Tsuki – Chapter 295: Izumo’s resolve, Haruka’s resolve

“You can still stand up huh.” (Haruka)

There was only one boy that is standing by relying on a staff and a katana. Looking at the figure of this boy, Haruka lets out a heavy sigh.

The words that followed after held no ridicule and you can tell there’s confusion in it.

Even now, the eyes of the boy still release strong will.

That boy is Izumo Ikusabe.

Jin and Daena were overwhelmed by the difference in technique, but they fought bravely. Without forgetting about their teamwork with the backlines, they resolutely faced an enemy they couldn’t defeat with their own ability.

Amelia and Sif also didn’t make any mistakes. Or rather, they showed a miracle-like fight. Those girls who showed strength that far surpassed their actual ability should be commended for it.

Misura, with a special ability and tenacious spirit to endure, exposed his body to the attacks of Haruka to the bitter end.

And then, there’s Yuno. She learned a variety of things from Misura in the middle of the battle and became a tough shield for the backlines as well as coordinating with them to increase the firepower.

The user of Ein-Khalif, or more like, the person that was participating in the fight with it as her proxy, Iroha, also lasted till her last attack.

Being able to maintain a strong heart until then is also something that should be commended.

The failure of the wave attack had severed her connection with it and she lost consciousness, but no one can blame her for that. The Ein-Khalif in her hands had returned to the appearance of a normal sword and already didn’t move a single bit.

A secluded girl like her that hasn’t experienced a battlefield before managed to stay conscious for so long because of the existence of Izumo.

Due to the violent attacks of Haruka that came often, the bodyguards of Iroha -Akashi and Yuduki- as well as Shougetsu had already fallen.

This situation could be called many things.

Wiped out.

Crushing defeat.

There was only one backline magician barely standing, but aside from that, there was no one else left.

The others are still alive –but they are unconscious.

Their life-or-death was already being grasped by Haruka.

“That just a while ago was…the everything of you people but…are you telling me you still have more to show me?” (Haruka)


The ‘that’ Haruka was referring to was the attack that Jin and the others squeezed their all to do.

The few seconds that the frontline gained with their bodies on the line, Amelia used them to cast enhancement magic on the combined element magic of Sif.

Yuno utilized that power to release a big move ‘Red Salamander’.

After shouting: ‘If we can’t bring you down from above, we will break you from below!’, the combined element magic that Sif released had changed the form of the armor of Yuno, Juuki, but this powerful combo technique was deflected by Haruka.

Faced with the retaliation of Haruka, Juuki was completely destroyed and there wasn’t a single person who had the leeway to catch the falling Yuno. There was also no one who could go against the Haruka that summoned mamonos from the sky.

And so, it leads to now.

“That’s why you pushed to end us…like toys you have gotten bored of.” (Izumo)

“‘Toys you got bored of’, that’s quite the self-deprecating way of speaking.” (Haruka)

“…Don’t underestimate us.” (Izumo)


“Don’t underestimate us! What’s with this!! We…we were doing our very best! Even if you are stronger, I will never forgive an act like making fun of them!” (Izumo)

“Make fun of them? I had no such intentions, child of the military family Ikusabe. Just that—” (Haruka)

“My comrades and I had the resolve in this fight!!” (Izumo)

“That’s simply delirious talk from the weak.” (Haruka)


“I had no obligation of doing my best to answer to your resolve.” (Haruka)

“Why…? Aren’t you a warrior?! Is ridiculing the people who do their best something that a warrior would do?! I have not been taught that by no one! Not my sword master, or my magic master, or anyone from my household. And I feel pride from that!” (Izumo)

Izumo’s expression was distorted in anger.

Even Iroha had chosen to clash blades with her mother.

Izumo wouldn’t allow anyone to dare say that there was no resolve in that.

He wouldn’t let that happen.

The attack of Ein-Khalif that she used was vicious. Leaving aside how much Iroha herself was able to control that, it was an attack that showed absolutely no signs of holding back.

Her expression also showed no hesitation. She had a strong face as she viewed the attack towards her mother –without showing a single sign of bitterness.

Izumo was deeply moved by the strong resolve of Iroha.

