WR – Chapter 214-215: Hope

The fight between humans and monsters is about to enter a totally new phase.

The Demon Lords all declared that there will be a new era where monsters reigned supreme.

If it is just as they themselves explained, the Mother Monsters should have all died in order to give birth to them.

“So there’s no need to search for them anymore huh…” (Haine)

In exchange, the fight against the Demon Lords, that are far stronger than the Mother Monsters, has become inevitable.

They have the clear intent of eradicating humans.

This is already not the time to harden our resolves to defeat monsters.

An unavoidable battle with the existence of humans or monsters as its stakes.



“I couldn’t do anything!!!” (Karen)

Karen-san was crying in grief.

We were currently inside an ethereal powered car and the inside was currently in a dark sunken mood.

Even though this was after a victory, everyone here didn’t have a single trace of being happy.

This car was currently returning us to Rudras Metropolis.

“If Haine hadn’t been there, we would have been wiped out.” (Mirack)

“The problem goes further than that… Those guys, we weren’t even in their sight.” (Celestis)

“Dasu!” (Sasae)

“That damn Raphael. He was still alive!” (Hyue)

The disappointment of the heroes was serious.

The Demon Lords didn’t even consider them as enemies.

The confidence of Karen-san and the others, after not even being seen as insects on the ground, was in shambles.

Even though the previous heroes battle had been settled and we would be unified more from now on…

“Uhm…” (Haine)

I want to do something to encourage them.


I thought about that as I spoke out, but I was stopped by someone.

The previous hero, Abi Kyouka.

The previous heroes who fought similarly in that battlefield were also riding in this car.

Excluding the light hero Sunnysol Ates, who had at some point in time disappeared, the remaining four heroes faced their respective juniors.

“Mirack, you are a splendid fire hero.” (Kyouka)

“Sis…” (Mirack)

The unexpected words of her senior made Mirack lift up her covered face.

“You had become far stronger than the time I knew you. You stepped onto a domain that I don’t know of. And after fighting together with you, I have personally felt it.” (Kyouka)

“Really. We be simply out of the times now~.” (Yoneko)

The previous earth hero, Yoneko-san, also speaks as she hugs her cousin, Sasae-chan.

“The era has separated into a completely different path ta one that ain’t having nothing to do with past or current. As expected, being shut in the countryside makes ya unable ta tell what be going on with society. And it made me unable ta tell how desperately Sasae-chan be working.” (Yoneko)

“Yoneko-neechan!” (Sasae)

Sasae-chan had watery eyes while she was being crushed by the breasts of Yoneko-san.

“It is vexing to say, but I will be matching the opinions of the others here. Because it looks like the current trend is cooperation and harmony.” (Sarasa)

“Quack-senpai!” (Celestis)

The high prided previous water hero still had her stubborn attitude left.

“Celestis-san, you continue doing your best just like that. Since it looks like if you don’t do your best, my celebrity lifestyle will be in danger as well. So I have no choice but to cheer you on.” (Sarasa)

“Thanks! As expression of gratitude, I will send a signed color paper to your house with the name of your husband!” (Celestis)

“As I thought, I hate this person!” (Sarasa)

The previous and current water heroes were both as they always are.

“Your sister-in-law will be rooting for you.” (Juo)

“Shut up! I will defeat you before the Demon Lords!” (Hyue)

And the wind previous and current heroes were even more as usual.

“Haine-san!” (Karen)

Looking at this spectacle, Karen-san says this.

“There’s no time for us to be losing heart. Heroes are everyone’s expectation, hope. Even if we are defeated, we can’t just stand still!” (Karen)

Little by little, strength was returning to her voice.

“Right. No matter how strong I am, that is something I can’t do. That is something only Karen-san and the others can do. Become the hope of everyone, lift them up, and turn into their strength to walk.” (Haine)

That is the strength of the heroes, that is the meaning of heroes. The reason why the heroes are the strongest.

Everyone here possesses that power. No matter the element, no matter if they are past or present.

“We previous heroes will declare this here and now! We agree to your Hero Alliance!” (Kyouka)

Kyouka represented them and lifts up her voice in this cramped car.

The other previous heroes also nod in silence.

