, I think numbers can’t measure true strength.” (Laryujia)

Ba-sama, you say cool stuff.

“By the way, Amalietta’s level is 72.” (Laryujia)

“I turned 73 a few days ago.” (Amalietta)

Ba-sama was dumbfounded by the straight correction of Amalietta. Being sulky by this, she glares at Amalietta, but Amalietta wards it off and giggled.

These two must be long acquaintances. I feel warmth in their exchanges.

At any rate, level 73, huh.

Niva-san said that levels are basically indicators of how skilled you are at your class.

Levels increase depending on your expertise, but it has the tendency to increase more easily till a certain point. Because the strength of the body also affects it, even if you train the same amount of time and intensity as others, the difference in level will show. Also, there are cases where the age and gender will affect it to a certain extent.

The current confirmed highest leveled person is apparently a Sage that has surpassed level 100, but that person is being sung as a living legend, and is living deep in the mountains.

“Hoh? You are incredible for such a young person.” (Makoto)

“Yer younger. Amalietta will be 26 this year. Ah, by the way, she is a virgin, so she is fresh, ya know.” (Laryujia)

“La-Laryujia-sama!” (Amalietta)

“Kuku, don’t get so angry. Ah, right. Dragonewt women are faithful when they fall in love, so don’t worry. That’s why they won’t even pay attention to people that they have no interest in. Because of that, she doesn’t have a suitor even at her age though.” (Laryujia)

Amalietta shouts ‘Laryujia-sama!’ with a blushed face, but the Ba-sama in question was laughing without a care.

I have a lot to retort to, but I feel like I will be stirring a hornet’s nest here, so let’s refrain.

Anyways, I see.

So Amalietta is high level despite her age, huh.

Being a Dragonewt is probably a part of it, but it should be mostly her own hard work. She does look like she is quite the straightlaced person after all.

“Okay. There should be no problem if Makoto can protect himself, right?” (Laryujia)

“That’s…” (Amalietta)

“If ya can’t accept this, I will be having all the adventurers in the guild tag along.” (Laryujia)

“Please spare me from that.” (Amalietta)

Amalietta furrows her brows and shakes her head in serious dislike.

It is true that having a mountain of hindrances would be a pain. I myself would seriously want to be spared from that.

“Understood. I accept travelling together with him.” (Amalietta)

“Finally honest, huh. Ah, make sure to bring new underwear, got it?” (Laryujia)

“Laryujia-sama!” (Amalietta)

Ba-sama laughs out loud, and Amalietta shouts in anger.

The two of them really do get along, and they both trust each other.

While watching these two that were like family, as if diverting this feeling of being out-of-place, I drink down my already cold tea in a single gulp.

  ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆  

The sun was going down, and night was coming soon.

Departing from the Rohasu Town before noon, we were around 5 hours in the carriage. The distance is around 50 km. We finally arrived at the Marick Wetland Belt.

Monsters appeared a number of times on the way, but Amalietta swiftly took care of them, so I had no turn. It felt as if she didn’t trust me or I am not needed, but it is not as if I have a say in this.

If I don’t follow her, I won’t be able to get the item I want after all.

And so, when we arrived, we exited the carriage and told the coachman ‘thanks for the ride’ and left, but now that I think properly about it, it is a given. We came here to investigate the abnormal propagation of Poison Lizards, and there’s no knowing how many days it would take to finish the investigation.

…That granny.

That place was completely in the pace of the cat ear Ba-sama. I can understand that I was played. I did think of teleporting right now and play with her cat ears, but breaking a promise goes against my own pride.

It is painful, but I will be paying this back some other day.

“We will be camping the night here.” (Amalietta)

“Roger that.” (Makoto)

In the vicinity of the Wetland’s entrance.

In front of my eyes, there’s flowers growing thickly and lines of trees covering my field of vision, and at the side of the giant rock that is close to me, there’s the remains of an open-air fire from camping. Behind me, there’s a plain that extends all the way my eyes can see. Even if monsters were to appear, there’s no place to hide, so it is an environment that is as if saying ‘please eat me’.

“What do we do about the barrier?” (Makoto)

“We will be using this.” (Amalietta)

What Amalietta took out from her bag was something that resembled closely the Continuous Barrier Tool that I saw in the royal castle.

“Understood. Then, I will set them up.” (Makoto)

“Okay. I will make the tent, so I leave that to you.” (Amalietta)

I take one of the Barrier Tools left on the ground, and begin to set the magic tool with the tent Amalietta is making as the center.

When I was done, it was now time to activate it, but there’s nothing resembling a control panel.

“…Hey, how do you use this?” (Makoto)

“Hm? Ah, sorry. Use this.” (Amalietta)

What she took out from the bag while giving an apology was a cube 10 cm in size.

“Place your hand on top of that cube, and chant [Field Open], and the barrier will activate.” (Amalietta)

“Hoh… Is this something Ba-sama made?” (Makoto)

“That’s right. Laryujia-sama is the number one in making the basic magic tools even more convenient and easier to use.” (Amalietta)

That Ba-sama does, huh.

“Laryujia-sama is lauded as the Present Era’s Mother of Alchemy. She is admired by alchemists.” (Amalietta)

“I see… Aren’t the Empire’s alchemists famous?” (Makoto)

“It is true that the Empire’s alchemists are famous, but what they develop are mostly military-use magic tools, and they practically don’t make magic tools used in daily life.” (Amalietta)

“Is that so. A wise person and an existence admired by alchemists, huh… Ba-sama must have a lot of disciples.” (Makoto)

“She is the free type, so she has had practically no disciples, however…within the soldiers, she is called the Black Thunder Hurricane, and she is a sage that is still being talked about. The amount of people that wish to be her disciple are unending.” (Amalietta)

A cheesy nickname of hers was suddenly mentioned, and Amalietta trembled and had a bitter smile when she said it. From the looks of her face, she must have been quite wrung by her.

“Once I finish setting the tent, let’s have a meeting about the investigation while having our meal.” (Amalietta)

“Roger that~.” (Makoto)

With Amalietta setting the tent at my back, I take out cooking tools from my bag, and proceed to prepare dinner.

Now then, tomorrow morning we will be acting.

This is a pain, but let’s work hard and return quickly.

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