WR – Chapter 403-405: The Wind of Rebirth

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Hyue-chan, who had become one with the wind after turning into a God Hero, was able to fly in the sky freely.

Like a rising dragon, she rushes up until she arrives at the back of Lucifer.

“If it is from here…!!” (Hyue)

Hyue-chan takes a stance with her sniping divine weapon that shoots through anything that’s in its aim.

“Hyue-neechan, do yer best-dasu!!” (Sasae)

“Time is limited! Don’t lose!!” (Celestis)

While we were using our combined strength to release dark matter, we were hoping for the turnaround from Hyue-chan.

Dark matter would normally require the release of our five elements.

Without Hyue-chan and just a temporary source that is continuously dissipating on its own, we won’t be able to maintain it for long.

But if we stand ground here, we can restrain Lucifer, and it can help out Hyue-chan.

We are still helping each other out.

“Do your best, Hyue-chan!!” (Karen)

Hyue-chan pulls the bolt of En No Ozuno, and sends a bullet into the chamber.

“Eh?!” (Karen)

And then, the shot is made, sending out sparks around it.

The bullet that was shot made a direct hit onto Lucifer’s back, more accurately speaking, close to where the wind wings are.

The bullet digged deeply there.

“What are you doing? Are you an idiot?” (Ates)

Ates was simply ridiculing that action of hers.

“The giant body of Lucifer receiving a single pea shot of yours; just what would it bring about even if it were to hit? Humans really like useless things huh. I can’t play along with all your games, so please just stop the useless struggle.” (Ates)

“You think so?” (Hyue)

Hyue-chan laughs boldly.

Ates still hadn’t realized. But we were able to notice the abnormality.

“Wa?! Right now, Hyue just…!” (Mirack)

“Yeah, she certainly did…!” (Celestis)

She shot a real bullet, didn’t she?!

“The Wind Long Gun is a weapon that shoots wind bullets mixed with divine power. Because it is air, it won’t ever run out of bullets. Even though that’s the strong point of the weapon…!!” (Karen)

Hyue-chan deliberately shot an actual bullet.

In other words, that bullet must have something special.

“It may be vexing, but my sister-in-law Juo is the best scientist in the Wind Church.” (Hyue)


“Because of her work in creating Kukulkan, I am heavily indebted to her, but immediately after, I have already put a debt of equal weight on top of it. When we were retrieving the remains of Kukulkan, Juo retrieved a certain something as well.” (Hyue)

Could she be talking about…the armor of the gone Wind Demon Lord Raphael?

“I will say it once again. My sister-in-law is the best scientist. She detected the feeble remaining divine power inside the armor, and found a swarm of insects that were maintaining their life in a dormant state. She said they were his remains that barely managed to survive.” (Hyue)

“W-What is it you are trying to say here?” (Ates)

“The remains that should have disappeared if left alone, Aniue-sama shared his own divine power to him and resurrected it. Juo created a cultivation device for his exclusive us and concentrated in maintaining his living functions. And that small handful of cells we somehow managed to resurrect, I have shot them in the bullet just now!!” (Hyue)

That’s what was the actual bullet just now?!

It is currently dug inside the body of Lucifer.

“This was apparently a method they thought of after observing the fight of Haine-dono and the Demon Lords against Lucifer. Lucifer’s body has his stolen wings. They are supposed to be the divine power conversion devices, right?! In order to change the bountiful light divine power of Lucifer into wind divine power!” (Hyue)

“Don’t tell me…!!” (Ates)

“Even if he can’t revive on its own strength, the inside of Lucifer’s body is a treasury of divine power that can be changed into wind divine power!! Juo found him, Aniue gave him power, and I shot him! We desperately worked for this! That’s why, revive!!” (Hyue)

“Wind Demon Lord, Raphael!!”

The flesh of the snake broke open.

A part of Lucifer’s body had been blown up from the inside, and a humanoid figure appeared from there.

I remember that figure.

That silhouette when he was in his full armor, it is truly that of one of the four Demon Lords.

Wind Demon Lord, Raphael.

The Demon Lord that was supposed to have burned out his life in the fight with Hyue-chan has once again appeared here?!

“Alright! Success!!” (Hyue)

Hyue-chan raised a cheer while floating in the sky.

“It was all as Juo planned. As expected of my sister-in-law! How vexing!!” (Hyue)

I don’t know if she was proud of her sister-in-law or if she is dissing her. Be clear, Hyue-chan.

