WR – Chapter 399-400: Two sides unite

“Light God Hero, Kourin Karen!”

The first one to introduce herself was me, the God Hero that has received a part of Inflation-sama and shine like the morning sun.

“Fire God Hero, Katack Mirack!!”

Obtaining a part of Nova-sama’s power, her body releases fire, and she herself is searing hot.

“Water God Hero, Re Celestis! The live starts!!” (Celestis)

Celestis-chan -with the power of Coacervate-sama was- transparent like water, and even if it was calm water, it was grandiose. It felt like a heavy silence.

“The incompetent Gonbee Sasae! As the Earth God Hero, I be slicing and dicing ya-dasu!!” (Sasae)

The one who showed the most surprising change within us was Sasae-chan.

After turning into a God Hero, the cute little body of hers had become the body of a beautiful woman that one would gulp when seeing.

It is because her body was forcefully grown in order to reach the age one can move the most comfortably to use the close combat specialized earth divine power, but just by growing, would anyone end up as voluptuous as her?!

And then…

“Wind God Hero, Toreido Hyue, has arrived to the scene!!” (Hyue)

Hyue-chan has become a God Hero as well.

Her state was stillness. But the wind that was always making her hair wave was now coming from her body itself.

It may be a calm wind, but it felt as, if the moment requires it, it could turn into a violent gale.

That’s the impression that the Wind God Hero Hyue-chan gave out.

“We did it! Hyue-chan has also become a God Hero!” (Karen)

“I am grateful. With this, I can be… This is thanks to Aniue-sama-de gozaru.” (Hyue)


At any rate, with this, the five God Heroes have gathered.

The preparations of battle have been arranged.

“…Hmph, a bunch that doesn’t have worth existing, no matter what they do is also pointless.” (Ates)

On the other hand, Ates still showed disdain towards us.

“Even if you were to borrow the power of lower Gods like the four Base Elements, or the power of my other half, there’s not even a grain of a possibility to defeat Lucifer who has become a perfect existence. It is because you humans don’t understand things as obvious as this that you are all sinful.” (Ates)

As if following after her words, Lucifer’s six sets of wings fluttered.

“But fine. My plan has already been set to motion. My beloved one is already inside my hands. What’s left is to destroy the world. My several hundred years aspiration has finally been fulfilled. As a celebration, I would even be fine with giving myself a reward.” (Ates)


“Before bringing the world to its end, I will kill you people that are the hope of the world, and the humans will fall into something that’s deeper than despair. I will bring the humans to the depths of despair before eliminating them.” (Ates)

Ates wraps her arms around her body and makes a wide grin.

“That is the best pleasure. It would definitely be worthy of a gift to me.” (Ates)

“You damn pervert.” (Mirack)

Mirack-chan walks forward while showing her contempt.

“Feeling pleasure from the pain and sadness of others is the proof of a psychopath. Those kind of idiots need a good beating and have them learn pain with their own bodies.” (Mirack)

“Right. It is because you have never felt pain yourself that you can’t empathize with the pain of others.” (Celestis)

“Educating idiots also be the duty of heroes-dasu!!” (Sasae)

“Let’s all five of us beat you up.” (Hyue)

The morale of everyone rose up greatly.

And then, the gun to signal the beginning was shot.

“[Pleiades Burst]!!” (Mirack)

The very first one to attack was Mirack-chan.

The strengthened version of ‘Flame Burst’, ‘Pleiades Burst’.

A large fire that would be big enough to cover a whole town was attacking the half-snake giant.


“Foolish fool.” (Ates)

The big flame of the Pleiades Burst was dispersed in an instant in the face of the giant water current Lucifer released.

“Did you people forget already? The current Lucifer is a perfected existence that has all elements.” (Ates)

The transparent water wings of Lucifer were the ones that shot that giant stream of water.

“Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Light, and Darkness. They are all now the weapons of Lucifer. Even if you were to repeat pointless attacks, it will all end by simply using the weakness of your element. Just like what happened.” (Ates)

Water beats fire, earth beats water, wind beats earth, fire beats wind; the four elements have their respective good and bad affinity.

Because of those affinities, the Demon Lords were also deftly defeated.

