WR – Chapter 414-415: The Fire since then

And so, in this way, I ended up accompanying her in her celebratory trip.

The first place we would be visiting is the Fire capital, Muspelheim.

It is the closest to Apollon City, and that’s exactly why our first encounter was with the fire hero Mirack and had complications with her, but now, it is a far memory.

I heard that Mirack had already entrusted her hero title.

A retirement a step faster than Karen-san and the start of a new life.

What is she doing now?


“Let there be hot-bloodedness.”

When we arrived at the Fire Church’s headquarters,the one who welcomed us was the Fire Demon Lord, Michael.

The Demon Lords are currently learning about human society to properly know about humans.

“Oh, long time no see.” (Haine)

“Kuromiya Haine, it is great to see that you are doing well.” (Michael)

The first time I met these guys, I didn’t even think a day where we could carefreely talk like this would come.

We Gods were with the intention of wiping out the Demon Lords.

The reason why we have surpassed that plan and ended up being able to hold hands with the Demon Lords is thanks to the greatness of the humans.

“It has been a while, Michael-san. How is Mirack-chan doing?” (Karen)

Karen-san kept the greetings to a minimum and asks a question connected to her reason for visiting.

For her, Mirack is the friend she has been acquainted with the longest.

Because they have been busy lately with their hero successors, they haven’t met for a long time.

“If it is her, she should have left to do her show biz again.” (Michael)

“Show biz?” (Karen)

“You guys should go check it out as well. That Mirack, thinking of such an interesting thing, I expected no less of a human.” (Michael)

“Let there be hot-bloodedness.”

From inside the Fire Church, another bulky muscular person came out who looked like the very definition of a big man.

The Fire Founder.

In the past, he worked as a General of the Fire Militant corps, but even now, he is still plenty muscular, and looked like he could join the frontlines at any moment.

“Master.” (Michael)

Michael spoke with respect towards that Fire Founder-san.

“Let there be hot-bloodedness.” (Michael)

“Let there be hot-bloodedness.” (Enou)

“Master says that he will settle matters on his side, so you two can head directly to the venue.” (Michael)

‘Thank you very much’, Karen-san says with a cramped face.

“…Uhm, Haine-san.” (Karen)

“Yeah?” (Haine)

“Even now, I am still unable to understand the Fire Founder-sama at all… And lately, Michael-san is beginning to resemble him more and more…!” (Karen)

“Let there be hot-bloodedness, Karen-san.” (Haine)

Men are of few words.


While we were at that, someone from the Fire Church guided us to the venue in question.

Many spectators were crowding the place.

There’s something like a square in the middle of that crowd… Is it like a stage?

“It is apparently called a ‘ring’.” (Karen)

Karen-san says this as she looks at the pamphlet that was given to us when we entered the place.

“According to what is written in this pamphlet, this is apparently a show to enjoy battles.” (Karen)

A show to watch and enjoy battles?

“Idea by the previous fire hero, it says… In other words, it is referring to Mirack-chan, right? It is apparently an event that Mirack-chan thought of. The one where you cheer for your preferred fighter in the one on one battles as you enjoy watching…” (Kanre)

I check the pamphlet that I was given.

They are fighting under set rules, so there’s no danger for the fighters and the audience huh.

“The new type of show Mirack proposed. Its name is…pro-wrestling.” (Haine)

When my understanding reached to that point, the venue suddenly raised in excitement.

By the time I noticed, there was some sort of referee-looking person on top of the ring.

“Everyone, excuse the wait! The main event of today will be starting now!!”


With that announcement, the crowded venue got incredibly fired up.

To the point that I felt completely left out not knowing what was going on at all.

“First, at the red side! The representative of the Muspelheim Pro-Wrestling and the previous fire hero, the fire whirlwind that saved the world, Katack Mirack!!”

The audience raised big cheers as the muscular woman went up the ring.

In these four years, her body build has gotten even more pronounced.

“Mirack-chan is the same as always…!” (Karen)

Seeing her friend at an unexpected place, Karen-san was happy, but at the same time, surprised.

“Now for her opponent, this one is also a central figure of our Muspelheim Pro-Wrestling! Its popularity tops even our representative Mirack! The rampaging cow! The Fire Cow Phalaris!!”


What incredible cheering!

And the one getting up to the stage at the opposite side of the ring is a honest to word cow!

This one is also someone we are all too familiar with!

“What is that guy doing?!” (Haine)

Mirack and Phalaris were glaring at each other and sparks were flying.

