QualiA – Chapter 20: Moving evil and the ones that move against it ②

And so…

I told Erin that I would be going out, and I have arrived at the Makirus home.

I feel like it is slightly smaller than the house of Erac, but the inside is incredibly simplistic, making it hard to believe that this is the house of the Magic Division leader. Looks like what Niva-san said about her not caring about anything aside from what interests her was true.

…There’s nothing.

I was checking orderly beginning from the first floor, but there was nothing strange in them. Even if there’s a maid in the room, I use Intangible to disappear from sight, so there’s no worry of being noticed.

“Kya— Hm? E-Eh?”

That’s why, even if I slap their butt, they won’t catch me. Yup, a nice childbirthing ass.

“This place really is strange…”

Oya, the maid is monologuing with watery eyes.

“I thought it was definitely strange that the maids werere quitting one after the other even though the pay was good… So they really do appear here…”

‘I am not a ghost~’, is what I want to tell her, but that’s a no go. While I was moving around on my own, the maid left the room hurriedly with a pale face.

Anyways, the maids quit one after the other, huh…

While thinking about this statement that bothered me, I flip the skirt of the maid that ran off and give my farewells to her –Ah, she tripped. I cheer for the maid that has erotic string panties in plain view and then check another room. And then, slap the butt of the maid that was in that room.

Hmm, the one here doesn’t have a good build. If you are picky about your food, you won’t be able to get a nice ass, you know?

…There really is nothing.

While repeating the process, I entered a room in the first floor, and a faint scent entered my nose.

The familiar scent of medicinal plants. It is the kind of scent that all alchemists know of. That there’s such a scent in this kind of place must mean that this is the room of Makirus.

There shouldn’t be any other person in this house that does alchemy aside from Makirus. The other ones are butlers and maids, and a number of cooks after all.

“Now then…” (Makoto)

Despite that, there’s not a single tool used for alchemy. In that case, where is it?

“In this kind of cases, the classic would be…the basement.” (Makoto)

There’s one part of the room where the magic power is stagnated. It is probably that place. With that thought in mind, the place where I walk over to has a bookshelf.

It may be a cliche, but is it bad to be a bit excited about it? …Oh, found it.

There’s one book with magic power enveloping it. I grab and pull it.

When I did that, it stopped a few centimeters out, and the whole bookshelf creaked and trembled.

“Woah, dangerous.” (Makoto)

I detected sudden magic power from my back, and match it with my own magic power to nullify it. It was probably an alarm in the cases when someone aside from the person herself activates it.

“Bingo, huh… This brings back memories…” (Makoto)

While thinking something like this has happened before, I peek at the entrance of the basement that spreads in my view, and then, step in. Maybe detecting this, I heard the sound of the bookshelf moving. The surroundings go all dark, but my steps were steady as I move down the stairs.

☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆  

As I continue to move down the stairs, I watch the stone walls at both sides that were going straight down.

The distance is around 20 meters. I move on in this pitch black place, but I had reached a dead end.

“Ooh…suspicious.” (Makoto)

They wouldn’t make a pointless passage that doesn’t connect to anything.

I lightly hit the wall in front of me as I check it out…and as I investigate, I noticed that there’s a round shaped hollow area at around waist height.

Fumu, [Analyze].

“…I see. [Key Ball required], huh.” (Makoto)

The hollow part of the wall is a sort of lock, and the wall in front of me is a hidden door.

From what I know, there’s several types of ‘keys’ to open safes and hidden doors, but the usual one is a simple magic lock. However, this one has a keyhole, so there’s the possibility of a skilled specialist to unlock it.

If a thief were to enter, they would steal everything in the place. In order to avoid such scenarios, alchemists created the magic formula called Key Ball Shape.

A Key Ball can be used by registering the magic power of the user, and by having a Shaped Hole in the door read the Key Ball with magic power registered, it can be opened.

“I think it works the same… Woop.” (Makoto)

According to the gathered information of Akashic Library, the Key Ball was developed 100 years ago by the Garusha Empire.

The Garusha Empire puts their strength in iron and steel work as well as the production of magic tools. Back then they already possessed advanced magic tool techniques, and even now, they have a top class research facility that alchemists enroll to. Also, there’s apparently a noble household that produces a great number of alchemists. Of course, there may be a bright front, but there’s always also a dirty dark back as well. Illegal and inhumane experiments are performed as well, is what Niva-san told me.

The information gathering of Akashic Library is by no means perfect. Hearing information from a raw source is indeed important.

Judging from the information that I have of the Key Ball Lock, it should be the same as the one I know of.

In that case, only one person can be registered in the Key Ball, and it is most likely that of Makirus. Unless I have the Key Ball, I can’t open it, and even if I were to open it by force, it would activate some sort of anti-theft system and bring about heavy damage…at least that’s how it usually goes.

