WR – Chapter 329-331: Like a maelstrom

“Was this really okay, Haine-san?” (Karen)

It couldn’t be helped that Karen-san would ask with uneasiness.

The one on one battle with Uriel and Sasae was decided in a truly weird sequence of events.

We all had no choice but to turn to spectators, but I think it can’t be helped.

“Mantle is a God that moves with a simple line of thought, so she can’t be convinced with complicated logic. It is similar to Sasae-chan. Unless we use something that surpasses logic, it won’t work.” (Haine)

“And you are saying that ‘something’ is a fight?” (Mirack)

It may not be the best choice, but that’s the only effective method I can think of.

I don’t know at all what result this battle will bring about, but we have no choice but to believe it will be a good one as we watch over it.

“…That may be fine for Sasae-chan and Mother Earth-sama, but Uriel-san who is their opponent is just…!” (Karen)

“Well, I can only say that he should just go along with it!” (Haine)

I am beginning to feel sorry for that Demon Lord.

“Uryaaaa! Now that it has come to this, I will do this thoroughly!” (Uriel)

The person himself is getting pissed off after all.

“Uriel is unexpectedly a scaredy-cat isn’t he. To get so agitated just because he got cornered…” (Gabriel)

“Looks like he is still far from hot-bloodedness.” (Michael)

The other two Demon Lords were mannerdly watching over it as well.

“Be sure to watch, how the serious Earth Demon Lord looks!!” (Uriel)

Uriel bends his body and flaps the two branch-like wings from his back heavily.

Their shape resembles that of wings but, as expected, they are still wood.

Those two branch wings of his grew wide at an incredible rate, and then, drew a spiral towards the heavens, and became a tree.

That size and the way the leaves spread, it is like…!

“It looks like Great Pillar-sama-dasu!!” (Sasae)

It was like the Earth Mother Monster that gave birth to him, Grandma Wood.

Of course, compared to the Grandma Wood that spread through Ishtar Blaze as if covering it whole, it is a lot smaller. But even if it is mini-sized, there’s a feeling of grandeur to it.

There’s no doubt this trait had been inherited from his mother.

“What’s surprising is still to come. Watch and be in awe!!” (Uriel)

Something was released from the spread out tree.

*Bang *Bang *Bang *Bang

They were shot out at incredible speed, like bullets. Several hundreds were being shot from the whole tree at rapid fire.

They flew diagonally downwards and hit the ground, raising heavy dust clouds.

“Uwa! Dangerous!” (Karen)

“Wait, Uriel?! If you are going to fight, be mindful of your surroundings! It would hurt if it hits us!” (Celestis)

It is true that it was quite the amazing rapid fire. Decent enough to be used as an attack, but the things that look like bullets were buried in the ground, and the opponent Sasae-chan doesn’t have a single scratch.

What is Uriel trying to do?

“Kukuku! If you want to know the answer, strain your eyes and look carefully. At what I shot.” (Uriel)

“Eh? That is…!” (Haine)

Straining my eyes, I caught on.

What was dug into the ground was a block that was big enough to hold in one hand.

I remember that shape…

“The Golem’s core, a Life Block!” (Haine)

A Golem is in basis just a lump of earth in human shape, but it is not as if they come out as giants from the very beginning.

They will first be born as blocks from Grandma Wood and, by using that as the core, they gather earth and stones around the area to form the humanoid shape.

Right now, that’s exactly what’s happening.

The several hundreds of Life Blocks Uriel shot were changing into Golems and became a big army commanded by Uriel!

“Are you surprised at my Golem army?” (Uriel)

Uriel had already returned the tree-form of his wings back to normal.

“Uriel can also create Golems?!” (Haine)

“Apparently, the Demon Lords have inherited the ability to make monsters from the Mother Monsters. If that wasn’t the case, the monsters wouldn’t be born anymore after the death of the Mother Monsters after all.” (Karen)

Karen-san explained it to me.

“It is actually an ultimate technique that I had saved in order to swallow your cities whole, but now that it has come to this, I don’t need to show any restrain. With these army of several hundreds of Golems, I will beat you to a pulp!!” (Uriel)

Is what he says as he moves way back at the rear of the Golem army.

“That guy, isn’t he actually so scared that he is hiding in the shadows of the Golems?” (Gabriel)

“A man too far away from being hot-blooded.” (Michael)

His comrade Demon Lords were also being quite the harsh judges.

On the other hand, Sasae-chan who had witnessed the sudden spawning of the Golem army…

“What a…! What a great thing-dasu!!” (Sasae)

Was actually moved.

“The Golems that I thought wouldn’t be born ever again…have once again been born! There be nothing as happy as this-dasu!” (Sasae)

“Eh?” (Uriel)

As expected of the Golem-loving Sasae-chan.

