WR – Chapter 266-267: All-out battle

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  • 266: All-out battle

“Fine.” (Michael)

Michael spreads his wings.

“I will recognize you people as opponents as well. Witness the fearsomeness of a Demon Lord.” (Michael)

And then, the hand of the Demon Lord was directed at the army of people.

I could feel a terrifying concentration of divine power.

Is he planning on hitting them with a high power attack?!

“I won’t let you!!” (Mirack)

I immediately rushed towards Michael.

“All-Out [Flame Burst]!!” (Mirack)

With a fire fist that was charged to the very limits, I punch the hand of Michael that was stretched out.

Not a single wound was left, but the impact deviated the hand to a different direction, and the big fireball released from it was released basically horizontally.


The fireball flew faraway and lands, and that place was cleanly burned down.

The blast reached all the way here and hit our cheeks.


One of the three girls calls me.

“We will be shooting ‘Grand Melt’ again! Even if it is the Demon Lord, there’s no way he can endure the ultimate attack of the whole fire militants!”

“But it is a ‘Grand Melt’ that has several hundreds of people! It will take time to concentrate the divine power!”

“…Onee-sama, please hold back the Demon Lord.”

I see.

A glimmer of hope was visible in the despair that was covering my whole vision.

“Understood!! Leave the Demon Lord to me!!” (Mirack)

With my strength, I can’t even injure Michael, but if it’s only holding him back, I will show you I can do it!

But please finish as soon as possible!


A voice calls out to me.

At the same time, something hit my leg.

The moment I looked, I understood what it was and was shocked.

“Sis Kyouka, this is…!” (Mirack)

It was the right fire fist of Sis Kyouka, Fernando!

“You use it, Mirack. Against that Demon Lord, one fire fist is not enough.” (Kyouka)

“But…with my divine power, there’s no way I can fill two fire fists!” (Mirack)

“Are you still talking like that? Talent doesn’t matter. The current you can display divine power that’s not inferior to mine.” (Kyouka)

Sis Kyouka…!

“Even if the beat-up me were to hold onto them, it would be a waste anyways……. Oi! Someone!!” (Kyouka)

Sis Kyouka calls for the fire militants as she spits out blood.

“Whoever is fine, come here to retrieve me! Even if my arms and legs can’t move, I can still form divine power! Add my divine power in the ‘Grand Melt’!!” (Kyouka)

Reacting to that voice, a number of fire militants run here.

Even in that state, Sis Kyouka was still her usual strong self, I have to show guts as well!

While feeling Sis Kyouka being moved away, I equip the fire fist on my right hand.

“Right Fire Fist, Fernando; Left Fire Fist, Barbarossa!!” (Mirack)

With dual fists equipped, I face the giant that possesses fire wings.

“You are quite the kind Demon Lord for allowing us to move Sis Kyouka and waiting until we finished our preparations.” (Mirack)

“Your plan was so transparent that I felt I should show some consideration here. In other words, you think that if you hold me back until that giant fire dragon attack of just now is ready again, you will be able to defeat me?” (Michael)

“That’s how it is. Will you dance with me until the midnight bell rings, prince?” (Mirack)

“I am no prince, I am a Demon Lord.” (Michael)

“In the end, you are still a monster. Not even riding on the joke!!” (Mirack)

I close the distance from the Demon Lord with quick-footwork, and smash him with a barrage of flaming punches that won’t allow him to even breath.

…Okay, the dual fire fists are properly working.

The fire divine power gathered into both of the fire fists were plenty enough to utilize for an attack. But even with that, it couldn’t burn even one layer of skin of Michael.

No, that’s fine. My role is to hold him back.

Now that the hope of ‘Grand Melt’ has appeared, I will be doing my job at full!

“Fool. It is impossible to buy time.” (Michael)

Michael once again extends his hand and fixes his target at the Ignis Militant corps that had already begun gathering their divine power.

“Because by just giving one attack to that bunch of humans there, everything will end after all.” (Michael)

“And I am here to stop you from doing that!” (Mirack)

I connect a hook punch onto the stretched arm of his and that made his arm be directed from the front to the side, and from it, a fireball was shot again to a different location.

“To think that you would repeat the same mistake. As expected of a monster.” (Mirack)

“……I see.” (Michael)

Even when provoking him, Michael didn’t change his expression.