“Well then, this is a pairing that we in the Muspelheim Pro-Wrestling are familiar with! With a total of 57 matches; Mirack with 29 wins, and Phalaris with 28 wins! They are evenly contested!!”

They have been fighting that much?!

“Will Phalaris win today and line up the wins?! Or will Mirack pull her tenacity as former hero and pull further away?! The gong of fate will be sounding now!!”


With a dry sound like that of a bell, Mirack and Phalaris begin their clash.

Looks like that’s the signal for the match to start.

At the same time as this happened, the heat of the audience reached max output and it felt as if the whole venue had turned into a battlefield.

“This is…pro-wrestling?!” (Haine)

Phalaris rams Mirack, and she grabs and throws him away. A sole physical battle with no divine power involved unfolded and fast attacks were dished one after the other from both sides.

Seeing this battle, the audience increased in tension, and by the time I noticed, I was also raising my voice and cheering.


After the match ended.

With the kindness of the organizer, we were able to intrude in the waiting rooms.

Well, I say organizer, but I am talking about Mirack herself though.

“Ooh, Karen!! It has truly been a while!!” (Mirack)

We reunite with Mirack at one of those waiting rooms.

She had already taken a shower, and had finished cleaning herself up from the sweat that she had from the match.

And just a bit lower, Phalaris was once again munching on grass.

“So you have finally graduated from heroics as well huh. Everyone is steadily changing.” (Mirack)

“Yeah. I was specially surprised by your change, Mirack-chan.” (Karen)

It looks like Karen-san was unable to ride on this so called pro-wrestling that she saw today even till the end.

“Oh, how was it, Karen? The pro-wrestling I thought of, was it fun?” (Mirack)

“I didn’t understand it well!” (Karen)

A truly honest opinion.

Mirack and the other heroes have not met that much in these four years, but the changes that match that time were truly surprising.

“I heard that Mirack was one of the heroes that retired pretty early within the legendary generation, but I see, you quit being a hero and were doing this huh.” (Haine)

The legendary generation refers to Karen-san, Mirack, Celestis, Sasae-chan, and Hyue.

The title for the five heroes that managed to fight through the toughest battle in the history of the five Grand Churches.

Those five were the ones who brought a true closing to the battle between humans and monsters, so their heroic achievements will most likely be passed down in history for many generations to come.

“Yeah. Even when I stopped being a hero, I wanted to aim for the path of the strongest, you see. But bringing strife in the peace that I managed to gain with my comrades would be stupid.” (Mirack)

Strength is something that is polished in battle.

But in present society, battles like those are completely gone.

“And so, I thought that it would be nice to have people who aim for that same summit to fight in set rules. Then, make it into the entertainment industry, sell tickets to spectate them, and profit even more from it.” (Mirack)

“That’s quite well planned for you, Mirack.” (Haine)

“Well, I asked Celestis for advice in matters of the entertainment industry though.” (Mirack)

Ah, her huh.

She herself is profiting in the idol entertainment industry, so she might have a few things to say.

“Ufufu, Mirack-chan and Celestis-chan get along especially well even within the Legendary Generation after all.” (Karen)

Karen-chan said this with a smile and this made Mirack grimace.

“Don’t say something so itchy, Karen! Me and her are fire and water! There’s no way we would get along!” (Mirack)

(Keep telling yourself that.)

The cow that was munching on grass at the side of Mirack said this.

A voice that came from the soul waves that normal people can’t hear.

“It’s been a while, Nova-sama. Have you been doing well?” (Karen)

(Hmph! How can I be doing well being trapped in this monster body! On top of that, I am being made to tag along with this woman’s tomfoolery. It is a pain all over!) (Nova)

Because of the Demon Lord incident, the path that links the Gods had been opened to the Legendary Generation to have them become God Heroes.

Thanks to that, Karen-san and the others are able to converse in the soul waves that should only work for Gods.

This Fire God, he is already a completely popular figure of the church as a cow, but to think he would also join the entertainment industry.

“See, Karen? Our God is not cute at all, right? He is always spitting hateful words like this.” (Mirack)

I was completely on the same opinion as Mirack.

He says he doesn’t like his cow body, and yet, continues in that body for four years now. He really isn’t honest.

“The pro-wrestling industry that I proposed, at first, didn’t have people who could properly match me, and lacked the ability to heat up the people, but that changed when this guy began participating. He has popularity with the kids to begin with, so he is the best customer gathering cow.” (Mirack)

“The Fire Church has truly been blessed with a great God.” (Karen)

Phalaris snorts at the two chatting as he continued munching on grass.

