QualiA – Chapter 4: I have been dragged in ④

Ugh, I can’t take this anymore, I want to leave.

The woman in front of me didn’t care at all about my internal thoughts and was rubbing the dog ears without a care.

“N-No, stop… Hngh…”

“Nyufufu… dog ears, fluffy fluffy~.”

This fox looks like she is in true bliss.

But those dog ears are mine. I won’t give them over to no one.

“Ohi-sama, please calm down already. Your dignity is gone.”

“I didn’t have any to begin with, so it is fine.” (Caril)

“Even if that’s the case, at least try to feign as if you do.”

And the silver haired maid is ruthless.

She is properly standing at the back of her master, but her gaze is incredibly cold. It was as if she were looking at dirt.

That’s not the kind of eyes you direct to your master even if by mistake. It could be considered a reward for a certain kind of people, but I am on the ‘no, thanks’ side.

“I am sorry, Kamiuchi-sama. Ohi-sama has loved dogs and cats since forever. She was actually the one who decided to employ kobolds as maids.”

“I-I see…” (Makoto)

“When she gets like that, she can’t hear her surroundings, so please wait for a bit more.”

To think the reason they told me to bring Erin with me was because of this…

It is true that most of the maids in the castle are humans, but aside from them, there’s a variety of beastmen. That must also be the taste of the queen…

Is this country okay?

Talking about okay…

There were four female knights at the front of the room. And then, inside the room, there were around 10 completely armed male knights surrounding me, but the owner of the room had shouted to them ‘leave’. The knights hesitated at this, but she once again ordered them to leave, and the knights reluctantly left the room.

Before they left, they all glared at me, but if you want a fight, I will buy it, you know? My policy is to take all fights that come my way. Well, if Erin picks a fight with me, it will be punishment time no questions asked though.

Now then, it should be about time.

While thinking that I should do something about this situation already, I felt like holding my head at the unexpected nice sight for the sore eyes.

This woman, that is diligently rubbing the dog ears of Erin with an ecstatic expression, is the queen of this country that had shown a thick presence at the audience of before.

Caril Dilba Motoyasu.

Right now she is just a pervert though.

“It must be rough for you.” (Makoto)


Immediate response.

“Excuse the delay. I am Queen Caril’s personal maid, Niva. Nice to meet you.” (Niva)

“Oh right, excuse my delay as well. Name’s Kamiuchi Makoto. Please do call me as you please inside the castle or outside.” (Makoto)

“Understood. Then I will call you as Makoto-sama.” (Niva)

Waving her silver hair lightly, Niva-san smiles. It was a gently smile, as if her deriding of just a few moments ago was a lie.

Oh my, how cute.

Even though she is older than me, her smile felt like that of a young maiden. I might accidentally fall in love…Well, my mental age is already several hundred years old. I can even change to grandpa view. My desires haven’t withered though.

“Ara. Ni~va, it is rare for you to smile.” (Caril)

“I can also smile normally, you know, Ohi-sama.” (Niva)

“Eeh~, I practically never see them though~.” (Caril)

The queen suddenly jumped into the conversation, but she was still rubbing the dog ears of Erin.

I have to stop this soon. Erin is already making an expression that is hard to watch.

The expression of ecstasy from a beautiful girl is a reward, but that depends on the time and place.

“Well then, Ohi-sama, please be serious now.” (Niva)

Is what Niva-san wrapped up with, and the queen’s presence had made a sudden turn.

“Right. Thank you, Erin-chan.” (Caril)

“Hiah.” (Erin)

Giving one last rub, the queen walked to her seat with elegant steps, and takes a seat.

“Well then, over here, please.” (Niva)

“Ah, okay.” (Makoto)

Niva-san had moved to my side and prompted me to move.

Her footsteps didn’t make any sounds, and her way of moving her body was that of a trained person. She did say she is the personal maid of the queen so, it looks like she isn’t just a regular maid.

Being guided by her, I take a seat facing directly opposite of the queen between a table.

“Erin, come here too.” (Caril)

“Y-Yes.” (Erin)

Erin didn’t know what to do and her eyes were swimming, but with those short words of the queen, she hurriedly came to my back.

