WR – Chapter 349-351: The insecure hero

While we were walking around the city like this, the restless Hyue had slowly regained her calm and had begun to enjoy her reunion with Karen-san and the others from the bottom of her heart.

“Wa~! Hyue-chan, what’s this stall?!” (Karen)

“This is a throwing weapon stall-de gozaru na. The signature weapon of the Kazama Shinobis is the shuriken. You use those in this game-de gozaru.” (Hyue)

“Oh~! It is the type where you throw shurikens and hit the prizes, right?!” (Karen)

“No, you have a match with the stall owner throwing those shurikens, and the one who gets stabbed first loses-de gozaru.” (Hyue)

“What’s that?! That’s scary!” (Karen)

Even with that, Karen-san, Hyue, and Doraha had challenged the shuriken stall and left the stall owner like a cactus. They splendidly obtained their prizes.

Looks like the more shurikens you stab at the stall owner, the higher the prize rank.

They obtained what’s most likely the highest ranked prize, a big stuffed toy of the mascot character of Rudras Metropolis -Windy-kun-, and were chuckling.

“Everyone… thank you very much.” (Hyue)

After a while, Hyue suddenly thanked us and that led to confusion.

“Hm? What’s the matter? Were you that happy to get Windy-kun?” (Karen)

“No, aside from that…you guys brought me away from the development of the divine tool and were considerate on me by giving me a change of pace. I want to give my thanks for that-de gozaru.” (Hyue)


Hyue also noticed the consideration of Karen-san huh.

She is a good girl after all. Well, that goes for all the heroes though.

“…Hyue-chan, there’s no need to be in so much of a hurry. You are not fighting on your own. With Haine-san, Doraha-san, and I here; even if a Demon Lord were to appear, we will be fighting together with you!” (Karen)

Karen-san hits her own chest filled with confidence. When she did this, her fist bounced off and her breasts shook.

“You don’t have to be pessimistic! The situation is tilting to a favorable direction for the humans. You have heard of the God Heroes in the wireless transmissions, right?” (Karen)

God Hero.

These words are not known only by a limited amount of people now, it is beginning to be known by the whole world.

“It is true that…I have heard about those reports from the messengers of their respective nations-de gozaru.” (Hyue)

“The Gods of our churches are helping us out! Mirack-chan, Celestis-chan, Sasae-chan, and I have become God Heroes! Hyue-chan can definitely become a God Hero as well!!” (Karen)

“Do you really think so-de gozaro ka?!” (Hyue)

“That’s right! I heard this directly from the Fire God-sama and the Water God-sama after all!! They said that the Wind God Quasar-sama is especially in favor of the humans!!” (Karen)

That Nova and Coacervate, they had leaked those things out to the humans huh.

But more than that, the fact that they revealed their identities and made direct contact with the humans makes me want to hit those guys with a Black Hole.

This might come as weird coming from the Dark God that incarnated as a human, but the boundary between humans and Gods should be clearly defined.

“You see! In the fights until now, we have directly met with the Fire God-sama, Water God-sama, and Mother Earth-sama directly, but they were all nice allies, you know!! That’s why the Wind God-sama must be an incredibly good ally as well, no doubt!” (Karen)

So she says, Shiva-san.

Those were words I would like the incarnated Quasar to hear and delight in his reaction.

…But, to think that Nova, Coacervate, and Mantle would be called good allies. Karen-san’s saint-like personality must play a big factor in how she sees them though.

But… leaving aside Nova and Mantle, Coacervate being a good ally huh.

…That contaminated water bastard was called a good ally. It played a big part that he has been distilled and the filth of several centuries has been taken away.

I skimmed through the newspaper that I had bought on the way here.

These were the headlines that were going around.

A miracle?! A spring welling up from dry land!!

A river flood avoided urban areas, no casualties!!

Villages that were fighting over a water source have made up! A mysterious monster used his wisdom to divide it equally!!


Those are all his doing.

Thinking that this guy will be accumulating filth and changing into a villain…

Does he digest karma? Or maybe he accumulates it?

“That’s why, Hyue-chan can become a God Hero when the Demon Lord-san appears! With that, it will be solved!!” (Karen)

The conversation on the other side continued.

Karen-san seemed to be in slightly high tension.

“Karen-dono… I think that’s wrong.” (Hyue)


“It is true that the Gods loving us and helping us is something to be happy about. But if humans take that for granted and stop bettering themselves, the blessings of the Gods will only become poison that rots the inside of humans.” (Hyue)

Hyue speaks my mind out.

It also doubles for the reason of why I wanted humans to not know about Gods being in the surface world. Just knowing that fact alone can serve as a poison for the growth of humans, rotting their potential and possibilities.