“Hey Karen, and also Haine.” (Mirack)

Mirack says reservedly.

“The world has changed since the battle four years ago. The five churches don’t fight each other anymore, and the relationship they have is good.” (Mirack)

“Yeah.” (Karen)

Totally right.

“And so, in this, we heroes have changed our ways. The roles for the active military forces are mostly gone, and the Church’s duty of public relationship has gotten a close up because of this.” (Mirack)

“And you are saying this pro-wrestling is an extension of that duty?” (Karen)

“It is part of it. I wanted to do good for the world in my own way even if I have retired from being a hero. Things might be a bit awkward between me and my juniors though.” (Mirack)

“Now that you mention it, the fire hero that succeeded you is that Firey-chan, right?” (Karen)

Karen-san says as if remembering.

In that past, when Mirack was still an active hero, there were three girls that were sticking to Mirack as their little sisters kind of thing.

One of those three had managed to become the next hero.

“Yeah, Braidley and Glassfin seem to be supporting her by her side. The title of fire hero was passed on to Firey alone, but in the end, the three of them together make one proper person, I would say.” (Mirack)

“Mirack-chan, you are talking like the old Kyouka-san…” (Karen)

“It really makes me actually taste that the previous heroes are truly troublesome existences for the current ones. Hey Karen, you will be going to visit Celestis, Sasae, and Hyue, right?” (Mirack)

“Yeah, that’s what I plan on doing.” (Karen)

“Then, please give them my regards. That, in the near future, let’s all five of us gather together again.” (Mirack)

Even when she has passed on her position as hero, Mirack still continues to tread the path of the strongest. Moreover, this is not only to make herself stronger.

By interacting with others, it influences each other, and it makes the world itself progress. A healthy path to becoming the strongest.

(Oi, Entropy.) (Nova)

Nova speaks to me while I had nothing to do.

(Later, at the specified place.) (Nova)

“Yeah, I know. At the specified place.” (Haine)

And so, in this way, we headed to the next location.

  • 415: The Water since then

“Aah~, I can’t stand this! Unbelievable!!”

The moment we arrived at Hydra Ville, the one who welcomed us was the cursing of the water hero, Celestis.

…No, she is not the water hero anymore, so it would be more accurate to say former hero.

“What’s with this, geez! …Ah, Karen-chi and Haine-chi, long time no see! Hey, geez, are you listening?!” (Celestis)

Even when she was welcoming us, she continued complaining.


It is a pain, so if you are going to do something, please do one thing at a time.

“Celestis-chan…! It has been a while, and yet, what is it that you are complaining so much about?” (Karen)

Karen-san had just reunited with her friend, so she could only be bewildered by the great storming of hers.

That Celestis, in these four years, she has grown remarkably and I thought that she now had more leeway in her idol work, but…if she throws a tantrum like this, no matter which part it is, it is a complete waste.

“…The moment we came to Hydra Ville, we were guided by a church member all the way here, but there was no explanation of this. Just what is the matter, Celestis-chan? Celestis-chan also retired from being a hero, right?” (Karen)

We are currently at a room in the Water Church’s headquarters.

And for some reason, all openings counting the windows were tightly closed, and it was as if to not let anyone escape. Yet, the only one in that room is Celestis.

Well, until we came to visit her, that is.

“…This is like some sort of prison cell. What did you do this time, Celestis?” (Haine)

“Please perish the thought of me being imprisoned because I did something bad!! I didn’t do anything! Even though I did nothing wrong, I am being imprisoned!!” (Celestis)

This was the reason why Celestis was in a bad mood from the very beginning.

When we were guided to this pseudo-prison cell, the water church member asked us: ‘please appease Celestis-sama’.

“Then why did it turn into this imprisoning? Celestis-chan, be honest here.” (Karen)

“Why are you talking as if you were reprimanding a problem child?! I haven’t done anything! If I had to say a reason, it would be because I retired as a hero!!” (Celestis)


I don’t understand even less now.

Why is her freedom taken away even more when she has retired from her duty as a hero?

“…It is related to a tradition of our Water Church.”

The door opened, and the one who entered was the Water Founder-sama.

“Ah! Papa!!” (Celestis)

By the way, he is also the father of Celestis.

“Geez, Papa! Free me already! I have things I want to do!!” (Celestis)

“That won’t do. Celestis, you have retired from being the water hero, so you have to walk forward to a new path. And, in terms of our Water Church, the path of a retired hero has already been decided.” (Azul)

Ah, right.

Now that he mentions it, I think I have heard about it a long time ago.