“I definitely won’t acknowledge you!” (Izumo)

“Stop it already. There’s no way you don’t know that you have been shaving off your life as you wring out magic power, right? No matter how much power you bring out, I can summon mamonos that can serve as shield and mamonos that can interrupt your aria. It is an ability that’s said to have been used by the Wise Tokito-sama, called Hyakki Yagyo.” (Haruka)

“I know, you can use it as a Rebound Person. That doesn’t matter anymore.” (Izumo)

Izumo also understands.

Osakabe Haruka is a Rebound Person. Moreover, an abnormal Rebound Person that possesses several Wise powers.

She might even be stronger than a Wise.

But even if that’s the case, Izumo has absolutely no intentions of changing his plans.

“…If you still have something you want to do, go ahead.” (Haruka)


“If that’s the way you want to use your life, go ahead. Do it.” (Haruka)

“…Is that your way of pity?” (Izumo)

Izumo grips his staff and katana.

He was bringing out dangerous magic power from inside of him and shaping it.

“Fighting is by no means something that I find fun. What role did God give to me when it granted these many powers to this body…” (Haruka)

Haruka wasn’t showing a single trace of feeling danger.

“Then watch. I will be showing you right now what lies beyond the power of a military household!” (Izumo)

Finishing his calculations, he spreads many fragments of arias.

Multiple magic activation, a technique that is passed down and classified as a special move by the military family.

(Fourteen activations of ‘Garuda Tempest’ and four ‘Dust Wings’. It should look beautiful.) (Izumo)

Fully on the know of what will come out, Izumo gathers more aria fragments.

“Well, leave that for later, okay?”

A voice suddenly resounded.

But that wasn’t an unfamiliar voice for Izumo. Or more like, the moment Izumo heard it, he felt as if he would lose all strength out of relief.

—A voice he has been waiting for eagerly.


The voice that Haruka heard right in front of her was from someone Izumo knows.

The dumbfounded voice he let out was a reaction after seeing the shining needle pierced in the neck of Haruka.

“Who goes there!” (Haruka)

“Woah now.”

Without caring about Izumo, Haruka’s naginata leaves a shiny trail as she turns around, but the person easily jumped away from it and stands in the middle of Izumo and Haruka.

“Sensei?” (Izumo)

“Yeah.” (Makoto)

The quest has been accomplished.

Even if this was the result of them being made light of, no one died.

‘Ah, with this, I can let go of my consciousness’, is what Izumo thought as his knees hit the ground.

It must have also been the backlash of him exploding with the most anger he have had to feel in his whole life until now.

But, sadly, their Sensei won’t be easy-going.

“Sensei. Then…you are Raidou?” (Haruka)

The state of Haruka made a complete turn.

Bloodthirst that would make you shiver was released in an instant from her whole body.

The magic power needle made a small sound as it broke.

“…Right. Izumo.” (Makoto)

“Y-Yes?!” (Izumo)

“Wake up everyone and watch.” (Makoto)

Without turning back, the Sensei says these short words and faces Haruka.


Osakabe Haruka tried to receive everything that Jin and the others brought out.

She was trying to bring out their power as she hurt them to an extent where she wouldn’t kill them.

A delicate job that required the highest of care.

Their anger, bloodthirst, and the many miracle-like techniques that these young group of talents were giving birth to; she received them all and crushed them.

That’s how it looked to me.

And that delayed it enough for me to intervene.

In other words, it could be that……ah…this is hard to deal with. Even if it is something that I have decided on, I wonder if this really is the correct choice.

Fighting really doesn’t bring out anything good.

“The enemy of Tomoki-sama; the one who injured his personage…is how I should think of it, right?” (Haruka)

“You can.” (Makoto)

Was it at the time she fought Lime and Levi? Or maybe after seeing the fight of Jin and the others?

It…couldn’t have been at the time when she killed Kougetsu-san.

At that time, I thought we were too late, but due to the power-up of Tomoe’s illusions, it seems she can even interfere with the boundary between life-and-death.

After reviving the whole unit, we have had them cooperate for the time being.

…But she sulked quite a lot though.

‘I will become lad Kosugi~~!!’, is still burned in my mind. <Take this one with a grain of salt.>

“Fufu, so the one I was looking for has finally appeared. Moreover, it looks like you are pretty strong.” (Haruka)

Haruka-san rubs the back of her neck.

How did she nullify the needle?

If it’s her who possesses several Wise abilities…ah, it is this one huh.