Now that I think about it, Sasae-chan’s undivided attention to the Golems was admirable.

After the incident with Grandma Wood going berserk, the Golems were about to be made into the bad guys, but the one who covered for them was Sasae-chan.

That’s why Golems still continue being the friends of humans in Ishtar Blaze.

“As thanks for showing me something so good, I will also be pouring mah own bit-dasu!!” (Sasae)

The dynamite body Sasae-chan, who is filled with power thanks to Mantle, hits the ground with her Earth Scythe, Sita.

“That stance is…!” (Haine)

Sasae-chan’s new technique, the alchemy refined Golem that doesn’t require a Life Block!

And then, just as I thought, resonating with the divine power that Sasae-chan poured, a beautiful female-shaped Golem appeared from the ground.

Just that…there was one thing that I didn’t think would happen.

The numbers…


The Golems refined by Sasae-chan were not only limited to one.

There were 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50…hundreds…

An incredible amount of Goddess Golems appeared at the surroundings of Sasae-chan.

“This is…the true power of the God Hero Sasae-chan?!” (Haine)

In the past, she could only make one, and it was not on a level where she could use it in battle, and yet, in the blink of an eye, she could now make several hundreds.

Are you saying that’s how much outrageous her divine power has increased?!

“…Now that I think about it, Sasae-chan has still not used a Golem in battle since the time she became a God Hero!” (Haine)

“W-What do you mean by that, Haine-san?” (Karen)

“The earth heroes are divided in two types: the ones that fight in close quarters with their scythe, and the ones that fight controlling Golems. But Sasae-chan fights in the frontlines while controlling Golems. She was thinking of doing both of those at the same time.” (Haine)

She was struggling heavily in how difficult this endeavour was.

“By becoming a God Hero, even that problem might have been overcome. Her natural ability of controlling Golems has increased and her skills with the scythe rose to the level of Yoneko-san.” (Haine)

Her body has grown and she now has a body that can properly swing her big scythe after all.

“And yet, Sasae-chan has been using only her scythe in battle until now —without using her specialty that are Golems.” (Haine)

“Meaning that Sasae-chan has not been showing half her strength until now?!” (Karen)

Even with that, she fought with three Demon Lords and God Heroes at the same time and didn’t lose.

How much potential is inside of Sasae-chan?!

And there’s also another thing. The abnormal fight that would be beginning now, I couldn’t just not falter at it.

Uriel had brought out his strength as the Earth Demon Lord to make several hundreds of Golems; Sasae-chan followed fit and refined an army of Goddess Golems.

A Golem army and a Golem army are about to battle.

If they were to clash, there’s no way this will wrap up as just a one on one match.

  • 330: Golem Corps

“This be the ultimate technique of the God Hero Sasae! I call it ‘Earth Conquering Female Corps’-dasu!!” (Sasae)

A swarming Goddess Golem army.

In the past, a single one of those would make us speechless, and yet, now it has several of them appearing at once. It has already surpassed shock and reached the point where I don’t even know what reaction to make.

On the other hand, Uriel had also created several hundreds of Golems.

The current situation is that it is expected to be a Golem army vs Golem army group battle.

“This…! Just what kind of situation will this bring?!” (Celestis)

The spectators were unable to stay calm at this situation.

The first one to raise her voice in this place that felt as if we were inside a sealed bag was Celestis.

Mirack also answers this.

“I don’t know! But it is certain that this battle will turn into one that we haven’t experienced before!” (Mirack)

“It is a battle of a group against a group after all. Until now, we have fought against one Giant monster at a time, but fighting many with many is not something I have done before!” (Celestis)

“Even if it is a large scale battle, it just feels different in nature! It is as if this were like the time the Churches were at war!” (Karen)

It is just as the trio says.

This is already a mass battle between Uriel and Sasae-chan.

It is on a scale where, rather than calling it a battle, it would be more fitting to call it a war.

Even I can’t predict what kind of fight this will turn out into.

“Fufu! Isn’t that fine. This is a completely different type of battle until now. It is fitting for the Demon Lord Uriel!! In that case, your Golem army and my Golem army; let’s decide which one is the strongest one!!” (Uriel)

“No, before that!!” (Sasae)

Is what the adult Sasae-chan says with her hand raised.

But, can’t something be done about those boobs of hers that shake at every single action of hers?

Everytime my gaze gravitates to them, Karen-san pokes my sides.

“Cutting each other out of pure hatred be inelegant-dasu!! Before the sparks fly, how about appraising each other’s goods-dasu?!” (Sasae)

“Goods?! Appraising?!” (Uriel)

A sudden unexpected development!