But none of that works on me.

I stick my hand into the Item Box, and search.

I bring out what I was looking for, and place it on top of the opening…and then, *beep* it made a mechanical sound, and at the same time as this happened, the Invisible Window appeared and lines of numbers and letters begin to show up one after the other.

Fumu, there were still remains of her magic power. With this…I can make a new Key Ball.

What will be playing a role here is the seven tools that are the romance for all boys, Omnipotent Tool.

The size is around 15 cm with a cylindrical shape, and by absorbing magic power, it is a great item that can be changed into things like a plier, nipper, scissors, and a hammer.  

By utilizing this ability, it can reproduce a Key Ball. A Key Ball requires the user’s magic power, but it can be reproduced from the remains of their magic power as well.

“Okay, done.” (Makoto)

It is a relief that there was more magic power remain than I thought. Maybe she entered this place before heading out. Well, that’s convenient for me, so let’s leave it at that.

And so, I make the tip of the Omnipotent Tool into a semi circle, and put it inside the hole. When I did so, the hole began to emit light and the wall in front of me trembled heavily. From the gap that was slowly opening, light leaked out, and my vision was dyed pure white.


Suddenly, an intense smell that stung my nose and also an ominous feeling had made me furrow my eyebrows as I take a step forward.

What was at the other side of the door was a big room that was around 20 tatami mats. The alchemist tools that were lined up at the desks, and the beautifully lined up ingredients were filling the whole shelves.

“…..This is…” (Makoto)

However, what stole my attention was the magic circle drawn at the floor.

Two circles and a six point star as base, there’s magic letters closely packed.

I had a bad feeling about it, so I used [Analyze]-san.

[Summoning Circle]

[A modified magic circle with the summoning magic circle used as reference.
Due to insufficient information, further evaluation is not possible.]

Oi oi, seriously?

This is a modified magic circle, moreover, it has been modified to the point that the information has been altered. There’s the need for quite the ability in order to modify a magic circle, so it looks like there’s the need for me to revise my evaluation of her.

Should I say, as expected of the Magic Division leader. But what is it she is trying to summon by modifying the magic circle this much?

“…A hundred…sacrifices…Demon? No, Wicked…summon… Oi, wait a second.” (Makoto)

I read the magic circle to confirm, but what was written there was something that I didn’t expect.

I activate [Analyze] again. I obtained information, so this time it should work.

[Devil Summoning Circle – Lacks Form]

[With the hero summoning circle as reference, it has been modified to a devil summoning circle.
By offering sacrifices, this magic circle allows the summoning of a Devil from the underworld.
It is incomplete, so there’s the possibility of failing.]

It is an incredibly simplistic description, but there’s nothing as easy to understand. It is exactly because it was easy to understand that it made me go blank for a second, and finally, anger began to well up.

“Haha…what is she doing…that bitch!!” (Makoto)

Summoning a Devil? Don’t joke around. If you bring such a thing to this world, the Demon Lord would be the least of our worries! Moreover, what the hell have you created by tinkering the hero summoning circle.

A Devil is an existence that destroys the world from its very foundation.

According to the information of Akashic Library, Devils have shown up every now and then in folklore and legends in this world as well.

One of the toys that the Gods created for their enjoyment was the ‘Holy Evil Egg’. It is a problematic egg that has the chance of having an Angel or a Devil born. If something like that were                                                                                                                                             to appear in the mortal world, it would bring calamity.

The Demon Lord has a counter-balancing existence called Heroes, but the Devils don’t have such a thing.

There’s Angels, but they are more prideful and worse natured than Devils, so they can’t be the counterbalancing existence. As expected of the familiars of Gods. It is saddening that even Devils are more understanding. However, Devils are battle junkies, so once a battle begins, they won’t stop until the opponent dies or they are satisfied. The damage that comes with it is not something to sneeze about, and a first class Devil has even managed to destroy a country.


Something like this must not be allowed to exist. I have to destroy it till nothing remains.

The reason maids quit must have something to do with this as well. They would serve as convenient sacrifices, but changing maids too often would cause suspicion. And so, Makirus must have gone to the slums in order to feed the Devil summoning. The reason why she is distributing candies which is out of character must be to get sacrifices -just for that…

Making the happy children that received candy be sacrifices… Keep the messing around to a moderate level, damn it.

“Break to pieces.” (Makoto)

I place my hand on the floor and pour magic power into the magic circle in one push.

Cracks began to open on the floor, and while eating the magic power that’s inside the magic circle, I destroy the magic circle without leaving trace of it.

After that, I will set it so she can’t use the alchemic tools again, and I will be done here.

No, wait. Aren’t I forgetting something? Something important…

…Ah, right!