“Fufu, so cute…” (Caril)

“Ohi-sama, drool.” (Niva)

“Ara, excuse me.” (Caril)

This person is a lost cause. I have to do something quickly.

“Uhm, *cough*, well then…” (Caril)

The queen corrects her posture and smiles at me in an amicable manner, but I wanted to yell, ‘too late for that!’.

“I am truly sorry for the many shortcomings since yesterday.” (Caril)

I was suddenly apologized to. Just how should I respond?

Normally, royalty won’t apologize easily. Moreover, lowering their heads is something that wouldn’t be done unless the other side is quite the personage.

This might truly be a troublesome situation.

It is only been two days since I arrived to this world, you know? And yet, receiving the apology of the queen…it shouldn’t be happening.

“It wasn’t really a problem, so please don’t mind it.” (Makoto)

“But it is true that we are causing you a variety of inconveniences. If there’s anything, please don’t hesitate to tell me.” (Caril)

“Ah, okay. I will be counting on you when that time comes.” (Makoto)

I honestly am no good with conversations that feel as if they are probing on me.

Until now, there were mostly muscle-heads, so I have been resolving things with my fists most of the time.

“And so, the reason why you called me, was it because you wanted to hear about my world?” (Makoto)

“That as well, but first, I think it would be better to explain you the circumstances on our side. You have come to an unknown world, so you must have a lot of questions.” (Caril)

Ara, looks like she has noticed a variety of things. But, for some reason, I smell the scent of problems?

“Why is it me?” (Makoto)

“That’s…ah, you can speak as you usually do. It must be suffocating, right? I will be calling you as Makoto-kun, okay?” (Caril)

“I see. Then, I will accept that offer.” (Makoto)

“Don’t mind it. But in public, at least try to act properly, okay?” (Caril)

She was indirectly telling me ‘don’t do things like the one you pulled today, okay?’, but I decide on feigning I didn’t catch the meaning.

Purposely not reading the mood is a quality of mine.

“Normally, his Majesty would also be taking part in this, but sadly, he is currently in sickbed. I am sorry.” (Caril)

“No, no need to mind it. Is his condition precarious?” (Makoto)

“…Yes. There was a point where he was heading to recovery, but in this few weeks, the times when he is unconscious are growing more constant, and he is now at the state where he can’t even leave bed.” (Caril)

Isn’t that already a dangerous state?

“Makoto-kun, if you had the power to save people, what would you do?” (Caril)

“I would obviously do it. Well, if the other party is a villain, that wouldn’t be the case, but if there’s a person suffering in front of me, I would want to save them… I don’t want to have regrets ever again.” (Makoto)

“If I had the power, I would have wanted to save them. But I don’t have such power, so if there’s a person that can save my husband, I would…gladly hand over this life of mine.” (Caril)

Her eyes were serious.

Rather than saving the king, she wants to save her husband. I could tell that these were not the words of the queen, but the cry of help from a wife.

Yikes, having such a face shown to me, I can’t just pretend I didn’t see it.

But the queen made a smile as if on the verge of tears, and changes the subject with a ‘Excuse me, anyways…’.

“First, let’s begin the talk with the hero summoning.” (Caril)

What she will be talking about from now on will most likely be something that shouldn’t normally be spoken about. And as such, I thought that it would be bad for Erin to be here, but now that I think about it, the queen herself was the one that said to bring her here, so there shouldn’t be a problem.

Oh well, I will avoid any unnecessary inputs. It would be a pain to have the conversation deviate any more.

“About the hero summoning, honestly, no one thought it would succeed.” (Caril)

Oh? Going heavy right from the start.

“The priestess that did the summoning -Almina- is an apprentice. Normally, she wouldn’t even have the qualification to do the summoning.” (Caril)

“Now that you mention it, she did say she was an apprentice. Then, why did someone like that perform the hero summoning?” (Makoto)

“The archbishop of the church said that he had received an oracle, and it ended up in performing the hero summoning.” (Caril)

“Oracle, huh. And, was it real?” (Makoto)

“That’s…” (Caril)

“Okay, you can leave it at that.” (Makoto)

The reaction of the Queen gave me pretty much the gist of it.

The Queen probably suspects the very existence of that oracle. Questioning the validity of an oracle would be blasphemy towards that God, so that’s how the church would retaliate.