“That’s why I want to grow stronger with my own strength as much as I can-de gozaru. Before relying on Gods, I should first become a hero that is acknowledged by the Gods -by my own strength!” (Hyue)

Hyue began to get worked up again.

All heroes lost their composure when the Demon Lords appeared, but I think Hyue was the one that took it the hardest.

“…Hey, Hyue, why are you so worked up?” (Haine)


“It is true that it is important to be independent, but your current attitude feels as if you have to fight the Demon Lord on your own no matter what. What is the reason that’s making you feel that way?” (Haine)

When I asked that, Hyue made a discouraged expression.

And then, she painfully said.

“I…if I don’t do that first, I won’t be able to get balance.” (Hyue)


What does she mean?

“I became a hero recently. The achievements as a hero, the experience; I am lower than everyone in those aspects. Karen-dono, Mirack-dono, Celestis-dono; to stand at the side of the others, my efforts and ability are still lacking-de gozaru.” (Hyue)

“That’s not true. Hyue-chan is doing plenty well as a hero.” (Karen)

Karen-san’s heartfelt feelings seemed to not have been enough.

“That’s why, I need achievements-de gozaru. A grand achievement that allows me to be acknowledged as a hero. I want to achieve this on my own without the help of anyone-de gozaru!” (Hyue)

“Going against a Demon Lord alone for the sake of that is just…!” (Haine)

The achievement she is aiming for is on the max level.

“Uhm… how about taking on a more gentle quest…? Monsters are not limited to Demon Lords after all!” (Haine)

For now, it would be better to cooperate with everyone in matters that affect the destiny of humanity as a whole.

Personal achievements should be raised slowly with your daily efforts.

“No, that won’t do.” (Hyue)

But Hyue was more stubborn than I thought.

“I have never fought by myself before after all.” (Hyue)

  • 350: Guardian of the backlines

“You have never fought alone?” (Haine)

That mutter of hers surprised Karen-san and I.

“Uhm…Hyue-chan? You say that, but I also haven’t fought alone, you know?” (Karen)

Well, of course. The fights between humans and monsters are group battles that have the survival of their race at stake.

The heroes lead the respective soldiers of their affiliated church, and lately, the heroes have even cooperated in fighting together.

Fighting alone wouldn’t be done unless you are quite the peculiar character. And thinking about the many things that would be lost if you were to lose, that peculiar character would be a sinful one.

“No, that’s not what I mean. My fighting style requires the support of someone else at all times, so..” (Hyue)

I see.

Hyue’s long gun, En-no-Ozuno, was made in mind for long range snipes.

With that kind of fighting style, there would be no way a proper one versus one can take place.

It would be either a one-sided assassination without giving the chance for the other party to notice, or a group battle, where you provide backup for the frontlines.

Watching the battlefield from the back and eliminating beforehand the dangers that the others haven’t noticed.

I said this before but, the importance of this is of the highest degree, and her participation in the Hero Alliance was incredibly reassuring.

But when I think it again…

“It is true that Hyue’s battle style is not fitting as a hero that cuts through the enemy lines.” (Haine)

Heroes are the symbol that protects humanity.

How to say it. Shooting from a hidden location without standing out isn’t that cool, or more like, not that hero-like.

“Hyue-chan, why did you choose that Wind Long Gu—-nhgh…” (Karen)

Wind Long Gun technique.

Karen-san, don’t bite your tongue in such a cute way.

“…*Cough*, why did you try to learn that? The wind divine power users have a variety of styles, and they all have their special points, which makes them interesting.” (Karen)


In the past, Shiva, who was a Founder and hero at the same time, used the dual wind gun technique and showed terrifying close combat prowess.

The proxy wind hero, Juo, had an even more unique fighting style called Wind Rebellion Guns.

Both of them are suited to fight directly with the monsters at the frontlines, and they are flashy and thrilling battles styles.

“…I originally wanted to be of help to Aniue-sama…” (Hyue)

I see.

“If Aniue-sama will be fighting at the frontlines, I will take the back and protect Aniue-sama from danger. That’s why I learned the wind long gun technique-de gozaru.” (Hyue)

The brother that advances forward, and the little sister that protects the back; she was training with that image in mind.

“To tell you the truth, I didn’t think at all that I would become a hero-de gozaru. I simply wanted to be of help to Aniue-sama. Becoming stronger and fighting; those were my only objectives-de gozatta.” (Hyue)

Instead of defeating the enemy, she wanted to be a sniper that secures the safety of her allies.

Her reason for choosing that position was, as expected, her brother huh.