The undiluted solution of the Loroad Virus. She did say there’s the chance Makirus has it. She has been searching for it desperately, but still hasn’t found it -the key item to heal the king’s disease.

“Now then…where is it?” (Makoto)

If I were to hide it, it would be in a place with tight security. This hidden room is the most suspicious.

Niva-san and her team probably noticed the room that was hidden by the bookshelf, but they couldn’t do anything about it. If they had told me, I would have acted. Those people are really reserved in the weirdest of places.

Well, they have their own pride in the work they do, so they might have been reprehensive in doing something akin to wailing about being unable to do something, but what they should be prioritizing is the life of the king, not pride.

Niva-san would prioritize the Queen over her pride, so it is probably another maid that didn’t report to Niva-san about it. But well, this is just me assuming.

Only the people themselves know, and it is not something I have much of a say about, but…you must not mistake your priorities.


While thinking that, I tried searching the room thoroughly, but I couldn’t find what I was searching. I tried magic power detection, but there’s no other hidden room here aside from this one.

“Meaning it is not here, huh…” (Makoto)

If Makirus, who is the one with the highest chance of having it, doesn’t have it, maybe it really is Erac? I will try searching the upper areas of the house as well, but the chances of finding it will be low.

When I was thinking of the other parties involved…a single small bottle caught my eye.

“This is…” (Makoto)


«Holy Water in the Sacred Bottle»

«A sacred bottle filled with the blessing of the God, Vorda.»

Okay, let’s throw away this abomination.

Even so, this bottle looks like it is quite the high quality article. I can tell that this would be quite the important item even for the church. No matter if she is the leader of the Magic Division that is affiliated to the church, there’s no way that she could be able to readily obtain something like this.

She probably tempted someone high up of at least archbishop rank to get this.

She is a woman that wouldn’t care about using her own body in order to fulfill her own wants. There’s no way she would accompany low ranked people. If she wanted to secure something like this for sure, it would be more efficient to win over the archbishop.

Let’s leave that aside for now. First, let’s finish up the big problem here.

If possible, I would like to erase the memory of Makirus, but Memory Leak can only peek at the memory, not erase it. It cannot conveniently erase only the memories of the magic circle.

…No, wait.

What I need to do is make it so that Makirus can’t use the Devil summoning magic circle, right? In that case, there’s no real need to erase her memory.

I have the right thing for the job.

“…Kuku. Looks like there’s the need of some punishment for a way too wicked brat.” (Makoto)

My chuckling echoed in the silent room, and I immediately begin to set it up.

When you enter this room, your nightmare will begin, Makirus. Carve into your body the punishment of trying to sacrifice those children!

☆☆ ★★ ★★ ★★ ☆☆

A young woman arrives at a house, takes off the robe she was wearing, and lets out a small sigh.

“Ugh, that smell… It will make me go crazy.”

Recalling the place she was in, she furrowed her eyebrows deeply.

“It would be easier to use the maids, but the clean up would be a pain.”

The results of her going to that place for these few days will finally bear fruit. With that thought in mind bettering her mood, a smile appears in her face.

It was far from a smile a normal person would make. It was the type that would make shivers run down your spine. But the woman didn’t notice she was making such a smile as she opens the door of her house and enters.

—Without knowing that a monster was waiting for her.

☆☆ ☆☆ ★★ ☆☆ ☆☆  

How much time had passed?

I was fascinated by the many magic formations that I have set in the whole room. But this is lukewarm compared to what Makirus was trying to do.

“Now then, it should be about time…” (Makoto)

I already finished closing the door of the Key Ball Lock and was thinking of leaving, but I felt the presence of someone from the other side of the door, and moved to the wall.

Since I am already here, let’s leave after seeing it with my own eyes.

She can’t see me with [Intangible] activated, but right now where I have revised the ability of Makirus, there’s the need to show the highest caution towards her. The unexpected could happen after all.


A young woman entered after the door opened with a rumbling sound, and she lets out a dumbfounded voice, standing still for a moment and staring blankly.

…Welcome back~.

I internally greet her and give her my condolences.

“W-W-Why…” (Makirus)

Losing her wits, the young woman -Makirus- ruffles her hair violently as she screams and runs around the place. Then, she brushes the magic circle on the floor with her hand, and punches it.

“Who— No, no one should be able to enter this room.” (Makirus)

Makirus was punching the floor overtaken by anger, but she slowly regained composure, looked around the room, and began to analyze the situation.

That’s right. Keep it up.

Investigate the room just like that. In that way, you should be able to notice, since you are such a skilled sorcerer.

“…The tools…is this…a magic formation?” (Makirus)

While muttering a monologue, she takes each of her alchemic tools, and checks them out thoroughly. That eye of hers and her ability, as expected of the Magic Division leader huh. However, it is unforgivable that you are trying to use that strength in the wrong direction.