“Uriel-dono. About the Golems ya made-dasu ga, they truly be made with loyalty to the basics-dasu.” (Sasae)

“Huh?!” (Uriel)

“It can even be said that they be Golems born naturally without any sort of outside influence-dasu. There be only the necessaries and they probably be able to work efficiently, but it be the truth that I don’t feel a single sense of individuality in ‘em and it feels like something be missing-dasu!” (Sasae)

“What are you trying to say?!” (Uriel)

The question of Uriel is natural.

The Golems that Uriel created are indeed regular ones that use a Life Block to gather the earth around with simplistic legs and arms.

Compared to the Goddess Golems of Sasae-chan, Uriel’s feel like they are way too simple in making.

“The Goddess Golems of Sasae-chan are obviously made with the female body as its motif; a design overflowing with alure. The thinness of its waist and the charming curves that entice the viewer. It is indeed beautiful, but, at the same time, it creates insecurity in the work and adds an unnecessary step into the creation of it. It can be said it is inefficient.” (Celestis)

“Celestis-chan?!” (Karen)

Celestis-chan is giving a commentary about it.

“If it is in cultural terms, leave it to the hero of the sightseeing city Hydra Ville, Celestis-chan! We have imported a large amount of potteries created from the good earth there. I have seen a lot of them, so my eyes are trained. I can serve as the commentator!” (Celestis)

We didn’t ask for a commentator though!

“Sasae-chi’s Golems are truly works that have ‘beauty’ as their theme! They may be humanoid but, in the end, they are simply tools for manual labour, however, by giving them a gender, it makes it possible for them to charm the people that see it —truly a bold thought!” (Celestis)

“Incredible! This is also culture, isn’t it?!” (Gabriel)

Gabriel bit?!

What’s with the water element people all the time?!

“Being molded by the gone mother of Sasae-chi, there’s also a motherly feeling added onto the beauty it has. Truly a complex making! Because of this complexity, it doesn’t fall into the category of being a dirty piece of art that was only made to invite the carnal desires! There’s even a feeling authority from it! Holiness! In other words, a Saint!” (Celestis)

“I be grateful for yer high evaluation-dasu.” (Sasae)

The no-holds barred evaluation of Celestis makes Sasae-chan thank her.

“When looking at the Golems of Uriel after that…as I thought, they are so simple it is saddening.” (Celestis)

“Wa?!” (Uriel)

“No affection placed on them, it is as if saying ‘I made them on the spot’. Couldn’t you put a bit more of a…strong-like look to them?” (Celestis)

The way too honest comment of Celestis making Uriel distracted was inevitable.

“What stupid things are you saying, human! My kinfolk Golems are earth element monsters! Monsters decorating themselves; are you telling me to imitate humans?!” (Uriel)

And he exploded.

“But Uriel, weren’t you pretty bothered by your outward appearance?” (Gabriel)

“Gabriel?!” (Uriel)

The Demon Lord was shot from the back.

“The bark that you took off because you were hit by Kuromiya Haine, you said that you didn’t like the shade of black it had when it regenerated, so you took a hell lot of time in it. What should have taken a few days to go back to normal, took several weeks. I even thought, ‘aren’t you an idiot?’.” (Gabriel)

Now that I think about it, he did say something to that effect…

“I don’t count! I am a Demon Lord after all! As the Lord of the demons, I have to show fitting majesty!” (Uriel)

“A hot-bloodedness that is understandable.” (Michael)

Michael nods at it.

“Compared to that, Golems are only weak monsters and there should be a fitting look for the small fry. There’s this many, so I don’t have the time to be placing details on each and every one of them!” (Uriel)

“Putting details ain’t entering in the adorning category-dasu.” (Sasae)

And Sasae-chan once again joins in the discussion.

Or more like, this conversation is still continuing?!

What about the fight?!

  • 331: Unfortunate mishaps

For some reason, the Golem design opinions are still ongoing.

“I also like the simple Golems that don’t have deliberate decorations-dasu.” (Sasae)

Is what Sasae-chan points out.

Sasae-chan’s tone of voice had become like that of a beauty after turning into an adult and, for some mysterious reason, it also gave it more weight in her words.

“Golems that be made just for the sake of working without any unnecessary decorations. But even with that, they still have limbs and face-dasu. At times, I feel kindness in their expressions-dasu.” (Sasae)

“I-I see?” (Uriel)

“Golems that don’t return to Life Blocks after a long while of being formed, slowly have their surface covered by moss, and color begins to be painted in what be once earthen color-dasu. When I see Golems that can only look like that after having passed such a long time…!” (Sasae)


“I feel like, ‘Muhyaaaa’-dasu!.” (Sasae)

I see, I don’t understand!

“A learning experience! This is a learning experience! As expected of the opinion of an habitant, their opinions just have a different taste!” (Celestis)

And Celestis began to memo it with passion?!

Like really, isn’t this already entering a domain where only a certain type of people can understand?!

“Of course, the Golems that Uriel-dono made as well…!” (Sasae)

“Uriel-dono?!” (Uriel)

What path is this thing taking?!