“Only the light element user Karen-san doesn’t have a weakness, but…well, she is an enemy that force can easily manage. That’s why, what you people are doing, is pointless from beginning to end. Humans are truly foolish.” (Ates)

“[Pleiades Burst]!!” (Mirack)

Even with that, Mirack-chan valiantly shot the God Fire.

But Lucifer quickly used a water shield to stop that fire.

“No matter how many times I say foolish, it wouldn’t be enough… Why don’t humans learn? Are you planning on repeating the same mistake?” (Ates)

“Raaaaaaah!!” (Mirack)

“And why does he continue loving such foolish living beings? That is the biggest sin of the humans. As I thought, you people really need a proper punishment.” (Ates)

The eyes of Ates shine in a suspicious light while the water shield continued to stop the fire of Mirack-chan.

“Erasing the world in an instant would be boring. I will have you all properly repent for the sin of being loved by that personage.” (Ates)

*Swit!* Something pierced the water shield.


The one who raised a voice of surprise was Ates.

She was completely sure there was no doubt of her victory.

“Gyaaaaaa!!” (Lucifer)

The thing that pierced the water shield had electrified both Lucifer and Ates.

“Ugyaaaa!! Wa? What is going on?! Just what in the world got through the water shield?!” (Ates)

The water shield of Lucifer was still dividing both sides without showing a single wound.

“Seeing it from the affinity perspective, it is not the fire hero. Then, did the earth hero do something? But it went bzzzt!” (Ates)

“That’s right. The power of ‘thunder’.”


We proclaim at the other side of the water shield.

“The power of ‘Light’ and ‘Fire’…” (Karen)

“Gather into one!!” (Mirack)

““Light+Fire [Thunder]!!”” (Karen+Mirack)

The thunder pierced the water shield and attacks Lucifer.

The thunder had further increased in power thanks to the God Hero mode, so it had plenty enough power to affect that giant monster.

“Gyaaaaa!! Thunder, you say?! There’s no element like that…!” (Ates)

“Combined elements.” (Karen)

The trump card that we heroes have been using numerous times in the past.

The combination that the cooperation of two heroes can bring forth.

This power has saved us several times before already.

“Water conducts electricity, and it can easily pierce the water wall of yours. Completely changing the elemental affinities is one of the strong points of the combined elements.” (Mirack)

Because of the damage received, Lucifer’s divine power got disturbed and, unable to maintain the water shield, it flows down.

From there, we appeared in her sight. In front of Mirack-chan and I who were holding hands.

“It’s been a while since we have combined elements, but we were in sync as if natural!” (Mirack)

“Of course! It is Mirack-chan and I after all!” (Karen)

Now that I think about it, the first combined element was this pairing.

The battle with the Demon Lords was mostly individual battles, so we didn’t have much chance to actually bring that out.

Our connections that have been strengthened after many tribulations. Now that we have obtained a superior power that is the God Hero mode, the firepower of the combined elements have boosted in power by even more.

“You…! Cocky humans!!” (Ates)

Uwa, Ates is angry.

But is that okay? To narrow your field of vision by getting angry.

“Your enemies are not only Karen-chi and Mirack-chi!” (Celestis)

From a different direction, two others were holding hands.

“Water and Wind!” (Celestis)

“Two in one make…’Ice’!!” (Hyue)

Celestis-chan and Hyue-chan’s combined element attack!

““[Blizzard]!!”” (Celestis+Hyue)

  • 400: Harmony as one

It wasn’t just plain wind.

A wind that had ice and snow mixed in it.

This combined element attack of Celestis-chan and Hyue-chan hit Lucifer directly.

“Akakakakaka!!” (Lucifer)

Lucifer was raising a painful cry but…it is so disgusting?!

“Don’t rest! Let’s attack one-sidedly just like this!!” (Celestis)

Obeying the instruction of Celestis-chan, we were already beginning our next action.

Mirack-chan lets go of my hands and immediately goes down -to where the womanly Sasae-chan was waiting at.

“Sasae! That state of yours has big boobs as always!!” (Mirack)

“That be of no importance-dasu yo! Let’s begin already-dasu!!” (Sasae)

This time, Mirack-chan and Sasae-chan join hands.

Fire and Earth, the two elements together form… ‘Magma’.

““[Magma Ocean]!!”” “-Dasu!!” (Mirack+Sasae)

Moreover, it was an even more powerful lava attack than before. The earth all around released a red light, and it engulfs the long long body of Lucifer.