“For a large scale divine power attack, there’s the need for at least a second of charge. You don’t let that escape from you. It is impossible for you to deal damage, but you can crumble my posture and make me miss.” (Michael)

“That’s how it is. You won’t be able to attack the fire militants unless you pass through my corpse!!” (Mirack)

“I wonder about that.” (Michael)

Michael’s wings were flapped twice, and ashes were scattered about.

“You…!!” (Mirack)

Those ashes were visibly changing into fire element monsters.

Wolves, goats, and tigers.

“As a decorum, I myself will be your opponent. Monsters that are my limbs, devour the weaklings!” (Michael)

This is bad!!

The hundreds of fire beasts passed by me and were heading towards the fire militants.

“Let there be hot-bloodedness!” (Enou)

Master told me to not get flustered.

“Divide in two corps! The frontline will become the wall and confront the monsters! Don’t let them touch a single finger of the ‘Grand Melt’ team!!”

“Defend to the last! We won’t let a single one past us!”

“Move back your group! Keep the defense team to a minimum! Don’t let the power of ‘Grand Melt’ fall!!”  

Everyone is fighting.

It is a fight with all the fire militants.

The angry roars of humans and monsters could be heard here and there, and fire that surpassed those sounds was soaring around.

Humans that control fire divine power and fire element monsters; an all-out battle between both sides.

It was truly worthy of calling it a heated battle.

And within that, I was at the very front, fighting against the Demon Lord that with a single hit everything is over.

I was burning more than ever before.

“Everyone! We are all one! All as one under the Fire God, Nova!!” (Mirack)

There’s no way we will lose against monsters that have no God to pray to!!

“I wonder about that.” (Michael)

The punch of Michael increased in speed.

“This is the end.” (Michael)

The uppercut of Michael connected right in the middle of my body. A terrifying heat and power could be felt even before it reached me.

I managed to defend with both of my arms, but the force was too much, I could feel my arms were screaming in pain and felt my legs lifting up from the ground, about to be sent flying…but before that, I had to show my gratitude.

“Gugh! Thanks.” (Mirack)

Right at that moment, I told that to Michael.

“Thanks to you, I didn’t have to die together with you.” (Mirack)


My conversation with Michael was cut off at that moment. Due to the punch he had dealt, I was send flying at the speed of a bullet.

“You intentionally got yourself hit?!” (Michael)

I couldn’t hear what he was saying because it was already too faraway!

My body was send flying all the way to where the Ignis militant corps were.

I was received by a number of fire militants and I immediately shouted.

“Right now!! Release ‘Grand Melt’!!!” (Mirack)

The preparations had ended.

A combined attack with the share of hundreds of fire militants!

Burn down, Demon Lord Michael!!

  • 267: A sun of divine power

“Let there be hot-bloodedness!!!”

With the order of the Fire Founder, the lump of fire that was expanded to its very limits was released.

That was the last trump card that had all the divine power of the fire militants that could be collected.

The strongest ultimate attack of the Ignis militant corps, ‘Grand Melt’.

A joint attack that takes more than 2 fire militants to release.

And the one this time has the power of hundreds of fire militants.

If you get directly hit by it, no matter if you are the Demon Lord…

“Oooh!!” (Michael)

This is the first time I have heard the panicked voice of Michael.

That’s good, get even more panicked.

The giant fire dragon made up of the divine power of several hundreds of fire militants also has a large area of effect.

Even if you were to fly away now with those prided wings of yours, you won’t be able to escape it!

“You lost, Demon Lord Michael!!” (Mirack)

I unconsciously shouted this.

This giant fire dragon that has all our power in it was burning down the small fry monsters while on its way…and finally engulfed Michael!

“Raaaaa!!!” (Michael)

It was a direct hit. A clean hit.

Michael was in the middle of the burning red fire. It was as if a sun had been thrown at him.

No matter if he is the Fire Demon Lord, there should be a limit to how much temperature he can endure.

There’s no doubt he has a limit!

“”Don’t endure! Become ashes just like that!!” (Mirack)

I overwatch the fate of Michael as I basically pray.

I will say it as many times as needed.

Burn just like that and become ashes!!

“Don’t underestimate meeeee!!” (Michael)

Suddenly, a strong blast of hot wind attacks us.