The retired water heroes would mostly marry right after retirement and enter an influential family of Hydra Ville.

Since heroes are mostly girls, moreover, they have long years of achievements with the church, it would turn into a big connection for both the family and the church.

If a former hero were to be wedded, it would create a thick connection to the church.

In other words, the retired heroes of the Water Church are soon thrusted into a political marriage.

The hero that came before Celestis, Sarasa-san, married an influential family as well right after she retired.

Celestis has retired as well, so she would be made to marry some family, and it would strengthen the connections of the Water Church.

“As I have been saying many times already, I have no intentions of going through predetermined rails!!” (Celestis)

Celestis showed a proud confrontational stance.

So this is the reason why she is being imprisoned.

“Even if there’s the need for a new path after retiring as a hero, like hell I would want to marry and pass my days stagnating as a wife! If I have to pass such boring years, I would prefer to die!!” (Celestis)

“You may say that, Celestis, but not only did you bring unprecedented achievements as a hero, you are also my daughter. This may not be the best way to put it, but within the water heroes that have had political marriages, your worth can’t be compared to any others. Look.” (Azul)

Saying this, the Water Founder-sama placed a big bundle of papers on top of the table.

It was so thick that it would be better to say it is tall. The weight of it was making the table creak.

“What’s with this big bundle of papers?” (Celestis)

“Photos sent to Celestis for a marriage interview. There’s more than two hundred.” (Azul)

More than two hundred?!

“Requests to marry Celestis have not been limited to Hydra Ville but the whole world. Society has changed and the relationship of the five Grand Churches has grown to the better, and there’s also the popularity of Celestis as an idol bringing heavy effects in this too.” (Azul)

The Water Founder-sama says this as if mentally fatigued.

I on the other hand had my interest piqued and flipped through the marriage interview photos.

All of them were handsome men with their backs straight, but…eh? I feel like I saw a familiar face?

“Isn’t this General Vesage?!” (Haine)

A light knight of our church, and in these four years, he finally managed to be promoted all the way to General.

Why is he sending a marriage interview photo?! Does he have the permission of the Founder?!

“If there’s a proper person I, as Celestis father, can leave her care to, there would be nothing as relieving as that. Celestis, if you acknowledge me as your father, can you please find a good family to marry into as filial piety?” (Azul)

“Ugh…! If you put it that way…!” (Celestis)

Celestis and the Founder-sama lived their lives without recognizing each other as father and daughter for more than a decade due to several circumstances.

Well, it was a political and status related matter the likes of Hydra Ville.

Even with the lack of parental love between the two, this didn’t make it weaker, it rather made the long time make them care for each other even more.

“It is true that I would like to answer the expectations of Papa as much as possible, but…! But I can’t pull back in this! I want to paint my own life with my own hands! I don’t want to pass that privilege to others!!” (Celestis)

“Celestis…!” (Azul)

“Papa, listen! I will stop being an idol as well!” (Celestis)

That announcement not only shocked the Founder-sama, but also Karen-san and I as spectators.

When speaking of Celestis, it is idols.

The unheard of combination of being a hero and idol at the same time, that made her even more unique than the previous generation heroes.

She herself treasured her idol work as her life, and yet, she is suddenly saying she will quit it?!

“I have been thinking about it for a while now. I have already passed my teens, so continuing as an idol would be pushing it. I have been thinking since a while ago about graduating from the idol industry after retiring as a hero.” (Celestis)

Well, that realistic way of thinking is also Celestis-like.

“And then, I want to rise to the next stage! Putting an end to my idol hero self, I want to challenge my new self! Please, Papa! Allow my selfishness!!” (Celestis)

“Ugh…!!” (Azul)

Her seriousness had transmitted plenty well, making the Founder-sama falter.

But he is a person that understands his own standing as the Water Founder.

It heavily weighed on which side he will take. Will he take the father side, or the Founder side?


“Isn’t it fine, dear?”

A new person entered the room?!

This is a person I haven’t met before.

She is a woman that resembles Celestis a lot, so she is incredibly beautiful.

She is quite old already, but that age has completely changed into charm. She was the very definition of a beautiful madam.

“Mama?!” (Celestis)

“Mama?!” (Haine)

The words of Celestis shocked me.

In this day, Celestis’ Mother-san takes the stage?!

“She was a former high class courtesan of Hydra Ville, after knowing that she was pregnant with me, she left the side of Papa. It wasn’t long ago that she was finally accepted as the second mistress of the Founder.” (Celestis)

I did hear rumors of it but, it was this person?!

In other words, the beloved wife of the Water Founder that had pledged lifelong love to.

