WR – Chapter 258-260: The night before the fierce battle

It has been a while since I have not met with Karen-san and the others and my stress is accumulating steadily.

I -the fire hero, Katack Mirack- am in Muspelheim today again.

That’s how it works after all.

After the appearance of those fearsome Lords of monsters -the Demon Lords- there has been a martial law placed in the higher-ups of the church and it is covered in a strict atmosphere.

The movements of us heroes has been limited to a certain degree and leaving our base is in basis a no.

On top of that, even if it is temporal, the previous heroes have returned to their posts and not only in Muspelheim, but all the five nations are in a state where we are waiting for war.

The war will start soon.

A war between humans and monsters that will decide who will be the new rulers of the surface world. A war that has our lives at stake.

We heroes have to stand at the front to fight.

The Demon Lords are overwhelming, and I don’t feel like I would be able to defeat them upfront at all, but even if that’s the case, who will fight if not us?

That’s why the Demon Lords are in hiding, and in this time of silence that could be called the calm before the storm, I have to train as much as I can and increase my power.

And in that time, what I am doing is…


“F-Fire hero Mirack and…!” (Mirack)

(Background voice): “The fire cow Phalaris’…!”

““Explosive hero show!!””


The venue was incredibly heated up.

The audience seats were all filled with children and their parents, and their cheerings were directed at me and the cow.


…What’s this?

“(Oi Mirack!! What are you getting all spaced out for?! The performance has already begun, you know!)”

“Y-Y-Yes!” (Mirack)

I was shouted at by Sis Kyouka in a low voice and I hurriedly remember the words of the script that were stored in my mind.

“E-Everyone, are you doing good?! I-I am the fire hero that was chosen by the Fire Church to protect the peace of everyone, Katack Mirack!!” (Mirack)

At the same time as she does the choreographed pose she practiced beforehand, a big wave of cheers welled up.

“Kyaaa! So cool!!” “Mirack-oneechan, so cool!!” “Mirack-oneesama!!” “It was worth lining up the whole night!!”

I was made to receive all those heated cheers as the one standing on the stage.

“And today, as a special guest, we have the number one most popular in Muspelheim, Phalaris-kun!” (Mirack)

(Background voice): “Everyone, treat me well!!”

Moving in concert to the call, a cow casually moves around.

That comicalness heated up the stage even more.

“Kya! Cute!” “Phal-tan, so cute!!” “Look over here!” “Stand on two!!”

Why is this cow so popular?!

I can’t even think that this is actually that monster that destroyed a large area and made it a dangerous location.

I was displeased by a lot of things, but I have to do the duty I was given.

“Now then, today, Mirack and Phalaris will be providing you a charming endurance show!! Children and parents! As people affiliated to the Fire Church, endure till the very end, okay?!”

(Background voice): “I am Phalaris~!!”

By the way, the voice of Phalaris is being sponsored by the previous fire hero, Sis Kyouka.


And so, after the performance ended in a big success, I imploded in the dressing room.

“What is the meaning of this?!” (Mirack)

I slam my fists onto the table with strength that felt as if I was trying to break it in two.

Opposite of me, there’s Sis Kyouka that is licking a candy to soothe her exhausted throat.

By the way, that Phalaris is also in the dressing room munching on grass at the corner.

Just what is going on with this atmosphere?


Sis Kyouka begins to drink a lot of honey tea that’s probably also for her throat.

“…Wumu, as expected of the high grade tea that Sarasa brought from Hydra Ville. Even the scent is on a different level. This must be culture shock!” (Kyouka)

“SIIIISS!!” (Mirack)

“What’s the matter, junior Mirack. What are you getting so exalted about?” (Kyouka)

Or more like, aren’t you previous heroes getting way too along?!

“What is the reason for your anger? The public performance of today also ended in a big success. The event at the end of the performance was a success as well. The children were all going ‘please let me touch your abs, please let me touch your abs~~’. You were incredibly popular.” (Kyouka)

“The very fact that we are doing public performances is the problem!!” (Mirack)

There’s no way Sis Kyouka doesn’t understand.