In the first place, Gods are existences that do whatever they please and take it easy as they look at how we react. That kind of irresponsible and crazy existences. They are a troublesome bunch that don’t care about our circumstances, and the next time I meet them, I will kick their asses.

“But if it is a hero summoning done because of an oracle, wouldn’t that be plenty good reason to perform the summoning with a capable priestess? To begin with, do you guys not do hero summonings unless there’s an oracle?”(Makoto)

“No, hero summonings can be done without the need of an oracle. But this time, the archbishop who received the oracle had designated a priestess for the summoning, and ended up with going ahead on the hero summoning. Normally, being designated under an oracle would be an honor for a priestess, so there’s no room for refusal.” (Caril)

It is true that being given work through an oracle should be the greatest honor for a priestess. Refusing would normally be impossible.

“But this time’s oracle was a hero summoning. And a hero summoning is normally also referred to as ‘Priestess Killer’. It is a ritual that is feared and hated by the priestesses.” (Caril)

“Priestess Killer…” (Makoto)

I recall the magic circle that can only summon. And then, envision the words of ‘Priestess Killer’.

I see. Since it is an imperfect magic circle, the chances of failing are high.

“If you succeed in it, your standing as a priestess will stabilize. But the chances of success are incredibly low. If it fails, the one that is performing the summoning…will receive capital punishment.” (Caril)

“‘The one performing it’…don’t tell me only the priestess receives the capital punishment?” (Makoto)

“The hero summoning technique is a national secret among national secrets of the kingdom. Since it can be abused, sentencing to capital punishment is a set action. And the only one who can perform this ritual is a priestess that has accumulated experience. Others will also receive their punishment, but it won’t go as far as capital punishment.” (Caril)

I see. I can somewhat understand the situation now.

If they were to bring capital punishment to everyone involved in the summoning, it would damage the order of the kingdom. The hero summoning must not be without any cost. In order to prepare the things required for the summoning, there’s most likely nobles and merchants providing funding to it, and there’s a chance that they would request for a decent amount of return from it.

It would be nice if it succeeds, but failing would be the same as throwing the money to the trash.

That’s why they have the priestess take the whole responsibility, so that it can at least mitigate damage.

“So Almina was treated as a human sacrifice, huh. What a bad taste in the mouth.” (Makoto)

“Indeed. I can only say it is stupid. And around 100 years ago, the hero summoning was done because the world was suffering under a tyrannical Demon Lord. So the king of that time had received support requests from each nation, and decided on doing the hero summoning. At that time, with the fifth failure, the more than ten priestesses gathered from each nation had been sentenced to capital punishment, and lost their lives.” (Caril)

“That’s messed up…” (Makoto)

The world was suffering over the deeds of the Demon Lord, and so, each of them gathered their capable priestesses for the hero summoning, but because of five failed attempts, many lives were lost.

I understand the reason of not abusing the hero summoning. But is there no other way to deal with that? At this rate, they would end up in a state where they can’t even do the hero summoning.

“But that’s not all the reason there was.” (Caril)

“Hm? What do you mean?” (Makoto)

“The real reason for the priestesses being sentenced to capital punishment…is to prevent the same thing that happened on the fifth summoning.” (Caril)

“…What happened?” (Makoto)

Looks like the talk has moved to the dark side of things.

“The priestesses, in order to find the person that can be a hero…they communicate with other worlds. It can be done by one priestess, but it could be two, three, four at the same time. The more there are, the chances of success increase. If they can’t find them, it will be considered a failure. But in that instance, they will connect with many parallel worlds. If you leave the priestesses that fail as they are, there’s the chance to summon a dangerous existence.” (Caril)

“Dangerous existence?” (Makoto)

“…There have been failures in the past, but a few days after, an Abnormal Monster had appeared from the summoning circle, and the royal capital had received fatal levels of damage.” (Caril)

After saying this, she exhales, and continues speaking with her voice trembling in silence.

“There were five priestesses involved in that hero summoning. They were all exemplary priestesses, but because they were exemplary, their power was overwhelming as well, and as a result, the Abnormal Monster that appeared was also overwhelming. After a struggling battle by the knights and adventurers for three days and nights back to back, they were finally able to subjugate it. After that, they investigated the cause and it trailed to the magic power of the priestesses. With that, they understood that the Abnormal Monster came from the summoning circle. After that, the priestesses that failed the hero summoning were sentenced to capital punishment.” (Caril)

I see.

