QualiA – Chapter 14: Oya? Trouble has arrived ⑦

I somehow managed to lose.

I didn’t expect him to be that weak…so I ended up troubled by how to lose.

“With this, the treatment to your injuries is finished.”

“Oh, thanks.” (Makoto)

Wrapping bandages on my arm, the woman stands up with a smile and says ‘It is my job’, and after one bow, she left.

“Makoto-san, are you okay?” (Yuichi)

“They were mostly scrapes, so it is better than it actually looks. Well, it will sting in the bath, so that’s a bummer though.” (Makoto)

“Y-You are pretty carefree…” (Yuichi)

“They did tell me that I will recover by tomorrow, so it should be okay. Parallel worlds really are incredible.” (Makoto)

I responded to the expression of disbelief from Yuichi with an ‘it is okay’ and a bitter smile, and then, I wear my coat.

Aside from Yuichi, there’s also Kusuhara and company who had run immediately to where I was after the duel finished.

But…when they saw several areas of my body injured, they were shocked. It can’t be helped since they normally wouldn’t see something like that in our original world, but in the future, the instances they will be seeing blood -even if they don’t want to- will increase, so there’s the need to get used to it as soon as possible, Heroes.

“Are you really okay?” (Miki)

“I am, I am.” (Makoto)

After Kusuhara expressed her worries, Katsuragi and Asagi also spoke out to me, but I also brush off their worries in the same manner.

“At any rate, Senpai is really good at running away.” (Shiori)

“It was a great lesson on how to run away.” (Kaede)

But they were a special case of their own.

Katsuragi nonchalantly muttered those words and Asagi came with a combo.

“Asagi, don’t learn weird stuff.” (Makoto)

“Your way of moving was really natural.” (Kaede)

“And what would unnatural movements be?” (Makoto)

I was somewhat weared as I responded to her, but…

“Even when in front of a strong opponent, you weren’t nervous.” (Kaede)

Those words shook me.

“That’s not true, you know?” (Makoto)

“Your movements were as usual… I have been looking at you all the time after all, so I can tell.” (Kaede)

Eh, what? Is this girl a stalker?

“Hello, is this the police? There’s a stalker here.” (Makoto)

“…Senpai, that’s rude.” (Kaede)

The bowl cut girl puffed her cheeks. Oh my, how cute… I want to bring her back home. 


“Sorry sorry, it was a joke.” (Makoto)

“Then, play with us later.” (Kaede)

“Eh?” (Makoto)

“Play together with me and Shiori.” (Kaede)

While thinking about how childish of a petition she brought out, I agree with an ‘in a near future’.

At any rate, seeing my movements and being able to say that they are the same as always… What a fearsome girl.

“Geez, Kaede, why did you arbitrarily make a promise? …I am sorry, Senpai.” (Shiori)

“I don’t really mind. I am mostly free, so when you girls are free, just tell me.” (Makoto)

Katsuragi reprimanded Asagi and was about to lower her head, but I stop her and tell them ‘I will be going now’.

“Don’t push yourself for today and rest properly in your room, okay?” (Miki)

“Roger.” (Makoto)

I waved my hand and return to my room with Yuichi and company seeing me off.

☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆  

This is strange.

I returned to my room to indulge in sleep, and yet, why am I being surrounded by women?

“Niva-san, I see you are in a good mood.” (Makoto)

“…I am not in a good mood, you know?” (Niva)


Even though she kidnapped me all the way here, why is she in such a bad mood?

“And here I was thinking about having a nice rest.” (Makoto)

“You have no wounds…so there’s no need to rest, right?” (Caril)

Your smile is scary, Queen.

Leaving aside the teary eyed Erin…the Princess and the two female knights that are showing a bitter smile, save me please. These two are way too scary.

“And so, you will explain to us, right? Everything, without leaving a single detail.” (Caril)

“…Okay.” (Makoto)

Well, I planned on explaining it to them anyways, so that’s fine.


