WR – Chapter 234-236: Well-deserved divine punishment

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  • 234: Well deserved divine punishment

“Smite these heathens, Mother Earth Mantle-sama!”

“Punish this foolish heathens, Wind God Quasar!”

What bothers me about this people is that the Gods that are coming from each of their mouths is different.

Until now, I thought that this incident was caused by the people driven out from their position in the Light Church by Yorishiro and were displeased by it. But the point that there weren’t enough people for that in this occasion came out as a point in the meeting.

It looks like there’s still more to uncover in this. But let’s leave that for later.

For now, let’s just wipe these idiots out.

That’s all I have to do right now.

“Okay.” (Haine)

I jump up top of the librarian desk I was hiding in.

A *pang* sound was made, and the ears of the idiots reacted and gathered all at once to where I am.

“Good evening, fools.” (Haine)

Even when dealing with idiots, greetings are important.

Looks like they have enough neurons to get surprised and confused.

“Who are you?! From where did you come from?!”

“Are you from the knight corps?!”

“Don’t get close to him carelessly! We don’t know what he might be hiding!”

The panic in them was clear and, just by seeing that, I could tell that the other side is made up of amateurs.

But I can’t lower my guard.

Even amateurs can kill by swinging a sword. Moreover, most of the people here are holding weapons resembling wind guns that might have been made from ethereal.

I can deduce that, instead of utilizing wind divine power like the wind guns of the Wind Church, they utilize ethereal to power itself, so anyone can utilize it.

It would be incredibly bad news if they were to continuously shoot something like that.

I may be repeating myself here, but this is a very delicate place to fight in.

They have over a hundred people as hostage and the place itself is a library that has important documents. The lives are important, but the records of the past people that are basically the materialization of the effort of many are also important.

I have to properly protect them both.

I won’t allow them to die because of these idiots.

“…I came here with a present for you people.” (Haine)

That’s why I showed myself.

If an unknown factor like me were to appear, their attention would be drawn to me, and their muzzles will also point at me.

Even if a misfire occurs, it is better if those shots are directed at me.

“You people are requesting for divine punishment, right?” (Haine)

That’s why, I will be providing it.

“I have plenty to serve.” (Haine)

At the same moment as I finish saying this, in this Goddess Space that is at the center of the Light Grand Library, right at the feet of the close to 30 terrorists, black beasts appear all at once.


And screams of fear were raised at the same time.

All the terrorists, without exception, were covered by something black and were unable to move.

“[Dark Matter, Set]” (Haine)

That’s dark matter.

They are small dark particles, but by having several millions to billions of them bunched up, they can act like living beings without clear form.

This time, it felt as if sentient liquid was attacking people —as if trying to devour them.

On top of that, their origin point wasn’t from me.

It looked like they had come out from below the feet of each one of the terrorists all at the same time, more specifically, their shadows.

For the ones that don’t know anything, it would look as if their very shadows are attacking them.

The trick of this is a combination of the shadow ability of Doraha and my darkness ability.

With Doraha’s shadow power, she can connect the shadows created by the objects in the surroundings to mobilize. I poured dark matter inside of this passage.

By the time I appeared in front of the terrorists, that preparation had been finished and the inside of the shadows were already filled with dark matter.

Foolish terrorists, fear your very shadows.

With that much preparation, I just had to let the dark matter gush out from inside the shadow and have it attack the terrorists -all at the same time. Like that, it would be impossible for the terrorists to fight back at all.

“Ugyaaaa!! What?! What is this!!”

“Darkness! Darkness is attacking us?!”

“Oh God, please save us!”

They were screaming while being enveloped by the darkness, trying their hardest to resist, but all of that in vain. Trying to brush away dark matter that has already stuck onto you is close to impossible. To do that, you would have to do something similar to what the Demon Lord Uriel did —rip your skin off.

“I have intentionally made the speed at which the dark matter attacks you slow.” (Haine)

Properly understand that you are being eroding and taste ultimate fear. Then, take notice of the sin you have committed, and the punishment you are receiving for it.

“This is how divine punishment truly works.” (Haine)



The library had become completely silent.

Having erased most of the divine power that allows proper life functions to operate, the terrorists lost consciousness.

