QualiA – Chapter 8: Oya? Trouble has arrived ①

Time is the kind of thing that will always move forward precisely no matter what happens.

“The princess Prim will be returning from her expedition today.”

At a certain day after 1 week of the hero summoning…

I had dived onto the bed and was about to enjoy a nice sleep when Niva came into the room and said that with a precious cold work-face.

“The princess in an expedition? Where did she go?” (Makoto)

“The Astorn Republic that is at the east of the Motoyasu Kingdom. She went to subjugate a thief group that had appeared close to the national borders.” (Niva)

Fumu, Astorn Republic, huh.

[Akashic Library, activate. Search: Astorn Republic.]

[It is located at the east of the Motoyasu Kingdom, and it is a commercial nation that has three times the animal husbandry and agriculture than Motoyasu.
It also has a harbour that serves as a contact point for other countries, and it is famous for having an assortment of dishes from other nations.
Five years ago, the king died and the new king, the prince Atone, took the throne.
In recent years, it has been continuous poor crops, so the price of the grain made a sudden jump. The contagious diseases within the livestock have been rampant, and it has produced a big amount of casualties.
Last year, there has been uproar with the thieves that have appeared inside the country and the national borders of the Motoyasu Kingdom.]

I see.

The Eshalza continent that the Motoyasu Kingdom is in has a warm climate and a lush green land, making it really easy to live in, allowing a lot of humans to live in it.

When many people live in it, there’s the need for food supply that is proportional to it. Of course, the lands that are fit to produce them will have people gather, and in time, it will turn into a nation. Astorn is a country of animal husbandry and agriculture, and because of the grain having poor crops the price jumped. As if dealing a final blow to it, there’s an infectious disease going around and the damage scalates. You could say that the national interest has received a big hit.

And then, the thieves that have been increasing nowadays.

At a glance, anyone could tell that this is not unrelated to the other events.

“A thief group, huh… With the poor crops and the infectious disease of the livestock, Astorn has a lot of things going on, so maybe that’s the reason why thieves have appeared.” (Makoto)

“Where did you learn of that?” (Niva)

“Hm… a secret.” (Makoto)

“…Is that so. It is just as Makoto-sama says. The inside of Astorn is currently quite pressured.” (Niva)

Thieves being originally farmers is a pretty common story. There’s probably also haphazard crimes going around; for the sake of surviving.

“I kinda don’t like it… Are you guys providing help?” (Makoto)

“We are providing as much help as possible, but our country doesn’t have much leeway to help others, you see.” (Niva)

True. With the king in sickbed, there’s no time for those kind of things.

“What a rough world.” (Makoto)

“…Yes. But once your hands are tainted in evil once, even if they were innocent people, they must be punished.” (Niva)

I do understand that, but whether to accept it is a different matter…

I do want to do something about it, but I have my limits in what I can do.

“So the thief group that might have been composed of innocent people has been safely subjugated then.” (Makoto)

“Makoto-sama, you are quite the bully, aren’t you.” (Niva)

“Ah, sorry. I am not good with this kind of talks, you see.” (Makoto)

So the Princess-sama and her group has returned, huh.

“And, what is it you want me to do?” (Makoto)

“Today, to celebrate their return, we will be having a banquet.” (Niva)

“What a pain.” (Makoto)

“……” (Niva)

Who would want to go to such a shoulder stiffening event like that.

The gatherings of royals and nobles are stupid probing competitions. I am tired of them.

“I knew you would say that.” (Niva)

“Oh? So it is within calculations, then?” (Makoto)

“Ohi-sama did say so, after all. Even so, because there’s the preparations for the banquet, the cafeteria won’t be opening. What will you do about dinner?” (Niva)

“S-Seriously…?” (Makoto)

How can this be.

“The tactic of cutting off provisions, huh.” (Makoto)

“Who are you having a war with?” (Niva)

“I am currently having a siege war with the royal castle.” (Makoto)

“I request bloodless capitulation.” (Niva)

“If I can eat to my heart’s content, I will gladly.” (Makoto)

“…..” (Niva)

“……” (Makoto)

I will stop before that freezing smile begins to feel like a reward.

