WR – Chapter 174-175: Feedback of completion

Hearing a *hyun* sound of cutting the wind, the target was hit right in the middle.

“Fuwaa~, amazing!”

And looking at this from the side where the safe zone is, there’s Karen-san and I -Kuromiya Haine.

On top of that, at the side of that target, there’s already several targets that were pierced in the middle as well.

This is all something that was achieved by one person. Truly the very definition of certain hit.

“Amazing, Hyue-chan! Your hit rate is a 100%!” (Karen)

Karen-san who was overcome with emotion was calling to Hyue who looked like a speck from where we were, but of course, the other side didn’t react.

“A-MA-ZING~! HYUE-CHAN!!!” (Karen)

Karen-san, even if you increase the volume of your voice, it won’t work. With that distance, it won’t reach.

Even so, the speck looks like she noticed we were trying to say something, she rode her flying machine and headed towards our location at several times the speed than when using one’s feet. But even with that, it still took her plenty enough time to count to 30.

“What’s wrong, Karen-dono? Was there any problem?”

“That’s not it. I said that Hyue-chan was amazing.” (Karen)

The girl that had her glossy black hair tied up, Toreido Hyue. The wind hero that had become our new comrade just a few days ago.

The wind gun, En no Ozuno, is quite different from the other divine tools that the other churches possess. From its cylinder-shaped area, it shoots out compressed air, and it is able to shoot through targets that are faraway.

It seems like the wind gun that she uses is specialized in sniping far away things, and even in the sniping training area that was prepared in the Light Church especially for her, we couldn’t find out her true skill.

After all, we have already seen it many times, but her accuracy rate is 100%.

“No, it helps me out. In the Wind capital, due to the structure of the city, we can’t create that big of a sniping field. I wanted to confirm the full-power of this wind gun that had been adjusted for hero use.” (Hyue)

“Full-power…were you able to confirm it? You shot through all of them right at the center so easily, so it might have not been enough for Hyue-chan…” (Karen)

“No way! I can’t even begin to express how much gratitude I feel for Karen-dono and the Light Founder-dono! You approved of our change in the secrecy policy that we have been so adamant about for long, and you even accepted my abroad studies after I became a hero!” (Hyue)

That’s right.

Hyue, who had recently become a hero, had her first job that is to visit all the other churches.

The Wind Church were the type that would thoroughly hide everything about themselves. However, that was cut off as a relic of the past battles between the five churches and they are beginning to work in creating a new path.

The new wind hero, Hyue, is the very symbol of the rebirth of the Wind Church.

By appealing her existence, they are trying to strengthen the cultural exchange between the Wind Church and the other four churches, and she is currently in the middle of the visits.

She is currently staying at the Light Church’s base in the Light capital, Apollon City.

The light hero, Kourin Karen, was in high spirits at being the host.

“But Haine-san, as I thought, Hyue-chan’s sniping skills are incredible! There’s no doubt that she is the one with the highest attack range from all heroes!” (Karen)

Karen-san says towards me in excitement.

She was praising Hyue so much that the person herself was bright red in embarrassment.

“That’s true. From the heroes of the five churches, first of all, there’s Mirack-chan and Sasae-chan who are frontliners; Celestis is specialized in mid-distance battles, and if I had to put her in a category, it would be support type; Karen-san is an all-rounder that can enter any category though. There certainly hasn’t been one who is such a specialized long-ranged type until now.” (Haine)

“There’s finally going to be a supporting firepower that we can entrust with our backs in the Hero Alliance! It makes it even more perfect!” (Karen)

In group battles, seeing the battle from a backed away place will allow them to look at the situation as a whole, and if needed, that person can take the role of main leader, which makes a long-ranged attacker necessary.

The ability of Hyue is the last piece that fills up the hole that Karen-san, Mirack, Celestis, and Sasae-chan couldn’t fill.

It looks like the Hero Alliance will be formed in a more perfect shape than expected.

“No, wait please. I am still inexperienced. I am far from the previous wind hero, Aniue-sama.” (Hyue)

I don’t know if it was from humbleness or she really thinks that way, but Hyue said something unreliable.

“This time, the hit rate was good because it is simply a training field. In this pre-arranged setting where I can snipe at my own pace, having a 100% hit rate is obvious, however, reality is a different story.” (Hyue)

Hyue has a stiffness that the other girls until now didn’t have.