Investigating with ‘Sakai’, I gather detailed information of her.

This person has quite a lot of real combat experience and is quite strong.

“It is called Wings of the Saint.” (Haruka)


So she already knew that I was investigating her and about the result as well huh.

That’s right, Wings of the Saint; the last power that she hadn’t displayed until now.

“Because of this, fighting had become nothing short of boring.” (Haruka)

Because of that huh.

“Must have been. A Wise power that activates the moment you receive a certain amount of damage or are afflicted by a status effect that affects your life.” (Makoto)

And after activating, all damage will be healed and you receive a permanent resistance against that status effect.

It truly is an unbelievable power fitting of its name.

Get injured for long, and in time, become immortal huh.

Was that the power of a brave of that era, or maybe a Wise of reputation?

“How scary. It is correct. It also heals wounds and poison disappears.” (Haruka)

“…No way. That’s cheating.” (Izumo)

I heard the pained voice of Izumo coming from my back.

Looks like Jin and the others have woken up. They are making noise.

“ So, what will you do? That mysterious needle attack of yours won’t work on me anymore. This is the first time I have had Wings of the Saint activate with a single attack though.” (Haruka)

“Of course, I will be incapacitating you.” (Makoto)

I glance at my students.

Jin, Daena, Misura, Amelia, Sif, Yuno…and Izumo.

They have…truly become strong.

Just how much experience have they gained in this short amount of time.

I couldn’t understand the reason of them being here until I saw it directly with my eyes.

I even thought it could have been a mistake that stemmed from Shiki indulging the selfishness of Izumo.

No, if we think about the danger, my thinking is correct.

But that’s not it –it wasn’t solely a mistake.

They have already grown a lot more than someone like me.

I am simply a teacher though.

Shiki must have talent as a mentor.

“Incapacitate? The more I swing my weapon, the stronger I become; just by receiving an attack, I gain resistance against it; I can’t use big magic, but I can summon a number of mamonos that possess many abilities –you want to incapacitate someone like that? Even if you look around the world, there’s no one who can clash upfront against me.” (Haruka)

Haruka-san shows a praiseworthy feat of smiling while not loosening her bloodthirst at all.

…How vain.

“In reality, I have been thinking for a bit. I was wondering if you and I are similar. But it looks like I was wrong.” (Makoto)

“That doesn’t answer anything.” (Haruka)

“Haha, you say you have ‘become’ bored?” (Makoto)

“What’s so funny about that?” (Haruka)

“In that case, I might be able to express my gratitude towards you for stimulating the growth of my students.” (Makoto)


“I will make it so your last fight will be slightly fulfilling at the very least.” (Makoto)


When I look at Haruka-san, she takes a stance with sharp eyes and points her weapon in my direction.

“Haruka-san.” (Makoto) <Omae wa mou shindeiru.>

“What?!” (Haruka) <Nani?!>

I call her as I stand right before her eyes.

Being suddenly closed in in such a short space of time, she was clearly agitated.

“You see, I…” (Makoto)

I pierce her with a needle.

The needle that had a petrifying effect endowed was pierced in her chest.

“Why?! But!” (Haruka)

The needle crumbles.

It doesn’t matter.

“Things like ‘a fight being fun’…I have never thought of it before. Even the battle trainings, I only do them because they are necessary. No matter if I get injured or not, no matter if it is a complete victory or a crushing defeat; I don’t feel worth in battle. Honestly, inside of me, there’s only the feeling of whether it is necessary or not.” (Makoto)

“Are those your words as a warrior?!” (Haruka)

“Is that a joke? This is simply a farewell gift. If Haruka-san is a person that’s fickle about victory or defeat, it is still possible to bring out something that will make fighting worth after all!” (Makoto)

This time, I create a fire needle and attack.

She tries to evade, but it looks like she still has some leeway in her.

Utilizing the power of the red-colored coat, I accelerate without reservation, and break through the evasion and defense of hers that was mixed with hesitation.

“It doesn’t have any effect! Raidou!!” (Haruka)

Two naginatas are swung inside the hot wind.

The trajectory of the blades are on the level of a master, but I am the faster one.

I grab both blades around the base with its respective hand.

“You grabbed it?!” (Haruka)

“It is pure physics. I wonder if you gain complete immunity if you were to be hit with physical damage.” (Makoto)

“Wa, guh!!” (Haruka)

I continue by striking her with my Magic Armor.