“Humans are currently facing an unprecedented danger! The Demon Lords are leading powerful monsters, and the war that has our existence at stake might begin as soon as tomorrow! In such a precarious time, there’s no time to be playing around!” (Mirack)

Normally, shouldn’t we be shutting ourselves in the Fire Church and be devoting ourselves all day in training?

Shouldn’t we be concentrating in preparing ourselves for battle?!

“…It is exactly because of that.” (Kyouka)

Sis Kyouka leaves the finished cup on top of the table.

“It is true that danger is approaching this world. That’s exactly why you have to take action as a hero.” (Kyouka)

“That’s right. That’s why…!” (Mirack)

This is not the time to be playing around!

“But the action you have to take for that sake is not to train yourself to become stronger.” (Kyouka)

“Eh?!” (Mirack)

“Weren’t you the one that taught me that, Mirack? At that heroes match before, you taught me that rather than strength you get from training, the strength that comes from connecting with others is stronger than anything and more precious.” (Kyouka)

  • 259: Around the open-air fire.

“Being blinded by power and putting your all in training was your past style, Mirack.” (Kyouka)

Sis Kyouka pointed this out and I ended up being dumbfounded.

Why is such a quiet atmosphere going around this dressing room where we have just finished a public performance?

“You said that when you became stronger on your own this way, you got stronger in exchange of forgetting many things. You said that it was your comrades that made you remember those things.” (Kyouka)


“…That’s what you told me.” (Kyouka)

I couldn’t say anything.

I couldn’t object, and the only thing that resounded in the place for a while were the munching sounds of Phalaris eating grass at the corner of the room.

“By gaining connections with people, you obtained a wide variety of powers, right? That is your new self. In that case, what’s the point of forgetting that and regressing to your past self?” (Kyouka)

“Could it be that Sis…you were trying to make me remember that?!” (Mirack)

With this sham of a hero show?

“It wasn’t my idea. Master planned it and ordered me to put it into motion.” (Kyouka)

“Uh…” (Mirack)

Master, you say. That Master?

“Our Fire Founder and Master that is famous for his ‘Let there be hot-bloodedness’?” (Mirack)

“Even if our Master is like that, he was quite worried about you. He saw through the fact that you were truly scared of the Demon Lords and the depths of your heart had grown unsteady.” (Kyouka)

“Ugh.” (Mirack)

Being told that, I had no words to return.

In reality, no matter what I do to oppose the Demon Lords, no matter if I shut myself in to train all on my own, it wouldn’t change much.

“Humans are foolish beings. The values that they have obtained from overbearing hardships can be easily forgotten. That’s why there’s the training for pursuit of knowledge. There’s no end to training and learning.” (Kyouka)

Phalaris was still munching on grass.

*Munch *Munch *Munch*

“…It is true that I might have grown impatient because of how powerful those Demon Lords are. Because I was overwhelmed by them, I had forgotten about the connections I have with my most important people.” (Mirack)


“That was the reason for this public performances, right?! By making direct contact with the residents of Muspelheim, you were trying to make me remember my connections with the people!” (Mirack)

“It is also important for the citizens. The appearance of the Demon Lords is slightly known within the normal populace as well. Reducing the anxiety of the people is also an important duty of a hero.” (Kyouka)

To think that such stupid act had such important meaning!

And Phalaris still continued munching on grass.


“My eyes have been opened! I was properly doing my job as a hero today, right?!” (Mirack)

“As expected of Mirack for noticing that much! That’s how my junior should be! It is already safe to leave you the position of hero!” (Kyouka)

We both were overwhelmed with emotion and hugged in the dressing room. And at the side, there’s Phalaris.

*Munch *Munch *Munch *Munch *Munch *Munch *Munch *Munch *Munch *Munch *Munch*Munch *Munch *Munch *Munch *Munch *Munch *Munch*

““SHUT UP!””

Because of how annoying that sound was becoming, Sis Kyouka and I ended up shouting.

What’s with this cow?

It is as if it were throwing cold water at our emotional scene…



What happened just now? It sounded as if someone had snorted.