The Queen and the Princess take a seat, and after that, I sit on the sofa. Miyuna-san and Filmina-san stood at the back of the Princess, and Niva-san and Erin were both preparing the tea and pastries.

“The first thing I would like to ask is—” (Caril)

“Why I don’t have a single injury, right?” (Makoto)

I went ahead of the Queen’s question, and…

“It is simple. I won’t be injured by something of that extent, that’s all.” (Makoto)

Cutting off her words, I answer.

“What do you mean?” (Caril)

“If I had to be more specific, it means that my regeneration of injuries is fast. Scrapes would heal the moment I get them, so they are not even considered injuries.” (Makoto)

“Meaning your natural recovery is high?” (Caril)

“It is high enough that, even if my arm were to be cut off, it would be back in half a day.” (Makoto)

“An arm—no, I don’t think that can be called natural recovery anymore…” (Caril)

That’s why I am called a monster…

Even so, if my heart were to be pierced or my head were to be cut off, I would still die though. I simply have abnormal levels of regeneration, but that doesn’t mean I am immortal.

Having a deficit of limbs certainly does lead to a decrease in power, but that was how it always was against powerful opponents, so I am used to it. Even if I were blown apart, I can regrow them all. I have taken many times the literal route of sacrificing my flesh to cut down my enemies. I am the number one in terms of how many times my left arm has been eaten.

“That’s why, so that it doesn’t look unnatural, I used magic to make the people in the surroundings mistake it as if I have actually been injured.” (Makoto)

“The implications of you casting magic without anyone noticing is already scary… So that’s why no one made a fuss, huh.” (Caril)

“Even if I am injured, they would heal in the blink of an eye, so that’s basically like asking them to call me an Abnormal Monster. If I don’t set stuff up, anyone with a pair of eyes would be able to tell.” (Makoto)

“True…But if that’s the case, I would like it if you were to tell us beforehand.” (Caril)

Even if you tell me that…

“It was kind of a surprise after all… If you guys didn’t notice, that’s all there is to it.” (Makoto)

“In other words, you were testing us.” (Caril)

“Hmm, something like that. And so, was there anyone who didn’t notice?” (Makoto)

Rather than calling it a test, it was more of a prank. So, anyone didn’t notice?

It seems even Erin noticed it, so her still being watery eyed was because she was relieved the duel ended safely. Erin is a real kind girl.

I should rub her ears later.

“Well, of course you would notice that, huh. It was incredibly unnatural after all.” (Makoto)

“Right. It was as surprising as you breaking the sword yourself.” (Caril)

The Queen glares straight at me with a displeased expression, but I shrug my shoulders and avert my gaze.

“Cause you know, my opponent was weaker than expected, so I had no choice.” (Makoto)

“Weak, you say. He is actually within the high ranks of the knight division, you know? His level surpasses 30.” (Caril)

“Even if you tell me that…his movements were simple, and he was swinging his sword mindlessly, also, his shouting was annoying.” (Makoto)

“Now that you mention it, that’s true.” (Caril)

It seems the Queen also has things in her mind about the duel, Niva-san and the others aside from Erin all nodded in agreement. As expected of the captain, lieutenant, and intelligence specialist maid; they got good eyes.

“I was thinking about matching the movements of the other party to get cut and lose, but…a large swing would without doubt have to sever me, and if it were a thrust, I should be dying from it, so I couldn’t use that plan.” (Makoto)

“There were mostly overhead swings and thrusts, so even if they were blunt swords, if you were to take a hit from those, you shouldn’t come out of it with a light injury.” (Prim)

The Princess also nods in agreement, but it seems like she imagined it, her face went pale and she shook her head.

“But breaking your sword in that way…there’s the need for high ability and the capacity of not fearing death. If you were to fail a single step, you could have been heavily injured, you know? If it weren’t a blunt sword, there would have been the chance of dying.” (Niva)

This is the first time I see Niva-san angry, but it is true that, depending on the way you see it, that action of mine was suicidal.