Aiming up.

The strongest team attack of Jin and the others began just like that.

Was it the ‘Aerial’ of Izumo? That had stayed in my mind, so I might have punched her up unconsciously because of it.

But the figure of Haruka-san in the sky disappears while she was still hanging in the air.


No, this is…

I move my gaze to the side and I found her using the crumbling rubble of buildings as foothold to jump and approach me.

A feat that’s impossible for a hyuman; ability on the level of a Wise.

Is that the blessing of the ability that enhances the body whenever it receives damage; War Beast?

She is making moves like those of a wild animal.

“Dwell in it, fifteenth beast; the inescapable black thorn, Great Tusk Ogre!” (Haruka)

Summoning a familiar and endowing it into her weapon with no aria, just simple words, Haruka-san moved at lightning speed with a blade that’s clad in a black muddy-something and came mowing down at me on both sides.

She said it was inescapable, but it seems possible to evade.

I move back at the place slightly before the two blades intersect.

“I got you!!” (Haruka)

So she had my evasion in mind huh.

The two naginatas became one and was thrusted at me who was trying to evade.

A charge that came at me together with her whole body.

The part of the Magic Armor that came in contact with its tip was blown away.

Literally blown away.


I crouch my body; my two legs properly staying on the ground.

Grabbing the naginata that was still clad in a black aura, I pull it towards me.

Now that she was at close range, I create a needle endowed with blast power from my right hand, and pierce it onto the shoulder of Haruka-san.


She is blown to the ground without letting out a single word.

But that’s not the end.

From the dust cloud that was raised, several shadows aside from hers appeared.

So she summoned something again huh.

“Scary. You truly are a scary monster, Raidou. Even so, I won’t be losing.” (Haruka)

I am beginning to feel as if I am being attacked by a zombie.

“Why do you think of something that’s so far from the truth?” (Makoto)

“The Wings of the Saint will remember all of your abilities in time.” (Haruka)

“And?” (Makoto)

“And I am saying that’s the moment where you will be prostrating!” (Haruka)

“If you want to win against me, immortality is not enough.” (Makoto)

I am certain.

If she were really charmed by Tomoki, Jin and the others would have been all killed in just a matter of seconds.

Izumo called it an insult and was angered, but she wouldn’t have let them show their abilities and the limits of their power.

Haruka-san —you, just how did you do it, and when?

Did you undo the charm of Tomoki on your own?

I was thinking this while listening to her frivolous talk.

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  54. No entiendo porque pero creo que makoto en realidad perdió contra tomoe o mejor dicho SHEN es su primera pelea porque cuando comencé a leerlo de nuevo encotre esto:

    Punto de vista de SHEN

    Actualmente, en mi lado derecho. Él estaba… él estaba allí. De ninguna manera. No importa que, dentro de la neblina debería ser imposible. Es verdad que se ha vuelto menos densa pero para el ser capaz de hacerlo… “Ahora que se ha convertido en esto usare mi habilidad de muerte segura…! (Makoto) Su mano empezó a ponerse roja. Él dijo una palabra verdaderamente peligrosa. ¿Q-Que esta… tratando de hacer? “!!Golpe de Rana!!” (Makoto) ¡Shoryuken! Dirigió su puño a mi barbilla. Entonces. “¡¡Vuélvete una ESTRELLAAAA!!” (Makoto)

