QualiA – Chapter 22: Moving evil and the ones that move against it ④

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At a late night when the day was about to change, in this time where only darkness reigns and silence is its tune, only the slight sounds of footsteps from the night watches can be heard.

‘What punishment should I give an intruder that has rudely cut this silence’, is what I think when I used [Intangible] to erase my presence and watch the bed.

By the way, Toto is currently in the middle of sleeping on top of my head. I think demonic beasts that can read the mood are great, but to have the nerve to sleep in this kind of situation, I don’t know if to praise that.

Now then, what’s their plan?

The intruder that is clad completely in black stands at the side of my bed.

The attire was black skin-tight clothes with a hood like those in sfx hero shows. This person, whose look is screaming they intend on hiding their identity, was currently sticking out their ass, and the body suit is tight enough that I can easily tell their bodyline and it is quite erotic.

Cause you know, this intruder is a woman.

She has two splendid things in her chest, and her groin is a clean gentle hill. A man doesn’t have a top, but has a bottom, so there’s no doubt this is a woman. If even with all this, it turns out to be a man, I will go pick a fight with the world.

Anyways, that intruder is currently heading to the bed…which I have set up with something not that long ago, but I want to go back to sleep already. My body has no problems with going with no sleep for a mere three straight days, but even with two days, it is pretty tough, you know…mentally speaking.

I hold back a yawn, and while thinking back about how many things have happened these last few days, I remember how it was only two hours ago that we were making our plans for tomorrow.

After that, I entered my bed, and by the time I noticed, I was already a resident of the dream world, but I suddenly felt a presence and woke up. That was five minutes ago.

Since the time the Queen and the others learned about my identity, the person at the other side of the ceiling has not shown up anymore. Her job was probably bodyguarding and surveillance, but maybe they judged there was no need for any of those -or there was no point to it. When I was beginning to think that it was getting a bit lonely without her, an intruder comes after. Quite the timing.

That intruder is still sticking out her ass at the side of my bed.

Now then, while wondering what I should do, I activate [Analyze].

«Obedient Marionette.»

«Mind Controlling in the enslavement magic branch.
It agitates the magic power, and it is a type of enslaving magic that is hard to detect.
By continuous uses of it, the effect can be lengthened and strengthened.
The setting of a control keyword is possible.»


A continuous enslavement magic that can control a person, and with repeated use, it can be lengthened and strengthened, and it is possible to set a control keyword. On top of that, it agitates the magic power to make it hard to detect. What a problematic thing to be very extreme. If the magic power is agitated, the magic power of the user and the victim will mix, so it makes it more difficult to detect.

At that time with Yuichi, I didn’t notice at first. Are you telling me I have to use [Analyze] constantly?

Looks like there’s the need for punishment. What should I do?

Grope her? Fondle, maybe?

No, I should try something.


Punishment of a hundred slaps on the ass!

It is spanking time!

“Wa?! W-What’s going on…?”

A nice *pachin* sound reverberated in the room, and at the same time as this happened, the intruder lets out a short scream and looks around, and then, mutters. That voice was without doubt that of a woman.

My playful spirit was slowly welling up.


I will have you taste with that body of yours the retribution of interrupting the sleep of someone.

I activate an Unknown Magic, [Silent Box]. As the name states, it is able to temporarily isolate the sound. Of course, it also comes with the extra of not allowing the ones inside to leave. Aside from the fact that the inside is completely visible to the ones outside, it is quite the great barrier.

While at it, I also activate [Dirty Paralyze] around the woman.


Maybe she noticed the sudden activation of magic through the magic power, the woman jumped back trying to escape, but the Dirty Paralyze restrains her.

Dirty Paralyze is a magic that binds the target with a transparent wire, and it is an Unknown Magic as well. Since the wires are made of magic power, the strength of it can be freely changed depending on the magic power used. Even dragons that are said to pride in their defensive power can be strangled to death with these wires.

It possesses that amount of power, but since I am using it for binding purposes, I made them with a safe setting of not severing the target no matter what.

“Kuh, this…!”

She must have already forgotten where she is, she is raising a pained voice as she tried to escape from the wires that are entangling her legs and arms. But the more you struggle, the more the wires dig into your body, so it is cutting the body suit.

The white soft skin that’s peeking out from the cut black attire was having the wires digging into it, and it was quite the erotic sight, but the woman didn’t notice this and was giving a hard fight to escape from the wires.

Because of that, it didn’t take long before she was practically naked.

What remained was what was hiding her face, and her kneesocks, making for quite the maniac look, and the intruder was now completely exhausted on the floor, her body twitching at times.

Looks like it has finally taken effect.

Dirty Paralyze has the effect of paralyzing the body, but it looks like it was a bit too strong, there was a big pool of liquid made on the floor.

…This much should be enough.

At this rate, I won’t be able to sleep, and it seems I have to do some cleaning as well, so let’s finish this quick.

“—! Guh…Ah…Aaaahh…”

The woman suddenly began writhing, and without caring about the wires injuring her, she was rolling around on the floor.

