WR – Chapter 370: Only four

“…Tch, useless pieces of trash.”

I -Sunnysol Ates- was biting my nail in anger.

Every single one of them doesn’t move in the way I want.

The Great Demon Lord Lucifer should have been in his perfected form by now.

All the puzzle pieces are inside my hands, and I thought what was left was only to put those pieces together.

But this part was moving slowly.

To think the idiot Michael, the dullard Gabriel, and the coward Uriel would reconcile with humans without fulfilling their duty.

I didn’t expect this to happen.

In the end, the only one who brought out results was Raphael.

He was the only one who fought till the end with the humans, died, and became a puzzle piece on his own to be placed in its correct place.

But it was only one.

With just one, it is just not enough at all.

Six pair of wings, twelve in total; all of them combined are what makes the Great Demon Lord

“Pitiful child of mine! To think that the parts have moved on their own whim and you haven’t been able to reach completion yet…!” (Ates)

I look up at the shining towering figure.

Those useless Demon Lords were showing signs of returning, so I hurriedly changed locations.

Thanks to that, I have no choice but to forcefully activate Lucifer that I was thinking of having it sleep until it was perfected.

How pitiful my child is.

To think I would have to awaken you in such a crooked figure before reaching beautiful perfection.

I am the half of the Light Goddess Inflation, as well as the human Sunnysol Ates.

The Light Demon Lord Lucifer that I have created will be the first and only light element monster in the world.

But I was planning on making it not only that, but a completely invincible and unique monster.

Because of that, I sought everything.

Lucifer had to have not only light but all of them.

That’s why I deceived the Demon Lords of each element and set them to fight the humans.

The Demon Lords were supposed to have a fierce battle with the humans.

With the sacrifice of several millions of humans, the Demon Lords would fall, and the residual four base element divine powers will lose their owner and float in the sky.

I was planning on having Lucifer use that.

The Demon Lords born from lower Gods like Nova, Coacervate, Mantle, and Quasar would at most serve as puzzle pieces to perfect my Lucifer.

But the results of inferior Gods would obviously be inferior.

They were all idiots that couldn’t even properly move in the rails I had prepared.

Raphael was the only one who died according to my plans, and yet, he couldn’t even bring down a single human along with him. A pathetic death.

Well, fine. It is a whole lot better than the other three idiots that couldn’t even die.

The Demon Lord class wind divine power that separated from Raphael had safely arrived to Lucifer as planned and became part of it.

Currently, there’s now colorful butterfly wings at the back of Lucifer along with its light wings.

A total of four wings.

With this, there’s four.

Only four.

Lucifer should have had twelve wings when it was completed.

This is all the fault of Michael and those idiots for not dying.

It would be one thing if they were way too weak to kill the humans, but to think they would reconcile and stop the fighting. On top of that, they didn’t kill humans.

Why is it that every single pawn of mine doesn’t move as I want them to and are all braindead?

“…Now that it has come to this, there’s no other choice.” (Ates)

If they won’t move as I want, I just have to move directly.

Lucifer is currently incomplete, but it has plenty enough power after obtaining wind. It should still be able to easily crush those three even if they were to fight Lucifer together.

There’s no need to hide its presence in case something happens.

Idiots that don’t have the will to fight are basically trash. I will have the Light Demon Lord dispose of that trash, and change them into wings that will decorate its back!

“Light Demon Lord, Lucifer; you are currently not the Great Demon Lord yet. When you obtain all the elements, all the powers, you will truly be the Great Demon Lord!” (Ates)

Sorry for waking you up before that.

But it looks like, in order to reach the perfect strength, you will have to obtain it with your own hands.

“Now go, Lucifer. In order to become perfect, and with that perfected strength, destroy this unsightly world!!” (Ates)

The mountain moved.

That itself is the figure of my creation, Lucifer.

A big build that doesn’t fall short to the Mother Monsters that the four Base Elements created.

I provided a human-like upper half to this child, and a snake-like lower half.

What will be destroying the humans, is the foolishness of the humans themselves.

This design is a metaphor of this.

The unsightly and disgusting snake lower half is the selfishness that lies deep inside all humans, and their cruelty given shape.

At its back, there’s only the shining light wings and the still new butterfly wings.

Adding to that, there will be the fire wings, transparent wings, and the tree wings.

And then, the last ones will be…

“Go, Lucifer!!” (Ates)

This is the time to sound the trumpet of the end!!

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  1. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Let’s see how this goes. Will Lucifer be perfected by the death of the demon lords, or will it remain imperfect by the survival of the demon lords?

  2. Haha! Ates is a terrible chessmaster. In a sense, she’s even pitiful.

    Because she’s the aspect of Inflation that’s purely selfish, arrogant, and incapable of empathizing with others, her plans consistently fail because she doesn’t understand the “human” element to both the gods and their demon lords. Even rotten Coacervate realized that a manipulator needs to adapt to the pawns and not the other way around. I have no idea if Lucifer will play her game either, and I’m wondering how she’s going to get the Darkness wings-unless the placeholder of Shadow will be used.

    That said, Lucifer’s description sounds pretty badass. 12 wings of 6 elements, the culmination of everyone’s death and symbol of their inner ugliness-Ates’s own complex as the ugly side of Inflation. A pretty fitting “destroyer” creature.

    Alas, Ates failed to account for humanity once again at the end of the day. She doesn’t know that even Lamias have been popular among humans in recent years~
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    But damn! Ates is such a nuisance, she gives the image of a annoying spoilt brat that is self-centered and expects everyone to go along her ideas

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