    La mitad de mi cuerpo fue mandado a volar por su puño. Y solo como eso mi cuerpo se derrumbó en la dirección opuesta. En mi conciencia que apenas podía sostener. Incluso si aún no había perecido, Este era un abrumadoramente peligroso dilema. Que humillación. No me importara que métodos utilizare. Entiendo bien esto. En mi derrumbado estado, pretendí que había perdido la consciencia y comencé a buscar su localización dentro de la neblina. Silenciosamente respire una neblina que se usa para espejismos. Incluso sin Asora, mi poder no es tan simple. Mi verdadera naturaleza es espejismo. Puedo espiar en las memorias de mi objetivo, después de eso soy capaz de reproducir ilusiones que mis enemigos desean o no desean. Si hago una barrera de neblina profunda and vierto mi poder puedo hacer la ilusión incluso más real hasta el punto que no es diferente de la realidad. Por alguna razón no puedo arrastras este chico a Asora. Teniendo en cuenta esta repentina situación lo atrapare dentro de esta neblina y lo encerrare hasta que muera. No será bueno si es una ilusión que no le guste. Habrá problemas si forcejea. Mostrándole un ilusión que él desea, dentro de su felicidad el morirá de hambre. Hyumano, no importa que fuerte seas, con 10 días definitivamente morirás. Si 10 días no son suficientes entonces será 1 mes, incluso 1 año. Con mi nueva resolución investigare a los humanos. Pensar que tendría que hacerme el muerto y que tuviera que escoger una manera de matar que es como si intentara pagarle un favor. Con su espalda enderezada, el hombre respira. Pero esto es solo el pretendiendo. La neblina alrededor de él me dice que ese hombre no ha bajado su guardia. Que actitud. Y afilando despacio, el verifica sus alrededores. Y sin un poco de negligencia, el salió de la neblina. Esta vez seguramente, su cautela aflojara. Es algo normal. No hay duda que el salió de la neblina, ¡o eso piensa! ¡El no conjuro un aria! Ahora. El lugar donde esta es un escenario ‘fuera de la neblina’ que yo proyecte pero aun esta ‘dentro de la neblina’. ¡Puedo hacerlo! Abrí mis ojos! Y el hyumano salió fuera en una sola respiración. Como esperaba. Pensar que puede moverse a ese extremo. Pero ya es muy tarde. “Este es el final” (Shen) Inundando emociones creo un espacio cuadrado envuelto en una barrera de neblina

    1. El no perdio, esa pelea, fue un empate entre los factores que nos dan se muestra que Shen lo subestimo desde el principio, si el hubiese tenido más experiencia en aquel momento la hubiera podido derrotar sin problemas, pero como dije Makoto en aquella altura no tenia mucha experiencia asi que si Shen no lo hubiese subestimado pudo haber acabdo la pelea más rapido y llevarse la victoria. Luego cuando en el final quedo inconcluso que tanto el golpe final que el hiva a ejecutar pudo haber afectado a Shen, ya vimos que el fue capas de escaparse de la tecnica final de Shen que era la ilusion.

  55. lo entendiste mal el salio de la primera pero eso fue lo que el creyó en realidad esta atrapado en un sueño lucido que párese real creado por Shen ,en otras palabras puso barias capas para que bajara la guardia

    1. No me acuerdo bien tendria que releerlo, pero Makoto nunca salio de la ilusion, se dio cuanta que estaba en una ilusion, e iba a detonar una flecha con todo su mana activado, creeme la explosion hubiera detonado con Shen, acuardate que para esa altura el mana de Shen solo representaba un 20% de la capacidad total de Makoto, quiere decir que makoto estaba demasiado por encima de ella en question de energia, si el detonase un brid con todo lo que tenia, no ai ilusion posible que salvara a Shen, su dimension ilusoria no hubiese podido contener todo ese poder. Lo de su nivel sigue siendo un misterio porque ni siquiera Root que fue el que creo los estandares para medir niveles y esas cosas puede entender porque el nivel de makoto no avanza, incluso cuando sus meritos son grabados y el gana titulos gracias a eso.

      1. Te entiendo ,pero mi punto de vista es que lo atraparon en la ilusión 2 veces .La primera fue en su mundo y la 2 es cuando le mostró la ilusión que salió de él.
        Pd:perdón si te ofendí fui un poco explosivo me pasaron varias cosas en ese día.

        1. Que va hermano (o hermana uno nunca sabe), nada de disculpas que no me ofendistes en nada. Entiendo lo que quieres decir y no te dire que estar errado ni nada, solo que para mi el punto difiere, pero bueno voy a admititr que no estoy siendo objetivo pq soy fanatico a Makoto asi que eso tambien influencia en mi decision. Y la verdad tienes algo de razon pq el de hecho cayo en la ilusion, pero yo prefiero darle un empate. Ahora con Mio se puede decir que el perdio pq al final de cuentas el perdio el conocimiento antes que ella.

