WR – Chapter 240-241: Fierce battle of the Goddess

  • 240: Fierce battle of the Goddess

“Catch the traitor Sunnysol Ates!”

“Founder-sama’s order was that it doesn’t matter if she is dead or alive! But don’t let her escape at any cost!”

“But Ates-sama is the previous hero!”

“We already know! But right now she is a traitor!”

“Let’s capture her inside the Grand Church! Don’t let this leak out to the outside!!”

The whole of the light knights were mobilizing in order to capture Ates-sama.

“Harden the security in all the exits! Don’t let a single thing about this be leaked outside!!”

The battle with Ates-sama had begun at the Founder’s office room.

On top of that, since Ates-sama had escaped while she was in the middle of heading to the underground prison inside the Light Grand Church, the chase was still inside.

We can’t let the ruckus reach the outside, so the place was filled with the spirit of finishing all this inside the church.

And now, Ates-sama stood before me.

“Ara, is this the point of reunion? That was a delightful escort.” (Ates)

Even though she is already just a pitiful escapee, Ates-sama wasn’t showing a single sign of being flustered.

The cold gaze of Yorishiro-sama was directed at that Ates-sama.

“So you really had noticed huh. Purposely creating a strange route for the chase of the light knights, we led you all the way here.” (Yorishiro)

“I was sure a splendid treasure would be awaiting me here after all. And so, you will be making me fight, right? Against that goody two-shoes over there.” (Ates)

Ates-sama’s gaze was directed at me who was standing at the side of Yorishiro-sama.

That’s right, this is the training field that the light knights use. The perfect place to rampage.

Ates-sama must have already known that a fight would be waiting for her here.

“In the heroes match, I couldn’t play with you after all. This is a good chance, so let’s teach it to you; the strength of the true light hero.” (Ates)

“No need for that.” (Yorishiro)

Just like we previously agreed to, Yorishiro-sama steps forward.

“It is my duty as your sister to bring you down. Sunnysol Ates, the second generation of vice in the Sunnysol family, I will be cutting this with my own hands.” (Yorishiro)

“The reason you threw away the name of Sunnysol the moment you rose to the position of Founder was because of that, right…… But, fufu, are you serious?” (Ates)

Ates-sama faced Yorishiro-sama and laughed as if making fun of her.

“Yorishiro, to think that you would actually challenge me in power. You who only has ability as a schemer, do you really think you can defeat me a person that has climbed up to being a hero?” (Ates)

“Yes, it is exactly because I think that way that I am standing here.” (Yorishiro)

Yorishiro-sama does one more step forward.

“Well then, Karen-san, please don’t assist by any means.” (Yorishiro)

“But Yorishiro-sama…” (Karen)

“You are the insurance in case something happens. If I were to be defeated, please smite that smear. But well, that will not be happening though.” (Yorishiro)

The gaze of Yorishiro-sama changed from me to Ates-sama.

“I placed a lot of burden on Karen-san at the heroes match after all. I have to break some bones here. Of course, I am talking about the bones in your whole body, Ates.” (Yorishiro)

“Interesting. Let’s see if the little sister can beat her big sister.” (Ates)

And then, Ates-sama takes a stance with her spear.

That is the personal divine tool of Ates-sama, the light spear, Cain?!

Why does she now have the weapon she didn’t have when she was apprehended?

“Did you go through the trouble of slipping past the guards in order to get that back? I didn’t know a person could have such attachments to that.” (Yorishiro)

“Now that I have lost my standing in the political world, the only thing that I can rely on now is my own strength.” (Ates)

Ates-sama spins her spear and sounds of stirred up wind were let out.

On the other hand, Yorishiro-sama doesn’t even have a dagger. She was completely barehanded.

No matter how good a person is at controlling divine power, it is impossible for normal humans to give shape to divine power.

Without divine tools to resonate with divine power and amplify it, everyone is simply a human.

That can be said to be an absolute rule in the five Grand Churches…or at least, that’s how it is supposed to be.

“How about you, Yorishiro? Even if it is hastily prepared, you have to bring out a divine tool, or this won’t even be a challenge.” (Ates)

“No, this is…plenty enough.” (Yorishiro)

Yorishiro-sama holds up her palm at Ates-sama.