There’s one other effect aside from paralysis; lust amplifier. The skin turns into an erogenous part, and a pleasure that surpasses imagination attacks the body. The lust amplification can be activated at will, and it normally only paralyses, but when the target is a woman, I sometimes use it to fan their embarrassment.

“Ah, aaahh…hngh…aaahh…”

She degraded to a slave of unending pleasure, and was going mad from it.

“—P-Please stop…aah, hiyaaaaa.”

Her body quivered suddenly, and the woman raised her chin and exposes a shameful sight, flooding from above and below.

How shameful with something of this extent. If possible, I would like to continue this until she begins to feel this as a reward and make her submit, but…there’s no time, so let’s put an end to this for today.

As an ender, let’s see her face… Wait, isn’t this the personal maid of Yuichi? The one that’s not in the Queen’s side.

If I remember correctly, her name is…Mishta, maybe?

It is so hard to remember the name of people I don’t feel like remembering. The woman writhing and rolling around had a face like that of a bitch in heat, and rather than calling it a pained expression, those were the eyes of a woman that were swimming in search of a man.

I could kick her out in this state… No, that’s no fun, in fact, it is boring. Let’s return her in a normal state.

I think it is fun to see someone pass a daily life without nothing happening, and then, suddenly feeling that shameful memory replay in their mind. However, I will someday repay this favor in plenty to that bald geezer.

☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆  

The day after, a refreshing morning came.

The reason why the sunlight coming in was strangely irritating must be because I didn’t sleep enough.

In the end, I casted a suggestion on that bitc—I mean, that maid, and ordered her to return to her room, and after that, I cleaned the room and slept, but it was already close to morning at that time.

“The smell…it is okay.” (Makoto)

Of course, I had her return to her room in that attire, so by the time she wakes up, she will definitely receive a shocker. Well, I returned her without having anyone seeing her, so it wasn’t enough of a punishment though.

“The stains…have been cleanly wiped off.” (Makoto)

What I used to cast a suggestion on her was the Unknown Magic, Hypnotic Stasis. The name is stupid, but the effect has my seal of approval. I instilled to her two things: return to your room, and your job was safely finished. So the maid herself shouldn’t suspect anything. But this suggestion is a temporal one, meaning it doesn’t last. She will probably remember everything in two to three days…and writhe in embarrassment.

That is the actual punishment. It is punishment for disturbing someone’s sleep, so take it without objections.

“Okay! Let’s be energetic today as well.” (Makoto)


A weary cry was made, and with that, Toto climbed to my head again and made another cry.

“You are accompanying me today?” (Makoto)


It may be attached to me, but it is a demonic beast.  Depending on its mood, it could stay cooped in the room for a whole day, most times asleep than awake. What a busy life it has, huh.

Looks like today is the day to accompany me. I also want to do whatever I want. If I were to actually do whatever I want, it would definitely cause a great disaster though.

“Good morning, Makoto-sama. It is Erin.”

“Okay~.” (Makoto)

I answered Erin who had knocked the door, and was thinking about first heading to the cafeteria to fill up my stomach.

  ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆

Why is it that trouble always comes from the other side?

I would be fine if it were something fun, but I would like to refrain from trouble.

“Good morning, Kamiuchi-sama.”

“Yo. Good morning, Mishta-san.” (Makoto)

Normally we don’t interact at all, and yet, only at these moments do flags rise. I resent my own bad luck.

“Ara, you knew my name?” (Mishta)

“I heard the mention of your name before when I was eating in the cafeteria after all.” (Makoto)

“Is that so.” (Mishta)

While thinking how little heart there is in this conversation, I give half-hearted responses to what followed after too.

“And so…are you having breakfast now?” (Mishta)

“Yeah, that’s right.” (Makoto)

I didn’t think I would be encountering the heroes’ personal maids of the Erac side in front of the cafeteria in this way and have a conversation with them. No, that’s not right.

Since they were here before we entered, no matter how I think about it, it must mean that they were waiting for us.

“In that case, can we accompany you?” (Mishta)

“Hmm, not today. Maybe some other time.” (Makoto)

“I see. Then, at another occasion.” (Mishta)

“Okay~.” (Makoto)

Her way of speaking was frank for a maid. The bitc-I mean, the personal maid of Yuichi, left with a smile together with the other personal maids.

Even though something like that happened last night…it is truly scary how she doesn’t remember. Well, that will only be after a few days though. I am looking forward to the face that she will make at that time.

“Well then, let’s go.” (Makoto)

“Ah…o-okay.” (Erin)

I thought it would be an option to eat together with them for the objective of gathering information, but Erin is together with me.

Even if we were to eat together with them, Erin will only be having a grueling experience, and in the first place, if that were to happen in my presence, I am a 100% sure I would be making them cry for having Erin experience that. Animal ears are the best; mofu mofu is justice. People that look down on that will get divine punishment from me.