      2. Bueno yo era fanático de la línea harem de Tomoe y Mío pero cuando apareció shiki se sintió un poco raro su ambiente.

        1. HAHAHAHAHAHA, bueno para mi la inclusion de Shiki fue buena por que en vez de ser un harem de esclavas se volvio un grupo de sirvientes, sí el puede entrar en una relacion con Tomoe y Mio, pero no es necesario. Hoy en dia basta que el protagonista este en un grupo con mas de una mujer y de repente se vuelve un harem, a veces no es un harem y simpleente es un grupo, no es necesario que todos los miembros se sientan atraidos por el potra ni que este se sienta atraido a todas.

  56. ademas el malestar que siempre nombra su nivel que no sube y otros aspectos mas si lo leen de nuevo te darás cuenta de las incoherencias

  57. also the discomfort that always names its level that does not rise and other aspects but if you read it again you will notice the inconsistencies

  58. Did the author drop another chapter or two yet or are they completely stalled out and unable to come up with anymore fake ass ways to progress everything in the story world magnificently while keeping Matoko an unloving, unchanging, never learning or growing retard? I used to complain that Makoto is an unrealistic character, but now I’ve been thinking and I’ve realized it the more I read. I love some isekai stories and I hate at least a certain part of even more them. But the ones who are truly spineless and neutered are the authors who are trying soò hard to write within those stupid regulation guidelines as if there’s no way for an underage kid to buy a book in Japan…lol. Come on authors and publishers…recognize the wild success of arifureta and moushoku tense, both of which have relatively early relationships formed and even sexual relationships happening. God I pray to the physics of creation that this author too will allow Tomoe, Mio, and any of the others that truly feel love for him to eventually end their suffering of being ignored. Whenever I see their I teractions and the way they portray these men as ignorant and fearful of women, I can’t help but be reminded that the opposite of love is not hate…it is ambivalence, it is avoidance it is the pain of th one you love not even noticing you.

    Hey Reigokai…keep up the excellent work my man, although I may moan and deride the author or Motoko, never misunderstand, without your hard work that important part of my life where a story exists that I love enough to write my complaints about it online wouldn’t be.

    1. While I can get what you’re saying about Makoto, I feel like I’ll give the author the benefit of the doubt here because of just how detailed the world is.

      This is a very intricate story, with many moving parts and probably more story threads not seen than seen overall. I don’t even mean the “Mind’s Eye Allegories” that were clearly written with something in mind that we’re just not seeing the full picture of either.
      From Zara’s past, to Asoran resident daily life, to future plots by the two Hero’s sides, to whatever is going on with Earth’s gods, this stuff is all definitely “happening” in the author’s mind-and naturally, the canon-that we’re simply never shown due to her writing style. This is why I’m more likely to believe than not that Makoto’s entire “Moon-led Journey” has already been more or less planned out and it’s mostly a matter of execution or working in new inspired ideas now.

      Even if Makoto is unrealistic, I doubt the issue is that the story is stuck because of him. Makoto is steadily progressing and changing in many ways, even if it’s not in a very human way. The rest of the world around him is also moving along smoothly.
      If the stall is a narrative issue, I have to imagine that it’s in the form of the author trying to make sure everything lines up “according to plan”, rather than dealing with “what now”.

      1. …Oops. I got so worked up, I forgot to address the main point in your original comment.

        Makoto’s relationships are heavily explored. Between him and gods, him and natives of this world, him and his followers…That’s basically what the whole story is about. It’s just that affection and sexuality aren’t one of those featured relationships. And this makes sense, because Makoto is someone that seems to have a genuine mental block against intimacy and attachment-certainly more justified than those shitty harem protagonists that do nothing. He is “naturally unnatural”, you could say, and it works for the eldritch thing he has going on.

        Whether that makes him a well-written or poorly-written character is up to you, but I’m personally waiting with disinterest towards him until I can see the ultimate goal the story has for him.

        Also…I might be projecting a bit here, but “sex sells” isn’t really a mentality I would welcome as an author working out a large-scale story like Tsuki ga. I write a story to tell a narrative that I wanna tell, and if sexual activity doesn’t suit it, then it’s not welcome. If you do that, then you’re more likely to get a third-rate fanservicey story than anything of substance. Mushoku Tensei aside, Arifureta is one of those story I would really, really not want my story to be compared to.

        Admittedly, if it’s done well, sexual maturity can certainly be executed as a theme that makes a story better for it…but this story is not one of them. A story featuring one of the other Heroes would suit that style more.