“If there’s something we can do to help, we won’t neglect our assistance in it! We have just been taught the scariness of the Demon Lords. Now that we have understood the urgency of the situation, we can’t just be taking it easy simply because we have already retired! But right now, it is your era! You people are the main cast!” (Kyouka)

“We be supporting ya people from the shadows~.” (Yoneko)

“But if you people are too disappointing, we will be taking the position though.” (Sarasa)

“Hiding in the shadows……that’s a nice relaxing position for me.” (Juo)  

This is the only positive effect that I felt from the appearance of the Demon Lords.

That is, in the face of an enormous enemy, the sense of unity from everyone has been strengthened even more.

Adding to that, there was also the previous and current heroes match that also deepened their understandings with each other.

The world, that had been apart before the match, is now increasing more and more in unity.


The car had arrived at Rudras Metropolis.

I want to have Karen-san and the others, who have overcome a series of battles, take a rest.

Thinking this, I had stepped out of the car first and was met with something unexpected.

“Karen-san, come out and see.” (Haine)


“It is amazing.” (Haine)

There was a mountain of people.

It wasn’t only the people that were spectating the previous and current heroes match at the dome. There were also regular citizens of Rudras Metropolis.

Everyone was watching the battle from the far-sighted camera.

The victory that all the heroes of the earth, water, fire, wind, and light had obtained by fighting together has moved everyone.

“Thanks! Hero-samas, thank you!” “We owe all of you our lives!” “Watching you join strengths in battle moved me!” “Hurrah on friendship!” “It is the time for the five churches to join as one!”

The heroes that came out from the car one after the other were showered by this welcoming.

I could tell that their hearts, that had been cooled by the terrifying power of the Demon Lords, were being warmed by this encouragement.

Their cheeks were flushing by that warmth.

“It is a triumphant return!”

That’s right. The return of Karen-san and the others was exactly that. One of triumph.

They returned after a victory.

They probably have begun feeling inside of them that they have actually won.

The long previous and new heroes battle, and then the Slime battle that began not long after; overcoming them all, this was the moment that rewarded Karen-san and the others.

  • 215: Freebie

There were the women looking at the shining moment of the heroes from a step back.

The previous heroes.

“Showered in praise with all five heroes gathered huh. This is a spectacle that we wouldn’t be able to imagine in our era.” (Kyouka)

“But it be a nice sight~.” (Yoneko)

“It is certain that the era has changed. But I do have the feeling that it has progressed. At the very least it wasn’t a regression.” (Sarasa)

“…Too bright. It hurts.” (Juo)

Heroes compete and quarrel with each other; these girls lived in an era where such things were natural.

They once rebuked their juniors who tried to change that perception, but now it looks like a different view of it has begun to sprout inside of them.

That sprout can be considered a worthy harvest in today’s battle.

“…I will be returning now then~.” (Yoneko)

“Eh?! Already?!” (Haine)

The current heroes were busy interacting with the people, so I took the role of stopping her.


“I left mah husband and older children at the countryside after all~. I already be in a mood where I be missing ‘em so much I can’t endure it anymore~.” (Yoneko)

I see.

The heroes that have already retired have their own family to mind now.

Today they pushed themselves to participate. We have to let them return to where they belong.

But then…

“Oi, Yoneko, Yoneko!!”

A throaty voice was calling the name of Yoneko-san somewhere.

I was wondering that as I look around and…a robust man was approaching here?!

“Ara!! Why are ya at a place like this?!” (Yoneko)

Yoneko-san made a happy expression as she jumped onto the man. And then, without minding about being in public, they kiss!

“Uhm…could it be that you are the husband of Yoneko-san?” (Haine)

Judging from the situation, that’s the only thing it can be.

“That’s right! Ya were supposed to be staying at the house. What happened?!” (Yoneko)

The husband-san that I could even confuse for a bear was making an embarrassed expression and gesture that didn’t match his big frame.

“Yoneko, soon after you left, the children began getting rowdy, you see. I was also getting so lonely I couldn’t endure it, so I ended up chasing after you.”

“Mommy!” “Mommy!”

From the back of the big man, two children peek their faces out. From what I see, they are completely twins.

“Even ya two! I be so glad. Mama couldn’t live without seeing ya~! Danna-sama <husband> as well! I will go get the little one from Sobo-chan right now~! With that, all the family will be reunited~!” (Yoneko)

Yoneko-san looks incredibly happy.

I see. I heard that Yoneko-san had given birth to her third child after around 1 year of having married, but the first two were twins huh.

