QualiA – Prologue

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This world is given shape by the Demon Lord and the Hero.

The world is developed by the Demon Lord and maintained by the Hero.

But those gears got distorted -by a small happening.

“…I don’t want to kill you.”

“No… You must kill me, please.”

There wasn’t a single bit of space for each other’s feelings.

“Even if that’s my duty as the Hero summoned to this world, I—”

“That’s my destiny as the one born as the Demon Lord, that’s why, please kill me… For the sake of the world, with your own hands…”

But their feelings didn’t separate.

“But…if it is possible to reincarnate…”


One of them was not moving at all and simply smiling with overflowing tears.

The other one clenched his teeth as he raised a painful shout and swung his sword down.

There were no words as light flowed between the two.


‘I love you.’


The words overflowing with emotion had pierced the heart of the hero, and a single tear drew a line down his cheek.


The body of the Demon Lord that had received an attack from the Hero became a swirl of light and was disappearing in the air.

The Hero was looking at that sight absentmindedly, and then, bend his knees and sat right there.

“Don’t joke….around…”

He simply looked at the dispersing Demon Lord, and the holy sword in his hand left his grip and falls on the ground.

“Is this what a hero is…?”

The Demon Lord fell under the blade of the Hero.

“Something like this is a hero?”

Anger was raging in his heart.

The unreasonableness of the world, the unfairness, and also…cursing the fact that he was summoned as a hero, the boy placed all the strength his soul could in announcing his maddenned emotions.

—A world like this, I…

A distorting world.

Now that the Demon Lord had been defeated, as if following along, the summoned hero reached his last moments.


The body of the hero also slowly changed into a swirl of light.

His remaining time is short.

The chains binding the outside element had been released and is about to be expelled.

Even if he is a Hero, he can’t go against that power -the God’s will- and wasn’t allowed to.

And so, the hero disappeared as well.


After that…

The whole world soon learned that the Demon Lord had been defeated.

Everyone rejoiced on the death of the Demon Lord, and everyone mourned on the death of the Hero.

That day, the world changed.

The Hero would become a legend to be spoke of for futures to come, and the Demon Lord would become a past that people would forget.

But with the passing of time, the world will deteriorate, and the cycle will repeat.

The world will develop by the danger of the Demon Lord, and the Hero will move the people as one.

That is the reason for the existence of the Hero and the Demon Lord.

Learning this, the Hero boy didn’t give up till the very end and tried to save the Demon Lord girl.

Despite separating from his travelling companions, he kept his desire of saving her and turned his gears desperately, and continued to think of a path to save her.

But that desire wasn’t fulfilled, and he couldn’t any find any path aside from taking her life with his own hands to save her.

This was an event that occurred in summer when the boy was 16 years old.

☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆

Year is 2028.

At a pretty delayed time from the prediction of the end, the day for the end of the world had come.

A pitch black sphere suddenly appeared in the seas of Japan.

Abyss Gate.

The life forms, that appeared from this sphere that was named so, began to kill all the living one after the other.

And then, after one year…

{Survivors, please evacuate orderly and take shelter. I repeat. Survivors, please evacuate orderly…}

Seeing the news projected in the News Display, the girl spoke harshly.

“Where should we take shelter in anyways.”

And then, after spitting those words out hatefully, she kicks the ground in anger.

“…I hear footsteps. We should move away from here.”

The heterochromatic eyed man at her side that held his katana with care was paying attention to the sounds of the surrounding as he stands up.

“…What an uncomfortable sky.”

Right by the side of those two, a goth-loli girl held an umbrella and looked up at the sky. She closed her eyes in sadness and shakes her head to the sides.

Then, she directed her gaze at the boy at her side and spoke.

“Well then…let’s do this.”

The boy returned a smile at her, and then, throws the dices that he had been rolling in his hand.

“Now…today’s prognostic…”

The sky grew dimmer, and the deep red blood-like color painted the scenery.

The birds stopped flapping their wings, the animals changed shape, and the humans simply trembled in fear.

In a single day…the world changed to hell.

A lawless and chaotic world which no one knows where to run to.

But within that world, there’s people who are tasting further hell.

The psychic users that have evolved different from humans.

Forgetting the very fact that they were humans, they follow their instincts to eat the living; these are known as psy-dead.

The normal life was gone, and everyday life has changed.

In an abnormal situation, with abnormal humans, in an abnormal reality.

—Seriously, give me a break.

In that kind of world, the boy wanders.

The boy had been summoned as a hero in the past. There, he lamented his own powerlessness and, after finally managing to climb out of the depths of despair, he is now able to stand.

But reality is a cruel mistress.

The second parallel world summon.

The will of the Gods that leave no room to say no.

This time, it was a parallel world that had a pretty similar civilization to that of his original world. He had obtained a psychic power he didn’t understand well, and after becoming a psychic user, he had to fight the psy-dead.

For the sake of surviving… For the sake of not having regrets this time for sure, the boy wields his powers.

This is an event that happened to the 17 year old boy in spring.

☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆

And then, the boy laughs.

‘How long will this continue?’

Being told to create as an alchemis things that don’t exist in the world…

Being told to provide new knowledge and wisdom as a sage…

Being told to fight the Spirits and the fake God as a Spirit user…

The boy was summoned to a parallel world as if he were the toy of someone, and was overwhelmed by it.

That’s why the boy laughed.

While watching his own life derailing, he gathered the strength to fight back.

☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆ ☆☆

An ever stretching blue sky, and the calmly moving white clouds.

While watching what may be a normal view but the view he likes the most, the boy drinks coffee.

…What nice weather.

Comfortably watching the clouds in the sky, he finds an ice cream, a taiyaki, a parfait, a manjuu…and naturally, his stomach began to rumble.

“I am hungry.”

Watching the delicious-looking clouds had made him unnecessarily hungry, and then remembering ‘ah right, I didn’t eat breakfast’, his stomach began to demand food even more and was having a grand orchestra.

“As I thought.”

(So he was here. Why does this person always do whatever he wants?)

“It is not as if I am doing whatever I want.”

“…Don’t go reading my mind.”

‘It is not as if I am reading them, they just come rushing into me on their own accord’, is the justification of the boy.

“It can’t be helped. We have made a Demon Lord contract after all.”

Hearing this the person showed a tired face and heaves out a sigh from the bottom of her heart.

And the boy looks up at the sky as he rubs his ever-ringing stomach.

‘Aah…I am hungry…’, is what he said to escape from reality, but it was pointless.

“Hah… Are you really the Demon Lord?”

“Who knows. Weren’t you, Fal, the one who called me a Demon Lord?”

The maid looks down at me with a face of disappointment and throws another sigh.

What a rude girl.

—But, a Demon Lord, huh…

Glancing at the maid, he turns his sight back to the sky.

It has been three years since he was first summoned to a parallel world.

When he met the girl he loved, it was in a beautiful blue sky like this one.


“Hm? Did you say something?”

“No, it is nothing.”

His sixth parallel world summon.

He thought ‘this time I have been summoned as a Demon Lord’, and with a variety of mixed emotions, he is on the verge of giving up in a lot of things, and a smile naturally surfaced in his face.

—How long will this continue?

Recalling the ‘existence’ that is laughing somewhere out there, the boy made a bitter face and gulps down the cooled down coffee all at once.

Not long after, the boy would be known as the ‘Peerless powerhouse Demon Lord with bottomless kindness’, and in this way, the curtains for the Demon Lord arc had slowly closed.

Just to give rise to a seventh act…

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