“In real combat, there’s no environment where you can snipe at your own pace. The situation is constantly changing, and there are accidents and obstructions made by the enemy. The sniping will in some way be pressured and will make the trigger finger slip. The true snipers can brush away all that pressure, and no matter what harsh winds they are faced with, they will shoot through the target with certainty. I am always aiming for that goal.” (Hyue)

I see. It is true that this situation where there’s no noise in the way can only be found in a training field. Hyue is clearly aware of that, is able to see the difference between real and training scenarios, and is trying to bring out the experience of her trainings in real combat.

She is a diligent girl.

A diligent girl that has not been present in the heroes until now.

“I got it! If that’s the case, in the next training, let’s try adding noise then!” (Karen)

Karen-san is trying to bring out something crazy again.

“In the middle of your sniping, we will do something that will affect Hyue-chan’s concentration! Let’s test if you will be able to hit the target even with that!” (Karen)

“You do have a point. It definitely isn’t a bad idea to understand the limits of my concentration before actual combat. Karen-dono, thanks for noticing that possibility! As I thought, there really is merit in sharing opinions with others!” (Hyue)

Karen-san and Hyue exchange a firm handshake.

“And so, you say that you will be disrupting her concentration in the middle of her sniping but, what are you planning on doing?” (Haine)

When I ask, Karen-san does a ‘Hm…’ as if pondering.

“…Fondle her breasts?” (Karen)


Why did that come out?

“I see! Not only are we going to deal with noise regarding the sense of touch, we will also be tackling the feeling of shame as well! Even if it is just training, it would be pointless if it is just some small noise. Rather, we should expose the body to big changes in order to not falter in any situation!” (Hyue)

Hyue as well, don’t go seriously analyzing it.

She is so serious that no matter what kind of joke they throw at her, she would take it seriously huh.

“Understood. Well then, who will be touching my breasts while sniping?” (Hyue)


For some reason, the gaze of Hyue met with mine.

“N-Noooo!! Haine-san fondling the breasts of Hyue-chan is a total no! Haine-san is a man, you know?!” (Karen)

And Karen-san loses her cool.

“But if we think about the objective being disrupting my concentration, it would be more effective if we were to ask that of a member of opposite gender.” (Hyue)

“That doesn’t mean you can have anyone fondle your breasts for the sake of it! It would decrease your value as a woman! Hyue-chan, treasure yourself more!” (Karen)

“Isn’t what Karen-dono saying contradicting itself?” (Hyue)

Yes, that’s exactly right, Hyue-san.


And so, as our reception with the wind hero was going well…..the fire hero, Katack Mirack, suddenly arrived, and…

“Karen, Haine, help me!!!” (Mirack)

Said this.

  • 175: Problem Emerged

The Light capital Apollon City and the Fire capital Muspelheim are pretty close in location and it is to a point that they can even be called neighbors.

Because of this, the fire hero Katack Mirack, who is based there, would regularly come to the Light capital to deepen her friendship with Karen-san.

But the visit in this day was different from the visits she normally does.

Because the expression she was making was clearly a dire one.

“W-What’s wrong, Mirack-chan? Were you cursed?” (Karen)

It was to the point that the first thing Karen-san said when receiving her was that.

It was a truly agitated expression.

If we were to talk about Mirack, what comes to mind would be that within the five heroes, she is the most manly one out of all. Her face is always filled with ambition, and yet, today, none of that was present.

It was as if she were washed in despair.

For now, we received Mirack in the tea party that we had opened for Hyue and had her take a seat.

We served her tea, but she hasn’t taken a single sip even when it was cooling already.

It felt as if her mind wasn’t here and was simply silently watching her own face reflected in the tea.

“Just what in the world happened to Mirack-dono? Even I who have not known her for long can tell that she is acting strange.” (Hyue)

“I also have no clue.” (Haine)

I can tell that she is acting strangely, but I can’t tell at all what is making her act this way.

And then, while we were confused, Mirack finally let out some words.

“Karen, Haine, please help me!” (Mirack)


A sudden request for rescue.

Really, just what’s going on?

“It is not only Karen-dono and Haine-dono here though; I am also present.” (Hyue)

“In this occasion, Hyue is fine as well. Please save me!” (Mirack)

“‘In this occasion’?! ‘Is fine as well’?! Really a harsh outlook on the newcomers!” (Hyue)

Hyue-san, please hold back for now.

At any rate, right now, I want to hear the details from Mirack.