“But the princess going to an expedition, that’s quite the tomboyish thing to do.” (Makoto)

“…..She is quite similar to the queen, after all.” (Niva)

“Ah, I see—wait, I don’t like that I was about to acknowledge it with just that.” (Makoto)

“I already acknowledge it with just that. What should I do?” (Niva)

Please give up. Or more like, this Maid-san really is relentless towards her master.

“Is the princess her only child? …Or more like, are there no concubines?” (Makoto)

“The king before the previous one did have, but the previous one was deeply in love when he married, and his Majesty the king that heard about this had fallen in love with the queen, and they also bonded under a deep love.” (Niva)

“Ah, the type that has no need for extras, huh.” (Makoto)

“It is similar to that. Ohi-sama, even when she is like that, is single-mindedly in love with his Majesty, after all. The inner palace is currently being used as a storehouse.” (Niva)

Looking at the current state, I can tell that the queen loves him from the bottom of her heart. It does seem like there won’t be much conflicts with the inheritance rights, but it would make the lineage tilt towards one side, so if this continues for several generations, it might create a civil war.

“Also, the Princess-sama has her brother Felness. But he is currently studying abroad at the west, in the country of Ushtolma.” (Niva)

“Ushtolma…if I remember correctly, isn’t that a beastman country?” (Makoto)

“Yes. It is a country that has had diplomatic relations with the Motoyasu Kingdom for several centuries.” (Niva)

“Oh? That’s quite the long connection. But aren’t you guys going to call him back with the king being like that?” (Makoto)

“It is in order to avoid unnecessary strife.” (Niva)

“Ah, I see.” (Makoto)

So they have judged that it is dangerous in the current state to call back Felness who is the number one suitor for inheriting the throne, huh.

At any rate, the brother Felness is currently studying abroad, and the tomboy princess was in an expedition, the king is in sickbed, and the queen is a fluff maniac… Is this kingdom seriously alright?

“You really have it rough, Niva-san.” (Makoto)

“Yes, it is truly rough.” (Niva)

While laughing at Niva-san who is feigning she is crying, I tell her I will be attending the banquet.

“But I will go full wallflower, so keep that in mind.” (Makoto)

“No problem. It is called a celebratory banquet, but it will mostly be a stage for the heroes.” (Niva)

“Ah, I see. Meaning that most of the nobles will be participating… Maybe I should really bail.” (Makoto)

“Going back on your word is not manly, Makoto-sama.” (Niva)

“…Okay.” (Makoto)

This is bad. Her deriding that brings shivers might actually turn into a kink.

But with nobles gathering, it feels like problems will sprout. There’s most likely factions and stuff like that. I might not be able to stay a wallflower.

“Well then, Makoto-sama, I will be preparing the formal clothes you will be using for today’s banquet, so…” (Niva)

“Hm? No, uhm…Niva-san? Why are you edging closer to me while doing that creepy hand gesture?” (Makoto) 

“I will be done in a jiffy. It will be done by the time you finish counting the stains of the ceiling.” (Niva)


“That just sounds wrong. Or more like, there’s no stains in this ceiling!” (Makoto)

Being directed the eyes of a predator, Niva-san approached me. Where’s the usual derision?! Please return to the usual Niva-san!

“Wa—Erin, herup me puris!” (Makoto)

“Erin is not here. She is going around with all the other maids for the preparations of the banquet.” (Niva)

“Ah, wa-wait—-AAAAAAHHHHH!!” (Makoto)

The pure white moruru that is curled up on top of my bed and looking at me with bothersome eyes had averted its eyes with its cheeks puffed. ‘Aren’t you being too heartless while witnessing your master in danger?!’, that pitiful cry went to deaf ears, and, by the time I noticed, I was stripped down to my underpants, the queer sight of Niva-san taking my measurements with fiery eyes shining continued on for around 20 minutes.

   ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆  

That was one terrible experience.

I didn’t think Niva-san had a muscle fetish. I managed to endure the disgrace of being patted around my chest and abs with her fingers while she was panting. Good job, me.