“…Since they be made just now, ye can’t search fer a depth that can only be found with accumulated time-dasu. The structure of the Golems be simple, so that kind of depth makes it more interesting though-dasu!” (Sasae)

“Here, Sensei!” (Gabriel)


Gabriel raised her hand and called Sasae-chan.

“Then, in the current state, you are saying Uriel’s Golems can’t match yours?! In front of Sensei’s Golems that exude feminine charm and have an elegance to them, the seedy-looking Golems of Uriel are inferior!” (Gabriel)

“Don’t call them seedy-looking!” (Uriel)

Sasae-chan answers the question of Gabriel.

“That ain’t the case-dasu. It be true that Uriel-dono’s Golems be of simple making, but within this form that requires a minimum degree of shape, there are also individual traits that inevitably appear-dasu.” (Sasae)

Is what Sasae-chan says as she moves her gaze to the Golems made by Uriel.

“As expected of Golems made directly by a Demon Lord, the skill of the maker be showing directly in it-dasu. For example; the shoulder width!” (Sasae)

She points around its shoulder.

“Its shoulders are wider than the regular Golem and it gives it a threatening look-dasu ga, however, as expected, this be the form it took after having the thought of ‘I will defeat ya!’-dasu. Of course…!” (Sasae)


“…The build be well made and that links into it being good in physical ability-dasu. It can be said that this line of thought of Uriel-dono be directly affecting the strength of the Golems-dasu.” (Sasae)

“W-Well, obviously. They are Golems made personally by the Demon Lord after all!” (Uriel)

Looks like Uriel wasn’t against that part at all.

“But everything can be bad when there be too much-dasu.” (Sasae)

“What?!” (Uriel)

“The Golems of Uriel-dono… maybe because it took shape from yer desire to not lose, both fists have become quite big-dasu.” (Sasae)

Sasae-chan says this as she directly touches the forearm of the Uriel-made Golems.

“Of course, with the logic of a hammer, when the end be bigger and heavier, the stronger the destructive power it has when hitting-dasu. However, the heavier it be, the harder it be to control also applies. More so when you make a part that be from its main body so big. It be natural that its movements would be affected-dasu.” (Sasae)

“Ugh!” (Uriel)

Now that she mentions it, the hands of Uriel’s Golems are big enough that it would affect the balance of the Golems.

Even in my amateur eyes, I could notice after it was pointed out.

Those kind of small inconsistencies are what decide the victory in a battle at times.

“It goes without saying in terms of functionality. When evaluating in terms of looks, rather than calling it a human, it would be more fitting to describe it as a monkey-dasu. It feels as if ye got too stuck in yer zeal-dasu na. In order to make a creative work, it be important to have passion, but if that passion be poured all into yer creations, the technique gets overwritten-dasu.” (Sasae)

“Shut up!!” (Uriel)

Must have been a sense of opposition towards the dry evaluation of Sasae-chan, Uriel roars.

“I silently hear you out but, what are you trying to say for a while now?! The Golems are my limbs; tools of battle! Isn’t it fine to not put so much spirit into each and every single one of those tools?!” (Uriel)

“Even though you got angry when Mantle told you that monsters are tools?” (Haine)

“Ugh!” (Uriel)

I reflexively spoke out and Uriel choked his words.

Because, you know…I couldn’t just not say anything about that.

“You can’t say to others what you yourself got angry when being told that. Rather, the people of Ishtar Blaze placed their heart and soul for generations into the Golems that have only been hollow shells, and with that accumulation over accumulation, you as a Demon Lord with a heart was born. Isn’t that right?” (Haine)

“Guh… No way… There’s just no way…!” (Uriel)

Uriel couldn’t refute it, and within that confusion of his, more strikes were sent.

“Honestly accept the advice, Uriel. Isn’t this a good chance to absorb the culture of humans?” (Gabriel)

“Gabriel?!” (Uriel)

“Being sportsmanlike is also part of being hot-blooded, Uriel.” (Michael)

“Even Michael?!” (Uriel)

Even his comrades were ganging up on him.

“Gngh! Gunununu!! I get it, geez. In that case, let’s decide this clearly!” (Uriel)

He finally snapped.

“Which Golem is better; we will decide in battle! Destroy each other, and the one that remains is the superior Golem. The perfect way to decide that no one can complain about. In the first place, we were intending to fight, and yet, why hasn’t it begun yet?!” (Uriel)

It is exactly as Uriel says.

The fanfare of war has finally been sounded.

“I accept yer challenge-dasu! A battle of Golems that has never been seen before will be taking place here! Let this victory be witnessed clearly by Mother Earth Mantle-sama!!” (Sasae)

“Yes! I will clearly witness it!!” (Mantle)

Even so, it still felt like we were in a festival of some sort.

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