“At this rate, the Hero Alliance might dissolve!” (Mirack)


The first one to instantly scream at that statement was Karen-san.

Fire, water, earth, wind, and light heroes joining forces to fight monsters; its name is the Hero Alliance.

It serves as an effective way against the monsters, and it is also an important method to create an impetus to increase the cooperation between the five churches that have been fighting with each other until now.

After welcoming the last member -the wind hero Hyue- they have finally begun to mobilize, and yet, she is suddenly saying that it will fall?

“W-What does that mean, Mirack-chan?! The Founder of the Fire Church was incredibly in favor of it, wasn’t he?!” (Karen)

Karen-san is practically the creator of the Hero Alliance, so that made the shock bigger.

Now that the plan of subjugating the Mother Monsters is in progress in order to eradicate the monsters from the surface world, the Hero Alliance is even more important.

If they were to say that it is now dissolved, it would confuse me as well, you know?!

“Obviously! My master the Fire Founder commended the cooperation between heroes from the very beginning. That’s why the ones against it inside the church were restrained…however, just that person was…!!” (Mirack)

“That person?”

It was at that moment.

The door was kicked open, making a *Bam!* sound.

“Karen-chi~~! Haine-chi~~! Listen to this~!!!” (Celestis)

“Celestis-chan?!” (Karen)

The representative of the Water Church, the water hero Celestis.

…But she suddenly jumped into the room while crying?!

Just like that, she hugged Karen-san.

“This is important! Emergency! Things have gotten hectic!!” (Celestis)

What’s with this girl as well so suddenly?

The parlor room is already a crucible of confusion.

“Oi! Don’t suddenly go intruding, Idol Woman! I am currently having an important talk with Karen!” (Mirack)

“That can be left for later, She-male! My business is a lot more important than yours after all!!” (Celestis)

Mirack and Celestis bickered with each other since the beginning.

It looks like both sides are holding problems of their own, and they are both scattering sparks.

“My side is more important!” (Mirack)

“Mine is more of an emergency!” (Celestis)

“”It might be impossible to make a Hero Alliance after all!!”” (Mirack+Celestis)



Could it be that both of them are cornered with the same problem and came to our place because of that?

Just what’s going on?

“C-Celestis, don’t tell me…your place as well?!” (Mirack)

“And Mirack-chi too? What is going on? Why did that person appear at this point in time?!” (Celestis)

“It was the same for our place as well! I thought that was a person from the past already. That person…I had even forgotten about it already, and yet, it suddenly appeared today!” (Mirack)

“It was as if a dead person had crawled back from its grave! Just rest in peace already!” (Celestis)

“Seriously! Truly good grief!” (Mirack)

I don’t understand what’s going on at all, but from the wording, I can tell that Mirack and Celestis are sympathizing with each other. The both of them were hugging and crying.

“These two that were getting so hyped over entering an alliance have become like this?! Just what in the world…” (Haine)

This doesn’t look like a trifling matter!

Really, what happened? I can’t tell at all from what they are saying, and so, just as I was about to press them to explain it already…another change occurred, moreover, it was the most violent of all that happened today.

A wall of the room was destroyed with a *Dogon!*.


“The wall was broken?!”

Moreover, at two spots at the same time.

What! Seriously, just what in the world is happening one after the other!

A person appears from each of the two holes; in total, two people entered the room.

“Truly pathetic. Is this really the figure of the water hero that represents the Water Church-desu no?”

Is what the right person said.

“Asking for the help of an enemy church hero, moreover, to hug and cry. Since when did the fire hero become such a wimp?”

Is what the left person said.


The right person says.

“My apprentice Mirack.”

The left person says.

“It looks like the standard of a hero was too heavy for you.”

“Looks like I didn’t wring out enough out of you to have you act as hero.”

The ones who appeared were two women.

Their looks seemed to be from people on their first to half of their twenties, and from the pressure they are releasing, I can tell immediately that they are not regular people.

“Ah, those people are—!” (Karen)

“You know them, Karen-san?!” (Haine)

“I have seen them before. Those two are the heroes that came before Mirack-chan and Celestis-chan!” (Karen)


In other words, the heroes of the previous generation?!

“The previous fire hero, Abi Kyouka-san; the previous water hero, Ra Sarasa-san.” (Karen)

That means that in this Light Church headquarters, the new and old fire and water heroes have gathered?!

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