If it had gone one step wrongly, her excitement might have turned into a situation that cannot be broadcasted.

“Hah… Erin’s black tea is truly good.” (Makoto)

I made it myself this time around, but the taste is strong and the aftertaste is bad. While I was drinking that black tea, I pet the traitor that is on top of my head.

“Oi, you heartless one.” (Makoto)


Don’t go crying in a happy fashion. I am angry here, damn it.

“Toto, come down.” (Makoto)


This bastard isn’t listening.

“Toto.” (Makoto)


It is coming down reluctantly but, why is it that you are coming down from in front of my face? Are you harassing me? Should I consider this harassment towards your master, Toto-kun?

“…Toto, it is punishment time.” (Makoto)


The moruru, Toto, quivered and stood on top of the table on its hind legs, skilfully using its short front legs to salute.

Hm, looks like I have properly educated him.

The day after I captured it, Niva-san found out, and was brought to the place of the queen just like that. And then, Toto was made a plaything for the queen -well, it was mostly her rubbing the hell out of Toto- and after escaping from the queen, it was trembling vehemently on top of my head. I was a bit jealous when it was sandwiched in her breasts, but that’s a secret.

In these few days, I have investigated about a variety of things.

Rubbing the ears of Erin, rubbing the tail of Toto, hanging out at the queen’s place, and I have slowly begun to enjoy the cold gaze of Niva-san…wait, that’s of no importance. Also, I have tried investigating about the magic in this world.

There’s the four basic elements, light and darkness, and also elementless; a total of seven. It is the basic magic system of this world. Seems like buffs, debuffs, and support magic are categorized as elementless.

What surprised me was that teleportation magic is considered stuff of legends, and currently, there’s not a single one who can use it.

“…I can use it though.” (Makoto)

Even so, if there’s legends of it, it must mean that there were users of it in the past. There might be records of it, and there should be mages who are researching teleportation magic. It is not something that can be easily used, so I think there’s no need to worry much about it, but there’s the chance that it might pull my leg if I were to be optimistic, so I should be careful.

Also, magic and sorcery are normally confused frequently, but they do have differences.

Magic relates to the elemental magic I mentioned before, and there’s the need for compatibility in the respective element. On the other hand, sorcery is things like alchemy, necromancy, wizardry, and stuff like that which utilizes things like tools and catalysts. There’s no need for compatibility. In other words, sorcery is the type that you can do something about with effort. Because of this, sorcery in essence can be performed by anyone, but there’s the need to judge your own mind. Because it is human to drown in power that’s more than your body can handle.

Spirit arts are also categorized as sorcery, but it is slightly special. It is of utmost importance to have a connection with the spirit, and it is required to be liked by spirits.

In other words, if you don’t have the aptitude of being liked by spirits, it is impossible to make a contract with spirits, and can’t use spirit arts.

Since I can use spirit arts, I tried checking, and it seems all the contracts I have with the spirits are still intact. This has happened before but, it really bothers me that the contract slots have increased… So they can still increase in numbers, huh. I see.

If I were to use spirit arts, I would stand out, but I think teleportation magic will be even more attention-grabbing.

I have continued a daily life of listlessness, but it really intrigues me that the enemy side has not made any moves yet.

Just in case, I have lightly investigated the background of the personal maids of the heroes, but half of them are pitch black. In other words, subordinates of Erac. The remaining half were maids under the queen. Meaning that they are most likely connected to Niva-san, so they must have some ability just like her. Maybe even abilities that have nothing to do with being a maid.

Also, the apprentice priestess, Almina.

She is someone that is directly connected to the future of the heroes, so I would like to secure her no matter what.

I was on guard since I thought that they would make a move while the queen was protecting Almina, but they didn’t do anything worth notice, and she is currently in the former inner palace that is outside the perimeters of the royal castle, and she is currently confined under the name of protection. There was probably a small conflict before deciding on the place, but after explaining the reason to Almina, she must have caught on mostly on what’s going on and obediently complied.

