WR – Chapter 145-146: A king and hero

“You hold two posts?!” (Haine)

A Founder and also a hero, that is the one managing the Wind Church, Toreido Shiva.

The hero that is originally the strongest fighting force of the church, and the Founder that is originally the one standing at the top of the church as its leader; the two will not overlap by no means, thus, it is impossible for one person to take both jobs at the same time.

That’s why there’s the Earth Founder and earth hero; Water Founder and water hero; Fire Founder and fire hero; and the Light Founder and light hero.

But in the Wind side, there’s only one.

And that’s what’s increasing the strangeness in Toreido Shiva.

“…Eh? Really? Isn’t a hero a title that only girls get?” (Karen)

“I also thought for sure that the wind hero would be a girl.” (Celestis)

The heroes at the back were also letting out voices of bewilderment.

“Have you agreed now? The strongest authority and strongest fighting power of the Wind nation is me. No need to hold back. Go ahead and come at me.” (Shiva)

“If you go as far as saying that much…” (Haine)

I was the one who challenged him.

I should stand and fight him proudly.


And so, we once again moved from the meeting room and arrived at a place that seems to be some sort of competition field.

It doesn’t change the fact that it is still inside the Wind Church’s headquarters, but there’s no roof, and directly below the sky screened by black clouds, there’s a circular-shaped ring.

“This place is normally used by the Kazama stealth corps as a real combat training space. The fight will be a one on one. The use of divine tools and divine power is allowed; a rule where everything goes. Any objections?” (Shiva)

“None.” (Haine)

Sparks were flying between Shiva and I. The fight has already begun.

“Good. Well then, I will be changing into my fighting outfit, so please wait for a while.” (Shiva)

Saying this, Shiva disappears to the inside of the building.

At the place, there’s the heroes and Founders. And there’s also a few wind guides —which are most likely actually just surveillance.

This place that has been explained to us as a training space has not a single combatant visibly training in it. I can really see how thorough they are with their secrecy.

“Uhm…what are the people that train here doing now?” (Haine)

I try asking the guides knowing it was a futile effort, and the only thing they replied with was a silent nod.

Even the guides had their face hidden with a mask, and going this far, it even made me feel suspicious.

And on the other side, when I try looking at our camp…

“…Is something the matter, Karen-san?” (Haine)

It looks like Karen-san was not in a good humor.

Why? In this short conversation we have had, was there something that would affect negatively the mood of Karen-san?

“The hero alliance plan is over!” (Karen)

“Eeeeeh?” (Haine)

For some reason she declared this loudly?

“Because isn’t that right?! I never heard about the wind hero being a man! Who was the one who said all heroes are girls?!” (Karen)

“It can’t be helped, right? The people of the wind are secretive, and the identity of the hero was also unknown. But a male hero? Nai wa~.” (Celestis)

Celestis begins to complain as well.

What’s with this atmosphere? This eruption of discontent in the air.

“Adding the wind hero as a comrade, the plan was to complete the hero alliance, but it has ended up in discarding that idea. I hope I can have your understanding in this.” (Karen)

“Agree! Celes-tan agrees!” (Celestis)

Celestis agreed energetically.

“W-why it be so bad that it be a male hero?” (Sasae)

It couldn’t be helped, so Sasae-chan turned to being the straight-man here.

“It is obvious! My secret objective was to gather all five heroes and create an idol unit and dance together, but thanks to that bastard, it all went down the drain! It is on the level that I want to file a lawsuit!” (Celestis)

“Ya had such a secret desire-dasu ka?! The most I know is folk dancing-dasu yo?!” (Sasae)

Treating a misunderstanding as a breach in contract would only trouble the Wind Church.

“Ah, right. Maybe it is the pattern where at first he looked like a man, but he was actually a she?!” (Celestis)

“We have plenty enough of that with Mirack-chan, Celestis-chan…” (Karen)

“I have not done a single thing to have my gender misunderstood though?!” (Mirack)

The heroes are feisty no matter where they are.

Well, judging by the physique of the Wind Founder and hero Shiva, there’s no doubt he is a man, or rather, if he were a woman, the disgustingness would jump to max.

“Let there be hot-bloodedness.” (Enou)

Compared to the hero side, the Founder side was -as expected- really well-mannered, waiting for the beginning of the fight.