“Looks like it is over.” (Haine)

Now that the inside had returned to safety, Doraha used the transmission device to contact the outside.

“Haine-sama, I have reported to the headquarters that we have taken control of the ‘Goddess Space’. The light knights have already charged in and are apprehending the lookouts one after the other.” (Doraha)

“Umu, good work.” (Haine)

I had lifted up the girl that was crying and am currently searching for her mother.

Looks like they got separated because of this incident.

“But they really lacked more backbone than I expected.” (Haine)

That worked in our favor, but what helped out the most was that the ethereal guns they have were of no use at all.

They desperately tried to resist as they were being engulfed by the dark matter, and they obviously pulled the trigger to do that, but most of the guns ended up exploding.

“Now that I think about it, Hyue said this. In order to make ethereal weapons, technique that normal scientists wouldn’t have enough is required.” (Haine)

“The utilization of ethereal weapons still has a lot of problems regarding the technological area before actually being usable. I think it would require a lot of time before we see actual use to it.” (Doraha)

In a sense, that’s good news.

It might have been luck that the gun of Dobbe actually managed to shoot.

“And so, these people were given defective goods huh. The more we learn about them, the more pitiful they sound.” (Haine)

Makes me the more interested in the circumstances behind the scenes.

Even if I had dark matter erase the divine power of the terrorists, it is not as if I have dried them completely out of it. They still have the required amount to maintain their lives, and they should wake up in time.

When that time comes, we will start with the fingernail interrogation imparted by Sasae-chan.

“At any rate, the release of the hostages is of highest priority. Let’s guide them all outside.” (Haine)

“Yes, Haine-sama.” (Doraha)

And so, right at the moment we were helping the hostages stand up…

“Don’t move! You corrupted beings!!”

The door was kicked open, and the one who appeared was…Dobbe.

His last useless struggle was about to begin.

  • 235: Exit of the buffon

“…Dobbe!” (Haine)

Why is the guy, that was quarrelling with General Grades outside, currently here?

Dobbe, who had suddenly appeared, had his face smashed up and was dirtied with tears and snot. His stomach and liver must also be in a precarious state due to the pressure exerted by General Grades.

After being talked down completely, he must have ran back here and encountered us in control of the place. Because of that, he succeeded in running away from the light knights that charged in and managed to reach all the way here?

You could say he is lucky, but can you really call this luck?

“You pieces of trash! Idiots, incompetent bastards!” (Dobbe)

It looks like he already has no energy left, there’s no strength in his insults.

“Why are you treating me this way! I am from the renowned Zeberphon family! I am important! I am different from you people that were born in the lower classes. Isn’t it obvious that the lowly should show absolute obedience to the noble ones?!” (Dobbe)

“Noble humans have their respective duties as well.” (Haine)

I decide to answer him.

“You have neglected those duties; no one will respect you. That’s all there’s to it. General Grades should have told you the same. How many times do you need to be told for you to understand?” (Haine)

“Shut up!!” (Dobbe)

Dobbe was already losing his sanity.

“I am the Knight General!! I am the greatest! Respect me! Praise me! Obey me!! You lowlifes only have that trait going for yourselves, and yet, why are you opposing me all the time?!” (Dobbe)

No matter how hard you shout from that dry throat of yours, this was only the bark of a sore-loser already.

I am tired of this.

“…Give it a rest already.” (Haine)

I said this feebly.

“This world is wrong. Being in this rotten world in itself is a mistake. I will die. Die and go to where the Light Goddess Inflation is. I will have her reincarnate me in the correct world. That’s my only hope left!” (Dobbe)

At the same time as he said this, Dobbe opened up the vest of the terrorist garment he wore, and what was inside of that vest was…!

“No way!” (Haine)

I have seen that before.

That’s the thing that pushed the hero match into confusion for a moment —ethereal bombs.

Those things that were knitted onto the inside of the vest Dobbe was wearing were similar to that ethereal bomb. Moreover, there’s several of them!!

“Light Goddess Inflation!! Pick up this abandoned lamb that has been thrown into the depths of despair!! Fufu, but let me at least give some payback. All of you will be accompanying me in death!! But obviously, I will go to heaven where the Light Goddess is waiting! You guys will be falling to hell though!!” (Dobbe)

“Damn it!!” (Haine)

I immediately spring into action.