        The major theme of this story is Makoto’s steady and careful, yet chaotic and ominous, maturation. Whatever the endgame is, Makoto’s presence makes writing that way unsuitable for this story so far. If it’s going to happen at all, it’s going to be used as a marker for how far Makoto has progressed, nothing more and nothing less.
        Again, I’ll defer to opinionated discussions on whether or not this actually makes him a “good character”.

  59. All excellent points, and as much as I gripe, I am still waiting with baited breath for more, but I don’t think the story would lose anything if after almost two years in this world he gave some love back to Tomoe and Mio who want to be loved so badly. As I said before the opposite of love is not hate, but dispassionate neglect and antipathy. That is basically how he responds to their romantic feelings. To me that is an extremely cruel act. I would never do that to someone who loved me, and I would hate it if someone did it to me. If he really cherishes them as family, he needs to pay attention and respond in some way to their feelings, or else just cut them off if he can’t even face them as a man and say yes or no. Now I realize that this point was just made clear to him before he came back to the current shit storm, but it’s not the first time he’s been told something of the sort…its the second time. So right now I am keeping all of my fingers, toes, arms, legs, hair, and eyes crossed in the hope that when this fiasco ends he won’t just forget about what he was told and what he realized, but rather that he will begin to stand as an adult, just like even his own students have begun to do. Just look at how cool and manly Izumo looked these last few chapters, recognizing his feelings instantly, facing them head on without embarrassment, standing tall and fighting for what is most important to him, and in the end even ready to die for it. That is what it means to love another. It is to be ready to give everything for them if necessary. I pray to see something like that from Makoto for Tomoe and Mio who I have grown to love myself as important companions in this precious story. To hope!

    1. Hey @M4L4DD1CT10N I think that what you are looking for in Makoto is something that it has never been there, and problaly won’t be in the near future. Besides we need to see things from Tomoe and Mio POV as well, for them what he has given them is mutch more that what they could have asked for enoguh that they are content in their current situation. Of course we see that they have plans for more but neither is in a rush for that, even Mio threw away her oportunity by expecting things to actually star from Makoto side, him just embrcing them now with out truly feeling like he wants to or desire would be an even bigger insult to the two of them. He doesn’t recognize love at this moment, he even has problem recognising his lust as well. He needs time to develope that side of him, and having plans to figth a God and stabilize interdimentional travel should have his mind full enough that sex and love should be a minimal aspect on him.

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      1. I second that. Please add the extra chapters to you translation list. I don’t mind at all if you don’t prioritize them, but please translate one of the untranslated ones from time to time.

  62. Radio silence is always concerning. So, I went through the raws to find the author’s twitter and checked it out. The last actual tweet was Jan 4th. The next piece of activity is a retweet on Feb 2nd followed by one on the 4th, but that’s all that they did. For someone who appears to be quite active on Twitter, one full month of inactivity means that something may have happened to the author relating to their health or possibly other private issues. Of course I’m only speculating here, but if I’m right, I wouldn’t expect any chapters for a while. If chapters do come soon, treat it as an unexpected surprise, otherwise, try to be patient.

  63. Sigh… I waited for a little more than a year and now I’m stuck in suspense once again. Oh well, thanks for the chapter anyways. I like how Makoto’s grown over the last few chapters. Also I really hope to see just where this battle is going and what Makoto will do next.

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  66. Hello again everyone, I’ve come back to relay some news after seeing that people are getting impatient. I checked the author’s twitter again to see that he did post on Feb 27th with a sort of status update and some other stuff. It seems that I was right. While I can’t read Japanese, through garbage google translate I can infer that the author has been suffering from health issues, caused by what I assume is a stress overload? and author said that they have been gradually recovering. I could be completely wrong because of bad translation so it’s best to check yourselves at https://twitter.com/AzumikeiWr if you can read Japanese. Have patience friends. o/

    1. You have my deepest gratitude and respect in this months I never had the idea to check on the author himself you have opened a new world, may god bless you and the author, oops forgot that even though we have pantheons of god here that literally work to their bones here our prayers won’t reach them🤔

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    the part I want to read is when he appears from a fog in a cart pulled by arke and shoots an arrow and destroys an army

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    1. Well, you can start with World Reformation, which is also being translated here. It’s not technically an Isekai, but it has pretty fresh character interactions despite cliches.