And then…


“I have made you wait.” (Shiva)

Shiva who had finished changing, had returned to the competition area.

From the ceremonial dress that showed the majesty and holiness of a Founder, to the fighting clothes that emphasize easy movement.

It is lightweight and makes it somewhat easy to see the bodyline.

“That chest…there’s no doubt he is a man!” (Karen)

“I feel relieved, and at the same time, it pisses me off…” (Celestis)

Karen-san and Celestis were still at it.

“Hm-dasu? Look-dasu, those knifes that be hangin’ at both side of his waist. That be the Wind God’s tool?” (Sasae)

“But it has a weird shape to call it a knife.” (Mirack)

On the other hand, the other two were calmly analysing him.

It is just as Mirack says, there’s one knife on the left and right of his waist, and were sheathed in the scabbards that are hanging from his belt.

If he is going to be using those, his specialty should be extremely close-quarters combat. I feel as if I lower my guard, I will become mince meat in the blink of an eye.

I also stand on the circular stage; and so, two men face each other.

“…Well then, let’s have you show me in detail, the true strength of the dark man that all Founders praise.” (Shiva)

“You as well. You properly understand here that testing someone also means you are being tested, right?” (Haine)

But it is unexpectedly my first time fighting a human vs human battle seriously.

The group of heroes and Founders were spectating the stage from the outsides of it.

“Anyone is fine, can someone please give the beginning signal?” (Shiva)

The Fire Founder stands up at the call of Shiva and speaks.

“Let there be hot-bloodedness!” (Enou)

The flag has been lowered.

At the same time, Shiva unsheathes the knives at his waist.

…Hm? Those are…not knives. Even if they look similar to knifes, they have a different form from it… What’s that? Are those cylinders?

“Well then, taste them well. Our Wind God’s tool, the bullet of this Wind Twin Guns, Fuuma Koutarou!” (Shiva)

  • 146: Phantom Bullet

That was something I had seen for the first time in my life.

Aside from the handle, everything else was hidden by the scabbard so I couldn’t see it, and due to that, it made an optical illusion as if it was a knife because of the length of the scabbard itself.

But once it was taken out from its scabbard, what appeared was something that wasn’t similar to a knife.

I would describe them as cylinders.

The body of the weapon was practically perpendicular to the knife’s handle, and had the form of an L.

Just what in the world is that? How does that thing even attack?

While I was in confusion, that cylinder, the side that had a hole was pointed at me.

I instinctively felt that it was dangerous.


From the cylinder, a thunderous sound like that of an explosion was emitted, and that happened practically at the same time as I twisted my body.

A sharp pain ran through one side of my ears.

The distance between Shiva and I is as good as saying we are on both corners of the stage, and yet, I was attacked in that distance.

“Haine-san?!” (Karen)

“What happened?!” (Mirack)

Karen-san and the others who were spectating from the outside raised their voice in surprise.

I reflexively touched the ear where the pain was coming from, but fortunately, my ear was still there.

The strength of it was enough to make me think it could rip out my whole ear. I was relieved to confirm it was still okay, but at the same time, I could feel blood sliding down it.

So a part of it has been gouged out huh.

“So you dodged by reflex. If you can’t do at least that much, it wouldn’t be fun.” (Shiva)

Is what Shiva said as he once again directed the hole of that cylinder towards me.

Before thinking, I could feel it.

Being at a position where I can see that hole is incredibly bad!

*Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang!*

Something came at me at blinding speed again as the thunderous sounds rang, and I could feel them passing by my surroundings.

Of course, if I hadn’t perceived the danger and thrown my body to the ground, it would have passed through my body without doubt.

There’s one thing I have understood.

Shiva is shooting something at me from that hole of the cylinder.

At any rate, I have to move around. If I stay in one place, that in itself will be dangerous.

And if I stay at long range, I will just be one-sidedly attacked. First, I should run at full-speed, and approach to a position where I can fight back.

“So that’s the move you will take. Well, that must be your only choice though.” (Shiva)

Shiva surprisingly allows my approach easily.

He receives my punch with the cylinder.

“…What’s…that?” (Haine)

Now that I look at it again from up close, that mysterious cylinder shone faintly from all around it,  showing that it was metallic. Its overall length is, as I thought, that of a small weapon on the level of a knife.