“[Light Suppression Palm]” (Yorishiro)

“Ngh!!” (Ates)

It was at that instant, a gigantic and incredibly dense light divine power had blown away Ates-sama’s whole body from the ground.

What is with that dense lump of light divine power that is like air?!

It was acting densely as if it were vapour.

The light element, that is supposed to be the thinnest in terms of density, can do something like this?

Ates-sama got hit by Yorishiro-sama’s attack head on and tried to stand up with her eyes going in circles.

“[Holy Light Destruction]” (Yorishiro)

From the foot of Yorishiro-sama, cracks similar to the web of a spider were being made, and when it arrived to the feet of Ates-sama, the light divine power that gushed from the pattern in the ground had blown Ates-sama flashily.

“Gahagh!!” (Ates)

Yorishiro-sama is strong!

I knew already, but she is strong beyond common sense!

She can ignore the common sense that there’s the need to utilize divine tools to amplify divine power in order to actually use them in battle.

And with that divine power that Yorishiro-sama is releasing from her hands, she is overwhelming Ates-sama.

“Damn it!!” (Ates)

But Ates-sama was a light hero in the past; there’s no way she would allow herself to get defeated like this.

She rushed straight towards Yorishiro-sama, and with that long spear, she thrusts it onto her!

“Yorishiro-sama!” (Karen)

Yorishiro-sama didn’t show any signs of taking an evasive stance.

Different from the heroes match, that thrust of Ates-sama was filled completely with the intent to kill.

It was at a point that was unavoidable already, when…

“[Holy Claw Form]” (Yorishiro)

Yorishiro-sama made the shape of a knife with her hand and light divine power came out from it, shaping into a sword and stopping the spear of Ates-sama.

Of course, Yorishiro-sama didn’t get wounded at all.

“No way!” (Ates)

“Onee-sama, this is your fate. Caught in the poison of political power, you only thought about climbing up, and as a result, the place you arrived at was a precipice with nothing in it.” (Yorishiro)

After clashing blades, the two take distance.

The light sword that was coming out from Yorishiro-sama’s hand, by separating those fingers, the light sword separated into something that resembled fiendish spider legs.

“Your path is filled with too many corpses to be able to go back. Now that it has come to this, let me be the one pushing your back. Fall right down to the very depths where you won’t be able to crawl back up anymore!!” (Yorishiro)

  • 241: Siblings battle

“[Light Calamity Palm]” (Yorishiro)

Light divine power is shot from the wide open palm of Yorishiro-sama, and the palm of light grows bigger as it goes. This palm that felt as if it were the very hands of God also looked like it were a giant spider attacking with those 5 claw-like fingers.

However, no matter which it is, there’s no doubt that this is the light that will bring the destruction to Ates-sama.

“Ates-san…no, Onee-sama.” (Yorishiro)

Yorishiro-sama speaks in a low voice.

“This is my last advice. Listen to it properly.” (Yorishiro)

“What is it?” (Ates)

“Throw away your weapon at once. Show complete obedience to us. If you do, this will end without having the need to take your life.” (Yorishiro)

“If I do that, what will happen to me?” (Ates)

“You must have an idea already, right? You will be moved to some remote island that is impossible to escape from and you will live your whole life there. If we win the upcoming battle against the Demon Lords, you should be able to live your life peacefully there. Live your whole life without the need of worrying about political strifes.” (Yorishiro)

This must be Yorishiro-sama’s last show of compassion.

There’s no way this person would truly wish to kill her blood-related sister.

“…Fufufu, seriously, what a wretched little sister.” (Ates)

Ates answers back with scorn.

“You knew from the very beginning that I would refuse that, right? But if you were to display compassion at the end, the people in the surroundings will see it as ‘a Founder that had to drink down her tears and serve punishment to her relative’. Thus, your position as Founder will get even more stable. ” (Ates)

“So you already knew. It is good that Haine-san is still sleeping.” (Yorishiro)

The giant light spider that was released by Yorishiro-sama swings its claws as if jumping onto its prey.

“Farewell, Onee-sama. I hope this is the last we see of this kind of foolishness between humans.” (Yorishiro)

The light hand is swung down.

This attack felt as if it were covering the whole training field. Me and the light knights, that were guarding the doors of this place in order to not let the now criminal Ates-sama escape, were overwhelmed by that tremendous power.

