QualiA – Chapter 6: I have been dragged in ⑥

I was supposed to pass my days in leisure, and yet, after I passed a busy morning playing with the sacred beast, I finished eating lunch, and then, I was wondering where to go this time, so I began to walk around the castle randomly again, but…

“Hmm, it is annoying.” (Makoto)

“I-I think it can’t be helped.” (Erin)

It is annoying how the knights and maids that pass by all look at me with shocked expressions.

“Is it that strange of a sight?” (Makoto)

“Of course it is. The moruru that’s famous for being a scaredy-cat is incredibly difficult to capture, after all. There’s rumors that nobles would trade them for high prices.” (Erin)

What’s with that flag-like explanation.

Well, to not bother me even when I am bringing around something rare might mean that they are very well educated, or it may be that they don’t want to get involved with me. I myself welcome the fact that they are not bothering me, but when I think that this kind of gazes will continue, it just annoys me.

“But I easily managed to feed him to submission, you know? With a single dango.” (Makoto)

“…It must be because it was delicious.” (Erin)

Hey, Erin-san, why are you looking away?

“And, what will you do with that little one?” (Erin)

“…I wonder.” (Makoto)

Erin looks up towards me, and her gaze wasn’t directed at my face, it was fixed at the top of my head.


“I-It is cute.” (Erin)

I heard a listless cry from overhead, and Erin lets out a cry of her own.

“Can you give it a break and come down from there already?” (Makoto)


“Ouch.” (Makoto)

It used its claws to cling onto me. It raised a cry of refusal, but I didn’t heed it and tore him off me.

“That hurts, oi.” (Makoto)


I grab its tail and dangle its face in front of mine, and it was making a face as if it would cry at any moment.

Erin reprimanded me saying ‘that’s terrible, that’s abuse’.

What was riding my head was the pure white moruru that I successfully fed in the courtyard.

After it finished eating the sacred beast food, I thought it would leave right after, but for some reason, it walked up to me, and then, after a single cry of ‘mukyu’, it ran up my body, and dived on top of my head.

It lets out another cry as if saying ‘this be mah home now!’, and thus, brings us to the current state.

As expected of the sacred beast food. What a fearsome level of taming effect. It doesn’t have a magic effect like that, but it has practically 100% success, so it is scary.

“…Hah…just do as you wish.” (Makoto)


I let go of its tail and it spun into a splendid landing, and then, ran up my body and ended up on top of my head.

“Looks like it has taken a liking to the top of Makoto-sama’s head.” (Erin)

It stretched its limbs and its waving tail is tickling the back of my neck.

Seeing this, Erin laughed at this weird sight.

“Let’s go.” (Makoto)

“Okay… Wait, where?” (Erin)

“…Anywhere?” (Makoto)

As we did such a conversation, we resumed our walk through the castle.

  ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆  

And so, we have arrived.

This place where knowledge and wisdom are gathered and silence reigns; the library.

“This is a great place for a nap.” (Makoto)

“I think the purpose of this place is different though…” (Erin)

Your retorts are getting better, Erin. Onii-chan is truly happy.

“And so, do you have something to investigate about?” (Erin)

“Hmm, things like the history of this country. Not doing anything would be boring to the extreme after all.” (Makoto)

Now then, I entered because I randomly found it after looking around, but I actually don’t really care about the history of this country. Don’t have much interest in it, and if I want to know something, I can use the ‘Akashic Library’.

It is an exclusive magic of mine I created in the world where I was called a sage by using a magic program I made.

It is within the category of ‘Unknown Magic’, and it can automatically gather the knowledge and information around the world. A common sense breaker kind of magic. But well, it can’t gather personal information or secret matters that are connected to that.

Rather than calling it ‘not possible’, it is more like, just gathering the general knowledge and information of the whole world already places a heavy burden on the brain. If I were to add personal information to that, there’s the chance it would easily surpass what my brain can handle. And so, I have limited it to the knowledge and information that is commonly going around, limiting the burden to my brain to the minimum, and gather it at a slow pace.

I immediately activated ‘Akashic Library’ when I was summoned here, so currently, it has already finished gathering 80% of it. At this pace, it will most likely finish gathering by tonight, so I can just confirm it at my own pace when it is finished.

It can do other things as well, but I will most likely be able to use it when the gathering is finished. If I use that, it will be pretty convenient when moving around.

“Well then, for now, let’s search for history books.” (Makoto)

“Okay.” (Erin)

Is what I decided on as I was about to walk onward, but I winced at the sheer size of the bookshelves, so I asked for the help of the librarian.

Erin looked at me as if watching a pitiful child. Maybe there’s the need for some punishment later.



15 minutes later…

A number of history books were piled up on top of a desk.

“Now then…” (Makoto)

For now, I take in my hand one of the books I was recommended.

[History of the Motoyasu Kingdom that even children can understand].

I was told by the librarian onee-san ‘this is the book I recommend you the most’. Am I being taken for an idiot? She did giggle when she gave it to me.