“No matter how strong Makoto-sama is, being overconfident will one day bring ruin.” (Niva)

“Right. Sorry about that.” (Makoto)

I have no way to respond if she puts it like that.

“…Sorry, I said too much.” (Niva)

But Niva-san suddenly lowered her head and apologized.

It was so sudden I didn’t know what to do, but the Queen looked at that Niva-san gleefully and went ‘ara ara, fufufu…’ and showed a meaningful smile.

“I apologize for having been rash, but it is also true that I couldn’t think of any other better move. I did think that way would work plenty well as a pathetic way of losing, and I was hesitant in attacking him.” (Makoto)

“Indeed. If Makoto-kun were to attack, Gomon wouldn’t have come out of it—” (Caril)

“Ah, that’s not what I meant.” (Makoto)

I waved my hand and cut off the words of the Queen, and then, look at everyone.

“Does anyone know about the Dyudyurad Bracelet?” (Makoto)

And ask this.

“! The Dyudyurad Bracelet? Why does Makoto-kun know that name?” (Caril)

“Let’s leave that for later. The problem is that Gomon was wearing that bracelet.” (Makoto)

“…Gomon was…” (Caril)

Looks like that bracelet is quite the problematic article.

“It was disguised with the name of Metorda Bracelet, and its effect was self-destruction by magic power explosion.” (Makoto)

“Self-destruction… How could they…” (Caril)

“Moreover, it is apparently possible to control remotely. How scary it is, a human bomb.” (Makoto)

I know this is nothing to joke about, but the mood is completely dead. Allow me this much.

I really don’t like the way too deep deeds of humans.

For their own desires, they would easily kill others. The ugliness of humans is something that makes me want to puke every time.

“With that in consideration, I didn’t attack at all. It would simply give them an excuse to activate the self-destruction after all.” (Makoto)

At first, my plan was to run around and surrender, but when I discovered the existence of the bracelet, I changed plans and made it so that it was a one-sided duel. I was thinking of destroying the bracelet in case something happens, but that was only as a last resort. Magic tools are delicate, and if someone tampers with them, there’s the chance for it to go wild, and I didn’t have the leeway to fully analyze it in that short period of time. If it were to go wild, they could use that to put the blame on me.

This time around, I was simply lucky.

If the one in control of the bracelet were as short-tempered as Gomon, there’s the chance they would have activated the bracelet regardless of the situation. This time around, I was saved by the carefulness of the other side. Pains me to admit it though.

“If there’s nothing else, can I return to my room?” (Makoto)

“R-Right… The rest is our problem to deal with, so it is okay.” (Caril)

Because I have lost, they should be making their next move.

They are opponents that would even use self-destruction. If we were to fold our arms without doing anything, there’s the chance they will corner us with their every move.

Even when we know one of the string pullers is the prime minister, the current state of affairs is that we can’t put our hands on them, so we need solid proof first.

“I will be investigating on my side as well.” (Makoto)

“Is that okay?” (Caril)

When I decide on doing something, it is my policy to do the utmost of my abilities.

“I have been dragged in, so I will at least be doing something in the meantime.” (Makoto)

“I see… Thank you, Makoto-kun.” (Caril)

The Queen made an apologetic smile as she gives me her thanks, but somewhere in that face of hers, I can see exhaustion. Well, it can’t be helped that she would be cornered physically and mentally when trying to protect someone on her own against opponents that are ill intended to the max.

The other side must have decided on the basic framework of their plans after this duel, so, now then…what kind of evil schemes will they come up with? Let’s give them a visit.

☆☆ ★★★ ☆☆  

At an area where the residences of the nobles were lined up in.

At one of the residences that was a size bigger than the others in the surroundings, people were gathered at one room and, even if their social standings were different, their wills were the same.

“To think it would end in such a result…”

The bald old man furrowed his brows at the different result from expected and sighs weakly.

“To think it would be so one-sided without even trying to attack once, what a weak man he is. Just thinking that a weak willed man like him is the same gender as me pissess off!”