My whole body was hit with a heat akin to fire and speed like that of a storm, and everyone in the fire militants including me couldn’t take it and shrunk our bodies because of it.

A blast had hit us.

It was a blast that was released from Michael who was supposed to be burning inside the giant fire dragon.

That guy had repelled the giant fire dragon that covered his whole body with a wave of fire he released.

The giant fire dragon became the fuel of the blast and scattered everywhere.

“Impossible!!” (Mirack)

Michael had…! All by himself released a divine power attack that surpassed the joint strength of all the fire militants?!

“…That just now got me a bit a worried.” (Michael)

Michael says this while his breathing was rough and smoke came out from his body.

“To think that you would gather the power of hundreds when you couldn’t match me alone in order to bring me down. But it is truly a shame!!” (Michael)

The giant says this as if roaring.

“The divine power of I -the Lord of Monsters- won’t be matched by simply a few hundreds of you mere humans!!” (Michael)

The aura that surged out from him had attacked the fire militants in the entire battlefield.

This was even harsher than the blast that occurred a few moments ago.

A number of fire militants had their psyches broken by this and fell to their knees.

“I-It is over!!” “Even an attack with all our powers combined didn’t work!” “There’s already no method to defeat him anymore!” “Let there be hot-bloodedness…”

Losing heart is natural…but even with that…

“Don’t give up!!” (Mirack)

I let out my own roar towards my army —as the fire hero.

“It is true that the attack just now wasn’t enough to defeat the Demon Lord…but it wasn’t as if it had no effect!!” (Mirack)

The fire militants that were about to lose heart were looking at me with a face that was saying ‘what are you talking about?’.

“Look! His body is filled with burns, and his prided wings are disarrayed! Even the fire wave that he used to repel the ‘Grand Melt’ should have expended quite a lot of divine power!!” (Mirack)

It is embarrassing, but my attacks couldn’t even scratch Michael. But an attack with all of us together has finally managed to injure the Demon Lord!

That is a brilliant achievement!!

“Now that it has come to this, let’s present him with as many ‘Grand Melts’ until we collapse! There’s no time to be getting scared. Charge your divine power again! Prepare the next shot of ‘Grand Melt’!” (Mirack)

We haven’t lost. The battle begins from now!

“Fire God Nova is looking over us! We are going to do a battle that doesn’t bring shame to our God. Until we grasp victory in our hands!!” (Mirack)

“Let there be hot-bloodedness!!” (Enou)

Master answered my roar with another roar, and the gathering of divine power began once again.

Now that it has come to this, we will be clashing guts here.

The strongest attack of the Ignis Militant corps, ‘Grand Melt’, obviously expends quite a lot of energy. That’s why it is whether the Demon Lord will fall, or we fall.

Let’s see which one falls first!!

“I will once again go hold the Demon Lord back! I am leaving the rest to you people!!” (Mirack)

I run and charge towards the Demon Lord again.


“I won’t let you!” (Michael)


I was send flying as I charged.

Michael had tackled me away and was also charging towards our side.

“I applaud your utmost efforts! But there’s no reason for me to play along with you people all the way! More so in a battle where time is limited to the moment when Kuromiya Haine arrives. I can’t pull my hand any longer!!” (Michael)

This is bad!!

Michael had broke through me and was going to invade the lines of the fire militants!

“I will bring this to a melee and thoroughly break your lines!” (Michael)

“No! Wait!!” (Mirack)

At this rate, there will be a mountain of corpses in the blink of an eye by the very hands of the Demon Lord!

(What are you doing, you lowlife!)


(Make the group of humans divide to the sides to evade it!)

What’s with this voice? No, right now…!

“Fire militants!! Split formation! Evade to the sides!!” (Mirack)

Maybe because of our regular training, the Ignis Militant corps quickly separate to the sides.

From that opened up space, a line of high heat beam blasted in between it.

“What?!” (Michael)

The fire beam hits Michael.

It didn’t deal damage, but the Demon Lord had to stop his feet in order to defend.

“A heat beam? Another divine power user in the human side?” (Michael)

But the one lumbering from in between the opened up space of people was not a human.

It was a cow.


The past Fire Cow Phalaris that was our worst enemy in the past…had appeared in this battlefield?!

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