“Ah, right. Erin, you can read whatever book you want while I’m doing this. You got nothing else to do, right?” (Makoto)

“Ah, uhm…yeah.” (Erin)

“Hm? Could it be…you can’t read?” (Makoto)

“I can.” (Erin)

‘Excuse me then’, is what she says with puffed up cheeks and her tail waving violently as she walked away.

That back figure of hers was amusing, and while holding back my laughter, I open the book in hand.

“…’A long long time ago, in a certain place in Rivadeil’—-Wait, is this a fairytale?!” (Makoto)

I retorted unconsciously at the opening, not bad.

The Librarian Onee-san was looking at me with an ogre-like look, but there’s no one here aside from us, so isn’t it fine even if I were to raise my voice?

But I am an adult. I will mannerdly lower my head.

“But…this book…” (Makoto)

It is thinner than the other history books here and the letters are big. It also has a lot of pictures so as to not bore the reader. As expected of a history book that even children can understand.

But rather than calling it a history book, it is more of a picture book. When I continue reading, I could tell that this reached till the history of the Motoyasu Kingdom’s foundation.

“…I see, so this was a country created by a hero, huh.” (Makoto)

A world filled with lush green ground and lots of clean water that raises life; Rivadeil.

A peaceful era without any strife had continued, but it suddenly reached an end. Around a thousand years ago, the Demon Lord declared war to the human nations.

The demons that had coexisted with the humans until then had suddenly begun attacking, and war happened in many areas. The attack of the demons was fierce. The humans were at a numerical disadvantage, and when they thought this was the end, a single young man sent by the Gods -Motoyasu- had descended onto the battlefield that had blood spilling fiercely everywhere.  Motoyasu gave people courage and defeated the Demon Lord together with many comrades.

And then, in order to reorganize the exhausted nations, Motoyasu and his comrades had founded the ‘Motoyasu Kingdom’.

“Sent by Gods, huh.” (Makoto)

I pick up the other history books and check the contents, but they all had basically the same thing written in them.

Motoyasu is depicted as being sent by the Gods. In other words, it wasn’t as if someone summoned him.

Gods, huh… I recall that figure of theirs slumped on their chairs and their sneering faces.

If by some chance the Gods are involved in this, I can understand how that ‘fault’ in the summoning circle exists. They hunger for enjoyment. They are the kind of guys that would be fine with messing up a world for the sake of their own entertainment.

It is plenty possible that the declaration of war the Demon Lord made a thousand years ago was also set up by the Gods as a game. And this time, I…being caught up in this…if there’s some sort of meaning to it…

“Really pisses me off…” (Makoto)

I spit those words out and close the book.

“Is something the matter?’ (Erin)

“Hm? No, it is nothing.” (Makoto)

Erin was directing a worried expression towards me, so I place my hand on her head and rub it.

“By the way, what are you reading?” (Makoto)

“Eh, ah…t-this.” (Erin)

[Collection of ways to make fascinating sweets that will bring heart melting love].

“A book about sweets, huh. Do you make them, Erin?” (Makoto)

“Yes.” (Erin)

Oh, brimming with energy there.

“I would like to try eating them.” (Makoto)

“Ah, okay. I will do it with the best of my abilities.” (Erin)

“…And so, do you have some special person in mind?” (Makoto)

I throw a bomb to Erin who was smiling happily.

“A-A pershon like that…” (Erin)

“Oh, so that wasn’t the case. Since you were reading that book, I thought you had one.” (Makoto)

“T-That’s not it! I couldn’t find any recipe books for sweets aside from this one. I don’t have someone I like…” (Erin)

“I get it, I get it. Sorry.” (Makoto)

I pet her head and comfort Erin who was about to cry at any moment.

“Ah, right. Actually, there’s a pastry…” (Makoto)

We had a heated conversation about sweets for a while.

   ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆

We were having harmless talk while reading books, but Erin apparently had to do preparations for dinner, so she hurriedly left.

And so, as a sad ordinary citizen left on my lonesome, I decided to return to my room.

“Are you listening? Oi.”

But not being able to return peacefully to my room is a quality of mine.

“This guy is quite cocky.”

“Even though he is a useless bastard that was caught in the hero summoning.”

I don’t really care about whatever they say to me, but they are saying pretty much whatever they want.

When returning from the library, the two knights that were about to walk past me were whispering a conversation. After checking the perimeter, they made a vulgar smile as they blocked my path.

“Just give us that moruru.”

I understood from their conversation that their objective is Toto, but why is it that weaklings always try to act in such a high-and-mighty attitude?

Two young knights in their mid-twenties. They look like the classic hoodlums you would find in a town, and it makes me wonder if they even do their job as knights properly.

It is a pain to deal with idiots that can’t even understand the difference in strength of the opponent they pick a fight with, but if I were to ignore this, it would just become more troublesome later on.