The church and the prime minister apparently protested this decision, but when the queen told them something like ‘it is the responsibility of the royal family to provide amnesty to the priestess that succeeds in the ‘Priestess Killer’ hero summoning’, they had no choice but to step back reluctantly.

In the first place, Almina’s hero summoning was a success, so capital punishment is impossible. That’s why there’s the chance that it would bring about unnecessary suspicions on them if they were to push their protests. They might have retreated temporarily in order to avoid that.

But the real reason might be…because of the person that is in the former inner palace.

It seems like there’s a number one problematic person in this country as well. And that person is currently the one in charge of that place, and they probably want to avoid having that person as their enemy.

And so, we have arrived to the present, with an ideal event for them taking place.

They will most likely be making a move here.

I don’t know to whom they will be pulling it and what they will do, but the other side is not so idiotic as to let this chance slide.

“It is a joke.” (Makoto)


“But the next time you do that, I will really do it.” (Makoto)


When I said that it was a joke, it slumped onto the table, but when I said I would do it if there’s a next time, it saluted again.

“Here ya go, eat up.” (Makoto)

“Mukyu…mukyu mukyu~.”

When I take out the sacred beast food from the item box and roll it on top of the table, Toto jumped onto it and began to devour it.

This guy is not cute when it is eating…

It is as if it is showing its true face, or more like, as expected of a demonic beast.

“Now then…what should I do until the time the banquet takes place…” (Makoto)

It is boring to the extreme if I were to stay in my room.

Erin is running around due to the preparations for the banquet, so…hmmm…isn’t this the first time I will be acting alone?

“Okay, let’s go outside.” (Makoto)

I said something similar to that of a shut-in.

It has been one week since I was summoned to a parallel world. My power that was only 50% before has been regained to around 80% now. When I am at full power, I would like to play around in a variety of ways.

This time around I am just an ordinary citizen that got dragged in, so there’s no norm I have to fulfill.

But it is a pain to walk. I want to move around in the most convenient way possible.

And so, when talking about moving, it is teleportation magic.

When I was a sage, within the magic I learned, teleportation magic was one of them, but I can’t use it on places where I haven’t been to before. It honestly wasn’t convenient in this way, so I read through books, and so, from stories and mangas, I arrived at the conclusion that…shouldn’t it be fine to dig the location out from the memories of others?

And so, using the magic formula, ‘Unknown Magic’, I created the ability to look into the memories of others, ‘Memory Leak’, and the ability to teleport to a designated location, ‘Set Point Teleport’.

But Memory Leak has the possibility of destroying the mind of the target. If it is destroyed, they will literally be completely blank, so I can’t just thoughtlessly use it on central figures of incidents and influential people of a country. There’s the chance that I would end up erasing important evidence along with their memories after all. Also, there’s a bit of guilt for peeking at the memories of someone. If it is from the same sex, there’s not that much of a problem, but when it is of the opposite sex, there’s a variety of problematic points, so I gave up on using those two in tandem, and decided on pairing it with the new thought technique ‘Akashic Library’.

This can gather the knowledge of the whole world, so I thought ‘can’t I use this information as a base to create a map?’, and what came out of it from my attempt was something similar to an earth’s globe map.

By using myself as the center, I can display a map of my surroundings with the invisible window. And by tapping the destination I wish, I made it so that ‘Akashic Library’ and ‘Set Point Teleport’ would activate in conjunction.

Set Point Teleport is a magic that is used as a set, so it doesn’t activate alone. There’s many spells that can’t activate on their own and are called ‘useless’, but there’s the need to think of a way to properly put them to use.

At any rate, the more I delve into magic, the closer I am to doing things similar to that of science. Leaving aside which one is better, when it becomes way too convenient, laziness sets in, so in that sense, they are the same.

There’s also ‘Marker’ and ‘Route Guide’ that can be used in conjunction. By using both of their functions to their best, their usefulness increases.

Regarding ‘Marker’, after ‘Akashic Library’ finishes gathering information, it can mark important people and people worth attention. As long as the other party can be detected with magic power, it can detect and mark someone around a radius of 100 meters even with obstructions.