      Besides that, you can probably count on the other big names that are recommended around. Mushoku Tensei, Overlord, Rising of the Shield Hero, Kumo desu ga…

    2. Adding to the ones Psychronia mentioned, I would also add the following ones:
      Goblin Kingdom;
      Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita(I was a sword when I reincarnated);
      Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (Regarding Reincarnated to Slime);
      The Lazy King;
      Katahane no Riku;
      and also the web novel series(divided in several stories) written by Andur and posted on the RoyalRoad website.

    3. About the web novel series(divided in several stories that can be considered as story arcs of the series) by Andur that I mentioned in my previous comment, I recommend it to not only you(Yuki_N), but also to Psychronia and everyone else here. Here’s a link for the list/table of contents for those stories: https://forum.royalroadl.com/member.php?action=profile&uid=3091

      Here’s a small description of it:
      It’s a really well written web novel series separated in several individual stories that take place in a fictional multiverse and follow the same characters in several of their lives.

      (The mc keeps on reincarnating and each life we read about is in a world that’s really different from common generic fantasy world. Each world is unique. The main male mc is a mad scientist kind of character. Also, he doesn’t always remember his previous lives. In some of the stories he remembers hundreds or thousands of lives, in the other stories he doesn’t remember any of his previous lives(thus making it so that those are genuine first lives stories with only the reader knowing that the mc can reincarnate). It happens as such because once reincarnators reach a certain point their reincarnation cycle resets(but I won’t spoil the reason why it resets).

      The stories are out of chronology, but you’re supposed to read them like that. The order of release is the best order to read them in order to understand everything if you want the full picture.
      The names of the stories, in release order, are as follow:
      Until Death?
      Court of Souls?
      Agent of the Realm?
      Law of Shadows
      Body and Soul
      The Tale of G.O.D. (this one is still ongoing)

      Until Death is the core of the series and is necessary to be read to understand the full picture.
      Transcendence is the prequel to the entire series, as in the first to happen chronologically, and the plot of this one is linked to the plot of Until Death.

      Beyond, Coeus, and Law of Shadows are individual stories in which the mc has no memories of previous lives. Beyond is a fantasy setting, Coeus is a sci-fi setting, and Law of Shadows is a supernatural modern setting.

      Court of Souls and Agent of the Realm are a single story divided in two parts, and they are the sequel to the main story of Until Death and Transcendence. They also have elements that comes from Beyond and Coeus. So these should only be read if you’ve read all of those four prior.

      Body and Soul is another individual story, though this one happens somewhere before the events of Until Death and should only be read if you’ve read Until Death prior. This is a life in which the mc reincarnated as a woman, and he/she has memories of previous lives.

      I have yet to read The Tale of G.O.D. so I can’t comment on this one other than say that it’s a Sci-fi.

      1. Man you totally nailed it with Andur Works, so far I am still reading Tales of G.O.D, still good but pales in comparision with Cous?. Even so great job at the description of each novel.

      2. Thank you everyone for the recommendation. I will start my journey to web novel slow and steady. Reading this novel really changed my perspective on web novel in general, since I’m usually the type to say TLDR most of the time lol.

    4. Just comment if you like something crazy, try “Running away from the hero” and “Running away from the hero Remake”. It hella crazy with the devil MC and the yandere harem that he try so hard to run away.
      Plus, it’s Korean novel.

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  75. Thank God a new raw has been released! On a side note, if makoto is capable of removing the charm from people, why does he not do it? From the chapter when he fights sofia he states he can remove it from her, same with the three assassins that instigated the fight with Apple. If he can why not do it? it confuses me that he could have removed it from the girls and reinforced their resistance to it and send them back to well kill trashmoki, if he wants to be more like rembrant and stuff.

    1. That’s because it had just been applied to Sofia. In the case of the other ones, who have been applied that charm constantly just by being looked at by Trashmoki, removing the charm is no longer a viable option. After all, what the charm does is make you like trashmoki on an unconscious level. After all this time and after having basked in it for so long, they own subconscious, in an attempt to rationalize their thoughts, will start to believe that they like Trashmoki even without the charm.
      Then, there’s also how outright removing everything of the charm after so long might have drastic effects that break the person’s mind. With tons of confusion and heavy reactions to the memories of what they lived through while under that charm.

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