But she herself is probably conflicted about this.

“Ah… No way, that’s impossible!!” (Ates)

Ates was the one who had her face pale the most at the revival of Raphael.

And, as if natural, the colorful butterfly wings disappear from the back of Lucifer.

“This is mine. It is a matter of course to return them.” (Raphael)

The tone of the revived Raphael was strong.

After having most of his body erased by Haine-san, he lost so much of his power that he couldn’t maintain his body, but after taking away the divine power of Lucifer, he must have returned to his peak condition.

“But why are in your armor? If you are completely revived, shouldn’t it be fine to be in your flesh?” (Hyue)

Hyue-chan speaks frankly to him in mid-air.

“So nosy. I like this figure. My body has grown from its partially destroyed state, and it can’t properly picture a grown state in its perfect condition. It instead reformed the armor as if it were what my body was originally as.” (Raphael)

“The form of the divine power is heavily influenced by the image of the individual itself. We have experienced that just now with the combined elemental dark matter, and yet, it is still hard to swallow…” (Hyue)

“To think you people would be the ones who would save me.” (Raphael)

There was no happiness or anger in the voice of Raphael.

In the past, these two fought fiercely with their hatred in plate.

“We settled things in that fight. In that case, let’s start from zero.” (Hyue)

“You and that Toreido Shiva guy… But, it won’t be starting from zero.” (Raphael)

Raphael says with strength.

“My life was saved, so I am indebted to you people. For the sake of repaying that debt, I will have to defeat that big guy.” (Raphael)

“That fiend has your friends as well. From now on, we will be helping each other out!” (Hyue)

“Hmph. To think Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel would get upped by an imbecile monster like this that only has size going for it. Looks like I really have to be by their side!!” (Raphael)

While throwing insults that had warmth in it, Raphael soars into the sky.

Hyue-chan also follows him.

There’s now one pair less of wings in the six pairs of wings of Lucifer.

From now on, we are going to crush it further!

  • 404: Humans and Demons together

“Release!” (Raphael)

The body of Raphael divided as if it had exploded?!

…No, that’s not it. More accurately speaking, the parts of the full armor covering Raphael separated, and they were flying around individually?!

“Is that the special technique of Raphael that Hyue-chan was talking about?” (Karen)

While keeping up the release of dark matter, we were looking at the battle from the ground.

“Why are you doing that again?! If your strength has been regained completely, you should just have a body inside your armor, you know?!” (Hyue)

Hyue-chan throws a retort.

In the past, Raphael apparently used the armor to compensate for the mostly erased body of his.

“Isn’t it obvious that it is because it is cool?! Also, I can do this…!” (Raphael)

The armor parts surround Lucifer and were emitting something.

…I don’t hear anything?

“?! Ultrasound?!” (Hyue)

Hyue-chan immediately strained her ears.

“! Okay! I have picked up the location where the people caught inside of Lucifer are-de gozaru!” (Hyue)

I see!

In the time when we were fighting the giant monster named slime, we used ultrasound to check its inside and found the monster’s core.

They did the same as that time!

Inside Lucifer, there’s still the Demon Lords that have been engulfed and have had their powers robbed.

And Haine-san as well!

“Haine-dono is the one that is specially deep inside, and I don’t think we will be able to get him out unless we completely cut off all functions in Lucifer!” (Hyue)

“Ates’ attachment to Kuromiya Haine seems to be on an incomprehensible level after all. In that case, let’s take each one out beginning from the closest one!” (Raphael)

“Okay!” (Hyue)

Raphael released sound and Hyue-chan picked it up. The teamwork of hero and Demon Lord was already working perfectly.

The two of them were soaring the sky at high speed while facing Lucifer.

“Kuh, now that it has come to this, let’s stop the creation of the Black Hole temporarily and…!” (Ates)

Ates was trying to deal with Hyue-chan and Raphael!

“We won’t let you!!” (Karen)

We increase the output of dark matter and push Lucifer.

“If you stop the creation of the Black Hole right now, Lucifer will be swallowed by our dark matter! I wonder how much divine power you would lose before you are able to neutralize it with light divine power!” (Karen)

“Damn you, worms!!” (Ates)

We are stopping Ates and Lucifer.

In that time, Hyue-chan!

“The people that are caught are inside a cage created by their own divine power!” (Hyue)

“Looks like it! In that case, the one we should release is…!” (Raphael)

The separated armor of Raphael combines once again.