“Oaaaaah!!” (Lucifer)

This attack was pretty effective against Lucifer with that long snake body it has.

Blizzard from the top, magma from the bottom.

Intense cold and searing heat; these two attacks from two areas should be plenty effective even on the Great Demon Lord-sama.

“Don’t get ahead of yourselves, worms!!” (Ates)

Ates who was at the top of Lucifer raised a shout.

“What are you doing, Lucifer?! Use fire for the top and water for the bottom!! Even if the affinities have been nullified, it should be able to mitigate the high temperature and low one!!” (Ates)

“I won’t let you!” (Karen)

In an instant, I appear right at the proximity of Ates herself.

A sword on each hand. A light sword that stretches straight approaches Ates from both sides like a scissor!

“[Holy Light, Severing Scissors]!!” (Karen)

Eat this maximum output attack of the Light God Hero!

“Kuh! [Holy Light, Apocalyptic Hand]!!” (Ates)

It didn’t go that smoothly, and Ates herself used her own amplified divine power attack to fight back.

A divine power that can match me in my current God Hero form. If it is now, I can understand how she is the incarnation of the Light Goddess.

“But with this, your movements have been sealed!!” (Karen)


“As long as Lucifer is a giant monster with no intelligence unlike the other Demon Lord-sans, it won’t be able to do careful movements without your orders!” (Karen)

Even if it holds six elements, the one who is using them minutely is Ates. It is impossible for Lucifer without her instructions!

“Now, everyone! While I am holding Ates in place!!” (Karen)

““““Alright!!””””” “-Dasu!”

Everyone was doing as they wished.

Fire, Water, Earth, Wind; it was a combined element festival mixing in a variety of combinations!

First, it was Fire and Water!

““[Steam Explosion]!!”” (Mirack+Celestis)

Earth and Wind!

““[Sand Storm]!!”” “-Dasu!” (Hyue+Sasae)

Water and Earth!

““[Tree Plant]!!”” “-Dasu!!” (Celestis+Sasae)

Wind and Fire!

““[Firestorm]!!”” (Mirack+Hyue)

The combined elements that were connecting one after the other were overwhelming Lucifer.

“Nice! This flow of events is nice!! Or rather, won’t we win if it goes on like this?!” (Celestis)

“No need for the opponent to have a turn! Let’s push all at once just like this! This is not the performance stage of Celestis, so there’s no need to be flashy in order to warm up the audience!!” (Mirack)

It is true that, until now, it has been our overwhelming advantage.

But is Lucifer, the enemy that defeated Haine-san and the Demon Lord-sans, an opponent that would fall like this?

“Don’t joke around, WORMS!!” (Ates)

“Uwa?!” (Karen)

I was blown away by the vigour in Ates’ roar.

“Karen?!” “Karen-chi?!” “Karen-neechan!” “Karen-dono?!”

Everyone gathered below me, and the offensive had been temporarily stopped.

And then, Ates who had been freed from my restraint…

“Unforgivable! Unforgivable!! I was playing along with you all and you get all spoiled! You really don’t understand your place. That’s why humans are fools!!” (Ates)

She is crazy angry!

“Do you understand?! The fight until now has all been me playing around! Just a slight caprice  before ending the world. As proof…!” (Ates)


“My Lucifer has only used the four base elements, right? Even though this child can use more than that now.” (Ates)

“Don’t tell me…!” (Karen)

“It is the end. Game is over. I will go as planned and erase this world along with you all!” (Ates)

The wings of Lucifer moved.

The last of the six pairs of wings…

The Dark Wings that it obtained after engulfing Haine-san.

“Lucifer! Use the Dark power that stands at the top of the six elements!! With the power that was made to destroy the world! …Use it as it was intended to, and destroy this world!!” (Ates)

The other five wings are drawn in, and the dark wings spread out wide as if substituting them.

And then, in the middle of the wings, a dark swirl was slowly gathering.

“Could that possibly be…!!” (Karen)

The dark matter that Haine-san uses?!

Moreover, it is gathering and condensing it? In that case…

“That’s right. A Black Hole.” (Ates)

Ates said with pride.

“The ultimate form of the dark power. The reset switch to destroy the world. This power that normally wouldn’t be allowed to anyone but Haine-san, I will be utilizing it. Be swallowed by the Black Hole and perish.” (Ates)

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