“In the first place, why is this guy also here? This thing was originally a monster -an enemy of humans, right?” (Mirack)

I thought I said quite the sound thing, but at the same time, I felt as if I was asking this question way too late.

“True, but…this guy already gained quite a lot of popularity in Muspelheim, and in a sense, it surpasses even our popularity as heroes, you know.” (Kyouka)

“Eeeh?!” (Mirack)


“That novelness and overbearing gestures created popularity, and there were obviously people who came here specially to see him. His character goods and things related to him are selling like hot cakes and the Fire Church is truly joyous about it.” (Kyouka)

He even appeared in the heroes match after all.

If we make him go around, it will serve as big advertisement huh.

Why did it end up like this?

In the past, this thing was a ferocious monster residing in the Radona mountain range. And Sis Kyouka and I were grinding our teeths unable to defeat him, and yet, now we are touring around together.

This is way too misfortunate.

“Well, isn’t it fine? Don’t you think he has a pretty likeable face when you look at it this way?” (Kyouka)

Sis Kyouka stroked the head of Phalaris that was still single-mindedly chewing on grass, but as if that wasn’t enough, she got close enough to press her chest onto him.

Phalaris ignored her and chewed on.

“How to say it… Sis Kyouka has also changed.” (Mirack)

“Not really. I loved animals since way back, you know? There’s no woman that hates the lactating type that is fluffy.” (Kyouka)

No…I think that in the past, Sis Kyouka wasn’t the type who would get attracted in that kind of girly manner.

“How about you touch him as well, Mirack? This guy is incredibly fluffy, to the point that you wouldn’t even belief he is a cow.” (Kyouka)

“Okay…” (Mirack)

Being urged by Sis Kyouka, I try to stroke the back of Phalaris and it was indeed true that his hair is fluffy.

What’s with this guy?!

This can’t be described simply as fluffiness! It is on the level of a house cat that is being brushed every single day!

I think that in the past it was stiffer than this!

As expected, is it because he is always eating good things?! Is it that?!

“Sis Kyouka, this is dangerous. I was thinking everyday about ‘why is this cow so famous?’ but I can understand why this nice feeling of touch is so popular.” (Mirack)

“It is true that it is dangerous. It has an addicting feeling to it and that actually makes it even worse. Oi Mirack, why are you hugging the cow? Don’t try to feel the fluffiness with all your body!” (Kyouka)

“Sis Kyouka as well! Aren’t you also hugging him to the point that your boobs are squished?! Sis Kyouka is the one that is trying to feel the fluffiness with your whole body! Get a grip of yourself!” (Mirack)

From the right, it is me; from the left, it is Sis Kyouka; the both of us are enjoying the fluffiness of the cow. Even with that, it was munching on the grass as if ignoring us.


As I said, who is the one that has been snorting for a while now?

  • 260: Master and juniors

“…By the way, Sis Kyouka.” (Mirack)

“What is it?” (Kyouka)

I had lost myself in the fluffiness of the cow and it took a while to recover my senses.

“I am fine with directly interacting with the citizens, but…what about those big signs that are at the venue?!” (Mirack)

If you leave the dressing room and peek at the stage in the venue, there’s signs here and there, and also posters. What’s written in them is the name of a certain inn…

“Isn’t that inn the one that Sis Kyouka’s husband works in?!” (Mirack)

“Isn’t it fine to have at least that much side-benefit?!” (Kyouka)

If you say that, I couldn’t say anything back.

They are in the stage where they will be marrying and make a family, but because of the unexpected situation regarding the arrival of the Demon Lords, she can’t take maternity leave.

In a sense, I feel more pity towards Sis…

“Hero-sama!” “Mirack-oneesama!” “…Our Onee-sama.”

After finishing the cleaning of the venue, three of the staff there had come to us.

The respective names of these three girls are Braidley Glassfin, and Firey. They are the military force of our Fire Church, the Ignis Militant corps.

In other words, the staff in charge of the construction and cleaning of the stage is being done by the Ignis corps.

“Mirack-oneesama! The cleaning up of the venue is mostly done! Can I shake your hand?!”

