Tsuki – Extra 25: At that time secretly

The place is Asora, where workshops of the Elder Dwarfs line up.

It is a queer division where smithies and furnaces are in place, and within those, there’s a single building of conspicuous colour.

It was clearly pretty far from the other workshops, located at the outskirts.

What’s abnormal about it? It is really big.

Maybe because the entrance is made for dwarfs, the size of that part isn’t that abnormal. But the other entrance, that was closed by shutters, was big enough that one would have to look up.

The back door that’s being used for the entry of the materials is also of quite the size.

“We have finally finished the prototype. With this, we will be able to show it to the Chief and Beren.”

“We have made it. This concept is not an invention, but a discovery. It is truly fun to see things take form just as theory states.”

Inside the place, there’s a Dwarf and an Arke looking up at a towering shadow as they nod to each other.

Looks like they are approaching the completion of a work.

Dwarfs and Arkes working together is a rare occurrence even within Asora.

They do share the things they have created with each other, but there’s not many times where they would work together for a job.

“Now, it will depend on the reactions of the announcement, but whichever the case, the next step will be decided tomorrow…… I look forward to working with you again.” (Dwarf)

“Of course. Don’t worry, we even obtained permission to make japanese swords. This is basically the same thing, so the permission will be given.” (Arke)

The two look up once more at the shadow that’s covered by a veil.

This is something that may cause a revolution, not only in Asora, but in the world.

But well, the two didn’t know this though.

That’s why the Elder Dwarf and the Arke couldn’t understand the meaning of the bitter expression of the Elders, and the official suspension of the research that was ordered by the Lord of Asora, Misumi Makoto.

As craftsmen and as residents of Asora, it was a difficult to accept order-especially for the Dwarf.

They pleaded to the Elders many times, and they also showed the creation to the other craftsmen to gain their agreement.

The two thought that they would be able to gain the agreement of the warriors of other races in Asora, but their expectations were betrayed and didn’t manage to gain much agreement.

As a result, it ended with harsh words that were hard to swallow for the two.

‘That’s no weapon anymore’, this was the common point of the negative opinions.

The two, who were moved by the ground-breaking ideas in Makoto’s memories, felt like they were hearing opinions that were old-fashioned.

When they asked: ‘If this isn’t a weapon, then what is it?’, the answer they got back was: ‘An armament’.

But the two had given plenty of consideration to methods of using it in peaceful ways.

They were confident that it would be able to leave great results in transportation and public works.

“Why? If this research were to advance, it would become a great strength. Just what is Waka-sama thinking? He shouldn’t be someone who wouldn’t understand this.” (Dwarf)

“He actually looked like he had interest in it. Mio-sama and Tomoe-sama didn’t tell us any details about it. They must have some sort of reason for that. He didn’t even think of checking it out with his own eyes.” (Arke)

“…True. He has personally looked at the prototypes until now, and yet, he didn’t even look at this one and rejected it immediately. A reason…” (Dwarf)

“If it is a reason like him losing an important person because of something similar to this in his homeland, it will be difficult to continue research.” (Arke)

“Hm, but if it is something like that, they would normally tell us in advance that it is forbidden.” (Dwarf)

A dwarf craftsman in his prime, and an Arke that is good in alchemy -especially the creation of Golems; the meeting of these two was due to a part of Makoto’s memories that was edited by Tomoe.

The place was where the edited memories of Makoto have been gathered in and is even called as data room.

This room is mainly managed by the followers of Makoto: Tomoe, Mio, and Shiki. However, there are times when the residents of Asora are called for the reason of sorting.

It was at that kind of time that the two, who are originally not tasked with document and report related jobs, had gotten in contact with the memories of Makoto.

They saw it.

A golem that was a lot bigger than the giant race and that humans board to fight.

That was what they saw inside the memories that were scheduled to be erased.

“People…driving Golems…”

“Manned machines…operated directly by people…?!”

The Dwarf sought equipment that doesn’t lack behind from the other races; the Arke was in pursuit of the possibilities of Golems.

People operating Golems.

The shock they received from the cliche robot anime was incredible.

The Dwarf saw a supreme piece of equipment there; the Arke felt as if the walls blocking all sides of his thoughts had collapsed, he saw the potential of Golems.

The two polished the structure, and had single-mindedly overcome a difficult path.

And then, they showed it to the Dwarf elders.

A Golem whose overall height is four meters and stands on two feet, and another one that has a lower upper-half body.

The two didn’t have anything to be called a head, and there was a seat set up there for the driver to operate it.

Each were respectively boarded by the dwarf and Arke. They used a variety of weapons, and showed quick movements.

In terms of showing its performance, there was no better success than that.

But they couldn’t see it as an armament.