“Hyue-chan, you really like your brother…” (Karen)

“Yes! I like him a lot-de gozaru!!” (Hyue)

Hyue agrees vehemently.

…Uhm, isn’t that the part where you should get embarrassed cause you were seen through?

“And I want Juo to die-de gozaru!!” (Hyue)

“I didn’t ask you to let so much of your true feelings out!!” (Karen)

“…Juo was taken out of her position as hero and Aniue-sama took her position as replacement, which led to his body breaking, forcing him to retire. The batton was passed to me-de gozatta.” (Hyue)

Hyue was once again showing a pained expression.

“I honestly didn’t imagine that things would turn out like this-de gozaru. My strength was supposed to protect only Aniue-sama. And yet, it isn’t limited to protecting him anymore, but protect all the people of the Wind Church -no, all the people in the world. Is my current self enough to achieve that?” (Hyue)

This was the first time I heard the wavering of becoming a hero from the mouth of Hyue.

We witnessed the moment when she became a hero.

A hero is a position that holds heavy responsibility, so it will of course come with uneasiness and doubts, but it looks like that uneasiness continued all the way until now.

“That’s why you had a new divine tool made and thought of a different battle style. All in order to get the achievement of defeating a Demon Lord on your own?” (Haine)

Even if that’s the case, I think that robot strays way too far from that!  

“…Sorry. It was a verbal slip just now-de gozatta. Please forget about it.” (Hyue)

When reaching certain positions, those people are not allowed to show weakness.

A hero also falls into those positions.

Hyue noticed this and corrected her posture.

“No matter if I am worthy of that position or not, now that I am a hero, I have to fulfill that position to the best of my abilities-de gozaru. If I don’t do that, it would be a disgrace for Aniue-sama that had chosen me as a hero.” (Hyue)

“Truly like you.” (Haine)

“And so, I plan on continuing my training without slackening. If possible, I would like Karen-dono and Haine-dono to assist me.” (Hyue)

Hyue lowers her head deeply.

Well, helping each other is important, and helping out in training isn’t a bad thing.

But at this rate, I feel like she will refuse any reinforcements when the actual battle with the Demon Lord happens…

“But, in the end, I still think you are fine as you are, Hyue-chan.” (Karen)

Karen-san says this with a tone as if soothing Hyue.

“With how things are going, I feel like there won’t be a battle with the Demon Lord-sans.” (Karen)

“Eh?” (Hyue)

“We have reached a compromise with Michael-san, Gabriel-san, and Uriel-san. Raphael will definitely—!” (Karen)

Before Karen-san could finish saying what she wanted to say, a shouting voice interrupted them.

“Hero-sama!! Wind Hero, Hyue-samaaaa!!”

Looks like it was someone from the Wind Church.

He is clearly agitated.

“I am so glad…! So you were here! …We searched everywhere for you.”

“What’s the matter?” (Hyue)

Even if she carries insecurities inside of her, if she were to show them to the outside, she would be a failure as a hero.

In front of her brethren, she had to tidy up her voice and attitude.

“Please return to the headquarters at once! Something terrible has happened!”

  • 351: Emergency

“Something terrible?! What in the world happened?!” (Hyue)

Being urged by the member of the Wind Church, Hyue hurriedly returns to the headquarters, and we had no choice but to follow.

In the current state, the only terrible thing that could happen would be the arrival of the Demon Lord.

Looks like the final Demon Lord battle will begin!

—That’s what I thought, but when we stepped into the Wind Church, the one who received us was a maid-like person I see for the first time.

“Ah, Hyue-ojousama! You have finally come!!”

“Fein-san, what’s the matter?” (Hyue)

Hyue seems to be acquainted with her as well, but she was also confused by this.

“Ah, everyone, this is Fein-san. She is a maid of our Toreido household-de gozaru. She has been working under us for a long time and she is practically family-de gozaru.” (Hyue)

“Ojou-sama…! Those words are wasted on me!” (Fein)

Now that I think about it, Hyue’s family is one of the most influential households in the Wind Church.

That’s why the eldest son Shiva became the Wind Founder and ended up marrying Juo who is from an influential family too.

“Fein-san is also one of the people preparing the wedding of Aniue-sama-de gozaru. Since the two in question are busy.” (Hyue)

“Yes! We are cooperating with the Brastor household to progress the preparations.” (Fein)

When I look, the butler-like person at the side lowers his head.

It is a wedding between influential families, so there must be a lot going on.

“…But can you wait for a bit, Fein-san? There’s apparently something terrible happening, so I returned to the headquarters just now.” (Hyue)

“I was the one! I was the one who asked to call for Hyue-ojousama!!” (Fein)

“Eh?” (Hyue)

Looks like…things are moving to a different direction?