But that figure was not human. What is it?

“[Raphael Cannon]”


Raphael’s armor turned into the shape of a big gun?!

“That ghost-like woman seems to have inputted a variety of things when she was extracting me. To think she would add such a function in me!” (Raphael)

“But right now it is necessary!” (Hyue)

Hyue-chan shoulders the Raphael-san turned into a cannon, and just like that, she takes aim?!

“The Raphael Cannon shoots a wind cannonball with Demon Lord level divine power. And on top of that, my God Hero divine power…!” (Hyue)

A precise shot that holds the highest of firepowers.

“Wind Gun Technique [Tipping the Scales]!!” (Hyue)

An attack that would pierce the heavens dug right into Lucifer and exploded right on contact!

This attack easily shredded a chunk of Lucifer’s flesh.

“Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!” (Lucifer)

Lucifer writhes in pain.

The wind divine power had hit the area where the earth element was the most concentrated at.

In other words, the place that Hyue-chan had aimed was…


Breaking out from the part that had been softened by the wind attack, a wood human came flying out from inside of Lucifer.

The Earth Demon Lord Uriel-san has been released.

“Kuh! Another component has been…!” (Ates)

The earth wings began to disappear from the back of Lucifer.

With this, there’s four pairs remaining.

“Raphaeeeel!!” (Uriel)

And then, the released Uriel-san flew straight onto Raphael-san who had returned to humanoid form.

“Raphael, you were alive!! Uwaaaaaaah~!! Yahoooooo!!!” (Uriel)

“Uwaa?! What are you doing?! So disgusting!” (Raphael)

Raphael-san was shocked and amazed that he was being hugged.

Since he doesn’t know how saddened his comrades were after he died, it can’t be helped that he would be confused.

“Sorry, Raphael!! I won’t look down on you ever again~!! I am truly glad you are alive~~!!” (Uriel)

“Aaah, so noisy! We are in the middle of battle! Don’t go hindering our guard! Or more like, so you guys really were looking down on me?!” (Raphael)

It is truly great that Raphael-san has returned.

“Uriel-dono’s return-dasu!” (Sasae)

And there’s also one here who was happy about the return of someone.

The adult muchimuchi Sasae-chan.

“Can’t stay here-dasu!! Karen-neechan! I will be going too-dasu yo!” (Sasae)

“Eh?!” (Karen)

“I will also be adding mah earth divine power in ya holy sword-dasu! Well then, I be leaving the rest to ya-dasu yo!” (Sasae)

Saying this, Sasae-chan flew off.

“Uriel-dono, long time no see-dasu!” (Sasae)

“Hiiiih! Sasae-sama?!” (Uriel)


“It is not what you think….. The reason why I was late in my return, you see… Right, Lucifer! That fiend is completely at fault! Because it ate me, you see!!” (Uriel)

“That be of no importance-dasu yo! Right now, what be important be to fight-dasu!” (Sasae)

“You say it doesn’t matter, but…that in itself is saddening!” (Uriel)

This grouping is also the same as always…

“In order to save the caught Demon Lords, there be the need fer the elements of the respective weakness-dasu! In that case, there be something we need ta do as well!” (Sasae)

“Ah, yes! Right!” (Uriel)

“Save the Water Demon Lord, Gabriel-san-dasu!!” (Sasae)

  • 405: Counteroffensive march

“[Vanquishing Decapitation Slice]-dasu!!” (Sasae)

Sasae-chan used her big scythe and made an opening in the skin of Lucifer.

Ates could only look in anguish as her light divine power and Lucifer were basically sealed and pinned down by the dark matter of both sides.

It was truly ironical.

From the cut Sasae made, the flowing body of someone jumps out from it like a fish out of the water.

“Nice! Gabriel is out as well!!” (Celestis)

Reviving Raphael served like a landslide. After he was brought back, a Demon Lord after another was being freed with the cooperation of the God hero and Demon Lord.

Celestis-chan raised a cheer as she gets closer to me with her hand still linked and releasing dark matter.

And the Gabriel-san in question…!

“Uwaaaaa~~~!! Raphaeeeel!!” (Gabriel)

“YOU TOO?!” (Raphael)

As expected, she jumped right onto Raphael-san while crying.

“Sorry~! Sorry for not noticing your worries~~!! I won’t make that mistake again! Let’s be friends forever~~!!” (Gabriel)

“Aargh, get your hands off me!! Didn’t the Demon Lords have a much more of a dry relationship with each other?!” (Raphael)

No, it is already more wet than you could ever wish for.