Since there’s the chance of an abnormal summon occurring, it could create big damage. That’s why, in order to cut it from the source, the priestesses are given the capital punishment. It does make sense, but it is not something that can be accepted morally.

“And so, the reason why I was told this was because…this has something to do with Almina?” (Makoto)

“Yeah, it helps out a lot that you catch on quick.” (Caril)

With an expression that had a lot of emotions like kindness, sadness, and many others, the Queen nodded lightly.

“Almina succeeded in the hero summoning. Taking that point in consideration, capital punishment should not be necessary… But you think there’s ‘something’. Care to elaborate on that?” (Makoto)

Even if I were to think about it, I feel like I would reach weird assumptions, so I try asking straight.

“It is you.” (Caril)

“…Me?” (Makoto)

“That’s right. An ‘outside factor’ that slipped into the hero summoning… You are that problem.” (Caril)

Ah, I see. So that’s how it is.

“In the first place, no one thought it would succeed. No, there was actually no intention of having it succeed to begin with. They had a priestess apprentice perform the hero summoning after all.” (Makoto)

“The moment I heard about that, I proposed stopping it. But the archbishop used the oracle as a shield and I couldn’t overturn it. The prime minister accepted it and the hero summoning was practically forced into being performed.” (Caril)

“I am impressed at how you guys have the time for things like that when a threat like the Demon Lord is approaching.” (Makoto)

“Can’t argue that…” (Caril)

Even so, I don’t have that much of a shameless attitude to ignore this after hearing so much.

“The outside factor mixed within the heroes. Meaning that, there’s the chance that they will convict me by calling me out as an Abnormal Monster, huh.” (Makoto)

“I think you are scarier than an Abnormal Monster though. Specially so since you have intelligence.” (Caril)

“How terrible of you to say that. I am a good-to-heart ordinary citizen that was dragged in, you know?” (Makoto)

“Ara…When someone like you, who is stronger than the Hero-samas —no, far stronger than even the Demon Lord, says this, I can only pick it up as sarcasm, you know?” (Caril)

The Queen laughs with a ‘fufu’, but the depths of her eyes were not laughing at all as they look straight at me as if seeing through me.

And then…

If he can save that person…I don’t mind being eaten by that monster.” (Caril)

She whispered those words.

After pushing it that far, I can’t say anything back.

And then, I noticed.

The deep crimson magical writings in her green eyes. Even if the worlds are different, this can only mean one thing. It could be considered a common point in the worlds after all.

But they got me there.

Since the audience, she literally got an ‘eye’ on me.

“…You have magic eyes, huh.” (Makoto)

“Correct. Since you know about magic eyes, could it be Makoto-kun also has them?” (Caril)

“Nope, I don’t.” (Makoto)

I do have something similar, but I’ve got no obligation to tell her.

Anyways, magic eyes, huh.

If she managed to notice how abnormal I am, it is probably the support type, moreover, the type that can detect abilities. I have ‘set’ it so that I reflect harmful magic eyes unconditionally, but support type ones have an extreme amount of varieties, so it is close to impossible to block specific ones, and I am mostly altering my personal data, so there’s no problems in others seeing my status. Rather, it would be better if they were to see my status and have a misunderstanding. That would make it easier for me to move after all.

But that deceit has been seen through by the Queen.

“Can I ask one thing?” (Makoto)

“What is it?” (Caril)

“The magic eyes that you possess, in what level is it in this world?” (Makoto)

“…Let’s see. My magic eyes can see the ability of a person by the size, color, and shade, but honestly, it is not really that strong. Its compatibility with me is good though.” (Caril)

So that means, even if the magic eyes are not strong, they can see through my deceit, huh.

“Ah, right. There’s one in the beastman nation that has similar magic eyes to mine. If I remember correctly, it is a magic eye that can gauge ‘battle power’.” (Caril)

What a specific magic eye that is. But magic eyes that excel in one point are problematic.