“This is the end…!” (Ates)

The giant hand crashed onto the ground and waves of wild gales attested to the terrifying power this attack held.

Ates-sama’s body was most likely crushed by the giant hand.

This is the last moment of the enchantress that had suddenly appeared in the Light Church and had stirred up the place with all her schemes and tricks.

“…Is what you thought, right?”


From below the light hand, the voice of a person unbelievably resonated.

That voice is without doubt…Ates-sama?!

“There’s no way. You are okay after receiving the ‘Light Calamity Palm’? With the light divine power that comes out from the light spear Cain, you wouldn’t have been able to survive!” (Yorishiro)

Yorishiro-sama was also unable to hide her agitation in this unexpected situation.

As if laughing at that agitation, Ates-sama speaks.

“That’s right. It is true that with the light spear Cain I wouldn’t be able to block an attack of this level…… But Yorishiro, in the time that I was made to retire, did you think I did nothing?” (Ates)


“In reality, the reason why I went so far as to use a farce like the hero match was to, of course, return to the Church, but what I sought for after that step wasn’t to obtain political power as the previous hero.” (Ates)

Military power.

“It was purely for military power. In order to take away what you want from others, the most effective way is direct violence. The light spear Cain is my strength itself, however, that’s not all there is.” (Ates)

“What is it you are trying to get at!” (Yorishiro)

“While I was in retirement, I utilized the superfluous time I had to train, and managed to obtain a certain new power. In order to properly utilize this power, there was the need for a new divine tool. A different one from the light spear Cain. That’s why I returned to the Church. The ore that serves as the material for the divine tools can only be found inside the Church after all!” (Ates)

The next moment, the giant light hand of Yorishiro-sama disappeared.

“?!” (Yorishiro)

Yorishiro-sama’s expression of surprise was a clear indication that she herself wasn’t the one that made it disappear.

In that case, there’s obviously only one person who could have possibly done it —Ates-sama.

The light hand had disappeared, and once again, that woman appeared in our field of vision with a spear over her shoulder.

A second spear.

In her right hand, there’s the light spear Cain; and in her left hand, there’s a second spear. This second unfamiliar spear was the total opposite of the light spear Cain; it was a dark spear dyed completely in black.

…Dark? No, I feel like that’s not it…

“What negated my ‘Light Calamity Palm’ was that spear?” (Yorishiro)

“That’s right. This spear itself is my new power. What comes out by altering light divine power; the ‘shadow’ power.” (Ates)


That word instantly made me think of Doraha-san; the shadow hero that holds the power of shadows.

“I secretly stole this second spear from the storage of the church, the ‘shadow’ divine tool. The trump card that allows me to show the power of ‘shadow’. I call it…” (Ates)

Ates-sama speaks in her characteristic manner.

“Shadow spear, Abel.” (Ates)

She then shrugs her shoulders.

“Really, that was close one. This was just finished the other day, you see. If things had played out at a sooner date, that attack just now would have been impossible for me to block, and I would have been crushed just like that.” (Ates)

“With the power of ‘shadow’, you absorbed my light divine power then.” (Yorishiro)

Yorishiro-sama already knew the special trait of the ‘shadow’, so she says this.

“Correct. Using the shadow spear Abel to absorb it, I release it with the light spear Cain. This cycle that was created from my long training is impossible to be broken by anyone!” (Ates)

Ates-sama swings her light spear Cain. From the tip of it, a threatening flash was shot.

Yorishiro-sama dodged this deliberately slow attack of Ates-sama.

That light easily destroyed a rampart in the training field.

The rampart made big crumbling sounds as the splinters fly around. The light knights around were running to get away from it.


Seeing this calamity, Yorishiro-sama’s expression froze.

“Do you understand now? That just now was the light divine power absorbed from you that had been shot just as it is. You are intelligent, Yorishiro, so you should already understand. All your attacks have already been rendered useless by this power.” (Ates)

The light divine power that attacks Ates-sama will all be absorbed by the shadow spear Abel and the light spear Cain will return it.

“All preparations have been complete. Now then, Yorishiro, I will be taking the Founder position that should have originally been mine. While at it, I will be taking that life of yours as well. As you already know, I am a greedy one you see. Everything that belongs to you, I will be taking it all.” (Ates)

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