No matter the old and young, there were many who showed shirking gazes.

Makoto didn’t come to see it. Tomoe and Shiki did come to check it out, but they also didn’t show favorable expressions towards the Golems.

“In the first place, what’s the difference between a weapon and an armament? I can’t tell.” (Arke)

“…For us Dwarfs, an armament is referred to as a weapon that is specialized and expected to be used in war. There are times when…you would get exiled for trying to make things like that.” (Dwarf)

“No way. What part of this Golem is an armament? It is a more efficient way to expend magic power, many can operate it, and if its abilities are improved, they could be used for surveillance and bodyguarding. There are exceptions, but there’s no better assistance to cultivating new land and for construction work.” (Arke)

“That’s what we thought when we worked on it. Of course, I did think that it could serve as a weapon we could use though…… Right, this is in no means an armament. In that case, there’s only one thing to do. Waka-sama’s approval.” (Dwarf)

“…Showing it to him directly and convince him huh.” (Arke)

“No other way. I want to develop these guys even more. If people don’t drive them, they will just be dolls. In other words, depending on the user, they can become splendid tools. I can’t let it end with them being labeled as armament.” (Dwarf)

“I will go as well. Now that it has come to this, I will tag along to the ends of it.” (Arke)

“Then, let’s make a plan. There won’t be any point unless we are sure that we can meet with Waka-sama, and there’s the chance that if the Elders notice what we plan on doing, it will be crushed before we can do anything.” (Dwarf)

“Yeah.” (Arke)

The two began their planning within the big workshop.

It was clear that the two couldn’t give up on the Golems they had created with their own hands.

That stance was something that all craftsmen would understand.

That’s why, the person that was ordered by the Elders to keep them in check stopped watching that figure of theirs.

“Hah… Good grief.”

A man took off the thing that looked like an earphone from his ear and unfastens the big goggles he had on.

“…I understand how you guys feel to the point of being painful. Get the direct approval of Waka-sama. Well, let’s overlook this one. Haha, I might be getting old.” (Beren)

At a place pretty faraway from the workshop, the man, that was the trigger to the Elder Dwarfs migrating to Asora, was having a monologue.

“Also, I don’t hate those kind of ‘mecha’-like things. There’s quite the low chances that Waka-sama will approve of it though. But well, do your best.” (Beren)

Beren looks at the earphones and goggles as he takes a deep sit.

Those two things were articles that he had made himself.

He is also one of the people that took interest in the machines that were in the memories of Makoto.

The direction is different, but he did feel slight kinship towards the two who were burning with passion towards Golems.


“I would have listened to what you guys had to say even without doing something like that, you know.”



At a later date.

There’s a Dwarf and an Arke in Makoto’s room.

Their plan of directly negotiating with Makoto had splendidly failed.

The one who prevented it was Mio.

The actions of Mio’s kin -the Arkes- were obviously transmitted to her.

It was obvious that he was making suspicious movements, and the fact that the highly intelligent Arke was unable to notice that -no matter how passionate he was with the Golems- is nothing but careless.

It was fortunate for them that they were noticed by Makoto before the questioning (at least that’s what she calls it) of Mio began.

The special questionings of hers sometimes would make even Shiki unable to act for a while.  

“And so, the reason you two came here was…because of the Golems?” (Makoto)

They were let into the room of Makoto, and once there were only the three there, the conversation began.

“…Yes. We didn’t understand the reason why Waka-sama would stop their development.” (Dwarf)

“This can be considered a recreation of Waka-sama’s knowledge just like the japanese sword. Why was only the development of Golems ordered to be stopped?” (Arke)

The two began to speak with passion about the Golem’s advantages as if the gates had opened.

They spoke for several tens of minutes.

The shoulders of the two were heaving as they waited for Makoto’s response.

“…I see. You two were thinking of using it as heavy machinery as well huh. I didn’t notice that. Sorry.” (Makoto)

When Makoto heard the report of Golems operated by people, he imagined the humanoid armaments that appear in robot anime.

That wasn’t incorrect, but that wasn’t all there was to it.

They were thinking plenty about ways that could be implemented in Asora, and had considered the Golems to be used like the heavy machineries found in Makoto’s world as well.

Hearing the words of Makoto that could be taken as approval, the two suddenly grew more cheerful.

“But the research and development of those Golems…I still can’t approve of it.” (Makoto)


“Because I think that this is excessive power, not only for the outside world, but this Asora as well.” (Makoto)

Makoto felt danger even when he heard about the development of small arms, so there’s no way he wouldn’t feel danger to robots.

With just the combination of magic and science from the knowledge of Makoto’s world, it might create a dangerous reaction, is how Makoto thinks.

And in reality, this humanoid armament that doesn’t exist in the modern era had been made possible in this world, making his fear even bigger.