But that’s exactly why I hate support magic eyes. It may have good compatibility with the Queen, but it has terrible compatibility with me.

“And so, what should I do? Even if you ask me to protect Almina, me moving will only create trouble, you know?” (Makoto)

“Regarding the protection of Almina, please leave it to us. If I were to let her die, we wouldn’t be able to return the Hero-samas after all.” (Caril)

“Ah…I see. But, where’s the return magic circle? The one in the summoning room was a magic circle that can only summon.” (Makoto)

“…You can tell that much, huh.” (Caril)

This has to do with the future of the Heroes, so I won’t hold back on that, okay? In the worst case, I can create a return magic circle.

While thinking that, I was checking the state of the Queen, but she was showing a face as if she had difficulty to say it, but a while after, she opened her mouth heavily.

“The return magic circle…is in the body of the priestess.” (Caril)

“In the priestess’ body? Forming it inside the body? Isn’t that…taboo magic?!” (Makoto)

I unconsciously shouted, but to think that out of all things, it would be inner formation. Who was the idiot that created this summoning circle!

“You really know everything.” (Caril)

“I don’t know everything. More importantly, how long does the return circle take to form?” (Makoto)

“…In one year it will be completed.” (Caril)

“Does Almina know about this?” (Makoto)

“…She probably hasn’t been told about this.” (Caril)

How far can those bastards fall…

“It may not threaten her life, but in exchange, she loses all her magic power. Almina…won’t be able to use magic for the rest of her life, you know.” (Makoto)

Even if you succeed, you lose your magic power? This is truly a ‘Priestess Killer’ in all the senses of the word.

“Yeah, I understand that. When I…learned about that truth…I wanted to stop it no matter what! I knew that this would mess up her life, and yet…I couldn’t stop it.” (Caril)

Niva-san was supporting the Queen who had her head hung down in grief, her apologetic eyes directed at me. Maybe because Niva-san has been together with the Queen for a long time, she could understand her pain.

But those words just now…were somewhat strange.

“I understand the reason why Almina must be protected at all cost…but the enemy seems to be pretty scrupulous. Do you have good chances of managing?” (Makoto)

“The other side is not a monolith after all. Also, I think their side will be the one acting. Using this ‘failure’ as an opportunity.” (Caril)

“Not ‘success’, huh.” (Makoto)

“For them, it is a failure.” (Caril)

The ‘fufu’ laugh of the Queen had naturally brought out a laugh of mine.

“In the meantime, please stay as you are, Makoto-kun.” (Caril)

“Meaning, don’t do anything?” (Makoto)

After hearing all this, being told not to do anything doesn’t feel right.

“No, Makoto-kun can do as Makoto-kun wants.” (Caril)

“So I am being given a free pass here?” (Makoto)

“Even if I tried to hold your reins, my thin arms don’t have the strength to control that rampaging horse. Also, I wouldn’t want to put you in a bad mood and bring the country to ruin.” (Caril)

I can tell that she is being incredibly rude here. Okay, accompany me to the back of the storehouse, I will buy that fight.

“If you want a partner for entertainment, please tell me whenever you want, okay? I will do my best.” (Caril)

“Ohi-sama, that’s a bit too much.” (Niva)

“Then, want to accompany me, Niva? If the two of us do it, I am sure Makoto-kun will be satisfied.” (Caril)

“That’s not what I meant. Please get a grip of yourself, useless Ohi-sama.” (Niva)  

This silver haired maid said something terrible as if nothing!

While listening to the comedy routine of the Queen and Niva, I felt like Niva who peeked my way with her cheeks blushing wasn’t that against the idea.

At my back, the dog maid is going ‘Entertain? Does that mean… hawawawa’ and panicking, and I was enjoying the sight of that.

Let’s do this then.

I have always been within sudden developments.

There were many instances where I have been cornered into checkmate.

There have been cases where I have fallen into the worst cases because I was unable to make it in time. I have held the corpses of important people as I spilled tears.

That’s why, this time for sure, I will act in a way so that I have no regrets. Just like that time…

There’s no absolutes. I am not a God after all. But if I have the ability to turn things around, I just have to use that strength.

If it is to protect my important people, I have the resolve to make an enemy of even Gods.

All for the sake of my own selfishness of not wanting to suffer again.

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