“S-Sharl!” (Azul)

“Celestis inherited the aggressiveness of both of us. There’s no way our girl would make a normal family and pass her life as a wife doing nothing, right?” (Sharl)

That way of speaking…is she praising her or speaking ill of her?

“If we were to force her to marry a wealthy person and she causes trouble at the place we made her marry into, it would beat the purpose. In that case, wouldn’t it be better to have her rampage in a place where your eyes can reach so that the damage is limited to a minimum?” (Sharl)

“As expected of Mama! You really understand me well!!” (Celestis)

Celestis, is it fine for your mother to have such an evaluation of you?

“I understand what you are trying to say. But as a Founder, with these many people wishing to marry my daughter, I can’t just refuse them just like that.” (Azul)

Saying this, the Water Founder-sama picked up a part of the many photos.

It was only a part, but just picking that part required the Founder-sama to open up his hand to the limit.

“Are you saying you want to answer the expectations of society? Can you do something like that?” (Sharl)

“W-What do you mean by that?!” (Azul)

“There’s truly a lot of marriage interview photos. A lot of groom candidates, but only one Celestis. With so much competition, no one would accept unless the one picked is comparable to a Church Founder class standing.” (Sharl)


The current five Grand Church Founders are either already married, or of the same gender, but the people that are in standings that can aim to be Founders in the future, there are a good amount of them in these photos.

“If we want to use Celestis in a political marriage, it would be most efficient to have her marry into a different church. With that, Celestis would have to leave Hydra Ville.” (Sharl)

“Ugh…!” (Azul)

“If that were to happen, would you be able to endure the loneliness of not being together with Celestis?” (Sharl)

It was like stabbing a vital point with a needle.

The Water Founder-sama instantly fell silent and, while at it, was sweating bullets…before finally exploding.

“I DON’T WANT THAAAAT!! I don’t want Celestis to marry~~!!!” (Azul)

Is what he cried out as he fell onto the floor writhing.

“I couldn’t live together with her in her cutest times that were when she was born to her growth, and yet, you are telling me she will soon be married and gone again?! I don’t want that! Celestis! Stand by Papa’s side! You can’t marry anyone!!” (Azul)

“Got it!! As expected of Mama! You are good at controlling Papa!” (Celestis)

Celestis was overjoyed and gave a thumbs up to her mother.

In this way, Celestis managed to avoid the marriage that comes with her hero retirement, but…is this really okay?

“S-So, Celestis-chan…” (Karen)

We were basically air from beginning to end this time around, so Karen-san broke the silence and asked.

“In the end, what is it you want to try after quitting as an idol and hero?” (Karen)

“Glad you asked! What I am aiming for next is a revolutionary occupation that can utilize the experience I have had as an idol and hero! A producer!!” (Celestis)

““Producer?!”” (Karen+Haine)

Another weird term came flying out.

“A revolutionary existence that grasps the special traits of an idol and plans ways to sell them in the most effective ways! I stood on the stage as an idol in the past, but this time, I will be standing at the back to support the younger generations!! From now on, I will changing my standings, and support the idol industry even more!!” (Celestis)

I-Is that so!

“And so, I have already found the new idol I will be raising. With her talent and my smarts, we will create a big boom that can’t compare to the me of the past!!” (Celestis)

Saying this, Celestis headed towards the closed window.

And then, she opened it with a bang.

“Look! That’s the new talent I will be pushing!!” (Celestis)

We can instantly see that person from the window?!

Because Hydra Ville is adjacent to the sea, what came to my eyes immediately was the wide sea.

From that sea, a mermaid jumped up from it making a spray of water that created a rainbow.

“Oohohohohoho!! This is culture! This is truly culture!!”

No, rather than calling it a mermaid…! Isn’t that Gabriel?!

Are you saying you want to sell her as a new idol?!

“In this new world where humans and monsters are to coexist, an idol monster is plenty a topic! Gab-chan had good looks, and she is female! There’s plenty possibility that she will be a big hit! …Gab-chan!!” (Celestis)

“Yes, Producer?!” (Gabriel)

For some reason, their wavelengths match?!

“Looks like you have finished the personal training that I gave you! Then, we will be planning the specifics of the performance!! Now that I have received the permission of Papa and Mama, the new Celestis is unstoppable!! This time, as a producer! Let’s aim for the summit of the idol industry, Gab-chan!!” (Celestis)

“Yes, Producer!!” (Gabriel)

No matter how old Celestis is, her agressive take on her ambitions will never change.

Her new ambition has truly just begun.

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