I don’t know how strong those bombs are, but even if they were at the same strength as the one Mina used in the hero match, in this closed space, it would be plenty enough!!

Dobbe already had the control switch in his hand and placed his finger on the button.

“Be purified, evil world!!” (Dobbe)

…And then, pressed it.


Powerless sounds were made.

“Eh? Wa?!” (Dobbe)

I jump onto him.

Dobbe was unable to receive that force and fell onto the ground.

Without wasting a moment, I take off his vest and throw it up.

“[Dark Matter, Set]!!” (Haine)

I wrap the vest in mid-air along with the bombs by using my dark matter.

Dark matter doesn’t only erase divine power. Because of its gravity, it can crush normal objects as well.

Inside the dark matter that performs true destruction, the vest and explosives were raising cracking noises as they were destroyed.


After being stolen of his last card that was self-detonation, Dobbe began crying.

“How much more troublesome can you get!” (Dobbe)

“I don’t care if you die or not, but there’s a lot of people with raw hope here. Don’t drag them into it.” (Doraha)

Doraha throws a merciless reprimand.

This man already didn’t deserve a single sliver of consideration. But there’s something I want to ask him before he dies.

“Even when I pushed the button…it didn’t explode. That woman deceived me again…!” (Dobbe)


Those words pulled my attention.

Right now I should be prioritizing the safety of the hostages, but I couldn’t stop myself.

“‘That woman’? Who are you talking about?” (Haine)

While I was asking this, I already had a slight suspicion of who it might be.

That woman had led the idiotic people like Dobbe and created the incident of today.

“I didn’t trust her from the very beginning, but after being fired from my job as Knight General and the private funds of the Zeberphon household plummeting rock bottom, I had no other path but revenge!!” (Dobbe)

“I am asking who that woman is!! Answer!!” (Haine)

“Hihi, once I jumped onto her invitation, there were many people who had the same ambitions as mine waiting there as well. It wasn’t only on the Light Church. From the Earth, Water, Fire, Wind nations, there were also people that were wandering the alleys after being thrown out by the reformation of the Church; those kind of fallen ones. That woman accurately found them and utilized them as pawns. Really, just in those areas, she is a skilled woman!” (Dobbe)

This idiot sucks at explaining!

Can’t you just jump the process and say the conclusion only?!

“But this is all the fault of you people! You people did such a wicked reformation and drove off the ones with heart, so we had no choice but to desperately fight back! We are not in the wrong. The ones in the wrong are you people that forced us into arms!” (Dobbe)

“As I said! I don’t care about that!” (Haine)

“But the one that is the most evil is the woman that utilized our distress to control us like puppets. I will never forgive that woman!! Now that it has come to this, I will destroy everything! Go ahead and interrogate me or put me on trial! I will fall, but that person will also fall along!! I will drag her along! Drag her! Drag her! Ahahahahaha!!” (Dobbe)

Just as Dobbe was laughing as if gone crazy, light was coughed out from his mouth.


Coughed out light?

That strange phenomenon was completely unknown to me, but that abnormal event had triggered my danger alarm.

  • 236: Leave, light

Dobbe wasn’t the only one spitting light out of his mouth.

The terrorists, those guys that are supposed to have been dried of divine power by the dark matter, are spitting out light just like Dobbe.

“What?! What is this?!” (Haine)

I couldn’t understand at all, but there’s no doubt that this is bad.


I went straight towards Dobbe.

He was the closest at hand, so I let out dark matter and try to erase the light that was coming out from Dobbe’s mouth and nose, but…


My darkness was easily cut by the light that Dobbe was releasing.

“So this is actually…!” (Haine)

Light divine power?!

There’s no other divine power in this world that can eliminate my dark matter aside from light.

…Then, the light that is coming out from the mouth and nose of Dobbe is exactly as it is, light divine power.

“Haine-sama! Please stand back!” (Doraha)

The next one to move was Doraha.

Just like before, she utilized the chained shadows to sink the terrorists inside of it.

While that happened, an ominous change occurred.