Once someone has been marked, I can make it so that they can show in the map no matter how far they are, but it also displays the target’s magic power and life signals, so there’s the chance that the signal can get weakened with disruption magic. In that sense, the one to be cautious about is Makirus, but there’s also the chance of an unknown factor, so it is better to not be overly reliant.

“…Next is the archbishop, huh.” (Makoto)

The next day after the hero summoning, the archbishop left to the Voruda Grand Temple that is located at the vicinities of the Astorn Republic and the Motoyasu Kingdom. It is apparently to report to the Pope about the success of the summoning, but Niva-san said that the church works on different laws, so the details are unknown.

Just what did he go to report…

Anyways, Voruda Grand Temple, huh.

When talking about Voruda…it is the same name as that guy. Moreover, it is apparently the central religion of this world. In that case, this world is under his supervision…which creates the possibility that me being dragged in wasn’t a coincidence. There’s also someone aside from Voruda that is problematic, but for those guys, tampering a hero summoning is a piece of cake, and because of that, I have been in six parallel world summons.

If that’s really the case, I wouldn’t want to get close to a temple, but I don’t have much of a choice.

The magic division -of around 3,000 in numbers- is directly under the control of the Motoyasu Kingdom, and yet, for some reason, they are affiliated to the church. In other words, the magic division leader, Makirus, was transferred from the church to the Motoyasu Kingdom. She must be knowledgeable of the church and it wouldn’t be strange at all if she were in cahoots with the archbishop.

The reason why there’s practically no sight of the magic division in the royal castle is because they are mostly in the temples spread in Motoyasu. I winced at the possibility that this could mean trouble in a variety of ways.

For now, let’s keep a mental note about going to the temple if something happens. Yeah.

“Now then…” (Makoto)

I use [Akashic Library] and [Map Load].

At the surroundings of the Motoyasu Kingdom, in a 10km radius, display in a simplistic manner everything aside from main institutional facilities.

“The name of the capital is Tera Motoyasu… the founder definitely found it a pain to make up a name.” (Makoto)

I scroll the map with my finger.

When I tap the central plaza that is around 1 km from the main gate of the capital, there’s information like benches, a water fountain, and food carts displayed on it.

“Is there anything tasty…” (Makoto)

I read the information of the food carts, but with just the name of the dish and the written explanation of it, I can’t really get an idea of the food. Looks like I have no choice but to confirm it myself.

“Okay, let’s go check it out.” (Makoto)

The teleport location is an alley close to the central plaza. When I tap it, the latitude and longitude is displayed.

It is a blind alley, but it is the most safest location to teleport to. Encountering someone is nigh impossible…wait, am I setting a flag here?

[Set Point Teleport] —Alley close to the central plaza.

“Well then—” (Makoto)

*knock knock*

“Huh?” (Makoto)

Just when I was about to have a grand adventure outside, someone knocked on the door.

“Makoto-sama, can I?”

The owner of the voice is Niva-san.

“Doing nothing for a day is pathetic as a man, you know. Ah, was it called a shut-in?” (Niva)

“I am here~. Don’t go arbitrarily labelling me as a shut-in.” (Makoto)

I sigh as I think she is as cruel as usual. It is still soon to prepare for the banquet. In that case, there should be no need for Niva-san to come here.

“Excuse my intrusion.” (Niva)

“And so, what’s your business?” (Makoto)

“There’s a place I would like you to accompany me to, so I came here to get you.” (Niva)

Why is it that I feel the scent that this will be a pain?

I don’t want to pick up flags elsewhere~.

“Can I refuse?” (Makoto)

“Ohi-sama will be visiting you at night with a maid in hand. Is that okay with you?” (Niva)

“What kind of harassment is that.” (Makoto)

“I think any man would be happy about that though… Makoto-sama, could it be you are homo?” (Niva)

“I am not! Also, don’t make your master the butt of your jokes!” (Makoto)

“That’s a special privilege of personal maids.” (Niva)

That’s definitely not the case.

Uuh, I can’t take this maid anymore.

And so, after all that, the place Niva-san brought me to was a pain to the very extreme.

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