When I heard about it, I was heavily disconcerted by the math not matching but if it’s twins…

…..It still doesn’t match?!

“Sarasa! The rose that blooms in my heart!”

“Ah, Danna-sama!” (Sarasa)

What is it now?!

When I turn around to check the vigorous voice that came from another direction, I see a handsome man with a kaiser moustache hugging Sarasa-san!

“Danna-sama! Why are you here? I left the house without prior notice, and yet, why?!” (Sarasa)

“Sorry, Sarasa!! I didn’t know you were so tormented by this!! I need you! Even if it was a political marriage, right now for me, you are a heavenly flower in full bloom! A pearl shining in the ocean! Even if I were to conquer the seven seas, I wouldn’t be able to find a treasure as valuable as you!”

Could it be…that’s the husband of Sarasa that was obsessed with idols?

“I have apologized to father in your sted. Everything is my fault. I won’t be divorcing you by no means. Will you please return together with me?”

“Then, then Danna-sama! Will you be holding back your idol hobbies from now on?!” (Sarasa)

“Of course! You are my greatest treasure!”

“You will stop buying idol goods as well, right?!” (Sarasa)

“I will cut it off completely! …No, how about leaving it at half the pace?”

“You will also not go to the live performance next week and will pass the time with me, right?!” (Sarasa)

“But what about the ticket I already bought?!”

For some reason, I feel a storm coming.

And just at that moment…

“Heya~! The idol hero Celestis appears like a maelstrom! You are the husband-sama that is always cheering for me, right? Thank you very much!” (Celestis)

“The first time I talk to Celes-tan in the flesh!!!!!!!!!!”

“With what kind of timing did you decide on coming?! Go away this instant!” (Sarasa)

It felt like the storm won’t be leaving anytime soon, so I averted my eyes.

The husbands of the previous heroes huh.

They were worried about their wife and secretly came here to cheer for them huh.

Well, they must hold an important place in their heart. I can understand how they feel.

Is what I thought when…huh? There’s an unknown young man where Kyouka-san is.

“W-Why did you come here too? You have your work at the inn.” (Kyouka)

“But I was worried about Kyouka-san. It is natural for a couple, right?”



Her junior Mirack was looking at the man and woman pairing with her pointed finger trembling.

“S-Sis Kyouka? W-Who is the man there?” (Mirack)

“What, so you didn’t know? He is my husband. We married last month, you see.” (Kyouka)


“Wait a moment please! Sis had been defeated by the Fire Cow Phalaris, so you retired from being a hero and was training all this time in order to vindicate your honor, and had just returned!” (Mirack)

“Umu. That’s why, in the middle of my training, I by chance stayed in the inn he managed. From there on, a lot of things happened, you see.” (Kyouka)

The shy smile of her merciless predecessor made the expression of Mirack freeze.

And when I look at another place, there was Juo and Shiva…

“Shiva-sama…I love you…” (Juo)

“Hm? Did you say something?” (Shiva)

“It is nothing…” (Juo)

Right after, Shiva was once again tackled by the angered fire cow Phalaris.

What’s with this lovey-dovey atmosphere spreading from all sides?!

In this position where you would get crushed by that love atmosphere, there were girls in their teens who were sensitive to it.

“What?! What’s with this unsatisfying sensation!” (Mirack)

“They say that heroes are justice and that they don’t get angry and don’t hate, but just at this moment, I don’t think I will be able to protect that…” (Celestis)

“Even though we fought with our lives at stake, why am I being attacked by this feeling of wasted effort-dasu!” (Sasae)

“For now, I will kill Juo. I will kill her before I kill the Demon Lords.” (Hyue)

The heroes had darkness spreading in their hearts.

“Well, it can’t be helped. 90% of the reasons for the heroes retirements is marriage after all.” (Karen)

At some point in time, Karen-san was standing at my side, moreover, she was holding my hand.

“K-Karen-san? Why are you holding my hand?” (Haine)

“It can’t be helped~.” (Karen)


“It can’t be helped, right?” (Karen)

There’s no way it can’t be helped!

If Karen-san were to retire now, it would be trouble in many meanings!

Please refrain!

TLN: And with this, the arc ends and the ‘Light God Hero Arc’ will begin. Don’t know what it is about, but it sounds awesome.

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