It didn’t end with only that. Now the terrorists began to let out light from their ears, eyes, and from every hole, and on top of that, their abdomens swelled up like a balloon.

It steadily swelled. It was at the point where they might explode at any moment.

Explosions would be bad here, but fortunately, the terrorists are sunk into the shadows and were completely isolated.

If light is the natural weakness of darkness, light’s natural weakness is shadow.

The shadow becomes more distinct and deeper the stronger the light is, so by absorbing light divine power, it grows stronger.

If it’s Doraha, once they have been imprisoned in her shadow domain, she can absorb the light that they are expelling, and manage to restrain them as well.

“Haine-sama!!” (Doraha)

Doraha warped her expression as she said this.

“Please get away from that man! Haine-sama is way too close to him. You will end up getting trapped inside the shadow with him!!” (Doraha)

“Got it!” (Haine)

Doraha looks like she is in pain.

Due to her hatred towards the four Base Element Gods, she once merged with the shadow and ended up maddening out of the amount of light she absorbed.

She has imprisoned around 30 people at once, and for some reason, they are all releasing light divine power. There’s no doubt that this is surpassing the capacity she can take.

“Haine-sama! Quick!!” (Doraha)

“Okay!” (Haine)

I can’t even begin to imagine what will be happening to them, but there’s no doubt that it is nothing good. However, at that time, we definitely can’t allow the unrelated people to get caught.

We have to sink all the terrorists here into the shadows.

But Dobbe…had tightly grabbed onto my hand.


Dobbe had both of his eyes releasing light, and his eyeballs were drying into raisins, and yet, he managed to accurately grab me.

How tenacious can you get.

“Now that it has come to this, I will die!” (Dobbe)

“Like I care! Go die by yourself!” (Haine)

I kick Dobbe and try to get him to separate from me, but maybe because he was squeezing out the last of his very life, I couldn’t get away from him.

While I was doing that, Dobbe’s body continued swelling —as if saying it was about to explode.

“But in the end, I will at least bring you down with me! You are at fault. All the misfortunes began after you appeared!” (Dobbe)

“What are you saying?!” (Haine)

“If you weren’t there, that brat Karen would have been obedient! That witch Yorishiro wouldn’t have become my enemy either! You are at fault…You are at fault! I will be dying, so you being alive would be unfair!” (Dobbe)

What selfishness!

At any rate, I try to get away with all I had, but his nails were digging into my skin and blood was already coming out.

I would have blown him away with dark matter right away, but because of the light that is spilling out from his whole body, darkness is completely sealed!

“Die, enemy of justice!! Light Goddess Inflation! Please bear witness to the last moments of the Light Knight Dobbe!!” (Dobbe)


The sound of an explosion was heard from somewhere. It was inside the shadow.

The terrorists that had been sunk into the shadows were unable to endure the increase of light divine power inside of them and exploded!

Then this Dobbe in front of me will at some point in time also…no, this isn’t just a ‘at some point’, he will definitely explode soon.

If that were to happen, how much damage would it cause?

Don’t tell me it would blow up the whole library, right?!

“Haine-sama! Please get away from him, quick!! If we don’t seal him inside the shadow…!” (Doraha)

I am truly glad that Doraha is here.

She has the power of shadows that has the absolute advantage against light, that’s why she managed to suppress the terrorists completely.

The one remaining is Dobbe.

Doraha worked so hard already, so I can’t let it all go to waste just because of this one guy.

There’s only one way to have him sink into the shadows.

“RAAAH!!” (Haine)

I stop trying to push Dobbe away and instead plunged onto him.

Just like that, I sink into the shadows with Dobbe.

“As you wish! I will accompany you to hell!!” (Haine)

“Haine-sama! Don’t tell me…!!” (Doraha)


I will also sink into the shadows with him!!

If it is inside the shadows that can block light completely, no matter how big of a light explosion it is, it won’t be able to bring damage to the outside!

“I am…the Aurora…Knight General…! The renowned…Zeberphon family’s…! Leader!” (Dobbe)

Dobbe had already lost his humanity. That’s why I had no hesitation.

Sink the people that were once humans inside the shadows.

In time, my own sensations sunk into the shadows, and not long after, a bright explosion occurred at close range.

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