I still don’t know if it’s okay to call it a weapon though.

“…Is that an ethereal device?” (Haine)

Or maybe a weapon that utilizes ethereal?


I heard the voice of someone from the spectator seats.

“The use of ethereal weapons is expressly forbidden by the consensus of all five Churches! Are you telling me someone on the standing of a Founder is breaking that?!” (Azul)

“Don’t jump to conclusions. These Wind Twin Guns, Fuuma Koutarou, are without doubt Wind God tools.” (Shiva)

Wind Twin Guns…

“The mechanism itself, I used the ethereal devices as reference, but the energy source is without doubt the power of the Wind God. Adding a mineral on the grip that resonates and amplifies the Wind God power, the user can pour divine power from their hand to power it up. The divine power that flows into the gun barrel will enter one of the chambers, and will compress drastically. Pulling the trigger when in that state, once the hammer hits it, the compressed air will explode at once and will pass through the thin muzzle to be released. That is what the Wind Twin Guns, Fuuma Koutarou, give birth to.” (Shiva)

I couldn’t understand what he was saying at all.

“Even if what’s shot is air, it goes at the speed of sound. Even the shockwave it creates has quite the power. Moreover, it has Wind God power mixed in it, so once it hits the mark, it can easily blow away the feeble body of a human. The reason why you were able to evade it was because your good instincts allowed you to predict it. With just that alone, I can understand why the Founders sing praises of you but…” (Shiva)

I was suddenly kicked away from our lock of fist and gun.

This is bad. Opening distance will allow that gun to—!

*Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!*

“Just how long can you continue the desperate evasion?! Even when a bow and my Wind Twin Guns are the same projectile weapons, there’s a jarring difference. Since it uses a mix of air and divine power as bullets, it means that there’s no end! Even if you continue running away, the ending that you will be facing will be the same, you know! The ending where you die, that is!” (Shiva)

You plan on killing me?!

It is as Shiva said, even if a bow is a projectile weapon just like that thing called gun, it is way different.

I am the son of a hunter, so I am familiar with the bow, that’s why I can understand it even more. That the most fearsome difference about it -more fearsome than its inexhaustible projectiles- is the rapid-fire it possesses.

In the time a bow shoots one arrow, that gun would have shot at least 5-6 times in succession. Moreover, from both the right and left hand.

On top of that, you have to use both hands to prepare the bow, but that gun thing can be used with one hand, and that’s exactly why two can be utilized at the same time.

With just that, the number of shots is doubled.

It is so hectic, I am already seeing limits in evading it all.

“What’s wrong?! You pup of the Founders, is this all you got? Then, I will have to make you pay for disappointing me!!” (Shiva)

After all this, the rate of his rapid-fire increased once again.

This time, the way the bullets were being spread was precise, and it was made as to not allow me an easy approach.

The only method to turnaround this situation is to get in close range, but with me being pinned at a set distance—!

“Too slow! With this, it is my win!!” (Shiva)

Piling up evasion after evasion, my posture had crumbled like crazy, and at that moment, several air bullets continued flying.

It is impossible to evade.

Then, there’s only one thing I can do.

“[Dark Matter, Set]!” (Haine)

Matching it with my sweeping arm, I form a barrier of dark matter.

The air bullets that were said to be created by mixing Wind God power were easily blocked by the black barrier and dispersed.

Earth, water, fire, and wind are powerless against the power of darkness.



This is bad. To think I would be forced to use my dark matter against a human.

That means that Shiva’s ability is that much good, but I didn’t want to use this way too dangerous power on humans.

The lifeless monsters and the annoying Nova and Coacervate are an exception.

But it was not against a God or a monster, it was against a human.

“…So it really was you.” (Shiva)

“What?” (Haine)

Shiva said something. It was low, so I reflexively push out my ear.

“Don’t play dumb. It is you right, Entropy? Who would be able to use the dark matter aside from you?” (Shiva)

“Wa?!” (Haine)

He knows about the dark matter?! Moreover, my God name?!

Just who in the world—?!

“It is me, Dark God Entropy.” (Shiva)

The Wind Founder and hero Shiva said:

“I am the Wind God, Quasar.” (Shiva)

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