“But Waka-sama, you haven’t even seen it yet!” (Arke)

“I have heard the report of Tomoe and Shiki.” (Makoto)

“If you see the real thing, you will definitely change your mind!” (Dwarf)

“…Why are you two so stuck in manned Golems?” (Makoto)

Instead of answering the request of the craftsmen about seeing the real thing, he questioned them back.

“…Even if we excel at making weapons,we are weak compared to other races. That’s why I aimed for strong equipment and placed my hopes in the Golems. But! That was simply my initial motivation. Now, I wish to pursue from the bottom of my heart the many possibilities that the Golems possess! If Waka-sama says so, I don’t mind throwing away the utilization of it as a weapon. Please, give us the approval for research and development!” (Dwarf)

“I loved Golems from the very beginning. But I didn’t think about having people operate Golems ever before. The moment I learned of it, I felt appeal in the many possibilities that unfolded, just like he said. Even if it doesn’t go in the same direction, I think I won’t be able to forget it now that I have learned of it.” (Arke)

“I spoke about guns to the Dwarf Elders before. Maybe because of that, the Elders felt like they should stop your research in an early stage. I think that guns and robots are not necessary yet.” (Makoto)

“‘Yet’? What do you mean by yet? When do you think they will be necessary?” (Arke)

“Right. When the hyumans or demi-humans reach those ideas on their own, I think they will be necessary. At least that’s what I think.” (Makoto)

“…Then, what about us…” (Dwarf)

“You guys used my memories as the trigger, right? That’s no good. I am talking about the time when those kind of things are born at the outside of Asora.” (Makoto)

“Something like that…wouldn’t it take several centuries?!” (Arke)

“That’s why I thought it wasn’t necessary and rejected it.” (Makoto)


The two fall silent.

It is true that if these two hadn’t come in contact with the memories of Makoto, they wouldn’t have begun the development.

The Dwarf and the Arke were showing bitter expressions as if it was the end of the world.

“Then, b-before they are disposed of, can Waka-sama please look at them at least once? Please, at least that…!” (Arke)

“That’s…” (Makoto)

“If! If you are saying you don’t want to see our creation even once…!” (Dwarf)

“Stop! If you say anymore than that, I will be putting a stop to this talk. Lower the knife from your neck.” (Makoto)

Seeing the Dwarf taking out the knife from his waist and placing it onto his neck, Makoto hurriedly stopped him.

Makoto lets out a sigh when he sees the Dwarf lowering it.

“…It might be the time to properly place restrictions on who can enter that room. Hey, you guys want to continue your research solely for the use of construction and transportation?” (Makoto)


“Waka-sama, is that…?!” (Dwarf)

“Do you want to continue? Yes or no?” (Makoto)


“Will you make sure this technology definitely doesn’t get outside?” (Makoto)

*Nod!* *Nod!*

The two nodded their heads as if they were children.

‘Definitely’, the word definitely is not one that can be trusted.

Things that exist will, at some point in time, leak to the outside one way or another.

That’s how the world works.

Things being kept under wraps rarely happens.

“Then, I will take a look at them once you finish making a construction-use one, so make a change of direction to that path. Well then…I give you my approval.” (Makoto)

Even when Makoto knew about this, he still approved of the Golem making of those two.

The desperate passion of those two had gotten to him.

He is soft on his friends.

It is one of his big faults.

““Thank you very much!!””

“Also, in the future, don’t do something stupid as getting caught by Mio. Understood? Well then, you can leave now.” (Makoto)

After seeing the two off, Makoto lets out another heavy sigh.

He was feeling regret, thinking that he shouldn’t have approved it.

“It was the correct choice to not look at it. Even when they will be made into heavy machinery for construction use, I am already looking forward to the finished product. I want to try driving one. Then, even if it is not up to shape, if I were to see a robot, I would definitely want to ride it, and I feel like I would have even accepted the use of it as a weapon. Robots are the dream of everyone after all. You know, like the M, A, K, or the F.” (Makoto) <Most likely Gundams>

The monologue of Makoto echoed powerlessly in his room.

Robots. Makoto liked them enough to watch anime about it.

That’s why he couldn’t go see them.

He couldn’t get fascinated by the things that he should reject.

And in this way, the Asoran humanoid armament development had changed into the development of Asoran heavy machinery for construction.

Thanks to the approval of their Lord, the development advanced, and it would bring about many changes in Asora.

A part of the Gorgons wearing tank tops and becoming heavy machinery meisters, and the creation of giant tools for big machines, are just a few of the many changes.

The giant axe that the young Elder Dwarf used in Rotsgard had been placed as an attachment at the side of the robot, but this was something that Makoto noticed after a good while later.

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