She most likely has repeatedly done inhumane actions. The strong smell that is seeped in this room, the alchemic ingredients and medicinal plants, and also the things that are mixed with blood.

On top of that, the strange feeling that lingers in this room. It was as if it were flying around the room, crying out their regrets as if they were living beings that were heartlessly killed. In other words, negative feelings are spreading resentment and coiling around Makirus, but Makirus herself was checking out the alchemic tools as if nothing. She probably possesses Curse Resist that most people with high magic power have.

But it will probably turn pretty dangerous.

There’s way too much negative emotions accumulated in the room. If this is maintained, there’s the chance of it turning into a Specter. If that were to happen, casualties will appear.

“Ah, geez… What’s going on?! What in the world is going on?! This…!!” (Makirus)

She throws the dulled glass container to the floor, and after that, she throws the rusted metallic container; showing her anger vividly, she was throwing the alchemy tools onto the floor one after the other.

The last time she saw them, they were most likely all brand new and lustrous, but in a short period of time, they have been superannuated, and she was breaking them all with eyes as if she couldn’t believe this. The sound of glass breaking and the sound of steel being crushed was reverberating in the room.

Makirus had an ogre-like expression, her shoulders going up and down from her rough breathing as she stood in place.

“Ah…Ah……AAAAAAAHHHH!!” (Makirus)

A bellow.

It was like this bellow came from her very soul, expressing the anger that is welling up in the depths of her heart. This bellow made the room tremble, and the negative emotions that were coiling around the room dispersed.


Fearsome attachment. A resentment that would make even the negative emotions run away. That’s impressive.

But with this…the punishment activates.

Now, taste with that body of yours, the retribution of your actions.

“…Eh? Agh—!! AGYAAAA!!” (Makirus)

Makirus suddenly holds her throat, and lets out a groan as she falls on her knees, coughing violently.

“W-What is…going…uGYAAAAA!!” (Makirus)

She was trying to vocalize words, but the intense pain coursing her through her body was making her drool, and even when her clothes were being dirtied, she continued writhing.

…This is awful.

She is rolling in an unsightly manner, her face is drenched in tears, and her expression is one filled with drool and snot that I can’t bear looking. Her clothes were also torn off, and there were things I don’t even want to see showing, and it looks the lower part of her clothes are wet.

“Uuh…Gaha…haah…Aaaaah…” (Makirus)

Makirus was clutching her chest in pain, and tried to stand unsteadily, but she fell back on her knees, and just like that, fell face first and lost consciousness.

I tried searching her unconscious body, but she didn’t have the undiluted solution of the Loroad Virus.  Thinking about the danger of it, there’s no way someone would have it on their person at all times.

I use Vital Scan and confirm that there’s a curse embedded inside of her.

…Looks like it succeeded.

Even if she has Curse Resist, you can’t block a curse that is made from more magic power than you have.

The curse that I cast on Makirus was an Unknown Magic, [Chaos Reverse].

It forcefully suppresses an action, speech, or conduct, and inflicts pain equal to that of death to the afflicted person. Of course, it is equal, but it doesn’t bring death. However, the pain is something beyond belief.

The curse that I inflicted on Makirus was the prohibition of using ‘summoning magic circles’. It prohibits all things like Devil, Hero, Spirit, and all those other summonings, so Makirus won’t be able to utilize the magic branch of summoning from now on. If she tries to use it, she will taste pain equal to that of death after all.

…Ah, right.

Why didn’t I think of it?

Looks like my sense of danger had dulled after living peacefully for a nice amount of time in my original world. On top of that, different from the previous summonings, I didn’t have any of those heavy responsibilities pushed onto me when coming here, so it dulled me even more. Even so, this doesn’t excuse it.

Let’s reflect on it and take it as a lesson for the future.

For the sake of that…I will have Erac taste the same medicine as Makirus.

A bit of revenge.

I understand that I can’t solve all problems. That’s why, I want to protect the happiness that my hands can reach. But I also understand that solving everything myself can at times prove prejudicial for both me and the party that’s being saved.

There’s a right person for the right job.

I am already used to doing the dirty work. I won’t say something noble like ‘life is precious’ at this point in time. There’s hopeless trash in society.

That’s why I have decided that, when I have judged someone to be guilty, I won’t show hesitation. With the information I have gathered of them, it was plenty enough to call them guilty, but the Devil Summoning Circle really worked to make that one last push.

However, if the target is someone in a high position, I can’t blindly take away their life. It can bring about damage in the state management, and there’s the chance of unnecessary chaos.

And so, this time, I will leave it at only sealing the secret regarding the Queen’s birth.

Okay, let’s do it immediately.

“See ya… Don’t catch a cold, Oba-san <Granny>.” (Makoto)

I glance at Makirus who was still unconscious, and teleport to my next objective, the house of Erac.

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