“We want the Oneesamas to move to the next venue by tomorrow! Can I hug you?!”

“…Can I fondle your breasts?”

There’s no way you can.

Braidley has braided hair, Glassfin has glasses, and Firey is tall.

They are girls who are close to my age and are like my close aides as a hero. But as you can see, they are ruffians who have a quirk or two, and even I find it hard to deal with them…… Or more like, why is it that the majority of the people of the Fire Church are attracted to the same gender?

“Well, isn’t it fine, my junior Mirack?” (Kyouka)

“It isn’t.” (Mirack)

Sis Kyouka, please don’t just accept their weirdness.

“You are my junior, and they are your juniors. The soul of the Fire nation is passed on in this way to the next era.” (Kyouka)

I feel like the only thing passing down is the perverted soul though…

“Previous hero-sama! I am honored to be in your presence!”

“We will shoulder the name of the Ignis Militant corps and act in a manner that won’t bring shame to it! That’s why I want to touch the boobs of Mirack-oneesama!”

“…When you heart moves on God’s will, there’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

It is just that there’s a lot of lesbians here.

……Well, that’s how it went.

I was doing decently well with the seniors and juniors of the Fire Church.

It is true that even if the danger of the Demon Lords is close, hurriedly increasing my muscle training menu will not give me the strength to go against them. Then, by clearing the worries of the people to strengthen the unity is also the duty of a hero.

I wonder what Karen and the others are doing right now?

I have not met them since the heroes match at Rudras Metropolis, but they should also be doing something before the battle against the Demon Lords.

It is nice to be together with the people of my nation, but I also want to meet them.

“I want to fondle Karen’s boobs…” (Mirack)

Maybe because of the noisiness of the people surrounding me, I unconsciously let out my desire.

“By the way, Kyouka-oneesama! Can we also mofu mofu Phalaris?!”

“The Phalaris meat that you normally wouldn’t be able to touch unless you line up for 2 hours or more! We want some side benefits as well!”

“…Is the order a cow?” <Ref to Is your order a rabbit?>

Won’t Phalaris get all exhausted the next day for being messed around so much like a hamster?



Sis Kyouka didn’t answer the three and was looking at me.

…Ah, so that’s how it is.

“…Can’t be helped then. There’s still time before we move, so until then, you can mofu mofu him. Just make sure it doesn’t affect your own job negatively.” (Mirack)

“““Understood. Thank you very much!!”””

…By leaving the response to me, Sis Kyouka gave me face as the current hero.

That consideration doesn’t fit her character. It simply means that she has also been changing.

It was at that moment…

{Let there be hot-bloodedness.}

The speaker that had not been packed up yet had rang.

The voice that came out after the high *kiiin* of the speakers was a person I am familiar with!

“That voice is…!” (Mirack)

“Our Master, the Fire Founder-sama?!” (Kyouka)

He is the head of our Fire Church and also our Master that guided us in the path of martial arts!

But why?!

Master is supposed to be at the Fire Grand Sanctuary.

The outside sector of Muspelheim is quite far away from the center of the city, you know.

“Report! An emergency call from the Fire Grand Sanctuary!!”

One of the three, Glassfin, immediately informs me.

{Let there be hot-bloodedness.} (Enou)

“What?!” “What is the meaning of this!”

Sis Kyouka and I were paying attention to the transmission.

{Let there be hot-bloodedness.} (Enou)


{Let there be hot-bloodedness.} (Enou)

“No way!!”

Something like that happened?!

“…Hey, I always think this but…why is it that only Mirack-oneesama and Kyouka-oneesama understand the Founder’s ‘let there be hot-bloodedness’ completely?!”

“It is still in a realm we can’t understand yet!”

“…We don’t understand huh. This level of realm is still not in our reach.”

The three girls were confused, but there’s no time to be.

“You people! Listen well!!” (Mirack)

The mild mood was blown away in an instant.

“According to the transmission of the Founder just now, monsters have appeared at the east plain of Muspelheim!! Moreover, it is a horde of them!! They are coming straight at us!” (Mirack)

The destined battle was about to happen here and now.

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