“Oba-chan, what do you recommend for today?” (Makoto)

“Ara, Makoto-chan, good morning. Let’s see, today…”

I call out the good-hearted Oba-chan of the cafeteria, ask for today’s recommendation, and after ordering together with Erin, we had some casual talk as we wait for the meal to be ready.

The cafeteria Oba-chan apparently comes everyday here from the area near the castle, and was saying how her knees are hurting lately.

“Now that I think about it, they say it appeared yesterday.”

“What appeared?” (Makoto)

“Ah, Makoto-chan is inside the castle, so you don’t know, right… A ghost, a ghost.”

“A ghost?” (Makoto)

With her hands hanging by the wrist, she makes a ghost pose. Looks like all worlds share this image?

While thinking this, I listen to the story of the Oba-chan.

Late at night, when the day was about to change, at a corridor, there was apparently the sighting of a dimly shining ghost. The first witness was drunk, so it was thought that maybe they had seen wrongly, but judging from the fact that they were attacked, it was believed that it wasn’t a ghost but a random assailant. However, right after, at around a few kilometers from there, a knight at the ramparts witnessed the same dimly shining shadow. It was established that after confronting it, it ended up escaping. On top of that, many others began to give out the same testimony of a dimly shining shadow at that same night stating they had been attacked by it. It is said that it had become a big uproar for a period of time at the land near the castle.

But well, am I the only one that wants to say they shouldn’t even be walking around at such a time of the night?

“Hoh… People testifying that they sighted what’s probably a ghost at around the same time, in far away locations, huh.” (Makoto)

“It kinda gives me the creeps… Here it is, Makoto-chan, it is ready.”

“Oh, thanks.” (Makoto)

Receiving the readied meal, I went to a random available table, and take a seat.  

“A g-ghost?” (Erin)

“Hm? Are you scared of ghosts?” (Makoto)

“O-Of course I am. Cause they might curse you, you know.” (Erin)

Erin was trembling with tears in her eyes, and her droopy ears seemed to be lacking vigor.

It is true that ghost could curse you which would make for valid fear. Most curses don’t work on me, so I don’t apply in that category though.

“Then, later, I will cast a magic on you to drive away ghosts.” (Makoto)

“R-Really?” (Erin)

“Yup. A real good one.” (Makoto)

A high ranked spell that can even block the king of the undead, the No-Life King. <Yikes, why am I in this web novel?> Normal curses would just get reflected. But if it tries to go after Erin, not even returning it double will be enough. I will be going for ten times. Mofu mofu is justice after all.

“Are rumors of ghosts usual here?” (Makoto)

“No, this is the first time I have heard about  ghosts, too.” (Erin)

“I see.” (Makoto)

The inside of the castle is lively in troubles, but it looks like the area near it is also lively huh. The citizens must find it an incredible pain though.

“Hey, did you hear about it? The talk about a ghost.”

“Yeah, I heard that it appeared yesterday.”

Looks like the maids at our back are also talking about the ghost. It is a world with little in entertainment after all. Their biting at stories like this is on another level.

“And so, that ghost…they said it resembled someone.”

“Resembled someone? Who?”

The maids were talking in a low tone, but it reached clearly into my ears.

“…The magic division leader.”


“Hey, your voice is too loud…!”

Sorry, I was about to raise my voice too.

The lively maids at my back once again lower their voice and continue their talk.

The details were that the witnessed ghost resembled the magic division leader, Makirus. The one who saw her was a knight that was doing his rounds, and that knight wasn’t attacked and the ghost simply escaped.

It certainly does have credibility, but because it was in a dark place, the line of thought that he saw wrong was high.

But it is indeed a suspicious story, and if it weren’t for the dodginess in that knight, it is worth believing.

…It is scary cause it might actually be true.

The current Makirus is probably in a state of despair, so she might have awakened at being a flasher at the dead of the night…nah, not happening.

But the possibility that she is in despair is there.

That type of people are loyal to their desires, so once it is taken away from them, there are times when they would go wild. I thought she would be behaving herself for a while, but if it truly is the person herself, this is a problem.

Let’s confirm just in case.

“Uhm, Makoto-sama?” (Erin)

“Hm?” (Makoto)

I was deep in thought, and Erin was looking at me with her droopy ears quivering.

“Do you have any plans for today?” (Erin)

She asked me something maid-like.

Ah right, she is a maid. My bad.

“Plans, huh.” (Makoto)

Nothing particular in mind.

“…Now that I think about it, Erin, how does your free days work?” (Makoto)

“Free days?” (Erin)

If I remember correctly, since the time she became my personal maid, I haven’t seen her have a single free day.

She would get kidnapped by Niva-san, and she is mostly not by my side, and since I haven’t seen Erin tired, it didn’t cross my mind.

“We kobolds pride in our stamina, so we can continue working for around one month straight.” (Erin)

You will die from overwork, oi. Or more like, are kobolds all stamina no brain?

“Okay, I have decided… Today, I will be playing with Erin.” (Makoto)

“…Eh?” (Erin)

“I won’t allow objections.” (Makoto)

I give the finishing bite of my meal, and headed to the Queen’s place to decide on the plans of Erin for today.

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