“It can’t be helped. That man was simply caught up; an ordinary person. He wouldn’t have the ability to fight.”

By the side of the old man, a dark green knight hits the table and speaks ill of the other side, and sympathizing with that knight, the other knights begin to speak ill of him as well, but the bald old man -Erac- reprimands them, however, he grinds his teeth in mortification.

“Because of this, we couldn’t use ‘that’ though.” (Erac)

Even though they went through the trouble of preparing things to set him as an Abnormal Monster, they didn’t think he would be such a pathetic man. Even when Erac was amazed by this, he was thinking of the next move.

“Well, it has been proved that an useless ordinary person was summoned together with the heroes. If we chip away the foundation with that, this country will in time be ours.” (Erac)

With a smile leaking out from him, he takes a wine glass in hand and drinks from it.

“Erac-sama, what do you plan to do after this?”

“Let’s see…the Selection Ceremony of the Heroes will begin soon so it will be the time to head to the forest. You guys lead them as guides.” (Erac)

“Us? But the matters of the knight division are managed by the Knight General, Gallahard, so we have no say in the matter.”

“Leave that side of things to me. You guys should just watch over the Heroes and see that they safely finish the selection. The Heroes still have their use.” (Erac)


“Next will be…spreading rumors of the royal family could be an option.” (Erac)

“Rumors…of the royal family?”

The question of the knight made the smile of Erac wider. He finished drinking his wine and wipes his mouth.

“Yeah. There’s a variety of rumors about the royal family after all. For example, the secret regarding the birth of the Queen.” (Erac)

With a truly distorted smile, Erac sways his newly filled wine glass.

“What is there with the birth of her Majesty?”

“When the time comes, I will tell you. Until then, I will be counting on you to act as you always do.” (Erac)


“A bit more…just a bit more and it will be the turn of you guys.” (Erac)

Erac speaks exalted.

“I am counting on you, 3rd knight division captain, Kirzam-dono.” (Erac)

“Yes.” (Kirzam)

The knight called Kirzam had a vulgar smile on him as he lowered his head down.

But they don’t know…about the one other person in this room.

The person they wouldn’t want the most to have their conversation heard. It had all been heard by the monster, but no one in this place noticed this…

☆☆ ☆☆ ★ ☆☆ ☆☆

They are pitch black.

They are such hopeless pieces of trash that that’s the only impression I could give.

In order to listen in on the conversation in Erac’s house, I used one of the Unknown Magics, [Intangible]. This magic is used mainly to obstruct cognition, and others won’t be able to see me, won’t feel my presence, and won’t be able to detect my magic power.

—Even when I am blatantly in the very place they are in.

But well, I can’t erase my voice, so I can’t speak. Even with that, I myself think that this is quite the fearsome ability.

At any rate, I didn’t think there would be a captain class within those seven knights. The dark purple and silver haired female knights were here as well. I will have to investigate where they are affiliated to.

Anyways, the old man Gallahard must have it tough. The knight division is in shambles.

I am also interested in the secret of the Queen’s birth. Even if I were to ask the person herself, it is definitely something difficult to speak about, so maybe I should try asking people close to her like Niva-san.

Now then, I have gotten the background info of the duel and I now have an idea of the movements of the other side, so the defense battle will be easier. But moving around for every single thing is a pain, so I should hurry and improve the Memory Leak spell to make it so that it can wiretap them.

In the past, I used an improved version of Memory Leak I thought of on a criminal and ended up crippling him because the effect was too strong. I did something terrible to him and reflected on it. I have been trying to improve the spell so that it doesn’t end up crippling the target of investigation, but there’s still no good results. What should I do about this.

“…Oh well.” (Makoto)

Have ta move while I am young. If I shut in my room all the time, Niva-san will seriously label me a shut-in.

“Wait for me, evildoers.” (Makoto)

I glare at the house I was in just a few moments ago, and while forming a schedule for tomorrow, a smile silently formed.

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