“Isn’t it fine to just catch one on your own?” (Makoto)

“Huh? Why do we have to do such a troublesome thing? Just give it to us already.”

“…Toto, do you want to go with them?” (Makoto)

While looking at the annoying hoodlum knights, I ask for the agreement of Toto, and it raised a cry expressing its heavy refusal as it raised its front paws and hits my head.

Oi, it does hurt a bit, so stop that.

“It says it doesn’t want to.” (Makoto)

“…You…are you messing around?”

Ah, no good. Why is it that this kind of developments always have the same type of speech and conduct?

“In the first place, aren’t you guys in the middle of your job? You will get reprimanded for slacking, you know?” (Makoto)

“We are from the third knight division. We finished our mission of today already.”

“…Third knight division?” (Makoto)

“Don’t even know that? That’s why useless people are just…”

No no, don’t overestimate a person from another world that has only been recently summoned, okay?

For now, what I understand is that these guys are not decent knights. No, I could tell that just from a glance though.

Idiots that spread around a condescending attitude like that of a noble and misunderstand their own standing.

I would like to wrap this up peacefully, but the specialty of idiots is to not allow things to resolve in a peaceful manner.

“If ya don’t wanna pass a bad time, hand it over quickly.”


“Haha, this guy is so scared he can’t even speak.”


I was looking at the knights ridiculing someone in such a classic manner that I couldn’t resist laughing out loud.

“Kuku…pffthahahaha!” (Makoto)

“Huh? What’s so funny?”

“Are you guys idiots?” (Makoto)

“You…don’t screw around with us!”

The heated up hoodlum knights tightened their fists and came at me.

Ah, no good. Something this fun…it would be a waste to return without doing anything.

I grab the lukewarm fist that I couldn’t feel drive or spirit from, easily crushed it in my grip, lightly go around his back, and pull that arm up. At the same time, I kick the stomach of the guy that had gone to action a breath late.


“If you don’t avoid something of this level, it won’t be fun though.” (Makoto)

“Y-You bastard…”

Oh, nice. Meaning he doesn’t have a weak spirit that would break over something like this, huh.

“Agh, ouch ouch!”

“Geez, you are exaggerating there. Just cause I broke all the bones in your hand.” (Makoto)

“Ah, guh.”

They probably had blood rush to their head after being easily defeated by someone they thought was inferior to them, but I really have to question your training if you are to lose your cool over something of this level.

“At least avoid this much, Knight-sama. —Here ya go.” (Makoto)


I sneer at the knight that is writhing in pain while holding his stomach, and then, throw the other knight at him.

“You bastard, don’t think that you will get away with doing something like thi—”

“…Huh?” (Makoto)

‘Don’t think you will get away with this’, is what he is trying to say?

“Right back at you. Do you really think I am going to let you get away after pulling this?” (Makoto)

“What is a useless brat talking about so conceite—”

“…What’s the matter? Suddenly going all silent.” (Makoto)

Don’t go getting scared by a bloodlust of this level… Where did the spirit from just a few moments ago go?

Suddenly beginning to tremble with such a pale face, are you emotionally unstable?


“Oi oi, are you okay?” (Makoto)

“Hiiih! Don’t come near me!”

Really, don’t get so scared.

You are worrying me here.

While thinking those things, I crouched in front of the knights and match their eyeheight. I wasn’t glaring or showing a smile, but just by doing that, his bluish face was visibly turning pale white.

“Looks like you are not feeling well. How about you take a rest over there?” (Makoto)

“Ah, no, I am…”

“Don’t be reserved. I am not such a heartless useless person that would ignore someone that’s sick.” (Makoto)

I grab the armor around the nape area, and drag the two hoodlum knights with me.

I hear wailing that sounded close to complains, but if they have this much energy…they should be able to play with me for a bit more.

“How about we rest here for a nice~ while?” (Makoto)

We arrived at the blind alley of a corridor.

When I look back at the two I had dragged with me, they were struggling greatly to try and run away. They were trembling vehemently and their faces were white as sheet. Once I throw them to the end of the blind alley, the two held each other and were trembling.

Kuku, I won’t forgive such selfishness, okay? You guys planted this seed, so you have to tend to it properly till the very end.

“Hih! A-Ah, i-it is our bad…so please…”

“Ah, don’t worry. It is not as if I am angry, okay? I just wanted to have a talk…about a variety of things, ya see.” (Makoto)


After that, I had a fun ‘talk’ with the two knights…but from beginning to end, they were crying rivers.

It is not as if I punched or kicked them. Even though all I did was sent out a bit of bloodlust and increase the dents in their armor, they kowtowed to me in tears at the end.

Hm, it was so fun, I might have played around a bit too much. Sorry, hoodlum knights I know nothing about.

Anyways, that was fun.

Looks like they properly understood the meaning of ‘the mouth is the source of calamities’ and ‘karma’, so I pray that you guys will become splendid knights.

Of course, our meeting today will be a secret between us three…is obviously how we have arranged it to be.

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