“A damp relationship is just about right!” (Celestis)

Celestis-chan soars.

“This time, it is my turn! I have already added my divine power to your holy sword, so I leave the rest to you~!!” (Celestis)

“Ah! Celestis-chan?!” (Karen)

Celestis-chan left as if she were just throwing the job onto me!

This doesn’t look as easy as it seems, you know! I am already drenched here! I might as well be the Water God Hero instead!

“Gabriel! Sorry for interrupting your emotional moment there, but I will have you work right away! We are going to save the last one!!” (Celestis)

“Understood, Celestis! We have to get the leader out or we won’t have any sort of order here after all!!” (Gabriel)

The two water element users released high pressure water from both of their hands as if they had planned it before, and just like that, they spin their bodies.

““[Water Beheading Technique – Dragon Dance]!!”” (Celestis+Gabriel)

“Kaaaaaaaaaah!!” (Lucifer)

Lucifer once again raises a cry of pain.

She had received instructions of the place she should aim beforehand by Hyue-chan.

Destroying the cage made of fire divine power with water divine power, the one inside is liberated.

A big body that felt as if he was shouldering all the anguishes in this world, as if he had crawled back from hell itself…the Fire Demon Lord Michael returns.

“Michael~!” (Uriel)

“Great! With this, all the Demon Lords are back!” (Raphael)

“The Demon Lords really do need the four gathered or it simply won’t be fun!!” (Gabriel)

The same time as the four winged ones return to the sky, four pair of wings had decreased from the back of Lucifer.

Light and Darkness.

There’s only those two remaining.

“Damn you…! Damn you…!! Even though you are just mere parts, even though you are just puzzle pieces…!!” (Ates)

Ates’ expression had dyed bright red in anger.

“…Karen, I leave the rest to you.” (Mirack)

“Eh?! Mirack-chan?!” (Karen)

Finally, even Mirack-chan entrusted me her fire divine power and left.

And then, flies off to the Fire Demon Lord that has just returned.

I am barely holding on here though! It is pretty exhausting to do the share of all 4 people with a device I don’t even know that well!

“Michael!” (Mirack)

“Fire hero, Mirack! Right now, Lucifer is the enemy of everyone living in this world. If we don’t put an end to it, there’s no future for this world!” (Michael)

“Yeah. That’s why we are gonna punch him! Both you and me!!” (Mirack)

A blazing flame came from both of their hands.

“[Phoenix Hammer]!!” (Michael)

“[Pleiades Burst]!!” (Mirack)

An attack that felt as if it had thrown us at the center of the planet had been released from the Fire God Hero and the Fire Demon Lord.

This is the pair that has fought the earliest in the hero and Demon Lord battles, and also the ones that have been together the longest.

This attack hits Lucifer directly and sends it flying.

“Gaaaaaaaah!!” (Lucifer)

Because of the impact of that attack, Lucifer had no leeway to continue pouring divine power to the Black Hole!

Okay, now!!

“I will destroy this stalemate!” (Karen)

The divine power that I received from Hyue-chan, Sasae-chan, Celestis-chan, and Mirack-chan still have reserves inside of my holy sword left.

Before it runs out, I will use all the dark power and…!!

“Holy sword, Saint-George! Light sword! With all the hope of everyone gathered, release the sacred darkness!!” (Karen)

The holy sword was clad in darkness it had never shown before.

This darkness is the materialization of our wish to protect this world.

There’s no good or evil between light and darkness.

The one that decides what’s good or bad is the heart that resides in it after all.

“Darkness sword, Bisection!!” (Karen)

The stretched darkness blade hits the Black Hole that Lucifer was creating, immediately slices it in two, and it breaks to pieces.

With that one attack, the divine power that was left from everyone had been used up, the device itself broke, and it returned to being purely a light sword.

“Hah…Hah…!” (Karen)

It took my all to stop the Black Hole that would destroy the world, and yet, it couldn’t reach the body of Lucifer, but…because of the many attacks that the God Heroes and the Demon Lords did, the giant body was already tattered.

The six pair of wings were now only two.

If we exclude the light wings that were originally there, there’s only the dark wings it gained from absorbing Haine-san.

“…We have cornered it. The Great Demon Lord Lucifer.” (Karen)

And the puppeteer, Ates.

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