“I was the one who told them it was something terrible! It is terrible!” (Fein)

“Uhm…Fein-san? What has happened?” (Hyue)

“It is terrible!!” (Fein)

Spit out what is terrible already.

“The preparations for the wedding are not proceeding at all!!” (Fein)



“What? That’s all?” (Haine)

I thought it was the arrival of the Demon Lord, so once things were revealed, it felt like cold water was thrown onto me. I ended up slipping out those words and the Maid-san glared at me for that.

“What do you mean by ‘that’s all’?!” (Fein)

“Woah!” (Haine)

“Shiva-obocchama and Juo-sama’s wedding is an event of utmost importance as it is the joining of the Wind Church’s influential powerhouses; the Toreido and Brastor family! As the person left in charge of it, for this maid of the Toreido family, this is a job of top priority!” (Fein)

What an incredibly threatening attitude!

“More so when Shiva-obocchama is the current Wind Founder! This is a celebration that involves the whole Wind Church! If this were to fail, I would have to die to make amends!!” (Fein)

How exaggerated!…is what I thought, but there might be that much of a punishment when influential families are involved.

I tried directing my gaze to Hyue just in case, and Hyue shook her head to the sides with an exhausted expression.

…So it was only this maid-san being heavily delusional huh.

“So, what do you mean by the preparations of the wedding not proceeding? If I remember correctly, the wedding will be…” (Hyue)

“In ten days!!” (Fein)

10 days?!

Isn’t that pretty close?

With the day being this close, it is understandable that the city would be raising a festival though.

No, raising a festival is still too soon even with 10 days.

“How much is not prepared?” (Hyue)

“Everything!!” (Fein)


“Everything, you say?!” (Hyue)

“What do you mean by everything?!” (Karen)

Not only Hyue and I, even Karen-san was surprised and bit onto those words as well.

Maybe the maid-san felt danger, her face turned blue.

“That’s…Shiva-bocchama and Juo-sama prioritized their work and didn’t get involved at all in their wedding preparations, so…! No, that part is fine. The two of them are important people of the Wind Church, and they are busy. That’s why we took the job of proceeding with the preparations, but…!” (Fein)

Did a problem appear?

“Even with that, the two of them said they wanted to decide on the important things since it is their own wedding. The wedding dress, the interior design of the opening banquet, the menu, the guests’ seat orders, and the cake; there’s nothing decided!!” (Fein)


There’s only 10 days left, right?!

“The ceremony itself has already been decided that it will be held in the Grand Wind Church, with him being the Wind Founder, but Shiva-sama and Juo-sama said that they would be deciding on the priest as well, and that hasn’t been decided either. The five candidates are still on hold!!” (Fein)


“Shiva-sama had suddenly said that ‘I will be meeting with the Light Founder’ and went missing for several days, and when he finally returned, he holed up in his office room with the work that had accumulated!! No matter how many times I called, there was no answer!” (Fein)

“Fein-san has a habit of nagging a lot, so Aniue-sama ended up getting a habit of ignoring what she says.” (Hyue)

“Everything is for the sake of Bocchama becoming a wonderful head of the Toreido family! But now that it has come to this, the only other person aside from myself that can make Shiva-bocchama listen is Hyue-ojosama!!” (Fein)

“What about father and mother?” (Hyue)

“If Danna-sama and Oku-sama were to learn of this mess, my dignity as a maid would be…!!” (Fein)

The maid-san has it tough in a lot of ways huh.

But, from what I hear, the reason why Shiva went missing in such a busy period is clearly because we dragged him to the Nameless Desert.

…I have a part of the responsibility in this.

“Was Juo the same?” (Haine)

When I ask the butler that seems to be from the Brastor family, he simply nodded with a disheartened expression.

“…I had her make Kukulkan, so I am partly to blame for that….. Understood.” (Hyue)

Hyue turned to me.


“Haine-dono, it seems like you are close to Aniue-sama. Aniue-sama was wise and brilliant, so he was unable to make close friends in the Kazama Shinobis, so you two have an incredibly mysterious closeness. But that’s exactly why he would hear what you say. Can you please bring Aniue-sama here in my sted?” (Hyue)

“I am fine with that but, what about you, Hyue?” (Haine)

“I will be going to where Juo is. The time limit is already closing in. I want to take care of the troublesome stuff as soon as possible.” (HYue)

Meaning that she will be dividing the job rather than just leaving it to one person huh.


Just like I said before, I hold part of the responsibility.

This is slightly peaceful compared to a Demon Lord battle, but in order to protect the festive mood of Rudras Metropolis, I will be providing my best to assist!

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